Mandzukic lined up? Sanogo/Bendtner fitness dictate transfers. It's Derby Day…

Morning all.

Yesterday Arsene Wenger said that he will wait to see the reports on Yaya Sanogo and Niklas Bendtner before he decides on whether to make a move for a striker during this transfer window.

Come on Arsene, you really have to be kidding. Nik, who is the only one out of the two who may have a chance of being good enough to play back-up to Giroud, is out for weeks and Sanogo, well he’s only played minutes so far this season and even if he is fit and ready to play, there is no way Arsenal should be believing he’s our saviour.

I sure hope Arsene Wenger is playing the press and he has something up his sleeve.

Mario Mandzukic is the latest big name linked to us. He’s worth looking at on youtube.. 😉

Talking of big spending, today we are up against the neighbours in the FA Cup and boy did they spend big in the summer. Under AVB, very few of them turned on the style, but now, under Sherwood, they appear a bit different. Maybe it’s the ‘new manager’ syndrome, who knows, but whatever it is, they will make our life tough today as they go about business.

One man in particular will be up for today and that’s old lardybayor and if he’s on form, both of our central defenders will be in for a tough afternoon and Laurent Koscielny knows it:

He is complete – he is good in the air, he is quick and has good technique. He is a difficult striker [to mark] – strikers need confidence and he is scoring goals. He has come back stronger and you can see that.

Tim Sherwood said:

How important will Adebayor be tomorrow [Saturday]? It’s huge.

I think if Arsene Wenger saw him limping off at Old Trafford, I’m sure there were a lot of pleased Arsenal fans and management and players.

But, unfortunately, he’s going to be walking out against them on Saturday.

He can be an arrogant twit too and wind him up, and he’ll see an early bath. Over to you Mr Flamini!

Outs for us are:

Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs, Nicklas Bendtner & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Olivier Giroud is also almost certain to miss out as he spent all day yesterday in bed ill and Mesut Ozil is unlikely to play today either.

So that pretty much leaves us with the same squad as we had on New Years Day, other than Nik of course.

Today is massive and Koscielny knows what it means:

Against Tottenham we know it will be a difficult game, but an exciting game. We want to win it because it is so important to the club and the fans. We will do everything we can together on the pitch to win the game.

Every derby is very important for the fans, it is the game that you must win. The atmosphere is different before, during and after the game and we want our fans to be smiling, so we want to win!

So does Jack Wilshere:

There’s a lot of pride at stake. The players know that, they feel the pressure as well so we’ll be ready and we know they will be ready so we can’t underestimate them.

For some reason in these games every player just lifts their level. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because the fans expect to win – they don’t want to lose.

This is my favourite game of the season. I love these type of games. You just raise your level and you don’t want to lose. When you’re walking onto the pitch you’re telling yourself, ‘We can’t lose this, no matter what we can’t lose’.

It’s ours too Jack, now you go and make sure you are the boys go and beat the.. the.. the opposition!!


That’s your lot……

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