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Will the FA take action? Last week Nick, this week Theo & both out for a month..!

Morning all.

One of the things I love about this squad is how quick players are praise their team-mates. After Nicklas Bendtner came off the bench to score our first goal against Cardiff in the week, a number of players were straight in there to praise him.

This week and despite not getting on the score-sheet, Theo Walcott is getting the praise.

Santi Cazorla, who I thought had one of his best games in a while on Saturday was quick to praise our number 14:

He is a different [type of] player because we always play Giroud or Bendtner up front. But Theo is very quick and played very well.

Also like Nicklas Bendtner, Theo is rumoured to be facing four weeks on the sideline through injury so that need for a striker signing is gathering pace, in fact it’s becoming crucial.

Togetherness is the key this season and it’s quite apparent there is huge respect for each other throughout the squad and I can’t recall the last time we had a group of players like this.

Both Santi and Tomas were the guys who won the game in goal scoring terms but the latter has knows it’s not about singular players, it’s about the squad as a whole and how they play together:

Collectively and tactically we were disciplined. In these type of games it is important not to make a mistake and we always have the quality to score goals.

I think there are still things where we can improve a bit tactically but obviously we won such an important game for us and the fans so it was a great.

‘Collectively’, he’s been listening to Arsene Wenger too much. lol

Staying with the match, there were two incidents that went unpunished by Mark Clattenburg.

The ‘stamp’ on Nacho Monreal and the headbutt on Jack Wilshere.

Both Dembele and Bentaleb went unpunished for their behaviour and these two incidents are there to be looked at again by the FA.

If the FA grow a pair and look at the replays, both should surely receive a retrospective punishment?

Had Jack gone to ground like many players in that situation would have, Dembele would surely have received a straight red card and a three match ban.

The same should have been awarded to Bentaleb. Ok he didn’t make contact with Monreal thankfully, but back in the day of Patrick Vieira, he was shown a straight red card for ‘intending’ to harm old horse face even though his little kick out was nowhere need the Dutchman.

That was a long time ago I know but rules are rules and if the FA are to be consistent, they need to take action against both players….

However, I strongly suspect they won’t as they’ll be far too busy running and re-running the video involving Theo Walcott and his little score-line gesture to the Tottenham fans.

Oh, and I bet they ignore the coins and other objects being thrown at him…..

Come on FA, grow a pair and do what is right and not just penalise the clubs you don’t like….

We had a nice home fixture drawn out of the FA Cup pot. Coventry City….

That’s it for another day…

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127 comments on “Will the FA take action? Last week Nick, this week Theo & both out for a month..!

  1. Morning Rico, Lee and Kev.
    Lee. The vin rouge was as far from ordinaries as it is possible to get. Even a man of your impeccable discernment would have been impressed. :)

  2. Morning Rico…

    Great points re: offences by Spud players.

    The FA dislike Arsenal and in particular Arsene Wenger, so I don’t expect any action to be taken against anyone, from Saturdays game, except Walcott.
    They’ll probably try ‘to do’ Wilshere for provoking Dembele…
    Corrupt, the lot of them…

  3. Morning Adam & Kev

    I think you’ll be right Kev, at least if he’s injured a ban won’t cause us a problem though. lol

    Be interesting to see what, if any action is taken from the weekend.

    None against Arsenal should be the answer…

  4. Be back in an hour…

  5. Adam, did you notice that SuperDarren Bent scored on Saturday….

    Do you think that SDB was sending out a ‘come and get me’ message to Arsene?

  6. Lata Rico

  7. morning rico I agree with you,whats all the fuss about theo’s gesture? if I remember well gareth bale also did the same when they beat is at white hart lane and they never mentioned it,theo is a legend, ,ooh and I forget, what do you think is going on inside van pussies head at the moment?

  8. Happy nollaig na mBan to every lady gooner

  9. It would be insane of the FA to ban TW14. The camp is getting stronger in bond. I hope Wenger signs players. Balotelli, morata,mandzukic?, jackson martinez…any two of them would do a nice job IMHO

  10. Good Morning and a belated Happy New Year to the Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners.

    Rico – Good point regarding the Spuds players, especially the persistent fouls of Bentaleb. However, I fear Kev is going to be proved correct. The FA will make Theo a sacrificial lamb and ignore the transgressions of the Spuds players and their fans.

    I can’t say I’m surprised by the Spud’s tactics, not with Tim Sherwood as their manager. Their team played like their manager always did when playing against the Arsenal, a continuous stream of niggling fouls and ill temper.

    Yet despite all that, we had the last laugh, another clean sheet and it was great to see Adebuymore looking so lost and toothless.

  11. Kev. Although I follow Bent’s goalscoring feats closely, I am afraid I missed his latest. What is his buy-out clause?

  12. 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps I think Adam.
    If we are to take a pig in a poke , Danny Ings at Burnley looked good against Southampton. Under 21 international that looked sharp enough to develop. Sometimes I think we set our eyes all over Europe but fail to see the ones under our noses.

  13. Potter – Ings may well be one for the future, but we need an experienced proven striker. I don’t mind us signing some young potential, as long as it’s not at the expense of a proven player.

    I think we’ve all grown a little tired of the bargain basement buys. Let us continue in the same vein as Mesut Ozil.

  14. Morning all. Thought provokingost Rico, as usual!
    With regard to Th14, FA will ban him for 2 games, he is injured right now, or so it would seem, so the FA in their infinite wisdom wil insert a rider, ‘ to be served when fit’ ! As for the spud players’ indiscretions ‘ no action will be taken at this time’.
    Right got the disciplinary stuff out of the way. Move on.

    I have noticed that most Refs have been far less card happy this season, both yellow and especially red. I suspect they have been instructed to manage games with a little more circumspection and a lot more common sense. If I am right then games will benefit from this more sensible approach and fairer contests will be witnessed by the overpaying fans.
    I really do think that the most important thing to achieve as a Referee is to keep 22 players on the field for 90+ minutes of every game, if at all possible. However, I was elated to see manure reduced to 10 players yesterday, and at old toilet, too. The world of Fergie is well and truly gone!! AND they lost………AGAIN.

  15. Hello again all..

    Happy New Year to you Cg, hope it’s a great one for you and your family..

    potter, I mentioned Ings the other day too after watching some of the Burnley goals – he seems to have it all in his locker and I doubt he’ll be at Burnley for much longer..

    Great minds and all that ;)

  16. *TW 14…sorry. Still living in the past!

  17. Wavy, don’t think Arteta will agree with you re the ref’s…

  18. Wavy – If TW14 can make us forget about TH14, if only for the short term, by equaling or surpassing his exploits; we will all be happy Gooners.

  19. Probably not Rico. There was one thing I didn’t mention, ‘with the exception of all Arsenal players, who you will book at the earliest opportunity, in ALL games!’
    I rest my case!

  20. If TW just gets somewhere ‘near’ to what Henry did for us I’d be thrilled Cg. Each time he looks to find some form he gets injured.. Annoying really…

    Spot on there Wavy, any excuse and out comes the card, Newcastle away was just one of many examples…

  21. C.G Whilst I agree about buying potential , I am reticent to go down the street of buying a player to patch in the now and find ourselves landed with a drain on our resources that we can’t shift later on when his usefulness is used up. Effectively , do we need another Park on the books. I am talking this way because I don’t think the long term answer to the striker problem will be available during this month and I don’t want to patch in and make do anymore either. With the way that Theo and Gnabry combined and we played without a holding forward , could Park get a try in Theo’s absence being a less physical but mobile forward.

  22. Going on with Ings. I’d sign him up this month and loan him straight back to Burnley…

    I can’t see AW doing anything other than getting a striker in on loan..

  23. Potter – I can’t disagree with a word of your 12:03 pm post.

    If Arsene can’t find a player who ticks all the boxes in the January window, I think he will wait until the summer transfer window. I can’t see him paying over the odds for a player who is just a stopgap. He may be getting used to spending more for a player, than he was in the habit of, but he still wants value for money.

    Maybe he can pull another rabbit (e.g. Ozil) out of his top hat?

  24. I f we consider that Akpom etc and the others from Hale End are not to make it then bringing him in would be a worthwhile shout. He seemed to have an eye for goal and his movement off of the ball was impressive too. Loaning him back ? keep him for a bit to get us over the immediate problem and then loan him back at the end of the window.

  25. Furthermore We have a 9 day period to assimilate him so that he can get used to the players , a bench filler if nothing else.

  26. Yes, good point but if he hits the ground running, keep him and play him..

    If we don’t get him soon, another PL club will that’s for sure.

    My own view and I’ll admit that I have only seen replays and that which was shown over the weekend, is that he’s the next big Englishman to make a breakthrough.

    Talk is about Barkley but Ings can’t be too far away…

  27. Rico – I think you may well be right.

    When none of Arsene’s striker targets were available during the last window, he went for Ba on loan. However, Maureen Yo being his usual spiteful little git, sent Lukaku out on loan to Everton instead. If he isn’t kicking his own ‘special little’ arse over that one, he should be. Everton fans certainly appreciate his mistake.

  28. Theo get near TH14……not as long as he has a hole in his Khyber!

  29. He must be Cg, I can’t see Lukaku ever going back to Chelsea either…

    Lee, it was a big ‘if’ and big ‘near’ ;)

  30. Talking of Henry, you seen the pics of his statue been covered by excrement on new years day…

  31. There is hope though, we signed TH when he was 22 years old and went on to be the greatest, TW is still only 24 ;)

  32. Yeah Rico that was last season…………been re-used on twitter!

  33. He’s probably as quick….

  34. Ah, I thought it was the recent game Lee….

    And maybe equally as good with his head ;)

  35. There is nothing so sweet to a Gooner’s ears as the bitter rambling thoughts and whinings of Tottenscum fans after they have been beaten by the Arsenal;


  36. Sure isn’t Cg, well other than news of us signing a striker at this moment in time…

  37. I’m off to bed. So, have a great day all.

    Hopefully our FA Cup win over our whinging neighbours is a good omen for Arsenal in 2014.

    Keep the Faith!

  38. I read that out of sheer interest in what was said but what utter rubbish….

  39. Hiya pals

  40. Hi goonster..

  41. What’s is this I hear about theo being out for a month. We re doomed I tells ya.

  42. Just waiting to hear on his scan results, fingers crossed…

  43. Gee rico am freaking out..God help us. First giroud then bendtner now theo.

  44. Giroud is back for the Villa game goonster, sickness kept him out of the Nld..

  45. Got to pop off now for a couple of hours, catch up later….

  46. Afternoon all, nice one Rico,
    On your point about the Spuds players, i would hope nothing is done as for Walcott, punishment for what showing the away fans what the score was, as lets face it most of the Spuds had buried their heads in their coats after the second went in. 2.0 leave it there.. I can’t believe the decisions going in favour of us as it seems as if you have to thank somebody, not moaning but also not used to it either.if i didn’t know better i would say that the FA have pencilled us in to win the league, but still a lot of decisions to go under the bridge yet As for a centre forward, i tend to think he will wait till the summer. We have Giroud and Podolski with Sanogo almost ready and if the first 2 can hold out for a couple of games each the others will be back to fitness. I feel if we sign anybody it will be youngsters for the future.but i honestly cant see him signing a top striker even if there was one.

  47. Lee

  48. Hi Kev. I have just been down in Soho. Looked for you in Old Compton Street, but no joy.

  49. Lee. :)
    That shop in Brewer St took me back a few years mate, :)

  50. Interesting comments from the Presidente of Atletico Madrid today…

    He stated that Costa’s buyout clause is €38million (£32m)…..

    Wenger a couple of days ago said it would cost £145million to sign Costa?!!!!!

    So let’s assume that they are both telling the truth….

    If only £32 million goes to Atletico…
    And it takes £145 million to get him….

    Then where does the other £107 million come into the equation???


    My fare from Heathrow to London Colney? ;-)

  51. I’ve not been near Old Compton St today Adam…

    Very slow day…
    Although I did make a £65 contribution to Camden Council for a road traffic offence…
    I spoke to a very interesting computer, who gladly accepted my donation.
    All for parking on the kerb for a few moments…
    Still, it’s all for a good cause I suppose.
    Camden are full of great ideas for good cause’s…

  52. Kev. Assume a 4 year contract at 7 million a year? That’s £60 million in total. If you could get an extension in after 2 years and he is doing what we hope he can, there would be plenty coming back if we sold him.
    Perhaps things are not that simple. What did Arshavins time at Arsenal cost? £35 plus million? For what payback?

  53. Yes Kev. Camden Council are all heart aren’t they? :)

  54. Yeah, I suppose you’re right about the Costa figures.

    But if Wenger mentioned that amount (£145m) then are we to assume that contact has already been made and the financial package discussed with all parties concerned?!!!

  55. Oops. I just read that Costa’s wages would need to be more than twice my estimate. Looks like it’s Darren Bent then. :)

  56. Camden Adam, you gotta luv them, not…

    God knows what Wath’s Council tax is up there? :-P

  57. SuperDarren….

    Well worth those two pints and a packet of crisps… :-D

  58. Brainwashed Kev,

    I saw the interview where AW was asked about Costa and he was clearly joking about the cost of the player when asked.

    It went something like ‘are you interested in Diego Costa?’ to which Arsene replied with a big grin on his face, ‘what, at £145m?’.
    It was just a throw away line and told the media nothing, one way or the other. :-)

  59. Henry, it’s all smoke and mirrors…

    Arsene loves to play his transfer window games…

    Blimey, I could do with a job to Colchester… ;-)

  60. Buy cheap buy twice!
    Bethnal Green road……………..

  61. Loic Remy would score goals for us…..PL ready and cheap! But I’d pay up and look good by signing Costa.

  62. Lee. Spoken like a true capitalist my brudder. So would I. :)

  63. We could have bought Remy years ago when he was still fairly cheap and playing for Nice. Wenger spurned the opportunity then and I don’t think things will change now. For whatever reason, Wenger just doesn’t fancy him.

  64. Evening… Horrid old weather again…

  65. Cooking calls….

  66. Hi Everyone ,
    Very Bad News Theo out for 6 Months

  67. Horrible news, get well soon TW.

  68. Do we ever get a break

  69. Gnabry and Oxlade-Chamberlain will have a big role to play for the remainder of the season…

    Miyaichi was due for a loan. Wonder if the Theo news will bring about a rethink on that?

  70. Poor Theo. :cry:

    Surely, AW must buy now.

  71. We need signings now for sure, I hope AW don’t rely on Ox and Gnabry alone to make up for TW injury, Ryo ain’t good enough. It happen when it can be corrected, Spend some money.

  72. Theo being out for the season is a total bummer for us. He had just started to show what we have been missing for the past couple of months. I am gutted for him,

  73. Hi GDNA. Hello, Adam. Theo’s had a very promising return from injury chipping in with the much needed goals. And not that I really fancy England’s chances (sorry!), but it’s WC year, too, and he’s always been so gung-ho about representing England.

  74. Oh my goodness, I didn’t expect that news…

    How horrible for him…

  75. Despite the terrible news concerning Theo, I still doubt that Wenger will bring in a marquee signing…

    A Mata/Rooney swap deal is being mooted again…

    If Gazprom get Rooney, then that might take the South Oilers out of the Costa equation…?

  76. We sure have to get moving now in this transfer window..

    I’m absolutely gutted for him :(

  77. So was the ref culpable , he was down for some time after the initial challenge / kick from Rose but the ref refused to stop play and eventually he got up and tried to tackle back and made the injury worse. I remember Rosicky aiming to kick the ball out only for a Spurs player to retrieve it and keep it in play. A common sense referee would have noticed that he was genuinely hurt but that in itself rules out Clattenburg.

  78. Hey, hey Adam and Shopping Buddy. ;)

    rico, it truly is terrible for him. :cry:

  79. Good question Potter..

    It sure is agag, simply awful…

  80. Sad News for us Gooners.
    Get Well Soon TW14 – Sorry Mate.
    Interesting to see what AW will do now in the January Sales…..
    This may be our best chance to win PL.
    We cannot afford to lose OG12 and have no cover, or NB52 only.
    Get the chequebook out AW.
    Sign up BAC, TR07 and new LETHAL Striker.

  81. Kev, I’d rather we got Rooney…

  82. a117, I’m not sure just a striker will do now.

  83. No, it’s definately a dream, the season was going so well, beating the spuds the weekend the perfect tonic for the team to push on, scared I’m gonna wake up soon and back to struggling for 4th.

    Really bad news re Theo, never thought I’d say that once upon a time, when’s Diaby back !!!

  84. Welcome back Micko…

    2016 for Diaby…

    All down to AW now, he’s got to get a couple in the door, even if they are loan deals…

  85. Talking of conspriracies, does anyone really believe those yiddo’s were throwing coins on the pitch, I mean c’mon, one for tsgh to look into !

  86. No Micko, they were throwing them at Theo… Apparently it was the loose change they had left from £100 million spent in the summer…

  87. Not sure where my last comment went but if Wenger does go out and make a couple of signings shortly it would send out a huge message, premiership is there to be won this year if we can avoid the usual stutter in febuary.

  88. Like everyone on HH I am absolutey gutted for Theo. I honestly beleive he would have played a big part in us winning the PL this year. His injury opens the door for the Ox and Serge to show just how good they can be. His injury also makes things very akward for AW as there is no one he can buy in to replace him.
    By the way in the youth cup our lads are winning 5-0 Akpom has a hattrick.

  89. Spot on Micko.. Now’s the time that the squad need a lift, fresh legs and push on and finally win the PL…

  90. rico, my ruddy laptop’s playing up, will chat tomorrow, nite gooners and you kev.

  91. Ox is a few weeks away yet though Rick, he’s only just back in training but certainly Gnabry showed he has what it takes at the weekend but the depth/strength is really thin now up front….

    Park and Sanogo are getting too close to the first team for my liking…

  92. Night Micko, go steady….

  93. Hey Micko…

    What happened to the contract on your head? :P

    … and just because I talk gibberish does not mean I am into conspiracy ;) :P

    Glad you are well Sir…

    I blame Sir SP1 for Theo’s injury btw… just one game Theo tries to make a challenge/tackle and he goes crocked… :P

    Evening Rico and all..

  94. Ryo loan cancelled then…

  95. Evening Ts, just as you arrive, I’m off for the day so night to you and all…

    ‘Til tomorrow…

  96. Not sure he’s the answer Ts, not for a while yet…

    Gone now…

  97. Agree he is not the answer..

    Night lady…. avoiding me again?.. :P

    till tomorrow M’am…

  98. Night Rico, evening Ginge.
    I think aw will hold fire on all loans for the moment.
    Looking at the games we have this month Ryo could get on.
    Our lads won 6-1 tonight Akpom 3 Crowley 2 sounds like another good performance.

  99. Might have guessed couple of decent games and Theo doughnut is out for 6months he’s whole Arsenal career has been one sick bay after another, season out with a wobbly shoulder half a season with a stomach rupture various other ailments and now half a season dodgy knee, and this to a lad that never tackles never gets involved never takes on anybody, and the incident that ko’d him this weekend my grandmother could have walked away from, Theo as a centre forward never going to happen. we need resilience we need power and we need speed and we need someone that can last more than one game. the other guys injured or nearly back are just not good enough, its my belief we should have brought a decent CF before we brought Ozil but i’m always wrong.

  100. Hiya Rick.. pleased to read Toral, Crowley and Akpom being consistent..

    I was expecting Akpom to move to Brentford this week?

  101. ha ha SP1, it’s your fault really… lol

    You forced Theo to make a challenge…

  102. Evening Ginge, this is what happens when you send a fragile kid in to do a mans job, you knew it and so did everybody else.

  103. :D SP1…

    Rico, won’t be pleased with you slating his boy Theo… lol

    How are you mate?

  104. ha ha ha Robson the mug… anything to get airtime…

    Robson says Walcott’s injury isn’t a massive blow, criticising his intelligence.

  105. Oh weee..

    Di Maria’s angry reaction to being subbed & getting whistled may lead to something… ;)

  106. Antonio Di Natale will retire at the end of the season… true legend…
    That is him off of the shopping list…

  107. night Steve and Rick

  108. Yeh i’m fine Ginge, pissed off but not suprised. I think we should steam in and get Wilfred Bony before someone else does.

  109. Yeh night Ginge, no one likes my suggestions ok night all :)

  110. I agree SP get Bony
    Night to and Ginge

  111. Sp, I second the motion. W. Bony get my vote.

  112. Stevo you are always welcome to your opinion…

  113. Get Darren Bent… ;-)

    Some people should just splash out on a ‘decent’ laptop…

  114. Hark…. Is that a Micko I there spy?!!!

    Blimey, I thought SYG had left you down one of his tunnels…

  115. Being serious for a second (no really), losing Walcott takes away a vital slice of attacking variety… He is different from most of what we have in an attacking sense. He stretches opponents and stops them compressing the midfield, and that allows our technically superior midfielders to destroy the opposition…

    Gnabry is the nearest thing that we have to Theo.
    He is strong enough to play centrally, but I doubt that he has the nouce…

    Oxlade-Chamberlain isn’t quite as quick as Theo, but he still a threat with his pace…
    Can he do what Theo did against the Spuds?
    Can he play centrally? Hmm not certain, but I’d give him a go, for sure…

    Miyaichi doesn’t have the experience, but I’d start him against Coventry and see how he goes… He needs a decent chance before he, as many would, is discarded…

  116. Just heard the news, absolutely gutted. I really thought this was going to be Theo’s year. Pace, goals and extra consistency …… as long as he avoided any injury. And now this. Poor Theo, I fear for us now because Wenger will not be decisive enough. Talking about how Bendtners and Theos injuries might affect transfer plans said it all. He should have been champing at the bit for 1st Jan even if we had had no injuries.

  117. As for new signings, if Wenger cannot persuade a club, to sell it’s quality player/players, there’s no point in signing another Park…

    Sanogo needs to get fit, he’s been out long enough, I wanna see what he can do, hopefully against Coventry…

    Bony? Remy? Berbatov? A N Other? Not sure tbh?!!!

    It’ll be ‘Panic Stations’ in the Press/Media….
    Every agent in the World will be bumming up their striker as the saviour of Arsenal…
    Be prepared for an O2 Arena of rubbish, nonsense rumours…

    Whilst Twitter will go into meltdown, it’ll be like Three Mile Island on there. :roll:

    Back in the real World, great performance by our Youth team…

    Akpom, Crowley, top quality those kids…

    Night All………………….oh and Mick…

  118. Julian draxler deal almost done

  119. MG, are you right this time :)

  120. Mg, you legend… ;)

    You went from Martinez to Pato to El Shawaaray and now Julian… you are certainly a globe trotter… lol

    I won’t complain about Draxler but I will go for Kruse instead as he will come cheaper and is a striker too…

    Morning all btw…

  121. Morning all…

    New post will be up around 9.30. Got a few things to do before then…

  122. Wilfred Bony is more than decent in my book and won’t mind a bit of rotation too…
    Unfortunately, he did not play for Asec Nimosa so AW may not be so interested…

  123. Ts, what has Asec Nimosa got to do with who AW signs?

    New post up now…

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