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You old tease Arsene!! Merts and Sagna deals close….

Morning all.

So then, the sightings of Julian Draxler at The Emirates was likened to a UFO, some believe they have seen them when others don’t.

Berbatov is admired as a footballer but not needed as Bendtner and Sanogo will soon return and as for Arsene himself, well he reckons his future is all sorted but he’ll make his own mind up about telling us all his big decision, when the right time is here.

My guess is that that time will be the same time which Arsenal announce Bacary Sagna and Per Mertesacker have also signed new contracts with the club which it seems could be any day soon..

What a way to mask the lack of January signings eh?

No. No it won’t. Yes it will be fantastic news to hear both defenders have signed on again but they won’t solve our striker needs will they. In fact when Mertesacker has had golden opportunities to score with his head, he’s fluffed his lines so….

You watch the big friendly one go and score today now that I have written that….

Seriously though and back to Arsene Wenger’s press conference, to me he seemed to do just what he always does in front of the media, and that’s to tell them nothing but as the clock ticks on and the days go by, I just keep my hope that he’s got something planned before 11pm on the 31st January arrives and I don’t care if that means one or maybe two loan deals, as long as he just gets those players in the door. Players who will make us stronger and give us more depth.

Right, today and Fulham.

Arsène Wenger says that beating teams in bottom half of the table will be vital if we are to maintain our challenge for the title.

That [beating the bottom-half sides] gives you consistency. After that you want to make some special results against the direct contenders as well.

Of course that is the target but let’s first be consistent. The table is divided in two at the moment, you have nine up to Southampton on 30 points. That is the first part of the table and then you have the second part between 16, 17 and 23 points.

There is a gap between Southampton and the rest but every game is difficult. We want that consistency against the lower part of the Premier League but as well produce some exceptional results against the top level teams.

Isn’t that just what we have all been saying?

Today we face Fulham, one of a few sides flirting around the relegation places and we seriously need to be battering them. Manchester City would in their own back yard and we need to do the same IF we are really going to be at the top come May.


  • Arsenal have never lost at home to Fulham in any competition spanning 110 years (W22, D5).
  • However, Fulham earned a Premier League draw at the Emirates Stadium on each of their last two visits.

Well the last two matches don’t make pretty reading do they, both matches drawn, come on, we need better, much better…

But then we are better, much better and despite our long list of injuries, we really should pick up maximum points today.

Here’s some positive stuff:

  • The Gunners are unbeaten in their subsequent nine home league matches since an opening-day defeat by Aston Villa, dropping just four points and conceding only three goals.
  • They have the joint best defensive record in the division, conceding 19 goals in 21 matches and keeping nine clean sheets.
  • Arsenal’s total of 48 points after 21 matches is their highest since 2007-08 (50 points). They finished in third place that season.
  • No team has scored the first goal in more Premier League games this season than Arsenal (16).
  • Olivier Giroud has scored the opening goal on a league-high six occasions this season.

More of the same please Arsenal, but let’s have a few more goals and a bit more of the slick play we are known for…

Go get three points in style and show just why we really are true title contenders……..


That’s your lot, have a good one….

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185 comments on “You old tease Arsene!! Merts and Sagna deals close….

  1. very good match report Rico…….typical Wenger re UFO quotes…….

  2. and I expect a win today…….3:0 to the good guys……COYG

  3. Thanks snaparse..

    Bent and Berbatov…. Hmmmmm

  4. Morning everyone. No Danish tv Channel is broadcasting the game. Luckily i found my self an Irish pub here in Copenhagen :) Happy days! Lets score 4 or 5 today, its been a while.

  5. I lifted your remark from Meulenstien and put it on the AFC Forum Rico, Hope you don’t mind.
    I have been using the forum since it was set up by the fans that used The official club one , which the club shut down when criticism of the board became a lively subject.

  6. Adk, I’m hoping Dutch comes up trumps with a stream…

  7. Draxler has been to London Colney. Schalke trained there when they played Chelsea in the ECL group stage this season. Confirmed by Jan Aage Fjortoft, ex-footballer and credible journalist.

  8. Morning all by the way.

  9. Nice pot Rico,ggine would be proud of your stats.

  10. Déjà vu, (/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/) from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.
    Another transfer window from yours truly..Thanks Arsene

  11. For sure I don’t mind Potter, not that I know which remark you are referring to.. ;)

    Do you have a link to the forum please, sounds interesting..

  12. I’m sure there is truth in JD being there but we all know AW will give the press nothing…

    Thanks Mg, that makes me feel so much better ;)

  13. morning Rico and all
    good pre-match post…thanks

    sitting top & joint best defence so far…take that away ‘crazy’ game at mancity and its 13 goals in 20 matches…solid…

    still some way to go…now we go on and surprise their manager today….

  14. Rico , it is a cross section of people but just of late has attracted a few trolling types but that’s the nature of the beast . However there are many original’s and the debates can get far reaching.


  15. I enjoyed reading the post…

    Good morning Rico and all…

    Hey Mg, I get all emotional when ‘stats’ are mentioned. :-)

    My only concerns are Dempsey and sidwell/Parker today…

    Dempsey likes to stick up to us… I hope not this time…

  16. I wouldn’t mind Vucini though…he is very similar to Lavezzi i,e a safe Tevez if you like…

    12M is a bit steep though…

  17. Morning kali and thanks..

    Thanks Potter, going to take a peep now…

  18. What’s happening at Inter? They are doing a boxing day style sale over there…

    Shame they do not have a top striker for us to pinch…

    They are willing to sell Ranocchia to BVB for less than the €18m they paid for him 2 and a bit years ago… top CB too…

  19. Boring Boring Chelsea

  20. Hi rico, couldn’t agree with you more on your whole report! Morning all.

    Been given tickets to my local club Southend United today, so will be nervously looking at phone every two minutes for updates. If I can get a signal under iron stand, its been difficult sometimes before.

  21. Morning All…

    Morning Rico…

    If the ‘reports’ are accurate, then it seems that Arsenal are shopping in Italy this January…
    Wenger has done quite well in the past, when he’s picked up players from Serie A…
    More bargains to be had methinks?

  22. Morning Ts. Good ;)

  23. Morning Ah, great minds eh ;)

    Morning Kev…

  24. Arsene said that he always want to sign top young talent and Germany is the place right now….

    So he does want Draxler really…. ;)

  25. Sanogo is tall….

  26. morning all!
    Benfica, eveton, dortmiund and Arsenal are iteresting in Michy Batshuayi (Standard Liege)
    Come on Arsenal!

  27. morning Kev,

    AW may be ‘shopping’ from serie A because I believe he knows he needs one or 2 more tactically astute players in the squad to help us in the bigger games…

    Imo, most times without the likes of Arteta, TR07 and the BFG in the line-up we lack individuals who can see the bigger picture on the field to change things before half time i.e what the English pundits call leaders which is not necessarily the right word imho…

    In some games this season TR07has identified that we are struggling defensively or not controlling the game well from deep so has swapped with Ramsey or JW without the intervention of AW imho…

  28. Rico, he has bulked up too… he was not injured as far as I have heeard from certain individuals…

    He went to a training camp to work on his core stability etc… to stop him falling like charlie chaplin.. ;)

  29. Hi JM..

    Ts, I guess he’ll play some day…

  30. Morning Rico,

    Well you certainly picked out the salient points of AW’s interviews and perhaps his usual two card trick, or I suppose that should read two player trick, because, as you said, while we digest the ‘new’ contracts for Arsene and the two players, the TW will be over and we will have Rambo back, Bendy almost back and the contracts signed, we will be assured it is like having half a team of ‘new’ players.

    Well done for spotting Wenger’s sleight of hand. :-)

  31. Morning Hb, 3 card trick, don’t forget AW new deal ;)

  32. Morning Rico and all. Very mild in London today.

  33. Quite right Rico, it is absolutely certain in my opinion that AW will sign :-)

    I think AW wants Draxler too, but he is probably playing his usual ‘leave it till the last minute’ to try and get him cheaper. Fat chance!

  34. Morning Adam. It is here too. I have to remind you about something but have forgot ;)

  35. Mirko Vucinic, 30, Juventus, €12 million.

    Wenger has been linked to this striker, several times in recent seasons…

    It seems that Arsene only wants him on loan, as €12m seems a lot for a 30 year old.
    Juventus obviously, want a permanent deal to get his wages off of their books…

    I suppose a compromise on his transfer fee could swing the deal…
    But you cannot blame the club for not being keen to sign a 30 year old for that kinda fee…
    What’s he gonna get? A 3 year contract perhaps…

  36. Juan Cuadrago, 25, winger, Fiorentina.

    This Columbian international can apparently operate down both flanks, though normally right-footed…
    Not sure about his fee, but he has pace and is known to track back and help out defensively…
    With Walcott’s future uncertain, Miyaichi’s development stalled, we could do with some pace and variation from the flanks, so he seems a promising option (if the rumours stack up)…

  37. Following on the news, that Arsenal have recruited the head of West Ham’s sport science, I see that a new masseur, Chris Senior, has joined from Huddersfield Town.

    Now on the face of it, these changes will probably pass most of us by as we concern ourselves about the next game, transfer window, injuries…

    But maybe the club are finally doing something about our terrible record on injuries???
    Things certainly haven’t been the same since Gary Lewin left…

  38. Morning all,
    Well what can we expect today.? Seems like everybody expects a big win well what can i say. On paper and by the stats put up by the lady of the house, it looks like a definite 3 points and then we move on leading the pack to the next game. I am going to be positive as it seems everybody else doesn’t like the negatives. And lets face it league leaders playing against a team from the bottom what other result could there be. Yes we have a few injured but that shouldn’t matter as the depth of our squad is that more superior than Fulham. Yes they have had what you could say is a bit of fortune at the Emirates in the past but since we played them last we have strengthened in defence and of course we have Mesut Ozil who walks on water, so no they haven’t a chance in hell of getting anything out of todays match.. I read in some of the comments that we will win by 4 goals surely we can win by more than that, as we may even see the man i tipped to be a £20 million striker in 2 years Ya Ya Sanogo, Rosiski may make a showing in his new phantom of the opera mask so were packed with really good Midfielders. Giroud has been well rested and he has had a fairly easy match at Villa so he should not be ring rusty, Ya Ya may get ten minutes and if there has been a few stoppages he may just get fifteen. I wonder that seeing how we are so far ahead of Fulham we may just see a glimps of the elusive Italian goalkeeper who’s name escapes me at the moment. Anyway we have the fire power to upstage Fulham and also being at home it will be an easy afternoon COYRRG’s

  39. Morning all.

  40. Dutch will be pleased to see one of his countrymen given the role of Academy Director in succession to Liam Brady….

    I don’t know about Andres Jonker, but he has Coached at a high-level and leaves a Coaching role at Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga to join Arsenal…

    The EreDivisie may not be the strong league it once was, but Dutch clubs/football are still among the top echelons when it comes to producing young technically gifted footballers…
    So if Mr Jonker can sprinkle some of that Dutch magic dust on the Arsenal Academy then I for one will celebrate with a pint of Oranjiboom… (Spelling)…

  41. Rico. I have forgotten too. :)

  42. Hi Sp, Scott..
    :P Adam, but now you remember…

  43. Hb, I think AW ha already signed…

  44. Off for a kip…catch you at kick off.

  45. 110 years, that’s older than wath ! lets make it 111.

    Good to here Merts and Sagna have got extensions, both were getting a bit of unfair stick last season and over the summer, both big players for us.

    Fred, did I ever tell you my deja vu joke.

  46. I like Orangeboom (spelling) Kev :)

  47. line-up ?:
    Fabianski ; Sagna Per Koscielny Gibbs ; Flamini Chamberlain ; Podolski o Gnabry Ozil Cazorla ; Giroud .

  48. Hopefully he won’t turn out be a right jonker for us kev !

  49. They deserved it early last season Micko ;)

    Back in a while, few things to do before kick off…

  50. 3-0 would do me nicely even if we should sack them big time. 1 Assist to Ozil and a goal, very noice thanks :-)

  51. Instead of buying, shouldn’t we integrate strikers from our youth team? We’ve got some really good youth strikers which have not appeared with the seniors.

  52. good goal from Rodriguez

  53. Kev-Andres Jonker worked with Van Gaal at Barca and BM so he has the right footballing principles… can’t complain about his appoint at all…as even Wolfsburg play the right way in the Bundesliga too…

    He is a ‘proper’ coach so I am a bit surprised he has taken on a more administrative role with us…

    Saying that if he comes in and appoint proper coaches to lead the academy it will be very good for all of us imho…

    It is appalling imo that only JW10 and Frimpong have progressed from under 9 to senior squad in the last 20 years…All the rest of the youth who have made it with us have joined at 16.

  54. You have a point Je…

  55. I think we should still tempt Di Natali with a last chance big pay day deal… As he is retiring Udinese may deal at 1m or 2 m imo…
    he says he wants to retire but like Pirlo, Inzaghi, Del Piero said in their twilight years they all played on at the very top with other clubs especially Pirlo and Maldini etc…

  56. Was at this fixture last season, 2-0 up in 20 mins roll on towards the 70th Min we were 3-2 down lol fs :( and tbh berbatov was the best player on the pitch imo it ended 3-3 with Arteta missing a 93rd min pen to win it… Hopefully we have less drama today, and get a good win.

  57. Only Michael Owen an expert pundit can say the stadium of light is a fortress when in actual fact they have the worst home record…. still he gets paid more than self styled sit at home experts like me so… :P

  58. Bloody armchair supporters eh tsgh, think they know it all !

    Think we’ll give Fulham a good tonking this afternoon, they’ll wanna try and keep it down to three, that’s for sure.

  59. :P Micko… miss you Sir

  60. Rico, :-)

    Peroni is still número uno….

  61. Hey Mick, you seem impressed by our new Dutch Academy Director then?

    You over for the game today, or is it another afternoon slumming it in the local with all those plastic Mancs???

  62. Ginge, I’m hopeful that Arsenal will now start trying to attract youngsters from further afield than London and the South-East…

  63. Kev, same dilemma as ArsenalDK, need to find meself an Irish bar to watch the game in.
    Passport expired last month, will have to get a new one sorted, was over in November for a couple of games, 100% record this season.
    Catch you laters guys, C’mon Arsenal.



    Link1 http://cricfree.tv/live/watch/arsenal_v_fulham/19666



    Enjoy responsibly, tnx and cheers.


  66. Arsenal team to play Fulham: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Wilshere, Cazorla, Gnabry, Ozil, Giroud

    pleased for Monreal…

    FFC: Stekelenburg; Riether, Burn, Hangeland, Richardson; Dejagah, Sidwell, Parker, Kacaniklic; Dempsey, Berbatov

    Dempsey had to start no doubt due to his record against us…

  67. BFG will have Dempsey in his pocket…

  68. Thanks as always for the link Dg.

    Hi all.


    You sure Kev, gives me a headache but I persevere ;)

  69. Hi all,
    Shew we seem to be pressing early on. Must be their lack of pace to worry about.

  70. Wish the bloomin adverts would close ;)

  71. Why do we never shoot

  72. We’re still too static, not make space for a positive pass. Sure it’ll get better.

  73. Hi Bradster, long time no see, hope all is well..?

  74. dzeko scores again

  75. Afternoon all.

  76. Hi Rico,

    Yeah all is well, just extremely busy so i don’t get much time on the net.

  77. That’s good Brad but the latter annoying….

    Hi Scott..

  78. Hiya Brad… long time…

    Our midfield winning f all again!

  79. Step it up lads

  80. Great save

  81. Paul Merson on Man City v Cardiff: “It’s forwards against attack…

    4 fouls on JW already by the double duo Sidwell and Parker…

  82. 1-1 at the Etihad now…

  83. Any other links around guys, the adverts won’t close on mine..

  84. Our midfield is like a sieve…

    c’mon a bit of magic from the so called special players please…

  85. Remy on target again for Newcastle… and Cabaye..

  86. try sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/137154

  87. At least Reading are winning 3-0 with all goals from Le Fondre…

  88. That link doesn’t read Ts, but thanks…

  89. Man City 2-1 Cardiff.

    2nd one works…

  90. Thanks, will try that one…

  91. what a double save by s’burg

  92. I hope some fans dont turn on Ozil… ;)

  93. Same old problem. All midfielders in the centre. Allows the fb’s to overlap. Makes our fb need to work so much harder

  94. scez is saving us big time…

    Jeez our midfiled is asleep!

  95. I am glad the Panzer is ok to continue…

    I agree Bradlop…

  96. A team loses 6 in a row but play like Ath Madrid against us…

  97. We certainly need a better second half, that sounded pretty awful…

  98. First goal is crucial in this game… the longer it goes on the long FFC have the believe to get results again against us…

    still 2-0

  99. why we never shoot?
    time for Podolsky

  100. JM, Serge is shooting a lot but going miles wide.. OG12 had a shot too..

  101. Ul sg

  102. Santo goalllllllllll

  103. Berbatov seems to always work hard against us…

    he is covering alot of ground…

    Santi 1-0

  104. :) :) :)

  105. Being a fb for arsenal under Aw must be the hardest job in football…

    Sagna approaching 7km already…,

  106. Out to impress his nest manager, Ginge lol

  107. Goalllllllll

  108. double 2-1 santi

  109. Straight over to Rosicky to celebrate….lovely touch.

  110. Where did this striker come from :)

  111. Damn, Gnabry can play.

  112. Still no tackle by our DM.. 1

  113. Santi playing of the LWand scores twice

  114. Oh shite… OG12 down..

    Bent coming on for FFC

  115. 8 goals in last 10 games v Arsenal…

    CJ25 needs to come on to help with the defending later on…

    Poldi c’mon give me one more…

  116. Juio Cesar says he is joining Arsenal in the summer to replace Flappy and Viviano

  117. Reading 6-0 up :P

  118. Where did you read that Ts?

  119. Reading 7-0 :P

  120. Its official now Ozil looks lost without the mozart!

  121. twitter- from a young man who posted a foto with JC on his way to Erm…

    Scott parker is dirty…

  122. ha ha Ray Wilkins the no.2 for Fulham…

  123. Well I’ll believe that when I see it…

  124. All over, another 3 points…

    Top of the league we stay and hopefully the Chavs will drop 2 points tomorrow….

  125. Good win… Arteta and Ramsy need to come back asap for me…

    midfield has been poor in the last 2 games defensively…

    Sagna again covering more ground than anyone else on the pitch…

    Scez won us the game in the first half…

  126. Fantastic result.
    Goodnight all :)

  127. come on Benteke and AV

  128. Night Scott, – sleep well….

  129. Still top

    Night all

  130. later Mg.. I need more rumours from your ‘sauce’

  131. Ts, you really need to get a room with Ramsey and Arteta ;)

  132. haha Rico… of course we will talk tactics. ;)

  133. Cazorla was immense before and after scored!
    Podorlky came in with bravert! great

  134. Miguel Delaney ‏@MiguelDelaney 17 mins
    Wenger asked about Vucinic’s agent being spotted around Arsenal. “Some people have visual capacities I don’t have!” :P :P

  135. I thought you’d just stick to telling them how good they were and how poor those who stand in for them are Ts …

  136. Evening all, Not the landslide of goals we were expecting but enough to secure the 3 pts, enough chances were made to score 6 or more but the conservative approach of saving ourselves for the games ahead seems sensible. Ozil and the rest of the midfield were enough to inflict pain on a poor Fulham side. Berbatov being the only player who put in a full shift, whether he had hoped to catch the eye of Wenger who knows but i suspect Wenger still has his eye on Suarez and hopes that Liverpool slip up and miss the top 4 then Suarez will eventually venture south. Of course we still need to be top by the end of the season.

  137. :-) Rico..

    Hiya Sp1… 16 more games to go.

    chavs vs $hitty… points to be dropped
    $hitty against us at Erm will be interesting as they do not travel well and we have an ok home record…

    so far as we win against the scums and Evertons of this world we can have a photo-finish me think…

    It will be nice to see one or 2 kids on Friday evening against coventry too…

  138. Evening Ginge, Suarez on his way perhaps :)

  139. Just back from the game here. Glass half empty at the moment and some very worrying signs on the pitch. Still, it is three points and I am told that is all that counts.

  140. Hi Sp. I have removed the word ‘vouyer’ – tad insensitive I thought.

  141. Hi Adam – I didn’t see it but I’m happy with the three points…

  142. I’m off to eat..

  143. Rico. Yes. It’s all that matters isn’t it?

  144. Szesc: 100 games for Arsenal. Congratulations!

  145. no Problem for me Rico but you never sensored Maureen when he said it . but i know anything controversial and i am sensored, strange my Mum used to do that and suprisingly I’m still doing it. Where its ok to disagree as long as it suits, i get it.

  146. :-) sp1…

    2-1 to AV

  147. 2-2…

  148. Sp, how the heck can I sensor Jose for his comments?? And no, it’s not all about when it suits but there’s a line which can get crossed and whether it’s you or me, comments will be monitored….

    Adam, on days like today, maybe yes. I have a cunning theory about what is going on right now ;)

  149. Great result ! Keep it up.

  150. 2-0 to Arsenal that is.

  151. Syg, some things never change. lol

  152. ha ha Syg… I know you are stalking Yao Gerv. lol

  153. Quiet here so night all…

    ’til tomorrow…

  154. Kinda understand where your coming from Steve, kev has been banging on about a couple of Benders all season and never been sensored.
    Don’t worry, be happy, we won again.

  155. Morning guys….evening…wherever you are.
    We were not great, but do have some players coming back…still need a striker.
    Fulham…..well, they were a different side to that which have been on display of late, hence no walkover.

  156. Just got back , God that was boring . Fulham set up the Chelsea / United way . They restricted our fullbacks drove us into the middle and gave us two walls to get through . Fortunately their players are not of the same class as the aforementioned teams and we persevered and got through eventually. Ozil must be wondering if anyone is going to make a forward run for him to pick out.

  157. Potter very fair call on Ozil, but there were a few times i’d like to have seen him take responsibility and have a shot.
    Santi did and banged two in.
    Serge had a few cracks.
    Podolski nearly took the keepers arm off below the elbow with one.
    Ozil has the talent to do it, so if nothing is on offer, pull that trigger.

  158. He tends to be a bit deeper though to shoot . His abilities lie in setting up others.

  159. We need a Bender….

  160. Another 3 points….

    Top of the League….

    I didn’t see the game, so I don’t know if it a free-flowing game or not…

  161. as most say another 3 points although concerned they split us open a few times and were one pass away from hitting unmarked players in the box more than once. Again the need for a quality finisher on display but top of the league and with Liverpool slipping, top three looking good now. Ozil needs fast break players around him, there were none again yesterday and agree with Scott, he has to step up the shooting when its there.

  162. Morning campers

    Are we still top

  163. Morning all..

    I haven’t seen much of the game either, our second could easily have been ruled offside – had the ref from the City game been in charge…

  164. Can’t believe the negativity around the club Rico

    What do people want from the club

    Ffs we are top

  165. Not sure there’s too much negativity Mg, just frustration at the way we play sometimes…

    And the lack of signings this month.

  166. Morning Rico. Yesterday’s game seemed entirely consistent with the way things have been going really.
    Did you see Suarez’s ‘penalty’?

  167. I get what your saying Rico but when you look at the quality we have we have not even top form yet.man puke are in trouble and have not bought any 1 yet

  168. Morning Adam.

    I did see his dive. Joke eh…

  169. That’s what’s frustrating Mg, we have plenty of quality in the side, yet aren’t playing as well as they ‘should’ be.

    As for Man Utd and Moyes, I couldn’t give a toot what they get up to and their lack of signings/form etc shouldn’t be an excuse for Arsenal not addressing our needs.

    All we ask is a proven striker signs and soon…

  170. The Daily Mail reckon Mata/Rooney swap could be on…

  171. New post up now..

  172. Morning all,
    Have just read this mornings comments and have understood some of the supporters views on the way we are playing. I read people who are Staunch Arsenal people saying that our play could and should be better than what we are watching. I have felt that some of my negative comments have been viewed as being of a knocking Arsenal. I on the other hand realise that being top of the pile is all well and good, but when i watch other teams who play exciting football and score goals for fun, i realise that when my club comes up against them i feel that my club who sit top at the moment, could come unstuck and get a good hiding..I believe that if we just sit on our laurals and just expect the Arsenal machine to plough over these teams we are living i cloud Cookoo land. Steve Bould since his promotion has i believe made our defence a lot more resolute, but our attacking coach who is Arsene Wenger see’s possession as the answer can only be described as lame forward play. I watch lots of games where other teams rush forward and bust a gut to get into scoring positions and for me i find this style very appealing, yes many of these sides are below us in the league, but for the paying supporter who pays a lot more than other supporters i don’t believe they are getting value for money because of the boring aspects of our play. Winning games and heading the table is very satisfying but is it to much to ask some of our players to step up the part of the game that supporters love to see. Maybe this comment may appear negative and if you see it like that i’m sorry but i know we have the quality to play better even with the players we have but to see it in one out of ten games is frustrating for me. I just hope i have been politically correct, and you read this as i meant.

  173. Morning Sp.

    I too think we are quite lame going forward and we don’t shoot enough either. Santi showed yesterday that when we do, we can score and all this passing against a defensive set-up makes it difficult to break through….

    Politically correct, you can be cheeky ;) ;)

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