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One Signed, Another about to & Three points up for grabs.

Morning all.

So then, Puma and Arsenal have agreed a £150 million kit deal for the next five years and Ivan Gazidis yesterday confirmed that Arsene Wenger will be signing a new contract and staying for a few more years yet. The first instalment of £30 million will be available  for Arsene Wenger to spend in the summer. The Daily Star suggest Wenger will be given £100 million to spend but we all know what he once said about being given that kind of money….

The Puma deal is great news it really is and it’s the biggest deal Arsenal have ever done….

Arsene Wenger’s new contract, well time will tell and I truly hope that too turns out to have been great news…..

What of course would top it all off would be a trophy this season and to do that we need a couple of additions this month but time is running out and as much as we all read/hear the rumbles about Julian Draxler and others, those rumbles aren’t enough, we need concrete news and there’s just four days left to go….

Anyway, we have a fixture tonight against Southampton and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is looking forward to returning to his old club.

To go back there in any sense is always really nice, especially when we go to play them. Last season I went back there and it was a surreal feeling for me, warming up on the opposite side of the pitch and being in the opposite dressing room.

It was the first time I went back there to play so it was a bit weird for me. I’m looking forward to going back this season, obviously they’re doing really well so it’s a tough game for us.

Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey and Thomas Vermaelen are all back in the squad but Jack Wilshere is a doubt after picking up a knock against Coventry.

Arsene also confirmed the club are trying to sort out the new contract for Bacary Sagna. He didn’t mention Per Mertesacker so that could be a huge indication that he’s agreed his new deal.

Tonight will be tough. Southampton may have a lot of internal issues going on but they have a group of very good players and a good manager.

Here is both sides current form:


  • Southampton have 31 points from 22 matches, their best tally at this stage of a Premier League season since 2002-03, when they had 35 points. They finished that season in eighth place.
  • They average 58% ball possession in the Premier League this season, second only to Swansea (59%).
  • The Saints have conceded 20 goals in the last 11 league games, having let in just five goals in their opening 11 matches.
  • Rickie Lambert needs one league goal to complete a century for the club.


  • Arsenal’s tally of 51 points is their joint second-best total after 22 top-flight matches of a season. They had 52 points in 2003-04, when they went unbeaten all season.
  • Arsenal and Tottenham have the joint-best away record in the top flight, earning 25 points from 11 games.
  • The Gunners have the division’s best defensive record, conceding 19 goals and keeping 10 clean sheets.
  • Arsene Wenger’s side have hit the target with 53% of their shots this season, the best accuracy rate in the division.
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored nine goals in 36 league appearances for Southampton in two seasons with the club in League One.
  • Aaron Ramsey is poised to make his 150th career league appearance.

Southampton have gone from having one heck of a mean defence to a side who has let in 20 goals in their last eleven fixtures which is very different to us. Apart from the mishap at the Etihad, we are very strong at the back and we’ll need to be again tonight..

Not much else to tell really, let’s just go get three points tonight please boys.


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248 comments on “One Signed, Another about to & Three points up for grabs.

  1. I am very, very confident we will roll them.
    Morning all.

  2. I’m not Scott..

    Morning all…

  3. Morning all ,Today we are met with the obscene news of Wenger’s new contract and a rebuttal from Gazidis for a fans group’s request for a deferral of the 3% price increase. One day as predicted by Wenger the bubble will burst , but not seemingly in his Paris bas account.

  4. Good morning,

    Our record against the saints was quite extra ordinary until the last 4; one of our best against them was starred by Yao Gerv who managed some goals against them;

    Feb 2005 1-1
    Sept 2012 6-1
    Jan 2013 1-1
    Nov 2013 2-0

    It looks like we can’t in their stadium; hopefully we have a solid performance today…
    I can’t believe the coach I diss all the time managed to beat the chavs last night… even at u-21 level where we also struggle against the chavs the young guys did marvellously… Ollson you beauty…

    Did Marca copy and paste this from HH? :P

    “…., Di María is struggling to understand that in the middle of the park, the remit is to keep the ball, provide composure and defend through positioning rather than by charging about. His tactical awareness – a key factor in central midfield – is somewhat lacking,”

  5. Horticultural, my word of the day for Potter.

  6. Potter, I didn’t know about the 3% increase…

    Money is being spent, but in all the wrong places….

  7. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, great post, off to read it… ;-)

    Btw, bollox to Song and Boring Boring Chelsea

  8. wasn’t a £10 cheque sent to all bin-dipper fans yesterday?

  9. You grafting Kev?

  10. Morning Kev, cheeky ;)

  11. up goooooooneeeeeeers for life.

  12. Luuk De Jong heading to Newcastle….

    Cabaye heading to Psg

    Chung No-Bodinho heading to The Emirates.

  13. I will be Lee, by about 11.30…

    You ok mate?

  14. Hiya Rico, I know you do not rate Cabaye much but I am disappointed about missing out on him but you are right we can’t have them all… and other key positions need filling first.

    Does his move mean Matuidi is joining us? ;)

    Luuk De Jong was hot in his late teens but has been overshadowed by Dev’s player Kruse at M’gbach… good buy me think…

    His brother Siem I like a lot but not a proper striker so maybe AW is not keen…

  15. Hi Ts. De Jong is just a loan…

    I did see Matuidi linked with us again yesterday…

  16. Alfred draxler says Arsenal wont sign julian draxler this month or summer

  17. potter – there is little doubt this group are one greedy bunch – the income from the new kits will be huge, add to that training gear and so on and so on. Even word we’re trying to create a fourth kit for ECL, unbelievable. God knows what will happen if Wenger ever actually wins anything.

  18. Andre, didn’t RvP’s father say he was staying with us? ;)

  19. so did Wenger Rico :-)

  20. I see Rico…. I didn’t realise Joe Kinnear-NUFC was that influential… :D

  21. He did Oz ;)

    At least Kinnear seems to getting things done, whereas we are doing sweet fa…

  22. Dortmund in talks to sign Spurs’ Lewis Holtby… late moves happening…

    Berba to Sperds again…

  23. Even Poyet is signing players…

  24. i am not convinced at this stage this Draxler kid is what we need, Wenger has brought shed loads of midfielders already. A ready made striker that has PACE is what we need, not another “i can change his position” player. The kid is good, very good but Wenger’s opportunity is here and now. He must give us every chance

  25. Its laughable with our group…

    That is what happens when we have posh boys running our club or is it their club as PHW said…

  26. If anyone missed vela’s goal…

  27. tsgh – he’s in the right league and the right club now mate. He should stay there

  28. We are so close to silverware….buy a fucking proper striker,pay up and look good! Look at the knock on effect of signing Ozil, it’s not rocket science!

  29. Oz, he’s a forward in the making, I’d love us to sign him. Bobby Pires reckons he’s the perfect player for us…

  30. A superb Post, Rico. :-)

    I noticed you were not too sure about how Arsene’s new contract would work out, but I am positive it will be a new era and a new feel to the club prospects now that we have weathered the financial storm.

    I notice from some of the comments that there is a misunderstanding about Wenger’s supposed target.

    Alfred Draxler is not ‘the’ Draxler’s father, but is just a similarly named journalist writing what an un-named ‘source’ allegedly told him.

    Probably as much bollix as the UK journos write in the red tops.

  31. Headlines on NN saying Bacary Sagna has signed a new deal..

  32. Well said Lee.

    Morning all.

  33. Michael Caine giving Alf Draxler a slap

  34. Morning all.
    Wouldn’t it be a fine gesture and a show of good faith if Wenger made no demands for a pay rise at all? It’s not like he is short of cash and his pension should be secure……he’ll always have a bed available outside the Emirates or even at Colney!
    There is, in my view, far too much money swilling around in football. Nobody deserves to be paid £300,000 per week, (Rooney?) no manager is worth £7m a year! Ffs the PM only earns about £175,000pa (not including expenses!). The world has gone mad and football in particular. If anything, the whole of the EPL staff should be paid at least 50% less than they are at present…….cos I say so!!!
    There is a sense of fantasy about what is going on at the moment. I think we will wake up one morning and find that the league has turned into the sporting equivalent of the RBS, with all its attendant failings and DEBT.
    Go on Arsene work for the pay of an average teacher £40,000 pa. it’s plenty to survive on, or how about the average working man’s wage, £29,000 approx. time to live in the real world not the Fantasy Football world of now!

    Rant over…….thanks Rico for stimulating my “itch”!

  35. Nice one.

  36. Sorry Lee, didn’t see your post..

  37. Thanks Hb. That’s my fault, I assumed it was his father…

  38. I sense a degree of frustration creeping in there Lee. Following Gazidis’ diatribe yesterday i think the salient bit was that the puma deal will release funds for Wenger to spend in the summer. I reckon he’s done his wedge for this season and the next arrival will be before the next season.

  39. :) Wavy, just like with all players, Arsene Wenger would be no different and he’d want a pay rise. Look how much money he has saved and earned the club…

    Shame the same effort doesn’t seem to be put in when signing a striker this month….

    Still, we have 3.5 more days I guess and as Kev said yesterday, our TW doesn’t open until 31st Jan….

  40. It feels like a slap in the face Wavy , exactly one day after I decided to end my lifetime relationship with The Arsenal ( first game 1956 ) and not renew season ticket next year . It’s announced that Wenger will earn more in one year than I probably have in my lifetime. The pension kicks in this year and with the reduction of income I will revert to being an armchair supporter.

  41. is his new contract not a million pounds pa increase Rico? Wenger i mean, not bad for the least pressured job in football

  42. potter – that is tough mate and there are so many like you now. Sad

  43. This is the best chance he has had of doing the treble since 2004.

    The infrastructure is in place and the immediate squad bar, Park, Frimpong, Diaby, Sanogo and Myachi is as good as you could get.

  44. SYG that’s good news re: Sagna…

    Now for BFG to sign-on for another 4 years and that’s the defence sorted for the foreseeable future…

    Midfield is good…

    So go and sort the attack Arsene….

  45. Oz, I don’t agree with, never in a million years, it’s ludicrous. Could understand a bit more had we won loads of trophies over the years but he’s being rewarded for other reasons I guess..

    I don’t like it one bit.

  46. Hey Oz, I’m tiling a bathroom next month, now if your at a loose end between Feb 16th/21st, I’m sure I could find some grouting for ya to do…. ;-)

  47. Not looking for sympathy Oz , I’ve had a good run. It’s a bit of a cleft stick , the ticket I could manage , the transport cost i could do, but not both together.

  48. Syg, I agree and that’s exactly why we must add this month, just give that little extra to the squad and a boost in the camp to see us home with at least one of the trophies in the bag.

  49. Potter, big decision that must have been but one I totally understand…

  50. That’s mega Potter.
    I remember you telling us all re: the Preston game back in the fifties…
    Maybe if you get the time you;ll write us up a piece re: Jon Sammels, who was possibly one of the most intruiging players we have ever had.

  51. Jon Sammels , Vic Groves ( Perry’s uncle ) Billy McCullogh, Jacvk Kelsey, Mel Charles (John’s brother ). I will give it some time and come back with some memories from those times.
    In the meantime ,I can’t see us spending on new players now, we seem to have been negotiating the existing ones and letting their agents rip us rotten.
    I can’t see how anyone can be rewarded for not actually winning anything although i suppose attaining the 4th place trophy could be considered reaching their targets and keeping the money rolling in.

  52. That’s exactly how I see his reward Potter..

    Off for a couple of hours now…. Later..

  53. Potter don’t forget, jimmy Magill, AlanSkirton top scorer with 19 goals 1960! Gerry Ward for a long time Arsenal’s youngest ever player, Johnny MacLeod, jimmy Bloomfield, etc etc. never won a thing in those days but they were all in my Subbuteo team! And when I played myself Arsenal always won!
    Ah those were the days. The sun never set on the garage doors aka The Goal! Hey ho!

  54. So Wooney is going to sign a 300k a week contract…

    It will take most people 10 years to make that much… tsk

    Yanited bowing to player pressure and then complaining later…

  55. Jimmy Bloomfield, Wavy….
    He got Orient promoted and got the Leicester City job and his first signing was Jon Sammels.

    Sammels’ mentor was John Barnwell.

    The lack ov TV coverage for the 1960’s robs us of how Arsenal played the game back then, although there is plenty of coverage in the 1970-71 season which was post Mexico 70.

    If you ever get time, watch the Arsenal v Swindon game at Wembley and watch Sammels. Mexico could have been his arena, but football Britain back then was far mare aggressive, cynical and industrious. The fan demanded is monies worth and aggression and commitment was the order of the day and Arsenals style was to provide the front two with ariel ammunition, which most of the time bypassed the midfield… ask Alan Ball.

    Sammels was an intelligent individual who as a midfielder was ten years ahead of his time, who stated Bob Wilson in his first biography, ‘could hit a ball as hard as anyone in the game and could swerve it with minimal backlift as good as any South American’.

  56. Think I’ve written this before but, I was at We,Bly the day Don Rogers spoiled the party. I nearly cried! But yes they played hard and not always fair. Over the top was always available! Especially to any player who showed the smallest signs of technical ability. It was no wonder Marinello never seemed to do much. He always got kicked up in the air within the first five minutes of every game! None the less, for half a crown and a tanner for the programme I reckon I purged my violent tendencies watching the trench warfare on the Highbury turf every other Saturday!

    Yes, I remember it well (Maurice Chevalier style). Happy Days!

  57. * Wembley not We,bley!

  58. Man ure keeping their talisman forward Rooney admittedly on a better deal , but it’s strange how buying better players can influence a player to stay.

  59. Afternoon/Evening folks. No change then..

    Potter, I agree but apparently Colleen said she wanted to stay up north….

  60. I have been long of the belief that not buying Mata was the final straw for the little boy to pack up his bags and head north. Players like Mata were part of his vision, which at the time could not be matched by Arsenal’s board or cash. Unless of course it was a cunning plan to get rid of the grey one!
    The same might be true of Manure. The greedy one was seemingly unsettled by the paucity of the manc side and its ability, post fergie. I think a big signing was demanded by the two players of any quality, to keep them happy and still on the books. However, I don’t think that Mata has the support from his other new team mates to turn their season into a glorious one. They. Ay improve a bit, but not a lot!
    We’ll see……..

  61. * may not Ay….sorry, again

  62. We will see Wavy, just hope Mata doesn’t turn their season around too quickly….

  63. Back after dinner…

  64. Thank goodness Ntep will have his medical with Rennes tomorrow…

  65. Mitroglou to Fulham;surely Berba is moving…

  66. 4 players are feeling ill I am hearing… mmmm hope its not true

  67. Very strong 18 even without Ramsey, JW etc

    Arsenal team to play Southampton: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Ozil, Cazorla, Gnabry, Giroud

    Boruc, Chambers, Fonte, Yoshida, Shaw, Cork, Schneiderlin, S. Davis, Lallana (c), Rodriguez, Gallagher.

    Youngster Garragher gets a start… very good prospect.

  68. Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Bendtner


  70. The Mirror reckon our FA Cup match wil be on the Sunday before we face Munich on the Weds, what a stupid stupid bloody idea by the FA.

  71. The saints have started with purpose…

  72. We can’t get out of our half… :)

  73. We are being totally outplayed aren’t we?

  74. Our wingers are struggling defensively a bit…

    Ozil not picking up Schnerdelin yet..

    Still 2-0 win for us for such… COYRRs

  75. Per conceded his 7th foul of the season… which leads to goal

  76. Monreal doing a Santos* :)

  77. :( smileys again

  78. we are getting annihilated thus far…

  79. Its painful to watch… :x

  80. What the hell is this???
    Are we Tottenham in disguise?

  81. 1-0 down already :(

  82. Has anyone found a decent stream?

  83. Fonte all over Monreal for the goal.Gnabry working hard but he let Shaw cross the ball too easily…

    Unnecessary foul from Pewr and Flamster leading to goal..

  84. This is by far the Worst first halv of the season

  85. what are we doing in the pitch?

  86. 30 minutes gone and we haven’t been in their box…

    chance to go 4 points in front but the so called stars are bottling it at the moment…

    Come on Arsenal……………..

  87. My stream has just crashed…

    No-one is playing well, not just one or two…

  88. Flipping flamini… back passes… :x

  89. Hi Woody..

    ts, that one doesn’t work on crome either :(

    Think i’ll give up now ;)

  90. Pathetic, no other team does that for us.

  91. http://www.firstrow1.eu
    where we want to go with this speed?

  92. Bring on Podolski NOW

  93. You wouldn’t believe this team has conceded only 1 goal before today this year…

  94. Not seeing game Rico, doesn’t sound too good…

    We need to dig in and get to half time with no more damage…

  95. ah ok – it’s probably just as well, but it’s harder not to watch when it’s going badly!

  96. Arteta is pants by all accounts Kev, but then they all are listening to the commentary…

  97. nearly 2…

    Flamini back pass causing Monrreal all sorts of problems…

  98. Shame that Ramsey isn’t on the bench…

  99. Rico, u sound nervous. lol

  100. Stepping up the possession a bit now… Finally.

  101. No Rosicky, no Wilshere, maybe Wenger should have started AOC with Flamini, Rico???

  102. I am Gdna, very…

    Saints 7 shots

    Arsenal 0 shots

    Kev, I think we need more than Ramsey on the bench ;)

  103. Arteta and Flamini together has never worked before. Were way to slow and deep.

  104. I suspect AOC will be on soon into the second half Kev, hopefully. Need a few younger legs out there ;)

  105. The team needs players, arsenal sign AW.

  106. what a save from Boruc… kos very unlucky

  107. And a Puma Gdna, he’s quick… lol

  108. Truely agree, we can’t be worse

  109. Phew, how we got to half-time just 1-0 I don’t know..

    But we did and now for a much better showing second half….

  110. Better get Puma on at half-time Rico… :-D

  111. what a tackle by Ozil… best contribution thus far…

    The 2 CB and Sagna plus Scez have kept it at a respectful 1-0 score…

    It could have been humiliating…

    Serge struggling to play 2 games in 4… Santi and Ozil need to step up big time…

    This game needs a Poldi thunderbolt

  112. we played in a 5 meters circle. What did we want?
    We need TW…
    We ween’t deep enought (or zero!)

  113. A few players allegedly unwell… maybe they shouldn’t have started…

  114. There’s another 45 minutes to go, plenty of time to turn this around…

    The stage is set for Podolski…

  115. super 2nd half coming up… come on Arsenal…………

  116. Maybe when we play Sunderland Kev ;)

  117. Ts, my streams have gone belly up, you fancy writing something about the game for tomorrow??

    Or anyone? (she asks in a begging tone ;) )

  118. It worries me that in every game Ozil needs to up his game. Gnabry needs to be told to be our Walcott outlet. He is the only one quick enough to get in behind.
    Ox on for Arteta to give us some movement in the middle but i wouldn’t be surprised if the same team walks out.

  119. Liverpool are battering Everton 3-0

  120. Wow, Liverpool 3 up against Everton.

  121. I suspect the same 11 will come out Brad but hopefully having had a rocket up their backsides….

    Then 10 mins and make changes if all still the same…

  122. Great finish! Thumbs up Giroud

  123. I thought that game might be a draw, Sturridge on fire apparently..

  124. That was a Sagna goal…

  125. Great start.


  126. Finally we bury a cross from the Bac.

  127. How easy did that look?

  128. Woo hoo :)

    There was a rocket up the butts it seems….

  129. Good Day All.

    Any idea what AW said to them during the half-time break??

  130. poor defending again…

  131. COYFRRG let’s have a couple more…

  132. 2-2

    So Sc19 first away goal in over a year may go to waste,,,

    Hiya Ng..

    still a winner coming…

  133. I take it none of you want to reply to my begging comment :(

  134. Only Aw will play Arteta after 1 day in training… :(

  135. Oh goodness, back to sixes and sevens

  136. Podolski to come on and get the winner…

  137. MA08 needs to come off the field.

  138. The game is iut of control again…

  139. Very unlucky Ozil.. crossbar

    He nearly did a Maradona…

  140. Hi T’s.

    We seem to be in the wrong position when the ball is play through. Southampton seems to be getting the ball.

  141. Time for Ox and Poldi to come on..

    Santi to move into the no.6 position…

  142. SC19 to the #6 (Distribution) position

  143. True Ng…
    no comment from me on that ront because it looks like judging from some comments I am watching a different game…

    The head injury looked serious. Idiots calling for red card… thanks heavens

    football fans.. some of them

  144. Let’s get in behind now

  145. what a poor poor cross…

  146. Monreal hit the target!! What a chance. Well played Arteta.

  147. The ref has an agenda… that was a hand ball..

    their 1st goal shouldn’t have stood either imo…

  148. Where is Rico? Is she walking the Wolfa??

  149. Do we ever get the doubtful decisions ts?

  150. Why is ox playing through the middle? tsk

    Flamini off.. even Frimpong wont do that tackle but hey…

    utterly shite tackle

  151. No Brad..

    Sorry for Flamster though… first red card in 5 seasons with us

  152. Thanks Flamini!!

  153. I’m here Ng, have been all evening ;)

  154. Change of plan get Gibbs on pronto…

    Why Ox comes on before Poldi? Only AW knows…

    The midfield was struggling with Ox as the no.10 and Ozil on the rhs…

  155. Now he’ll miss 3 very important fixtures!!

  156. I guess Ox needs to play middle now

  157. Ts, makes me wonder if there is any truth in the Draxler/Podolski deal..

    I hope not…. I want us to sign Draxler but as well as keeping Pod…

  158. Flamini will miss Palace, Liverpool & Man Utd

    RAmsey needs to be forced back now…

    We needed goals but AW goes for Ox through the middle… :o

  159. Just hope we can hang on for at least a point…

  160. Rico, Flam and MA08 was always a disaster waiting to happen, who the fuck do the same thing for 8yrs and expect a different result.

  161. Santi off injured..

    That cheque book HAS to be opened now!!

  162. Gibbs on for Santi..

    Brad-AW’s promise to Ox Senior is the reason Ox is playing through the middle…

    I hope not too Rico…

    Draxler is injured too…

  163. Looks like we’re on the ropes again for these few minutes

  164. Poldi hangs around with Frimps that is why… ;)

  165. I know that combination seldom seems to work Gdna…

  166. Only until early Feb though Ts.

    I doubt Ox snr was made any promises, AW doesn’t work that way, he rules the roost, not anyone else.

  167. That’s poor if that’s the reason. Ramsey would do as told on the wing if needed to play there for the best of the team.

  168. Podolski coming on in 89th minute. Disgraceful I would say…

  169. Let’s hope we hang in there

  170. Possibly but I wonder whya player who made 20 sub appearances out of 23 last season and having been out for 5 months be playing more games than Poldi when we need a striker?

    Ox joined us instead of Chavs and $hitty because he was promised he will play yhrough the middle… same as Ramsey.

    Ox said it himself

  171. AW has said he’s a central player too. The part I doubt is the promise made to AOC’s Dad. No way would AW do such a thing because he’s a controller, he won’t be told what to do by anyone…

    Which is probably why we haven’t signed anyone yet…

  172. Missed opportunity to extend the lead but at least we did not lose…

    MoTM on our side Scez…

  173. Point earned with the way we played.

  174. That’s that then. 2 points missed out on…

  175. @Rico. The commentators were saying we got to Southampton late, any idea why?

  176. The season finishes in may AW, i hope people realize how overrated you are. #8yrsandcounting

  177. Here’s hoping that puts some thoughts into Wenger’s transfer thoughts. Once again we were flat.

  178. Today is the worse start I’ve ever seem in AW tenure

  179. Out of adversity perhaps….?

    Maybe this result and the injuries/suspensions will force Wenger’s hand…

    Maybe not?!!!

    Arteta has a big job to do, over the next three games…

  180. Ng, I heard from someone in the knowwe have some players ill…

  181. one point earned or two dropped points.
    Like we have played on the first half, iit will be unjust won the game.
    first conclusion: we need players for our goals
    second conclusion: Flamini is out for two (important) games and I hope Cazorla is not
    third conclusion: like i’ve been watching versus coventry, our defence is not so solid
    fourth conclusion: our players are tired

  182. Ramsey will be back to help him Kev..

  183. Pjanic and Muriel…

  184. I read that too Ng, not sure why….

  185. Well this month will show what we’re made of.

  186. Podolski omission is dubious. 5 goals in 8 games this season yet can’t convince Aw to come on as a 75th minute sub when we need a goal in a very tactical match…

  187. I hope it does Kev, but my own view is tonight’s kind of display/result has been on the cards for a while.

    This Arsenal transfer window needed tonight and if that’s not enough to convince AW that we need a couple of signings then nothing will….

  188. Night all, it’s midnight here and time for bed.

  189. Arteta and Ramsey have been in situ for a long time Ginge, and we’ve never been top of the league…

    That only changed this season when Flamini and Ozil arrived…

    Losing Flamini worries me big time….
    We’ll beat Palace, no sweat, but win at Liverpool and beat the Mancs????
    Without Flamini????
    That’s a big big ask mate….

  190. JM, how can they be tired, they have had since Friday to rest, they are fit professional footballers…

    Merts, Kos and Sagna play each week yet they seldom look tired…

    I still think we suffer from ‘not being up for it’….

  191. Emergency patch up on the cards , can’t comment on the game couldn’t get a decent stream , kept freezing. From everything I have read , we have run out of steam. Wenger ??? Podolski 89 minutes ????? Why bother ?

  192. One or 2 players are really under performing..

    They won’t cut it in any other team bar Aw’s imho…

    Hopefully the oilers drop points tomorrow..

    JM- as I mentioned this morning we haven’t beaten the saints away from home since 2005 so…

  193. Losing Flamini seriously worries me too Kev, he’s been pivotal to the way we play…

  194. There should be no excuse for a team with the wage bill like Arsenal playing like this, its a sign, rewarding AW for mediocrity. The highest season ticket and this is the reward.

  195. Evening all,
    Well a draw away from home, Flamster with an appauling tackle and the first half an utter disgrace, hauling ourselves back into the game with 2 goals then let a diabolical goal in, shows what an up and down game it was, Take nothing away from Southampton they hustled and bustled right through the game and in all honesty they deserved more, Arsenal never looked like top of the league material tonight, i would imagine to much time sorting contracts and Fcuking about what with the journey i would put this result down to bad preperation get your signing done before a big game and get everybodies mind on the purpous in hand. Traveling supporters should get their money back, and put the Liverpool tickets up.

  196. Time wasting sub I guess potter, doesn’t make sense when he’s one of not very many who will take a shot on goal…

  197. I haven’t seen the tackle Sp, good point re the refund… Not that I saw the game, just read the BBC updates after my stream crashed….

    Not sure I can be bothered to watch the highlights on SS’s later either.

  198. rico, our players ar tired.
    the season is long and mostly of them have played in average, 3 games in two weeks.
    Palace won again today, so…

  199. It wasn’t good Rico, I too had a bad stream which caused me grief but sadly i saw enough to put my head in my hands.

  200. Imho, I think we will be fine.We beat the dippers without Flamini and Arteta was the MOTM…

    Flamini played against $hitty and made no tackle and got subbed..

    I know Arteta was poor today but he gets abused when we are losing…

    Not comparing the 2 players but I can’t still see what Flamini brings to this team defensively for all the respect he gets when he hardly makes tackles fly in with both stubs up every single game and is lucky not to get carded…

    His tackles and interception are even behind Ozil who is not known to defend…

  201. Football is a competitive sport. Are we expecting Southampton to just rollover and give Arsenal three points?

    We should applaud the boys they did their very best.

  202. Rico, Its wasn’t the worst tackle in the world, it could have been a yellow card, they need to check the referees blood alcohol content before the games, for a televised league like the PL, the standard of officiating is horrible.

  203. Our players should not be anymore tired that those at Man City or Chelsea….

    And if they are?

    Then why????

  204. Nash if you watched that game and believe that the lads did as good as they could, then i think you and me are watching different teams. I don’t like to knock the Arsenal but that was a pathetic display tonight and we got away with a draw arsehole lucky I’de say. But then we all support in our own way.

  205. Jm, we’ll have to agree to differ ;)

    Sp, my head was in my hands reading, let alone watching… :(

  206. Thanks Gdna, I suspect I’ll see it tomorrow…

    Ts, you just don’t like Flamini, get those stats blinkers off man ;)

  207. If Arteta wasn’t fit, then he shouldn’t have started…

    Maybe Wenger felt he had no choice, if the sickness rumours are true…

    Maybe Flamini’s performance was affected because he felt he had to cover for a midfield partner who wasn’t up to speed????

    Anyway, the proof of the pudding, is in the eating…
    The next three games will prove it, one way or the other…

    And I am not talking about just Arteta, who I like, but about the squad we have…

  208. SP, the first half was a mess. But , the boys came out on the second and put up a fight. Southampton is not an easy side especially in there backyard. They were ready and put up a fight. We get there late and it must have been a reason why. With that first half performance and we came out with a draw, we have to applaud the boys.

  209. well that was hard to watch, a really flat performance, we seriously lack pace, southampton simply ran past Arteta unbelievably easy all night, flamini no excuses there red card all day long, and tbh we were lucky to get a point in the end. looking at the remaining fixtures 45pts available, Arsenal imo wont take over 30, unless wenger brings in a striker/winger with pace.

  210. Flam never made contact but the intent was there, Personally I thought it was a sending off and had another player tackled one of ours i would have called it the same. Shame the rest of the team didn’t play with the same intent. Saving points is what winning the league is all about, if you are taking it seriously, these are the games you must take points we have enough tough games coming up, play like we did tonight and see the league be a distant Mirage.

  211. Rico, Favoritism is the problem at Arsenal and we will never win anything until the system change.

  212. Kev, the next three games? I have a sneaky feeling tonight told us a lot…

    On that note, night all….

  213. Good night Rico. Don’t discourage…

  214. Gdna, favouritism, or just a limited squad…….

  215. Looking at the fixture list this was a must win game, Southampton with a average squad was all over arsenal.

  216. It’s been on the cards Ng …..

    Gone now..

  217. Ramsey will be out for one more month

  218. Nte Rico Nte all COYRRG’S

  219. Ramsey out for 4-6 weeks.

  220. Well if you are correct JM, and Cazorla has picked up an injury then We are well and truely fcuked…

    Kris Olssen & Jon Toral could be in our midfield this weekend…

  221. 4 to 6 weeks……!!!!! Ffs.

    We must have the worst medical team in the EPL……

  222. Bit we are still top…………for now,

  223. Our first half was unbelievable. Never seen anything like that, not even when we loss 8-2 to ManU.

  224. Get the fucking cheque book out pronto!
    WTF do medical team do?

  225. Morning Lee, NG.
    Shocker in the first half.
    Ummm……..we got a point that we did not deserve, i guess.

  226. Morning Scott and all,

    Did you see the match?

  227. Gourchuff rumours are gathering pace; Grenier’s agent wants us to hijack his move to NUFC…

  228. Morning all..

    New post up now..

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