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Draxler deal done? Fans unite as Arsenal secure place in FA Cup draw…

Morning all.

Six changes were made last night.

Fabianski, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ozil, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gnabry, Podolski, Bendtner

Substitutes: Viviano, Sagna, Monreal, Zelalem, Flamini, Cazorla, Giroud

Podolski and Ozil have had their critics so far this season and yes, many will use the old cliche ‘it was only Coventry’ but I don’t buy that at all. The weight on the pass from Ozil to Podolski for his first was perfect and then the control and finish from the German was stunning.

Our second, Podolski’s second was different. From a corner, followed by a sneaky knock-on by Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski was there at the back post to head home.

2-0 and that was enough to take the foot off the gas and just enjoy the game.

Yes we had other chances, many of them but our finishing let us down a bit and Coventry tested Fabianski with a stunning strike from distance. In fact it more than tested our number two keeper who made an absolute stunning save to tip the ball over the bar.

Half-time came and went and Coventry came out a much different side. They closed us down quicker and caused us a few little problems and maybe they could have scored but they didn’t….

Nikki B, who had a seriously shocking game came off, as did Oxlade-Chamberlain and in their place came Cazorla and Zelalem. The latter became only the sixth 16-year-old to debut for the Club.

Shortly afterwards Giroud replaced Podolski and it took him just five minutes to find the back of the net after some good stuff played by Gibbs and Cazorla.

As the final whistle approached, there was just enough time for our little Spaniard to have the last word.

4-0 and that was that. Not even the lights failing in certain areas could dim that superb scoreline. In fact wasn’t that a lovely moment when all the fans united as one and and used their phones to add extra lighting. As was seeing the Arsenal fans support Coventry in their protest against playing their home games away from Coventry……

Anyway, we’re in the pot for the next round draw which takes place tomorrow which is great news.

During the match, Twitter was breaking some ‘news’, well Jan Aage Fjortoft actually.

The former striker turned pundit, claimed that Arsenal and Schalke have agreed a fee for German sensation Julian Draxler.

Last night he tweeted:

Re: Draxler

I understand that Schalke and Arsenal have agreed a fee. If he will leave now I don’t know. But this is latest info #afc” Make of that what you will.

The Mirror go on to report that the player has told his club he wants to move this month and not wait until the summer.

Arsene Wenger was quick to deny any such deal as of course he would but he looked smug and I don’t mean that disrespectfully, he looked like he did after we’d beaten Tottenham and Ozil was almost in the door…

With just seven days to go until the transfer window closes, we’ll soon know one way or the other.

Monday there is an Arsenal ‘special media conference’ penciled in according to reports. No doubt that’s to wave goodbye to Nike (No, not Nik) and welcome Puma but surely having agreed to invest so much money in our club, they’ll want to see a signing or two in this transfer window too…

Just like us fans….

That’s it for another day, at least we can sit back and hopefully witness one or two FA Cup surprises this weekend.

Not us though, we’re through…..


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130 Responses to Draxler deal done? Fans unite as Arsenal secure place in FA Cup draw…

  1. Adam says:

    Morning Rico. Top of the league, 4-0 last night in the cup.
    Could things be any better? :)

  2. rico says:

    Morning Adam.

    Yes ;)

  3. stevepalmer1 says:

    Saturday morning and the news is all good 4.0 to the Arsenal and through to the next round, and Drax reported to be on his way, the weather is supposed to be drier, and Rico is not moaning. Looks like a good day, got things to do latters.

  4. rico says:

    I don’t think Sky Sports have mentioned our game in all the time I have been watching this morning. They are obsessed with Mata and Man Utd…


  5. rico says:

    Neither are you moaning Sp, that’s a miracle ;)

  6. TT says:

    Puma being a German company nothing would please them more than another superstar wearing their logo at Arsenal. I know I’m cluching at straws here…

  7. BrainwashedKev says:

    Boring Boring Chelsea

  8. rico says:

    TT – indeed..

    Morning Kev.

  9. Adam says:

    Bendtner’s lethal in front of goal.

  10. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning All

    Morning Rico, good rant, er post… ;-)

    Got another soaking down there among the plebs…
    Kept on glancing up to the posh seats and wondering if Adam would put a shilling in the meter… :-D

  11. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Morning all.
    For as average a player Fjortoft was, as a German football pundit he is first class. I was in Cyprus at the time we were all clutching at straws re: getting different players to the club. He was the only one who was 100% re: Ozil, from start to finish.

  12. southyorkshiregunner says:
  13. southyorkshiregunner says:
  14. southyorkshiregunner says:
  15. rico says:

    :) Kev, thanks….

    Good night had by all I suspect…

  16. southyorkshiregunner says:
  17. Adam says:

    Kev. Funny old game last night. :)

  18. southyorkshiregunner says:

    He had everything going for him


    His attitude let him down.

    The fine line between success and failure

  19. BrainwashedKev says:

    Yeah, that was quite funny seeing hundreds of fans with their mobile phones on, quite like a pop concert…

    Jenkinson put in a great performance, Gnabry also (was that Serge’s first 90 mins in a first team game?).
    BFG was awsome at the back, yes the opposition attackers were, to be kind, quite ordinary, but he didn’t miss a challenge all night…

  20. Adam says:

    Kos and Merts have been excellent for a long time now Kev. The rest of the team? Mmmm..

  21. rico says:

    Why Adam??

  22. rico says:

    Syg, I know which one i hope is right..

  23. rico says:

    I dread an injury to either Merts or Kos… Especially Merts.

  24. Pugglesthwaite says:

    What a great way to welcome Puma with Draxler wearing one of their shirts.

  25. potter says:

    Seems that on their forums Coventry fasns are appreciative of the way they got support from the home club. They are saying nice things about us . STRANGE.

  26. Adam says:

    I have reservations Rico. That’s all.

  27. rico says:

    Very strange potter…

    We are you going Adam? ;)

  28. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Steve Bould is paramount to the current success of the defence. Also note the second goal v’s Coventry…. Very Arsenal of old …

    Also note the scorers of the goals v’s Coventry. All summer purchases from last season…

  29. BrainwashedKev says:

    Hiya Adam, it started raining about 7pm, when I parked up in Highbury New Park, and didn’t stop until I dropped my son off at Liverpool St Stn about 10.20pm…

    Got a ticket for Palace next Sunday week, so pleased about that.
    Gotta do a job at St Mary’s, on Thesday next, but this team is so defensively resolute that I’m confident of a positive result there…

  30. rico says:

    That’s not difficult Syg, we only signed two players in the summer of last year and one of those isn’t fit… lol

  31. rico says:

    If it happens Pugglesthwaite…

  32. Adam says:

    I’m off to Cafe Spice Rico. :)

  33. frednerk says:

    Agree rico.
    Merts has become the main man by default really
    Kosser is right footed so is Merts
    both were brought to play along side Tommy
    Watching Merts get caught square and turning like the Q.E 2.
    got me wondering if wenger had cocked-up.
    But Kosser has found a way to play with Merts he keeps his eyes on Merts,looking right all the time covering round when Merts gets done for pace.
    Merts should be the new captain,he respects the fans.

  34. rico says:

    Nice Adam….. Have a lentil for me please ;)

  35. rico says:

    I thought similar re Merts fred, but I got it wrong, very wrong. Their partnership is fab now though..

    Spot on re the captaincy too…

  36. AndrewH says:

    South Yorks, I was in Cyprus too on transfer deadline day. In a bar just outside Ayia Napa that had wifi, refreshing BBC football news every 2 minutes till nearly midnight (Cyp time) when deal finally announced! And then stayed on hoping ManU wouldn’t get Fellaini in time! Where were you, Paphos end or Protaras end?

  37. Adam says:

    I shall Rico and a bit of Salmon too. :)

  38. rico says:

    If you insist Adam.. ;)

  39. Adam says:

    A lot of people were down on Merts as I remember, here and on other forums.

  40. Adam says:

    I do Rico. Not that you’d listen though. :)

  41. BrainwashedKev says:

    Not me, BFG is my hero… :-P

  42. Adam says:

    I know Kev. Giroud too. :)

  43. BrainwashedKev says:

    Ah Le Quiff, va va voom Adam… ;-)

  44. Micko says:

    Morning all, the treble is still on !

  45. BrainwashedKev says:

    I av, Le Cuppa wiv me name on it, so adieu Mes Gooners….

  46. BrainwashedKev says:

    Zoot Alors, c’est Mick….

    Le Lata

  47. rico says:

    No, I wouldn’t Adam… ;)

    I think it was down to him being so slow and quite clumsy..

    Merts and Kos are a bit like Sol Campbell and Kolo Toure, I don’t think Toure would have looked quite as good had Sol not been by his side…

    Kos and Merts are the prefect combination and it’s working so well and confidence is high at the back. Makes it easier for any other players when they have to step in…

  48. rico says:

    Haha Micko, it sure is…

    Catch up later Kev..

  49. rico says:

    Arsenal have offered €30million for Julian Draxler.

    That is short of Schalke’s valuation so a fee has yet to be agreed but Mirror Sport understands that the clubs are in advanced negotiations.

    Arsenal’s offer would then also see them pay more in add-ons for appearances, success and international caps.

    But Schalke want more as Draxler, 20, has a £38million buy out clause which is valid only in the summer and the German club believe more clubs will be interested in the summer.

    However, it would seem that the clubs are close to agreeing a compromise with Arsene Wenger keen to bring him in now rather than risk other clubs come in this summer.

    Wenger played down the chances of a deal on Friday night but he rarely confirms interest on transfers and Arsenal do not want to upset Schalke at such a delicate stage.

    Mirror Sport revealed today that Draxler is keen to come in January and his representatives are pushing for it to go ahead.

    Now it would seem even though the valuation has yet to be agreed, Arsenal will get their man .

    Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/julian-draxler-arsenal-transfer-30million-3059559#ixzz2rPJwzab6
    Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook

  50. Micko says:

    Writing in secret code again kev, I’ll have tsgh decipher it for me when he gets outta bed, he’s taken the frimpong news very badly.

  51. southyorkshiregunner says:

    same side of the island. About 10 mins away from you in Derynia.

    It’s great feel good feeling when we get a great signing of a mega star. Yaya Sanogo.

  52. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Frimpong lol.

  53. rico says:

    You’re on form Micko…

  54. rico says:

    Wonder how much Sanogo is ‘earning’…

  55. southyorkshiregunner says:

    He’s earning a damn sight more tham you or I Rico.
    As I said in summer – The guy was anything but a “Free Transfer”..
    Auxerre have turned us over again….

  56. southyorkshiregunner says:

    It does look like Draxler to Arsenal is happening.

  57. Micko says:

    Do you believe the Draxler rumours rico, I’ve never really seen him play, seems a hellava lot of money for a 20 year old, it doesn’t add up.

  58. rico says:

    I guess the only good thing about Sanogo is that he’ll get two seasons and if no good, he’ll be gone… Seems to be the AW way after Gervinho…

    I bet he earns more in a month than I do in a year Syg. lol

  59. rico says:

    I’m starting to Micko. I saw him play for Germany, he came on for Podolski and scored but other than that, just youtube clips etc but if we are to believe what we read, he’s going to be good…

    Just under 6′ 2″ too so I can see why there’s talk about playing him up front….

  60. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Top of the Premier League.

    Through to the Champions League knockout stages.

    Through to the FA Cup 5th Round. Hopefully we’ll get Rochdale at home.

    Best defence in the Premier League.

    There is a common denomenator. And it’s not just Abou Diaby having a NIL input in any game we have played.

  61. Micko says:

    SYG, that’s an easy card to play, shame on you, poor ole Abou would struggle to get a kick in a stampede.

  62. rico says:

    I was chatting with a friend of mind last summer, he wanted AW to sign Draxler back then and he knows his football, well he tells me he does.. ;)

  63. rico says:

    I was going to say ‘Through’ Syg, but that word is not in the Top of the league… lol

  64. Micko says:

    Well for that sort of money rico we’d want to tie him down for a very long time !!!

  65. rico says:

    Sky Sports have had a ‘breaking news’ bar on the bottom of their screen saying Mata having a medical today…

    I think it’s been up there since yesterday. ;)

  66. rico says:

    5 years hopefully Micko… How many Germans would we have if he signed?

    Can never have too many…lol

  67. Wavy says:

    Surely Sanogo will be on half pay by now. He must have been on a sick note for more than six months!
    Draxler sounds good, but I’ll believe ot when he signs on the dotted line.
    Pennant – a dunder head. Gruesome upbringing, and I’ll educated, his choice, he ‘wagged it’ all the time. Couldn’t read or write when Arsenal signed him and still couldn’t when he left. So far as I know he has never been diagnosed as having any learning disorder apart from laziness! BUT he could have been a great footballer he had it all! (And spent it, drank it, car crashed it and ended up inside for his troubles). Despite all that I really hope he finds another club and produces the goods. It would be good to see.
    Incidentally, I think Sanogo was bought to keep Diaby company in the sick bay. You know rather like when you’ve got a horse and it need a friend so you buy it a donkey, and they get on like a house on fire! Sanogo is that donkey. Or am I thinking of Shrek?

  68. Wavy says:

    Just while I think of it…..surely now is the time for the chavs to put in a ridiculous offer for Draxler, way above £37m to ensure we don’t get him, just like they did for Mata!

  69. rico says:

    :) Wavy..

    I see where you are coming from re Chelsea, especially once they have the Mata money in and after the recent Jose/Arsene spat..

    Fingers crossed that IF it’s true, the player only wants to sign for us…

  70. rico says:

    Mandzukic rumors are gathering pace too, all no doubt based on him not playing last night….

  71. tsgh says:

    Micko, you know me so well… lol

    Morning HH familia…

  72. rico says:

    Just Ts, just…. ;)

  73. Wavy says:

    Loyalty in football??
    Money talks not Marble Halls!
    Lets hope Draxler only wants Arsenal and not Nobby Moronuowe!

  74. rico says:

    Like you said, until he’s signed, he’s a Schalke player…..

  75. tsgh says:

    lol. ha ha Rico… at least I still have my other favourites TR07 and Arteta

    Rico, we have been after Mandzukic since last summer… it was only the Suarez and Lew deals that derailed his move contrary to what his agent will say…

    The Kaizer, Klopp and Sammer have almost all admitted to it…

  76. rico says:

    I meant ‘just morning’ Ts ;)

    Is he any good??

  77. emmanul says:

    i wouldn’t say you are lying neither call it an illusion. but soon the truth will surface itself. nobody knew about the arrival of ozil until die minute to the end of transfer window last summer. but to be realistic if we want to end well this season we need a man that is dangerous in front of goal.

  78. rico says:

    Sky Sports Panel..

    Merse, where do you see Man Utd finishing asks Stelling.

    Merse, ‘now they have got Mata, they’ll stay up’…


  79. BrainwashedKev says:

    Rico, just before Podolski went off for Giroud, we had 5 Germans on the pitch…

  80. rico says:

    Thanks Kev, love it….

  81. BrainwashedKev says:

    Eisfeld, Draxler, a Bender or two?

    Der Arsenal Rico….

  82. Scott from Oz says:

    Evening guys
    I am drunk.
    We were professional last night.
    Job done. We move on.

  83. snaparse says:

    afternoon everyone…..good game yesterday…….. pleased for poldi…..think jenks was good too…….re draxler…..I don’t want to get my hopes high but I will be pleased if he came as I am a big fan…..nice read Rico

  84. rico says:

    Sven Kev ;)

  85. rico says:

    Hi Scott, hope your head doesn’t suffer…

  86. rico says:

    Thanks snaparse, I thought Jenks had a good game too..

  87. bradster says:

    Afternoon all,
    As i said yesterday, if Draxler is as good at 20 as another at the age of 25, why should their prices differ?
    I haven’t seen much at all to determine that but I just hope he doesn’t have Jeffers type development.
    I too will only believe it once on Arsenal.com, just like Mata, Jevotic and pre contracts with Matais Saurez, Villa and Higuain.

  88. rico says:

    Hi brad, he’s German, he’ll be no Jeffers ;)

  89. rico says:

    Off for a while now, back later….

  90. Joaquim Moreira says:

    definetely Pod is not a central forward anfd Bendtne is something away from a central forward.
    Probably, Kos could be sent off … maybe a penalty in our area.
    Then, was another one, over Ox but for us
    However, we didn’t make many shoots until last 10 minutes.
    Thre Coventry right back or wants to transfer to us or is a tott!

  91. Micko says:

    Kev 12.49, there was no way we were going to lose on penalties last nite was there !

  92. Bradster says:

    I see a story that Hulk is in England on his way to London. Must be what Mata’s fee is going to pay. He can’t be cheap.

  93. Micko says:

    Wonder if he still carries that old rucksack around with him.

  94. Micko says:

    Watford flying against Citeh, 2 nil up at the Etihad, can Alumunia keep a clean sheet………no chance.

  95. Micko says:

    Ah maybe there is hope, manuel ain’t in goal today !

  96. ozgunner says:

    hard to believe that scoreline – the romance of the cup lives on

  97. ozgunner says:

    Watford hit the post

  98. Micko says:

    I’m thinking the Alamo second half Oz, they’ll need to park the bus.

  99. BrainwashedKev says:


  100. ozgunner says:

    surely City will come at them and turn this around. Strong squad they have out there.

  101. BrainwashedKev says:

    Whatever happened to Dr Banner?

  102. Micko says:

    He just couldn’t settle down kev, 4 o’clock, time for a swift half, laters.

  103. BrainwashedKev says:

    Yeah Mick, I think he went on an anger management course…

  104. rico says:

    What awful weather, nearly got blown away on my walk with Fido, phew….

    Have torches to the ready as the lights keep going on and off. Must be a bit like being at The Emirates on a Friday night…

  105. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Almunia is at the bench

  106. BrainwashedKev says:

    Come on Watford….

  107. Joaquim Moreira says:


  108. Joaquim Moreira says:


  109. rico says:

    I had that down as a 7-0 victory :oops:

  110. BrainwashedKev says:

    Listening to the radio earlier, it was suggested that the Oilers goalkeeper could have been sent-off Rico…

    Not sure how true that was, but it wouldn’t suprise me….

  111. rico says:

    I feel sorry for Watford if that was the case Kev, City sure seem to be getting a lot of decisions go their way…

  112. stevepalmer1 says:

    No shocks yet, Maybe some tomorow

  113. rico says:

    Hopefully Sp…

    Hope we get a ‘nice’ draw…

  114. Wavy says:

    Have we signed Mata yet? Cos manure haven’t!

  115. rico says:

    Ha ha Wavy, no, in fact we haven’t signed anyone yet :(

  116. rico says:

    Night all…

  117. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, the head is suffering.
    I am rembering why vodka shots are the enemy.
    Any news on Draxler or anyone else?

  118. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.

  119. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all.
    Not knowing much about Draxler i found a few clips of him on line, I have to say that he looks a very good player indeed but i feel we have enough midfielders already. I know its the opinion of many that Wenger may try and make him a CF and it could possibly work but we need an out and out CF not somebody that may make a CF. I may be a bit Picky but when you spend 30 mill get what it says on the pkt.

  120. Scott from Oz says:

    Steve, i want to get him.
    He is world class in the making.
    I also want a striker.
    I am greedy :)
    How are ya mate?

  121. rico says:

    Morning Sp, Scott and all…

    Ouch Scott ;)

    I want Draxler to sign too…

  122. tsgh says:

    morning Rico, Scott, Sp1 and all

    Something odd happened yesterday when both Benders scored for their respective clubs in the 5th minute…

  123. Scott from Oz says:

    G’day Rico and Ginge.
    Australia Day here……and don’t we know how to celebrate?

  124. rico says:

    Costa to Chelsea is the latest…

  125. rico says:

    Morning Ts..

  126. Scott from Oz says:

    How is Draxler looking?
    Is it all BS, or does it have legs?

  127. tsgh says:

    Poor bromance…


    S04 are lying 7th on the table they won’t settle for less than what we offered last summer…

    JD10 is still injured too he starts training in 2 weeks unless he was doing a ‘Cesc’ to S04 ;)

  128. rico says:

    Legs Scott, well at least I hope… ;)

    New post up now….

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