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What’s the big deal?

Morning all.

So Thomas Hitzlsperger ‘came out’ yesterday, jeez it’s 2014, who really ‘should’ care if he’s heterosexual or gay?

Well sadly, we live in a society full of ignorant idiots who will no doubt find this story amusing and feel the urge to tap away on their keyboards leaving insults, jokes and generally quite nasty comments.

If you feel like doing that here, please think twice because your comment will go into spam.

I recall watching an interview with Elton John who is possibly the most famous gay man in the world, certainly in England and he reflected back on his time as Chairman of Watford FC. The abuse he took was incredible but he sat through it each week and at the time of the interview he looked back and laughed as he told of one particular song the fans used to sing about him. I’m sure you all know about that one, the one which went ‘Don’t sit down when Elton’s around’……

That was all a very long time ago and life/laws have moved on a long long way but I guess the fact that Thomas Hitzlsperger has waited until he retired from the game to make his announcement suggests he wanted to avoid the gutter chants the fans would no doubt have thrown his way.

Look at Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole, both married, well, Cole was but Cheryl ditched him, yet still they were victims of abuse from the sidelines…

Thomas said this:

“I am talking about being gay because I want to move forward the discussion about homosexuality among professional sports stars,” he said, admitting that realising that he was gay was “a long and difficult process.”

Thomas is 31 years old and now retired and I can only assume that his intention when ‘coming out’ was to try and make it easier for any professional footballer who is gay but can’t live his life openly right now, to be able to do so from now on.

I’m not sure it will because sadly and as said earlier, human beings can be cruel, especially when they are sat in masses within a football stadium….

And those masses will be in the thousands, maybe even millions in 2022 when the World Cup takes place in Qatar, a country where homosexuality is still illegal………

Racism is still a problem in certain countries and with certain people and I fear it’ll be many years until homosexuality is accepted in football by the fans……..

Especially when there are idiots in the game like ex Chelsea man Alex who gave his opinion on homosexuality on French TV:

God would’ve created not Adam and Eve but Adam and Yves (French boy’s name)

Still, Billie-Jean King broke down the barriers in tennis, maybe Thomas Hitzlsperger will be the leading man to break down the same barriers within football….

Lukas-Podolski.com         ✔ @Podolski10 Follow Brave and right decision. Respect, Thomas Hitzlsperger. His outing is a important sign in our time.  12:07 PM - 8 Jan 2014

Lukas-Podolski.com ✔ @Podolski10
Brave and right decision. Respect, Thomas Hitzlsperger. His outing is a important sign in our time.
12:07 PM – 8 Jan 2014

Lukas is just one of many to give his true support.

I hope all Arsenal fans will do the same……

Finally, our midfield man Mesut Ozil has been named Germany’s national Player of the Year following a fans’ poll conducted by the German Football Federation.

3rd year in a row too, so I guess that’s why he is worth £42 million…..

That’s your lot for another day…..

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196 comments on “What’s the big deal?

  1. Morning Rico. Good post. Totally agree, though many won’t (secretly anyway).

  2. Morning…good post! Nice of Bayern to subsidise their fans…………

  3. Lee. That is exactly the kind of gesture I have come not to expect from Arsenal. In financial terms it’s peanuts but the overall value of the gesture is huge.

  4. Morning Adam, thanks..

    I wondered whether to post this or not…

    Good to see so many players in support of Thomas, even Joey Barton took a swipe at ex Chelsea defender Alex for his archaic comment…

  5. Morning Rico, Lee and Adam….
    Sexuality of a footballer? Who should care?

  6. Morning Lee. Thanks..

    Incredible that from Bayern, maybe Arsenal will do the same for our travelling fans for the return game… Then again…

  7. Morning Syg, exactly, but so many do…..

  8. Hi Rico,

    A sensible and well said Post.

    Your first comment really said it all. Why should anyone care who is or is not ‘gay’, either male or female.

  9. I’d exhale now Adam…….

  10. Phew!!

    The Gunners could miss out on another of their targets with reports emanating from Lille that striker Salomon Kalou is going nowhere.

    Arsenal and rivals Tottenham have been rumoured to be keen on giving the former-Chelsea man a route back to English football, but his club president Michel Seydoux has poured cold water on such talk.

    “It’s only gossip,” he told Eurosport. “I’ll tell you two things: No English club have contacted me about Kalou and, anyway, we are not going to sell.

    “Kalou will not leave the club this winter.”

  11. Thank fuck for that!

  12. Morning Hb, thanks.

  13. I knew you’d be pleased…

    Really hope Nikki B retuning earlier than expected doesn’t stop any striker signing…

  14. My sentiments exactly, Lee.

    If we are going to buy someone, make a statement of positivity and not panic.

  15. France Football suggest the Gunners boss is keeping tabs on Auxerre striker Paul-Georges Ntep.

    According to them Arsenal have taken steps to sound out the French club about possibly signing him, but could yet lose out to Bundesliga side Borussia Moenchengladbach.

    The Ligue 2 club reportedly want €8million for the 21-year-old and are prepared to let him go this month, with the Germans now at the head of the queue.

  16. Lee. :)
    It was completely appropriate Rico. Personally I am dismayed when I hear so much anti-gay and anti-Semitic stuff in everyday life.

  17. If we are to buy a striker let’s not scrimp!

  18. You and me both Adam..

    I find it hard to understand why on day 9, we are yet to sign someone. Even Morata, Madrid must have told the club how much it will cost, just do it…

    It’s not like our needs have crept up on the club overnight….

  19. Good Morning Lady, Sir Gentleman and Ladies.

    Goody for coming out with such an article Rico.

    Alex is a twerp. Does it matter who is straight or not on the football pitch??

    What counts is that football talks not whatever are your inclinations. What happens before or after the game is no more different than what happens before or after a job.

    Football is played with a leather ball. Enuff said.

  20. Bendtner has become the elephant in the room with his swift return.
    Watching Man City last night and seeing their strikers, with Aguero out as well, did make me ever so slightly jealous I must say.
    This week would have been perfect to try and push a deal over the line.

  21. Ntep? We really DO need another mediocre African in the ranks Rico?

    We have seen how we’ve missed the ‘positive’ impacts of Song, Frimpong and Gervais in the team and the how they both bring and bond the fans closer together…. With those three in the side we wouldn’t now be struggling at the top of the league or looking at a date with Bayern Munich after progress from what was the hardest Champions League group ever….

  22. i dont know if anybody feels we could do with super Mario Ball(n’d)ortelli. at the touted 25m, he would do a good job. Wenger talks sense into him about the unity binding the team…he promises to stick like glue to prince poldi…. Mario gets to the first training session and exclaims “aha” at nice dribbling. ehmmm goodmrning house and nice write up rico

  23. Morning Devil. My thoughts entirely…

    I’d have thought so too Adam, nice long break between fixtures, ideal.

    Longer this goes on, it will be all too easy to get to the end of the window with nothing… Especially as Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud and Ramsey all soon return…

  24. Just passing the gossip on Syg ;)

    Thanks Tizteezy, not sure his sulky attitude would suit our dressing room…

  25. We are signing no one….

  26. Boring Boring Chelsea

  27. Lee. Say it isn’t so……

  28. you may be proven wrong rico. anyways, I hope we get a striker that knows how to hit the net and maybe a versatile winger plus a RB/CB kinda player

  29. Has AW said as much Lee?

    Morning Kev

  30. Morning All…
    Morning Rico. Good post…

    Is that right, Kalou isn’t for sale?!!!!

    Damn it, I’m devestated… :lol: :lol:

  31. Proved wrong Tiz, how?

  32. With all the talk of Arsenal ‘signing’ a striker, don’t be suprised if we don’t sign a forward, but actually sign a goalkeeper, or centre-back…

  33. According to the news feeds the Lille president has put a £72M price tag on Kalou…. which means he’s seven times as good as Gervais and twice as good as Hazard….

  34. Thanks Kev..

    Back to Darren Bent it is then…

  35. Certainly many stories on Kouyate

  36. Morning all.
    SYG…where have you been?
    Sexuality….well, i think it has jack shit to do with football,or even life….
    I honestly could not care whether a person is straight or gay.
    I have mates that are gay.
    I treat them no differently for one reason……they do not ASK to be treated differently.
    It is irrelevant.
    Have we got a striker yet??

  37. The ‘m’ was by accident Syg, it’s £72….

  38. Morning Scott, no… :(

  39. Good Morning to the Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    As for this mornings article – HenryB’s post at 10:10 am says it all.

    Kev – Re your 10:55 am post – I meant to pick you up on that, in your post the other day you’d omitted the second ‘Boring’. Chelski aren’t merely boring they are truly boring.

  40. Yennaris is back at Arsenal after a completely wasted loan to Bournmouth…
    No point us ever sending a player there again…

    Akpom to Brentford, seems a decent move.
    Szczesny certainly benefitted from his time at Griffin Park…

    Sanogo back for the FA Cup tie vs Coventry.
    Could see Park getting a run-out, or Afobe or both…
    Would like to see Yennaris get a game as well…

  41. I stand corrected CG, and humbly apologize…

  42. Morning Cg…

    Is the Akpom move back on now?

    Sanogo, Park against Coventry fills me with great confidence… ;)

  43. Rico, have a word to Arsene please :)

  44. £72 million for Kalou? The Lille President must have been rehearsing his stand-up comedy routine. I think Rico’s much closer to the truth with her £72. I can’t see Arsene paying much more than for him.

  45. lol Rico. £72.

    Hello Scott … Everything at the moment within the club seems to be positive…. certainly nothing for me to moan about …. at the moment this is the best I have felt re: Arsenal since 2004… saying that, all Wenger needs to do to bollocks up the dynamics is to stick Koscielny on the wing or give Frimpong a run in the side … or better still give Diaby another 12-year contract at £300K per week

  46. Kev – Now that you are a writer of some note, we must keep your standards up.

  47. … or as I have just seen, give Sanogo the No. 9 shirt v’s Coventry…. Bradford revisited?

  48. I’d have more than one Scott. lol

  49. Arsenal are in for either of Cavanni or Falcao. I can bet my money on that. Very soon, the English press are gonna be running the story as an “exclusive!!!”. But it is true..remember Prof’s french connetion too @rico etal

  50. If we are not going for one of the top strikers like a Martinez or Costa then i would rather we spent on young players with experience in albeit lower leagues like Tom Ince and Jordan Rhodes. They are not players who have only had one good season and Rhodes especially has proved he can perform consistently even in the carnage that is Blackburn.

    This would give us some one who could hold the ball and bring players into the game and with Ince some one who can run beyond the striker and score. We could probably get both for under 15 million and with Giroud being the only player who we have who fulfils the role of holding up the ball and occupying the opposition back four.

  51. SYG – I can’t see Arsene extending Diaby’s contract, at least I hope not, but stranger things have happened. He has skill, but is so physically fragile and that wont change.

  52. I’ll believe that when I see it Tiz…

  53. It is the end for Diaby.
    It is also the moment some lowlife player can realise his career highlight was killing the career of one of the most talented footballers ever to play the game.

  54. v10, I like both, and Ings…

  55. Cooking Hell………

    “…. the most talented footballers ever to play the game…..” That’s overcooking it a bit Scott….

    …It’s a bit like calling Wayne Rooney handsome and debonair

  56. I knew that a combo of Sanogo/Park would have you all in a tizzy, Rico…

    Just a hunch you see, but I kinda see the Coventry match, much in the same way as a League Cup tie vs a Division One opponent…

    Frimpong may even get a run-out?

    With Bayern on the horizon plus crucial EPL games, AW will probably take this chance to rest a few?!!!

    CG, I try my best…
    But I am forever in the shadow of Adam… ;-)

  57. Arsene should give the likes of Afobe or Akpom the chance against Coventry. If Giroud is back fit, have him on the bench in reserve if the Young Gunner(s) isn’t/aren’t doing it. Even if we do buy or get a striker on loan, it is doubtful he’ll hit the ground running in his first game. We have been extremely lucky that Ozil adjusted so quickly.

  58. No SYG…watch him in full flight.
    Ask anyone that played with him.
    Ask French managers that always chose him when healthy.

  59. “It’s a bit like calling Wayne Rooney handsome and debonair”. Now we are truly dealing in fantasy. What’s next? Louis Suarez declares that he’s a vegan. I’d better pull out my magic wand.

  60. Kev – Spot on! I too think Arsene will use the Coventry match as an opportunity to blood some of the kids and ease some of the walking wounded back into the team with the experienced fit players held in reserve.

  61. I’ve watched him in full flight, Scott.
    He was better than Song, but with us he was a square peg in a round hole. He slowed the pace of the team because he held on to the ball to long. In reality he had three, maybe four decent games for us.

    Look at how we are playing now. No Song and no Diaby.

    It is no coincidence that we are No. 1 in the league and are looking positive in both the ECL and FA Cup. We are playing as a team, with ‘team’ being the optimum word.
    Accountability is everything.

  62. Dan Smith has a lot to answer for ! but Diaby never really got the chance to reach his potential and show just how talented he was or wasn’t.

  63. It’s his mantra, Diaby’s that is, ‘ I could have been a contender ‘!
    Potentially he was a brilliant footballer, but he never got close to his potential, nor will he, now. A great shame as he could have been ‘like a new signing’, later in the season. Perhaps he should take up a less demanding sport like fire side knitting or solitaire? Any non-contact sport!

  64. * or even……’non-contRact sport’

  65. :) Kev, it’s certainly the type of game where fringe players should be involved but I hope not too many at once…

  66. Akpom to Brentford on loan has been confirmed on afc.com…

  67. Not sure on Ings Rico only really had this season as a prolific scorer but he is young so maybe he has just matured now and knows his game better this season. Would rather see us go for a young prospect with experience in the lower leagues and a proven record than some one from a second tier European league like Belgium as the acclimatisation process should be quicker?

    Not sure that would scare Munich much but at least it gives us something to build on in the future as well.

  68. V10, he had to start somewhere and as you say, he’s young but looks good. Think I’d rather see him on our bench than Sanogo, Park etc….

    Ince, Rhodes, Ings – all doing well in the Championship but at some stage they’ll make it into the PL I’m sure..

    Swansea seem favourites for Ince..

  69. Rico another editor has said we have agreed a deal with RM for morata and we just have to convince him of playing time,its a loan deal

  70. Who haven’t we agreed a deal with??? It’s gonna be one hell of a Christmas do…

  71. That one sounds believable Mg..

  72. Lee this editor is pretty spot on

    Liverpool also talking to him

  73. The Cava will flow… ;-)

  74. Liverpoolrumours.co.uk

  75. He also says we are after a winger

  76. What a kick in face that would be for the TOOT seeing as they have a partnership with RM

    Do maria?

  77. He’ll get more playing time with us than the dippers surely…

    Lee, plenty…

    Kev, I could be tempted with the right signing ;)

  78. Mg, it’s just Ozil right now….

  79. mg please don’t make believe u……

  80. I know rico but 1 can dream

  81. I’m off for a while now, catch up later……

  82. I remember those chants at Le saux from the crowd at Highbury too. The homosexual side of the argument is one thing but the reticence of the F.A to address the problem shows that that particular leopard has kept it’s spots as they refuse to confront any situation where they are required to look at the cause rather than the effect. All to often we see the tribunals come down heavily on the side of the protagonist rather than the recipient of the original event which sparks off the retaliation. Witness a few years past Diaby going off where Barton that created the whole scene was allowed to stay on the pitch. Vieira went off having been goaded for an hour by Ruddock , and going back years Paul Davis 9 match ban for breaking Cockerill’s jaw , guess who started it ? 2 point deduction for a fight started by Mclair , United got 1 point off, and the PGMOL witch-hunt started by Arsenal having the temerity to stand up against the referees society when the wrong player was sent off in the league cup final and the subsequent lies they told to cover their backsides. The punishment for retaliation has always been greater than for causing the problem in the first place and until football stands up and confronts the creators rather than the reactors things are unlikely to change.

    Going back to sleep now. End of rant.

  83. J.Barton was just a wasted, discarded toilet paper. And that why people like him will never step foot in US of A.

  84. There’s a hell of a lot worse people than Joey Barton in the USA.

  85. Apparently Negredo is in a “great moment right now”. Weren’t moments a type of chocolate delight? So, Negredo is in a chocolate just now??!!

    Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

    He should share English grammar lessons with Brenda!

    We make a big fuss about gay footballers but we let the hi-jacking of the English language just pass us by. Standards ??

  86. Dearie me. :)
    SYG. You are right that there are far worse then Barton over there.

  87. Potter, 3.10pm…

    Well said (wrote) that man…

    There has always been a Northern bias in the League.
    It remains so, even today.

    The Northern clubs hate us for breaking their monopoly of winning leagues.

    The FA hate us for being the first Southern club to break ranks and turn professional…

    Rant over. Back to work…

  88. Iv’e just woken up…

    Oh dear…. ;)

  89. Sorry, afternoon all…..

  90. Just woken up?
    You been cracking the tequila bottle, Rico?

  91. Just kidding Syg – been out in the beautiful sunshine with the woofa – such a lovely change from getting soaked…

  92. Hmm, I feel like a dose of double pie n’ mash, with lashings of liqueur and vinegar…

    Luvverly grub… :-)

  93. Not having the eels with the liqueur then ?

  94. Evening all, Didn’t like the post..

  95. Think we’ll leave it at you didn’t like the post Sp… That’s fine…

  96. Stevie – I think that is what the majority are saying. Who gives a shit about a persons sexuality. I don’t mind gays so long as they don’t push their sexuality in your face ….A bit like religion really….

    … I do however think good looking lesbians are brilliant and caught two in a film the other night called “The Crew”…. which was mainly about a Liverpool gangster getting usurped by his younger brother and ripped off by a con artist ….

  97. Syg, you managed to take on board the storyline then, I’m surprised… ;)

  98. Hiya SYG, seems i have been censored, i thought that would happen, people can parade in the streets in Mankinis whips and bondage gear but when a menber of the public moans about it he’s in the wrong, no wonder this country is a fffing Joke. Majority rule thats a joke when half the government is Queer.

  99. That’s quite an allegation Sp, is that something you know from personal experience? lol

  100. I read the papers Rico,

  101. I wonder how many more players will come out of the closet for 2018 and 2022 world cup,those country’s are anti gay

  102. rico, you could be onto something, might explain Freddie’s red hair.

  103. So do I Sp, doesn’t mean I believe all I read..

    Good job, otherwise we’d have a squad of 60 players…

  104. Hey micko

  105. He looked good in his CK’s Micko….

  106. Adam wrote something the other year which I thought was nothing short of brilliant and it was that good it has stayed with me since – He mentioned the supression of free speech in the UK … sort of post Pte Lee Rigby getting his head lopped off in Greenwich …. It made a lot of sense..

    In life I try to say what I think, but always try to bear in mind not to offend, however sometimes the smallest thing can by turned around others and made to look like it offends….. A sad indictment of what we as a country have become?

  107. Howdy MG, Cork was in a bad way last week.

    Hope Scott is ok, think he took a nasty bang to the head at 11.31.

  108. StevieP issued with a HH sideswipe… ouch

    You’re getting very cynical in your old age Rico …. lol

  109. Malaga Gooner….
    is it you with all that ‘In the Know’ information….?

    My mam lived in Malaga in her last few years …. sort of inbetween Malaga and Nerja

  110. Torrox Costa ……

  111. I see that micko hope you were not effected,hope you had a good exmas

    Syg I more towards estepona

  112. A Diaby blow to the head Micko.. lol

    Syg, I’ve always been a cynic, didn’t need to grow old to become cynical.. lol

  113. Nice part if the Costa syg

  114. Mg, I thought you were in Ireland…

    itk?? ha ha, more like on the Arsenal rumour site…. ;)

  115. Again Rico with the karate chop…….. lol…

  116. I never said I was in spain rico

    Are you drinking

  117. Lot of pressure on club Managers when they meet young players parents, and try and enroll them. when parents ask if any players they may mix with are the other way. Clubs have to be very careful as they are responsible for their welfare.. Young kids from the age of 8 are being sort after as future superstars and are very vulnerable. Stamp it out.

  118. Yes Mg, I am drinking… A nice Cup of tea!!

  119. Sp, I think if you were to research what goes on outside of football, young children are far more vulnerable there…

    You never know who your neighbour truly is…

  120. You will always have an answer Rico whatever the Question but would you let a child of yours enroll in a team full of them,

  121. It goes a lot deeper than neighbour’s rico

    You can add priests, family and friends to that list

    I am not talking from experience

  122. I doubt there will ever be a team ‘full of them’ Sp, and I assume by the word ‘them’ you mean gay men – and yes, I would, it wouldn’t bother me one single bit…

    I would however be a lot more concerned if they were amongst a group of men who were archaic in their views about modern life, bullies, cheats, or criminals….

  123. Mg, yes you can, but I am sure you got my gist…

  124. Enough Said

  125. I think so too.

  126. On that note, off to get dinner….

  127. Is Marigold doing the washing up rico ? Dear oh dear.

  128. I think you are right Rico. Did I tell you that I used to live door to a very strange man?
    I am chuckling at “a team of them” comment. Very Pythonesque.. :)

  129. I did rico.

    I have no problem with gay people.

    Big difference between being gay and scum bag

  130. Micko we are talking about gays and you bring up marigolds

  131. Sorry MG, I thought Alf Garnett had popped on to say hello this evening.

  132. No Micko, Beko ;)

    I still do Adam ;)

    There is Mg, a huge difference…..

  133. Micko, you have really made my sides ache… :lol:

    Mg, is that from experience? ;)

  134. Hi Micko. Been a while.

  135. Lmao micko,I worked on his house in hHighgate years a go,he’s a miserable git

  136. Ha rico,as soon as I posted that I knew you would jump on me

  137. Trust me Mg, you are very safe from me jumping on you ;)

    Anyone who goes on the rumour site is safe…. lol

  138. Other newspapers are running that too Syg, just as they did the Sahin story – and we all know what happened there…

  139. I don’t know about that rico,my Mrs thinks iI look like George clooney

  140. Rico. Are we going to buy anyone do you think?

  141. Dear oh dear…

  142. Yes Adam, I do…

  143. Changing the subject ever so slightly, I always kinda fancied being the physiotherapist of a Ladies football team…

  144. Sadly for you Mg, I’ve always preferred Richard Gere…. ;)

  145. I can’t think why Kev… You’d have to have so many checks though, just to make sure you were a trustworthy kind of guy ;)

    Can’t let any old guy loose on those ladies….

  146. Happy New Year Micko!
    I could crush a grape or even jump over a doll’s house!

  147. I think a loan for Morata will be done……

  148. Is that Louie Spence gay?

  149. This no drinking in January is a killer…..

  150. Adam, apparently the Arsenal board are preparing to give all of their customers the steam off their piss ahead of our next CL game, not wanting to be out done by their Bayern counterparts…..nice touch, I thought!

  151. Lee. And we will be very grateful for it.
    Richard Gere? :)

  152. night all!
    Are there any important and fiable new?

  153. Hope so re Morata…

    Louie Spence, surely not??

  154. Yes Adam. I loved it when he conquered his fear of heights to get his lady… I love him for that alone…

  155. Adam, have you seen that they are making a spin off from Breaking Bad, called Better Call Saul……? September apparently.

  156. I’m done for the day… Night all…

  157. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo, Frimpong and Jenkinson all involved for Arsenal u21 v Fulham tonight. Crowley on the bench…

    Where is Rick with updates…

    Evening all…

    Interesting post and interesting read about Le Saux…

  158. Very impressed with Ox… playing 45 minutes after being out for 5 months…

  159. The Ox is back.
    Our U21 have beaten Fulham 1-0 to reach Q/finals of cup where we are at home to Chelsea.
    The Ox played the first half and it looks like he was pretty lively.
    Nico, Jenkinson Ryo Frimpong Afobe Elsford also played.
    Elsford scored the goal.

  160. I am alive.
    Plenty seem to forget the impact Diaby had when playing.
    At the start of last season, every Gooner alive was praying this was finally his time.
    He dominated a few games, then was gone.

  161. Good new on Ox.

  162. Evening Ginge, I think this was a very good win. Fulham are top of the leauge and untill tonight were unbeaten. I really think we are good enough to go close to doing the double.

  163. Hiya Scott, Rick…

    I am still grieving for Abu Dhabi…

    Eisfield needs to be given a chance as should Olsson my fave youth player… the next TR07 imo…

    I am reading we face the chavs in the next round…

  164. Hope George is well?

  165. Sanogo did not feature?hmmm

    Any news on Afobe’s performance?

  166. Lee. I never knew that. I am still in series 2 of BB.

  167. Olssen is being tipped as the long-term successor to Arteta, by the Coaches in the Academy…

    Interesting, but he needs a couple of loans to toughen him up.

  168. Afobe hit the crossbar with a header from a cross from the Ox and then had a good shot well saved. I was told Chuba would have buried both,but he is still not fully recovered from his injury is he.
    There is another U21 next week and then the FA cup Arsen should give him the chance to play in both

  169. Kev have you heared what position that they think young Crowley will fill. I have not seen much of him but what I have seen leads tome to think he could be fast tracked like Serge.

  170. Lee, and to you, here’s to a bit of silverware come May.

    Adam, too long, managed to squeeze in a couple of games back in November, Southampton and Marsielle on the bounce, blinding goal from Jack that night to set us on our way.
    Napoli away was shades of the Birmingham League Cup final a few years back, far too casual, doesn’t come much tougher than Bayern, sorry mate but I’m still playing catch up, bear with me !

  171. Micko. God to see you back anyway mate. I was at both those games. The Southampton one was a toughie but we had that concentration and application to win it.
    Off now. Night all.

  172. Hi Rick…

    Crowley, he’s still only 16, but he reminds me of a young Tomas Rosicky or Anders Limpar.

    We have some fantastic young midfielders, not least Crowley, but also Toral, Zelalem and Olsson…. Willock is also highly rated. Not seen him yet, but ManUre are trying to steal him off of us…

    I like Jebb as well, but the competition in that dept of the Reserves/Youths is probably the the most difficult…

  173. Nite Adam,
    Scott, maybe I am being a little harsh on Diaby, his winner at Old Trafford lives long in the memory, just a shame it was for United !
    Time for me bunk, laters Gooners.

  174. Micko is well and truly back, the bastard :)

  175. I hope this is not true…

    We have allegedly made contact with Juve for Giovinco a mobile but 5 ft 5 forward/winger who has made only 2 starts this season…. are we that desperate?

    Morning btw…

    Micko leave Abou ‘Dhabi’ alone… lol

  176. Morning all…

  177. Never heard of him Ginge :)
    Morning Rico.

  178. Neither have I Ts..

    Morning Scott..

  179. Good morning, Rico.

    It’s a lovely day out today, sun shining blue sky and all is well.

  180. Wikki says 13 played and 2 goals for Giovinco….

    Just saying ;)

  181. I believe Giovinco is a 26 year old (?) who Juve had high hopes for and mainly plays on the wing.

    He has been useless this season and they feel a loan would help him get his confidence back — though why we would want him on loan I do not know.

  182. Morning Hb.

    Frosty where I am but a lovely bright start to the day…

  183. Wonder if there’s any truth in the Kouyate stories…

    He’s a big lad….

  184. We were after Kouyate in 2012 but the deal was nearly done and then he could not get a visa. He has now got a Belgian passport and may be a good replacement for Aboou,

  185. New post up…

  186. I read that too Henry, I was thinking about TV – how long will he sit quietly on the sidelines…?

  187. The BFG commended TV recently for his attitude and so i think he will stay.

    He also rejected Napoli a few weeks ago before Rafa bid for Agger…

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