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Julian Draxler off to Munich? Togetherness is the key…

Morning all.


I know it’s been said before but seeing as the players and manager keep talking about it, isn’t it about time we fans all jumped on the same ship.

Arsenal FC may employ the odd player or two who divide fans but what’s the point in just slating them game after game when they are out there busting a gut to win every match they play in. Walcott frustrates the heck out of me because I’ve seen enough flashes of brilliance from him to know there’s a very good player inside that body of his but his lack of consistency has always put him out there to be battered.

Lukas Podolski is another who gets his fair share of criticism, especially when he’s asked to play the role of a loan striker and it doesn’t quite work out but it’s not his fault he’s out of his comfort zone is it?

Jack Wilshere is another but after our match, he made it clear that he’s an attacking midfielder, a creator and a scorer of goals but he knows that sometimes he has to play wide on either side for the good of the team, yet when he does and he doesn’t have such good a game, yep, he’s criticised.

There are more but if I went on, this post would be 3000 or more words long and I’d be bored and far more than any of you would be…..

But what we fans have to say or think means very little to our group of players because they are all right by each others side and they really are together during this seasons challenge.

Mathieu Flamini said this after our victory against Aston Villa:

It was an important win and a good win because it came from everyone. We all worked very hard. It was a tough because they’re a good team and scored their first goal and pushed for the second, but we were strong defensively. That was important.

It is very positive because at the end of the season these games make the difference. We knew everyone was looking at us and maybe hoping that we would drop points, but we were very serious from the start until the end of the game.

It is important to have both sides, when I say that I mean playing great football like we did in the first half with quick passing, but when you play in the English game you have to fight as well.

Everyone worked very hard and defended together. It was a great team victory.

Flamini talks a lot of sense in many ways.

After Aston Villa scored, they raised their game a lot. Yes I mean a lot because before then, they didn’t trouble us at all in front of goal but the players dug in and held out for the victory.

Would they have been able to do the same this time last season?

I don’t think so and it’s not the first time we have witnessed that kind of application and determination during the last 15/20 minutes of a game this season.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to sit back and pick out individuals, the manager or even the entire team for their performance at certain stages of a game but the reality is we are winning and winning breeds confidence.

Confidence breeds belief and putting those ingredients together will do nothing other than keep this squad believing that they can win something this season.

Of course it would be lovely to see our club batter sides each week but the reality is, that won’t always happen because funny enough, the clubs we face want to win too…

The manager believes in his players and the players believe in each other…

Thank goodness for that eh……

The big story in the news today relates to Julian Draxler. Actually, he’s been in the newspapers for a while now but just like Chinese Whispers, this story gets a bit added each morning. Today it’s all about how he’s set to arrive this month and Arsene Wenger is ready to turn him into the ‘next RvP’.

However, Sportsmail have just reported that the 20 year old will be heading to Munich for treatment to a ruptured tendon, an injury which is expected to keep him out until March.

Would that be enough to stop Arsene going for him??

That’s it for another day…..

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158 comments on “Julian Draxler off to Munich? Togetherness is the key…

  1. The rumours of the tendon injury being rubbished in many circles Rico so not sure how much truth in that one….!

  2. I bloomin hope so Wath. Hope they are a smokescreen and he’s on his way to us for a medical.. ;)

  3. “Form is temporary, class is permanent.” – Stan Anderson, Newcastle, Sunderland and England.

    Morning all.

    Smokescreen, most definitely

  4. Lee said earlier that Holtby could be heading to Schalke, so…..

  5. He’s had an injury but that was mid december…? is that something that has now been dragged up or is it ongoing…?

    Anyway is it relative when we have not even bought the bloke lol….

    If we really want him a short term injury won’t stop us getting him but it just won’t help the team short term he won’t be available…?

    So we’d still need reinforcements………….

  6. If the injury is true, Then draxler is certainly on his way to being the next RVP.

  7. morning Rico and all

    positive post reminding us again of how well we are
    doing and we can only get better…sticking together..
    players and fans…

    we are top for a reason

  8. Good point Wath, but wish we would ;)

    Morning kali, we are indeed….

  9. Fatboy, think he’d need a few more injuries before that can be said lol

  10. Who watched Diego Costa last night…. whats the consensus on how he played..?

  11. I suppose your all going to say he was “shit”…………… I suppose I asked for that one…….. :D

  12. Darren Bent for me…

    Morning All

    Morning Rico/Wath.
    Nice post M’Lady…

    The thing that worries me about Draxler, is the fact that the ‘more’ Arsenal get linked to any particular player, the ‘less likely’ we are, to sign them… :-(

  13. Haven’t watched it Wath, but he failed to score apparently, therefor he must be rubbish..

  14. Actually, I’ve never seen Costa play, so yes Wath, he may well be shit… :-)

    But Adam is in raptures about him, so as I have to keep ‘on-side’ I have to admit that Costa is magnificent… ;-)

  15. Morning Kev, thanks..

    One has to come true though ;)

  16. Lee, on the other hand, is in raptures for a Bender… :-P

  17. Chavs are about to confirm Matic….

  18. After extensive youtube scouting Draxler look absolutely mustard!

  19. Looks like Capoue is going to be binned by tottscum….

  20. Lewis :)

    Another player ruined by the neighbours….

  21. Wath, Costa is Grey Goose :)
    Morning guys.
    Draxler…..well two days ago, i believed we would get him in the summer, but it may just be a little sooner :)

  22. “The other major benefit you have with the German lads is their education. They’re raised on professionalism. He’ll come with the same lack of ego players like Ozil and Mertesacker boast” Le-Grove

    There is a fine divide between good and great; and one of the characteristics that helps difine the former from the latter is the mental aspect of a player.

    “Vorsprung durch technik” as they say in Islington; or “Holen Sie sich die Ficker haben unterschrieben” as they say in Doncaster.

  23. Rumours…love that word….have 5-6 Spuds players wanting out….and they are recent additions.

  24. Another good and sensible Post, Rico, and you are quite right.

    All Arsenal fans should support their team and the individual players while they are wearing the red and white shirt.

    That does not mean that the players are untouchable, because sometimes they do lose form and play the occasional stinker, we do have the right to say so, and also there may be other better players who might improve the team, and we can say that too.

    But while a player is with us he should be respected and not verbally abused, in my opinion.

    Of course as I typed the above a couple of pigs flew over oinking. :-)

  25. Rico,

    I read somewhere that Draxler is going to Munich, but that story said he may be going to Bayern Munich as they now want the player and are making a bid.

    Rumours and counter-rumours. Who knows?

  26. I is that time of the season, Henry :)

  27. Morning Grandad Kev, the places Lee frequents he can get himself a bender anytime……

    Costa must indeed be proper shit if he didn’t score last night…

    Agree with SY on the krauts being ultra professinal AND they seem to have a superb connection with the fans… very humble and grounded.

  28. Scott, you said you’d found better than GG… ;)

  29. No Rico, i said i had a worthy contender :)
    I can not agree with Syg because he quoted my most hated blog on the planet…just couldn’t bring myself, though it is….ahem……corr….corre………..nope…can’t do it.

  30. Morning Hb and thanks..

    I couldn’t agree more, especially about the oinks ;)

    Totally agree too Syg, I’m all for the disciplined German players, especially when they are as good as the ones we have..

    There’s a story going around suggesting Podolski could be offered to Schalke….

  31. Wath,

    I have watched Costa 3 times this season and although that is not a lot, I was impressed with his skill and his work rate, but i was not exactly bowled over either.

    He would be very welcome at Arsenal and I do not care about the money side of things – that’s for the Arsenal accountants to sort out.

    My worry is that there does seem to be good players out there that could be available for the right price, but I get the impression that AW seems to be dithering a bit – again. (Probably untrue as I am just interpreting the media and the blognews – but he does have form.)

  32. Well Rico, just had some toast….

    It really is very good boss… :-D

    Wath, I know some quite interesting nightspots…
    London is an interesting place when the sun goes down… ;-)

    Not for me though, I’m always at home in the evening, drinking my cocoa and munching on toast…. ;-)

    Lee, like me, has a weakness….

    For pie n mash…. :-)

  33. I stand corrected Scott ;)

  34. Thanx HB, seen Costa a few times and the fella takes up the right positions and knows where the net is, also puts himself about… 25 def the right age and as you say sod the money we make enough so go spend it… It may just win us the league and add more income in the long term… No risk no reward….!

  35. Peanut butter, Jam, Marmite or all three Kev?? ;)

    I love all three on mine….

  36. I will bring a bottle over for a sampling :)

  37. Have you bought your travel tickets yet Scott?

  38. Arsenal coach Wenger wants Draxler – Immediately! Bild

  39. No Rico……..the wife and i decided to put a pool in at ome instead of us all coming over.
    A few mates go every April/May, so iwll head over with them.
    They book in February….
    I can’t wait :)

  40. Syg, well he knows what he needs to do, go spend some money and get him…

    Nice Scott, if you had one here you’d never need to put water in it, nature would take care of that ;)

    So you are over this April/May??

  41. All things being equal, April or May it is, Rico.

  42. Good stuff Scott, I’ll book those eight weeks away ;)

  43. Well that is just lovely :)

  44. That’s me booking the North Pole as well April/May… what a coincidence…..

  45. Is this a Tottnum site all of a sudden lol

  46. They disappear around that time as well.

  47. See you there Wath ;)

  48. That is two spare houses i can use then hahahahaha

  49. Very funny Scott…

  50. The two guys going over sleep on floors…..couches…..bugger that, i am heading over for the first time, i want to be comfortable.
    I might share dlights, but won’t share the floor with them.
    They go every single year….

  51. Can you look after my chickens Scott?? ;)

  52. A little fun…….
    Straight swap for Gnabry and Draxler….yes or no??

  53. Of course, Rico.
    I loooove chicken.
    I mean chickens :)

  54. Gnabry has everything in front of him and may play a major part on all three fronts. All exciting stuff.

  55. I have a spare garage Scott, has a plug in heater as well, top class luxury your for a tenner a night…!

    No swapping any of our players we need them all to win this league or to give us the best chance.

  56. A tenner……is that Aussie Dollars :)
    I agree…no way in the world i want to lose Gnabry.
    He is damn impressive.

  57. I am off guys…..have a good one.

  58. No Scott re Gnabry, never in this world….
    :oops: re my poor chickens…

  59. I won’t eat them…promise :)
    Night guys.

  60. Night Scott…

  61. Looks like it’s about to go belly-up at Southampton, they have a couple of players who would benefit from a big move… lol

  62. Afternoon Rico and all. Costa is shit. Just like Giroud.

  63. Afternoon Adam..

  64. Makes a blinding macchiato though…….

  65. I’ve never had one of those… Never brave enough to venture further than a Latte ….

  66. Rico, have one followed by Adam’s crystal meth petit fours….a marriage made in heaven!

  67. Sounds Awful Lee…..

  68. And what is ‘crystal meth petit four’ – or am I having a blonde moment?

  69. Lee has turned me back to the wildside for sure.

  70. Ah, a blonde moment then….

  71. HB, I totally agree with your view on Costa…

    I have said in the past that he is not even better than Baptista who was on loan with us…

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind him but I won’t pay his release clause but just my view…

    Harewood was fast but he is not the best striker in the world…

    I agree, with Ng earlier that there are so many fickle views by a very small minority of the blogging world who believe we can just go out and get a Suarez-type but in the real world I do not know off another Suarez-type remotely for sale…

    I doubt there are even 5 strikers in Europe who are available and better than OG12 imho…

    H96 of the Bundesliga have Mame Diouf who is fast and mobile but he struggled in this league and so are many other strikers imho…

    Maybe Postiga of Valencia, the ex-sperds… :P

    Good post btw…

    and re. JD10, I think we have missed the bought… I strongly believe he is off to BM to replace Schweingsteiger next season…

    Same as Ginter…

  72. Ts. I don’t think it’s all about finding a better player than Giroud, it’s about signing something different. Signing a clinical striker, a true goal scorer, a ruthless player in front of goal…

  73. Rico. A blond moment eh?

  74. Crystal meth petits fours, I think Adam!

  75. Hello again all..

    I googled it in the end ;)

  76. Rico, you need to borrow the “Breaking Bad” box set….

  77. Is it good then Lee?

  78. Does it have a nice romantic storyline?? ;)

  79. I’m all alone again :( ……

  80. Chelsea bought Matic for 25 millions for playng next match against United.
    Byee bye Luis… and Mata…

  81. playing

  82. Benfica announce Nemanja Matic has joined Chelsea
    Manone – M.United?

  83. Makes a joke of transfers for them JM..

    Who signed him and who sold him – any idea?

  84. What Vito?? To Man Utd? Surely not…

  85. Draxler’s injury means that he’s out of the picture until at least the summer…

    16 days left for Arsenal, and the rest for that matter, to secure the signings that could make the difference….

  86. Anyway, never mind Draxler, Adam’s Uncle Lionel is turning out to be quite a dark horse…

    Jim Davidson is a right old moaner…

    He kinda reminds me of someone… ;-)

  87. Evening all,
    Arsenals position in the league after half a season can only be described as Miraculous, Yes the team have done fantastic no denying that at all. We are afterall one of the big teams in the league that we all keep hearing about, Wealthy with a vast history and a club that is known to do things the right way, Arsenal started off in the top division by fiddling we all know that but since we entered the top division we have played fair, Sadly over the years that i have been supporting the officials have not been that kind to us, but this season i must say that baring a few decisions i feel we have had our fair share of lady luck, but that is not taking anything away from the players at all. Yes we al lhave our favourites and we also have a dislike for others. I am one that has never taken to Bendtner but that is just me, Walcott is as you say frustrating, a player who possesses the knowhow but only lets it out now and again. I see Theo as a lazy player who very seldom does his fair share of the work, he also seems a fragile lad that doesn;t like physical contact but again thats me. On the subject of centre forwards whether we are really after one, i have to ask where would Wenger play him, I know that sounds a stupid question but Wenger seems to like our forwards on either wing or in a space somewhere. I have to pinch myself at times with Wengers selection, Gnabry was playing briliantly in my mind while Walcott was out, he just started to be a big influence when Walcott was anounced fit, Gnabry disappeared back in a sitting position which i didn’t undrstand. Podolski is now being spoken about as if he could be off in the summer, makes you laugh that he has just got fit and he sits on the bench while long time injured Chamberlain comes on. is it me am i missing something.
    If i was a budding centre forward and Wenger came knocking the first question i would ask him is where do you intend to play me as i am a centre forward not a winger or midfielder and how often will i get to play when everybody is fit. All very well getting top players but when you play them out of position or leave them warming the bench while another centre forward come winger who is going to be off in the next widow is parading his stuff, Would i be that eager to put my monicker to paper

  88. That was spooky Kev ;)

  89. Hi Sp, Gnabry was left out long before TW became fit again.

    Who says Podolski is off?

    If you are talking about Draxler re this budding centre forward, he’s not actually an out and out centre forward so I doubt there would be a problem…

    Young players seem to have to go through the learning process of playing in different positions but the older and more mature/experienced players seem to always play where their true position is….

  90. Uncle Lionel is a hoot Kev. You should see him at Christmas when he’s had a few. :)

  91. Rico. That Diego Costa is shit.

  92. I’ve been telling you that for yonks Adam…. ;)

    Bet his good on the left though…

  93. That’s where I see him Rico. Alongside Cazorla and behind Ramsey. :)

  94. On the right or left Adam?? ;)

  95. Hiya SP1, I also found Ox coming on as a very strange move to be honest…

    My view after that match was that AW was making sure he was an option as a forward/winger as AW may not believe he will buy in that position….

    AW is definitely going to give Sango a chance… him being french and all ;)

    evening all btw

  96. Don’t forget you need to take £3.50 on Saturday Adam ;)

  97. I understood exactly why OC came on. Not only playing time but against the side he sustained his injury..

    And, let’s not forget he replaced Rosicky, a central midfielder, not a player on the left…

  98. Southampton confirm Cortese has left as he begs Pochettino not to follow him out of the club.. strange turn of events…

    Yanited in for Gundagun… hope its not true…


  99. Podolsky must start to playing but not like a number 9, but with a 4-4-2 and him on the left side.
    He shots to the goal :-)

  100. You have a very valid point Rico if you look at it that way…

  101. JM – I can’t see AW going 442 unless we are chasing a result. Then it’s 4 0 6 ;)

  102. God news Rosický out of Fulham game with broken nose but Monereal scan reveal bruising, no injury

  103. That’s the way I looked at it Ts…

    But, if there’s a top class footballing coach/manager out there who see’s it different, maybe I’ll listen to other suggestions ;)

  104. Good*

    Don Manone to Yanited will be mental…

  105. watch it lady… :D

  106. Talking about coaches… have you heard from Dev?

  107. I will try to remember Rico. :)

  108. Ts, I know you are kidding but it’s tiring listening to fans moan, moan and moan this season when we are sitting top of the PL, still in CL and FA Cup…

    Yes of course we can play better, we can concentrate for 90 mins and we could kill off side like Villa and get better results easier than we are…

    But bloody heck, we are in the best place we have been since 2004 yet moan and bloody moan…

    Yes we need a striker, that doesn’t need Einstein to work that out and if we get a good one then hopefully the whinging will stop…

    City are clear favourites because they have everything, yet who knows……

  109. Please do Adam ;)

  110. Rico.. agreeing with me? :P I should have bought my lotto ticket. :P

    Seriously, though I think some of us can’t quite believe its going this well… we subconsciously expect the wheel to fall off suddenly.

    Scotts’ friend Honda scoring on his Milan debut…

  111. Not really agreeing Ts, just saying it as I feel…

    It’s all too easy for people to type away on the internet thinking that all that is written by them is right…

    Does my head in…

  112. I’ve seen that somewhere else thanks Ts, just included it in my post for tomorrow ;)

  113. Its all falling apart at Yanited it seems…
    Lucas Sposito ‏@harris
    Fabio and Rafael’s agent Cassiano Pereira told Calciomercato.it that the twins are set to leave Manchester United at the end of the season

  114. Good, long may that remain. As long as we carry on improving…

    On that note, I’m done for the day..

    Night Adam, Kev, Lee, Ts and anyone else reading………

  115. Night Rico.
    Cheers Ginge….Honda is quality.

  116. Night Rico..
    Hiya Scott…

  117. Gginge u there

  118. Go over to that other website,got something last night from spain

  119. can see anything…

  120. cant find any of your post on A.R

  121. Dr maria

  122. Its on ?the banter page

  123. :D :D Perfect Mg…

    I needed that sauce…

  124. class Mg…. more of those please on the banter page… lmfao…

    On that note I am off buddy…

  125. He’s doing English lessons at the same school as mMontreal,my Mrs knows the owner

  126. Night Rico

  127. With Costa’s agent also the agent of the Septic One…

    It looks likely that the Brazillian-Spaniard will end up at Gazprom…

    But on the positive side at least Darren Bent scored again… :-|

  128. Podolski “I’d rather retire than play for spxrs!” :lol:

  129. Already an Arsenal ‘Legend’…. :-)

  130. Wish he’s score some legendary goals!!!!

  131. He will, when he gets a game Lee…

  132. Morning Lee, Kev and all….

    Did you forget to turn over Kev? ;)

  133. I see Levy isn’t going to allow Holtby to go to Schalke… K**b!

  134. Ha ha Rico, I can’t understand the attraction of all these early morning’s?

  135. Levy really is a very sad individual…

    Under pressure after another managerial appointment gone wrong…

    Draxler to sign, January 31st, late afternoon, early evening then?!!!

  136. Hopefully Draxler isn’t the only deal that the club are working on?

  137. Neither can I Kev ;)

    Shows what an ego he has, putting himself before a players career…

    I’d be happy with that late signing if it’s Draxler, I fear he’ll end up elsewhere if we don’t get him this month…

  138. Morning guys.
    It is official……the missus just told me to start arranging my Emirates tour.
    She has thrown up one condition….it MUST be before May, a condition i can abide to :) :)
    I am looking at March 20 to around the 1st or 2nd of April….just a quick visit, but it gives me my Arsenal hit.

  139. Rico/Wath, you will need to bring your Antarctic tour forward :)

  140. So do I…. If Shackle/Draxler say no, then there’s nothing anyone can do but we have to get someone..

    Suggestion is they want to sell though to get the money…

  141. The Mail reckon we have made an offer for Jamaal Lascelles.

  142. Morning Scott, my ticket is an open one ;)

  143. Interesting re Jamaal… are we going to loan him bqack?

    Morning Rico and all…

    Nice one Scott… another Aussie coming up here? :P

  144. Morning Rico. Surely not Jamaal Lascelles?

  145. Morning Adam, yes, according to the newspaper..

    Morning Ts, not sure but would imagine so…

  146. New one up now

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