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Wenger confirms Striker deal possible. No Morata but Good News on others…

Morning all.

Up front we lose Theo as a potential central forward and that’s maybe where we have to look outside. But we hopefully have Bendtner back in three weeks. We are there for the opportunities but it’s very difficult at the moment.

Hoorah, Arsene wants a striker. So Theo is a striker, so why does he play on the wing, ah, I know, he’s a winger! Anyway, if the manager is truthing, we can expect to see a striker signed. Then again, he’s got a lot of history of teasing us fans when it comes to transfers but for once, I think he’s…… Who knows…

Clearly he tried to sign Ba in the summer and we are worse off now than we were then, so maybe there really is a good chance someone will be in before the end of January.

Why it’s taking so long I just don’t know but knowing how many other clubs seem to dislike us for some reason, well maybe that’s why.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti insists that striker won’t be Alvaro Morata though having played ten minutes in the Copa del Rey.

We have not changed our idea at all. Morata stays here and he has not told us that he wants to leave.

We’ll see on that one…..

More good news as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a run out for the under 21′s last night and he’s back in the squad to face Aston Villa on Monday, the very same fixture in which he picked up his injury. Five months he’s been out. Where has that time gone eh?

More good news. Both Aaron Ramsey and Kieran Gibbs are very close to a return, in fact so close, both could be at least on the bench for the Villa game and Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil are back on Monday too, so all is looking quite positive…. …

Nicklas Bendtner though won’t be back in training for three weeks, but as much as it’s cruel for the player, his absence, together with Walcott’s should be enough to ensure we sign a striker…

Only 21 days left to make it happen….

That’s your lot for another day, have a good one.

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237 Responses to Wenger confirms Striker deal possible. No Morata but Good News on others…

  1. snaparse says:

    nice read Rico…….I think Wenger knows that we need an extra body or two……I just hope we don’t take too long

  2. HenryB says:


    I know what you mean about the length of time these transfer window deals can take but Wenger is in the hands of the other clubs to a large extent.

    Manure are also having difficulty recruiting players as Moyes has warned their fans that it may be the summer before they can get someone in. So Arsene is not alone in having difficulties as there does not seem to be much activity from any other club either,

  3. rico says:

    Thanks snaparse, I hope it doesn’t take too long either, the more time that passes and AW can see Nik making good progress, it will all too tempting for him not to sign anyone..

    But, my own view is he see’s TW as more of a loss so I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  4. rico says:

    Hb, but we are an attractive prospect, I can understand why players don’t want to sign for Moyes… lol

  5. HenryB says:

    Very true, Rico. :-)

  6. HenryB says:

    It is perhaps an odd thing to say but I always feel Moyes is on the verge of bursting into tears when he is interviewed after they lose yet another game. :-)

  7. rico says:

    Fingers crossed they lose then ;)

  8. kali says:

    morning Rico&all

    striker/winger …we can do with..
    to be fair ,the tw is so slow all over europe so far….more waiting time

    looking at the brighter picture,all our fixtures this month are winnable….

    by the end of the month we can be sitting top+ one or two coming in…….ideal

  9. tsgh says:

    A very nice and succinct post.

    It looks like the Giovinco rumours have a bit of wait… where is our Italian correspondent Dev today? ;)
    I hope its not true especially as its just a loan for the Old Lady… I will take Kev’s buddy Llorente if the Old lady is feeling generous. :-)

    The twitter busters Emma or Syg may have some more info for us too…

    morning all btw…

  10. rico says:

    Morning kali, it is slow but why don’t we take advantage and get in first with our pennies, we have plenty of them…

    We’ve been waiting since summer… ;)

  11. frednerk says:

    If walnut was not injured we would still need a striker,so it looks like the end of the month if we do,
    I think wenger wants to nurse Giroud through the season,
    it reminds me of Van judas,
    his last season with us,every time he hit the deck we all had heads in our hands.

    Old wenger loves a drama.

  12. kali says:

    morning Ts
    Giovinco? he is quick and can be A tricky customer…but..

    M.Salah of basel is a good choice imo…

  13. rico says:

    Thanks Ts..

    Villa A
    Fulham H
    Coventry H
    Southampton A

    Then it’s a tough February…

  14. rico says:

    And equally as tough March, if not tougher…

  15. rico says:

    Agree fred, we’ve needed a striker for a while… Too long!

  16. Lee says:

    We’ve needed a proper striker since the rapist left for greener pastures….hahahahaha!

  17. tsgh says:

    Kali I have seen Salah only in the CL so… and I do not follow Basle now…

    I like Adrian Ramos of Hertha Berlin… he is the top scorer in the Bundesliga now…

  18. rico says:

    Couldn’t agree more Lee, if not before then..

    Did we ever really replace Henry? Or Eduardo?

  19. kali says:

    i agree Rico re moving quicker…
    i genuinely believe we will snap one or two signing..
    last hour as usual?..i bet..
    so i brought my barrel of wine in just in case
    one advantage of living in france …lol

  20. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Giovinco – Atom Ant?
    Weren’t we linked with a Brazilian winger of a similar stature in summer that went to Russia for £20M+ ?

    Morning all.

  21. Moses McNyatega Cmple M says:

    Breakinws Diegocosta in Betna out!

  22. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Roisiscky signed a new deal – Diaby out for season.

  23. rico says:

    :P kali, I like that idea…

  24. kali says:

    market is so inflated though,
    P.Pogba is rated at 50/60mil..!! he was a freebie!!
    i bet old Fergie will be fuming..

  25. rico says:

    Morning Syg….

    Rosicky signed on?? Just a year I take it?

  26. malaga gooner says:

    My take on the transfer window.

    Wenger bought ozil as saf bought van pussy as his last big signing for the club b4 he left.

    I. Believe wenger will go for a loan signing not because its hard to buy iin January but he would rather leave the money for the new manager,any club would be willing to sell their players at the right price

    I think wenger is off to PSG

  27. southyorkshiregunner says:
  28. malaga gooner says:

    Syg I bet if wenger goes to PSG cesc will follow

  29. snaparse says:

    giovinco????…….wasn’t he suppose to be the new del piero?????

  30. Lee says:

    Someone call the vet to do the right thing with Diaby!

  31. frednerk says:

    Deep down wenger would love to be blooding the young talent we have.
    but things have changed,when we got beat by villa most of our fans got out of they prams and let him know,
    and up to now wenger has delivered,
    but I don’t know about you guys,but when the transfer band-wagon comes around,wenger seems to into full contrediction mode.

  32. rico says:

    PSG are everything AW is against in football, can’t see him ever going there..

  33. snaparse says:

    Rico I won’t be too sure of that…….Wenger has really changed

  34. kali says:

    i agree Rico, i dont see him leaving very soon..
    he waited so much to see this crop of players flourish….the
    signs are there..

  35. rico says:

    How snaparse?

    Lee :)

  36. malaga gooner says:

    Rico there is 3 players I have read have release clause’s

    Jackson martinez-costa around E40mill


    Why don’t we just activate them

    Ozil’s deal was suppose to have taken around 10 days to complete,yet were 10 days into the window after playing with 1 forward all season

  37. kali says:

    has he changed or the guys upstairs?

  38. rico says:

    fred – spot on re AW contradicting himself, he chances his mind from day to day…

  39. Wavy says:

    I don’t think Wenger will be going anywhere. He has a commitment to complete the Arsenal “project” and it’s not done yet! He still has dreams of winning the Champions League as well as the EPL. When he is judged, in May, he will resolve to carry on! Another 2 years at least, I reckon.
    The Morata thing, if true, will only be a loan as I think his real target is A N Other striker who will not be available until the summer ‘window’. He can wait and will do so, imo.

  40. snaparse says:

    can’t really point it out Rico…….I guess we just have to wait and see°…

  41. rico says:

    Don’t forget Costa Mg…

    I haven’t a clue why we don’t, who does other than those involved at the club…

    kali, I reckon the guys upstairs are the ones changing direction now that we have money, plenty of money… IG wouldn’t have said what he did last summer without Sk’s approval…

  42. rico says:

    Players have got to want to move though Mg, if they don’t, no deal can be done…

  43. tsgh says:

    Mg- Ian Rush says £70M for foreign clubs only but £120M for EPL clubs.

  44. rico says:

    Wavy, my thought is a loan deal too…

  45. kali says:

    ditto Rico, AW must have been waiting for this to happen
    for a number of years….

    it looks like he’s just started to reap what he was hoping for…

    him signing+Bac+TR…..and striker…will do me great

  46. tsgh says:

    Wenger says Rosicky will stay at Afc at end of season. “He’s a marvellous player,” says Wenger.

    WAs listening to Rodgers this morning on TS… when asked about chances of us winning the league, he chose not to even mention our name but instead listed Chelsea and $hitty…

    2nd time on TS in as many weeks.. his PR machine is working hard….lol

  47. tsgh says:

    Team news for Villa. Wenger: “Giroud fit, Ramsey probably not , Gibbs has a little chance, Bendtner and Vermaelen out.

  48. malaga gooner says:

    I agree rico they have to want to leave but its funny how clubs like city,PSG,BM seem to get the players they want.

    Money is not a problem at arsenal

  49. tsgh says:

    Syg- Bernard is the player you are referring to… he joined FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

    Mg not picking on you this morning I promise lol but imho- I think you are comparing apples and oranges when you mention PSg, Monaco, BM and Arsenal together…

    Maybe BVB and Arsenal are run similarly but not BM imho… BM are a sports club first and foremost before a football club and even has a successful hockey team and have always been a rich and wealthy club… they also buy a lot of freebies and only make one or 2 maximum big buys a season…

    Additionally, BM are a Bavarian F.C whilst Arsenal is not Islington or Camden F.C either…

    Psg and $hitty get bank rolled as do AS Monaco and the chavs and Doneskh..

    Valencia is the new sugar daddy club on the up so lets watch for them next summer…

  50. malaga gooner says:

    ginge I agree with you about those clubs and there financial status but we have as much ready made cash as those clubs and would not be breaking the ffp rules by spending it

  51. snaparse says:

    ts Wenger probably doesn’t want to risk Ramsey and dats understandable …..BTW ts wat do u think of arteta and rosicky pivot……..I think its the best after the arteta Ramsey pivot……..I’m not really a big fan of flaminiarteta pivot tbh

  52. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Bernard …. that’s the guy, Ginge….

  53. tsgh says:

    We still have a budget even if we have £150M sitting in an account somewhere… the others have a carte blanche…

    Unpopular comment but its the truth imho…

    Examoles being Claudio Pizarro and Alaba who were all free and also Bundesliga clubs sell to each other…

    Like B04 selling Sydney Sam to S04 for under £3M; will we ever hear of a CL team in this league sellling to a team that finished 1 place below them especially when the player is a German international…

    Like Liverpool selling Sterling to Arsenal… or the scums selling Townsend or Defoe to Arsenal… it won’t happen imo…

    Also, you will never hear of equivalents of Carrol/Henderson/Young being sold for £20M or £50M in the Bundesliga just because they hold a British passport. The fees are always reasonable. This helps the German national team as a whole too unlike in the EPL where it is more cost effective to buy from Spain or Holland etc…

  54. southyorkshiregunner says:
  55. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Sagna and Rosicky will stay – the rest will go.

  56. tsgh says:

    Snap- TR07 plays as a DM/box to box for the Czechs.

    TR07 played quite often as a box to box/ DM playmaker for BVB 09 when he won the Bundesliga with BVB before Pienaar replaced him when he joined us.. Reason for the “The Mozart of Football” moniker..

  57. Wavy says:

    I reckon $hitty, when buying a player, make him and particularly his agent an offer that they just can’t refuse. Loads a munee talks louder than words!
    We may find our club is suddenly cash rich, but after all the years of prudence and careful buying the mind set is not to throw oodles of cash at any player, or his agent to satisfy their greed. A carefully negotiated, reasonable package is all that is on offer, and rightly so!
    Citeh command the market because munee is no object, same applies to PSG, Monaco and the rest. The more prudent will not allow themselves to be held to ransom, eg Arsenal. And should not fall into the trap of buying disloyal, over priced, under performing players who, once they have signed on are only interested in drawing their pay packets, eg Jovetic! A one time Arsenal target, ducked a bullet there i think!
    Can’t see us buying any player this TW, a loanee or two, maybe? But that is about as good as it will get!

  58. rico says:

    Shame for Frimpong but that’s football… Maybe had he spent less time on the social media sites, he’s have had a chance…

  59. frednerk says:

    Ts we are the only ones who sell to our rivels,
    cole to the chavs,how many to shitty and then the best of all time van judas to the mancs.

  60. rico says:

    AW has denied any Morata talks….

  61. snaparse says:

    ts I think he can’t as a first choice DM or b2b because of arteta( who I rate highly ) and Ramsey but I think he can deputise for one of dem as I really tink flamini doesn’t offer much and wilshere doesn’t really have d tactical nous YET….imo of course

  62. sir njang says:

    Gunners pls lets all pray for a miraculous recovery of Theo. i believe in miracles. i can*t not to watch Walcott play the World cup.

  63. malaga gooner says:

    Wavy I disagree,we charge the highest prices in football,would we have bought ozil if we had not lost to villa?
    There has never been a problem with money at arsenal,keith elderman was shown the door by wenger and the board for opening his mouth about money available.

  64. snaparse says:

    even though I don’t expect us to spend like the chavs, $hitty etc……I think wenger really wasted money on some players when the extra few pounds would have bought a much better player representing value for money eg mata

  65. Joaquim Moreira says:

    morning all!
    So, any importants news…
    Morata and Martinez I think is not possible for the moment.

  66. tsgh says:

    Mg- we were always looking at Di Maria or Ozil… it was always going to be one of them imo..

    I mentioned Ozil on here way before during the summer when the media were going on about Hig; I know I made a few enemies :-) saying Aw was never interested in Hig; we later found out from the horse’s own mouth that we never even had a chat with him… same as Jovetic.

    I know through certain people that Negredo and Mandzukic were the main targets after Aw inquired and spoke to Lew and Hans Watzke who all said they player had already joined BM (unlawfully of course)

    Frimpong not in his final year though ;) AW has refused to allow him to go on loan recently though I read somewhere… at least not until later on…

  67. malaga gooner says:

    Snap you hit the nail on the head,I could name over 15 players that we have bought over the last 10 years who should of been shown the door.the thing is no 1 wanted them.

  68. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Ox was played yesterday
    Do we still have the Ladies team?

  69. Scott from Oz says:

    MG, i guess the stadium just pays for itself, hey?
    Be serious.
    Morning all.
    Another TW and suddenly plenty of Gooners are negative.
    Have we forgotten our last purchase already?
    Are we not top of the League?
    Yes, we need a striker, for sure, but why are so many already saying it will not happen, we won’t spend money blah blah blah?
    Are we Gooners that hard to please, or just forgetful?
    Complain on Feb 1st if we don’t get a striker in, because that will be unforgivable, but give them a chance.

  70. malaga gooner says:

    Gginge even though we bought ozil we did not need another AM and to be honest has any 1 really been impressed with him.I know its his 1st season but he has not set the pl on fire

  71. tsgh says:

    snap- in hindsight Aw may have wasted money but he was using a tried and tested method imo with the likes of Chamakh who was wanted by most teams too who were not very cash rich at that time…

    Denilson was ahead of Sandro and was a national team captain, he just did not settle in this country… no one can predict that imho…

    Park is not a bad player imho.. he just found himself in the middle of a ‘bad beef’ between Michel Seydoux, Aulas of Lyon and AW; also I heard Aw bought Park cash upfront to help his former club AS Monaco when they got relegated and were in serious financial crisis before the oiler took over…

    I still prefer AW’s cheap buys than Fat Sam’s method of spending all his budget on one player Andy Carrol (spelling). lol

  72. rico says:

    JM, good question as they all seem to be leaving, 2 joined Chelsea yesterday…

  73. malaga gooner says:

    Scott the fans have paid for stadium

  74. snaparse says:

    true that mg…..but I guess Wenger has learnt or I hope he has…….selling gervinho for me was the turning point

  75. snaparse says:

    ts chamakh was free so I don’t really have a problem with that………u could always make a case that arsene over paid denilson and co………making it difficult to get rid of them…..

  76. malaga gooner says:

    Who would of every 1 preferred we had bought ozil or negredo

  77. tsgh says:

    Mg, those who may not have been impressed with him are those who may not have watched him extensively imho…

    When we bought him I said on here that the same folks rejoicing will be questioning him in 2 months time… it did happen too…

    Rico, not trying to say I am right. I promise. :P

    Anyway, Ozil has never dominated a game since he left Bremen; (someone like Snap may correct me if I am wrong btw…)

    Ozil just glides through the game like Lothar Matthias did imho… or like Johan Neeskens who is unknown whilst every one knows of Cruyff.

    I think we needed a proper number 10. The likes of Dev, Emma, Scott and Ktr-7 etc all thought we need one too.. the reason why Jovetic was initially linked to us because believe it all not we do not create enough goal scoring chances as well as a team like us should do imho…

    DC19 and JW are never no.10’s and slowed our game down playing there…

  78. rico says:

    Mg, I have. A super player and world class signing is Ozil.

  79. malaga gooner says:

    Snap chamakh was hard to shift because he did not want to give up his 75k a week wage packet,I would sit. On the bench for that,,its not as if he’splaying for gGermany or Spain looking for a WC place

  80. rico says:

    Scott, I’m not negative, just want a striker deal done :P

  81. rico says:

    Ts – not everyone is slating Ozil. Those with common sense will have known he might take time to settle. He’ll be better next season no doubt but I for one think he’s been bloody good so far….

    I just don’t get the Ozil knocking, it’s quite silly imho…

  82. malaga gooner says:

    Rico ozil is a fine player he was just not what we needed at the moment,I think the majority fans were over the moon with him coming because we spent big

  83. tsgh says:

    I totally agree Snap; It could be argued that it worked with Cesc when at that stage of his introduction and development Bendtner and denilson were much more established at the international stage whilst Cesc could have failed too due to his size and PV04 being available and the emergence and ability/faith in Diaby…

    If Diaby was not injured it could have been said that Cesc would have played 2nd fiddle to Diaby( dubbed 2nd PV04) when PV04 left.

    imo, Cesc was lucky because when he started out we had the invisible wall for him to play next to.

    I think Olsson is/was far superior or arguably is not far off being Cesc but in the current 3 midfield system experience is needed imo…

    Olson came on against Mulumba and Yakub (spelling) and bossed the midfield whilst Hayden and MA08 who I rate highly as you know struggled having just come back from injury…

  84. malaga gooner says:

    Rico you will see the best of ozil until we buy some 1 like Suarez
    A am is only as good as the forward in front of him

  85. tsgh says:

    I agree Rico…

    Just clarifying that I was not saying everyone is slating Ozil..

    I rate Ozil very highly… I just think he is not a Cruyff or a Maradona or Gotze who will be buzzing everywhere and excites … he just occupies the spaces and helps us keep the shape in the fluid system we play imo…

  86. rico says:

    Well not this one Mg, I was thrilled to see us sign a world class player who has already notched up a few goals and plenty of assists.

    Any club who would pass over signing such a player would be very foolish.

    People are quick to forget that it’s not just what he does on the pitch but what he has done off of it. I doubt there is one player in the squad who wasn’t thrilled to see him join them…

    We needed a striker as well as him, not instead imho…

  87. snaparse says:

    ozil is a once in a generation player…..his game intelligence is superior to most….only bettered by messi imo……his best works are done off the ball…………I know we are used to Dennis,cesc kinda no10 but ozil is just as effective albeit in a more quiet way

  88. vernat1066 says:

    Hi in 15 games in the league this season Ozil has 4 goals and 7 assists, not exactly a bad start to playing in a new club, and a new league.

    These should improve as the other players should hopefully be more in tune with him and vice versa.

    Hopefully AW buys a striker one who can hold up the ball and bring others into play and some pace and trickery on the wings. I must admit kinda annoyed we are not talking to Tom Ince at the prices quoted as I think he would be a quality addition to the squad and offer a different threat for us.

    But AW probably knows more than me about football so we will wait and see what happens up to 1st Feb and then we can judge i suppose.

  89. malaga gooner says:

    Rico I am not slagging ozil and your right he will be better next year.

    Buying ozil wth out a forward is like buying a bottle of fine wine and drinking it from the bottle and not using a crystal glass(does that make sense)

  90. snaparse says:

    olsoon is another who I like ts……he reminds me of gundogan (I know I know)…..as much as I like zalalem he shouldn’t b in the first fold before kristoff imo…….

  91. rico says:

    That’s what I am saying Mg, don’t knock Ozil, just wait to see if we get a top class quick striker who will benefit but in the meantime, be glad we have him because I bet Moyes wishes he did right now…

  92. rico says:

    Ts – I think he’s a very exciting player, his intelligence is incredible…

    snaparse/v10 – agree…

  93. ozgunner says:

    no doubt Oz has had an impact to the overall well being feeling around the club, although also see why some might suggest 40m was over the top a little. This was a board pressure and remember Wenger was hours away from signing nothing other than a free, he would have been crucified and rightly so. He’s one of those that will dip in and out of games i think, moments of brilliance but not the centre of the action player we might have been expecting. Lets face it we haven’t missed him at all and i’d take take Rosicky, Walcott, Caz every day. Says all the right things and seems well settled are other positives with him, forced panic buy though IMO as i have said before but glad he’s in the squad.

  94. malaga gooner says:

    Vernat,ozil was the top player for assists in 2013 but look at the forwards he had in front him rm

  95. ozgunner says:

    Very impressed with the Bayern move on the ticket subsidies as well, are you watching Arsenal? World Class stars and world class stadium with a very impressive trophy cabinet, Hats off to them.

  96. ozgunner says:

    great news on Rosicky adding the extra year as well, well done. So much energy on the pitch still, Class act

  97. malaga gooner says:

    Oz the only time the club has done that for our fans was when we got hammered at old trafford…

  98. snaparse says:

    not buying a striker in the summer was pretty stupid from the mg……..but I think we needed an am more tbh……did u watch the Norwich game last season??lol……as much as I like santi I don’t think he is an am……infact I very much see him as a no6

  99. BrainwashedKev says:

    Boring Boring Chelsea

  100. rico says:

    Mg, I thought you said you weren’t impressed and we should have signed a striker instead of him??

  101. malaga gooner says:

    Snap we should stopped the hunt for Suarez,if it had meant bidding 60mill .then so be it

  102. rico says:

    Oz, I think he was a panic/forced signing too, but I’m sure glad we made it….

  103. snaparse says:

    and I think Wenger knows this too as he has used tr7 in the hole when ozil has been out…….tbf tr7 offers so much more than Santiago albeit not in goals but in terms of how we play as a team and that’s what ozil does superbly hence u notice we play better with tr7 and ozil in the team

  104. malaga gooner says:

    I’m getting a bit excited what I meant was we don’t have a forward to get the best out of ozil

  105. rico says:

    Afternoon Kev..

    I wonder if we were one of the top four clubs who reportedly tried to get Defoe…

  106. snaparse says:

    mg 60mil is way too much for Suarez…….we are not madrid……having said that…not having an alternative was just suicidal …….we should have gone for negredo the moment Liverpool were acting tough

  107. BrainwashedKev says:

    Afternoon All…

    Afternoon Rico..,

    For the last few years, Wenger has been lambasted and lampooned in the Press/Media, for refusing to spend disgusting amounts of money on players…

    The Press/Media delighted in painting Arsene as a latter day Scrooge…

    Then came Ozil and the dynamics changed…

    Those cnuts in the Press/Media can no longer criticise and deride Wenger’s transfer policy…

    So, like the total wankers that they are, they switched their attack to Ozil, in an attempt to portray him as a massive waste of money…

    Don’t be taken in by the Press, MotD, SKY, Talk Rubbish…
    Ignore their poison and trust in your eyes and what you see…

    Mesut Ozil is a wonderful footballer, we are very fortunate to have the Dfb footballer of the year in our team. German football fans can see it. Don’t be fooled by those that hate all things Arsenal…

    End of Sermon… ;-)

  108. ozgunner says:

    mg – state of mind my friend state of mind. Dollars will always come first now, wonder who’s up for the pay rises this year again? I agree with you on the forward for Ozil statement as well but i just can’t see Wenger spending that sort of money again. He’s a make do guy, always has been always will be. Hopefully i am wrong and if he wants to stop the walk outs he will have to change that mentality IMO

  109. snaparse says:

    looking at Walcott’s numbers…….he really is a big miss…….for all the talk of lack of football brain the guy really delivers and on the big stage too..

  110. ozgunner says:

    Kev – i do not believe the press have done that to him at all

  111. BrainwashedKev says:

    Rico, I know that I doubted the possibility and sense in keeping Rosicky, to you, a few days ago. Based around the fact that he wouldn’t retire from International football…

    But I am glad that I am wrong, as Tomas is a great footballer and can do a great job for us for another year…


  112. snaparse says:

    Wenger on Bayern subsidising ticket prices: “It is something we
    already do. We just don’t talk about it like Bayern Munich.”

  113. ozgunner says:

    It’s statements like that that really piss me off – what a load of rubbish to compare the two

  114. rico says:

    :) Kev… Well said.

  115. AndrewH says:

    Afternoon rico and all. I wish a reporter would ask AW directly:

    ” forget all the mentions of Bendtner and Walcott injuries, didn’t you urgently need a striker anyway after failing in the summer?”

  116. ozgunner says:

    agree with you both on Rosicky – super player in every way

  117. ozgunner says:

    AndrewH – this is what highlights their short-sightedness – we’ve needed a striker for months and yet all of a sudden, its hard to get one today?? What have they been doing for all these months and those prior to the window last?

  118. ozgunner says:

    anyway, Villa up next and a score to settle, lets kick ass, we have a decent run now and can’t afford any slip ups

  119. rico says:

    You did Kev re Tomas – I thought he was a gonner but I too am glad, in a kind of sentimental way… ;)

  120. malaga gooner says:

    Kev who hates ozil?

  121. rico says:

    Afternoon Ah, he would still duck and dive the question ;)

  122. rico says:

    Time for me to go for a couple of hours, catch up later…

  123. AndrewH says:

    Exactly Oz, by AW keep mentioning Walcott, it makes it sound like we were quite prepared to play Giroud all season as the only out and out striker with just Bendtner as backup. Now that would be stupid. As it is, if Giroud had got injured in September where would we have been?

    Podolsky will hardly ever work, Walcott might occasionally depending on team, but we MUST have two target men in the club both pretty good, if we are to keep at top.

  124. Adam says:

    If Man City pass the criteria for FFP then what would a club need to do to fail? Chelsea lose £1 million plus a week yet made a profit of about the same for a single season and apparently they are in compliance. FFP was a great idea in its concept. Watching the Hammers play City the other evening should be concerning for anyone who still believes in the rather antiquated concept of a level playing field. I know that life doesn’t reflect this either but ffs this is getting ridiculous. Spending huge money doesn’t guarantee PL success but not spending it would seem to ensure a lack of it. The PL is a financial arms race and Wenger, I am sure, gets this. If we really want to have a chance at the title I can see no way without a striker, but then again, I am sure that Arsene has his own, less conventional views. The club and the team should never stop evolving.

  125. ozgunner says:

    AndrewH – like he ran the gauntlet with RVP you mean to fall over the line to ECL qualification again? Leopards and spots mate but hopefully a new horizon is dawning.

  126. tsgh says:

    Wenger says winger isn’t needed – “We have Chamberlain, Gnabry & others” – but says up front is “maybe where we have to look. cards too close to his chest for him to see me think ;)

    Wenger on Morata: “I don’t know….the people in the newspapers don’t help us to win the game on Monday night..” lol

  127. BrainwashedKev says:

    It’s not a case MG/Oz of hating, but you read between the lines, the snide remarks, criticisms that don’t stand up, it has a drip drip effect guys…

    I’m assuming that you both mean Ozil btw…

  128. southyorkshiregunner says:

    FA Cup

  129. southyorkshiregunner says:

    FA Cup

  130. tsgh says:

    Agreec kev at 1:44… similar led to the down fall of AA23 imo…

  131. ozgunner says:

    I think Wenger’s positional decisions were far more responsible for that than the press tsgh

  132. Adam says:

    SYG. I was at Sheffield Utd for that game. Afterwards I tried to get charged by a Police horse, an experience I believe I share with you. :)

  133. snaparse says:

    really doubt we’d sign anybody

  134. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha Oz. lol

  135. Adam says:

    What the press do or don’t write should be of little concern to anyone but others who cling leech-like to the game, trying to pry a few quid here and there.

  136. BrainwashedKev says:

    Adam, as you know, I share your wish for an additional, quality striker…

    But as you’ve said many times, and correctly, Arsenal should have done that job last summer.

    I doubt that we’ll be able to sign the required quality striker this January…

    With the World Cup on the horizon, nobody is wanting to move…

    With the possible exception of Jackson Martinez, and is he really ‘that’ good anyway.
    I don’t see any of the PetroDollar clubs fighting for his signature…

    Could be a case of waiting till the 31st in order to get someone in at a sensible price…

  137. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I certainly have been charged by a police horse… several times and at several venues… all in South Yorkshire.

  138. tsgh says:

    Syg so what Liverpudlian gangster dvd are you watching this weekend? :P

  139. BrainwashedKev says:

    I was at Sheffield as well Adam…

    The South Yorkshire Police had some magnificent examples of horseflesh back in those days…

    Not like the Southern Softies of the Met…

  140. tsgh says:

    Can I assume you ain’t buddies with the RSPCA then Syg?

    Maybe its the riders you don’t get on with… :P

  141. Adam says:

    Kev. In a sense Wenger backs his judgement when he spends the money and that leaves him open to criticism or praise, depending on how that player responds and works. In my more lucid moments I can see an approach to games that eschews the conventional target man/striker though I don’t know if Wenger sees things in this way. As is evidenced by the comments on here today, most of us think in straight lines and without the inconvenience of ultimate responsibility, make suggestions that make sense only to us.

  142. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Hiya ginge. My mate lent it me. “The Crew”. I wasn’t going to watch it as I have 4 and 5 of Breaking Bad to watch, but I did…

    It was ok. As stated, the good-looking lesbians were dead cool and the character called “Moby”, even though he had a tidy looking missus had this fetish for fridgeraiders … and there’s a scene with a coffee table … .. .

  143. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I love animals ginge. The police horses do a great job. They are fearless.

  144. southyorkshiregunner says:
  145. Lee says:

    SYG, Breaking Bad series 4 and 5 are the absolute bollocks!!

  146. Adam says:

    Lee. I am still stuck on series 2. I see Amazon are doing the blu ray box set for about £70.

  147. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I don’t watch TV as such as its all crap reality shows so I opt for DVDs – I have around 1800 of them.
    My lad bought me 1-3 for xmas and on 27th Dec I spent 11 hours solid watching em and around 7 hours the following day…

    A point worth noting that if the horsefaced Skyler White was my wife she would have been in that plastic bucket or buried in the desert a long time ago ….. She is horrible

  148. Nizam says:

    I hope Wenger realises the atomic ant is not the solution.
    There is berbatov. I hope he is fully focussed on winning the 2014 epl and not the future which can wait after the season is over.

  149. southyorkshiregunner says:
  150. southyorkshiregunner says:
  151. Lee says:

    Skyler is an arsehole…. Saul is the nuts!

  152. Lee says:

    Adam and Kev have been trying to convince me to set up a crystal meth lab…..

  153. southyorkshiregunner says:

    The Asian lads at gym have been telling my lad – that I am like Saul…

  154. Lee says:

    SYG,I don’t know if you saw but I put on here the other day that there’s a spin off show called “Better Call Saul” being released in Sept…..

  155. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Yeah some of the lads have said that.
    My brief is a guy in Rotherham called Steve Smith. His mannerisms in the office are very similar to that of Saul. Uncanny really.

  156. southyorkshiregunner says:
  157. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha Syg…

    Syg- I am all for Greizmann; his goals in the CL has been amazing imo… his scissor kick in the qualifier comes to mind…

  158. tsgh says:

    Destro is AS Roma’s only proper striker but an AW style player… Garcia won’t sell imho especially with they money they made off Lamela and Marquinhos…

  159. tsgh says:

    Reports suggest Mancini could leave Galatasaray already because of an argument over transfers

  160. southyorkshiregunner says:

    There’s some smoke in the air Ginge… it’s live all over Twitter at the moment

  161. malaga gooner says:

    BBQ sauce–former arsenal player Willie Young’s son

    Remy will be an arsenal player in 2014

    Not sure if that means this season

  162. tsgh says:

    Both AW type players so I won’t be displeased…

    Deinitely not the Suarez or Rooney’s but equally as good on their day. imo

  163. tsgh says:

    Mg who is BBq sauce…? lol

    Is he/she a reliable ‘sauce’? :P

  164. malaga gooner says:

    I was told by rico to give a ketchup,when posting a rumour so I did

  165. tsgh says:

    Alan Brazil ‏@sportsbreakfast 3h

    Big thanks to our special guest host today Kevin Phillips. Good luck at your next club Kev! Whoever it may be…#lcfc pic.twitter.com/bmKoqKmFnq
    Retweeted by John Cross
    Embedded image permalink

    What a look… lmfao

  166. tsgh says:

    2nd attempt.

    A face for the radio definitely.lol


  167. malaga gooner says:

    Brazil would want to give up the guinness

  168. southyorkshiregunner says:
  169. tsgh says:

    John cross talks more gibberish than I do… :P

  170. tsgh says:

    Syg will you pay the full £26M buyout for Greizmann?

  171. malaga gooner says:

    No he does not gginge

  172. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I wish I could afford it ginge…
    Maybe Wenger could do a straight swap for Diaby and Park

  173. tsgh says:

    ha ha what about Frimpong your nemesis Syg? lol
    :-) Mg

  174. rico says:

    Evening all…

    We signed anyone yet?? ;)

  175. tsgh says:

    A new match day steward if it counts…

    Evening Rico

  176. malaga gooner says:

    Does any 1 know if a season long loan can be broken

  177. AndrewH says:

    Adam, playing without a central tall striker ‘may’ work in some games, but certainly not in others. We need to be able to cope both ways. And if we don’t sign anyone and Giroud gets injured, we will soon find that out. Daft in my opinion to take that risk, how many years are we likely to be top at New year again.

  178. Adam says:

    Andrew. I was just being fanciful. :)

  179. rico says:

    Evening Ts… Ha ha re the steward…

  180. BrainwashedKev says:

    Hmm Chicken Madras…..

    Are you there Lee…. :-D

  181. rico says:

    I’d be there for a vegetable one Kev ;)

  182. AndrewH says:

    Adam, I am worried Arsene might be being fanciful ;-)

    Kev, please don’t mention Ch Madras, it starts me off thinking curry and its hard to get rid of the thought! Peshwari Nans and Aloo Gobi are now joining my thoughts …..

  183. AndrewH says:

    rico, how long you been veggie?

  184. Micko says:

    I may not know a lot but I know enough to say we can’t be relying on that toolbox Bendtner, evening all.

  185. rico says:

    Hi Ah,

    I’m a Pescetarian, but haven’t eaten meat for around 8/9 years I think..

    But haven’t eaten red meat for around 30 years…

  186. rico says:

    Evening Micko, can’t believe you are calling Nikki B a spanner…

  187. BrainwashedKev says:

    Andrew, that was absolutely delicious… :-)

    I did have an onion bhaji Rico… :-P

  188. rico says:

    Kev, I love OB’s, with all the naughty sauces… I’m feeling hungry now and all I have tonight is salad ;)

  189. AndrewH says:

    rico …Just have a Korma, all the meats yellow then :-)

    Had to look it up on google, LOL That’s a Vegetarian to me, those that don’t eat fish either, well, life must be hard.

    I went to a food intolerance clinic last January as a last attempt to solve a stomach problem – 60 hiccups a day and bloatedness that has lasted 2 years. Had to cut out practically everything: bread, sauce’s, vegetables, sugar, sugar substitutes, beer, wine, cake, fruit! Only think I was practically allowed was fresh cooked meat (no processed) and potatoes/chips. That wouldn’t do you!

  190. rico says:

    That sounds like a wheat intolerance Ah – too much wheat causes bloating..

    You’ll just have to drink wine and leave out the beer, otherwise you’ll be fine ;)
    :) re the Korma, but a bit bland and rich for me, I’m a Madras gal ;)

    Love my lentils too, Adam will back me up there…. Haha

  191. snaparse says:

    griezmann??????……..I think he is good

  192. rico says:

    Actually, so will Kev, Lee & Rocky ;)

  193. Adam says:

    Rico. A nice few days in his caravan with a bit of asphalting on the side for Rooney. :)

  194. Adam says:

    Oh yes, Rico loves her spicy lentils and the occasional bit of curry Salmon too. And a glass of Proseco every now and again.

  195. snaparse says:

    lahm cheileini Dante alaba
    shweini Vidal
    robben messi ronaldo

    Gary Neville’s world x11……..what do you guys think……………..

  196. David says:

    Wait till Remy plays against city, then make an offer for him

  197. rico says:

    Hi Adam, I was thinking more about getting him away from all the transfer talk… OR, has he gone to decide on his future…

    All done in his caravan of course ;)

  198. rico says:

    Got to eat now, back in a short while…

  199. tsgh says:

    Snap, I will replace Schweinteiger with Kroos or Koke, Ramsey or even Yaya just because Bastian has not played much this season…

    I was going to say Pirlo or Arteta but I am not drunk yet. lol

    Hello Micko, its comments like the one you made about tgstel that makes us fall out… :)

    Hope all is well?

  200. tsgh says:

    Has anyone heard Matuidi is joining us next summer from Psg on a free?

  201. rico says:

    I haven’t Ts, Matuidi is a bit like Kalou isn’t he??

    Been linked with us for years but never arrives…

  202. rico says:

    In saying that, if he arrives for free in the summer, wouldn’t be a bad thing….

  203. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha, they yes are both black and speak French Rico. :D

    Seriously no… Matuidi is definitely the best DM in France and arguably one of the best in Europe…

  204. tsgh says:

    He currently plays for Psg but has refused a contract extension…

  205. rico says:

    6.20 Adam, just the one, I take it you mean bottle?? ;)

    Ts, I read that just now after you mentioned him. Would be a great coup, albeit he’s a tad small but a bit of a feisty one…

    Smacks of AW doesn’t it…

  206. tsgh says:

    It does Rico. I hope it is true or that Mauren-ho does not go for him as Psg is buying Hazard…

  207. rico says:

    David, maybe Remy has a bit too much off field stuff going on?

    I’d welcome him though…

  208. tsgh says:

    Good observation , I never realised he was only 5’9 until now Rico… he plays as a big guy like Makelele did even at 5 ‘6

  209. rico says:

    I checked him on Wikki Ts, I wouldn’t have known otherwise…

  210. tsgh says:

    same here I checked his height on google….

  211. rico says:

    Tiddler ;)

  212. AndrewH says:

    Like Lentils Rico, must like Dansaks as well as Madras? I alternate between them. Stopped wheat for three months, didn’t cure things but I lost two and a half stone! Now frozen shoulder has stopped sports, one stone back on sadly. Have kept many of the good habits though and eat tough rye and soda bread!

    So, when we likely to announce a striker?
    Spuds game was magic, we won 1-0 then Wenger announced there might be two big surprises. Ok there was only one, but that night while in holiday in Nissi Beach was one I will not forget in a long time!!

  213. rico says:

    Has anyone watched ‘What happens in Sunny Beach’??

    I’m horrified ;)

  214. rico says:

    I cook my own Ah, all Lentil based :)

    Love soda bread, one of my favs – you have very good taste ;)

  215. rico says:

    Re the striker, maybe right at the end of the month before we head into a tricky Feb….

  216. rico says:

    That’s me done folks, off for the day now…

    Have a good evening/night/day all…

    ’til tomorrow….

    Night all…

  217. snaparse says:

    ts it was based on last years performance so I think he got it spot on except for the robben part I think ribery should b der

  218. Mak says:

    Sooner is better.. It is better to have the player now so he can get fimilar with the club and become friend during the easy next few fixtures before we take on FBM and man city and Liverpool.. The months coming up arnt looking easy so let’s not rely on new players then

  219. BrainwashedKev says:


    If I recall, Arsenal was linked to him some 4 or 5 years ago…

    But despite all the hoo ha, a bid was never made…

    If he wasn’t good enough then, why is he good enough now?

    Oh, silly me… He’s freemans… What a fcukin’ joke…

  220. BrainwashedKev says:

    Why doesn’t Arsene, go out and spend some proper money on a proper player/players…?

  221. BrainwashedKev says:

    Gourcuff is another old chestnut… Didn’t take ‘em long to dig him up again…

    Giovinco, who the hell is he. Another cheapo out of Lidl’s?

  222. What about those who were crying out loud for M’Villa and Samba??

  223. BrainwashedKev says:

    That was me Nasher, I wanted M’Vila…

    Not sure what happened with him tbh?

    He looked the nuts playing for France, then went into self-destruct mode…
    Seems that we had a lucky escape mate…

    Do you like Onion Bharji’s…? ;-)

  224. Hi Kev. Never tried it but look very appetizing methink.

  225. BrainwashedKev says:

    They’re delicious mate…
    Samosas are also very tasty, be they meat or vegetable variety…

    This is very much a curry orientated blog…

    Lee, Adam and Rocky are all very much fans of the curry.

    SYG seems to eat nothing else (lucky sod ;-) )

    I have also seen Rico get stuck into a veggie curry, with some relish…

    And when Andrew reads this he will feel absolutely famished, and desperate for a Peshwari Nan..,

  226. BrainwashedKev says:

    Gotta sleep now…

    Night All.

    Night Nasher…

  227. Scott from Oz says:

    Kev, nothng lucky about missing M’Villa….Wenger got it right, again….

  228. Didier shombo says:

    You said Wenger likes teasing us but he is so unfair can we get a good scoring goals man please we so desperate

  229. rico says:

    Morning all….

  230. rico says:

    Catch you later, got to drag myself off to a fitness class… :(

  231. Yea mr wenger u are very capable in season which shows u are looking for the title.Hoping u the best

  232. rico says:

    New post up…

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