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Ramsey out for 6 weeks! No Draxler, No Vucinic. Arsene says we are not signing anybody at the moment…

Morning all…

Arsene Wenger:

Are we active? Yes.

Are we close to sign anybody? No.

There’s not long now that’s true. First, the situation was going like always in a transfer market – week by week. In the last two weeks it goes day by day, now it goes hour by hour.

In any hour anything can happen or change but at the moment, unfortunately, we are not signing anybody.

You know, when Arsene Wenger first arrived at our club and took the Premier League by surprise I loved him. I loved everything he did. He signed many players who were on the fringe of something good and somehow managed to get the best out of them and make them great.

He got the best out of the British and added the overseas flair and style to turn us into one of the very best sides in England, maybe even Europe although that European title was always a step to far…

The doubles were fantastic, 2003/04 was awesome, 2005 saw us win the FA Cup in a true determined fashion and 2006 finally saw us reach a Champions League final….

Since that day, the club has slowly gone downhill oo the pitch. Yes there are many reasons for that, the new stadium, paying off debts and just doing everything the club had to do to keep their heads above water. Well, that’s what we are told.

Finally, in the summer of 2013, Ivan Gazidis made it quite clear that the hard times were over and we were back….

Mesut Ozil was signed to make sure we all knew were at it, in the money and in the mix for trophies.

Ivan was right, we are in the mix for trophies, in fact we are in for three…..

Yet, despite being in such a good place and with injuries to key players, here we are again on deadline day of the transfer window and the club, well Arsene Wenger, appears to be doing nothing to ensure that our best chance of winning something is greatly enhanced.

I just don’t get it, not one bit!!

If Vucinic doesn’t want to sign for us then fine, but where is the back up plan?

Julian Draxler – all the stories coming from Germany suggest Schalke will not let him go this month. Other reports suggest that it’s all simply about the fee, one which the board are willing to meet, but Arsene Wenger is not.

Why? If the board are happy, the deal should be done and fast because come the summer, he’ll be gone elsewhere just like so many others who we watch and admire quietly as they play for another club….

Ok, £37 million is a lot of money for such a young player but he’s clearly very good, very good as he’s already playing for his country and once the World Cup has been and gone, his value will only soar..

Hours are left now, just hours, yet this transfer window has been open for 30 days…

This season is our best chance to win something but the club are on the verge of blowing it……

Fingers, toes and everything else that can be crossed, crossed that they don’t…..

And to end on a really bad note, Sky Sports report that Aaron Ramsey is out for six weeks…..

That’s your lot for another day……



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352 comments on “Ramsey out for 6 weeks! No Draxler, No Vucinic. Arsene says we are not signing anybody at the moment…

  1. Great post….though depressing :)
    Not much to add.
    Surprise us, Wenger.

  2. Thanks Scott. Very depressing…

    What really worries me, and it’s not Man City, Utd or Chelsea, it’s the way other clubs who will still have to play are signing players and will be stronger.

    Even Palace could look a tough side to beat by Sunday…

  3. Wenger has now said he’s 80% certain he’s going to sign a midfielder before 11pm

  4. Morning everyone!

    Arsene Wenger CONFIRMS that the Schalke midfielder will not be joining Arsenal this month.

    Of course that’s not to say that he won’t move this summer but for now – nothing.

    That said, Wenger added that there is very likely to be business:

    “It shouldn’t be seen as an anti climax,” he said. “I’m confident that we’ll do something today. It’s 80-20.”

  5. you came just before me rico :)

  6. If Wenger spent £37 million on Draxler, and we ended the season 3rd, and didn’t win anything, at least we could see that they had tried to compete…
    And respect that….

    If Wenger fails to sign anyone of note, and we finish 3rd and fail to win anything, I will just think ‘another wasted opportunity’….
    And be pissed off…

    Morning All

  7. The one and only surprise in recent years was Ozil. No reason to expect another – this transfer window has a deflating, and depressingly familiar feel to it. Come midnight we’ll know where we are and whatever the situation there’s a bunch of guys putting on the shirt and need all the support we can give to help them over these 4 months of the season

  8. Don’t worry we will get a midfielder in… not a striker though…

    It was never going to be Draxler imho… a firm bid was made in the summer, the club inquired with a lower offer in December before his injury.. from what I have read we never went back after his injury…

    Good read btw…

  9. Adk, I’m gutted about Draxler not arriving….

    Morning Kev. Spot on.

    iwasthere – 11pm, so we’ll be put out of our misery earlier… Or be left very miserable…

  10. For goodness sake I hope he’s not 16 yrs old and injured.

  11. Morning Rico, a good but oh so depressing post…

    Scott when are you actually visiting and what games are you defo gonna see?

  12. Thanks Ts.

    Unless we sign a DM, I don’t see the point of signing another midfielder…

    We need a striker….

  13. Thanks Kev, maybe it reflects how I feel right now…

  14. And yes I know Draxler is technically a midfielder, but imho, he’d be a great striker ;)

  15. Hiya Kev,
    I am already sorted for my Citeh home game, and am working on Chelsea away.

  16. Hi Rico and fellow housos’. Love your work mate, a happy medium between the insanity of legrove and the blind faith of untold. I feel your despondency about this transfer window. If We get Draxler it really will be a statement of intent especially after getting ozil in the summer. Will be off to bed in a few hours hope I wake up to Draxler in an Arsenal shirt.

  17. I reckon Wenger will scratch around looking for loan deals and shirt-term cheap alternatives…
    And if that fails, he’ll probably have one last go at getting Draxler, but still not match Schalke’s valuation…
    And when all fails, he’ll tell us all that he tried…
    Yes, he is very trying….

  18. Me too rico, but let’s hope we’ll get him in the summer then… Klose now? Surely not? We need a finisher. A fox in the box. I wouldn’t mind Pato..

  19. OK Scott…

    Not sure if I’ll be able to get a ticket for the Man City game…
    If Arsenal have imploded by then, I might be OK…

  20. Thanks Goonerpom, AW has said we’ll not be getting Draxler so guess we need to forget him…

  21. Morning all, Sad but realistic post, I know you wear your heart on your sleeve Rico, but you know as well as me that the transfer window comes to an end at 11 oclock tonight, i suggest we wait till then before we start the mud flinging. Wenger knows our problems, where were short, and where we need to strengthen, but he also knows that there are a few sides in this league that have no restraints as far as finance goes, and he also knows that some clubs have squads that are ready to win the league without spending. Yes we like to think we are a club in the same position, but realisticly we are in the process of building, as you rightly said our finances look healthy, but even so realisticly i still don’t think we are at the stage where winning the league and champions league FA cup could be a possibility in one season. Last season saw us scrambling for a top 4 position, which of course we made, but although we saw Ozil Flamoney come in it was hardly enough to overhaul clubs that have spent fortunes. Yes our position is fantastic second in the league at present is very commendable but we have had some fortune as well, We couldn’t believe our luck when top teams started dropping points, that we all thought they wouldn’t, and because of fixtures where ours were quite kind to us we have had a fairly easy run. Yes of course we all want Arsenal to win the league FA cup and Champions league that’s what we have always wanted, but we are still not at that point in our rebuilding program. Wenger may still do a bit of business, but if were true to ourselves we will struggle to hold some teams. 42 million was a lot for us to spend at the start of the season it showed we are getting there but to expect another spend up of the same amount six months down the line is probably a step to far. Because of injuries it looks a bit grim but in the next few weeks many will be back and who knows, with a bit of team spirit we may suprise ourselves.

  22. no doubt the board pushed the Ozil deal as a matter of saving face – Wenger won’t be pushed again so soon – another very poor window shaping and yet more proof of his total inability to forward plan and improve the squad in areas of clear need -

  23. All the good work achieved so far, the confidence booster of signing Ozil last August.
    The surge in confidence shown by the players and fans.
    The improvement psychologically of everyone connected to Arsenal…

    The Draxler fiasco could undo the lot…

    Once again our players will begin to question the clubs ambition.
    Wenger’s ambition…

  24. Kev, we shall get together over a few pints either way, mate.

  25. Very tiring Kev.

    Can’t see it Adk, I think this was our chance and we are passing it by…

  26. Holtby has gone to Fulham on loan…

  27. Franny Jeffers?

  28. Hi All. Let us hope that after few hours we will have one striker who is better than Giroud

  29. Excellent post. The worrying thing about the Drax deal is that if it really is down to AW’s refusal to pay the fee then what does that say to the player about AW’s confidence in him? Unless there is some sort of unspokebn agreement in place that ship may well have sailed for good.

  30. Among the injuries and suspensions I’m told we have a midfielder at Arsenal called Diaby, can anyone confirm…?

  31. Draxler is not the messih, buying him doesnt guarantee success this season…he is not a striker and hasnt scored many goals rico! tho wengers long term plan may be to convert him into one. And yes we do need a midfielder (a fast winger) in addition to a striker (a proven striker that can make an impact) why all the doom ang gloom rico? forget draxler for now….by 11 tonight arsenal will have accuired two loan signings….mark my words!! but we still wont win the league so be prepared, we may however win the FA cup!

  32. Sp, I’m not mud slinging. This window has been open for 30 days and we’ve needed a striker since last summer, and that’s real.

    As Kev says, the club raised the entire morale by signing Ozil and unless something changes in the next few hours, that could all be fading fast…

    Oz, a board/owner with a set of balls would make sure he signed what/who we need,not dish out a 3 year contract and say ‘as you were Arsene’…

  33. Good Morning to the Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Rico – I have to agree with Kev “…a good but oh so depressing post…”.

    Here’s hoping that as dawn breaks tomorrow there will be something to bring the smile back to the face of our innocent country lass. Otherwise poor old Kev may have to remain brainwashed till next season. Perish the thought.

    Anyway, I shall struggle to remain hopeful, at least until reality kicks me in that tender part of my anatomy.

  34. Rico, spot on and its clear who once again has the foot firmly on the brake – can’t wait to read his normal window tales of bad luck and unfair outcomes again

  35. We tried for player a) and player b)…blah blah blah!

  36. Thanks Bj, I fear the ship is well across the ocean….

  37. A DM/box to box is coming… Frimpong is joining Barnsley today…

  38. Morning Cg, thanks..

    I’m trying to remain hopeful too. Not long to go thankfully…

  39. he’ll sign another average priced midfielder no doubt and we’ll be here trying to convince ourselves we have done well…. His supporters will declare there was no one in the world we could have signed to improve the squad, he’ll agree and others will wonder where this new dawn we’ve been promised for so many years actually went for another year. Maybe next years price hikes and increased sponsorship might do it hey? Come on Wenger prove us wrong son

  40. Kallstrom is being mentioned all of a sudden everywhere.

  41. Moaning all!
    The only reason I can come up with re Draxler is, not with standing, he is injured and for some time to come, but Wenger has heard bad things about him, like he will unsettle the team, maybe he has the arrogance of the German nation? Or he is a ‘moaner’ and will unsettle his team mates, or he is a thoroughly grounded individual, good to be around and an excellent good egg! In which case he could challenge Wenger’s authority or something!
    That’s all I can think of!! Just the one reason!

  42. Sir Steve – Your 10:08 am post is a fair and realistic assessment of our situation. However, Kev makes a good point about a signing like Drexler continuing the psychological momentum that stated with the signing of Mesut Ozil. It would be great if we could keep that going.

  43. Ah him, that’s from The Daily Mail isn’t it?

  44. Last season around this time section of Arsenal fans were moaning that we had missed an opportunity to sign a top player in Holtby for under £2m… and that the sperds will finish above us because of it…

    Keep the faith…

    I am more concerned about the LUCIFER telescope than Draxler signing to be honest… :P

  45. don’t you love youtube TS :-) so many superstars. What’s he got a handful of goals in 300 odd games?

  46. Oz, if you have only seen him play on Youtube, you are no more entitled to criticise than they are to praise him.
    Yes or no :)

  47. Oz, you sound as depressed as me ;)

  48. Scott – Too right Mate.

  49. c) d) and e) Lee….

  50. What to make of this?

    But apparently Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri sees thing differently and maintains that the Gunners are STILL making a play for the Schalke wonderkid.

    Here’s the latest from the horse’s mouth:

    Arsenal-Drexler: Wenger can state how much he wants that it has been created by media, but Arsenal is still trying right now to sign him

  51. Good night all.
    Work tomorrow.
    Trip to pay for :)

  52. Apologies Rico Mud slinging indeed. :) I love the thought of continuing the psychological momentum, but even then with say a good striker signed, would not solve our problem we cannot get the ball to Giroud who knows how our system works, so buying just a striker would not solve much at all. we need players who can penetrate defences not guys who at the first obstical passes back. we need a lot more than a striker.

  53. But why oh why do we wind ourselves up?
    Take a leaf from Confucius-Kev…”expect absolutely no new transfers!!”

  54. Scott – Sleep well my friend.

  55. Scott – if you remember some years back he was the next big thing – all the top clubs wanted him, he’s done what exactly other than end up in Russia? I remember him back in 2011 against Madrid, not the level we should be looking at and surely he’d be 30+ now… future planning??

  56. Yeah Scott, nearer the time I’ll give you steer on where to go for a good beer and a sing-song….
    Yep, we can meet up for sure…

  57. Lee – Expect nothing, but hope &/or pray for some really good/great player(s) and don’t hold your breath while waiting.

  58. Nite Scott….

  59. Im still quietly seething that we blew this striker deal in the summer. Was affordable and awesome, and even if by some miracle we could get Suarez and wanted to sell him it wouldve been easy to recoup costs. And now, do we really expect to go the season successfully with just Giroud and a second rate backup? http://www.whoscored.com/Players/19729/History/Gonzalo-Higuan

    Second, Wenger needs to change mentality. Its not spending, its an INVESTMENT. Yes, 37m is a lot for Drax, but look at his age and resale potential at the end of his contract (if we didnt renew). Surely there is a very good chance that at least this amount could be recouped, and quite likely his value will go up. Hence, its worth it.

  60. Whats happening at Porto… its like a jumbo sale but no AFC interest…

    J MArtinez anyone…

    Man Utd bid £12.4m for Porto’s Otamendi.

  61. Night Scott…

  62. Adk, fingers crossed…

    Night Scott…

    Sp, that’s more like it ;)

  63. roger, you and many others but AW said he never wanted him..

    Jackson Martinez would be a great signing surely?

  64. Kim Källström’s dad tells fotbollskanal he’s unaware of any AFC move for the mf.’He’s in Abu Dhabi with Spartak as far as I know

  65. ConfusedKev more like Lee… :-)

  66. What is Gary Neville on, he reckons Chelsea, Manchester Utd and Manchester City are all in transition…

  67. Just under another 12hours of bullshit rumours, wind-up stories and utter disappointment…

    Don’t ya just luv transfer deadline day….. ;-)

    Tbh, I’m worried about Adam, has he finally succumbed and had a nervous breakdown???

    Be strong buddy, pie n mash with green tea should see you through the day…

    Failing that, a massive spliff… :-D

  68. I am at a bit of a loss we have players who i feel could unlock defences. I look at Sagna’s work on the right wing, Monreal and Gibbs on the left, i watch them cross and i see chances good chances, but these guys are defenders and they have to get back so these runs are very seldom. We have Wallcott fast as lightening Oxlaid who can shift a bit Gnabry who also likes to go but they all want to play down the middle who the hell is in charge.

  69. Kev, I think Adam is busking in Salisbury…. ;)

  70. This Sagna thing is worrying as well sp1 – could be yet another unwanted big summer news item?

  71. Kev – That’s the second reference, at least, in as many days to recreational use of the sacred herb. I’d wonder what you get up to in that cab of yours, but a good spliff would mellow out even a confirmed cynic like you. So, you can’t be smoking on the job.

  72. “Well I will be glad when it’s all over,” Wenger said. I am sure you will Arsene I am sure you will – ambition and opportunity hey?

  73. Sp. Arsene, of everything…

    Oz, rumour is he’s agreed a new deal, hopefully this is one which is true..

  74. just read that Rico – i think he will sign someone, the expectation will drive them to something. It’s what, that worries me :-) For a club that seemed to work so hard for a player like Suarez, what happened to those plans… Bendtner? Was it all another look what we tried to do game?

  75. Ha ha Oz, worries me too, not sure this Kallstrom guy is who we need, but then I know nothing about him..

    I wonder if AW does ;)

  76. oz – I think Arsene was fed a pile of horse manure by Suarez and his agent regarding his contract terms (i.e buyout clause). Another example of what low life pond scum most agents are.

  77. ‘Arry is hoping to sign Eduardo….

  78. So do I Cg, a buyout clause which didn’t exist, all clearly done to get him a pay rise…

  79. Berbatov joins Monaco to repalce £50M injured Falcao…

    Kim is having his medical

  80. Pato and Song are the latest rumours….

    Surely not Song….

  81. hiya CG – my point was, we went from that level of player to Bendtner?? Says it all for me really. 100m in the bank, 150m from Puma, hikes the tickets prices and Wenger is still scratching around on dead line day looking for bargains, ffs

  82. Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 1m
    Kim ‘who are you?’ Kallstrom is at Arsenal’s training ground. It’s not a joke, he really is our Deadline Day signing. I feel nauseous. #Afc

  83. Mirror Football ‏@MirrorFootball 4m

    Kim Kallstrom arrives at Arsenal training ground: Latest in our live blog http://mirr.im/1bcX5KQ

  84. Always liked Eduardo and before that cnt smashed his leg to pieces he was destined to score lots of goals for us…

  85. ‏@johncrossmirror
    Kim Kallstrom has arrived at Arsenal training ground to complete talks, medical and loan deal. Could poss play Sunday. More on live blog

  86. So did I Lee..

  87. Again you came before me rico! Källström? Wow… We are desperate… 1 goal and 1 assist in 10 games in the RUSSIAN league… He’s not even a regular for Spartak…

  88. Wonder what wenger knows to-day that he did’nt 30 days ago.

    …Could it be money

  89. What is his position though Adk? The picture I have seen of him he’s wearing the number 9 shirt ;)

    Berbatoff is off to Psg…

  90. oz – Bendtner was already our player returning from a loan spell the club hoped would lead to his sale. He was/is not an alternative to Suarez. The ‘Great Dane’ turned up his nose at numerous transfers. His contract will be up at the end of the season and he’ll be lucky to get himself a place on a decent pub team.

  91. As I understand it Rico, Kallstrom is a 31 year old Swedish international midfielder who plays for Spartak Moscow and cannot get much game time with them. Just what we need — not.

    Just a short time ago Wenger said he did not want another midfielder as the centre of the pitch was becoming too crowded, and we needed some width, especially as Walcott was out for the season.

    He was right then — so, what has changed?

    This is our best chance in years to get a trophy, and it seems it will all be for nothing if his thing about money brings us in another Effing Park type of cheapo player.

    It is particularly disappointing that our nearest competitors with their huge squads are out hunting even more players, and the Chavs have already bought two and are about to sign another one!


  92. Rico, Kim Kardashian to arsenal on loan. Lol. We are going to win the PL people relax.

  93. CG – not quite right mate – The Bendnter to Palace deal was done Wenger called it off due to his transfer dealings going wrong yet again

  94. Thanks Hb. I guess he is seen as cover for Flamini/Ramsey and Jack who AW said is out hopefully only short term..

    At least she’d score Gdna ;)

  95. Rico. Lol. Why arsenal fans still surprised by what AW do, it’s impossible to change a someone at AW age, read Proverbs 22:6.

  96. yes, european media write the name of Kallstrom but also Klose (Lazio)….

  97. CG I am feeling very mellow atm….

    It isn’t anything to do with a herb, more the fact that I kinda expected what we have today, that is nix signings….

    Just accept the inevitable CG, let it go, relax the mind, drift away into a state of peaceful relaxation…
    The men in white coats are on their way, never fear… ;-)

  98. Is that the ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ Proverb Gdna ;)

  99. Think of the shirt sales in Sweden!

  100. .I hope we sign someone a bit young than Klose JM..

  101. Wenger probably is. Been a long time since Freddie sold a few.

  102. Frimpong has gone.. Barnsley.

  103. Daniel Boateng has gone to Hibs on loan..

  104. Dench gone, Mr Frimpong gone, all of ur problems gone, all our problems gone.

  105. Kev – I am relaxed. I’m not getting myself wound up or out about possible or maybe impossible or implauseable player signings. With that I’m off to Dreamland for a few hours kip and shall return, hopefully refreshed, to watch the death throws and closing of the current transfer window.

    oz – I stand corrected.

    Have a great day fellow Gooners. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow will bring us all some good news. Either way – Keep the Faith!

  106. I will take a pint of disappointment with a shot of incredulous as a chaser. The number of season ticket holders that take up their option on the Bayern Munich match will be interesting. I know I am not stumping up a further £ 100 odd quid . Television has won this one , shame as it’s they are the one team that I would really have liked to see live.

  107. Finally something worthwhile?, maybe, from TalkShite.

    Arsenal transfer deadline day sensation! Wenger, Draxler, Wanyama and more in funny video


    Off now.

  108. Don’t know about you but having real issues getting my head around what we’re left chasing – all the money we have and we’re down to these names WTF is going on here

  109. Chelsea raid our feeder club for Zouma – another big potential player

  110. Potter, £100 extra for the home fixture?

  111. Good day everyone,

    I feel your pain in the post rico

    Don’t think we need Draxler, we need a Striker. Draxler is not. He is an AM and can play across the front 3. It will take 2/3 yrs to develop him into a striker and we don’t have such luxury at the moment. £37m is too much for such a young talent even eden hazard was not worth that much when he was bought by the chavs. He is no different to the cazorla’s gnabry, ox etc we have in the team at the moment. Currently injured and has scored only 1 goal in the bundesliga this season. Didn’t see much of him when they played against the chavs in the CL. We should have flirted with Dzeko at the beginning of the transfer window as he wasn’t getting game time until aguero got injured

    Good to see dench man shafted out. ;)

  112. Oz, keep the faith bro, nothing last forever, do u remenber P. Hill Wood quote “thanks for intrest in our business”. Where is he now, nothing overpowers good bro.

  113. Gunnerdna – Although i never really thought the Ozil deal was anything but a knee jerk reaction to the pressure, many had hoped it signalled a new dawn. It very clearly has not, if this swede and old boy Klose is it, Wenger should be gutted on a spit – I am gobsmacked again by our clubs lack of ambition

  114. Oops frimmy is there till end of the season ;)

  115. Ok so I’ve always thought there is a chance that Liverpool with Suarez playing out of his skin, could pip us for 3rd. But if ManU (with strikers back and a nice 37m signing of Ozil’s quality) really put a run together, the unthinkable could happen. How ironic that would be after our start. and unless cash is spent today, I would say it serves Arsenal right. Same old Wenger, and none of my friends can understand me for criticising him. Useless. Lets give him a new contract.

  116. Hi emma,

    Disagree re Draxler, but when he’s playing or another club next season, we’ll wish he was ours….

    Him, a loan striker and this other midfielder would have been good business imho…

  117. Oz, i know u are a supporter before AW time at arsenal, so u should never be surprised by his actions, 2008 was the year i started hating most things about AW, the fact is, ozil was signed because AV kick our ass. Perfect example remember the 8-2 drubbing we got from Man U, what did AW do. We hate Stan everyday not realising that AW is a friend of Stan, they are all the same.

  118. rico – Seen enough of draxler in the bundesliga to know that we ought to spend that money(37m) on a striker rather than draxler. He is got huge potential no doubt but his price tag should be b/w(20-25m). Other than that he will need time to settle in and that we don’t have at the moment(take a look at ozil, mert, podi as example)

  119. Gunnerdna – 3 muskateers was my tag for them – all of them. Greedy bastards with zero ambition other than their own contracts. “I wont sign till i know i can take this club forward to challenge for trophies” with 30+ year old rejects? Give me a break

  120. We’ve got our self a stop gap SQUILLACI

  121. Frimpong is gone for good….

  122. Where have you been Emma?

  123. Ah, I share those same fears. It’s not just those you mention who could push us out of the top 4 either.. Everton and even the neighbours aren’t too far off…

    We seriously need to get something at Anfield, Stamford Bridge and our mathes at home against both Mancs…

  124. ts- my broadband provide has being messing me up and had to change the provider(from talktalk to sky)

  125. emma, that was posted earlier, seems like he’s cover for the injured/banned…

  126. I am afraid so Rico, It’s not just the ticket exorbitant at £62. but travel to and from Norfolk and heaven help me if I fancy a bag of chips and a pint.

  127. It looks like it will take more than an Airbus to stop mancity from winning the league this season. :lol: Problem we are having right now is we are losing our goalscorers(ramsey, theo) and wenger does not fancy podi. :

  128. This midfielder hardly excites me but I guess we need to see how he does…

    Then slate him ;)

  129. Mirror Football ‏@MirrorFootball 2m
    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini rocked by news that 90+4 is out for 1+3 weeks http://mirr.im/1bdo210

  130. No, rico, its not the players fault he is past his best at 31, not getting game time and being pushed into our team, it will be Wengers.

  131. 2 consecutive transfer window and arsenal have problems strenghtening the squad. What are the purpose of scouts, everything about this ball club is like a wet fing dream.

  132. I thought the CL was included in the ST price Potter?

    The travel cost I get too, would cost me around £60-70 to get there if I went by train/underground and then the ticket cost on top makes it a hefty day on my pocket..

    And a long time out of my day…..

    And that’s nowhere near as far as you travel. I admire you doing it for so long…

  133. Arsenal Scouts only employed two days a year, on final Transfer deadline days. Think they have an 8’oclock AM meeting with Wenger.

  134. Gdna – Jan is always difficult to get in players. We missed it in the summer windows.

  135. Spot on AndrewH – shocking decision – really makes a statement of intent this one hey? ffs I give up, they deserve what’s coming

  136. David Ornstein @bbcsport_david 8m

    Kallstrom in London for medical & personal terms ahead of Arsenal loan move. #Afc unlikely to sign anyone else before deadline #bbcfootball

  137. Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best

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    There’s something you’ve forgotten
    And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing
    When you’re feeling in the dumps
    Don’t be silly chumps
    Just purse your lips and whistle, that’s the thing

    And always look on the bright side of life
    Come on!
    Always look on the right side of life

    For life is quite absurd
    And death’s the final word
    You must always face the curtain with a bow
    Forget about your sin
    Give the audience a grin
    Enjoy it, it’s your last chance anyhow

    So, always look on the bright side of death
    A-just before you draw your terminal breath

    Life’s a piece of shit
    When you look at it
    Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true

  138. rico – Kim reminds me of silvester but I hope he will be able to do the job until rambo returns in April.
    Critical to our winning the league this season will rest on getting all 6pts in our visit to liverpool, 3pts against the scum and 6pts from the 2mancs

  139. Absolutely Ah.

  140. emma, depends on your target. Its difficult for arsenal because the Financial Controller AW will never spend the extra pound, but will subtract from a player salary if he is late due to traffic.

  141. I was getting worried with you long absence Emma :P; my fave scouser… lol ;)

  142. :) Lee, out transfer window signature tune….

  143. Didn’t Ornstein say we were signing Draxler? He knows no more than the rest of us I suspect….

    I hope he can do too emma, he’s experienced I guess, hopefully that’s not all though….

  144. AW hasn’t had time to buy a coat that does up yet, so how can he have time to actually seek out players ;-)

  145. The first deadline day Pod is up @
    abergkampwonderland.co.uk with Geoffarsenal

    He is AW mate.

  146. 2 things Rico :-1 , Season tickets are for 19 league matches and the first 7 CL or F.A cup matches at home obviously. The Liverpool match is the 7th cup match and although reduced in price is included. Bayern therefor is an open sale match where season ticket holders have the option to buy their ticket and if they do not they go on general sale.
    Number 2 :- I think Wenger’s problem regarding transfers is that he spends too much time on the training field at Colney and leaves transfer negotiation to Gazidis and the patently hopeless Dick Law. They however appear only to be empowered to negotiate to a point where Wenger gets the final say on the deal. He is notoriously unable to make snap decisions and often the agents for the prospective incoming player then hawk the deal to other clubs that get the option to gazzump us. When that has happened any upgraded deal has to be referred back again and at that stage every one has lost interest and gone elsewhere or renegotiated their deal at their own club. When it gets too late to get what you really want it’s a quick patch up job to give further options like Park, never really wanted and never played.

  147. Lee, what have the Romans ever done for us???

  148. I didn’t realise that Potter, that’s a pretty grim deal for ST holders…

    I’m don’t think AW should get involved with transfer deals full stop. Name his players, hand that list to a ‘recruitment team’ and then get on with it and get deals done.

  149. Rico, i rememeber i read some article in past from a certain ex-player/player that AW is a king at arsenal, if u cross his path ur fcuked. AW is the beggining and the end of everything at arsenal.

  150. off to bed – have a good night all

  151. You have a point dna, but I think all managers call the shot at their respective clubs…

    I do not mean a head coach btw…..

  152. Ts, Specialization and division of labour is not practiced at Arsenal. The entire UK knows AW runs arsenal.

  153. Night Oz, hopefully some better news when you wake. But don’t count on it ;-)

  154. ‘Arsenal want to sign Kim,’ said Spartak official Dmitri Popov.

  155. Pleased for frimps finally.. good decision too.. he needed to move away from London… he had too many friends. Even though he never got into trouble with the law etc his z-list celebrity friends was an obvious disruption for him especially when he is always getting food poisoning etc before games etc…

    And considering the young actors, JW, Ox etc were almost always in his house in the hot tub whilst they were going ahead in their respective careers…

    Its amazing how he went from grace from 18 month ago especially when you gauge the reaction of AW when he heard Frimpong was going to play for Ghana instead of England.

    Compare that to what AW said when a journo asked him what he thought about CJ25 opting for England

    Syg, what did I say about the Africans coming to your part of town i.e Yorkshire…

  156. I just hope if Wenger is going for stop loss solutions it’s on a end of season loan. I do however like Klose and I think he can be a Klinsmann for us.

  157. I know Gdna, I know..

    Night Oz…

  158. I read it’s a loan deal….

  159. Ghana was the death warrant for Frimpong at Arsenal. Once he became a foreign player and took one of those slots in the sqaud his days were numbered. A few of us realised this at the time but he went ahead and now will really have to work to revitalise his club and country career . I don’t know who was advising him but whoever it was didn’t get it right.imo.

  160. If that’s true, it’s a disgrace…..

  161. Thinking we needed a backup striker, that we needed a replacement for Walcott? Completely wrong, we wont miss Giroud if he’s injured/tired/off form. Walcott, no, we have pace somewhere to cover that. But Ramsey out for 6 weeks and Flamini 3, better get a loan signing for middle of the park and leave it at that. I got it so wrong, and Wenger must be right.

  162. Funny enough Ah, I think you are right and AW has no idea….

    Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogo – yep, we’ll win the league….

  163. rico, 2006-2014 will go down in history as the “Handbrake Years”

  164. Sure will Micko, I dread thinking that we have another 3 years of this to come….

  165. Chelsea spending another 10m today. ManU already 37m. Glad to see Man City’s squad is really in trouble and they are trying to spend another 40m today. Oh, we have Ambition!

  166. Ramsey out for 6 weeks…yeah right, that probably means we won’t see him till Easter.

    Loan deals, real classy for a club like Arsenal.

  167. Why don’t we go and get Tom Ince on loan until the end of the season?

  168. AW says we can’t compete with those club financially – pff!

  169. Afternoon Rico. Another great transfer window looks like the most recent opportunity lost for Wenger. This is what can happen when you stop being the type of manager that is always looking to having contingencies for all possible eventualities and settle snugly into the role of being an institution. Man City and Chelsea must be laughing their heads off at our institution. I mean, it’s not as if he has actually won anything in the past several years is it?
    Still, as long as he gets his £8 million a year and Diaby gets his £4 million for doing absolutely nothing and the supporters get shafted with yet another ST rise.
    Any team can blow out, but to drift along, refusing to see that we need a striker at the very, very least is crazy. Surely Kroenke should have stepped in and reminded him of our injury situation, our recent history AND his obligations. but how can you criticise an institution?
    I think this latest capitulation to what seems at this range to be yet another inevitability will go down badly with the home crowd. If we don’t make the serious signing today and have another couple of injuries then quite honestly what is the point? Are we there just to make up the numbers?
    I can hear his Summer schtick now. Always difficult in WC year, blah, blah, blah. For Arsene it is always difficult.

  170. tsgh, you know your stuff, are Barnsley in the Champions League.

  171. Now he is gone to fulham. Looking forward to see how he adapts to the english league

  172. Trouble is Micko, top players who are in the CL or Europa won’t want to move.

    Better to loan maybe than sign someone and it doesn’t work out and we get left with him on a contract…

    It’s not right I know but loans are surely better than nothing if it’s the right player AND we spend big in the summer…

    Mind you, I seem to write that every season….

  173. Are we any klose to getting a striker? ;)

  174. Afternoon Adam. It’s embarrassing isn’t it….

    Still, we are all safe in the knowledge that our manager will be staying on for a while yet…

    How on earth can negligence be rewarded so handsomely…?

  175. Is Kalou still available?

  176. He sounds like a good option right now Kev ;)

    No Berbytoff though, he’s gone to Monaco…

  177. Never mind, the England Ladies managed to win the Ashes…

    There’s always a silver lining, if you look hard enough…

  178. Eduardo to Qpr is gathering pace…..

  179. What about Drmba Ba, Rico?

    There’s still time for Wenger to make an 11th hour bid for old Demba, just so Jose can tell him to fcuk off again…..

    God, I luv the TW… :-(

  180. Or Darren Bent Kev?

    I’m still hoping the Draxler deal is smouldering and Schalke do a last minute deal with us….

    I now, I am wasting my time….

  181. Hi Rico. Because he is an institution who has an opinion on everything, especially the way that clubs who win things are run. All while he is earning between £7 and 8 million a year.
    Like the fool I am, I really thought that he had changed but I am reliably informed that even Ozil was not a signing Wenger himself would have made. The order to get that done came from the owner.
    I can only imagine he still wants to win something ‘his way’ and can only imagine the pleasure he would get from doing so with Giroud and Bendtner as strikers. I am convinced he already has the victory speech planned.
    Nobody will convince me that transfer costs and salaries are in any way sensible, desirable or fair but they are what they are and at least we now know that there is plenty of money available should Arsenal want to play with the big boys so that excuse, bleated by so many, has gone.

  182. “More on the proposed Klose deal, with Lazio set to demand Nicklas Bendtner be part of any deal, according to Sports Direct News.

    The Serie A side do not want to be short of options in attack and a deal for Bendtner could be best for both parties.”

    NONONO, we couldn’t let Bendtner go, LOL

  183. Yes rico, I’m coming around to your way of thinking, Kallstrom on loan could turn out to be a real coup for us !

  184. The FA have overturned the red card for Danny Rose, not surprised….

  185. I heard the same about Ozil Adam, shame Stan or whoever it was hasn’t stepped in again and forced AW to sign who and what we need…

    I hope that contract of his hasn’t been signed because the way we are going about ‘things’ is utterly wrong.

  186. Well we dreamt of winning trophies for half a season. That’s more than we normally get.

    We only have ourselves to blame – fourth place was always the ambition of the manager.

  187. :) Micko, not so sure about him…

    Jackson Martinez would have been a good loan deal and Matsuidi…(spelling)

  188. He’s a right b*****d isn’t he Lee, the kung fu kick guy?

  189. Don’t know about that Steve, I think any chance of winning it now would be a huge dream. Not a cat in hell’s chance and all because of one man’s arrogance and ignorance…

    And a gutless owner who won’t step in and make him step up but chooses to reward him instead….

  190. Rico, didn’t he try a cut a Spanish player in half at the WC?

  191. Ah, was it the WC Lee, I thought he committed a bad one somewhere.

    Sign him up then ;)

  192. Ha ha, another wrong decision favouring Man City. I’ve lost count now. As much as I appreciate the skills displayed by the city players, I do think that every time they play, football in general and the premiership in particular are in some way devalued.

    As well as the help they are getting from the refereeing fraternity they have apparently looked at FFP and chosen to ignore it. As much as FFP has flaws, I think Platini needs to start docking points if it’s ever going to work.

    Or do I sound too much like Arsene Wenger ?

  193. Arsenal make a marquee signing Kim Kardashian, May not be a 42 mill player but must be close to that in inches. All the breast to Wenger in the remaining few hours.

  194. Steve, they certainly seem to be the team to take over from Fergie….

    Something needs to happen but the we’ve all been saying that for years and until some big named newspaper takes the story on board and prints it with credible evidence, I doubt things will change…

    What annoys me more is we actually have cash, bundles of it but seem to be saving it for a rainy day…

    Well it’s peeing down with rain where I am…..

  195. Emma- Barnsley are in a relegation battle in the Championship…

  196. Kallstrom = Sylvestre! Imo.
    Wenger, “you see Ican still spring a surprise or two”. Ffs.
    Opportunity knocked and guess what? AW was out having a curry with big Dick law! Whilst Ivan was just feeling terrible…..same old…..same old.

    Sp1, Wenger must feel a right tit, or left having not been able to get hold of the Kardashian pair!!!

  197. Afternoon Wavy, Just hope she has lost the bump, imagine that breaking through defences, certainly let my guard down.

  198. Kallstrom with 108 caps and at over six feet whilst not the most exciting signing is not a bad move if he is motivated. I agree we should have made a move for ince but with the ox and gnabry i suppose we have cover.

    I would like to see a striker coming in if possible and if Klose one way for Nik the other fine, he might be getting on but he is a very intelligent player and also might unlock the monster in Podolski as well.

    Get these two an while not ecstatic i wont be in the orgiastic i hate the manager etc … fest that we have going on now.

  199. Micko- as I said leave it yeah. dench

  200. Is Kalou still available???

  201. Lille reject Arsenal approach for former Chelsea man Salomon Kalou [RMC Sport]

  202. What about Heskey then, is he available?

  203. “The results are not made by the winter transfer market, they are made by the performances on the pitch. On that front we have shown we can be very competitive,” said Wenger.

    “Why should we not (believe)? We are in a position to be able to do it after 23 games with the squad we have available now, so why should we suddenly give up?”

  204. V10, he’s 5’10 isn’t he??

  205. Gdna, that has to be a spoof… Doesn’t it?

  206. Arsenal. "Going back to Madrid to try one last time for Morata ".— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) January 31, 2014

  207. I apologise v10, he’s 6′ 1″

  208. Rico the source of all infallible knowledge (wikipedia) states he is
    Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

  209. Is Mel Charles still available?

  210. Lets hope he has a Flamini like impact … indifference to outright scorn from the fans to oh he’s quite well hasn’t he? But it is a risk

  211. Wenger – ‘We must unlock defensive sides’

    Well sign the right bloody key!!!!

  212. If he’s coming from Russia aren’t they on a winter break, is he gonna be match fit, sounds like a perfect fit Arsene.

  213. v10 – hence my apology ;)

    Kev, maybe we could get Ian Wright to don a pair of boots again?

  214. But he’s been in warm climates training Micko.. Phew eh!

  215. I just read Kim Kardishian is slower than MA08. lol

  216. Rico, we need some pace on the wings, how about Glen Helder?

  217. :lol: Kev….

    Gdna, there is an answer to that ;)

  218. Mirror Football ‏@MirrorFootball 6m

    Latest from @wengerknowsbest “We are now close to a new striker. Mitroglou signed for Fulham, about 8 miles away”


    Hide summary

  219. I still think we can get Draxler :)

  220. I’m counting on it Rico. :)

  221. I liked that too Adam.

  222. It’s a pity that Costa is shit ‘cos I think we could get him too. :)

  223. I have a bottle Cava ready and waiting to celebrate his arrival Adam ;)

  224. Put it on ice Rico. I’ll be round at midnight with the lentils. :)

  225. Costa doesn’t want to move tough Adam. Well, that’s what the main men on SS’s say….

    Bet he’s in the PL by the end of the summer though….

  226. It will be Adam, until 2017!

  227. How long is it now since this Kim guy has been at The Emirates and still no deal announced…

    Something smells of a rat ;)

  228. Adam, did you see Andy Flower has been made the sacrificial lamb?

  229. That’s another £24 million in wages Rico. That would do me nicely. :)

  230. I suppose someone had to be held responsible for the debacle Rico. Perhaps Wenger might be interested in the position?

  231. Two words: Told ya!!!!

  232. I wish he was Adam. He may know something about the beautiful game which is cricket…. ;)

  233. I am sure he has very strong opinions on cricket Rico. :)

  234. The Aussies are visiting here. We’ll see if their team is as strong as England makes them look.

  235. I’m sure he has Adam, especially the money side of the game ;)

    brad, hope you boys batter them. ;)

    Sorry Scott…

    Off to get dinner, laters….

  236. Alan Smith just said we could have bought Draxler but it was a financial issue. I wonder if that is the case.

  237. Alan Smith just said we could have got Draxler for less than buyout fee. Instead we are scrabbling around for championship level loan players.

  238. Kim Kallstrom – just finalising paperwork. Will be announced soon.AFC -

  239. kim has a very good work ethic and tactical understanding of the game… they say…

    Fans will be impressed according to his former boss

  240. hooray Mangala/Fernando City deals off…

    Arsenal offered Quagliarella now. Juve have to off load a striker…

  241. Is John Charles available?

  242. Rico, I quite fancy ravioli on toast this evening..,

    What about you?

  243. According to ssn Lazio has reject Arsenal’s loan bid for Klose

  244. Hey Bob, now yer talking.., ;-)

  245. who remembers this…? lol


    Jack Wilshere ‏@JackWilshere 2h
    Good luck to my friend @IAMFRIMPONG26 12 years together mate! Wouldn’t of got where I am with out you bro! #Bromance #LoveHate ;)

    Aaron Ramsey ‏@aaronramsey 4 hrs
    @IAMFRIMPONG26 sad to see you go mate, dressing room won’t be the same… will be a lot quieter!!! Good luck at Barnsley

  246. According to reports in Germany, Wenger has offered £2million to Lazio in what would represent a fairly large fee to borrow the striker for the rest of the campaign.

    Arsenal had been offered Fulham’s Dimitar Berbatov earlier in the day, but turned down that option, with Klose the only real option Wenger was willing to consider.

    Klose has scored five goals in 13 matches this season and he looks set to be included in the Germany squad for the World Cup later this year

  247. If that is true about Klose then go back in with the hob nails on and offer to buy for £5 milliion and offer him an 18 month contract at whatever the hell he wants

  248. How about Ronnie Rook of Cliff Holton.

  249. No top sporting organization in the world don’t act like this, afc are in shambles.

  250. What would Kev had done if this had materialised? :P

    SSN’s Nick Collins at the Emirates. Källström announcement imminent. Loan bids for Kalou & Klose rejected:

  251. Arsenal have reportedly seen another approach for a player rejected this month, after enquiring about Fiorentina’s Juan Cuadrado.

  252. David Ornstein@bbcsport_david 1m

    #AFCboard were happy to meet #Schalke fee for Draxler & keen this month to avoid summer battle, but AW valuation lower & unwilling to budge

  253. Pittas Kev with loads of chilli sauce ;)

  254. How about Tommy Briercliffe ??

  255. Potter I missed your 2:50 for some reason..

    Very true… and I think the player realised it recently too with his’ … wish he was British’ tweet.

    Hazard vs Yao Gerv is like JW10 vs Frimps;

    Football fans can’t comprehend why Hazard considers Yao Gerv the best player he has played with when he has played ‘supposedy’ world class players like Drogba, Mata etc…

    Totti says he does not understand why we let Gerv go so easily… maybe he did not watch him at Bradford… :P

    Interesting JW considers frimps the best player he played with in the past…

    Maybe its all a big lie… :o

  256. Gdna, AFC board need to push the issue!

    And Kroenke needs to get behind them….

  257. if this is true….??? :x

    David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david
    Afc board were happy to meet Schalke fee for Draxler & keen this month to avoid summer battle, but AW valuation lower & unwilling to budge…

  258. Joe Baker had a good goal scoring ratio….

  259. Evening all. Just back from Glasgow. The A66 across the Pennines was a nightmare …….

  260. Gdna at 7.13 Ts ;)

  261. Didn’t manage to pick up a hitch-hiking striker on your way Syg???

  262. Morning all.
    Still nothing?

  263. What from Scotland? …. There are no Scottish players I would want at Arsenal ……

    I bought two haggis, a Scotch Pie and a kilo of sausage from the butchers in Strathaven, though…

  264. Jan Transfer deadline when we bought Arshavi saved our season….

    Jan Transfer deadline when we bought Reyes made our season …

    An injection of a great player gives the squad a boost…..

  265. I was of course jesting Syg …….

    No Scott, nothing….

  266. Kim a mobile Gareth Barry… lol

  267. Syg, looks like we won’t get the squad boost. Shameful really.

  268. I am gobsmacked at the lack of urgency we are showing.

  269. We can’t even sign Kalou
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  270. Sadly Scott, I’m not…..

    Angered but not surprised, it’s always been the same…..

  271. Arsenal FC ‏@Arsenal
    Sweden international Kim Kallstrom has joined @Arsenal on loan until the end of the season: http://po.st/VFxYvM #WelcomeKim #DeadlineDay

  272. Kim-Good left-foot, good attitude, good free-kicks, good in air but no pace.- GAreth Barry. :D

  273. Yay, from project youth to project over the hill. So many near and over 30’s in the squad

  274. Back To Football.
    Half time at Norwich U21 1-1
    Lipman the scorer.

  275. It’s a start hoping for a striker as well maybe 100m plus a pound for the bitey one.

  276. Lets just hope for d best in d remaining part of d season. We can still do it. We all knew it was going to be difficult getting in a top shelve player in this window after missing out in last summer. like i will continue to say we need a striker and not a draxler *take a dock*. Hopefully that will be sorted next summer

  277. what the line up Rick?

    Lipman back from loan and playing no.9?

  278. Spot on Brad, yet Sagna struggled to get a deal….!

  279. ” Changes from monday night .
    R/B Moore for Boatang
    Lipman for Afobi.
    Lipman still on Youth player loan we can call on him when he is needed. Now 2-1 LB ottwell the scorer

  280. No chance Joe, that ship sailed in the summer after we were conned…

    Draxler could have been near to our next Henry, if only AW and the rest of them grown a pair!!

  281. afc.com confirm the signing of Kim….

  282. Anyway, I’m off for the day as I’m quietly confident there wlll be no further news….

    Night all…..

  283. Thanks Rick…

    Like you I really like the youth play football; 5 or 6 years ago during the youth double winning season I was fortunate enough to watch lots of the young guns live in Barnet… the love of it has never left me…

    it really hurts me anytime I the likes of Lansbury, Watts etc leave the club without getting the chance… in my view several of those players did not do much wrong on the cameos they made but the politics of football…

    When you consider that Yennaris was chucked into the deep end 2 or so season ago against Nani (then world class) but never got another chance whilst CJ25 comes from the reserves of Charlton to play for us 3 months later…

    I guess some have the luck…

  284. I am still confident over Draxler Rico.

  285. End of the day a 100-cap international at 31 yo from sweden is a gap filler.

    the downside is that we already have Scananavia’s most precocious talent with a goal ratio at international level that’s on par with Roy of the Rovers sitting on the bench …..

    Think positive………….. I think


    Frimpong just procured flat cap from Greenwoods and they are erecting Pigeon Loft at his penthouse just off the A61 Barnsley Bypass ….
    He’s at home now watching “Kes”…..

  287. In three weeks time TSGH won’t know him..

    He’ll have kicked his gangsta rap in the head and be listening to brass bands ..

    Gone will be the bling on his arms, which will be replaced by ferrets….

    Up the Tykes….

    Pre-season he’ll be flying first class to …………………….

  288. From the web:

    “Arsenal moved for another German player today, too, attempting to sign the 25-year-old Miroslav Klose on a short-term loan deal until the end of the season. However, that seems to have slipped out of their hands after the two clubs couldn’t agree a deal.”

    It that is real can we have a 25 years old TH & RP instead? :)

  289. Its all gone pear-shaped for Klopp…

    Maybe Gundagun and Reus will join us in the summer…

  290. We conduct our transfers business like a small club.

  291. SYG, any chance of a clip of Brian Glover refereeing in Kes, we need cheering up on an evening like this, even rico’s given up the ghost !

  292. John Radford’s polishing his boots as I write! Hurrah! A signing.

  293. Last week I was talking to Potter about Ajax and other Eredivisie teams sending their younger midfield players on loan to Scandinavian countries to harden up… Kim looks like a tough git…

    At international level he as very hard working as Larson so its not too bad..

    I can see what Aw is doing; a player who has won trophies under Houlier at Lyon etc will be able to dig in and help with the push over the line…

    He comes with back of experience. And the Swedes are 2nd only to the Germans in efficiency… ;)

    On the bright side our last Swede was a Legend… ;)

  294. SYG – Great video. You seem to have one for every occassion. Do you get a cut from YouTube for each video you link to?

  295. And where is Vela when you need him…………………..sold. What a waste of untapped talent.

  296. Wavy, we do have a buyback clause for Vela, but i doubt he’d ever make it in the League.
    One thing…..people should be wary when the judging this player.
    It is hardly his fault we have not bought a striker.
    Let’s judge him when he dons the shirt.

  297. Syg, David Bradley will become his best friend. I hope he doesn’t meet Jud. If he does he’ll probably end up like Maradona during his diamond stud stage, good luck to him though, Barnsley need a star. The lady Wavy comes from near Barnsley so I have a filial interest. Don’t want to see them go down.

  298. tsgh, you don’t know what your talking about, rami shaaban was well over-rated !

  299. Our transfer dealing is like an old divorcee in a night club at 2am with the beer goggles on..

    SSN: Newcastle turn down Arsenal loan bid for Papiss Cisse

  300. Ginge it finished 2-2 pen to Norwich on 90 mins
    HT Toral replaced Zelilman and I gather had a very good 2nd half.
    There is one to keep your eyes on Tarif Moore. right back and still a first year scholar (only 16) This boy will be very good.
    Ginge my Soninlaw is a S/T holder at Barnet and when we could we would go to underhill and watch the youngsters and I have followed eversince.
    By the way were you there when Bothroyd threw his Shirt at Don Howe.

  301. ha ha Micko… good memory…

    A goalie suffering a broken leg in injury.. lol

  302. What made @bbcsport-david to delete his last tweet on wenger not sanctioning draxler purchase?

  303. I wasn’t Rick…

  304. tsgh, it’s a love affair “Shabba”

  305. God help us even SSN saying nufc turn us down to take cisse on loan ;). I can confirm that moses parted d red sea ;)

  306. Emma- because its all a lie…

    Its a big conspiracy/myth many choose to believe…

    Another one is that Park was bought to sell Jerseys…

    Its amazing that Korea has one of the least interest in merchandise and that Park has never been taken on the far east tour if that was the motive imo…

  307. :-) Micko… the Mr Loverman

  308. Blaise Matuidi tells Canal+ that his contract extension will be done ‘very soon

  309. will we have time to turn kim into a .back up striker two games and he will be banging them in.

  310. Jim White hour is approaching…

    where is Harry?

  311. This shows how incompetent arsenal workers are, a big ball club in a large city with so much clowns.

    attempted loan moves today:

    Papisse Cisse
    Miroslav Klose
    Soloman Kalou
    Fabio Quagliarella
    Alvaro Morata
    Christian Tello
    Mirko Vucinic

    AW didn’t plan to strengthen the squad, if Ramsey didnt get injured there would be no signings. Very good for his disciples.

  312. ha ha ha h a

    Valencia in talks with Senderos

  313. Sorry – just copped a curry… FAO MICKO

  314. Does tha know me? =

    I say old boy, have we ever met?

  315. or in Frimpong’s case

    On me head son.. =

    Pass me the fckng ball you dumb cnut….

  316. Senderos to Valencia beats Pellegrini signing Cygan 5 years ago… lol

  317. how the heck has Senderos got Arsenal, AC Milan, Valencia & Everton on his cv?

  318. Wot a fucking anti climax.even last night I wos fully sure we’d sign draxter.no chance of a big signing now.so frustrating with our Boys doing so well this year

  319. If the attempted loan list is to be believed then our ‘clout’ to attract even relatively ordinary back up strikers must be non- existent. Our ‘meat procurers’ should be ashamed of themselves. Barnsley have got a better deal than us! Shocking. So near yet so far, far away from the top. We could have been contenders but for the want of a horseshoe nail………..it died, as did our dream of buying limitless silver polish!

  320. Wavy – You said it…..

  321. night gents… it looks like its a non-event…

  322. Game over! fight for 3rd/4th now imo. :(

  323. Hi all, bit disappointing isn’t it? Albeit not surprising in the slightest. For all the positive names put forward as targets during this transfer window, in my opinion few actually fitted the bill of what we needed. I do agree with the psychological impact of a decent signing though.

    Just something interesting regarding our new temp. midfielder: He’s being labeled as experienced personnel to get us through the rest of the season. A little worrying when he says this, “I am so pleased to come here to learn as much as possible.” :/ Looking at things more positively however, Benayoun, who many thought was a shit signing was certainly influential during his time with us so lets hope for more of that!

  324. Parks of to Watford on loan

  325. tsgh / SYG, thanks for the vids tonite, having trouble posting, don’t think i’m in moderation as rico usually lets me off with murder !

    What’s the chances of loaning Arsene off for 6 months, it seems to be the way forward these times !!!

  326. Micko. Who could afford his wages?

  327. Is Kalou still available? :-|

  328. Adam, as usual your one step ahead of myself, but it does beg the question how many transfer windows does it take for Arsene to sign a quality striker ! There’s a joke in there somewhere.

    Sleep well gooners and you kev !

    Say we got Kim Kallstrom, say we got Kim Kallstrom.

  329. I thought Kim was a girls name, well the ladies have more silverware than the men! Is it an omen?

  330. the real Wenger is back in full swing – I want to improve this squad, only super super players, what a tosser

  331. can’t wait to see his trophy less excuses at seasons end – ref’s? weather, bad luck, TV, injuries, have you got them all ready to reel off Wenger? How’s the new contract you wouldn’t sign till you proved to yourself you could take us forward? We’ll take your advice and judge you in may -

  332. Morning all..

    New post will be up around 9.40.. Catch you on there later..

  333. I hope the Post is :

    Arsene & the Board = Gutless & Greedy..!

    Bought Ozil, showed some ambition for a change, get the fans back onside put up season tickets prices play well get in a position to challenge for trophies then decide to milk the new sponsorship deals and why now spend more cash and show more intent… No need…!

  334. New Post up……………..

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