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Balotelli & McCarthy to Arsenal? Beating the neighbours with ten men has to be the best….

Morning all.

Yep, that’s what the newspapers say. Mario Balotelli could be in for a shock return to the PL with us and with Lukas Fabianski on his way out, Reading’s Alex McCarthy is reportedly being lined up to replace him…


How good was that eh- just how good was that?

So many players out injured yet we battered Spurs, and I mean battered them.

Not only did we score two goals but we totally outplayed them all over the pitch.

We played with pace, width, great defending and the very limited occasions that Fabianski’s services were called upon, he looked so calm and assured….

I’m often accused of being over critical but after that display, no chance!

Our first goal goal was stunning, not just the finish from Santi Cazorla but the run from Theo to drag players away and the determination from Serge Gnabry to get the ball out to our little Spaniard was top class.

And the finish was out of this world, awesome!

As good as our first was, somehow, our second was equally as good but in a different way. Tomas Rosicky hustled and bustled Danny Rose in the middle of the pitch and won the ball. Off he went sprinting as quick as his 32 year old legs would allow him and as much as the Tottenham players closed him down on his last lap, he chipped the ball over Lloris with great ease. Superb….

I could go on about this, that and any other part of our game yesterday but I don’t really see the point. Other than to say that every player in red was far superior to their counterpart.

The downside to the game was Vermaelen going off with a niggle, or maybe the upside was that Arsene Wenger just replaced him with Merts was the best move as our captain had been booked.

Theo too went off and his injury looked serious, well until he took the p**s out of the away fans….

Up yours Spuds!!

Up yours Spuds!!

Seriously, can you blame him after sad Toots fans were pelting coins at him??

The Arsenal fans, who were superb yesterday, pelted him with scarves. A great sight to see….

Talking of Theo, I thought he was good, bloody good and had a few things gone his way, he’d have gotten himself on the score-sheet and maybe done enough to secure his place as a centre forward. However, he didn’t and maybe that will really push the manager into the transfer window.

In fact every player who Arsene Wenger selected played their part, each and every one of them barely put a foot wrong and on a day like today, after a result like that, there is no place for criticism. Certainly not from from me.

Tomas ran, tackled and played like a 25 year old, Gnabry showed the composure of a player far more experienced in footballing years. Arteta made many crucial interceptions and when the Totts attacked, they were all back helping out.

Koscielny was again immense,  as was Vermaelen and then Mertesacker. Santi Cazorla was also back to his best at times, many time…

Oh why single out anyone, they were all superb…….

Arsene Wenger got everything spot on too and on days like yesterday, I want him to stay forever…

Oh, and we were so good, we beat them playing with ten men….

Love it!!

Come on Arsene, get that striker and let’s go and win the league, and who knows, maybe the FA Cup as well…

Ok, I’ll calm down now, that’s your lot…..

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209 comments on “Balotelli & McCarthy to Arsenal? Beating the neighbours with ten men has to be the best….

  1. Morning Rico. It was all you say and more. The Emirates was rocking yesterday and the team were simply in another class to the ghastly, deluded spuds. The only time we heard their grey, sad supporters were when they chanted “Let him die” as Theo was stretchered off in front of them. Let us not forget that they come from a land of burned out derelict buildings, fried chicken shops, housing associations and empty job centres, so being at the Emirates was rather like two weeks in the Spanish sun for them.
    Everybody in our team played well but I would like to give a special mention to Monreal who was immense yesterday. With a couple of games under his belt he really looks a tremendously intelligent player and with pace to burn.
    Before every NLD they shove Dawson in front of the camera and the Neanderthal makes the same old speech about how the power is shifting blah, blah, blah. This game was preambled with the “Adebayor is a warrior” spiel. As it turned out yesterday, he looked more like a tosser to me.

  2. A perfect game!! Tiny Totts forever in our shadow….

  3. Good morning Rico,

    If I didn’t know better I will say what someone said on here once… ‘ you are the man’. :P

    Excellent match report… I can tell you had a grin on your face when you were writing this up…

    Now didn’t I say the press read HH for info? Where else has BAlo been discussed but the HH…

  4. Morning everyone.
    Long time no hear.
    Balotelli isnt coming I think. I have read that he will rejoin Mourinho in Chelsea…

  5. Morning all

  6. Morning Adam…

    A performance worthy of a fine claret ;)

  7. Morning All

    Morning Rico.
    An excellent post….

    That was as complete a performance as I’ve seen since we moved to Ashburton Grove.
    The Spuds had a lot of possession, but other than a couple of long range shots by their Spanish striker, Fabianski was untroubled.
    Adebayor had/missed their best chance…

    Arsenal by comparison looked as if they were gonna score every time they attacked.
    Walcott’s best performance by far, as a centre-forward…
    Gnabry was simply superb, we have a little gem in that there Serge…
    Rosicky rolled back the years…
    Cazorla was back to his scintillating best. Pure genius!
    Monreal had a stormer, loved his dilligence at the back and attacking élan…
    All of them, heroes to a man…

  8. Morning Devil, Adk, Mg and all…

    I sure did Devil, excitement too ;)

    I doubt Balotelli will join us either but the Reading keeper is good, won’t please my family if we sign him though….

  9. Hi Rico. I only open the best clarets after we play really well. Last night we had a stunner. :)
    I doubt it would be to your taste but I have some Prosecco in the fridge in case you ever make it round. :)

  10. I was reading replies to 2 of my post I wrote last summer, before the Far East tour and after the tour…

    It’s funny how the minority who called me delusional for saying AW did not need to buy a winger because of Serge have all changed their tune…

    Can’t understand how it’s ok for others to say certain players are not good enough and are not Arsenal quality but when someone is being positive they are called soothsayers or delusional.. :-)

    As they say it takes a bigger person to admit when they are wrong; Sir SP1 – true gent you are;yesterday for apologizing and admitting after the game even though he didn’t have to…

    Hi there stv and all..

    How you feeling this a.m Mr Dev?

  11. Morning Kev. Thanks..

    I agree, we have seen flashes but that was 90 mins of wonderful stuff…

  12. morning all

    top post for top game/result

    orgasmic feeling after that display…

  13. How was the Claret Adam?

    Gotta say, I was enjoying a few glasses of Bordeaux during the game.
    The perfect accomplishment to a NLD victory, I must say… :-D

  14. I must confess Rico, that I was a little concerned when AW named Koz & Verm as a pair at the back, in front of Fabianski.
    Individually I have no problem with any of them, but I was concerned at what a few high-balls into our box might cause…

    I need not have worried…

    They were all peerless…

  15. Oh I don’t know Adam, I am keen on Claret these days…

  16. I thought the Fulham game was our best performance this season…

    All the big coaches across europe talked about that performance…

    Not taking anything for our performance yesterday but I thought the swampies made it easy for us… when was the last time we saw a team defend so high up the pitch against us?

    Even we use to get counter attacked against by teams like Stoke and Peter Crouch of all people when we use to have that high back line 3 seasons ago…

  17. Hi Kev. It was really delicious mate. A 5:15 kick off on a dreary Saturday evening is not to be relished but the team really rose to the occasion yesterday, thus the claret was opened, decanted and a toast was made. After all, if you can’t enjoy a performance like that with other supporters for what it was then what sort of person are you?

  18. Rico. Really? I am delighted. :)

  19. Ts, go back to bed and get out the other side you old grump ;)

    Can’t believe you want a moan on a day like today….

  20. Thanks kali….

    As was I Kev and history suggested we could have had a problem but I guess when things are going well it’s easier for players to step in with belief and perform well.

    Confidence is clearly spreading throughout the squad…

    Fabianski did well….

  21. We were given a couple of bottles for Christmas Adam, perfect with Shropshire blue… :)

  22. Rico. That is a combination I have not yet tried. :)

  23. lol. I always want a moan though ;)

  24. Adam,did they really chant that to Theo “let him die”?….

    Now,….how someone can wish that to anyone?

    football a game of fun and enjoyment can drive some out of their sanity….

  25. I did many times Adam… ;)

    No Ts, you always want to be right ;)

  26. everything clicked yesterday…

    shall we deploy 4-1-4-1 formation more often?
    i will be tempted to..

  27. morning everyone ,I don’t want balo or teli or both close to our team bcs he’s poison influence.

  28. ITV highlights a disgrace. Tried to make the Spuds look the better side. Sky even worse slagging Walcott and saying coins were in response to his gesture. They are gona make sure FA ban him. Tossers!

  29. Kali, we play 4-1-4-1 often though at least this season… imo

    We played 4-1-4-1 at wastelands but over run …

  30. hi Rico,hi Everyone, got to love Theo for reminding us the final score on a stretcher and Gnabry, Januz what?

  31. You don’t let me get away with it though Rico… :-)

    I guess I get my ego stroked too much at work. ;)

  32. pryce, I wouldn’t take the rumour too seriously..

    Bj, must have been only 2 mins highlights then ;) Hope they showed Ade’s super attempt on goal… lol

  33. Kali. Good morning. Yes, that was their chant. :)

  34. Someone has to keep your feet on the ground for you Ts ;)

  35. Ts,yes we did….
    but with Serge in we look far much better with that formation…
    the boy has it all ..

    will be some audacious move if both Serge&Theo play on the
    flanks ,that will take the two fbs of the oppo out of the game..

    good option to have imo

  36. I agree that ITV are total pants where football is concerned and their ‘Highlights’ program was both a joke and an insult. All they wanted to talk about was Theo and his gesture.
    I have a gesture in mind for them actually.

  37. Hi Rico good piece but the spuds had a few players who did well yesterday just we controlled the game well. We have been doing it in other games but haven’t had that same kind of fluency moving from defence to attack that we had here. As for who we are going to sign bloggers and media have us interested in everyone except for john smith playing in the ryman league, Wenger will have his targets and said as much when he said that he would not discuss players because it is disrespectful to the clubs they are already at. However, we have done well even with injuries we have had so far. Long term absentees are Ramsey and diaby with bendtner out for a month, we will need to see if theo and tv5 are long term or just knocks over next few days. Though I agree it can’t be too serious if he can take time to give stick to the spurs fans who were abusing him. Fabianski had a good game though the eriksen shot was his only real test early doors but he looked calm and assured. However my man of match yesterday was gnarbry he did well and even though he looked jaded towards end he still managed to put Ozil through when were down to 10 men. I have looked at Newcastle and Cardiff games and a few others and wondered why he wasn’t brought on as a sub in a few more games he has ability to change games with either a pass or a shot. This has to give us a boost ahead of the Munich clash coming up. Villa are next and though they beat us on opening day I didn’t think they outplayed us and we should reverse that result though I go for a 3-1because I can’t remember the last time the team kept four clean sheets on the trot

  38. That’s the spirit Rico… its never my intention to ‘cheese’ any body off this Sunday especially on here… but as they say sometimes the true hurts so…

    Kali you are right, playing the right formation with the right personnel is the conundrum most managers face all the time…

  39. kali, I also hope that wasn’t Gnabry’s only show this season, no way imho should we be loaning him out to a Championship club.

    OC might be on his way back but he’ll take a few weeks maybe even moths to get to his best…

    If Gnabry can play that well in a true pressure game, then he’s got to at least be on our bench each game, if not starting…

  40. Morning Gooner Familia,

    Still beaming a smile like I ate a banana sideways. Here are the highlights for those who can’t get enough of it.

    FA Cup: Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham (all goals… door tapchibongda-TVL

  41. Hi Richard.

    Nice comment. I’d like to think we’ll have signed a striker before the Villa game and like you, I see us giving them a good hiding. They got lucky at The Emirates, playing with the ref on their side was a huge advantage…

    Gnabry was excellent.

  42. morning Adam

    i suppose isn’t that shocking coming from that lot down the road..

    now they can go back and fight for the paper cup(uefa) and a top 10 finish…the looks on Levy’s face tells it all…

    will be some match on 15/03

  43. Ts, I’m sure you haven’t cheesed anyone off, not me anyway, I’m used to you by now ;)

    I know I questioned why Gnabry kept cutting into the middle in his first game but from then onwards, nothing.. He’s a super player who has a huge career ahead of him and thankfully he’s tied down to us for a long time…

  44. Adam

    You’re so right about ITV. What utter tosh the highlights are. They managed to edit a shocking 5+ minutes. WOW, never seen a world class derby being deduced so marginally.

  45. Morning Madam,

    Superb post, justice done to all.

    Monreal did well too, given his start/stop berths this season. Even would’ve been on the score sheet had Theo seen him dashing into scoring position behind his back.

  46. ITV with Townsend at the helm! recipe for disaster

    can’t forget his saying “get in” when playing vs Marseille,when Thauvin had a shot saved by Chez…hillarious

  47. Most goals conceded by visiting teams at Emirates: Wigan 22, Blackburn 25, Tottenham 31

  48. Arsenal all d way, i do wish my club(aserna)bst of luck,in dis 2014,championsleaque,f a,cup&league is for arsenal,l

  49. I did notice how carefully, a certain knobhead who goes by the name of Andy Townsend, choose his words yesterday…

    He probably choked on them at the final whistle…


  51. Morning all and FOYS!

  52. Morning Dg, thanks…

    Good point re Monreal. He was a lot more solid yesterday but then I think he had more support than he got in his last game..

  53. Morning Lee, amen to that…

  54. Still they’re making progress….deluded fucktards!

  55. Cava and claret…..I blame Adam!

  56. I reckon Morata will be our new striker…..

  57. I hope we beat Jose to Rooney..

    I blame Adam too…

  58. If in doubt blame “Chopper” Adam best policy!

  59. £70 million for Suarez… That’s his get out of jail fee….

  60. Surely we’ll sign whoever we are going to this week. After that Giroud will be back and it will be all too easy to ignore our needs…

  61. Well if Rooney wants to go to the WC he needs to be playing in a decent team! ;)

  62. :) He’ll be thrilled hearing Moyes say he’s not signing anyone this month…

    Probably because Moyes knows no-one wants to go there any more….

  63. I agree Rico, but does le stubborn one?

  64. Would you spend that on Suarez?

  65. on Walcott’s injury…
    Theo has a knee problem. We dont know if it is a stretched ligament or just a kick, he got two kicks on his knee.

    on being short up front…
    We are short because Theo is not very tall! We still have Podolski and Ozil on the bench. Giroud was sick, he was not injured, so for the next game he should be available. Of course if we lose Theo for a longer period, it is a problem.

    on Nicklas Bendtner…
    It will be for one month, we expected it could have been more, but we had good news.

    on transfer plans…
    I am waiting to see now who walks out there and knocks at the door, waiting to come in. Honestly, do we find better than the players that we have got?

  66. Lee

    Problem with these rife rumours, at one point you disregard them all, even the ones with legs. It hardly has to do with proper journalism anymore these days.

    Just Copy & Paste News being rocket launched repetitively and tediously.

  67. I hope the stubborn one knows Lee, I really do. We haven’t been in such a good place for a long time…

    £70m on Suarez, part of me says yes, go and get him because players like him don’t come around very often..

    The other part thinks, Rooney and a beast of a midfielder.

  68. Morning Rico.

    I could feel the happiness oozing out of your Post. It reflected what footie is all about. :-)

    I actually don’t think the Spuds were as bad as they have been painted — that is said by those who want to diminish our teams great performance — no, Spurs were just smashed by a technically superb Arsenal team who, despite all our injuries, would have beaten any other team on the day!!

  69. Rico

    70 Mln for Suarez is silly money if you ask me. The Ozil price tag has my limit already stretched.

    Why on earth we pay hard working people who make the sum of our society so much less than athletes is beyond me!?

  70. Just occurred to me.

    Funny how “van RIP-one-man-band” seems to be a distant memory already.

  71. Morning Hb, I had a feeling you’d be able to tell ;)

  72. Dg – I am of the same opinion as you, £70m for one player is crazy money but that’s the way the game has gone….

    Ridiculous I know but if we want to win the PL, we have to shell out a few millions on a striker at least…

  73. Not for the Mancs Dg ;)

  74. Rico

    The problem is, for 70 mln you’re not getting your value worth a shopping spree.

    On top of that, it devalues great players whom are not channeled through this marketing hype machine.

  75. Have heard from Micko folks, he’s alive and well and should be back soon :)

  76. Ah, good news re: Micko…

  77. Micko

    Mate, get on here. Celebrations aren’t the same without your presence.

    SYG, Canadian Gooner, Goonster and other regulars you haul your arse over here as well.

  78. Ian Rush said last weekend that Suarez’s clause is now set to 140 Euros…

    That is assuming he knows what he is talking about…

    I second that Mg re Micko… I hope he is well and Rocky too

  79. As a stopgap why not Jelavic from Everton, he is certainly a poacher and with the service he would get he would do very well, imho.

  80. Dg, I don’t know what the solution is but all the time the likes of Real will pay mega prices, other clubs have to match them for the top top players..

    Like I said earlier, I’d rather £70m was spent on Rooney and a DM beast who can take control of games like Paddy used to..

  81. Sure is Kev…

  82. I guess this “Laugh at Spuds Sunday”. The feeling of smugness is actually a warm feeling. Beating Cardiff with two late goals was great but nothing like this.

  83. Good news re Micko… nice

  84. Indeed Ginge

    Rocky you raver where are thy??

  85. He’s available too Pw but not for me personally…

  86. No AGAg and Cg after a fine win…

    Emma get yourself out of the tanning shop? :P

  87. Rico re your 11:32 am, I am certain you are my ‘handler’ from P.O. Box…. :-) :P

    Same county and same first name and all… ;)

  88. Rico

    That’s why Fifa/Uefa are not in a hurry to fix financial fair play me thinks. They’re not planning for level playing fields.

    Real, Chelski, PSG, BM and the likes are the driving forces behind a soaring market value of European football. These profitable effects trickle down to Geneva ultimately.

  89. I accept full responsibility. :)
    £1000 for a bottle of wine is crazy money. But it can be a memorable experience. What about £10 plus million for Gervinho?
    Value for money is so subjective and dependent on resources. £70 million for Suarez? I can see why the value him that highly. What would a 25 year old Thierry be worth now?

  90. You have lost me there Ts…

    Dg, you could be right, and that’s their way of ensuring who wins what. It’s a joke really. Just look at Chelsea, recording losses but what will be done?

    Nothing I suspect….

    I still believe that in this mad footballing world of transfer fees, Suarez is worth £70million…

    But I wouldn’t pay it…

  91. A lot more than Suarez or Bale Adam.

  92. Dg- you are a conspirator or should I say conspiracy theorist. lol

    Rico – I am sure Kev knows who Box 500 are he refers to them sometimes.. ;)

  93. Adam

    Mate, it’s perfectly clear a FIAT can’t be valued on par with a Ferrari. Nor can one be blamed for aspiring to such treats in life. But it’s getting to a point of sheer lunacy at times.

    Feeding frenzy if you will. These ridiculous prices are being dictated by clubs that are heavily in debt charges themselves. Like you’re allowed to buy Windsor Castle on the back of your mortgage.

    Think not.

  94. Ginge

    Just stirring the pot before meltdown. LOL

  95. I agree Rico. Didn’t Abramovich offer £50 million for Thierry quite a few years ago? If Suarez was ours what would we value him at? We got £25 million for Adebayor. Drogba was considered expensive at what was it? £25 million? when Chelsea bought him.
    It’s all relative.
    What would he bring and would it change Wenger’s philosophy is perhaps a more interesting point. We know that Wenger wanted him.

  96. Dutch. I am not trying to justify it but I see where Liverpool are at.

  97. Rico. So, £100 million?

  98. Kev might Ts, I don’t honest….

    Notts Forest are beating West Ham, go Henri Lansbury :)

  99. Dg- if you ever have the chance read a 1939 book, Democracy and Wold Dominion by American historian Edwin Schoonmaker.

    I think iot is downloadable too…

    I think you will love it!

  100. Adam. I suspect we would value Suarez around the same price if he was ours but he has a history of being a twit and a diver, all which can flag warning signs for paying such a price..

    I still believe Ozil was overpriced, but not at today’s rates.

    Thing is, football is in a world of it’s own, one in which there is no logic when it comes to signing players

  101. Afternoon all!
    Forest 2- West Ham 0 65th minutes
    RIP Eusebio

  102. Ginge tnx. Will check it out. Can I find it at Google E-books??

  103. Adam

    I know you better than to assume you where advocating this Monopoly fantasy. I quite enjoy something expensive as well, surely if one can significantly determine the distinction in attention and care to detail.

  104. JM Afternoon amigo.

    RIP Eusebio indeed.

  105. Dg, I just checked and it says it is unavailable for now but maybe in future.. one of those censored books.

    My cousins Dutch father in law lend it to me so…

    Another one you may like is :storm horizon challenge american intervention 1939 to 1941 ‘

  106. The great Eusebio? RIP legend

  107. Forest 4 West Ham 0 79th minutes
    Lansbury very good

  108. yes, the great EUSEBIO

  109. Notts Forest 4-0 up now, Big Sam getting sacked in the morning?? ;)

  110. Any 1 else impressed with Theo’s movement of the ball yesterday

  111. Rico/Adam

    Liverpoop just chained up the possibility Suarez jumps ship.

    One more incident and no wallets will be drawn on his release clause sale tag. Imho.

  112. 4th Round draw at 2pm…,,

    Now gimme a home draw vs Div 1 or 2 team.

    Allows Wenger to rest players and gives him chance to play more kids…

    Come on FA, gimme..,

  113. Hi JM, a sad day for your football nation…

  114. more likely yanited/chelsea we will be facing according to mock draw

  115. I have it on waiting Kev… :P

  116. sack Sam? Probably not. They have the semi-final of Legue cup wednesday and they want to reach the final
    Jackson Martinez after yersterday match:”I like Arsenal very much but my clause of 40 millions euros it’s very high”

  117. JM does the Porto and Ath Madrid agreement still exist on Latin American players?

  118. LMAO

    “You CANNOT be Syria…s”

    It may come as quite a shock for you to learn that I am not, nor have I ever been, a pre-eminent commentator on the disputes and conflicts that have engulfed the Middle East over the years and, with that revelation in mind, I’m going to steer clear of the politics involved here and instead focus on the utter, undiluted lunacy.

    A state-owned Syrian television channel are claiming, not for the first time, that Barcelona are assisting in the smuggling of weapons to Syrian rebels who are fighting against President Bashar Assad’s security forces by encoding smuggling routes within their formations during games.

    Yep. Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep.

    In a segment aired last December, Al Dunya TV showed a clip from an El Clasico game between Barca and Real Madrid to illustrate their point…

    The narrator claimed that Barca’s formation was clearly depicting arms smuggling routes to Syrian rebels with the players representing the smugglers and the ball’s position representing the current location of the weapons. Apparently, according to the narrator, when Lionel Messi passes the ball, it indicates that the weapons have successfully reached the rebels in Dir al-Zur.

    Which, you don’t need me to tell you, is absolute rot – though, if Pies is mysteriously taken offline as a result of this post, we’d just like to take the opportunity here and now to pledge undying allegiance to our new noble Syrian overlords.

    (Credit to Ginge)


    Link to the schedule for today. Pick your liking, links will automatically be provided. Cheers.

    Please enjoy responsibly on our behalf. Don’t squander the Highbury House reputation thank you.


  120. Was being ironic JM, the way clubs sack managers these days…

  121. Bet we draw bloody Chelsea…

  122. Home against Coventry :P

  123. Coventry at home lovely

  124. Who did the spuds get,ha

  125. Were being linked to el-shaawary on an Italian web site Rico,

  126. :D Mg The tiny Totts got FC Athabaskan…
    because El-shaawary is out of form (the longest one); but Aw use to fancy him and AW can once again resurrect his career so… not a bad link.

  127. Isn’t he injured

  128. metatarsal injury allegedly… Mg

  129. Great prospect with the right manager behind him,very quick

  130. Agreed, but won’t come cheap at all…

    2.5 years ago RM were quoted £30m apparently…

  131. Nice write up Rico. Interesting piece in the Mirror about AW moving upstairs in 2 years for a DD role. Maybe Roberto Martinez will get his post.
    I am chuffed…. Superb display, could of been more. The clean sheet was sweet, to cap it off. Spurs high line was kamikaze.
    TR07 was immense – My MOM- His work rate and hustling was incredible. He has energy level of a mid 20s, maybe the 2 year pause helped and he is peaking now????Sign him up AW to a 2yr.
    MA08 shielded the back four intelligently, was aways an outlet. He lacks speed, but like BFG he makes up for it with positioning.
    Our little Spaniard SC19 is truly back to his best and his energy level has increased.
    Special mention to Serge – keep it up Mate it’s an Honour to wear the Crest..
    If JW10 loses that petulance and makes those driving runs he can be a handful.
    All in all a perfect Saturday. Feel sorry for my spud brother who continues to suffer.
    I actually like Sherwood/Ferdinand team and hope they make it.
    Do NOT want Balotelli within 12 feet of our team.
    I would LOVE ROONEY, or COSTA who apart from looking like Eduardo’s twin, seems to be a warrior and poacher like Suarez.
    The striker injuries may force AW hand.
    Bac not signing yet, concerns us Gooners – He is my Favourite player.
    Come on you Reds. If we sign the striker and keep BAC we may sneak it, belief is increasing in the squad.
    Cheers Mates

  132. He’s injured isn’t he Mg?

  133. Oops, I forgot to F5 ;)

  134. Hey Rico he is
    I was asking another editor about him when a mate said we were interested.
    He said we were but so were a lot of club,everything the editor said is in the article so maybe there is. Some truth to it

  135. Thanks A117, nice comment, well baring the ‘wanting Sherwood/Ferdinand to succeed, if they weren’t at the totts I might think differently ;)

  136. Maybe the editor read the article Mg ;)

    Until anyone is on afc.com, I won’t take too many stories seriously…

    Off for a bit now, laters…

  137. Coventry City at home, yep, that’ll do nicely… :-D

    Apparently the Monster Raving Looney Party are using subliminal messages sent to them by the team selections of Boring Chelsea, in order to plan their strategies for the 2013 General Election….;-)

  138. I asked him b4 xmas the article was today

  139. Thanks Rico. It’s just nice to see homegrown talent in positions of leadership. Rather than forever scouring overseas….Cheers

  140. tsgh, porto, benfica, etc have scouts in those countries.
    Porttuguese Teams have much more realtions with Brazil teams but nowadays, also in Colombia,Argentina, Uruguay…
    Eusébio RIP: three days of mourning in Portugal

  141. Great player one that all the kids of my age tried to copy, great story about him and Nobby Stiles.

  142. Afternoon all, nice one Rico :)
    Woke up with a bit of a sore head, but i was happy and thought my luck was still in, Mrs said no, so i thought i’de try my luck Pike fishing, cold with a heavy frost, ideal pike weather, i cast out what seemed like a million times with every plug spinner lure i have not a touch so lightening looks to only strike once, but i was floating all morning, granted my head still ached but my mind was on the lads and a smile on the old boat, i wore my Arsenal hat with a big fcuk of Cannon just incase i bumped into any Spuds fans and wouldn’t you know most of the Anglers i saw turned their back to me when they saw that big luvely cannon. did i care not for a second, saw a Gooner in the carpark when i packed up he said how did you do, and i said F all he said great result yesterday though wasn’t it and as i drove out i had that big Banana smile that i see others have as well COYRRG’s.

  143. 1-0 Swansea :)

    Afternoon folks..

  144. :) Sp, you are a card…

  145. Happiness is beating tje Spuds. :) :) ,As some have said todayI, never fails to put a banana smile on one’s face.

  146. Afternoon all.
    4.40 am and i am up…..that is what a 4.15 kick off the previous day does to sleep patterns, but i can not complain, as it was worth every second of it.
    To dominate that mob in the way we did was almost as incredible as the actual result was.
    Rico, you almost had a perfect line in your post….so close to perfection.
    You mentioned the performances of Gnabry and Rosicky, and that Tommy played like a 25 year old……..the perfect line would have been adding that Serge ALSO played like a 25 year old.
    Damn that kid has it all, including composure, which is very rare in one so inexperienced.
    The angle he ran leading to Santis goal, which was a superb finish,was exemplary, and only matched by that of the one Theo made to create the space.
    Would anyone like to be a defender with Ox, Theo and Serge coming at you??
    Incredible pacey and direct players who will create nightmares for defenders in the coming years.
    What a great result and i promise this…..even Aussie Gooners are absolutely buzzing over it.
    Back to bed to lay there with a smile for a few hours.

  147. You still want Bony Sp?? ;)

  148. Hi agag/Scott

    Scott, was my line about Serge playing like a man ahead of his years not enough for you??

    Jeez you are hard to please ;)

  149. Off to cook now… Laters

  150. What says you Rico about Bony???

  151. rico, I hope you enjoyed chatting up the Spud neighbor. :)

    Hdn’t seen us play so well in ages. I don’tcare if it’s “just” the Spuds. We’re building momentum again after a most difficult December. Now, for the sick bay to empty. ;)

    Hiya, Scott. Hello, all.

  152. Surely, Bony knows how to find the back of the net!

  153. Ng, that was a rocket of a header from Bony

  154. T’s, we need someone like him. We already have the defense and now we want goals scorer.

    How is your day, btw.

  155. We already have the defense. We have the M-Field. Now we need the goals seek. Come on AW!!

  156. not bad at Ng.. just another day in this crazy world…

  157. how about yours? Are you back home or in US of A?

    the flu epidemic is a concern…

  158. I’m in the USA. I only travelled briefly last year between April and May. I went to W/Africa for 3 weeks and some days.

  159. where in W africa?

  160. T’s. Juventus VS AS Roma coming up soon.

  161. Sierra Leone and few days in The Gambia

  162. Nice! lucky you… Jamaicans love Gambia so?

  163. Boo, well done the Swans and Bony bagged the winner …

  164. No T’s. I’m not from the Reggae land. Far far from there. Not even close.

  165. I didn’t realise that Bony had scored 13 goals in so few fixtures Ng..

    Agag, I haven’t seen him yet, but I keep looking ;)

  166. Hi Rico. I saw your question to Sp, so I responded knowing SP won’t mind.

  167. That’s ok Ng, not sure Bony is what we need, but he scored a fine header today to win the game…

  168. My bad Ng, jeez I am becoming bad with ‘profiling’… probably got you mixed up with someone else…

    True Bony is more than decent… Mr WATH will tell you Rico.lol

  169. Roma vs Juve will be interesting… only if I can negotiate to watch football in my own house later. lol

  170. He’s no Suarez, Costa or Rooney though Ts, not in my opinion anyway…

  171. Ng, do you rate Pjanic?

    I would love Arsenal to buy Vidal even though he is a bit like Ramsey and not truly a DM…

  172. lol. There ain’t many Suarez’s around M’am…

    I rate Wooney just not a fun of his fee and salary….

    Costa?, I will take Jackson Martinez ahead of him currently… only because I would like to see him repeat his first season form this side of christmas…

    But beggars can’t be choosers as they say… :-)

  173. I just hope we get someone, and someone who will make a difference. From the PL would be ideal as they need to hit the ground running..

    Tbh, I can’t see Rooney, Suarez or Costa joining us in any case…
    And Real have said Morata is going nowhere…

    If Martinez really wants to join us, then maybe he’s a possibility IF AW wants to sign him…

  174. I’m not sure we as a club can be considered ‘beggars’ really, we have plenty of cash and we are a club in a great position.

    We are an attractive proposition for any player these days…

  175. Go walk the woofa, rico. :P :D

    Hiya Ginge and Nash. :)

  176. No chance agag, it’s dark and scary out there, and it’s pouring with rain :(

  177. Hi Agag, who are you?

    He have a valid point Rico… I say beggars because we have people who act like paupers running our club…

    Vidal just scored…

  178. We certainly wouldn’t be signing Lew now. Hahaha. How boring would the Bundesliga be, now that Bayern has seen fit to go cherry picking at Dortmund?

  179. Anyway, that’s me for today…

    You all enjoy the rest of your day…

    Night all…

  180. Ah, spot on there Ts…

    Night to you and agag and all..

    Gone now…

  181. how are you? even. phew

  182. I’ve been down with the flu, ginge. Ick. Too much bubbly oer the break. :D

    Good night, rico. :)

  183. Ah… like Dev then..

    Hope you feeling better Agag?

    They say we are on the verge of a global flu pandemic… Hope not…

  184. Ginge, I am agag and I am a shoeholic. ;) :D

  185. :D :D Agag

    What’s the AA for shoeholics’ called again?

  186. Why, “SA”, of course. :D Good night, Ginge.

    I am off now. My meds make me sleepy. Zzzz.

  187. Night Agag,,,

    stay safe…

  188. Anyone up?

  189. Saloman Kalou has been linked to two EPL clubs…

    Fortunately for us those clubs are Liverpool and Spuds…

    So we can all relax….

  190. Night All

  191. See ya Kev.

  192. Morning all….Theo out for a month! Gotta dip your toe in the transfer market now!!!!

  193. Morning Rico and Lee.
    Kalou on his way?

  194. “Yes we looked into Lewandowski but honestly he signed for Bayern one and a half years ago, everyone knows that,” Wenger said. “They can only make it official now because he is in the last six months of his contract.
    Read more at http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/271501.html#yw8odoz14jPf8Yxy.99

    Morning all

  195. Old sweetcorn Hampsteads Kalou………….Please NO!!

  196. Morning guys.

  197. How was le vin rouge mon ami?

  198. Morning Adam, Lee, Scott, Ts and all..

    Kalou to the dippers it seems…

    New one up..

  199. Morning All…

    I’m kinda warming to the thought of SuperDarren Bent and Kalou, leading our attack…

    Notice that DB scored at the weekend, a goal that is, so he’s coming into a rich vein of form… ;-)

  200. Morning Kev, I’d rather Bent than no-one ;)

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