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Learn from Rafa Arsene!

Morning all.

This little spat between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho is getting silly and blame the ones who try and stir the pot with their big wooden spoons.

They asked Arsene Wenger what he thought of the Mata move and him, being honest as he is, well, other than when he’s talking transfers, says what he thinks and you all know by now what his answer to that particular question was.

In return, Jose has responded by saying – Same old Arsene, always moaning……. And then he says we always get a better fixture list..

Now Arsene has bitten back saying:

I was asked a question, I gave an honest answer. I am still naive enough to believe that sometimes people are more interested in the ideas than about creating conflict. But no, it is an illusion.

Arsene should finally learn from this and unless questions put to him by the media are Arsenal related, stop answering them. Remember Rafa Benitez a few years ago and the way he dealt with the idiots?

Well maybe that’s the way Arsene Wenger needs to conduct his own interviews. He’s a very intelligent man so why he lets these interviewers stir the pot I just don’t know….

Stick to Arsenal Arsene and right now we are in a good place, so let’s continue that and let other clubs worry about their own problems…

Talking of problems, do we really have any or many?

Ok, there’s the striker issue but we’ve been over that and hopefully Arsenal will address that issue before the 31st of January but other than that, do we have any?

We are top of the league, in the knock-out stages of the Champions League and of course we are in the FA Cup draw which takes place later this afternoon.

We have the meanest defence in the league too so all is looking pretty good.

The fans seem very happy too, well most and Aaron Ramsey has been keen to recognise what an impact they have had and are having on the team, especially at home:

We’re playing there maybe twice or occasionally three times a week. We still appreciate every moment of the support that the fans give us but it’s part of the job so you have to concentrate on your game and shut that out.

It’s amazing the amount of support you get playing in that sort of atmosphere week in week out.

So he’s happy with the fans, and Lukas Podolski is very happy with his fitness and form and his injuries:

It was a long time for me because I never had a long injury before. 

It was not easy, you work hard, you train hard and finally you’re back. I don’t know if I’m 100 per cent but I think I played very good today and we’ll see in the next week.

A fully fit and on form Lukas Podolski hasn’t been seen by us yet but from what he’s saying, we’re about to which has to be good news…..

Ok, maybe we play a bit sloppy sometimes, maybe a bit slow too at times but we are in a good place right now and we are heading into the time of the season where history suggests we play a lot better…

The only difference this season is that we aren’t sitting outside the top four and trying to scrabble into it before the end of the season.

No, this time we sit top and and this season it’s all about a fight to stay there and win the league….


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261 comments on “Learn from Rafa Arsene!

  1. Morning Rico
    The piece in the press re: Ox-C getting balled-out was interesting. As was Mertesacker balling out Carzorla for the sloppy play v’s Villa.
    Mistakes like that shouldn’t happen and the big German isn’t just acting as a Captain with his mouth – He is still capable of doing it on the pitch. This is something we’ve not seen since the days of Adams and Keown. Impressive.
    It will be even more impressive when those lazy mistakes are completely ironed out.
    Everything at the moment re: the club is great.

  2. Re: Mourinho and Wenger. Both have been on the EPL circuit a long time. The press are at times deceitful and underhanded; the gutter press such as The Sun and Mail especially and twist comments.
    But hey, we’re top of the pile and the bottom line is that if we keep on winning we’ll do the treble.

  3. Morning all.

  4. Morning Syg. That’s my only gripe, our sloppiness and lack of strike power to kill sides off..

    Oh, and a bit more pace would be ideal…

  5. He can’t stop himself , he can’t get his head round the concept that journalists do not ask questions to get into an intelligent debate but solely to create a missive for the next issue of whichever rag they work for. He never ceases to be amazed at the way he is taken out of context or the way his words are twisted . Unless it is some sort of perverse humour to see how his comments can be turned , he should take a leaf out of Ferguson’s notebook and just ban them from his press conferences and hand out a clear concise crib sheet.

  6. I’m sure it’s all in attempt to derail us….

  7. Jose is simply scum.

  8. Morning Rico and all. All this just plays right into Mourinho’s hands of course and Wenger really should know better. In Jose’s world, everything is about Jose and if he can’t get praise then criticism will do because it means that the press will fawn over him looking for a quote they can use. It’s far easier than actually thinking up a story themselves. So, once again we are back to square one with Chelsea. Owned and funded with dubious money and managed by an egotistical dwarf who must lick himself clean every night and still playing drab football while manipulating the market. Don’t they know that Costa is shit?
    Wenger really should know better than getting involved with that little gobshite.

  9. He is Scott but AW should know better to get involved…

    I know the other day I said he was merely answering the questions but he needs to keep out of other things now…

  10. Morning Adam. You do have a way with words ;)

  11. Meanwhile – where is our striking cover. (And central defender cover and defensive midfield cover)? Our current situation stemmed from the purchase of Ozil. That was largely driven by the fans following the debacle against Villa. It showed intent and clearly lifted the other players. Spending money on good players should be seen as an investment, not a cost. Please do not revert to the stubborn, parsimonious character who depresses us all. Do not throw away this position.

  12. The stupid thing is that you write a blog and the rest of us write comments but we can all see it for what it is. Why can’t he.

  13. Ranting Ranting Adam :-D

  14. Boring Boring Chelsea

  15. I thought you’d like that Adam ;)

    That’s the million dollar question Potter…

  16. Morning Kev, you busy with all the rain?

  17. Arsene is an idealist, and does not seem to realise he is in the vast minority.

  18. Arsene should DEFINITELY stick to questions about Arsenal, couldn’t agree more there. But another striker (maybe a player similar to Bony from Swansea) and possibly another centre back (Kouyate)would go down nicely, or even a full back as we could convert Sagna into a CB. Players of such calibre can be found on the cheap and can be moulded into elite players fairly quickly as well.

  19. We all know Moron-oh is a shite! Enough said. Why waste time and energy on a poisoned dwarf……..move on I say.

    Morning all

  20. Morning All

    Morning Rico, a wonderful post madam ;-)

    Wonder why no journo has posed the question of why Mourinho seemed incapable of using such a gifted footballer as Mata…???

    Doesn’t seem to me, a very difficult question to pose…

    Maybe the fact that Mourinho teams are Boring is simply too difficult a concept for those journo cretins to get around their tiny minds…?!

  21. Not working yet Rico… Enjoying my cuppa ;-)

  22. Cheers Kev :)
    Kosta. Agree generally about RB. I have mentioned many times that I sniff a problem brewing there but I am in the minority-again. I wish we had the same options, quality-wise as we do at LB as I think Monreal is a superb player.

  23. Good question Kev and of course the media wouldn’t have the balls to ask the man such a thing. I did find it funny reading that Mata had been told he could go anywhere barring Man Utd.

    After no other club came in for him, the dwarf had to backtrack…

  24. First or tenth by now Kev ;)

  25. Kev. I think the answer to that lies deep within the man’s egocentric nature. He wanted to make his mark so, upon his return, saw that the the fans favourite and the best player at the club, was Mata. He then chose him to make his point with. Simple as that. It was all about him saying “fcuk-you, I am Mourinho and I do what I want” to the fans.

  26. Excellent Post, Rico. and right on the money.

    Arsene’s ‘problem’ is really not a problem, but more of a virtue in the eyes of most people, in that he is a decent, honest man — and the other b*stard is not.

    But you are right – he has to realise that Moan-io is despicable and will twist anything.

    Now as I understand it, Maureen complained that Wenger complained about the transfer system, and then complained about the fixtures favouring Arsenal, while launching into a personal attack on Wenger.

    There is only one shit in this saga – and it is not Arsene Wenger!!

  27. Thanks Hb…

    And spot on…

  28. Bony and Kouyate, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    We are top of the league and not by default.
    We have the most competent defence in the EPL.
    We are in the knockout stages of the ECL after overcoming what was the hardest group we have ever been in,
    We have progressed to the next stage of the FA Cup after having the most awkward of 3rd round draws.

    Cheap doesn’t represent good value. It never has done.

    Cheap doesn’t get you Hazard or Mata. Cheap gets you Yao Gervais.

    For the first time in years we have the great foundations of a team from which to build on.

    You don’t buy a mansion in Mayfair and stick a straw roof on it.

  29. Good Morning Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Nice post Rico.

    A great question posed by Kev. But he gave an honest answer as well when he said the cretin journos have a little mind so I hope they do not twist yours as well habib.

    The problem with AW is that he is approachable. Unlike the Rednose and scruffy moaner. They are not approachable and are apt to savage them back. AW is too nice to do that.

    Me? I would have answered that question with another question. “Oh did he really move? Thanks for informing me.”

    If they ask me again I would say “I need to think about that. I will come back when I have the answer ready.”

    Then I will pose them the question “What are you going to write about today? The truth, half truths or damned lies?”

  30. yes we are revelling in the demise of Manure this season. but make no mistake they will be back next year.

    And Mata will be the first to bite the scruffy moaner.

    Believe me he will do all his utmost to cut his legs from under him.

  31. The EPL is a great, fat cash cow and the journos and pundits including, I am sorry to say, several ex-Arsenal players are all greedy, unimaginative little piglets sucking as much as they can from its rather fetid udder.

  32. “What are you going to write about today? The truth, half truths or damned lies?”


    Aging Frenchman has his 19th Nervous Breakdown

    It didn’t take long, but Arsene Wenger issued a tirade at every journalist at his recent press conference….


    It’s a no win situation DevG.

  33. We have a legendary NRL coach here by the name of Wayne Bennett.
    I used to think he was arrogant piece of crap because of the way he conducted himself during press conferences…he simply does not answer a question if he doesn’t choose to.
    Arsene should take lessons.
    As i said, he is an idealist and can not comprehend the fact that most are not, and especially journos wanting a story.

  34. Benitez got ridiculed when he pointed out the unfair influence that Ferguson had. “Rafa’s rant” they called it but I thought he made several really good points myself.

  35. Man Utd
    European Champions in 1968.
    Relegated in 1973/74.

    Never is forever.

  36. sadly that is what will be written SYG.

    but AW is usually caught unawares by the journous.

  37. Moronho is a typical bully/coward. But just like Taggart before the press fawn over him and are scared to contradict him for imstance, when he whinged about no Chelsea pundits someone should have said what about Hoddle, Wilkkns, Gullit, Nevin, Spackman, etc!When he said football.is a mans games after Mikel did Arteta someone shouls havs said Do you think its manly to poke someone in ths eye from behind and run away? I could go on and on!!

  38. Adam 10.45;

    Great point mate, and more closer to the truth than most of his acolytes in the Press would want to admit….

    I still think it shows his limitations and his inability to build a truely offensive, dynamic and entertaining team…
    He isn’t good enough to achieve such a feat, so he builds big, physical, defensive and destructive teams, who scrap, grind and bore their way to the tainted trophies they’ve won.

  39. History sometimes has a tendency to repeat itself…

    Man Utd gracing the dizzy heights of Div 2
    Video clip of them losing at 3-1 v’s relegation tackle Sheff Wed and their fans tried to get the game postponed…..

  40. Morning devil, thanks..

    I think that Man Utd might just surprise us yet this season, IF Moyes signs the players they clearly need and Rooney/RvP get fit again

    They are no doubt too far behind to win the PL but I bet they are not far off come the end of the season…

  41. Exactly Scott and that’s just what Rafa did and I admired him for not getting involved with the media games…

  42. Sorry for the delay in letting you out of moderation Terry…

    I’m hanging on until Friday, then we’ll see where we are…

    Can’t see any defensive cover coming in during this window though, not when TV can’t even get a game….

  43. Hi Coach, AW cannot win with the Press…

    I just wish that Arsenal would ban a couple of shit-stirring and dishonest journo’s, just to send out a message to the others and to back-up Wenger…

    Only three cups Rico, otherwise I get caught short… ;-)

  44. Kevin Keegan a.k.a Mighty Mouse was another who got wound up by comments from Man Utd’s manager.

    Keegan was always a guy who wore his heart on his sleeve, and despite is huge enthusiasm both as a player and manager, always tended to get found out at the top end. A shame, as I liked the guy.

  45. :) Kev, I know what you mean…….

  46. Just give them a few sound bites then they can belch and fart their way through their liquid lunch before sending in their ‘story’.

  47. Wenger should simply answer questions asked by honest journos, while ignoring the rest.
    I am off guys.
    Have a great day, and don’t worry about the cricket :)

  48. I loved that rant back then by KK, shame his side didn’t go on a beat the Mancs…

  49. Night Scott…

  50. Mourinho is a soar in the eyes of the TV viewers, the way he talks, arrogantly, he scratches the inside of my ear.
    Plus the type of football he teaches is simply unbearable!

  51. I agree with the point made about Arsene taking the bait from the press – I for one am a disappointed that he made it easy for them. The league is ours to loose, and taking the necessary steps in this transfer window is a big part of it. Mourinho knows that and that’s why he’s been clever at goading Wenger into making mistakes. Silence would have been the best treatment for Mourinho.

  52. ,what he said and what he didn’t say, who gives a fcuk who said what, Maureen has had to toe the FFP line he wants players but it has to show up as toeing the line.In actual fact what he has done is remarkably sensible sell him to a rival that you don’t have to play while getting top dollar for him and hopefully watch the player you have sold help to take points of your rivals. Tactics at their best. Wenger just didn’t want the dumb amongst us not to see the underhanded way his rival has conned them all,

  53. Moyes has made an offer for Costa, according to reports..

  54. From Le Grove
    “Signing Draxler would mark another sharp turn in our transfer strategy.

    “He’s outrageous for one so young… but this is a massive outlay for a player who has much to prove. But how exciting is this? If Wenger punts for him, it shows he does mean business…”

    “When you can see your investment in the team matched by the club, it’s hard to be angry.

    “For years it’s been take, take, take from Arsenal. Crap players on greedy contracts, lack lustre return, the same mistakes rehashed over and over again…

    “things have turned over the last two years and the fruits of those changes are there for all to see. Which makes for a more positive atmosphere.”

    Carzorla, Giroud, Podolski, Monreal, Ozil …..

    As they said in Tiswas …… “This is what they want”

  55. Je – they sure are boring to watch….

    Who you calling dumb Sp? ;)

  56. I read that earlier Syg, Pedro is spot on imho.

  57. Problem being though that the massed bands of media pundits either can’t see the point or don’t want to and as they influence the thinking or ( lack of it ) of the great British public they spill out spurious bile which satisfies the masses. For so many of them to bring up the sale of RVP and the consequences shows their inability to see the point. RVP was sold at the beginning of the season in August and Mata has gone immediately after no longer being in a position to harm Chelsea just benefit them, over halfway through a season. Truth is that the media need the january window to boost their flagging importance , no window = little gossip = nothing much easy to write/talk about.

  58. Unless Chelsea meet Man Utd in the CL, now that would be interesting….

  59. Rico. As we all know, Costa is shit.

  60. Darren Bent for me Adam…

    But you know that already…, ;-)

  61. Wenger is big enuf and ugly enuf to know the consequences of his actions, he went plenty of rounds with Fergie, “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home” was a classic, Wenger lourded it up while Fergie had to settle for egg on his face swiftly followed up by a big dollop of pizza to boot.
    We’re in a good place, he just needs to keep his sticky beak out of other clubs business especially the chavs, he’s never yet got the better of Mourinho, why rock the boat, I’d hate to see him bring out a book when he eventually retires and only come across as a bitter and twisted old age pensioner, does that sound like someone you know ?

  62. Super Darren is worth 30 million…

  63. Potter. Isn’t it also true that RVP’s contract status, with one season left, meant that he had Arsenal over a barrel? Wenger must have known that he was absolutely financially motivated and that he would have spent most of his last season either injured or disinterested.
    We live in a land where Celebrity Big Brother is all over the newspapers where Stan Collymore has a voice that people listen to, where BT decide to employ Andy Gray, where Anelka makes anti-Semitic gestures and people claim it is merely anti-establishment. We live in a country where people like Jose Mourinho feel loved. We live in a country where money speaks louder than just about anything else and I say that with all the bitterness of someone who hasn’t got any. :)

  64. $30 million Confederate…, :-|

  65. Kev, I suggested last summer that we go out and get Darren Bent on a free only for tsgh to pish on my parade and tell me we’d have to cough up 10 mill as he was still under contract.

  66. Darren for me over Costa. He’s shit. :)

  67. I’d take him on a Free, Mick….

    Just to annoy Ginge….

    When you over for a game mate?

  68. I must admit Adam, that I do prefer Cafe Nero… ;-)

    What a miserable day

  69. We saw against Fulham what a lethal finisher Darren still is.

  70. Can think who you mean Micko. lol

  71. I’m trying to work around scott kev !!! They’ll let any Tom, Dick and Sheila into England these days.

  72. I know what you mean Mick…

    As soon as I know the exact dates that Scott is visiting, then I’ll book up my holidays…

  73. Micko, i come back on and the first thing i read is that.
    Itinerary change….Micko’s place now on the list of things to do lol.
    I might be hopping over to Dublin for the darts…..a mate is friends with Simon Whitlock so is trying to get us tickets.
    Anyway, i am gone again….or am i :)

  74. Very interesting Post for discussion today Rico… enthralling comments I must say.

    Interesting reports in Italy that Essien has failed the first part of his AC Milan medical… the Diabolic knee… ;) Mauren will have to find another means to balance the books…

    Syg, leave my Yao alone he just set up Ljajic to score a moment ago… lol

    I was on a flight with a gent who looked like you-syg last night from Germany… waste of money and BVB could not even beat Augsburg.

    Kev- your boy Bender played as a CB and was very good but scored an own goal sadly. :)

  75. Kev, that is a kind offer, but i don’t expect you to be driving me around London on your holidays.

  76. God forbid i thought of you Rico :)

  77. Hey hey Micko, Kev… you know I am in the Darrren Bent camp with you… lol

    Its’ Costa I am dubious off… 6 games without scoring and his old self is emerging.. slapping opponents on the face and doing Drogba/Lehman style dives…

  78. Have you guys seen TH on the Graham Norton show?

    Lee Mack was funny…

  79. Thanks Ts..
    :P Sp…

  80. Syg, re 12:10 pm over the summer LG were anti Draxler… all they wanted was Higuain…

    They change their tune a lot…

  81. Yesterday something unusual happened in the Bundesliga. The Bender twins both scored for their teams in the 5th minute. One scored for Dortmund and the other scored for Bayer.


  82. Syg, what do you think about your old buddy Osvaldo ‘head butting a team mate? He is a loony. Imagine Osvaldo and Balo clashing in the WC just before Italy play England in the semi’s… lol

  83. True Dev… unfortunately I was in the ground when Sven scored the own goal… very disappointed… we can’t win to same our lives…

    This brings me to Lew and how BVB should have sold him last summer… it shows AFC took the right option to sell RVP…

    They now have a striker who is half committed…

  84. Yao Gerv just made it 2-1 yes…. Garcia making Gerv as good as Hazard.lol

  85. Scott 12.44, great come-back, very good !

  86. Surely AS Roma’s no.27 is not the no.27 we had… lol
    Garcia must have sold us an imitation…
    Do we have a buy-back clause… :P

    Roma Press ‏@ASRomaPress 4 mins
    A goal and an assist for Gervinho today. What a player!

  87. All we need to do is just what we have been doing, taking one game at a time and worrying about nothing else than that, Spats with other managers and other clubs is for the teams that need to catch up, were top and we need to keep there. one game at a time, try to play every game with the best team we have but also resting as we go. Premier should be our aim but all the comps should be handled very much the same.Wenger appears to have realised that trophies are what fans want, he appears to be trying to make signings but he will also be weighing up the expense while strengthening. City Have probably the strongest team and it will be in Wengers mind that this game could be a stumbling stone so i would imagine that he would not want to drop any points if he can possibly help it. Chelsea game may also prove problematic as the Utd match. so keeping that down to a minimum would make a huge difference. But as i said before one game at a time.

  88. Adam’s pedantic name-dropping mate states on his website that we ARE buying two players. One German the other an Italian………?

    German = Draxler

    Italian? I don’t know about that one.

  89. Sp1- I am afraid to say we can’t beat chavs in March… imho

    We do not have the right players or philosophy to do that with some players industry or lack of…

  90. Yeah, no problem Scott, I’m taking two weeks holiday in Camden…

  91. As I said StevieP. Just keep on winning and we’ll win everything.

    I’m hoping for Charlton at home in the FA Cup draw.

  92. Camden, Nova Scotia…

  93. Destro started for Roma today so it may not be him but Wenger was interested…

    I still suspect Muriel or Di Natale or Cuadrado…

  94. Well I reckon we can beat Chelsea away or at least get a point…

  95. Sp1- I am afraid to say we can’t beat chavs in March… imho

    Unless a bolt of lightning gives Wenger an epiphany and he thinks up a new way of playing against them , we will pass them to death and get caught on the break.

  96. rico, I missed Terry Henry on the box the other night, was he his usual mean moody smooth self, I did hear he’d love to take control of the wheel when arsene decides to call it a day, straight from the horses mouth.

  97. Afternoon Ginge and Syg, Lets just do it like Syg suggests and worry about things after it happens, :)

  98. Micko………I think AW’s successor is already at the club. I feel it will be Andreas Jonker who will be next since his experience is a vast one.

    This is one news which will be slipping under the radar. But he will catch every journo unaware.

  99. I agree potter.

    What ‘some’ fans may not realise is that Mauren-yo comes from a military or political family and so he is more of a ‘strategic’ or cynical thinker…

    AW had a very different upbringing to Mauren-yo; AW is not street smart but very clever and well read…

    Mauren-yo is trying to make the run-in to May a personal duel between him and AW knowing AW will not look at the bigger picture… still just my opinion… I may be underestimating the new AW…

  100. He was good Micko, not that he too many minutes awarded to him. Yes, he said if it was to happen one day it would be after AW..

    Mind you, kind of obvious really as Wenger is still manager…

  101. He has experience in Holland, Germany and Spain. He will have deep knowledge about up coming players and he plays the Dutch way sprinkled with German flavour and Spanish trickery.

  102. I think so too, one game at a time, anything can happen between now and March…

  103. From 2009
    Former Inter coach Zaccheroni has slammed Mourinho for attacking him after he criticised the Italian champions’ attitude in the match against Barcelona.

    Another war of words involving Inter coach Jose Mourinho has been ignited, and this time the ‘victim’ is one of his predecessors on the Inter bench, Alberto Zaccheroni.

    The former Inter and Milan coach criticised the Nerazzurri’s attitude in the Champions League draw against Barcelona, to which Mourinho replied that he won’t accept lessons from someone who, in his words, is famous for losing a Champions League match against Arsenal 5-1 at home.

    Unsurprisingly Zaccheroni, speaking to Corriere dello Sport, has hit back at the Portuguese tactician .

    “I only gave my opinion on Inter-Barcelona because that’s what I was asked, certainly not on Inter-Arsenal,” he said. “I have never criticised the work of my colleagues. But from now on there won’t be problems, I will always say that Inter always play great, so I won’t risk having my career criticised because of one match.

    “Considering how he is behaving, Mourinho would have been comfortable in the Italy of 80 years ago [the Italy of Mussolini] when the plebiscite was considered normal. I don’t understand why the reaction to a simple opinion has to be so neurotic and out of place.”

    Zaccheroni was referring to the popular vote used by Mussolini as propaganda before World War II.

  104. Who remembers Mauren-yo saluting the “Ultra Sur” supporters section, who celebrated the outgoing manager during the 90 minutes of play against Osasuna and presented him with an honorary plaque after the game. He barely acknowledged any other part of the stadium.

  105. Sheffield Utd are beating Fulham 1-0. Awful conditions…

  106. senderos’s error i read…

  107. Andreas Who, another Arsene Mk II appointment in a couple of years then devil do you think, interesting.

    rico, not too many minutes you say, that’s all he needed to make a difference.


  108. :) Micko, he sure did….

  109. I will be super cheesed off if Moyes buys Cabaye… a top player who should be with us instead. imo

  110. AW clearly disagrees with you Ts…

  111. We’re not far from Sheffield and its pissing it down here too.

  112. ha ha Rico… lol

    AW likes cabaye alot.. just not £25M worth in his books…

    AW and I only disagree on Frimpong so him and I are done.. :P

    Joking of course…

    Essien has passed medical with Milan… I was hoping that Jose will call off any new signing especially Barkley if Essien had stayed…

  113. Andros Townsend is doing the draw for the next round of the FA Cup. What’s the betting we cop Man City away lol

  114. He’s right, he’s not, imho of course…

    Or Tottenham away Syg…. Oh I forgot, they aren’t in the draw… lol

  115. Best they try a bit harder then.

  116. No idea if its right

  117. The Daily Mirror reports that Premier League giants Arsenal have agreed a fee with German Bundesliga club Schalke for the transfer of 20-year old attacking midfielder Julian Draxler.

    Former Norway star Jon Aage Fjortoft, who is now a pundit in Germany was quoted on social media site Twitter as stating, “Re: Draxler. I understand that Schalke and Arsenal have agreed a fee.”

    Draxler has been on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s radar for quite a while now and despite the French manager denying any rumours linking the Gunners with the German international, several reports from Germany suggest otherwise.

  118. It’s not yet on Sky Sports TV …

    That was yesterdays post Devil ;)

  119. hi Rico,ts,potter,Adam etc…..if we want to win against Chelsea I think weenger should pick a very tactical team as opposed to his preference to certain players……no wilshere on the wings etc…….I really can’t see us beating dem as we have to many passengers wen it comes to the big games….and we are going to miss Walcott as he is one of the few big game players in the squad…..but I do hope the boys prove me wrong as I think this squad has what it takes to win the league even without new signing(even dou we do need a body or two)……I also think Wenger should ignore mourinho as he is a big twat…

  120. If anyone will be in Germany in 2nd week in April and wants to watch FC Bayern vs BVB 09 let me know… I may be able to hok them up…

  121. Hi snaparse, time will tell re Chelsea, I’m more worried about Southampton on Tuesday….

  122. we want to win against the Chavs?


    Let Bould take care of it.

  123. Hiya Snap… howdy?

    I think most can name the line-up against the chavs now if no injuries and it will be the same predictable shite…

    Players running 7km in a big match whilst others are doing 10k…

    As I said in the summer during the doom & gloom… we can win the league but not the tournaments; I still hold that view…

  124. :) devil, but you have a good point…

    Marriner is a rubbish ref….

  125. Agree Dev;

    I do not think it is just about tactics…

    Maybe Bould will be a bit more brave and pragmatic… but based on his post match interviews after CL matches he has been in charge of I doubt he will be brave to do that…

    Imho, I think it is just that in the big games where certain players (2) I can think of are fit AW plays them. The games are always won or lost in those key areas too.

    As I have mentioned here in the past Cruyff struggled against Huddink in the good old days of Eredivisie…

    Guus is like Fergie in that he will rather play a brute in the biggeer games than a top luxury player whilst Johann like AW plays his best team…

  126. Saints are in turmoil…

    AW was right to pass on Osvaldo…

  127. Perhaps AW should give you a call then Ts ;)

  128. He’s been sacked hasn’t he Devil?

  129. Who’s been sacked Rico???

  130. ha ha ha Rico… you will be surprised Aw reads HH ;) ;)

    I was told off by someone I did not know read HH about posting a stat that was not to be released quite yet on here in one of my post i.e the Everton match report… ;)

    Dev I could do with a bit of an informed input from you on an article…

    When Italy won the 2012 European nations cup they had players from Bologna i.e Diamanti who is a WHU reject, Palermo and Torino to name a few…

    We on the other hand had only 2 outfield players out of the top 4 from Liverpool and Everton…

    Italy do not play better football than us nor do they necessarily have better players but almost always do better than us in tournaments..

    so what do you think makes they perform better when needed even after having poor qualifying rounds…

  131. Tactics mate. Italian tactics are usually spot on when it comes to big tournaments.

    I have always said it that italian coaching is the top in any defensive strategy.

  132. Osvaldo Devil…

  133. and by tactics I mean the underhand ones as well.

  134. And you know I won’t and don’t believe that Ts….

  135. I have never rated Osvaldo and never will.

    When his name first cropped up I was one of the first to be against him. He is a psychiatric case.

  136. ha ha ha Dev… I appreciate your swift response…
    I won’t have thought the ‘underhand’ one was taught I assumed it was just a habit… ;) :P

    Italian defenses were shite against us in the African desert though. :D

  137. habit???

    you got to be joking mate.

    these things are learnt and perfected…..on the training pitch.

  138. Bent missed a sitter to win the game…

    Kev won’t want us to sign him now….

  139. world war II…

  140. ha ha ha…

    I never claim to know it all Dev. :P

  141. were you surprised with Seedorf’s appointment at Rossoneri… with some minority of ignorant fans being prejudice and all…

  142. You sure Ts?? ;)

  143. Got a feeling we will get drawn out with Stoke City, I don’t mind that at all

  144. not surprised mate. rather against it. He is still immature imo.

    I did three coaching badges in my country and one in Scotland. And the latter was a purely honest one mate. We were all given lessons in good coaching. no underhand tactics. no spoiling tactics. nothing but good attacking football. And I enjoyed immensely. But it still irritates me that I never went to do one in Italy.

  145. What time is the draw?

  146. 5:30

  147. After the football

  148. atm I am watching Go Ahead vs Ajax.

    The technical level is high.

    The intensity level is not as high as the EPL though.

  149. Boilesen is one to watch. Adept at both LB and LW.

  150. Sigthorsson is another.

    Both Boilesen and Sigthorsson will be off in about two seasons time.

  151. Catch up later..

  152. agree ts…..that’s why I really rate prandelli much higher Dan leow…,…we really need to start beating the big boys imo

  153. Don’t diss the Bent, Rico… ;-)

  154. Afternonn all l
    Southampton is the next and will be a very diffcult game.

  155. Afternonn JM, yeah I totally agree, Southampton might be in a bit of a mess atm, but they a very smart manager and have a good group of players…

    I think we’ll win down there, but it won’t be easy…

  156. I like the Eredivisie…

    Danish players are hardworking on the field… apart from our Bendtner of course…

    Ajax loan out a few of their players to Denmark to improve their work ethics..

    I am sure Rico ;) later lady

  157. *they have a very smart manager*

  158. I am off now mates.

    Cu later.

  159. ManUre and Gazprom both seem to slogging it out for Costa…

    Just as well that he’s shit…

  160. Hiya Kev.

    Pa will soon send you a couple of pages.

    cu later Habib

  161. Adios Coach…

  162. Cheers Habib

  163. Draxler and Puma on Monday, would be the dream ticket…

    Here’s hoping….

    Lata All

  164. Chelsea v Stoke is enough to send me to sleep….

  165. Sure would Kev, would brighten a dull Monday….

  166. wow- Milan 2 goals in 2 minutes.. Balo with first

  167. Rico. I watched a few minutes but it was tremendously tedious. Still, Eto’s in pain so that’s positive.

  168. I’d like Cabaye in Arsenal…
    superb goal from Oscar

  169. :) Adam, I left it and went to peel vegetables for dinner…

  170. But where would he fit in JM?

  171. Adam, have you seen we are being linked with Sebastian Jung, a German right-back?

  172. Sky Sources: Newcastle reject £14m bid from PSG for midfielder Yohan Cabaye

    ha ha Pardew thinks he can get Carroll type fee…

  173. He should from that money bags and free spending club. AW would do exactly the same….

  174. For all those out there, who suffer from insomnia….

    I prescribe ; Gazprom vs Stoke…

    Well I prescribe Gazprom vs Anyone!!!

    Now if that doesn’t give you a good nights sleep then you must be on Speed… ;-)

  175. It’s even Boring, listening to Gazprom on the radio… Yawnnnnn :-(

  176. Yeah that Costa is really shite, unlike super Nicky B who is the absolute bollocks! He couldn’t trap a bag of cement on Friday night….and if AW thinks he’ll do as back up to le quiff he’s fucking mental!!

  177. Oscar is a delight.. and he was cheap as chips too…

  178. :) Kev, I gave up long ago..

    Funny that Draxler has Gazprom on his shirt at Schalke ;)

  179. It’s even Boring, listening to Gazprom on the radio… Yawnnnnn :-(

    : Cole just took a throw in , and a guy in the front row dropped off to sleep.

  180. Lee, he played like he was trapped in cement…

  181. Rico. I think a quality RB would be a good idea. Lee. You’ve never been a big a fan of Bendtner as I recall. :)

  182. Apparently, the club looked at Jung a couple of seasons ago…

  183. Potter, I’m surprised he was awake in the first place.

  184. Boring boring Chelsea

  185. £20M. Oscar.
    Not that cheap.

  186. Get in there

  187. Who have we drawn??

  188. silly date silly time coming up. Television did well.

  189. Home to liverpool

  190. Adam, him and the world beater Gerwanko…. two peas in a pod!

  191. Ah, not so nice but…..

  192. Cheating robbing scousers at home, it’s gonna be a toughie.

  193. This is what it’s all about. The last time we did them at home in the FA Cup we had two sent off and Bergkamp nodded a sublime header.

  194. Gerwanko :lol:

  195. The header was similar to one that John Tudor did away v’s West Brom on the FA Cup run in in 1973-74.

    Football history – You can’t whack it !

  196. 5.47pm

    I’d agree with you there.

  197. That was Lee’s funny Syg, not mine, but I too thought it funny and quite accurate…

  198. Arsenal vs Liverpool, excellent, bring it on… :-D

  199. Big 2 weeks ,
    Sat: L’pool (A)
    Wed: Mancs (H)
    Sat: L’pool (H)
    Wed: Bayern (H) thanks frisco.

  200. Dinner calls…

  201. things are falling quite nice for us this season, what with us knocking out Liverpool and city knocking out Chelsea, hopefully another couple of big names going. At home too blinding.

  202. As if Febuary wasn’t hard enough.
    We can’t go into it with the handbrake on, sign a striker that will send us into overdrive Arsene, you know it makes sense !

  203. Make or break 2 weeks..

  204. Makes sense to us Micko, but…. this is Arsene we are talking about…

  205. Funny how the top four sides have drawn each other…

  206. Whatever are you suggesting Rico ?

  207. sick note Huntelaar needed just 34 mns to head in a cross on his return after 5 months out for S04….
    A poacher… but with Abou’s dna

  208. will be two very hard months…
    Leandro Damiao was signed for Santos

  209. Damaio is not as good as he was… JM

  210. I think you know potter. lol

  211. On that note, I’m off for the day..

    Night all…

  212. Moyes says he wants to build a new team……..I have some Lego in the garage loft that my kids used to play with….I wonder if he’d like to buy it…..£37.1 million should seal the deal!

  213. Wavy, he will knock you down to 38 million :)

  214. Costa on his way to the chavs then? Thank fuck for that, he’s really shit!

  215. He’s absolute shit Lee.

  216. Is Draxler going to be our saviour up front?

  217. Who knows Lee. A recognised striker is surely a priority.

  218. It looks cold out there this morning brudder Lee.

  219. I had to scrape the car at 5:00am….

  220. Oh dear. I think I’ll stay in bed then. :)

  221. Best place for you brudder…

  222. Thanks mate. With a nice cuppa too. :)

  223. Sagna to Man City??

    Surely not.

    Morning all…

  224. Morning guys.

  225. Morning Rico. A last big pay day? Why not?

  226. Raining here, very cold though…

  227. I have decided to shelve my City takeover for another week and stay in bed for a while. On Lee’s advice of course. :)

  228. Lovely day here, Guys.
    Not a cloud in the sky.

  229. Morning Adam, Lee and Scott.

    Yes, I can see the attraction for Sagna…

  230. We’ve got Jenkinson Rico.

  231. Haha Adam,
    As much as i like Jenks, i concede we need more.
    He is getting there, but is not yet the finished article.
    Sagna has been immense and needs to be offered what he wants.

  232. Citeh, or their owners, have purchased an A League club in Oz….has it had much publicity over there?
    Not a bad move.
    They can send their kids over here to toughen them up…….they won’t learn too much technically or tactically here, to be honest.

  233. Very true Adam, but after him?

  234. Yes Scott, it’s been in the newspapers but not much more than that..

  235. After Jenks?
    Who knows? Perhaps that is why this German RB has popped up.
    Morning Scott. Looks like we have the Man City owners for a while yet then. What a bummer.

  236. How is Bellerin shaping up?

  237. I wonder why they chose that particular A League club,or any club here,for that matter….nobody here saw it coming.

  238. Tongue in cheek there Adam, it’s before him I worry about ;)

    I do like Jenks though….

  239. Scott. Because it was there.

  240. Rico. I know. :)
    Jenks has great enthusiasm.

  241. Baines has signed a new contract with Everton, he didn’t fancy playing for Moyes again then…

  242. And that after Moyes had a fresh course of Botox too.

  243. You’ll be singing his name in a couple of years Adam, you wait and see :)

  244. I already do Rico. :)

  245. I meant singing Adam ;)

  246. Adam, seems the way with Citeh.
    If we have that player, other clubs don’t.
    This is a step further.

  247. I know Rico. I have my own celebratory song for him already in anticipation of his blossoming.

  248. Scott. All’s fair under FFP. :)

  249. I’m not 100% confident in Jenks, hope I’m proved wrong!I’ll join in the singing with Adam if so….

  250. Pleased to hear that Adam….

    New post up now…

  251. Yep.
    FFP has subsided with barely a whimper, and that is disappointing.
    UEFA would be ashamed if not so busy counting their cash.

  252. I also thought Ramsey was finished….shows I know fuck all! ;)

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