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Four match ban for Flamini!! Wenger hopes to have new player(s) by Friday….

Morning all.

Not a good one either is it after last night.

I didn’t get to see the game but by all accounts it’s was a pretty dire performance by us, especially in the first half, one in which Southampton went 1-0 up.

Then very early in the second half, Olivier Giroud got a toe on the end of a Bacary Sagna cross to draw us level and then soon after, we went 2-1 up though Santi Cazorla.

Phew, exhale, the game was ours to go on and win from such a good position…

No, the home side got an equaliser and Mathieu Flamini suffered a moment of madness with a bad tackle which resulted in him seeing red.

Jeez, what a bad night all round!!

Flamini will now miss the weekend battle with Crystal Palace, the trip to Anfield and the home fixture against Manchester United and of course the FA Cup match against Liverpool. Oh deep joy, a four match ban!!

We needed to win last night to keep our noses ahead of Manchester City but that didn’t happen and unless our neighbours get something from their game tonight, we are left facing catch up…..

A draw would be nice, after all, we can’t be hoping for a home victory…. Can we?

After last night’s match, Wenger said:

Overall I would say it is a difficult point but a fair point in a very good football game, so I wouldn’t say like you it was a very bad performance.

You want the three points in every game but it is a difficult place Southampton. When you look at the overall record it can happen sometimes away from home you take only one point.

I don’t want to look for any excuses. In the first half, we played in second gear and Southampton in fourth. They played at a higher pace than us, decided to stop us from playing and did it very well. It is difficult to maintain but they did it for 90 minutes and they did it very well in the first-half.

From that I guess it was a point earned rather than two dropped although had we got going….

More bad news on the injury front as Aaron Ramsey suffered a setback to his return in training yesterday and although Arsene Wenger says he hopes the player needs a week, the reality is it’s going to be longer. Santi Cazorla left the pitch last night and looks like he’s going to be out for a while too.

Arsene Wenger was asked after the game whether or not he’s going to sign someone by Friday:

I hope we have something to tell you.

So do I Arsene, so do I because we needed to sign players before, we definitely need to do now…..

That’s your lot for another day as the Draxler and Morata stories rumble on…..

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338 comments on “Four match ban for Flamini!! Wenger hopes to have new player(s) by Friday….

  1. I think a positive was when the final whistle went………….

    Morning Rico and All.

  2. Morning All

    Morning Rico/Wath

  3. A four match ban, hmm it just gets better and better…

  4. “we’re not on the case of anyone” next day, “we hope to have something for you before the window closes” – ummm. Poor showing yesterday, how can you not be up for a game like that and yet clearly we were not and lucky to get the point. The tactical decisions once again left me somewhat confused. The confessed best finisher Wenger has seen, apparently now near his best, comes on at 89 minutes?? It’s the business end of the season and that was simply not good enough again on and off the pitch.

  5. Pathetic tackle from Flamini though Kev, braindead….! No need for it either…!
    We look decidedly average when we have no pace in the side..!

    Oh well least we can look forward to a few exciting days of quality signings…!

  6. Morning Wath, Kev and all..

  7. I’m so happy for the game last nite,not cos we lost but Arsene Wenger has no other choice than to buy,with Flamimi suspended, Ramsey out and carzola with a knock, Wenger pls spend! Morning gunners!Till I die! Uch

  8. Morning all,
    When does Diaby make his 5 game return?
    As I discussed with ts last night, why would we play Ox central with all the space on the flank and in behind?
    I see Gnabry has the same tendency along with Cazorla to pull centrally.
    We need transfers in because Wenger doesn’t seem to trust the other players to rotate them.

  9. Morning all.
    Average display.
    No time for hoping, get some signings in.
    If ever there was a time, it is now.
    The League is in sight.
    We have injury proboems.
    The cash is there.
    There is no excuse.

  10. I didn’t see it but apparently it was the worse 45mins we’ve played for ages! Why bring the Pod on so late?

  11. Newcastle sell Cabaye and straight in for Grenier..

    What do we do? Wait all bloody summer before a last ditch attempt for an average Ba and then 28 days into January and still no striker…

    Maybe the club should have concentrated more on new player signings than Wengers.

  12. Brad, it won’t be this season, he’s been ruled out..

    Lee, goodness only knows, the one player who is prepared to shoot and can get us a goal get’s left out until the dying minutes. Crazy!

    I have a hunch Draxler could be the answer.

  13. Scott, totally agree, no excuses but why we leave it so late I don’t know….

  14. Agree Scott.

  15. Why four games?

  16. Anyim, you sure that’s enough to force AW?

    Shouldn’t take a dismal performance or a drop of points to make him sign players, that’s if he does by Friday…

  17. Is Pod being saved for a swap deal?
    I hope not.

  18. Rico 9.30am, spot on – He should stand by his word and sign nothing till he has proved this team can compete for trophies properly. It’s January and the next few games are looking scary now.

  19. Rico, maybe it showed how thin we are, especially now have more injuries.

  20. Rico, do you think Podolski is a part of the Draxler deal?

  21. And suspensions :)

  22. Arsenal are too predictable. It’s pass and pass all day and they try to b eclever by trying to thread the ball through a congested md and penalty area.All opposition teams need to do is wait for the ball to break loose and hit on the counter.
    That’s how Mourino and ref faced played.When these two meet the gunners you can bet they will play anti soccer and beat the gunners.
    Don’t believe me. Wait and watch. Or unless Wenger has got other players and they bring a new dimension.

  23. Why is Park still a squad member?
    Diaby….call the vet?
    Bendtner….call the vet?

  24. Scott – apparently we’ve made a low take it or leave it bid and we know where that’s going. Fans should do that with their wages and ticket prices

  25. Oz, i hope you are wrong.
    Wenger has done brilliantly with transfers, but he has had reason to scrimp and scrounge…now, there is no reason to.
    If a player is worth 30 million on the market, but fills a masive hole at your club, pay 35 and do not bicker.
    That is one issue i really have with Arsene.
    Forget market value….it is irrelevant.
    Pay what he is worth to your club.

  26. Rendy, because he’s already served a ban apparently. I read it this morning.

    Scott – I hope not too re Podolski, and yes, injuries/suspensions may force his hand but we needed a striker regardless..

    Agree Oz, I don’t like the way his deal has been done. We talk about Jose having a huge ego, seems to me that Arsene isn’t to far behind him in that department…

  27. Agree Scott but i do think the low key performances of Ozil won’t help his state of mind as far as spending big is concerned.

  28. Lee, why make a vet suffer going through that? ;)

  29. Good report Rico…

    I agree with you Brad and the same can be said of Ozil…

    When I say Ozil plays better with TR07 and Ramsey I am not playing a favoritism card… he drops very deep when those players are missing.

    WATH, I also agree about Flamini’s tackle… he has gotten away withso many of those thus far. Against AV he managed to get away with one.

    Its not that I dislike Flamini; in fact I am on record here supporting him before he signed for us. My only argument is that he is running around a lot flapping his hands but in actual fact I believe he is doing very little… and I am not even referring to any stats…

    My analytical mind looks at the situation this way; Flamini and MA08 have started together 6 times; Flamini has only completed the match only 1’s.

    On 3 occasions Flamini has been substituted; On their second start together against Crystal Palace Flamini was dropped within the first 10 minutes albeit … MA08 then went on to score but got red carded after we were 2 up. Against Norwich he was subbed after 36 minutes because he was that poor. It must have taken AW a lot to make a change in the first half without a player being injured…

    The same against Cardiff when he came off and we went on to win 2-0…

    AW should have bought Cabaye or Schnerderlein instead of being a cheapskate…

  30. Guys, Flamini’s first dontact was with the ball.
    Second contact was the ground.
    Third was a touch on the player.
    Yes, he left himself open, but i have seen much, much worse for no result.

  31. Oz, Ozil leads the assists….i reckon he has been much better than plenty do, but i am an optimist :)

  32. Half full Scott… ;)

  33. Gotta be, mate….i will never change :)

  34. it really was the worst first half performance this season, i couldn’t believe i was watching Arsenal.

    2 players needed ASAP, why do we wait til the end of the transfer windows if you need or want a player go get them FFS

    we will soon be facing L,pool, utd, spurs, chelsea, & city in the league and imo i cant see us gaining any more than 4pts we may be fighting for the Title atm, but if we are not careful we will be fighting for 4th.

  35. Kel, those clubs will all go through a little slump as well.
    We need to keep grinding out results….and buy a player or two.

  36. Thanks Ts..

    Scott, I love Ozil too, and we haven’t seen the real player yet.

  37. I know Rico…imagine when he hits his best form :)

  38. Scott, Sorry mate but I don’t give a rats arse that Flamini got the ball it was two footed and he jumped into the tackle with studs showing…. Instant red card in my book and if that was on one of ours you’d be screaming blue murder… No major contact with the player sure BUT it’s the intent and a two footed tackle is a straight red.. My only argument is yet again consistency as another player will do that tonight and only get a yellow.

  39. Kev- I know you were concerned with the coming Yanited game last night…

    Imho, we have never lost to Yanited or any top team recently because of our poor DM but instead we have been over run on the wings because Aw insist on playing the same old tactics against the top teams…

    It was the same against Schalke in the CL last season too…

    Mauren and Fergie all used the same tactics against us they played 2 very sound defensive players on one flank and put their no.10 Oscar or Rooney on our DM…

    Imho, if we play Gibbs and Monreal on the lhs and play any other forward on the rhs we will have a solid chance to win against the top sides.

    In March 2011 in the FA cup Fergie played Smalling and Fabio on the rhs to nullify AA23 and also played Evra and Rafael on the lhs to nullify Nasri who was at that time the best player in the league…

    In the 2.5 years I have been reading HH, I have read you and Dev suggesting Aw should deploy Gibbs and another LB on the lhs but instead Aw has played either Theo or AA23 or SC19 on the wings but those players have never been able to track back to help our fullbacks…

  40. Oz, re Ozil being low key look at the movement he has in front of him and yet he still leads all the assist stats and he has got a few goals…. New team new country new league very few settle in during a first season I think he’s done bloody well and when he have more players than run into space and read what he wants you’ll see a 20% improvement again… he’s class…!

  41. Wath, i thought that was my arguemt, too :)

  42. I think those clubs have already been through their little slump are and now looking better…

  43. No doubt he’s class mate but the team hardly suits his precision cutting edges does it? I bet Wenger told him he would build a team around him, so get the hell on with it

  44. I agree WATH…

    I had to stopp playing football at 13 because of a cowardice tackle like that… He is an experienced pro he should not be doing that imho…

    That is the type of tackle Frimps and Hayden should be doing not him imho…

    Another similar tackle

  45. Rico, there is more to come, of that, i have no doubt.

  46. Ginge, a few of us were talking elsehwere, and recalled two crude tackles that went untouched.
    Both by Citeh players.
    Both on our lads.
    Both much more vicious than Flaminis yesterday.
    Balotelli, and Toure.

  47. A valid point Ginge – and I don’t mean the match.

    Arteta and Flamini started v’s Naples and we won 2-0 and put in a great performance – apart from that it is a pairing that doesn’t work.
    The sending off – Idiotic. Especially bearing in mind our next few games.
    Last night Monreal was shit. He will certainly lose his place.

    v’s Soton
    1970-71 Arsenal drew 0-0 at home, won 2-1 away
    Double winners
    1988-89 Arsenal drew 2-2 at home, won 3-1 away
    League Champs
    2001-02 Arsenal drew 1-1 at home, won 2-0 away
    Double Winners

    A draw isn’t the end of the world.
    Back in Nov 2002 and May 2001 when we were allegedly brilliant and Soton were supposedly mediocre we lost 2-3 on both occasions.

    By the way morning all.

  48. i really hope so scott, because we are going to need them to have slumps.

  49. Agree Rico both City and Chelsea and Liverpool have had their share of dire results, i don’t see them letting up now as we head to the business end. This is traditionally where Wenger comes unstuck, lets hope its not simply another replay button season. I agree with kel, a couple of losses and we’re back to square one potentially.

  50. I totally agree Scott we have seen worse…

    Excellent stats Syg…

  51. Oz, i recall us playing our best football over the last few years after Xmas.

  52. Hi Rico,

    I suppose it is natural that there is a gloomy feel to the day and I was very down after the game last night, but it is important to look at some ‘footbally’, things too.

    No season goes strictly according to plan for any club or team, and Arsenal screwed up last night. But let’s be fair to Southampton and admit they played very well and would have beaten most teams on the night, and others still have to go there.

    Other teams will have their screw ups too, and already have done so in some cases. It happens.

    As a positive, the second half performance of Ozil was superb and he almost got the points for us with a great run and a shot that hit the bar.

    As a negative, the continuing lack of pace in the side will bite us on the arse again unless it is addressed, and soon. I am not now, and never have been a big fan of Flamini, but playing him alongside an almost stationery Arteta made us look pedestrian alongside the speedy S’hampton guys.

    I think it was a point gained, because although we could have won it — we could have lost it big time too.

    Take the blow, and on to the next game. :-)

  53. Vermaelen to DM.

  54. I hope so Scott because it’s a catch up from now on ;)

  55. HenryB – Agree Wenger has taken the pace right out of this side and needs to put some back quick time mate. ohh for another TH hey?

  56. Syg- I think Monreal struggles most times when Santi plays in front of him…

    I also think on another day Fonte’s goal may not have stood…

    AW should understand certain combinations do not work…

    How long did it take AW to realise Kanu and DB10 will NEVER work together as a front 2.

    On paper it was a dream partnership…

    Kanu- a player even DB10 said was the best player in the squad
    DB10- the player fans called a genius;
    put them together and its like …

    It was the same with Henry and Wiltord… in the end AW had to play Wiltord on the rhs to accommodate both…

    This led to Wiltord scoring the EPL winning goal at Old Trafford…

  57. Ade ba whore will do us a favour tonight against Shitty.. even Syg will be signing his praise… :P ;)

  58. Hi Hb.

    For me it’s not the dropped points but the way we are reported to have dropped them. Too many played badly by all accounts and Flamini has just let himself and his team-mates down with a moment of stupidity…

    I can cope with a draw or a loss when everyone gives 100% but it doesn’t sound like they did last night.

    But I’m more frustrated, angry at the fact we have just two and a half days to go and still AW hasn’t added to our squad…

  59. Scott, we have both agreed before on the Verm being used to play in midfield because he has the tackling, is good in the air and is probably twice as fast as either Flambo or Arteta,

    [Won't happen though!] :-(

  60. Scott – cups, championships and the ECL all slip into gear after xmas, how many of these have we collected? Is it therefore fair to say Wenger’s best isn’t good enough? Or hasn’t been good enough, despite his yearly claims of doing so well every season. Are we in for another one of these? I personally believe we are. Fingers crossed I am wrong

  61. HenryB – disagree, we’ve left with one CB as cover, risking him to cover holes would not be good management IMO

  62. Just seen the Flamini tackle.. Both feet off the round and studs up. Stupid idiot!!

  63. there is no doubt the card was right Rico

  64. Ooh Oz…..change of tack there….i was talking about the League :)
    Henry, if we lose Verm before he is tried, it will go down as one of my most disappointing moments as an Arsenal fan.

  65. 2 players stood out last night Schdnerdelien and Ozil the other player to put in a shift was Shaw.
    We have a big problem with the mental state our players turn-up in.
    Wenger calls it second gear maybe…. very polite ….arsene.

    1st half second gear..2nd half first 10 min 4th gear
    2 goals…………………………back to 2nd gear(switch off)
    We were very lucky to get a point.
    Ozil done a threw things last night on the ball that were world class.
    Wenger should try to bring another top player in,
    while we are still at the top.

  66. Rico,

    The Draxler thing is driving me bonkers, even though my common sense is telling me not to pay attention to all the paper nonsense.

    It seems Schalke want £37.5m for him, and either we have not made a bid for him or have offered £24.5m.

    And not one word of the foregoing can be proved as true – bollixy rumours is all that we have to feed on! :-)

  67. I have said 4 years and still say team lacks proper width and pace up front and until that is addressed we are still far to one dimensional and to easy to nullify.

    Agreed Oz, Ozil needs right players in front of him with the proper movement if they not around him he can’t pass to himself…!

    It’s amazing that we as people with zero footie coaching skills can see what the manager refuses to see or admit to and yet he does the same things year after year with lack of tactical nous and we suffer each and every time…!

  68. I agree about TV but Vermalean has not got the best stamina imho… at least based on distance covered crap I have had the privilege to see…

    At Ajax he played in the DM on a couple of occasions but it was not very good so…

    I think if we were playing 3-5-2 then we could accommodate him in that role…

  69. Ginge, i just want to see it a few times………
    Kozzer would possibly be even better, but too much to lose shifting him there.

  70. Flamini’s challenge exactly the same as Raphael’s the other week??

  71. SYG, luv your factoids…

    As you say, last night isn’t the end of our season, but we now have to win at Anfield imo, to compensate for two dropped points at St Mary’s…

    Ginge, (a) at Gazprom is a game we simply cannot afford to lose, at that stage of the season, it could be a killer…
    Yep Gibbs and Monreal on the flanks seems good to me, both can attack and both can defend. But we all know that Wenger won’t do it…

    To me, the FACup game vs Liverpool is absolutely massive.
    Arsenal need to have something to play for this season and the FACup looks our best chance.
    I just hope that the Oilers knock-out Gazprom…

  72. Agree Fred… To me Schnerderlein (spelling) will make us very solid and he can pick a pass to… I expected Aw to sign hm last summer but…

    Ozil could have scored a Maradona 1986 type goal last night but the crossbar…

    My only concern about Ozil is that he has played on the wings for us on more occasions than as a no.10…

  73. fred, totally agree re Ozil, he needs someone special ahead of him, someone who is on his wavelength…

    Hb, it is me too, just hope AW gets him in and Morata on loan.

  74. He got a yellow didn’t he Lee? Although he should have seen red…

  75. Oz,

    As the HH flag says – it is OK to disagree.

    It would be far better to use our limited resources where they can be most effective, especially now that Rambo and Flamini are out for a month or so, than to warm the bench with their arses for months on end worrying about something that might never happen, while our run to the title could be fcuked.

    Positive thinking is needed. :-)

  76. Wenger should just sign a proper DM, Arteta isn’t getting any younger, neither is Flamini.

  77. True Kev, psychologically it cool be bad…

    I wish AW will play for a draw for once…

    If we do not concede in the first half then we could win because I believe our players are very well conditioned; even better than $hitty…

    The only team I believe are fitter than us are the Saints…

  78. One team has conceded less goals since Pulis took over at Palace…

  79. True Kosser could be better…

    Its interesting that Aw tried to buy TV’s compatriot Jan Vertoghen and play him as a DM but he hasn’t tried TV there apart from as a sub when we have changed tactics to 3-5-2…

  80. Morning Rico and all. Apart from the Spurs game in the cup we have played some serious nonsense for quite a while and have been quite lucky. Southampton was the result that has been coming for a while and I am pleased that we made it out with a point. Wenger’s motivational skills? Quite how our team can fall into this footballing torpor so often is worrying. I have noticed that proper intensity of play happens only every now and again as so much of our time is spent playing negative, sideways football. Is this because we are so lightweight up front that there is no natural speed to our build-up? We have a player(s) in Ozil and Santi who look to turn defence into attack but we have no real pace, no cutting edge.
    I cannot imagine that Ozil can be happy at Arsenal, playing this stuff. His game has become short and square. The transfer window seems like a huge burden to Wenger and not an opportunity to be used. Seems he is much happier criticising other clubs than getting stuck into it for Arsenal’s benefit.
    If he really wants Draxler then go and get him. Pay through the nose if you have to. Trying to correct his lethargy in the summer is gonna cost. We all said that at the time. He’s done it to other clubs often enough.

  81. Sometimes, you just need to have a decent crack, hey Hinge?

  82. Ts – and don’t they lead the ‘possession’ table?

  83. That’s right Ginge, as long as we keep it 0-0 and don’t get frustrated at not scoring early, then we could theoretically (one for Potter) nick it at the Bridge…

    But we’ll probably go there, all guns blazing, get sucked in by Gazprom, hit on the break and mugged off as usual…

  84. Morning Adam.

    Totally agree re our lack of pace and it makes our play so predicable and easy to nullify…

    Agree re Draxler too, just go and pay what it takes to get him, his signing would give us something different.

    Get Morata on loan too…

    Just show some bloody ambition Arsene!

  85. Where’s Bracket Scott? ;)

  86. Even i am getting the shits with hearing about all the cash we have.

  87. Hahaha.
    Sorry Ginge lol.
    Nice pick up, Rico…

  88. It’s doing no good sitting in the Arsenal PLC bank account….

  89. The fact they keep spruiking it just makes people more annoyed when it is not spent.
    Say nothing…….

  90. Do you mean we have so much cash we could shit it Scott….?

  91. You know, if we put all our eggs in the Draxler basket, even if we get him, I’m not sure it’ll be the answer…

    The loss of Theo is gonna hurt us, big time, and we really don’t have anyone close to him, as a replacement…

    Gnabry, vgd, but not sure he’s the answer yet?

    AOC, not sure he’s the answer either?!

    After those two we’re into the realms of Miyaichi… :-(

  92. Maybe, Wath :)
    Cheeky bastard hahaha

  93. Grandad, you nicking my comments again….

    Zero pace up front, no pace on the wings that is used properly and we have no speed to hit the spaces or get in behind the fullbacks or centre halves… Ozil n Santi need runners and we don’t have…!

    Jan is a time that allows you to get in players to push on yet we seem to use it as an excuse to stagnate…!

    How many more years are we gonna moan about it instead of using it to our advantage and utilize the fact we can strengthen…?

  94. Good post rico, i agree with Flamini red card if every two footed tackle is red, lets have some consistency. Its easy to point out what Flamini did, but the cross for the second goal should have been intercepted by whoever was playing DM. The draw is a bad result because Southampton had more players injured than arsenal.

  95. I have a question……….

    “IF” we are to sign Draxler…. How the fuk does he complete a medical when he’s injured….?

  96. Wath, for the right player, i reckon they’d let it slide.

  97. Just a thought here, maybe the best signing we could make would be a new attacking coach…

    Bould seems to be well on his way to sorting the defence, new ideas and tactics might just be the answer…

    Ok, I know AW wouldn’t entertain the idea, but we are so predicable…

    Add a bit of pace too of course..

    Isn’t Draxler a pacey player?

  98. Thanks Gdna, and Merts was so unlucky to see the cross go through his legs…

    Good point Wath, but does that matter with us?? ;)

  99. Hi ts…
    Ozil looks for space all through the game ..
    I think? that’s why he keeps popping up on the flanks.
    On the mental side of things,..confidence is one thing
    but to go out thinking just because we are top of the league
    will not be good enough.

  100. Everton and Saints I believe Rico

  101. Hi guys, a disappointing result, but it could have been worse after Flamini was sent off. I was expecting a three match ban, can someone explain why in this case there is a four match ban?

  102. Kev. I believe you highlight a problem. If the option is either Draxler or nobody, then I say Draxler. But surely we seriously need a quality striker and a proper winger. Wenger seems to have the wide positions down as apprenticeship roles for midfielders before he allocates them another slot. Yet a quality wide man can be so destructive, as long as he has a striker who can read the play AND has pace. Look at what Hazzard does for Chelsea, including the goals he scores. Without wide pace and with a slow striker opposition teams just push up on us, knowing it will take us 15 passes to get forward. Yes, even Coventry caused us problems in this way.
    As an incidental point. Won’t the World Cup make it much harder to sign players and wouldn’t now be a better time? I can hear the summer excuses already.

  103. Bender and an attacking player should be signed today, Flam and AR is out that, can MA08 last for the month of Feb? If AW is not buying a MF, he needs to recall Aneke.

  104. Actually I am wrong at 11:06…

    I don’t believe this one myself but… ;) I guess we retain the ball more but we go forward less…

    1-Man City-56%- 5th
    3-Man United-54%-9th

  105. G50, because he’s already served a ban apparently.

  106. Adam, I can hear them too, in fact they’ve been said many times before….

    Which Bender though Gdna, Kev wants both…

  107. Thanks rico.

  108. Good point on Aneke, not ideal but unless Frimpong is going to be played which I seriously doubt, we are stuffed in the DM position….

  109. WATH,re injury and medical I believe we have to cover some of the players’ insurance…. or we have make a case for his fitness from a medical expert…
    As it is an ankle injury we can make a waiver unlike ligament injuries etc..

    He starts light training this next week…

    I heard Arsenal had to cover Kanu’s insurance for a year when he first signed due to his heart issue…

  110. Hazzard looks cheap at 30 odd million quid now.
    Perhaps, after the WC, there will be more big clubs interested in Draxler. I guess in football you have to back your judgements with real money. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not.

  111. Besides, we can never have too many injured players :)

  112. Rico, any 1. lol. MA08 is a AM thats the reason people thinking that he is doing a better job than Flam, because he is better on the ball, its just sad the wrong players seems to be always injured.

  113. Eisfield and Olsson are doing more than Zelalem and deserve a chance imho… Eisfield is an assassin.

    Aw says he has not dropped or refused to play Frimpong… Frimpong was ill last Thursday he says and before WBA too…

    I wonder if Frimpong and Puma are the reason why he wants to keep him…

  114. Rico, Frims will never make it at arsenal……

  115. As chips Adam.

  116. Morata and Draxler would help our cause…

  117. Night all……….can i wake up to a decent signing, please?

  118. I know re Frimpong Gdna, but my point was we are getting close to desperation – Ramsey, Jack and Flamini all out and Arteta is fragile..

    Who will play against palace is a worry, let alone City, Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea…

  119. Very much so Lee.

    Night Scott, that’s wishful thinking.

  120. Imho,It comes down to the same question no matter what the smooth talker IG may say to the press…

    Are the club willing to make losses even though revenue may go up with mega buys that may improve our chances of winning trophies?

    Chelsea win a lot of trophies and have comparable sponsorship deals like us but make huge losses…

    The question is if Chelsea had a comparable stadium to ours will they still make those losses?

    Lots of research by business savvy institutes and experts have all concluded in the past that controlling salary and player purchases brings in more money…

    i guess there is a fine line though… How long can these ‘suits’ continue to fool the hard up masses?

  121. “Wenger hints at deals”….stop fucking hinting and start fucking buying you French bell!

  122. Rico, The problem at arsenal with transfers is AW trying to set the buying and selling price, spend 50 mil on Drax and Bender and call it a day.

  123. Amen to that Lee.

    Gdna, I’d push it and a loan for Morata too then go sign a striker in the summer once Nik, Park and and others are gone….

    Mind you, why not spend £80-90 million right now and go sign a striker?

  124. Rico, did you watch the guy Matic at CFC, JM specifically buy him to counter Yaya. He is bigger and stronger than BFG.

  125. Frimpong. That is truly scaping the bottom of the barrel.

    Arteta or Flamini. Not both. Arteta being captain has made it awkward to leave him out.

    Chamberlain, Rosicky, Ramsey or Wilshire can play the withdrawn central role no probs.

    Re: youths/reserves. There’s good possibity that Crowley that will make it into this team and even then, a lot can happen in the next two years. So that’s certainly not a nailed on cert… But he is for me the only one that looks special.
    Eisfield? Why isn’t he knocking at the door already? Olsson? It’s the same with the Aneke’s, Afobes etc… Ipswich, Forest, Leicester beckon at best…

  126. My hope is that even Arsene Wenger and Arsenal wouldn’t be as stupid to announce a new deal for Wenger without signing a player or two this month…

    They must know a large proportion of fans will be angry, very angry….

  127. Rico, Morata would be a extra body imo, he is still a kid, the guy from Juve would be a better loan option with experience, just imagine Kompany whispering to Morata “I’m gonna fuck u up”, he probably ask to go back home.

  128. Haven’t seen him yet Gdna, no doubt I will when we face them… Clever signing then…

    Syg, no-one is say play Frimpong, just looking at our options bearing in mind we haven’t a DM for the next four games… Nor Ramsey, prob not Jack and for me, Arteta will get battered during the next few fixtures..

    Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong….

    Frimpong should have be gone long ago, just like Diaby, Park, Nik and a few others….

    Put their wages together and we’d be able to pay two new players…

  129. Rico, IG already did announce the deal for AW.

  130. The transfer window closes before we play our next game, so Frims should never be an option. imo

  131. And that is from the Telegraph.

  132. He’d do me on loan Gdna, IF we are not signing a striker on a permanent deal…

  133. FA rules confirm Flamini will be suspended for 4 games because this will be his second suspension of season. Misses Palace, Liverpool (twice) & Man Utd.

    I said this in September and Mr Micko thought I hated Flamster…

    All Is aid was if he continued like that we will lose him when we needed him the most…

    Nothing at all re rumours… the quite before the storm I guess…

    I will be very pleased with Lavezzi and Pjanic, very different to what we have…

  134. Not officially was it Gdna? He just said he will stay…

  135. BILD “Draxler has in his contract are a committed transfer fee in the amount of 45.5 million euros. If a club this sum on the table, he can go immediately.”

  136. The ban and fixtures Flamini misses is all in the post Ts. Didn’t think you read it as you wouldn’t have written good report.. ;)

  137. Syg, I though any clause in his contract was only active this coming summer?

  138. Sky Sports are reporting reps of Arsenal are in Germany…

  139. lol… I read it Rico… ;)

    Someone asked why it is 4 games not 3 though…

  140. Yes, twice and both answered ;)

  141. Lee did you just call our esteemed boss an “end”………..

  142. Why’s it taken 28 days to get a flight to Germany??

  143. I am surprised at our league position and I wonder if Wenger is too. If he doesn’t ram it home, with feeling of course, then it will be the hope the team have generated that will hurt the most.
    Top of the PL, huge games just around the corner, an open transfer window, millions in the bank, the UK’s richest man as the second largest shareholder who can’t get a seat on the board and a £25 million contract in your back pocket? FFS get in there and show the club’s ambition Wenger. You’re on the edge of the 10 metre board now, today. Dive or bottle it?

  144. This is the problem Ginge.

    I wasn’t a fan of us signing Flamini but in retrospect he was a good signing. Nothing special, but he knows his limitations, plays his position and is accountable. I was wrong….

    The red card was idiotic. Nothing more nothing less. His actions has damaged the team. As I keep saying – there is a fine line between mediocre and good and good and great, and it is a player’s make up – his head, that is often the defining characteristic. It is the head that drives the player.

    A two footed tackle is a sending off offence as is a head butt or a punch. Don’t do it – simple.

  145. Apologies Rico…

  146. SYG. Agreed. Idiotic and irresponsible and he has hurt the team.

  147. Syg, i agree, but where is the consistency from the referees?

  148. You have a point Syg…

    I guess it comes down to why a player wants to be a player in the first place…

    Is it because he hated school but football was all he could do and loved and so it is a means to an end…?

    Or he/she truly wants to be the best he/she could be…?

  149. Adam, I’m not surprised we are where we are, but its certainly the time for AW to take a dive…

    Ts, just teasing you :)

  150. My 12:18 is in response to ‘there is a fine line between mediocre and good and good and great, and it is a player’s make up – his head, that is often the defining characteristic. It is the head that drives the player.’

  151. Syg, I agree too, he should know better, much better….

    Gdna, on this occasion, the ref last night got it right, had Vidic not just been sent off, I bet Rafael would have seen red too. I know it’s not right, in fact it shouldn’t make a bit of difference….

  152. Rico. Surely, before the season began, you didn’t anticipate us being top of the PL for so long? :)

  153. Injuries to Ramsey, Cazorla and Rosicky, plus the suspension of Flamini, might (should) open the door for Frimpong, as mentioned on here earlier…

    Palace seems the perfect opponents for Dench to make his return…

    Failing that, there’s always Diaby….

    Wath, don’t be lippy to your elders. Go to your room… :-)

    Adam, we will have to drown our sorrows with spicy noodles I suspect… :-P

  154. Kev. I am too depressed to eat. :)

  155. No Adam, but as the season has gone on, I’m not surprised..

    We keep grinding out results…. But now with losing Flamini, Rosicky, Jack, Ramsey and Santi, it’s going to be very very tough to stay around the top imho…

  156. Just shows with a top draw striker plus Ozil we could of been way out in front…….

  157. Rico, Sven is the def/mid, Lars is the att/mid…

    Tom Ince would do me, also Grenier, just to piss-off Newcastle…

    There are others, but old smarty-pants had left it too late, as usual…
    Bless him (plank)…

  158. Midfield crisis at The Arsenal….we’ve got hundreds of midfielders!!! ;)

  159. Kev you getting your Benders in a twist…

  160. Thanks Kev, Sven for me and Ince would be most welcome…

    Plank is being kind…. ;)

  161. Dear me… SSN: Arsenal delegation in Germany to try & complete Draxler deal. Negotiations ongoing…

  162. Sven is now a CB for BVB 09…

  163. afternoon all!

  164. Too many of the same kind though….. And not a DM left…

  165. Sven it is then, a multi tasker….

    Afternoon JM

  166. JM, do you rate Carvalho from Sporting….?

  167. You know me too well Lee… :-)

  168. too young; WATH…

  169. Man City still pay £40k-a-week of Adebayor’s wages… we are in the wrong side of the game… speaking for myself at least ;)

    Togo Lump… do the deed for us tonight…

    I can’t believe I will be supporting the lump tonight… desperate measures… ;)

  170. What about Guzman JM? ;-)

  171. You know it’s been a bad night when you hope for the Totts to get something from their game the next day….

  172. It surely is… :(

  173. Not that I know of Gdna…

  174. Giroud did score the goal…

  175. Off for an hour or two now, later…

  176. S we are to buy two benders and a bent striker! It sounds like the cast list of MI6 during the 50’s!
    Draxler, straight up and down, so he would be ok?
    Morata, no chance, RM would not want to strengthen one of their rivals!
    Doesn’t leave us much, does it?

  177. Oh no…Liverpool have agreed 18m euros fee for Konoplyank

    Another good player joining a rival…

  178. “We respect all clubs, but if a club tries to buy one of our players, then it will have to face consequences. I don’t aim this at Manchester City, as from what I know, they did not contact Matuidi.”

    PSG President: Nasser Al-Khelaifi

  179. Remembering that City drew with the saints too puts things in perspective now…

  180. John Duerden ‏@JohnnyDuerden 36m

    Arsenal’s Park Chu-young linked to Marseilles move according to Korean media. He needs move for WC hopes…

  181. I read that Ginge. I can’t believe he’s still here …………………………………………….. well I can, really…

  182. ha ha Wayne Veysey is going to ‘conjure’ up a name but settle on Gouchuff…

  183. ha ha ha… Park is trying to avoid National service I think…

    He had offers in Spain too.. after his loan move but chose to come back.

    I know you are not his biggest fan but I honestly think he is not a bad player… he is just not a lone striker but I believe he is industrious and fast enough to play on the rhs of a front 3

  184. Do you rate Montolivo of AC Milan… I really really rate him… imagine him and Ramsey in the same XI…

    I think Milan need cash.. we should be approaching them…

  185. Some skills of Draxler…

  186. I know that Draxler is good, but Adam and I have discussed, at length, the benefits of bringing in a season pro like Darren Bent…

    I think his arrival at AFC would cause quite a stir….

  187. ha ha Kev…

    I am a keen advocate of buying ‘local’ in January…

    There is no point in buying a player for £30M who will not contribute until next season imo…

  188. Ts, who’s to young..? Carvalho at Sporting…?

  189. Bk, you can only have Bent if you have a Bender!
    Nuffield said?

  190. Yes Sir… but very good player… I think Mauren-ho bought the 2nd best DM from Portugal.

    The best is Moutinho… imo

    I am still not sold on how quickly players settle in this league from the Primeira Liga…

    Postiga, Boa Morten etc come to mind…

    Most of Mauren-ho’s buys in 2003/2004 flopped apart from Calvalho if I am not wrong… it took Ronaldo 2 or 3 seasons to make it…

  191. Wayne Veysey ‏@wayneveysey 17m

    Arsenal make enquiry for Blaise Matuidi of PSG. Out of contract in summer. #AFC willing to pay significant fee now

  192. Matuidi?

    Will will finally sign the one player who has been linked to us more times than Kev has written Darren Bent?
    :P :P

    Afternoon/Evening folks….

  193. He’s 21 Ts… yep agree most players from Europe struggle to settle quick but am thinking he’ll be proper for next season and settle in now…!
    We still need a goalscorer and proper speed on the wings as well though.

  194. It’s a deal Wavy…. ;-)

    One Bender for me…

    And one for Lee… :-P

  195. Rico :-D

    Now you know you like Sven, Rico, don’t deny it… ;-)

  196. I do Kev, I do and not the one once involved with Ulrika ;)

  197. Phew, glad to hear it Rico… :-)

    Matuidi, yeah I remember reading about Arsenal being linked to him in the Islington Gazette about 4 years ago…

    Is he a def/mid or what….?

    I suppose needs must, but if we were gonna pay a load for him, then why didn’t we get Cabaye?

  198. Bent!
    Toujours Bent pour moi.

  199. Thanks Adam you’ve saved me from accepting Bent. Straight up!

  200. Wavy. Come on. You know it makes sense. Kev has been a firm advocate of Dishy Darren for some time now. :)

  201. Matuidi will be better than no deals at all. At least it gives us, the fans someone new to criticise! Or maybe even compliment And admire.
    So no Benders then? Wenger’s shot his …. Transfer cash on a PSG reject! Mind you Cabaye would never have signed for us after the September debacle!

  202. I’m just writing about Matuidi, have to fill the post with something tomorrow, keep the thoughts until then ;) :)

  203. Mm it maybe that he is trying to cover his back in the event that Bender becomes Bent! There’s no love like a lost love, even the one that dare not speak its name!!

  204. Adamski, mon ami… ;-)

  205. Wavy, I suppose that Matuidi is better than nobody, he might even turn out to be an inspired signing…

    That’s the thing with Wenger and his Last Minute.Com transfer policy. Everything has the feel of a panic buy, where as a deal like Matuidi could have been informally discussed weeks ago…

    Anyway, tomorrow and Friday should be fun, mixed in with a lot of angst & covered with a sprinkling of frustration…

  206. I’m so hoping this deal gets done….

  207. Kev, I reckon he’d be a super signing…. ;)

  208. Back shortly..

  209. tsgh, you’ve been telling us since August it’s just a matter of time before Flamini gets sent off, 5 months later it turns out you were spot on all along, how could I ever have doubted you.
    Evening all.

  210. :) Micko

    Evening all…

  211. Rico, do we sign any player yet?

  212. rico, reading your post yesterday morning it struck me as the perfect time to maybe give that treatment room a long awaited lick of paint, lets face it,it’s never gonna happen is it, it’s farcical !

  213. No Gdna – not yet. She says hoping that will change….

    I’ve forgotten what was in yesterdays post Micko… lol

    But if we painted it, Diaby would probably suffer from an allergy to the fumes…

  214. Players returning to bolster the squad rico, 24 hours later it’s the same old, same old.
    As wavy said earlier at least we’re still top of the league, I know clutching at straws.

  215. It’s always the same old Micko, it’s tiring….

    Top of league yes, but I think 3rd after the day is done….

  216. As it stands right now and with the squad we have, I think that’s where we will end up, IF we are lucky :(

  217. Looking at Spurs starting 11, its pointless to sit and watch the game.

  218. I’m not going to waste 90+ minutes of my life watching that lot….

  219. Maybe we should make a cheeky bid for Capoue ;)

  220. Rico, If they can take points off Man City, we could give them a pass for 90 mins. lol

  221. That’s a big bloomin IF Gdna but yes, I see where you are coming from..

    Maybe Big Sam can spring a surprise too ;)

  222. Miracles do happen when Adde is facing his old club:P

    How the heck is Negredo back so soon…

    Hey Micko… Leave it Yeah… Dench! :P

    BAyern losing to Stuggart…

  223. Yes, he’ll probably get sent off!

  224. I’m done for the day now..

    Fingers crossed on tonight’s results, however…

    Night all…

  225. ha ha Rico… he will get a 50% pay increment from Shitty if he flops tonight. ;)

    Where is Ng, your boy Costa is playing tonight…

  226. Dear Me… Dawson is shite…

  227. I didn’t ask the question:
    aWilliam Carvalho is a good player and young. He will be in the world cup in Brazil and he can grow up with a player.

  228. city ahead…

  229. yes, Athletic Bilbau ahead :-)

  230. Amazing Villa 2-2 WBA. 24 mins gone..

  231. Hi everyone.

    Hi T’s. Adam Johnson just scored.

  232. oh ref helping city again… another disallowed goal

  233. hi ng…

    he’s on form…

  234. Agüero hamstring.

  235. Evening Rico Ginge and the house
    Ginge can you help an old man out. I am trying to work out how every one is saying Flammey is banned for 4 Games,
    FA rules state that a player sent from the field of play for violent conduct will be suspended for 3 Games. However if it is the 2nd time in the season that he has been sent off for the reason it will be a 4game ban. Now I understand this is his 2ND red in 5Years.which in my eyes it is only a 3match ban.
    The rules state he must be sent from the field of play.. and his other ban was for yellow cards
    Oh dear its bloody awfull getting old

  236. City is going to drop point, hoping for West Ham to be the best team ever to play the sports and beat cfc.

  237. Hiya Rick…

    here you go the long bit…

    Players dismissed from the field of play for a second time or who have been previously suspended under the Standard Directions set out in Schedule A of these Regulations in the same Season, in addition to the automatic suspension applicable to the offence, will be suspended for one extra match.
    Each subsequent dismissal for a player previously dismissed or suspended under the Standard Directions at Schedule A in the same season will incur a further extra match ban. This means that the total suspension imposed will include an extra game for each previous dismissal or suspension under the Standard Directions. For example, this means that a player dismissed for a third time in the same season, or suspended twice under the Standard Directions at Schedule A and dismissed once, will be suspended for an extra two matches and so on.

    (i)If a Player accumulates five recorded cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the Playing Season and 31st December in the same Season, he will be suspended automatically for a period covering: –
    One First Team Match

    (ii) If a Player accumulates five recorded cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the Playing Season and the last day of the same Season, he will be: –
    “Warned as to his Future Conduct”
    (iii) A Player who has already been subject to disciplinary action as a result of recording five cautions and then proceeds to record a further five cautions during the same Season, will be subject to the following punishments: –
    (iv) If a Player accumulates ten recorded cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the Playing Season and the second Sunday of April in the same Season, he will be suspended automatically for a period covering:-
    Two First Team matches
    (v) If a Player accumulates ten recorded cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the Playing Season and the last day of the same Season, he will be: –
    “Severely Censured and Warned as to his future Conduct”
    (vi) If a Player accumulates 15 recorded cautions in FTCM between the opening date of the Playing Season and the last day of the same Season, he will be suspended automatically for a period covering: –
    Three First Team matches
    (vii) A Player who has already been subject to disciplinary action as a result of recording five, ten and 15 cautions, and who goes on to record 20 cautions in FTCM in the same Season, shall be required to attend a meeting of a Disciplinary Commission, within seven days of the date of the last caution. The Members of a Commission will have the power to deal with the Player in such manner as they deem fit. The same procedure will apply for every further five cautions recorded against that Player.
    (viii) Any period of suspension arising from recording cautions will commence forthwith. The suspension will cover all approved First Team matches until such time as his Club’s First Team has completed the number of matches appropriate to the punishment in approved Competitions during the period covered by its opening league match and ending with the final match in which the Club is playing in an approved domestic Competition.
    (ix) Any period of suspension or part thereof which remains outstanding at the end of a Season must be served at the commencement of the next following Season.

  239. In short it looks like subsequent dismissals get an extra game ban for each previous suspension served, so second red = 2/3/4, third red = 3/4/5 etc. A ban for dismissal might also affect the length of an accumulation ban (I’m not sure if I’m reading that right though)

  240. In short, because he has been suspended in the same year re 5 yellow cards plus getting a straight red he gets an addition match ban…

    If he gets another red card or 5 yellow cards within this season he will get 5 match ban and so on…

  241. Rick, I am certain his card 5 years ago does not count..

    He has received 6 yellow cards plus 1 red in 18 games this season…

  242. Dna, you believe the tiny totts will get points from City?

    Are you watching the chavs game?

  243. Another good goal disallowed against city what the fuck?

  244. And a fake red card to Rose… pff

  245. thanks for trying Ginge I think Im a lost cause .

  246. How much are man city giving that ast ref same one that disallowed the goal.

  247. Watching City now is like watching Juve 10 years ago… everything goes well for them…

    The experts pundits say the decisions even out… yeah right!

  248. 3-0 now plus goal difference of 17….

    lets hand trophy to the oilers… this is not sports its monoploy…

    I tried Rick… ;) how you doing btw?

  249. Ts, watching both, but the linesman for the City game is genuine fan.

  250. Ts, This the best display by West Ham since the season start.

  251. it will be grand if the chavs drop points…

  252. Heard it hear first Arsenal have agreed a 6-month loan with Juventus for Vučinić.

  253. Personal terms and medical tomorrow…

  254. That not bad news, but we need a stop gap until AR16 returns. Mulumbu. lol

  255. Good move… a poor mans tevez…

    Not CL suitable for CL but still… a very good move with his work ethics…

  256. A lot better than a year ago . Looking forward to a good finnish to the season, How are you Ginge.everything on the up.

  257. eligible*

    i rate Mulumbu; Syg and Dna might not like him though :P ;)

  258. Can’t complain Rick… in good health so that is all that matters…

  259. Ts, he is not my first choice but at the moment i would take any help.

  260. Osvaldo is replacing Vucini

  261. lol… I agree but a useful squad player…

    My top box to box players are Vidal, ,Ramsey, Kroos, Koke, Montolivo, Cabaye, Schnerlein, Matic …

  262. Mulumbu, has good engine. Would fit in like a j-saw puzzle. Plus EPL experience.

  263. We need a few players with engine…

    Watching Shaqiri earlier and comparing to Poldi and Sc19…

  264. I have never seen WH play like this. JM getting a taste of his own medicine

  265. Raphael Honigstein ‏@honigstein 13 mins
    Tomorrow’s Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Arsenal’s fabled delegation never arrived nor announced themselves in Gelsenkirchen on Wednesday

    The pilot got lost… lol

  266. That was a miracle, WH did us a huge favor.

  267. Well, more 6 fixtures and city will be in the top with more 6-8 then the others…

  268. T’s. your 9:37 if true, were we going there in the first place?

  269. Ts, any more news on arrivals?

  270. ha ha Ng… I have no idea… betting has been suspended though… its very much like Ozils… now

    So the Essex wanderers drew with the chavs… excellent.

  271. No news… Fox was in Milan though…this morning apparently

  272. The chavs had 40 shots today.. wow…
    Mauren-yo will be pissed off…

  273. How did 4mins stoppage time become 7 mins in the Chelsea game was there an injury

  274. Shitty anounce loss of 51million.
    So much for fair play

  275. interesting gj…
    anything to help the oilers…

  276. yes, was O’Brien injury but also Mourinho pressure over the 4th refereee , after he shown 4 minutes in extra time

  277. Where is Kev :D :D :D

    Mourinho on West Ham: “This is not Premier League, this is not the best league in the world. This is football from the 19th century.”

  278. Boring Boring Chelsea…. Lmfao :lol:

  279. Lets see what the press make about that comment…

    If Aw made that comment after playing Stoke or a team of such ilk he would get castrated by the press…

  280. Tsgh from the expert on parking the bus in big games he just got some of his own medicine. What a horrible man

  281. you are around Kev… lmfao

  282. true Gj..

    night gents

  283. and the champagne , Mourinho?

  284. Off to watch MotD and have a chuckle…

    Let’s all laugh at Jose….. :-D


  285. Fernando (Porto) close to m.City…

  286. F’kin hilarious to listen to Moreenyo whining about another team being boring…..!

    Seems the Oilers buying their way to the title in more ways than one… Do we stand a chance against that kind of financial doping…? How many more dodgy decisions they gonna get before the end of May… They may be good but all these decisions are a joke…!

    Nite all…………

  287. Early start or late finish, Adam?

  288. You’re keen mate :)
    Got my passport sorted today, and confirmation of my Citeh home ticket.
    Excuse my ignorance, but i have heard about the “Away Boys” cruise up the river for the Chelski game….any idea what it is like and how i can get a ticket??

  289. Mmmm, not sure but I would imagine they catch one of the Thames cruisers somewhere in town and get off at Chelsea Harbour for the match. Wath might know. The water taxis run every half hour to 40 minutes I think.

  290. The Chelsea fans are a real bunch of primitives. Knuckle scrapers really.

  291. Always have been a fan of Big Sam and his tactics…..

    Morning Adam, Scott and all…

  292. Adam, have you been on the meth?

  293. Maureenhoe has a memory to match his height! When he was inter manager v barca, 19% posession defensive as fuck! Goose and gander methinks….hi-ho prick!

  294. Apparently if the Count Draxula transfer fails, we’ll be in for………….wait for it…………Old sweetcorn teeth Kalou!

  295. Funny how he forgets the anti-football his teams play when it suits him eh Lee….! That Barca game was the ultimate in boring negative football….! Still piss funny the poison dwarf talks such utter shit…!

  296. That made me choke on my tea Lee…

  297. Morning Rico and Lee. I have mate. You have led me astray. :) if I was North Korean they’d be feeding me to the dogs now, before eating them themselves obviously.
    Just going to catch a train to Waterloo before venturing to Salisbury today to pick up a guitar. What a horrible day for it.

  298. Safe journey Adam, weather is horrid…

  299. Thanks Rico. I just didn’t fancy the car journey on the M3 in pelting rain alongside lorry drivers who have driven from Bucharest without sleep. I shall doze gently like an old git on the train. :)

  300. No busking Adam…………..

    Can see it now… Old man in pink spandex strides arrested for Busking at Stone Henge………..

  301. Hiya Wath. Not even a quick burst of Stairway To Heaven?

  302. No mate it’s not allowed :D

  303. Stonehenge? In that case my old Hawkwind repertoire then.
    Silver Machine anyone? It’s only three chords. The same three as all their songs.
    All together now…

  304. And def no Singing in the rain………….

  305. Wath, have set the post for 9.40, would you be able to check it goes up ok please, got to go and do a bit of running around at my fitness class :(

  306. I hope we have a signing in the rain…

    Catch up later….

  307. Thanks for the info, Adam.
    Morning everyone.

  308. Good morning all,

    There is nothing better than hearing Maureen-ho moan…

    On match day 2 this season did he not play 4-6-0 at Old Trafford against Moyes… idiot!

  309. Ts, Moreenyo’s memory is as short as he is……!

  310. Morning all.
    So a clear point behind Manchester City, first time for a while, Dubious decisions by linesmen and referee’s made our neighbours task almost impossible. I must admit i watched that game and felt that Tottenham had their work cut out, but i didn’t realise that not only did they have to play a very good City side they also had to play against the officials as well. I felt Tottenhams first goal that was disalowed for offside was actually onside, and had that goal been given as it should have been who knows what would have happened. The sending off Of Danny Rose was another crucial decision that i felt was called wrong plus a penalty that was like a present. Manchester City have a really good squad of players, they make chance after chance by way of attacking football that scores plenty of goals, they have players who play direct football who’s only intention is to score as many as they can, against any oposition. I feel that City is the best team in this league at present time, But i draw a line when the decisions only go one way. Many a time i watch a game when 2 teams are going hard at it, and there seems that just a given free kick in a very dangerous position that could easily not been given will open the door for one of the teams. How many times in the past have you seen United given the same kind of decisions, only for it to now go to another Manchester side. Could it be called dodgy, quite easily i would say, especially when a good tackle also results in a sending off and a penalty. I have no love for Tottenham but i have to say that having a good goal disallowed, a good tackle ruled as a sending off and gifted a penalty certainly made me think that this games result, was made before the first ball was kicked. Can Arsenal claw that point back, Judging by last nights decisions, i think its an uphill struggle.

  311. Signing in the rain would be better!!!

  312. Hi WATH,

    Mauren-yo has undercut us for Kurt Zouma. A £12.5M deal ahs been agreed for the CB… he replacing ‘John Teddy’ next summer…

  313. Man city are also buying Fernando from Porto… another beast of a DM…

    Is it our scouting network that is shite or Aw is a loiterer?

  314. Anything on Draxler……..it is buzzing over here.

  315. Salomon Kalou is the man!

  316. Higuain?

  317. New Post is up you lot…..!

  318. Another transfer window going the same way as many others. Coming to the end of this present one with still no clear cut signings. With a maybe we can still do some business from Arsene Wenger. I feel we have one player who will join us whether that player is Draxler who knows, but will there be others. We know where our shortcomings are, but will, or have we looked to change things, We know Wenger spends like its his own money, but does he feel that we can challenge for top honours with what we have, or does he still see top four as our best chance. Only another day to really see how he see’s it. No signings will tell me he only see’s top 4. 2 signings tells me he may fancy our chances.

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