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Triple deal on? We didn’t want that did we!

Morning all..

Five days left in this transfer window and we could potentially announce three deals.

Today it’s expected that Arsenal will announce a brand spanking new mega deal with Puma during a special news conference.

Add to that, if we are to believe the newspapers, Julian Draxler and maybe even Sebastian Jung could follow and we are still being linked to  Benfica striker Rodrigo Moreno….

Schalke General Manager Horst Heldt has been quick to deny any of the stories which suggested a bid has been made by us and accepted by his club:

You should ask Mr Wenger. There’s no contact with Arsenal or any other club. I understand why you are asking the question but all the topics you mention need to be addressed in London.

Arsene Wenger has also denied the story so either both are fibbing or yet again, the stories are being made up as this transfer window goes along.

Sebastian Jung is a German right-back who plays for Eintracht Frankfurt, He’s played for the German international side but only at under 21 level but then he’s still only 23 years old so plenty of time yet.

Other rumours this morning suggest that Bacary Sagna is being eyed up by Manchester City….

If that is true, I hope it’s a summer move because we sure need him for the rest of the season. Hopefully it’s rubbish and he’s set for a new deal with us real soon.

The FA Cup draw gave us a stinker yesterday as Liverpool came out of the pot. The plus side is we are home, the downside is the fixture is smack bang in between some tasty league fixtures and of course the Champions League tie against Bayern Munich.

February now looks like this, subject to the FA Cup date being confirmed.

2nd Crystal Palace H

8th Liverpool A

12th Man Utd H

15th Liverpool H (FA Cup TBC)

19th Bayern Munich H

Even Crystal Palace will be tricky under Pulis, the rest will really test us to our limit.

Liverpool will field their strongest side in the FA Cup that’s for sure as they only have that competition and the league to challenge for but surely Arsene Wenger won’t be able to do the same.

Rotation is always the key but next month it’s going to be crucial. Four fixtures in just eight days and all against top sides is going to be tough, very tough.

March doesn’t get much easier either….

There is of course no reason why we should fear any of those clubs or fixtures and if we don’t suffer injuries and of course we add a couple of players in the next five days, we can win them all…..

Next up though is Southampton away tomorrow night, that’s going to be a toughie….

That’s your lot for another day, enjoy the press conference later, it should be interesting…

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174 comments on “Triple deal on? We didn’t want that did we!

  1. Morning all.
    Massive day tomorrow.
    Sean begins his education at the International Football School.
    I am very proud, and a little nervous, but extremely excited.

  2. Rico. You’ve got me worried now.

  3. Arsene and his mates need to sort these transfers out asap.
    Why do we wait so long?

  4. Guys, in hours and minutes, how long til our big announcement?

  5. Sometime this afternoon apparently Scott.

  6. Morning all, nice one Rico.
    One game at a time, Southampton away tomorrow, will be a tough game, but i think we should be ok. And by the time the next game comes up we should know who is in and who’s out. We need to concentrate on this coming game and then have a look at how we progress. Sagna although a very good player and would be a big miss, is getting on a bit, he’s chaseing up and down the wing is now getting a struggle, Gnabry has helped him but he’s getting no younger. Sagna has been a great servant to us but a move even if its City would secure his future and i feel he deserves that, Wenger will not stand in his way much the same as Van Persie. I feel we have to plan for the future and get good players in early that’s the way top teams progress, should he go, good luck to him and thank you.

  7. Steve, hi mate.
    I agree to a certain extent, but i hope Sagna stays, and certainly til the end of the season.

  8. There’s no reason why we can’t beat all those …..
    In the Invincibles season – Look at who we played in our FA Cup run to the semi’s where Wenger played a weakened side v’s Man Utd with Aliadiere in it…. Every game was against Premier opposition..

  9. Watching the Chelsea team yesterday, confirmed to me that Cashley has perhaps six months left, He gave me the impression that his days are numbered it comes to all players no matter what they have done in the past.

  10. Morning Scott, the trouble is Scott will City wait for the end of the season for a guy of Sagna’s age, plus there will be a lot more right backs on the market in the summer

  11. And well done to your boy, i wish him well.

  12. 5.30 UK time is the conference…

  13. Fair call Steve, but we are contending well for the League, so hopefully that weighs in to the discussion.
    Adam, that is all we can find….this afternoon, but no time locked in.

  14. Cheers Steve, he can not wait.
    Thanks Rico.

  15. Scott. Rico has found out. Odd time for a press conference.

  16. Sorry, had someone here fixing my window, maybe a good omen, he was a Gooner :)

    Adam, me too…

  17. Thanks Sp. One game at a time indeed…

    Jack is out for tomorrow…

  18. Press conference is now, isn’t it?

  19. I always feel that when players get to a certain age, they start to think about the future, and when it comes to contract time they ask for something that is just not doable. I can understand that, as they have been a good asset, but sadly footballs a business and no matter how good you have been, a good manager has to know when to let go.

  20. Not the ‘special one’ Lee, that’s later…

  21. Well, according to Pedro on LG and I think he’s going…

  22. I’d exhale now……..

  23. Good luck to Sean Scott…

  24. AW is currently waffling about an independent study showing Arsenal have had less rest than their title rivals over the last five seasons…..

  25. Maybe if he signed more players, they’d get more rest ;)

  26. Rico, you could be on to something there!

  27. Diaby has been getting a good rest Lee….

  28. Am alone in think ANR are smoking something??

  29. I am off guys.
    Let us hope the announcement is something unexpected.
    Thanks for the thoughts on Sean, it is the start of an exciting journey, and you never know where it may end up.
    Night all.

  30. Arsene is clearly in business mode today, all suited and booted for his press conference rather than his usual training pitch look… ;)

  31. Night Scott, you’ll be awake again by the time it takes place ;)

  32. Rico. His ‘hot’ news in the summer was the imminent return of Cesc. Must be great to be ‘in the know’ and an important person.

  33. Where are you seeing Arsene Rico. Is he on the telly?

  34. Boring Boring Chelsea

  35. Good Morning Rico and the House,
    Arsen was wearing jacket and tie this morning which tells me he is not taking training and will be some where else.
    He said Ramsey Arteta and Vermmaelen are back and we are trying to extend Sagnas contract.

  36. Sorrh Rico I did not see your 1050

  37. Morning All, and Mick…

    Morning Rico, good post…

    Morning Adam, love that fixture list. There’s gonna be some great games next month, I bet that The Grove will be rocking. No need to motivate the players or the fans, the atmosphere at the stadium will be electric…

    That’s what being a successful club is all about, those kinds of big, big games.
    I envy anyone who is gonna be at a The Grove next month, enjoying all those games…

    I bet the likes of BFG, Ozil and Ramsey can’t wait to show the doubters in the Media, what a good side Arsenal have now…

    I’m not worried by these fixtures, I’m excited, COYFRRG

  38. :) Adam, that one sure bit back didn’t it..

    Yes AW was on television giving his pre-match spin…

  39. Morning Rick, no probs ;)

    Morning Kev, thanks.

    I’m worried, but excited too, especially once we have signed the two players Myles Palmer says we are signing….

  40. Morning Kev. It could be fun.

  41. Myles is never wrong Rico, but seldom right either.

  42. No mention of Merts contract, guess that means he’s signed it….

  43. Draxler to Arsenal gaining momentum

  44. Morning all by the way …

  45. I could add to that Adam ;)

  46. Clear as mud then Syg. lol

  47. I could bore you senseless about mud, Rico. It plays a big part in microtunnelling.

  48. Thanks for sparing me that Syg ;)

    On this day in 1973
    We were pushing Liverpool for the league title and dropped a point at home … Malcolm MacDonald scored their second goal.

    Arsenal 2-2 Newcastle United
    Attendance 37,906

    Ball, Kennedy

    Smith, MacDonald

  50. 1972-73….. Arsenal should have definately won the League that season…

    They dropped some really silly points, similar to how we threw it away in 2002-03…

  51. Strange how you can talk yourself into a crisis….

    It’s like the fatigue issue, the more you bang-on about it, the more it seems to come true…

    The Press do this all the time, especially to Arsenal, who they desperately want to see ‘Crash & Burn’….

    Remember how the Press/Media went on continuously about November, and how Arsenal usually have a nightmare and disintegrate…

    Well we didn’t did we?!!!

    So then they switched to December, that month was gonna be Arsenal’s Armageddon…

    Well it wasn’t……

    So now we are onto February, that month is certain to be Arsenal’s Apocalypse…

    OK, let’s see eh???

    Btw, I borrowed Adam’s dictionary…. :-D

  52. Harder the fixture pile-up the better weir doing.

    Schalke played Draxlers replacement last night the new wonder kid Max Mayer…..
    he even has Raul’s No:7 shirt and scored in the 3-0 win over Hamberg.

  53. Try getting past ” A ” = Armageddon, Apocalypse , Adam , Arsenal.

  54. Potter :lol:

  55. At least players are coming back now – perfect timing…

  56. True Kev. Away v’s WBA springs to mind. Bottom of the table and we lost 0-1. I remember rubbing the score in the Daily Mirror out with a biro and giving Bob McNab a hatrick just so my dad wouldn’t rib me …. as it happened that’s exactly what he did …

    Shef Wed fan bless him…

  57. Super summary Post, Rico, thank you. :-)

    I understand that we fans want to see additional cover brought in, especially in the forwards, but AW has a track record of not paying what he sees as ‘over the odds’ for any player and in my opinion that includes his valuation of Draxler’s worth.

    The old adage that if something quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, the chances are that it is a duck. :-)

    With Draxler, if his club say there has been no bid, and Wenger says there has been no bid, the chances are that there has been no bid.

    I have written off the Draxler story as a media space filler. With Jung, I suspect that might be a back up plan if Sagna goes, and seems more like a summer transfer.

    With the massive fixture list against the top teams coming up, and the risk of injuries also more likely (see what is happening to Jack) I am concerned that we may blow our chances by not getting cover, at CF in particular.

    I hope Arsene has something in mind, but I am not holding my breath.

  58. Thanks Hb..

    I have a feeling Draxler will sign. Don’t know why but…..

  59. I am at the point where I would like to see cover come in but a large part of the success so far this year has been we had no major departures over the summer last year and Sagna’s influence is larger that people give crefit for.

    And so I would like to see him re-sign along with the other players rather than some extra random boides on loan coming in which I dont see the point of given the time to get used to the league etc…

  60. I remember if well SYG…

    We took 3 points off of Liverpool that season.
    0-0 @ Highbury
    2-0 @ Anfield

    But Liverpool won the League…

    So you don’t have to always beat your direct competitors to actually win the bloody League…

  61. Rico 12.02;

    Yeah, I know that feeling, but then I did have a curry last night… ;-)

  62. v10, Sagna has been immense this season, he could have been in double figures for assists if……

  63. Yennaris has joined Brentford…

  64. very disappointed …,

    but good for him…

  65. Syg… are you going to hang around on the last day of the window as per usual? ;)

  66. Hi Rocky long long time?

  67. Long time indeed! Thought I’d pop by and say hi while I have a spare half hour!

  68. kool. hope life is treating you well?

  69. not too bad thanks. So busy with work aty the mo, add to that the agg of trying to sell my flat and buy a house, pissing about with mortgage brokers etc. Nightmare

  70. Hows everyone here? Kev, if you read this, I’ve not snubbed your email…. I’ll get back to you ASAP!

  71. Finally got myself off the floor, afternoon Rocky, good to see you…

  72. All good with all the regulars me think…

    goonie pops in 1’s awhile..

    I haven’t seen Agag and Emma on here for a couple of weeks but I guess they all busy…

    I should be concentrating on work myself but can’t stay away from Rico and HH so… lol

  73. Glad to hear it. Afternoon Rico. Nice to be back! All well with you?

  74. Al’s good thanks Rocky, busy times, and exciting times ahead for you. Hope the move goes smoothly etc

  75. Thanks Rico, hope so too! Not even got a mortgage yet but put an offer in on a place! Need my folks to sell theirs too in order for me to get part of my deposit but they are having no takers yet. Gonna be pushing it close!

  76. Fingers crossed for you Rocky….

    Didn’t enjoy the Mata interview…..

  77. Possibly Ginge ….

    Hiya Rocky.

  78. Indeed it is TS. Can’t understand why the folk’s isn’t selling…

    Aftenoon syg

  79. Fingers crossed mate…. hopefully in the next 2 ror so months when the market kicks starts…

    Syg, you are usually my companion on the last day… make you you are around Sir… lol

    Arsenal’s cheek… how can we bid less than what we bid for the same player 6 months earlier?

  80. Afternoon Rocky, no problemo amigo, I’m in the same boat, trying to sell a property before I can move again.. What a pain…. :-(

    Glad you’re ok mate…

    Wish I was as busy as you Rocky…

  81. Rocky – ours is up for sale or at least it is ready for going up for sale. I’m just on with constructing a website as we speak as if I’m honest, the majority of estate agents aren’t that good…

  82. tell me about it SYG. We had loads come round ours recently, and i finally accepted an offer 2k under the asking price. The best offer for my folks place has been 25k under the asking price. 25k!! I’d be embarrassed to offer 25k under the value of the place. It is well worth the asking price!

  83. Funny how things are different around the Uk, where I am the houses are selling within 2 weeks…

  84. Kev… If you want to buy a nice 4 bed townhouse, 2 mins from the town, 30 seconds from a massive park, feel free to put an offer in on my folks place!! You’ll also be 30 seconds walk from the home of the mighty Hoddesdon Town FC!

  85. ERico, I’d love to say there was a scientific explanation for it. However, the best I can come up with, is “It’s all bollocks”.

  86. *Rico

  87. Gazidis confirmed that AW will be staying.

    New Puma deal confirmed too…

  88. So what is the 5:30 press conference for?

  89. PUMA and Arsenal Football Club have announced a long-term partnership.

    Effective from July 1, 2014, PUMA will become the official kit partner of Arsenal. In addition to producing the playing and training kit for all Arsenal teams, PUMA has acquired wide-ranging licensing rights to develop other Arsenal branded merchandise on a global basis. This new commercial partnership represents the biggest deal in PUMA and Arsenal’s history.

    PUMA and Arsenal will work together to bring further innovation into the sports brand’s performance apparel range. Both organisations will work collaboratively on a global strategy to drive mutual growth across all football markets, achieved through PUMA’s global sales network, international tours and integrated marketing activities.
    We are excited to be partnering with PUMA, a company whose football heritage and record of innovation have a strong affinity with our own

    Arsenal also presents PUMA with its most prominent platform to showcase performance products through its significant global fanbase, profile and reputation.

    Having extended and deepened its relationship with the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), signed 2013 Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund and bolstered its player portfolio with Sergio Aguero, Cesc Fabregas, Mario Balotelli, Radamel Falcao, Olivier Giroud and Yaya Toure among others, PUMA is defining itself as the clear No 3 football brand.

    Bjoern Gulden, chief executive officer for PUMA said: “Arsenal have been a key strategic target for PUMA for a number of years now. Through a clear commercial vision, a well-defined sports marketing strategy and a relentless enthusiasm within the PUMA organisation, we’re proud to have signed this partnership with a truly global football club.

    “As we enter a new era in our company history, Arsenal represents a major commercial and marketing opportunity to reinforce PUMA’s credibility as a global sports brand, and we have full confidence that the plans in place to activate this partnership will have a significant global impact.”

    Ivan Gazidis, chief executive officer at Arsenal said: “We are excited to be partnering with PUMA, a company whose football heritage and record of innovation have a strong affinity with our own. This represents another important step forward in Arsenal’s progression on and off the pitch.”

  90. Not sure Syg…

  91. The announcement is to the stoke market…

    Official club presentation and club announcement plus photo display/player modelling kit etc is later on this evening…

    OG12, TH14, Frimpong, Poldi, and SC19 all took photos last week as main puma ambassadors…

    AW has denied Frimps transfer request… Mmm surprised there…

  92. what do you think of Ngog coming back to the EPL… Michu comes back in 2 weeks time… odd signing unless Michu is moving on…

  93. Liverpool are another club in for Ince, wonder why we are not….

  94. Off for a while now….

  95. Sorry to see Yennaris leave, wish the lad all the best and hope he has a successful career.

    Strange one indeed re: Frimpong, wonder what the thinking is behind turning down his transfer request?
    Maybe Wenger wants him to stay on until the summer, just in case we need him?

  96. Not sure that Wenger should be wasting his energy on discussing the stupid remarks uttered by the Cynical One….

    Who gives a fcuk what that boring midget thinks?

    Only the amoebas in the Press….

    (Potter, I just can’t get off of the letter A)

  97. Oh zipadeedoda, Wenger is staying, never saw that one coming.

    Not a betting man but if I was I’d say Sagna will sign on the dotted line for us.

    Kev, thats not very big of you having a go at midgets.

  98. It says Song of the South at the bottom of the video, Micko…

    I was sure he went to Barcelona !

  99. Uploaded on 24 Jul 2007
    Song of the South

  100. A bit border line SYG, don’t wanna go upsetting our Nash.

  101. Kev , don’t get Aggrieved by it , the Aggravation Afforded by An overly Aggressive Agency press Astounds All.

  102. You whistled it; I looked it up; and that’s what it said.
    Song of the South

    It’s not my fault if Uncle Remus is a bit like Song.

    …I think its the golden beard and the like that he’s seeing twittering bluebirds on his shoulder instead of the opposing front men bearing down on his goal ….

    As for Nash – I agree Song could lump the ball up to Van Persie……………. But to be honest, so could Rico ………..and she wears furry mules …. In fact Rico could run quicker than Song wearing ‘em…

  103. As I said – Arsenal’s world domination is what I’ll settle for …

  104. Only hope Puma, can do a strip without Blue

  105. I love the original 71 kit.

  106. I thought she wore moccasins but I get your drift.

  107. We can only hope Syg

  108. I’m a Croc girl actually Syg/Micko… lol

    Kev, is it official? Jose is the 8th dwarf – ‘Stumpy’ ;)

    Evening folks…

  109. Hi rico, Michael Owen might have something to say about that.

  110. Ho Ho Ho :)

  111. Evening Snow White , look out for those apples next time your’e in Tesco.

  112. Away match against the poisoned dwarf and his royal blue wall is now kick off 12 .45 March 22nd. Another trip messed up by T.V.

  113. Hi Micko, you have a point there. oops.
    :) Sp..

    Evening Potter, I’ll stick to the pears.. lol

  114. Poor old Vermaelen, he gets blamed for all our rearranged fixtures..

  115. Vermaelen I’d forgotten he was still with us.

  116. He’s back tomorrow, wonder if AW wil be tempted to give Merts a rest…

  117. Potter, he was last seen going up for a corner against West Ham in December and hasn’t been seen since, probably still making his way back.

    Have a good evening guys.

  118. Gazprom vs Arsenal moved to 12.45 ko….

    Have Arsenal actually had a home 12.45 game yet?

  119. See you Micko…

    Kev, we don’t very often win those do we.. :(

  120. Yeah Rico, that’s what got me thinking…. :-P

  121. Anyway, it’s almost January 30th….

    The Arsenal transfer Window is about to open… ;-)

  122. Off to get dinner..

  123. We played Stoke at home 1.30 kick off , and so far have played 5 games at 3.00 pm on a Saturday out of 11 home league matches. Obviously the fixtures for the remaining matches will be changed , but effectively it looks like less than half of our home matches will be at the normal traditional kick off time.

  124. Is that much different to any other of the now top 4-6 sides?

  125. Ginge,
    If your watching qf against the chaves live on the chaves tv

  126. yes I am following thanks Rick…

  127. Mail: Arsenal scouts are at Crewe A. Park training ground today to watch Diego de Girolamo play for Sheffield United U21s against Crewe.

  128. De Girolamo suffered ligament damage last March, no wonder AW is checking him out ;)

  129. I’m of guys, catch up tomorrow..

    Night all..

  130. night Rico

    Rick, do you think Gedion is one of those players who plays better with senior players…

    watching him at u-21 makes me lose interest… non-existent thus far in this game

  131. Your spot on ginge. At this leval big differance between him and Ollsen.

  132. Night Rico….

    Hmm, what shall I have on my toast tonight???

    Beans maybe… :-P

  133. Rafael Honigstein, German journo, on BBC5Live tonight, said that there’s little or no chance of Draxler joining Arsenal this January…

    Apparently Arsenal are not keen to match Schalke’s valuation…

    No point sitting up listening to the radio this Friday evening Ginge.
    Recipe for more frustration…,

  134. ha ha Kev… you know me I am a sadist. ;) :P

    Rick, I guess that is why I have been ranting about Aw’s bias against certain players…

    I was told denilson was always a player who looked world class in training playing 7 aside but….

  135. Despite all the good work this season, Wenger is taking a big big risk if he doesn’t bring in a player or two, to just give the squad some insurance against injuries…
    Even a couple of loans would do the trick…

    Night All, and Mick

  136. 20M plus 10M add-ons is what I have heard on the down low for JD10… ;)

    We bid over £27M plus add-ons last summer…
    our negotiators haven’t shopped from Borough or Camden market before I guess. lol

  137. @ Micko and SYG

    !!!!!!!!! Breaking News !!!!!!!!!

    Alex Song is coming back; an agreement has been reach. More info later.

  138. Vela scored again
    Guzmán scored twice.
    51th minutes – Real Sociedad 3 elche 0

  139. Grisman not Guzmán…

  140. 74th minutes 4-0 Griezman again
    15 goals in this season in La Liga.

  141. You say Guzman, and I say Grisman.

    You say Griezman, and I say Guzman

    Guzman, Grisman, Griezman, Guzman.

    Let’s call the whole thing off…… :-P

  142. Made it to ” G ” now have we ?

  143. Song is coming back? Please tell me this is bollocks…..

  144. It’s Bollox……………..

  145. I hope it’s bollox, it better be bollox…..

  146. Bollox.
    Morning gents.

  147. Hiya Rico.

  148. Morning Scott..

    I can’t find any story about Song coming back – not that that is good news…

  149. I think that was Ng winding up Ts and Syg…

  150. Song then Gervinho back to bolster our scoring options………..

  151. Double nightmare Wath.

  152. I thought you’d like that scenario Rico, Lee read that, fell off his chair, bumped his head and is now in the local boozer receiving a medicinal double brandy…!

  153. Not in January WATH…….no alcohol all month!

  154. I’m looking forward to cramming 12 months of drinking into 11 months…. method in my madness!

  155. Oh yeh forgot about that rule of yours……….. Oh well bumped head treated with a coffee and an ice pack on le bump…!

  156. Your alcohol level in Jan is the same as our signings Lee.

  157. Some bloke tweeted “Only club charging up to £123 a ticket reward a 9yr failure with a £8m new deal! Not one more penny from me -AFC R.I.P cash is king.

  158. Rick, what a marvellous chip for Afobe to take us through to the semi’s? pure class…

    Ng, are you Malaga gooner in disguise… :P

    Morning WATH and all…

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