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Forward signs new contract! Players want to join but why doesn’t Arsene Wenger sign them?

Morning all.

I wish I knew the answer…

According to the Agent of Real Betis starlet Alvaro Vadillo, the so called ‘next Christiano Ronaldo’ would prefer a move to Arsenal over any other Premier League club.

Speaking to Calciomercato, de Puerta said:

 Yeah, he’d like Italy, being in a championship club with a lot of well-structured clubs, as well as of course he’d like England and Arsenal in particular.

But I bet we don’t end up signing him.

Porto striker Jackson Martinez is quoted as saying:

I cheered for Arsenal when I was a kid – I love their style of play. It’s flowing and open with a lot of first touch passes. It would be suitable for a player like me.

If I get a chance to play for a high level club like Arsenal I wouldn’t hesitate to accept it.

We won’t sign him either as suggestion is he’s on the verge of signing a new deal with Porto.

There have been other players over the years who have either used their Agent or spoken themselves about how they’d jump at the chance to sign us but it seems that when that happens, any chance of us getting that particular player goes up in smoke.

Alvaro Vadillo – young Spanish out and out winger who can play on both sides of the pitch and we so lack pace in our game and are in need of a winger. Not a left or right-sided midfielder, a winger, a proper winger!

He’s clearly rated quite highly but I wonder why we as a club don’t try and pursue signing him? Or maybe we will….

Jackson Martinez – a striker described as “an out-and-out goalscorer, a front-to-goal centre-forward who can finish off both feet.”

Martinez has scored 38 goals in 44 appearances for Porto since 2012, the kind of goal return we lack and seriously need but will we try and sign him?

I doubt it but why not?

Julian Draxler is another continually linked to us and suggestion is he’d be willing to make the move to London but why are we dilly dallying around if he really is a player who Arsene Wenger wants to sign?

He has a clause in his contract which if met, Schalke will no doubt have to sell him and it’s not like we don’t have money to spend.

That’s just three players, any of whom would make this current Arsenal squad stronger.

All three would make our squad a lot lot deeper too and surely makes us favorites to win the PL….

If only football was that simple eh and maybe it is when you are willing and prepared to spend a few million pounds…

It appears that Arsene Wenger’s trip out of England was to Spain to watch Barcelona take on Levante. Reports in Spain suggest he was keeping a close eye on Pedro, Sergi Roberto and Cristian Tello.

Or was he really watching a Levante player?

8 days left Arsenal…

Finally, 34 year old Rachel Yankie has signed a new contract for the ladies side.

Guess the over 30 rule doesn’t apply for the ladies… lol

That’s your lot for another day…

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164 comments on “Forward signs new contract! Players want to join but why doesn’t Arsene Wenger sign them?

  1. Seems every footballer alive looking for a new gig loved Arsenal as a kid.
    Morning all.

  2. Seems so Scott…

    I think a lot of younger players know that in the past, AW played the younger ones as they didn’t have the money to spend and they knew/know they’d get a chance to play.

    Things have changed though and our last signings have all been older, experienced players thankfully.

    Well apart from Sanogo ;)

  3. I f Arsene should sign every player who wants to join, we’d soon end up with a city(not team) of footbaleers! In any case it takes much more than a player’s desire to complete a deal.

  4. Good read Rico

    Not sure if the photo from 101 is recent or from Wenger and IG in spain…

    How ironic that Moyes did not want Ozil 6 or 7 months ago but he is now going for Mata?Desperation is setting in…

    It appears AFC fans rate MAta more than both Yanited and Chelsea fans…

  5. Just seen last nights penalties, they were shocking….

  6. ogban, not for one minute am I suggesting we sign every player who says they would love to sign for us, but I wonder why we sign none who openly express they would move…

  7. Thanks Ts.

    AW has denied he was watching Tello.

  8. Exactly re AW not sure he was in Spain at least not in a stadium.

    Tello is like Gervinho imho… I doubt Aw will be interested in him now.

  9. Not to sure about a winger Rico, Gnabry has shown in a short time that he can play that position. I admired how he covered Sagna and also liked how he took to the wing in support of Sagna when Sagna cut inside. Myaki still has not had a run of games and i believe that should he get that run he will get the confidence he needs to play the position well. I feel that a centre forward is a must as i don’t like the pace of Giroud at all, i see him as cover thats all. I believe Wenger will buy but i can only see him buy one expensive player and i hope that will be a good CF. We have money of that i’m sure but spending it all at once is just not Arsene Wenger.

  10. Arsenal manager refuted claims that he was at the Nou Camp to watch Tello in action during Barcelona’s 4-1 victory over Levante.

    “No, but I was at Heathrow yesterday that’s true,” he said.

    When asked if reports linking the Gunners with a move for Tello were wide of the mark, Wenger agreed.

    “Unfortunately no, I feel a bit guilty going to a press conference during the transfer market with nobody to announce but I don’t want to lie.”

  11. What about on the left Sp?

    Imho, Ryo isn’t going make it with us….

  12. Marinez Jackson just signed a new contract at his club. So he doesn’t want to come to Arsenal.

  13. really don’t get it – it is obvious surely a real class striker has been needed for sooo long – could you imagine what a player like Henry would have done running on to Ozil’s passes. I feel a bit for Ozil in truth but as many will argue ‘we’re top of league’ – don’t see any worthwhile signings this window to be honest but you never know! Mata, RVP and Rooney, quite some threesome if they pull it off.

  14. AW has also said that he’s unlikely to make any signings this month unless something exceptional turns up..

    What a joke!

  15. SP1, the latest figure show we only made £8m in revenue so I bet Stan is looking at means of tightening the purse strings. ;) :P

    2012-2013 REVENUE

    1. Real Madrid £444.7m

    2. Barcelona £413.6m

    3. Bayern Munich £369.6m

    4. Manchester Utd £363.2m

    5. Paris Saint-Germain £341.8m * new entry

    6. Manchester City £271m * baloney

    7. Chelsea £260m * Baloney

    8. Arsenal £243.6m

    9. Juventus £233.5m

    10. AC Milan £225.8m

  16. I know you will laugh Rico but Sanogo can work on that flank and from some of the clips i have seen he could be a good un, of couirse he needs games as do many others but will they get them.

  17. spot on sp1 with the exception of Wenger spending big – don’t see that happening at all – his finances over the last few years are very much in the blue and he’ll want to keep it like that IMO

  18. Exactly Oz… Just one striker, surely that’s not such a big deal..

  19. Morning Ginge, Yeh i see that as a major stumbling block :)

  20. He needs to be fit first Sp ;)

  21. J Martinez is staying because of EU passport rules I believe…

    Hiya Oz, I know most will disagree but there are no talents around for everyone even with lots of money.

    Falcao is injured now and so AS Monaco are now on the market…

    In the 90’s you could find so many top strikers from Andy Cole, Bastistuta to Voller etc; however now we only have 5 or 6 true strikers with so many false 9…imho of course

  22. Morning rico and all. I’m not sure signing one player would make us favourites! Take a look at Man City’s four out and out strikers and compare with ours. Then look at their bench. No Park there as soon as they get a few injuries. Like to think otherwise but just trying to be realistic.

  23. Agreed Rico :) I must admit Sanogo so far, is more likened to Diaby, but as you say a CF is a must. I agree with you on Ozil, he does need a player in front to pick out, but ozil would need a player who can change position quickly. I was hoping your boy Theo would help him out, but we will have to wait till the league is almost ended before we see him again.

  24. Morning Ah, all 3 would though ;)

  25. AW concerned about what the Mata deal:

    Wenger also called for the Premier League to look at the fixture schedule and how it effects the January transfer window.

    “[It] opens up the opportunities in this transfer market because Chelsea have already played twice against Man Utd and so don’t play them again anymore,” he added.

    “United could have sold him last week but it opens at least the dates of this transfer window. Some teams have already played twice against one opponent and some others not and I think if you want to respect the fairness for everybody – exactly the same – that should not happen.

    “I wouldn’t go as far as that, [Chelsea selling Mata to do damage to rivals] I just think you would want that everybody is at the same level. I can understand completely what Chelsea are doing, it’s within the rules but maybe the rules should be adapted for fairness.

  26. He’s right..

  27. Rico- Ross Barkley to Chavs ….

    They have also stolen Salah from the dippers… :P :P

  28. bendtnerb52 is back in the squad and should start . Arteta, AR16 and Rosicky will not be available…

    A very full strength squad against Coventry tomorrow to appease SP1… lol

  29. Wenger wasn’t at heathrow for the duty free’s.

  30. I saw that one Ts, and they are linked with Griezmann (spelling)

    That’s Jose’s underhand way of doing business…

  31. Possibly the first Frimp and JW10 combo since youth days…

  32. fred, unless he was getting fags for Jack ;)

  33. Man utd were once the Goliath of football then along came…….

  34. Wenger should keep out of what other clubs do unless he wants the player himself. Maureen is doing what suits Chelsea, he considers Mata as not good enough for his own team but cannot let 37 mill sit on the bench, he has always had good relations with UTD and does not have to worry about playing them. Wenger should worry about our shortcomings and get a deal done, one player will not change the league on his own. so get a CF that will blend in with what we have and we’ll worry about Mata when it matters after all Suarez was kept quiet and we can deal with Matta the same way.

  35. Like it..rico

  36. True Rico;
    That is how Jose won the titles in his first reign…he bought a player from almost all his rivals…

    Despicable but vey strategic too…
    Like he bought Willian because he always scored against the chavs..

  37. I wish people would stop asking him stupid questions…

  38. ha ha SP1, Suarez 2 goals in 9 appearances against us…

    9 goals scored against the top 7 sides in this league since he joined the EPL

  39. All just a big game for him Ts. He’s a horrid little man….

  40. Nice one Ginge, :) Bendtner has had a couple of reasonable games , still not my favourie player but can score and play Giroud style. We must buy a CF :)

  41. Bath time catch you latter.

  42. Mind the ducks Sp ;)

  43. ha ha Rico… SP1 may get an asbo for skinny dipping in a public pond… lol

  44. Special press conference on Monday for Puma deal, not Wenger contract

  45. Quite right S.P . What happens to Mata if he’s not joining us is of no concern to Wenger.. His job is to get active and do something to improve our situation.If he feels that his squad is strong enough then come out say so and live or die by his decision. Personally i don’t see the need to buy another forward with the style that we are employing as Giroud and Bendtner can do that job , but what i think we are missing is a quicker outball and a player capable of taking advantage of it. I can never understand the need to bring all 10 players back to defend a set piece , leaving a speedster on the halfway line would mean the opponents having to leave players back and a well weighted pass out means it would be a one on one chase. However it seems that apart from improved contracts for some ( not all ) we are not doing anything this time round.

  46. Arsenal’s revenue of £243m is about to jump to in and around £307m come July, when the Emirates sponsor is renewed 30m ps, and the deal with puma supposedly 34m ps.

  47. Really Ts, where did you read that?

  48. I don’t think AW is questioning the sale of Mata, just the January window and how the fixture list makes a difference.

  49. Good post Rico, AW should stay out of other clubs business and concentrate on Afc, totts sold Bale and arsenal get Ozil, JM is doing what he thinks is right for cfc.

  50. Tinge, i keep saying it about Suarez….his record is sensational against sides i would scare, but is average v top clubs.
    Thanks for that stat.

  51. Daily Telegraph Rico…

  52. Thanks Gdna. Honestly, I don’t think he’s poking his snoz, just answering a question put to him and talking about how the Jan window can help certain clubs…

    Thanks Ts..

  53. Hi Scott… long time?

    Same here but you know me I rate only Ramsey and Arteta. :P

  54. Finally an admission Ts ;)

  55. I don’t think he’ll sign anyone. He believe’s Giroud and Bendtner are enough.

    I’ve been wondering why he’s not made an approach for Mata, and it’s just occurred to me, he only likes big guys up front. Henry, Bergkamp, Adebayor, Bendtner, Giroud with smaller guys on the flanks, Pires, Ljungberg, Arshavin, Reyes, Walcott, Podolski. Cazorla. Too heavy a trend to be coincidence methinks!!!

    If they don’t fit the Wenger mould, they don’t come. Simple.

  56. ha ha ha I didn’t know you were around Rico… I wouldn’t have admitted that on record…. :-)

    On Bendtner and Gervinho too… ;)

  57. Rico, AW is always the victim.

  58. Welcome Bill..

    My own view is it would a sin not to add something different up front..

    He had the chance to sign Mata a few years ago and when he was cheaper, he didn’t take the chance then and he seldom looks twice..

    In any case, Jose wouldn’t sell to us, we are a threat to them…

  59. Bill Isambard Felcher is looking more attractive as a striking option as D Day looms.

  60. Spot on Potter couldn’t agree more. Wenger will answer questions on almost anything bat the question we all want to know about. But that’s Wenger. I guess he has his eye on some one :)

  61. :) Ts, I’m usually not too far away…

    Gdna, I agree he should be concentrating on all things Arsenal and trying to sign us a player who will give us something extra/different in attack but when an interviewer asks him a question, he usually answers..

    And he won’t change now…

  62. I know Ginge.
    Ramsey is back soon……if he hits the same form he was in earlier, we are in for a great few months combined with our new striker :)

  63. riously though, I guess everyone has their preference…

    I for instance prefer Oscar to Mata and SC19; and think Negredo will suit us more than Suarez but then; I admit I am prejudice against LS07 for what he did in the WC2010. ;)

    The same way Pep said he did not consider JW a special talent as he had 10 others in the academy who won’t make the grade but then 4 months later Barca bought Song who a lot of fans do not rate….

  64. Is that Biggles Adam ;)

  65. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1 1h
    If we don’t sign anybody this window and AW signs his contract on Feb 1. That would elicit meltdowns of epic proportions.

  66. I don’t think Mata will fit into Moyes’ team just like Kagawa. He loves to play behind the striker and does not do well on the wing. Moyes use the old British type of playing football – give the balls to the wingers who cross for the centre forward. What happens when RVP and Rooney are both fit? None can be dropped to the bench and neither the new signing.

  67. I still think someone will be in before 11pm 31st Jan.

    Or am I just wasting my time hoping…

    Berbtov is looking a very good option right now on a 4 month loan…

  68. Don’t forget we have the Sagna and Merts contract extensions to announce Gdna… ;)

  69. I am not so sure on Sagna – this seems to be dragging a bit Rico?

  70. Berbatov offers further slow transition and not at all what’s required IMO -

  71. Rico,i think we will nab one.

  72. Fuck berbatov we should be setting our sights a lot higher than his like…we are massively wasting Ozil’s creativity, with our current strikers!

  73. Lee, i’d love to see us get a world class striker, but Berbatov would surely be better than none, i reckon.

  74. Ah yes, I forgot the 3 year saga for Sagna…

    Oz, I was being ironic about Berbatov, honest…

  75. Scott, AW saying he’s unlikely to sign anyone always gives me hope…

    If he doesn’t, he has seriously missed a golden opportunity… Again.

  76. Lee – its the 23rd of January 2014, we’ve needed a quality striker for how long? – ‘has to be of exceptional quality’ the guru says – what a load of toss. You know he’s praying the mess that is Bendtners career will give him an opportunity to say i told you so. Fact is he’s cost us millions and Wenger’s over the top praise blew up in his face – “this club means nothing to me” 2010 interview. Now he’s on the “i always believed in him” crap. Give me a break

  77. With Wenger saying it’s highly unlikely he will bring anyone in, I don’t think we deserve to win the league. Wasted opportunity that won’t come around again for a while I reckon. We never replaced Gervino, lost Walcott, and failed getting Ba. Because we have played above ourselves, supporters have been appeased and there will be little anger from crowd who pay top season ticket prices. Third or fourth is our likely target as per usual.

    Have I become negative all of a sudden? Maybe but I thought for once, Wenger would be busy busting a gut during November and December getting a striker or winger lined up that he had failed to sign in August. I just look at other squads and our lack of pace and clinical finishing and I only see us going backwards. But as usual Wenger comes out with ‘we have Chamberlain back, we have Bendtner back, soon Sanogo …….. For Christ sake, record never changes, I ‘m getting angry now. Someone calm me down and tell me I’ve got it all wrong and we are in better shape than Man City or Chelsea to win league. And that we are not throwing away such a glorious opportunity.

  78. Ah, if we don’t sign a striker I honestly don’t believe we will win the league.

    I don’t see that as being negative, just realist…

  79. I’m off for a while now, catch up later….

  80. Oz, we’ve need a quality striker since the rapist left…

  81. Andrew – I agree i believe third is the best we can do and the best we’ll ever do with Wenger in charge. He’s not a winner, that we know that now days. He’s more than happy at the bridesmaid table, that is beyond question surely now? “We’ve surprised everyone” really, with your resources? We sling off at Suarez for not doing the business against the big guns but what about Wenger? He lived in Fergies pocket and now Moreen is back to shove him backwards. He will claim the season a great success regardless now and will sign his lucrative new deal, then god forbid he’ll move up stairs and call the transfer shots still. Like you, I so hope I have this all wrong mate

  82. Andrew , there are too many of us that feel that way, Whilst it is true that there has been little movement at all throughout this window one can’t help but feel that deals should have been in place before it opened.

  83. spot on potter, like its news we need a quality striker and real pacey wingers doh!

  84. off to work – night all

  85. Rick if you are around..

    As mentioned 3 days ago… Frimmy is off sick today… lol so typical!

  86. Hi, there is a lot of talk of what O.G. does not do and not a lot of appreciation for what he does add to the team. I would like to see another striker added to the squad but to dismiss Giroud’s contribution as has been done is wrong he will add 20 to 25 goals if he stays fit in all competitions and double figures for assists.

    If we can not get the player A W wants now then lets not do a schevchenko to Chelsea, Torres to Chelsea or Carrol to Liverpool none of whom have been a success. I would like to see some pace come into the team and some young talent like Tom Ince bought and given a chance for now and the future and with N B off in the summer a striker with similar attributes to O G bought as well who can nick a goal, bring others into play and hold the ball up perhaps Jordan Rhodes from Blackburn,

    Come the summer a striker with pace and a proven goal scoring record should be added to the squad along with a centre back.

  87. I have to admit Oz, i was of the same opinion as you last summer but as the window was closing word got out that we were in for Ozil, i have to admit i never knew who he was, but he has lifted the squad, and although i still don’t understand all the hype he has created i cannot argue with our position. Wenger seems to leave it late in transfer windows, he seems to keep everything close to his chest and its always a last minute scramble. Whether he believes he may get gazzumpt i don’t know but normally we see a freebie followed late by a player. If he fails he will say no one out there who can better us. Arsenals form has been good, and other clubs have slipped up the way the league is run and the fixtures seems to have fallen for us. We need to get some thing out of the tough games and be resilient with the so called easy games.but whether we buy or not we are in there with a shout. I know Bendtner Sanogo and Giroud and Park may not float many boats but were halfway through the season and were still top, We have seen all around us teams that have hit a bit of form and we have seen how a club like Utd can be shot down in half a season, we have been on a bit of a roll and if that continues we can win this league make no mistake about that. Other teams will worry about us thats for sure, and if i speak the truth we could have played better, but you can’t knock the results. Wenger won’t be pushed and he won’t pay over the odds he knows his football and he knows how to run a club, we may not win the league but we will be up there and i wouldn’t be a bit supprised if he gets our man.

  88. Sp I agree 100% with what you say but……….who will be that player???

  89. Hi Wavy, probably some one i have never heard of :)

  90. Kevin Davies may be available or even Darren Bent!

  91. Sorry Vern, just noticed your comment and your right of course, But i’m sure you feel the same as most of us, that we need better OG has done bloody Marvelous but his lack of pace and the many misses that in all honesty should have been converted, tells us that we do need better. No forward scores them all were not that stupid but we need a striker that can move with pace and has the ultimate a football brain. Giroud as you say has done well and again your right in what he does for the team, but is that enough for you.. I bet i’ve missed you

  92. AK would probably grab your arm off Wavy,. but they don’t ring my bells :)

  93. Lets be fair..we all thought we needed another striker to start with …even wenger said so
    but half a dozen players improved Top of the League….lovely jubble
    Not sure if wenger will sign any other player/s

    I get the feeling wenger is trying to install a siege mentality into this squard by not signing anyone.
    Listening to the Ox today…..it has wenger written all over it.

  94. If I told peeps that NB has a higher conversion rate than Suarez I guess I will be told I am deluded again and that stats do not mean jack all but NB converts 25% of his chances whilst Suarez converts ‘only’ under 23% of his chances.

    Even if maths is not your best subject, I am sure we will all agree NB strolling around and converting 25% of 4 chances is worst than Suarez bursting his guts to convert 23% of the 12 changes he may creat every game…

    Yes OG12 may appear to miss alot of chances but it is because he gets himself in places where most strikers won’t even try to… imho

  95. How the heck did Mauren-ho of all people get Salah for 11M?A truly top top player we could have done with a proper player…

    A winger too…

    I am truly gutted with this…

  96. Afternoon Fred, read a piece the other day where Maureen said something about financial fair play, I thought it was in play but from reading this artical it seemed that it may come in this season so clubs are being careful, does anybody know anything about this.

  97. Rico will be gutted when she see’s or learns about how this proper winger plays…

    Sp1 too… a proper fast winger in the muld of Overmars…

  98. I honestly can’t believe he was bought for only 11M… I was expecting 35M at least…

    Just because he plays in Switzerland… :(

  99. Its all fools day. lol

  100. Not seen a great deal of him Ginge to be honest, but i can only think he’s wages will explain a lot

  101. True SP1, but he is always class for Basel in the CL…

    Mauren-yo always buys players who play well against his team.

  102. Dear oh dear
    Falcao is OUT of World Cup. Devastating blow for Monaco & Colombia forward… Bacca to replace him for Colombia…

  103. A late bid from AS Monaco for OG12 maybe ;)

  104. Maureens balanced the books steve..
    23mil Matic..11mil Salah = 34 Mata…not fair is it.

  105. It’s Wenger’s conundrum :- does he spend the rest of his budget now or wait until his next lot comes in for next season. If he buys and gets stuck in another protracted contract for a player that will hardly feature like another Gervinho. Is he better off putting that £ 11 million to one side to get Draxler in the summer.

  106. Sounds like a good deal from a clever manager to me Fred, but the window is not over yet. Maureen can tempt birds from the tree’s but he is backed by a mega rich owner who can give presents that don;t show up on the books,

  107. It’s where the artificially rich clubs rule the roost . I believe the asking price was £ 11 million and that Liverpool were trying to negotiate around 8 – 9 hoping to get a deal for 9 – 10. Chelsea however can just slap the cash on the table and blow them out of the water.

  108. True Potter…

    Mauren-yo even back stabs his best buddy Brenda…

    If you have a friend like Jose you need no enemies… lol

  109. I reckon that Kroenke is running an Empire he has assets all over but he strikes me that none of them gets him excited. I don’t see him going Potty to win anything but should it happen he would only see it as successful and profitable where The Sheik and the Russian want and need success, they have invested plenty in players where Kroenke has invested in a comodity, Very hard to beat clubs with owners that want success and will find a way round financial fair play rules.

  110. Sp1, I also think the ‘oil guys’ are buying into the UK as a means of gaining a safe haven and an opportunity for their families when the oil dries out or a new dictator kicks them out of their natives…

  111. When you look at it Wenger has done brilliantly keeping at their shirtails and then another comes along, Hoe frustrating must that be

  112. there you have it in a nutshell Ginge. :)

  113. Valencia will also be the new king on the block when the Spainish banks agree its sale …

    Peter Lim…

  114. Hi SP I agree we need pace but I believe that OG’s football brain is fine as you say its the lack of pace, he does bring players into the game round the box as well what I would like to see is pace on the flanks coming in and playing of him leaving one defender at most to beat to have a shot.

    But I also think these have to be men like Monreal, Arteta and Vermallen who are true professionals and dont complain if they are not playing this Arsenal side is not as talented as others in the past with Cesc and Hleb and even with Adeybuywhore but it is more likeable in my view you can’t doubt the effort and commitment and the respect for the club and its supporters I just wish it had a little more pace wide and a little more fantasy about it up front.

    I still think if we are lucky with injuries we will give Chelsea and City a hell of a run for their money and Bayern as well in the CL.

  115. Vern, if we have a weakness, i would say its if we turn up on the day, i believe we have a very good team but they do have too many off days for me, but how can you tell what team turns up.

  116. Arsene says it’s not fair selling Mata to the mancs,
    wonder what the other clubs thought when Arsene sold the little boy
    to the mancs.
    …no what I thought

  117. Oz, 3rd being successful – sad but a reality with AW. Potter, AW has never been proactive has he? Dein or someone of his ilk should have been making the moves ready for the first week in January.

  118. I think this current squad suffers less from that syndrome than previous teams to be honest what it misses is players to run beyond the centre forward and pace on the flanks to frighten defenders and make them play deeper which then gives our creative players more time to lift their head because it is harder for the opposition to press us all over the pitch.

    I wish some players in the squad would gamble and make that run beyond to free up space or to receive the pass that a Ozil or a Cazorla can provide, Ramsey before his injury made those runs and got the rewards now we need other players to do the same.

  119. Salah to Chelsea, and there’s was me thinking no players were out there to be signed…

    Well well……

    Evening all….

  120. Just been offered a chance to go tomorrow night but can’t go, how gutted am I… :(

  121. Wicki details

    Full name Álvaro Vadillo Cifuentes
    Date of birth 12 September 1994 (age 19)
    Place of birth Puerto Real, Spain
    Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
    Playing position Winger
    Club information
    Current club Betis
    Number 7
    Youth career
    2006–2011 Betis
    Senior career*
    Years Team Apps† (Gls)†
    2011–2013 Betis B 34 (4)
    2011– Betis 26 (0)
    National team‡
    2010–2011 Spain U17 7 (0)
    2013 Spain U19 7 (1)
    2012– Spain U20 5 (1)
    * Senior club appearances and goals counted

    Young and obviously for the future , but not what we need right now.

  122. Mata signs a £150k-a-week deal until 2018, to be confirmed in morning. Mexès is staying at Milan & Essien is about to join him, on loan.

  123. Have we signed him Potter?? ;)

  124. No of course not . At least I don’t think so . Who can tell with the smoke and mirrors that surround The Arsenal.

  125. yes Potter, just like a John Le Carré novel, long, meticulously planned, slow to emerge, even slower in preparation and totally secret. All Arsenals transfers are tedious and then……..in a flash of a pan ALL is REVEALED!
    But who will it be…….???

  126. Osvaldo back to his old habits…

  127. I was teasing Potter. Spot on with all the smoke and mirrors…

    Just hope there is something good at the end of the game playing…

  128. Draxler is my guess Wavy.

  129. I’m done for the day, night all…

  130. Night Rico…

    Potter are you watching Ath Madrid?

  131. Morning all.
    Personally, i think all clubs should do transfer negotiations as we do.
    Tapping up……..naming players in the media…….it is disrespectful and wrong.

  132. No TS with the game tomorrow if I put football on the box tonight I would get lynched. Is it any good ?

  133. Darren Bent for me, every time…

    But then I am deluded….

    Going tonight, really looking forward to it…

  134. Hernandez ready to quit Man Utd..

    Just saying… ;)

    Morning all…

  135. Morning Rico.
    Bloody chooks wake you up again?

  136. Morning all, been reading some of our other blogs and the feeling seems to be that with Sanogo and Bendtner penciled in tonight, seems the likelyhood of us buying a CF in this window is pretty slim, Arsene Himself has said that he has no news on any new signings and also said that he didn’t want to lie to fans. Thinking about it logically, it would be a bit extravegant when we already have 4 CF and the chanches of loosing one or two at the end of the season would only be sensible to wait till the summer

  137. Agreed Steve.
    We got this far with what we have…and that includes Theo being injured for the majority of the first half of the season.
    We are good enough with what we have, but a top class striker would make us nearly a good thing.

  138. Morning Scott, cheeky tinker, this is late for me ;)

  139. Morning Sp, Sanogo isn’t fit yet…

  140. Morning Scott, Yeh i agree, I would be of the same view as Wenger should a player become available then i would hope he would buy him but if we can’t do a deal then thats it. We would of course want anyone that can make us better.

  141. Morning Rico, SP1, Scott and all…

    Brenda nearly spilled the beans on Salah deal on TS radio this morning…

    bloody agents ;)

  142. Morning Rico, I read that he is fit for tonight, but would probably wait for another week. The Ox could get his first start tonight and he will play down the middle but of course i could be wrong.

  143. Ah, then I stand corrected Sp. ;)

    AW said yesterday Sanogo was coming back next week…

  144. I suppose that if he is fit, he could be on the bench, if not your probably right, don’t want to start the day on the wrong side of you :)

  145. Arsenal officials are in Germany but have so far failed to agree a fee with Schalke for Julian Draxler as S04 want to keep Julian to push for CL qualification according to Bild…

  146. AW is going for a strong side it appears… only CJ25 is coming in…

  147. ITV Sport are reporting the same story about Draxler.

  148. Good, I’d love us to win the FA Cup and we don’t play again until Tuesday do we?

    Morning Ts by the way ;)

  149. Has anyone heard that the ambulance service or 99 operators received several calls this week asking to have Fergie back at Yanited…

  150. I read that a couple of days ago, just one drunken Man Utd fan…

  151. Ah, just one caller?

  152. Depends which paper reports the story Ts ;)

  153. FFS someone I know shot in Shenfield stn carpark!

  154. Is he/she ok Lee?

  155. Just seen the news, phew he is!

    What is going on in this country and they say crime is down…. Pff

  156. New Post up now..

  157. Like they are saying unemployment is down but it is only because most people are signed on zer-hours contract…
    As they say don’t believe anything the politicians say… apart from my stats of course. :P

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