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Mandzukic lined up? Sanogo/Bendtner fitness dictate transfers. It’s Derby Day…

Morning all.

Yesterday Arsene Wenger said that he will wait to see the reports on Yaya Sanogo and Niklas Bendtner before he decides on whether to make a move for a striker during this transfer window.

Come on Arsene, you really have to be kidding. Nik, who is the only one out of the two who may have a chance of being good enough to play back-up to Giroud, is out for weeks and Sanogo, well he’s only played minutes so far this season and even if he is fit and ready to play, there is no way Arsenal should be believing he’s our saviour.

I sure hope Arsene Wenger is playing the press and he has something up his sleeve.

Mario Mandzukic is the latest big name linked to us. He’s worth looking at on youtube.. ;)

Talking of big spending, today we are up against the neighbours in the FA Cup and boy did they spend big in the summer. Under AVB, very few of them turned on the style, but now, under Sherwood, they appear a bit different. Maybe it’s the ‘new manager’ syndrome, who knows, but whatever it is, they will make our life tough today as they go about business.

One man in particular will be up for today and that’s old lardybayor and if he’s on form, both of our central defenders will be in for a tough afternoon and Laurent Koscielny knows it:

He is complete – he is good in the air, he is quick and has good technique. He is a difficult striker [to mark] – strikers need confidence and he is scoring goals. He has come back stronger and you can see that.

Tim Sherwood said:

How important will Adebayor be tomorrow [Saturday]? It’s huge.

I think if Arsene Wenger saw him limping off at Old Trafford, I’m sure there were a lot of pleased Arsenal fans and management and players.

But, unfortunately, he’s going to be walking out against them on Saturday.

He can be an arrogant twit too and wind him up, and he’ll see an early bath. Over to you Mr Flamini!

Outs for us are:

Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs, Nicklas Bendtner & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Olivier Giroud is also almost certain to miss out as he spent all day yesterday in bed ill and Mesut Ozil is unlikely to play today either.

So that pretty much leaves us with the same squad as we had on New Years Day, other than Nik of course.

Today is massive and Koscielny knows what it means:

Against Tottenham we know it will be a difficult game, but an exciting game. We want to win it because it is so important to the club and the fans. We will do everything we can together on the pitch to win the game.

Every derby is very important for the fans, it is the game that you must win. The atmosphere is different before, during and after the game and we want our fans to be smiling, so we want to win!

So does Jack Wilshere:

There’s a lot of pride at stake. The players know that, they feel the pressure as well so we’ll be ready and we know they will be ready so we can’t underestimate them.

For some reason in these games every player just lifts their level. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because the fans expect to win – they don’t want to lose.

This is my favourite game of the season. I love these type of games. You just raise your level and you don’t want to lose. When you’re walking onto the pitch you’re telling yourself, ‘We can’t lose this, no matter what we can’t lose’.

It’s ours too Jack, now you go and make sure you are the boys go and beat the.. the.. the opposition!!


That’s your lot……

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314 Responses to Mandzukic lined up? Sanogo/Bendtner fitness dictate transfers. It’s Derby Day…

  1. rico says:

    27 years old and at 6′ 2″ tall Mario Mandžukić is a Croatian footballer who plays as a striker for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga and for the Croatian national team.

    Besides being a prolific striker, Mandžukić is known for his great defensive work and off-the-ball play.

    Champions League winner….

    Now would he make Arsenal fans happy??

  2. Scott from Oz says:

    He’d do nicely, Rico.
    Morning all.
    Win….that is all have to do today :)

  3. Xr!s says:

    I think Mandzukic will be a good addition to our team and he’s not highly rated so won’t cost so much.

    But would he wish to leave FCB for AFC in mid-season while FCB are still in UCL?

  4. rico says:

    Good to see you back Scott and well rested… Glad you had a lovely break…

    Reports suggest a loan deal but who knows, especially if Lew is off to Bayern…

  5. rico says:

    Maybe the WC would be more on his thoughts Xr’s – if he wants to be playing for Germany but not getting tim with BM, anything is possible…

    Mind you, the press are probably making it up in any case…

  6. Scott from Oz says:

    Damn transfer window :)

  7. rico says:

    I liked AW words of support for Clattenburg yesterday after the allegations made by Southampton. That’s how to get a referee on your side before ko… ;)

  8. rico says:

    I love it Scott, but hate getting to the end without us signing a player or two…. lol

  9. Rogerbij says:

    Hehe, lucky for us Arsene is kidding!
    He’s kidding when he says that Nik is good enough to play back-up to Giroud, but he’s trying to fill him with confidence because we need him. He’s kidding about Sanogo who he knows is a punt, and might yield gold in 2 years time. Or not. Arsene knows just as well as us.

    But he also knows that blowing our horn that we need a striker means that others will hold us to ransom on terms and price. And he knows too that we dont need another warm body, we need someone of quality who is actually better than putting Podolski or Walcott upfront.

    Of course we are desperate for another quality striker who can slot into the PL and seriously contribute. But Arsene knows that unearthing one who is willing to move in a world cup year, from a club that will even entertain the idea of selling for a slightly inflated price makes for very slim pickings… I just hope that this is a search done with urgency to close a deal in early January, not at the last minute. Get him in the team and up to speed.

  10. frednerk says:

    Everytime a transfer window comes up we arsenal fans are put through the mincer.
    What is it with wenger..i’ll wait and see..(Sanogo/Bendtner)..crap.
    At the cardiff game the other day..
    the first half was like watching 22 chelsea pensioners walking around,
    Podolski got subbed second half..no what
    never new he was on.
    Lets be fair..I’m a big fan of nik bendtner..but if his gunner make it with us his leaving it a bit late.
    Who the hell is sanogo..I hear he has trouble lacing his shoes never mind his boots.
    We have a small chance of nicking the league with the improvement
    some of our players have shown and the addition Ozil.
    It would criminal of wenger not to add one more class player.

  11. tsgh says:

    Morning all,

    Now that is a transfer rumour I rate and is up AW’s street.Excellent write-up Rico.

    If we cast our mind back, I mentioned that Mandzukic will come to us when Lew joins FC Munchen so that is hugely likely…

    With Pizarro and Mand struggling for placing at Bavaria and Gotze being turned into a new false 9 when rotating with Muller, Mario will certainly be looking for a move…

    Unfortunately he is in the same mold as OG12 and B-something as he is not that fast but definitely an upgrade in our armoury…

    Hiya Scottie, back fresh from fishing I read… lol

  12. tsgh says:

    Hiya Xris, Mario is a Croat not a Kraut… ;)

  13. rico says:

    A lot of Arsene knows in there Rbj, I sure hope he does..

    But yes, he can’t do anything other than show publicly that he has faith in who he has, that’s his style.


  14. Adam says:

    Morning Rico. Transfer windows are such fun under Wenger aren’t they? But we must remember how difficult it is to sign players in January. In Summer too. Shame that Costa-lot’s price is £145 million though. Personally, I am counting on Sanogo to get us over the line though Kev still reckons we will get Bent. I bet Ozil is thrilled.

  15. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Morning all!
    today is Madzukic…
    I’m having high hopes of being linked to this week’s Arsenal interest.
    Sure, I’m going quicky I can.
    How is the weather like in London today?

  16. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, nice one Rico,
    don’t feel confident today as i know Wenger usually only see’s Premier League and Champions League as his goals. FA cup is much the same as Capital one who gives a shit Just us. I see we have a depleted team well that’s normal when we come up against a formidable team, injuries and sickness which i’m sure will spread to some of the others, maybe its food poisoning again or perhaps they are just shitting themselves. I notice you included Chamberlain in your post as missing, its been such a long time since he’s been seen i thought he’d left, While in the other camp injured Adebayor has made sure he is over his knock, as he just cant wait to run the length of the Emirates crowing. Ozil Ramsey Giroud Gibbs and Christ knows who else will be out and we still fancy our chances ha, perhaps we may see Gnabry as were short or have we loaned him out as well, we still have Walcott he likes these games mabe were a one man team again.

  17. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, the fish never knew what hit them :)
    We nailed about 50 Flathead-a beautiful eating fish- with app, 20 keepers and had fresh fillets over the open fire that night….simpler one if the most spectacular meals I have had.
    It was, naturally, followed by plenty of beverages and stories, so a great evening :)

  18. rico says:

    Morning Adam. You do cheer me up :)

  19. potter says:

    Should have been an unending process from the last window where the problem was identified but not cured with the Ba deal.

  20. Adam says:

    That’s good Rico – right?
    Am I wrong though? :)

  21. rico says:

    Morning Ts, Sp – thanks..

    I’m not confident either Sp, but AW says he will treat this game like a PL fixture against one of the top sides. So maybe he’ll pick the strongest eleven…

  22. potter says:

    I think his strongest eleven picks itself , from what’s left.

  23. rico says:

    JM – the weather is grim in the Uk, some fixtures have already been called off from the lower leagues…

  24. rico says:

    Agree there potter.

    It is Adam, and yes, you might be right but I’m hoping you turn out to be very wrong… But….

  25. frednerk says:

    Lets be a bit serious here if mandzukic is making way for a better player……..wink wink
    Why is he good enough for us,
    if that the case
    What chance have we got against Bayan then.

  26. tsgh says:

    If Zelalem is on the bench but Park,Akpom, Afobe or Eisfield is not, then that is me done with AW… lol

    Lets be honest Zelalem showed to a few who don’t follow youth football that he has vision but he is not ready; Olsson has more vision and is not even allowed near the first team even though he came on at WBA in the CoC and bossed the midfield with Bellerin in the last 40 or so minutes including extra time…

    The boy is young so it is understandable but he has been very poor since his injury… he can’t tackle and his positional awareness has gone backwards…

    I will go with Kev’s buddy Toral if we need a bit of extra flair if we were that desperate… imo

  27. tsgh says:

    Fred, Mandzukic is good enough for any top team but BM fans do not rate him the same way AFC fans do not rate OG12…

    Mario played against England recently and he was very good too… showing that he can compete against English defenders imo…

    The same way most fans will take Benzema or Morato (spelling) ahead of Bendtner or Afobe because they come from RM…

  28. rico says:

    fred, you old cynic you ;)

  29. tsgh says:

    Scott, don’t you have RSPF in Oz? :-)

    He killed all the fishes it seems… lol

  30. rico says:

    Newcastle are trying to get Ba from Chelsea. Wonder if that means Remy is on the move…

  31. tsgh says:

    Interesting Rico…

  32. rico says:

    You make a lot of assumptions there Ts, maybe ‘fans’ would rather Benzema etc because they are more experienced and on paper, far far better…

  33. frednerk says:

    ts not saying Mandzukic’s a bad player,
    just pointing out the pecking order,
    of us and them

  34. tsgh says:

    I suspected you were Fred… ;)

    Of course BM are a far bigger club amongst the elite of European football…
    They pay more too to their players and are richer…

    You do not win 4 European cups by being nothing… lol

    Hopefully with the foundations AW has laid for us we will be a bigger club in 10 to 15 years time… ;)

  35. Adam says:

    Statistics suggest to that Bent is the answer Rico. :)

  36. HenryB says:

    It goes without saying, Rico, that is another very good Post — and good morning to you!! :-)

    It seems that AW is now pretty much admitting that he will go into the transfer market for a back up striker.

    As he also says, it is difficult to persuade other clubs to part with their prized asset (as it was with ‘Pool’) so he may have to go with a short-term recruit, like Berbatov, or perhaps he will push the boat out and pay the release clause for Diego Costa.

    We live in hope! :-)

  37. rico says:

    Now you are talking Adam, Kev’s favourite :)

    Morning Hb and thanks..

    Hasn’t he written off Costa suggesting he’d cost £145 million in total…

    Also, he said he was looking for a ‘special’ player so that rules out Berbatov too… ;)

  38. malaga gooner says:

    Morning all
    Bring on the chicken on a beach ball
    2-0,,BFG to score 1st goal

  39. tsgh says:

    I guess you are right there Rico; my argument is not helped with the Afobe addition;but the point I was trying to make was that ‘fans/pundits’ get more excited with rumours linking us to players such as Sanabria than even a Berbatov or Bent…knowing very well how difficult it is for grown men to adapt to this league let alone a 17 y.o reserve player…
    I just think football fans fall for almost any football news whilst maybe in other walks of like they wouldn’t;

    I have a friend who keeps on telling me how we have money to buy Costa for £32M but then when I mention that DC doubled his salary in the summer right after Ath. accepted a few for him from Liverpool and so it was very unlikely that his get out clause was only going to go up by only £7M when they had just sold Falcao and Bale was being sold for £80M etc…

    He thinks I worship at the AW altar so he believes I will always defend AW and his policy which i don’t btw… :P

  40. Adam says:

    Apparently Liverpool almost got Costa in the Summer for something over £20 million. But his price has risen somewhat it seems. I have still have my naive hopes but see Bent or Berbatov as cheaper alternatives. This bloke Martinez is making all the right noises but I haven’t seen him play therefore I just know he is a brilliant player and exactly what we need. :)

  41. rico says:

    Giroud is definitely out for todays game…

    Theo or Podolski up front then… Go on Arsene, put the Englishman up against the suspect Dawson….

  42. rico says:

    Martinez is almost pleading for a move :)

  43. malaga gooner says:

    Rico Martinez is exactly what we need

  44. rico says:

    I recall mentioning Costa to Liverpool in the summer Adam, I’m sure someone said he was a nutter and would spend more time off the pitch through red cards….

    Can’t recall who it was though ;)

  45. rico says:

    Is he Mg? I thought Pato was….

  46. Adam says:

    He’s scored 60 goals in 8 games Rico. :)

  47. rico says:

    38 goals in 44 appearances for Martinez…

    Not bad eh….

  48. kali says:

    hi Rico & all HHers
    good read …thanks

  49. rico says:

    :) Adam..

  50. rico says:

    Hi kali, thanks..

  51. malaga gooner says:

    Rico I never gave an opinion on pato,just said there was interest

  52. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Lee Ashworth, Arsenal scout:”We like Matic since last season. He is the advantage of had playes in England(Chelsea) have more experience and played in the high European level.William, we have also very good refernces. I didn’t know him, but is agood youn player of Portuguese football”.
    He talks about Matic (Benfica) and william Carvalho (Sporting). Both are follow from M.United too

  53. Adam says:

    Rico. It’s true. :)

  54. rico says:

    Forget Mandzukic, his agent says he doesn’t want to move…

  55. rico says:

    Mg, was pulling your leg…

    Is that recent JM?

    I know Adam, I know… ;)

  56. tsgh says:

    When the media were saying that Liverpool had done great business buying Iago, Emma and I both mentioned Aspas would spend more time on the bench for his attitude -Rico… ;)

    And Aspas is warming the bench so we won’t wrong… ;)

    Ath. would have bought Hig or Martinez if DC had gone to liverpool though…and we would have gotten Suarez so…

    My only comment made on DC on this site was that we should be making a move for him instead but also added that he was on the verge of getting a Spanish passport so it was unlikely for him to move to the UK to lose out on it…

    I was not wrong either as he has since become a Spanish citizen and is representing Spain…

  57. tsgh says:

    Hiya Mg.. how are you buddy? Are you still in Spain or back in Ireland?

  58. tsgh says:

    won’t =weren’t even

  59. Joaquim Moreira says:

    rico, today’s daily newspaper.
    No references about me… maybe tomorrow :-)

  60. rico says:

    I wasn’t referring to you though Ts re Costa….

  61. rico says:

    Thanks JM, you after a move to Arsenal then ;)

  62. malaga gooner says:

    Back in Ireland and the sun is shining and the ball and chain is wining, why dont women understand men do not like shopping

  63. Adam says:

    Rico. I just had some Linda McCartney veggie sausages. You should try them as they are rather good. :)

  64. rico says:

    Just like men don’t understand why women don’t like football Mg ;)

  65. rico says:

    Adam, I have, and I love them… :P

    I just had an egg and veggie bacon muffin, I think you would like that too :)

  66. malaga gooner says:

    I hope Danby rose is playing today,Theo will hammer him

  67. BrainwashedKev says:

    Boring Boring Chelsea

  68. BrainwashedKev says:

    Bent for me, all the way…

    Lee fancies a Bender…

    Rico is up for a Cava…

    And Adam wants Robin Trower… :-D

  69. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning All

    Morning Rico, a wonderful post…

  70. BrainwashedKev says:

    I like Martinez, he did a great job at Wigan and is doing well at Everton…

    But I’m not sure that he’s the man to solve our striker conundrum!!! ;-)

  71. rico says:

    Morning Kev, thank you cheeky ;)

  72. rico says:

    :) re Martinez, a bit short I’d say…

  73. BrainwashedKev says:

    How are ya going Rico…

    Been to the gym this morning and I feel fantastic (knackered)…

    Linda McCartney? Does she do corned beef?

  74. Adam says:

    You’d never shut him up Kev. :)

  75. BrainwashedKev says:

    £145 million for Costa eh???

    His coffee will never taste the same to me anymore…

    Gotta stick to Green Tea…

    Adam swears by it.
    In fact he never stops effin and blinding during January… :-P

    Where’s Wath?
    I miss his moaning… :-)

  76. BrainwashedKev says:

    Adam… :-)

  77. rico says:

    Good thanks Kev, yet to return to my fitness class so you are ahead of me :P

  78. tsgh says:

    Bild say Lew will sign for BM this week after his medical .. a bit odd but…

  79. Gunnerdna says:

    Good morning, why would Costa cost £145 mil, when it’s rumored his RC is £ 32 mil?

  80. tsgh says:

    Is BB going to do the impossible against $hitty?

  81. rico says:

    The whole package Gdna…

    Just been watching a few of Danny Ings goals for Burnely. The next England centre forward in the making maybe….

  82. Gunnerdna says:

    Rico, I don’t believe that. Costa must be coming from the NFL.

  83. ozgunner says:

    Wenger will run the gauntlet (sign nothing worth having) and loan one at best, its the way he does things. he’s giving it big like the old days on Bendtner, you would have thought he’d of learned that lesson as well by now. Great striker my ass :-)

  84. Wavy says:

    Surely Lew will be signing for Bayern this week or next, whenever, but it will only be a ‘pre contract’ at this stage? He’ll sign on for real in The summer. Not knock on movement at this stage, I think.

  85. Gunnerdna says:

    If AW is serious and ambitious he would try for Reus if he can’t find a WC striker, he would definitely improve the team. People need to take note BM is getting Lew for free because they are an attractive side and winning trophies, name and pretty stadium don’t make it anymore.

  86. Gunnerdna says:

    Replay for City, good.

  87. rico says:

    No Ts. ;) Came close though…

  88. rico says:

    Depends on his wage demands I guess Gdna, and if AM look at all like their are willing to sell Costa, I’m sure we’d have to pay a lot more than £32 million for him…

  89. Gunnerdna says:

    Rico, If he has a release clause why would we required to pay more?

  90. Gunnerdna says:

    Rico, it’s trophies for me, so whatever it takes lets sees if the slogan AKB have any substance.

  91. rico says:

    Because we won’t be the only club in for him Gdna, it could open a bidding war…imho of course ;)

  92. rico says:

    Oz :)

    Wavy, could be Dortmund are wanting to get a few pennies for him and a move could take place this month…

    Talking of moving, I’m off out with the woofa… To get soaked!

  93. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Malaga-A-.Madrid live
    Diego Costa is playing for A.Madrid

  94. tsgh says:

    Rico-BB were unlucky to win or maybe lucky with the red card… lol

    Lew is joining BM for at least £9M plus add-ons allegedly…

    Release clauses are not a given… RM met Falcao’s release clause but Ath did not sell so he went to AS Monaco who are paying him £12M a year…

    I still can’t understand why people under rate BM and German football… the cash richest club in the best economy in Europe.

    BM always buy big too.. most recently Ribery joined them plus they bought a DM for 40M euros… however most of their buys are on a free transfer from other Bundesliga clubs…

  95. tsgh says:

    Bellerin is not in squad for Watford again…

    Hmm, I wonder why he went back there…

  96. DutchGooner10 says:



    Link1 http://cricfree.tv/live/watch/arsenal_v_tottenham_/21489

  97. DutchGooner10 says:

    KICK OFF AT 17:15




  98. tsgh says:

    Interesting that Berbatov not in Fulham squad today for cup game at Norwich. Dempsey makes first FFC appearance since 2012…

  99. tsgh says:

    Rumours are that Theo starts up front, Gnabry starts on therhs. Monreal, Rosicky, Fabianski start. BFG rested

  100. tsgh says:

    Spurs line up: Lloris – Walker Dawson Chirches Rose – Lennon Bentaleb Dembele Eriksen – Adebayor Soldad

  101. tsgh says:

    Arsenal: Fabianski – Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Monreal – Arteta – Gnabry Wilshere Rosicky Cazorla – Walcott.

    Not a bad line-up

  102. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Malaga 0 A.Madrid 1 70th minute

  103. tsgh says:

    Interesting line-up; if things don’t go well Aw will be flogged by the masses.

    Subs:Viviano, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Flamini, Ozil, Podolski, Ju-Young Park

    I was expecting Flappy to move on but I guess not…

  104. tsgh says:

    who scored JM?

  105. Joaquim Moreira says:


  106. tsgh says:

    I rate Koke very highly…

  107. devilgunner says:

    Good Evening Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    How are you all???

    I am on the sick list and tbh…..when I saw the line up the temperature went a bit further up when I saw Flappy as No 1

    Park is on the subs bench. :lol:

  108. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha Mr Dev.. howdy?

  109. malaga gooner says:

    Ginge we do not want to know about your recreational habits

  110. devilgunner says:

    Hiya Ginge.

    Sore throat, upset stomach, body aching all over.

    I feel ok in the morning but in the evening it is simply bad.

  111. devilgunner says:

    That is more like a 4-4-1-1 formation than the usual 4-2-3-1

  112. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha Mg…

    Seriously Dev… man flu? lol
    Get well soon buddy…

    I can’t wait for Sir SP1’s views after this game…

    JW and Serge have a goal in them… but MA08 penalty will do…

  113. tsgh says:

    It’s 4-1-4-1 I agree…

  114. rico says:

    I hope Fabianski is on form, this is not the game he’ll want to make a mistake in! Bizarre resting Ches when we have 9 days off after today…

    Evening all…

  115. tsgh says:

    Evening Rico..

    I feel for Flappy…

  116. Joaquim Moreira says:

    we will see
    Malaga gooner: Malaga drop 3 points

  117. devilgunner says:

    hmmmmm. coming to think of it. I think you are right Ginge. its more of a 4-1-4-1. I thought it was a 4-4-1-1 but looking at it carefully its more of what you said.

  118. tsgh says:

    TR07 vs Dembele and JW vs Bentaleb will be a contest…

    Bentaleb will be known soon… but hope he fails today

  119. tsgh says:

    JM how did Camacho play today for Malaga?

  120. tsgh says:

    Eriksen vs CJ25 will be something too…

    I hope it is an interesting match; I expect Serge to keep Rose busy today…

  121. tsgh says:

    Dev you were be right re set-up the reason i went 4-1-4-1 was because of Spurds 2 prong attack

  122. tsgh says:

    were = maybe*

  123. Joaquim Moreira says:

    moretr or less. Nothing special

  124. Joaquim Moreira says:

    in way to emirates
    Catch you later

  125. rico says:

    Hi Ts. So do I…

    Hope you feel better soon Devil..


  126. tsgh says:

    Good confidence boosting save from Flappy

  127. rico says:

    Well done Fabianski…

  128. devilgunner says:

    thanks and good evening Rico.

    I cant see the game. no stream seems to be working today. and its leaving me very frustrated.

  129. rico says:

    That’s good…

  130. rico says:

    Oh no devil, thats not good….

  131. rico says:

    We are playing well, quick passing and shooting… Unlucky Gnabry…

  132. rico says:

    Great defensive play by Arteta, thought Lemon was through then…

  133. tsgh says:

    20 minutes gone and our 3 pensioners have covered more ground than the younger players

  134. malaga gooner says:

    Sherwood should go to specsavers

  135. rico says:

    It’s not about the ground covered, it’s what players do with the ball which counts ;)

  136. rico says:

    :) Mg.

  137. tsgh says:

    I LOVE the Mozart…

  138. malaga gooner says:

    Hey rico

  139. devilgunner says:

    nothing seems to work Ginge.

  140. tsgh says:

    JW keeps repeating the same mistake.. tsk

  141. devilgunner says:

    how is Theo up front working???

  142. rico says:

    Same old. TV gets booked and the oppo players don’t….

  143. tsgh says:

    Serge assist… Santi thunder finish…

  144. rico says:

    1-0 :) :) :)

    Super Gnabry, super Santi :P

  145. malaga gooner says:

    A late santi,can’t beat it

  146. devilgunner says:


  147. tsgh says:

    Theo doing very well… don’t let Rico know that though… lol

    Serge has shown we did not need to buy a winger as stated in a post during the summer…

    If we dont give the kinds a chamce how do we know they are good?

  148. tsgh says:

    Dev- its working with Theo because the spurds are playing with a very high line and TR07 and Serge are very intelligent… imho

  149. rico says:

    Wilshere/Demble is growing into a battle….

  150. tsgh says:

    Is Townsend sounding more depressed the more we attack?

  151. rico says:

    Sloppy Theo, get ahead of Gnabry…

  152. tsgh says:

    ha ha seniority Rico

  153. rico says:

    I like the fact that we are shooting on sight at times…

    Jack should have gone down just now like he’d been shot, every other side does it against us…

  154. rico says:

    Picking on Jackie boy aren’t they….

    Still no booking!

  155. rico says:

    Sooooo close…

  156. rico says:

    How has Lardy not been booked for that ??

  157. malaga gooner says:

    Well played boys

  158. malaga gooner says:

    I disagree with you on jack going down rico,,I don’t like the play acting

  159. rico says:

    Wouldn’t have been acting, he was head butted. Soft maybe, but a butt is a butt…

  160. rico says:

    I love Wrighty and Keano :)

  161. malaga gooner says:

    Just waiting on the replay I thought there was no contact

  162. Joaquim Moreira says:

    JW must be carefull and I think he isn’t clever enought
    TW also but I thing he is much more clever
    Why Gnaby didn’t play much more games?

  163. malaga gooner says:

    And a humble king

  164. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Soldado?was fault,
    Was na advice to JW.. totts didn’t like the way he was playing…

  165. rico says:

    JW is doing well JM.. As is TW imo…

    As for Gnabry, being saying the same for a while, he’s good and unafraid…

  166. malaga gooner says:

    Any1else think serge could make it as a cf in the future

  167. rico says:

    Good change AW..

  168. tsgh says:

    He plays as a no.10 for the krauts u-17 and u-19… never seen him play as a target man…

  169. rico says:

    TW has to score this half…

  170. tsgh says:

    How does Mozart do that?

    Its like he has a phase array radar on his head…

  171. malaga gooner says:

    Ginge its his physique,he’s not afraid to shoot

  172. malaga gooner says:

    How much did soldado cost,ha

  173. rico says:

    Oh dear, TW is injured :(

  174. malaga gooner says:

    No theo

  175. tsgh says:

    Mg, based on what I have seen (stats figures) and heard, Serge has poor endurance so he will be a static no.9 like Poldi.. but in future maybe…

    Maybe because he was a 100m sprinter 3 or 4 years ago…

    Actually, my bad he has played no.9 for our u-19’s in Europe 2 times so I think you have a point…

  176. rico says:


  177. tsgh says:

    Soldado 19M I think

  178. rico says:

    Bollox to stats Ts!! ;)

  179. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha Rico…

  180. rico says:

    We need another. At least..

  181. tsgh says:

    La Mozart 2-0

  182. malaga gooner says:

    Lol rico

    I like stats,to lazy to look for them

  183. rico says:

    And we have got it, great stuff Tomas, great stuff :P :P :P

  184. malaga gooner says:

    Tro7 has been on fire of late

  185. devilgunner says:


  186. malaga gooner says:

    All our fans needed was something to sing about

    The library is closed

  187. tsgh says:

    Mg to me TR07 is the best and most intelligent player in the squad…

    He is still idolised at BVB 09 my other club…

  188. Scott from Oz says:

    I am rather enjoying this :)

  189. malaga gooner says:

    Its time to hit the fridge,Arthur is calling

  190. tsgh says:

    2nd best most intelligent player is Arteta but also under rated. imo..

    It’s a shame when he plays well no one says it but the 2 or 3 poor games he has some individuals say he is not Arsenal quality… ;)

  191. tsgh says:

    I am still awaiting Sir SP1’s views though. :P

    Scott, we are winning so no doomsters yet… ;)

  192. rico says:

    Fans are super, I learned on Weds that the stadium is a lot louder that television sounds…

  193. malaga gooner says:

    Ginge arteta held the team together last season when things were going bad

  194. rico says:

    Good reffing, didn’t give us a penalty for the exact same…

  195. tsgh says:

    I agree shame a few do not but…

  196. malaga gooner says:

    Theo has not scored yet but he is opening up the game causing the scum loads of problems

  197. devilgunner says:

    if we keep this result the doomsters will not get out from their covers.

  198. tsgh says:

    Flappy looks very assured… he’s like fine win; getting better with age..

    Did AW drop Scez for some mistakes made recently? ;)

  199. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, you know me…..the louder the whingers whinge, the noisier I get :)

  200. rico says:


  201. Scott from Oz says:

    Funny, I just said to a mate that we will rue the day we sell Fabianski.
    I really believe that.

  202. rico says:

    Arteta for Ozil? That’s a strange one…

  203. devilgunner says:

    why was TommyV subbed????

  204. Scott from Oz says:

    We are chasing goals, Rico :)

  205. rico says:

    Fabianski has always been our FA Cup keeper…

  206. Scott from Oz says:

    Devil, a Mayer reckons because he had a yellow card early.

  207. rico says:

    Oh Theo, so so so close…

    Injured i think dev, or his booking…

  208. malaga gooner says:

    I wonder who decided at the sewer to sign Charley,he looks like a Daniel levy signing, lmfao

  209. tsgh says:

    Dev- ankle injury I read…

    Rico, Theo looks like he has a serious one..

  210. Scott from Oz says:

    We may well be getting our striker now.

  211. rico says:

    Get the cheque book out Arsene…

  212. tsgh says:

    Dev/Scott- :D :D

  213. rico says:

    Ts, at least he was smiling so maybe not too bad..

  214. devilgunner says:

    does that mean we are playing with 10 now????

  215. rico says:

    Don’t know who came on Devil..

    Have we done all our subs?

  216. rico says:

    Only Ozil and Merts have come on

  217. rico says:

    Bugger, and Flamini, so yes :(

  218. devilgunner says:

    yes it seems….Flamini, Ozil, Per. So when Theo went off we could not sub him

  219. tsgh says:

    how come mozart did not get motm?

    Most under rated player in the league imho…

  220. tsgh says:

    frimpong next week…

  221. devilgunner says:

    how is LARDYBAYOR getting on today??? Is he still on the pitch??

  222. tsgh says:

    ha ha Dev he is…

  223. tsgh says:

    where is Agag?

  224. tsgh says:

    Below is what a sperds fan tweetted…

    Ben Taylor ‏@Yidotaylor8 10m
    Fuck off Walcott u little cxxt. Hope ur cruciate has snapped.

    I have even refined it..
    typical scums…

  225. malaga gooner says:

    The sound man at ITV must be a gooner

  226. rico says:

    ‘You are Tottenham, and you’re f*****g s**t’

    Love it Arsenal fans…

  227. Scott from Oz says:

    Great result.
    Great performance.
    Now for some great sleep :)
    Later guys.

  228. malaga gooner says:

    This is a big win

    Thanks ricoo and all on here


  229. rico says:

    What a result, actually, what a bloody good performance by all….

  230. tsgh says:

    Another clean sheet…

    Super super…

    Townsend sounds like he has lost his house on a a bet.lmfao… :P

  231. tsgh says:

    later Scott…

    Dream about the whingers.lol

  232. Joaquim Moreira says:

    I’m glad but I didn’t like Ozil… he was away for the match

  233. tsgh says:

    lmfao Dev… pure class…

    who says foreigners don’t understand?

  234. tsgh says:

    Dev still can’t stop laughing about your post at 6:44 pm

  235. rico says:

    Night Scott..

    I need to eat, back very soon…

  236. tsgh says:

    Rosický: “It’s a great win for us. We can still improve in front of goal. 2014? We want to win the League

  237. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Rosicky was the best player for me

  238. tsgh says:

    Rico is this what you thought Theo? lol

  239. tsgh says:

    taught even…

  240. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all
    Please accept my earlier comment, yes i have egg on my face but i couldn’t give a shit. Arsenal turned up they played for 95 minutes and they were fcuking awsome, I wasn’t expecting that at all, and do i feel a right C—t yes i do, I have drunk loads of home brew and yes i’m pissed as a rat but i love every body. Fabianski i thought played like a keeper that has played all season, safe hands and able to catch and hold the ball, he also held on to the ball and took his time to distribute which i felt was top quality. Arsenal turned up on the big occasion they played as good as i have seen them and we finished with ten men and they covered one another a fcuking great performance even more so for me as i expeted some thing else, but they made me look a mug and i couldn’t care less COYRRG’s.

  241. tsgh says:

    I agree JM.

    Arteta was immense too.

    I hope his injury is not too bad… the 9 days rest should do…

    Chance for Frimpong if DM crisis arises…

  242. tsgh says:

    SP1, no one man you love like a mug… I was not expecting this performance either…

    You are always pragmatic, and reasonable even when you sound apprehensive and I

    I hope you did not read my post to you as a diss…

    just my twisted sense of humour…

  243. tsgh says:

    no one made you look* even

  244. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening Ginge, haven’t had a chance to read the comments yet, but i never get the hump as most supporters are clearer in the mind than i am now, as i said i love every body you included :)

  245. tsgh says:

    SP1- tsgh says:

    January 4, 2014 at 4:49 pm
    ha ha ha Mg…

    Seriously Dev… man flu? lol
    Get well soon buddy…

    I can’t wait for Sir SP1′s views after this game…

  246. tsgh says:

    Get Sagna, and TR07 signed please AW…

    Their distance covered figures were amazing today as always…

  247. DutchGooner10 says:


    Tnx for the vid. Made me laugh like a hyena. LOL

    Good to see TV has his Arsenal-mojo back.

  248. stevepalmer1 says:

    Blinding Ginge, If anybody deserves stick its me, i say what i believe at the time, i was wrong and by gord i’m glad i was . i’m sure many believed we would win, perhaps i need another 60 odd years to convince me, but tonight i am overjoyed,

  249. tsgh says:

    hiya Dg… I am pleased for TV too… he played well…

    Amazing how the pundits have gone quiet from ‘AFC need a CB to finish in the top 4′ comments…

  250. DutchGooner10 says:

    Sir Stevo

    You never ever take anything for granted. Nothing to be humble or ashamed about.

    “Hope for the best, plan for the worst” is a tried,tested and proven strategy. ;-)

  251. tsgh says:

    Wenger asked does Walcott’s injury leave him short up front. “We are short because he’s not very tall.. :D :D :D

    And ryo is going on loan if he can find a suitable club…

  252. BrainwashedKev says:

    That’ll do for me….

    Kept Middlesex in their place…

  253. HenryB says:

    What a fabulous game. :-)

    The sheer quality of our play made the difference in class between us and the swampies stand out a mile.

    There were so many stand out performances that choosing a man of the match is difficult, but I thought Kozzer was superb, as was Tomas, and Santi and Gnabry and the BFG and ……

    Sod it. They were all MOTM. :-)

  254. devilgunner says:

    he is not going to tell everyone we need a striker asap is he???

    hiya Kev. great result today. were you at the EMS???

  255. BrainwashedKev says:

    I thought that Rosicky and Cazorla were outstanding…

  256. BrainwashedKev says:

    No Coach, I was watching it at friends…

    Shame about Verm, he was really on top of his game before he went off…

    A fantastic team performance.

  257. DutchGooner10 says:

    PinkBoots needs to take all leafs, cover to back, from Rocky’s book.

    Nuff said.

  258. tsgh says:

    Hiya Kev, HB…

  259. devilgunner says:

    Theo has twisted knee. It seems that Gnabry will not be going anywhere soon as he will be needed now.

  260. devilgunner says:

    better than me than. could not watch it anywhere as nothing seemed to work today………and I am in the sick bay at the moment.

  261. DutchGooner10 says:

    Could be TV felt his muscles constraining near the end of an intense game.

    Maybe it was just a precaution sub discussed at halftime?

  262. tsgh says:

    Agreed,serge not going as Ryo is going on loan…

    I wonder if Akpom’s loan will be postponed…

  263. BrainwashedKev says:

    Hi Ginge, thought Gnabry was superb.

  264. BrainwashedKev says:

    What’s wrong Coach?

  265. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hiya Dutch, Your so kind :) Dutch thank you for your streams mate although i was able to watch the game on ITV HD many probably couldn’t, you make a great contribution thank you,

  266. rico says:

    SP – I love your comments :)

    Thanks Ts, I was looking for that photo, you saved me….

  267. HenryB says:

    Hiya, tsgh,

    I don’t need to ask you if that was not only a brilliant win but also made more fantastic and special that we put the Sp*rs back in their place.

    I just feel so good — odd what football can do to a grown man – (or woman). :-)

  268. devilgunner says:

    I am off colour mate. body aching all over, upset stomach and headache.

  269. DutchGooner10 says:

    Stevo (and all HH-ers)

    No sweat. Pleased to contribute to the family feeling.

  270. tsgh says:

    I just saw my neighbour just stomped out.. a swampie fan.

    Crystal ball Rico. ;)

    HB, a super performance… Townsend’s voice when we were attacking was enough for me tonight… lol

    Even Monreal was amazing considering his stop start season….

    Kev I agree re SC19; Santi was a slow starter but after the first 30 minutes he was back to last season’s best…

  271. DutchGooner10 says:


    Get well soon. This new antibiotic resistant flu is a b*tch. Hard to get rid off. Been there myself last year. It takes down giants of any size.

  272. tsgh says:


    For you Rico.lol

  273. stevepalmer1 says:

    Dev, sorry to hear your not feeling to good get well soon mate, but you must be glowing inside, got a feeling i will ache all over and have a headache in the morn but who gives a shit, I’m happy now. :)

  274. BrainwashedKev says:

    Take care Coach…

    Offski now Gooners.

    Onwards and Upwards

  275. rico says:

    Take care Devil….

  276. DutchGooner10 says:


    “w’ll be donating it to charity” Hilarious!!

    Didn’t know the Spuds opened a nationwide aid account.

  277. DutchGooner10 says:

    Laters Kev

  278. rico says:

    Hb, I have only one word for today, the players and the manager.


  279. tsgh says:

    later Dev… get well soon

  280. rico says:

    Thanks again for the links Dg…

    Ts, I thought £100 million was spent on a London charity?? ;)

  281. HenryB says:

    Bang on, Rico. :-)

  282. tsgh says:

    :D Rico- ‘Ts, I thought £100 million was spent on a London charity?? ;)

    your funniest post yet…

    Dg, the gap is getting bigger…between us and the swampies. Levi has allegedly given up on ever catching us…

    Delusion comes to mind…

    Mighty Spurs! ‏@NLondonIsWhite 5h
    @HotspurRelated who cares? Ozil is the most overrated player in history and we will beat them 3-0. Easy win #COYS

  283. DutchGooner10 says:

    Rico :-) :-) :-) ;-) re 100mln spent

  284. DutchGooner10 says:

    Make it your headline tomorrow. I dare you.

  285. Adam says:

    Just got home. Claret breathing as I speak. Fantastic atmosphere and a noteworthy performance.
    Loved it.

  286. tsgh says:

    On the striker front…

    Giroud is fit again now (just ill), whilst Sanogo is back in training. Podolski unused today so i think AW won’t back…

    i am hearing Sanogo looks massive now after the fitness camp

  287. tsgh says:


    later kev

  288. devilgunner says:

    I may be down mates……….but tomorrow I will wake up better than the swampy spuddies.

    Good God…..it must be awful to be a spuddie and wake up on Monday mornings :D


    off to sleep.

    good night fine friends.

    cu all tomorrow.

  289. rico says:

    I knew you’d like that charity comment guys :P

    Adam, that was something bloody special…. Worthy of a good claret. The fans sounded amazing on tv..

  290. Adam says:

    I have never seen a crowd disperse as quickly as the Spuds did with a few minutes to go.

  291. rico says:

    Ok, realism here…

    Theo isn’t the best centre forward but he has pace and he scares defences.

    Giroud has little pace and doesn’t threaten defences…

    I don’t wish to sound like I’m slating Giroud, but pace up front will win us matches like today, not good hold up play and 100 passes in front of goal….

  292. rico says:

    Night Devil, sleep well…

    There weren’t many of them Adam ;)

  293. Adam says:

    Honest Rico. It made us proud to be Arsenal fans. Wish you were here as this claret is almost as awesome as the team was today. Days like this are what being a Gooner is really all about. Should really have been 4 or 5.
    It’s nights like this you need Brudders Lee and Kev to drop by.

  294. rico says:

    Adam, I am sat here saying over and over about just how good Arsenal were, and I believe that is the best we have played over 90 mins for a long long time…

    I’d love to be there with you, the claret and de brudders Lee and Kev…

    We really were bloody good and as I just finished my post I wrote, on days like today, I want Arsene to stay forever. He got everything so so right today and the team did him and us all very proud…

    A great day to be an Arsenal fan….

  295. Adam says:

    A beautiful sentiment Rico. You and I will hook up soon with all the Brudders. Off for the evening.
    Enjoy the evening all Gooners.

  296. rico says:

    Night Adam, I bet you sleep well…. ;)

  297. rico says:

    I too am off Gooners, have a great night…

    Night all….

  298. tsgh says:

    Night Rico…


    But it must be said that it worked with Theo upfront because the spurds back-line was 10 yards away from the centre circle…

    TR07’s goal shows that clearly.. Not a lot of teams play so naively against us;

    When teams sit deeper, you need a quicker way to transition from defence to attack;

    The last EPL game against Cardiff was a typical example where having a target man come on like B-23 made us able to have the ball in the opposition half whilst for 70 minutes before it was laborious and tedious…

  299. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, the 100 million quote was your best ever :)
    Several players are earning deserves praise, and without wishing to take away from that at all, our back 4 was simply superb again.
    Damned that was a good showing.
    I copped a little kip after the game, but the Aussie 11 need my support, as they are up against a most staunch opponent.

  300. potter says:

    If Theo had taken a few of his chances we could have had the first 5-0 of the day. Sadly that seems reserved for you tonight Scott.

    Fun atmosphere though wasn’t it Adam ?
    From 61 never again to We are top of the league & you are out of the cup.

  301. malaga gooner says:

    I’m drunk, north London is res

  302. malaga gooner says:


  303. ozgunner says:

    just watched the replay – very impressive, well done lads, one and all. Sherwood naive in his set up and we took full advantage of it. Arteta and TR were real leaders tonight and showed their experience in the best possible way. 2-0 unexpected but delighted!

  304. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, it WAS expected by some :)
    Morning mate.
    Hiya Devil.
    Watching the replay now….loving it even more second time round :)

  305. Scott from Oz says:

    Spuds throwing coins at Theo while Gooners throw Scarves :)

  306. Lee says:

    Those pricks from shite hart lane have always been deluded knuckle dragging wastes of internal organs!

  307. Scott from Oz says:

    What do you really think Lee :)

  308. rico says:

    Morning all…

    Finally a new post is up….

  309. gmv8 says:

    I think Wenger is having a joke about Sanogo, or really trying to infuriate all the fans…. I’ve seen both of the brief times he’s played and they’ve been so memorable that I’ve forgotten, and he’s been proportionally more injury prone than Abou Diaby, yet we’re relying on him to win us the league? He had trouble hitting the oppositions end of the stadium yet alone the goal….. I could be completely wrong and he could turn out to be wonderful,once he’s adapted, but we have several players out on loan who are better at the moment…..

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