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So Thomas Hitzlsperger ‘came out’ yesterday, jeez it’s 2014, who really ‘should’ care if he’s heterosexual or gay?

Well sadly, we live in a society full of ignorant idiots who will no doubt find this story amusing and feel the urge to tap away on their keyboards leaving insults, jokes and generally quite nasty comments.

If you feel like doing that here, please think twice because your comment will go into spam.

I recall watching an interview with Elton John who is possibly the most famous gay man in the world, certainly in England and he reflected back on his time as Chairman of Watford FC. The abuse he took was incredible but he sat through it each week and at the time of the interview he looked back and laughed as he told of one particular song the fans used to sing about him. I’m sure you all know about that one, the one which went ‘Don’t sit down when Elton’s around’……

That was all a very long time ago and life/laws have moved on a long long way but I guess the fact that Thomas Hitzlsperger has waited until he retired from the game to make his announcement suggests he wanted to avoid the gutter chants the fans would no doubt have thrown his way.

Look at Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole, both married, well, Cole was but Cheryl ditched him, yet still they were victims of abuse from the sidelines…

Thomas said this:

“I am talking about being gay because I want to move forward the discussion about homosexuality among professional sports stars,” he said, admitting that realising that he was gay was “a long and difficult process.”

Thomas is 31 years old and now retired and I can only assume that his intention when ‘coming out’ was to try and make it easier for any professional footballer who is gay but can’t live his life openly right now, to be able to do so from now on.

I’m not sure it will because sadly and as said earlier, human beings can be cruel, especially when they are sat in masses within a football stadium….

And those masses will be in the thousands, maybe even millions in 2022 when the World Cup takes place in Qatar, a country where homosexuality is still illegal………

Racism is still a problem in certain countries and with certain people and I fear it’ll be many years until homosexuality is accepted in football by the fans……..

Especially when there are idiots in the game like ex Chelsea man Alex who gave his opinion on homosexuality on French TV:

God would’ve created not Adam and Eve but Adam and Yves (French boy’s name)

Still, Billie-Jean King broke down the barriers in tennis, maybe Thomas Hitzlsperger will be the leading man to break down the same barriers within football….

Lukas-Podolski.com         ✔ @Podolski10 Follow Brave and right decision. Respect, Thomas Hitzlsperger. His outing is a important sign in our time.  12:07 PM - 8 Jan 2014

Lukas-Podolski.com ✔ @Podolski10
Brave and right decision. Respect, Thomas Hitzlsperger. His outing is a important sign in our time.
12:07 PM – 8 Jan 2014

Lukas is just one of many to give his true support.

I hope all Arsenal fans will do the same……

Finally, our midfield man Mesut Ozil has been named Germany’s national Player of the Year following a fans’ poll conducted by the German Football Federation.

3rd year in a row too, so I guess that’s why he is worth £42 million…..

That’s your lot for another day…..

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