Learn from Rafa Arsene!

Morning all.

This little spat between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho is getting silly and blame the ones who try and stir the pot with their big wooden spoons.

They asked Arsene Wenger what he thought of the Mata move and him, being honest as he is, well, other than when he’s talking transfers, says what he thinks and you all know by now what his answer to that particular question was.

In return, Jose has responded by saying – Same old Arsene, always moaning……. And then he says we always get a better fixture list..

Now Arsene has bitten back saying:

I was asked a question, I gave an honest answer. I am still naive enough to believe that sometimes people are more interested in the ideas than about creating conflict. But no, it is an illusion.

Arsene should finally learn from this and unless questions put to him by the media are Arsenal related, stop answering them. Remember Rafa Benitez a few years ago and the way he dealt with the idiots?

Well maybe that’s the way Arsene Wenger needs to conduct his own interviews. He’s a very intelligent man so why he lets these interviewers stir the pot I just don’t know….

Stick to Arsenal Arsene and right now we are in a good place, so let’s continue that and let other clubs worry about their own problems…

Talking of problems, do we really have any or many?

Ok, there’s the striker issue but we’ve been over that and hopefully Arsenal will address that issue before the 31st of January but other than that, do we have any?

We are top of the league, in the knock-out stages of the Champions League and of course we are in the FA Cup draw which takes place later this afternoon.

We have the meanest defence in the league too so all is looking pretty good.

The fans seem very happy too, well most and Aaron Ramsey has been keen to recognise what an impact they have had and are having on the team, especially at home:

We’re playing there maybe twice or occasionally three times a week. We still appreciate every moment of the support that the fans give us but it’s part of the job so you have to concentrate on your game and shut that out.

It’s amazing the amount of support you get playing in that sort of atmosphere week in week out.

So he’s happy with the fans, and Lukas Podolski is very happy with his fitness and form and his injuries:

It was a long time for me because I never had a long injury before. 

It was not easy, you work hard, you train hard and finally you’re back. I don’t know if I’m 100 per cent but I think I played very good today and we’ll see in the next week.

A fully fit and on form Lukas Podolski hasn’t been seen by us yet but from what he’s saying, we’re about to which has to be good news…..

Ok, maybe we play a bit sloppy sometimes, maybe a bit slow too at times but we are in a good place right now and we are heading into the time of the season where history suggests we play a lot better…

The only difference this season is that we aren’t sitting outside the top four and trying to scrabble into it before the end of the season.

No, this time we sit top and and this season it’s all about a fight to stay there and win the league….


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