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Bendtner set for stay? Berbatov linked after another weak performance up front but another 3 points secured…

Morning all.

We huffed and puffed our way to those three points didn’t we?

But we got them in the end and that’s what matters.

Cardiff came to do one thing and that was to defend and hope to catch us on the break but in all honesty, we hardly helped ourselves with the slow, backward and sideways passing, especially in the first half. It was either that or an over hit ball over the top which caught the wind and rain and skidded through on fast surface. Yesterday wasn’t a day for playing high balls..

When Arsene made the changes in the second half, our level of play went up several notches, mind you that wasn’t hard to do.

Nik, for all the harsh words I have written about him, came on with a bit of attitude about him. He worked hard up front and Tomas Rosicky gave us something more to our build up play.

Nik deserved his goal, he really did and it was a fine finish. He wasn’t going to miss, not with the passion he had in his right foot. It was such a shame to see him get injured and have to go off…

Theo deserved his too in my opinion, especially based on his second half performance. He was sending in good corners and crosses, two of which should have been headed home by Merts and he worked hard down the right hand side. He gets a lot of deserved stick each week but there were several occasions he cut in from the right and the game was crying out for a ball to be played into the gaping space he’d created but that pass didn’t come. Had it done so, he’d have been through on goal with just the keeper to beat.

What to do about Lukas Podolski? He is not the player who can take on the role of a lone striker in my opinion. I don’t think he once took the ball with his back to goal and offered any kind of threat. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but each time he had to resort to playing the ball out of the box or across the box whereas a top class striker would have turned and shot. If our German number nine hasn’t the strength/ability to do that against Cardiff, then surely he won’t do it against the better sides.

Talking of Cardiff, we really should have battered them, and had any of our players taken it upon themselves to shoot instead of wanting one, two or three more passes, we could have done but no-one wants to take that responsibility enough during a game. On the occasions they did, they were off target.

Birthday boy Jack battered the woodwork with a corker, Santi shot well wide and Theo saw one just go past the post but for the 69% possession we chalked up, and the twenty-eight attempts we had on goal, we managed to score just two goals and both of those were in the final few minutes.

Yes we won, yes we got three points and therefore remain top of the league but we are seriously papering over the cracks as far as our strike force goes.

This current Arsenal side is crying out for a goal scorer, a very good one.

Rumours this morning suggest that man really could be Dimitar Berbatov. Well, that’s according to The Sun.

This month could see Bendtner leave and Arsene Wenger knows he can’t stop him as his contract expires in the summer and he is now free to sort himself out a move:

It is January 1 so we cannot stop him [talking to clubs abroad] but he says he wants to stay here. If he is focused on staying with us and his job, he is a great striker.

Surely Arsene wouldn’t be tempted to see him stay longer would he?

Regardless of his future, Nik won’t be playing on Saturday against the neighbours and with him and Giroud both out injured, goodness knows who will play in the FA Cup.

It’s looking likely that Park will have to get his boots cleaned in time for the 5.15pm kick off…..

That’s it for another day, have a good one

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154 comments on “Bendtner set for stay? Berbatov linked after another weak performance up front but another 3 points secured…

  1. Happy new year every 1

  2. And to you Mg…

  3. Are you ever happy? It is Jan 2 – 2014 and we are top of the League!! Be glad. We have achieved that with deficiencies, we know that too. But if you cannot enjoy being top of the League why do you bother? Do you not think that Arsene Wenger recognises the weaknesses? You sound like you would still be criticising even if Arsenal won The PL, FA Cup, and CL !!! Please be positive with your comments. Yes it should have been 5 or 6 yesterday but it wasn’t. Yes Bendtner did OK for ten minutes yesterday, but he is not the answer. He is a squad player,at best.

  4. Actually Jg, I’m thrilled we are top of the league, but it’s not won in January is it??

    I would like to think AW knows we need a striker, my worry is he won’t sign one, just like he didn’t in the summer..

  5. Rico I have heard a rumour for an incoming player can I post it or would you rather me leave it

  6. Fire away Mg, I could do with a laugh ;)

  7. Jackson Martinez from porto

  8. I read that one the other day too Mg, in the newspapers..

  9. Jochiem Lowe 33\1 for the next arsenal manager.

    Get on it

  10. Were talking with photo apparently right now

  11. Porto

  12. Malaga gooner is back….!

    Back to work for me and not loving it but HH keeps me going…

    Morning Rico and all…

    How cold was it at the Erms yesterday?

  13. Rico, then show your “thrilledness”. We are almost top scorers and fewest conceded. If AW dos not sign a striker it will be because he has something else in mind. I know we look fragile a times but look world beaters at others. Think how good the side will look, and I include the bench, with everybody fit !! Now there’s a dream.

  14. Morning and HNY to you too Gdna…

  15. ‘Another weak performance upfront’ with 2 goals against a team that came to defend?Only God knows what can satisfy you some of these Arsenal supporters. ManC scored only one against Crystal Palace at home and nobody called it a weak performance upfront. LOL!

  16. Calm down Mg… ;)

    Morning Ts, back to work is not so good…

    It wasn’t too cold, just wet and horrid but had a great time, especially after we scored..

  17. I’ll do as I please thanks Jg..

    ogban, yes we won and as I said in the post, that’s all which matters but if you are happy with our performance yesterday then fine. I was far from overwhelmed…

    And what have Man City got to do with Arsenal?

  18. Boring Boring Chelsea

  19. Happy New Month HH;

    Berbatov can only be a short time option but I don’t think he’s the goalscorer we need

  20. Morning All
    Morning Rico.

    Good post, I tend to agree with your analysis of the game…
    It was a typical New Year holiday fixture with boggling injuries and fatigue playing it’s part.

    I never subscribed to the view that we were gonna thrash Cardiff.
    They’re fighting for their lives and were out to impress their new manager.
    I thought that Cardiff battled well and on that performance, should stay up…

  21. Rico do you think there is a smell of a George Graham set up with the way were playing at the moment

  22. Boggling… :roll:


  23. Morning Kev… but they won 3-0 ;)

    Until the end of the season I read Xrs..

  24. morning Rico&all housers

    winning ugly is a habit we should make use of more often,
    it wasn’t pretty but job done..

    three points over playing pretty any day of the week….

  25. Rico, like you, I was a bit disappointed by Podolski…
    It was his first start since his injury, do he should improve vs the Spuds…

    No Giroud meant no focal point to our attack, so we got a bit bogged down trying to pass/dribble through the bus Cardiff parked…
    Agree totally on the lack of long-range shooting…

  26. Kev, some of their fans made me chuckle, saying ‘it won’t quite be the same next season – going to Yeovil hasn’t quite got the same ring to is as The Emirates’ ;)

    I suppose my gripe is that with just something different up front we’d have scored more and goals might make a difference in May but yes, fatigue could have played it’s part and they did what they had to do and no more.

    Had the goals come earlier it would have been easier on my heart… ;)

  27. They’re still boring… ;-)

  28. kali, I agree re the pints are what counts but the chances that went begging was crazy….

  29. The Ritz Hotel probably know they are the best in the world at what they do, but I doubt there is a day when the people who run the place don’t look for ways to improve their service.

    Should Arsenal not be trying to do the same?

    The devil is in the detail and if we don’t get the little things that are wrong, right, we will always be playing catch-up….

    Just my view ;)

  30. :) Kev, they are…..

    With the wind behind them, they could have taken a pop a lot more than they did..

    I like Podolski but just not convinced he’s a lone striker, where was that stunning left foot yesterday….

  31. Morning all, I thought your post was an honest observation, of where our faults are, backward sideways passing is accurate, Podolski with his back towards goal is as good a discription that can describe this players abilities. Theo in the first half was poor much the same as most of the players, Hitting the woodwork is nearly the same as hitting the corner post, its still a miss. And missing 2 good opportunities with our headers was very poor. I have to say that our being at the top of the league on the second of January has been through great defending and good luck, but consistency is what builds points and although i would say that our play hasn’t exactly been pretty it has been consistent.For me and many other supporters Bendtner and Poldi and Oliver is not top notch, they will do a job but we need better. As Rico rightly stated Theo had a good second half, and he has been on the score sheet a few times of late, today i feel Theo has done good but he also deserves some of the flack he gets. Berbatov, no thanks for me, build for the future find a top class young hungry striker and get him in.But that will not solve our crab like forward play..

  32. Rico, not sure that anyone is gonna sell one of their marquee players in January…

    As much as I’d love to see Costa or Lewandowski I cannot see it happening until the summer…
    Agents could be advising their clients to hold on until after the World Cup…?

    Berbatov could be a good short turn option.
    Having him coming off of the bench, against tiring opponents, could be game changing.
    I don’t see his age as a barrier.
    Nobody criticised the Deluded One, when he signed Eto’o..,

  33. i agree Rico re improving,

    i still think we will sign someone in the attcking force…
    a fox-in -the box type of a poacher..someone like Eduardo , many crosses go across the six-yard -box with no one tapping in….

    rumour mills here in france bragging about a deal to sign M.Valbuena…..another no.10 !lol….

  34. Sp, is that really you and me agreeing today :)

    I still think money talks Kev and as long as a player is happy to move, then surely anything is possible?

    And top players want to play for AW and now we have a great group of players, I’d say we are a very attractive club.

    But, I totally get what you are saying and you are probably right. At least the Toff is PL ready but I just worry about his game when he’s not in the mood…

    I’d rather Remy.

    Good point about the deluded one but I bet had AW signed him, he would have been criticised….

  35. Fucking hell they’re out in force today…..

  36. I’ll have a Remy, but not until Feb for me!!!

  37. I must say I agree with you take on the game…

    LP09’s application was one reason why I was never fond of him as a striker from last season even when the media and bloggers were campaining for him to be played as a number 9… Poldi is deadlier when he is arriving in the box playing behind a target man as he had with Luca Toni at BM and then Klose at National team level…

    Re. strikers, Costa is cup-tied too as is Llorente and all the big stars who may in theory help us immediately…

  38. Valbuena has been linked to us in the English press too..

    Do any of us have a clue what AW will do, just hope he does something as our squad is looking quite thin now…

    We need Santos back ;)

  39. Morning Rico. I guess that 10 points from the 12 on offer over Christmas really says most of it. We should have beaten Chelsea too and would have done if not for the corrupt referee. Good taste will not allow me to vomit his name, but he is the one that looks like a weasel.
    The bloke yesterday looked as fat as a pig rolling and wheezing his portly way up and down the pitch.
    I got the impression that we were far too gentlemanly in the first half, rather like a Harry Enfield version of Arsenal. We were far too decent to get behind them. The second half showed a marked improvement as all present hoped it would. We used 10 less passes getting the ball forward and I found myself even wishing for Olivier Giroud, that’s how bad things were getting. But, like the Colossus Of Rhodes, Bendtner jogged onto the pitch, all thoughts of the car-crash that is his life, behind him. He scored and was very unlucky that the Cardiff goalkeeper who must have taken about 10 minutes out of the game with his time-wasting, rolled onto our Danish saviour’s ankle. As he left the crowd chanted his name. Honest.
    When Bendtner is being relied upon to win the game you just know it’s time to get into the transfer market-big time.

  40. The Ritz Hotel?? How that is an example i can’t relate to. :P
    kev excellent point at 10:35

  41. :) Lee, January a dry month again….

  42. Rico- Valbuena is too much on the short side and we have a dozen of such players in our ranks… Excellent player though…

    If we are buying from France I will go for Lavezzi or even Ayew, Valbuena’s team mate…

  43. Morning Adam.

    I couldn’t believe that I heard Nik’s name coming out of my mouth either…

    The Cardiff keeper should have been booked a lot earlier shouldn’t he, but he wasn’t too bad considering some we have had of late..

  44. If we are to sign another midfielder Ts, I’d rather Mata.

    But I can’t see AW signing another midfielder, despite his obsession with them…

  45. We shot our selves in the foot last summer lurking around in a torpid state instead of going for Negredo when a bid was not even placed for Hig…

    A few was even agreed but as always we leave things too late thinking players will just wait for us…

  46. Agree we do not need another midfielder ( especially) another small non-winger…

    Jose saying he will allow a player to leave if he wants to made me laugh… he failed to add the caveat that so far as the player is not intending to join Arsenal. lol

  47. what about Wilfred Boney Swansey city No 10 brought for 12mill on a 5 year contract, has premier league experience and in form, don’t know much about him only that he is Ivorian. He looked right up my street 6′ tall and looks a mean player, how much would he cost us 20 mill money well spent i’d say and Swansey would make a nice 8 mill profit.

  48. Absolutely Ts, if he wouldn’t loan us Ba, he won’t let us sign a player of Mata’s class…

  49. Mr (big-mouth)Jose will never sell to us…..but Mata should come to the very first team should have signed to before……us

    i see Berba coming in , used to PL already ,might just fit in

  50. He scored against City yesterday didn’t he Sp?

    kali, the newspapers all suggest Berbatov, good enough reason to think we won’t get him ;)

  51. I didn’t realise Bony was that tall but a very good and robust player…

    Agree SP1 but Bony was discussed on here with Remy and the likes but was deemed not good enough. I rememebr WATH rooting for him big time before the transfer window opened last summer.The Arsenal faithful wanted an exotic striker like Higuain and Jovetic ( Adem Ljajić would be better but he has moved to AS Roma so)

    I remember being abused on here for saying Jovetic is injury prone because he was deemed to be better than OG12 by the media. ;)

  52. Mata? Definite yes. But, as Rico knowingly says, Mourinho wouldn’t sell to us. Especially in his current state of paranoia. Napoleon etc…
    Boney? Nowhere near good enough SP.
    It has to be a player of absolute class for me. I haven’t seen the Porto bloke but have seen quite a bit of Benzema and Costa.
    Surely Arsenal find themselves in a position of strength here, today and now. Wenger’s next moves are extremely critical I think.

  53. Torres only scored his first away goal in over a year yesterday… Will Jose sell to us even with a £30M bid? lol

    Any La Liga patrons on here? What do you think of Javi Guerra of Real Valladolid ?

  54. You love being abused Ts, admit it…. ;)

  55. rico, you WILL BE HAPPY ;-)
    Seriously, Even Wenger cant really fail to see what’s happening when he plays back the game….. surely?

    After 87 minutes, there was probably about a one in four chance we would win it. Ok we did, but against a managerless team we have to carve out more clear cut chances.

    Who would have thought our two most positive areas are our defence and set pieces? Quite amazing. At start of season, I would have said we will play flowing football, but rarely threaten from free-kicks and crosses. Our defence did tighten up dramatically last season but I still thought our zonal marking was suspect.

  56. We still have the buy back clause for Vela… lol.

    I doubt he would want to come to this rainy part of the world but he is doing quite well…

    Benzema has scored the same number of goals as OG12 playing in a weaker league in a far better team on paper or money spent at least…

  57. Rico.. that is what you saying about me being a sadist… I think you have a point. :D

  58. Bony signed just recently for 5 years he scored twice against City which shows he can do it against the best, his wage could be bettered by us and he still could sign a 5 year deal 25 years old so would bring him up to a one year deal at the end of his contract, almost Guarenteed Champions league football, why would he question it. and not costing that much, looks like a Wenger signing all day long.

  59. Remy is saying he’s missing the champions league….
    putting an offer for him?…. he goes about loving to live in London once again..6/7mil i reckon will get him…he is on k65 wages mark….PL proven…..26yrs….all figures might just appeal for AW..

    valid option…..

  60. I like Remy Kali… he is better than Gomis who is a bit over rated like Cisse was 10 or so years ago…

    I can picture Fergie calling ‘arry to instruct him not sell Remy to us though…

  61. A lot of these Berbatov stories around – does he score anymore? Is this really a move of a forward thinking, trying to improve club? Giroud is off the boil, whether its fatigue or players getting accustomed to him whatever, he needs a serious challenger not another Wenger gap filler

  62. Just read on Jeorge how none of the stars of 2009 apart from JW10 have made it with us… A huge shame imho… with Afobe destined to be allowed to leave for free too..

  63. Howdy folks…what’s neww?

  64. Oz. Well said. Absolutely agree.

  65. I was wondering why we have not been liked to Salomon Kalou yet. :-) the first time in about 6 transfer windows…

    Hiya Oz, nothing wrong with ‘gap fillers’ if they produce… Kanu and TH14 come to mind who did a splendid job for us…

    If I remember rightly Suker was originally the replacement for Anelka but he failed miserable…

  66. I ll take berbatov any day of the week. Sign him up arsene.

  67. Ah, I am happy, honest :)

  68. Goonster.

    When was the last time you saw Berbatov play?

  69. :) Ts, I knew, I knew….

    Berbatov or no-one – Berbatov.

    Berbatov or Remy – Remy

    Either or the above two or a top world class striker, then the latter has to be the answer imho…

  70. wouldn’t go anywhere near the United reject personally but there ya go, for many reasons – he moody, disruptive, lacks application, will want to big a wage and is not the future

  71. right now on my ps2…he is a beast.

  72. Hiya Goonie… tell your local team to sell Lucas Piazon to us. lol

    Finnbogason looks good too.. Dutch players are normally cheap as chips…

  73. hi Ts ,J.Aguerro..,at 31yrs ,PL might be stretch too far for him,though he is already in double-figures goals in la liga……

    true….’arry mayn’t want to sell to us …knowing how he loves AW ! lol…..though the owner/chairman may want to reduce his loss.

  74. I agree Oz about Berbabov’s lack of application but on his day he is a poor man’s DB10.lol

  75. Sign a quality striker don’t piss about with stop-gaps, basically rectify what he should of done in the summer!

  76. Lucas who? Don’t know him ginge.

  77. I think that our transfer dealings of the past few years have left their mark. Surely we need a player who is going to boost our goalscoring threat exponentially. A player who will raise the quality of the whole team and take Arsenal to another level. A player who defenders will fear. An explosive player who looks a threat when he gets the ball 30 yards from goal because of what he is capable of doing.

  78. Kali don’t know J Aguerro.. who does he play for?

  79. I hope AW just spend what is required to win the PL irrespective of the value of the player (55 mil Cavani), just adding a player to have an extra body will not win PL, the only second rate CF AW should consider in the PL is Dzeko. Imo. Ox is back in training and will make the 18 man squad above most of the name mentioned, he has the TW ingredients that the team lacks. Lol. Lets forget about player being cup tied, we only got 2 more games in Europe, the PL and the FA Cup is priority. imo

  80. Adam – what we do know is Wenger has no excuses, the players are out there in the market and he has the money under his bed, lets see the bottle

  81. Goonie, Lucas is your top scorer at Arnhem

  82. Gee ginge I support Willem 11 not vitesse. That’s my dad’s and grand dad’s clubbe.

  83. Oz. Agreed again. That’s why I said that Wenger’s next move is critical. He is standing on the edge of something that could be special. He has to ram home that advantage with the money that he have. No guarantees obviously but think what a player of Suarez-type ability would do for us.

  84. Maybe Van Persie will come back home… lol

    I am not sure there are lots of tops strikers available imho…

    If there were BM won’t be waiting for Lew imo… Top strikers are scarce. But I guess we have some money so…

    If we go around the top 5 leagues in Europe and their top strikers I doubt any of them are available apart from maybe Adrian Ramos and Giuseppe Rossi. Ramos at 27 and the Yanited reject Rossi are no better than what we have imo but I guess sometimes buying can bring a feel good factor to the whole club…

  85. My bad Goonster. lol ;)

  86. Adam – reading off the same page mate

  87. Why not try and get vela back? Its worth a punt.

  88. Vela?? Nooooooo

  89. gunnerdna – not sure how many cup games we have left but i take your very valid point on the EPL challenge.

  90. What do you mean by vela nooooo? Rico he is actually playing some good football for a middle table team, I say get him back pronto. With ozster Santi and Rambo I ll bet he ll bang in a few.

  91. goonster – been there done that, you can’t move forward looking backwards mate

  92. Plus we are really short on centre forwards right now. Berbatov or vela for me. I ll prefer berba though. Big strong and can hold the ball up plus we get to tick the scums off that their ex player helped us win the league.

  93. He didn’t suit the PL goonster, that won’t change now…

  94. they are more likely to be smiling at us buying another one of their rejects :-)

  95. Afternoon, Rico.

    Your Post is spot on and the wind and rain drenched experience has obviously lent a lot of weight to your words.

    Speaking of which the weather conditions played a large part in the game making it easier to defend and more difficult to attack.

    However, you touched on one aspect that was disappointing and that was the repetitive sideways and backwards passing which was a problem last season and nearly undid our efforts yesterday.

    It would be difficult to disagree with the view that we need a CF especially now that the ‘best player in the world’ was injured scoring a great goal, that stopped us going into melt down.

  96. Sossy ozgunner but am Dutch. We always look back to go forward. Why else ll van prick dump us for manure.

  97. Stupid phone meant sorry ozgunner.

  98. We already have Park No One at the club packing cones after training, I prefer to use the Ox or Gnabry as CF than arsenal spending money on Berbatov or Hernandez. No more dead wood.

  99. you bet they won’t be smiling when he bangs in a hatrick at shite fart lane.

  100. Afternoon Hb, sure makes a difference when you are paying for the ticket, enduring the bad weather and the crab like football.. ;)

    Did you say yesterday you used to go on AR?

  101. are either of those the types you want to put the EPL on mate? Super prospects yes but world class finishers? I agree obviously on Berbasulk

  102. Sup bro? How have you been? Still in VA? Am trapped at the airport in new jersey. Crazy storm. Grrrrr

  103. What’s up bro, I’m in NY for the holidays but should b back in VA tomorrow. Oz, buying Berbatov and Hernandez will give the same result as Ox and Gnabry playing CF.

  104. Off for a couple of hours, catch up later….

  105. good recollection Rico and afternoon to everyone in the house, what are your thoughts on Javier Hernandez, he looks hungry enough to lighten the load off Giroud and the other strikers.

  106. Rico @ 12:35.

    It’s a long time ago. Dim and distant past! :-)

  107. Darren Bent is available…

  108. Kev. Now you’re talking. :)

  109. Oz, I remember the Spuds laughing at us when Terry Neill signed 3 rejects from them, namely Willie Young, Steve Walford and Pat Jennings.
    A few years later after Arsenal had been to 4 cup finals in 3 years and the Spuds had been relegated, that laughter was strangely absent…

  110. Adam, you and I are as one, when it comes to DB… :-)

  111. A lethal striker Kev. :)

  112. Afternoon Gooner Familia,

    Top notch match review Rico, wish I could say the same about some comments. LOL

    If we are buying a striker I want one that has the persona not only to put the ball in the net but also leads from the front.

    Imho that’s what’s missing: a spearhead leader.

    Many lauded teams that historically fitted the crown of Europe’s best, had a leader in the defensive line as well as in the offensive trenches. Nufff said.

  113. Adam, I agree with you, Lee and Oz, on signing a marquee striker…

    The thing is, my expectations are always a lot lower through the experience of the last few years…
    I think more, in terms of Berbatov, because that is what I expect…

    I would love to see a monster like Costa signed.
    That’s the type of player, that a club like Arsenal, should be aiming for…

    But it ain’t gonna happen.

    But on a lighter note, Diaby will be back soon… :-D

  114. Makes any attempt for short term solutions a futile exercise in management.

  115. Bent and a Bender that’s what we need!

  116. Now your talking my language Lee… ;-)

    I got those January Blues…

  117. Kev. I think your point on expectations is well made but Ozil showed that it can be done, indeed it must be done. Surely Wenger made assurances to Ozil as to the quality of players he was looking to bring in? The stakes are high and we must look forward and up.
    Bent is a tempting proposition though I must admit.

  118. BTW

    Tnx for the laughs Malaga Gooner. Stick around this entire transfer window please. Cause humor during this period makes swallowing a hedgehog whole that much easier.

    I predict another frustrating month of opportunities to strengthen our squad. That’s me playing safe on past forecasts and experiences.

  119. Sorry to rain on this Bent love parade but hasn’t he got one chocolate leg??

    We need a striker who doesn’t need the extra touch cuz he feels uncomfortable with one of his crutches.

  120. Adam, I agree, but there is a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, that the Ozil deal was made on the back of the Suarez fiasco and then losing to Villa…

    I’d love to think that signing Ozil, was always the plan, executed at the 11th hour by Arsene, in his usual cloak and dagger style…

    Either that, or, it was a major panic move to placate the natives…

    I rest my case…. :-)

  121. Dutch, Bent can do on one leg, what us mere mortals can only dream of doing on two… ;-)

  122. Aston Villa not exactly high flyers this season could be tempted with a lucrative offer for Christian Benteke.

  123. Kev

    It’s not what he can do with one leg but what he can’t with the other.

    If the EPL-tempo allows that extra touch Giroud would have been the clinical striker we need. A chance gets murdered if you need to think twice.

    Bent would thrive in La Liga though imho.

  124. I find it remarkable we’ve missed out on so many Belgian talents, up to the the point I regard it as a pattern of neglect.

    Lukaku, Fellani, Vertonghen, Kevin Mirallas, Dembele, Benteke, Hazard Brothers and so on……..

  125. A Dutchman looking out for a Belgian? lol

  126. afternoon all!
    Berbatov no. Was interesting a couple of years ago.
    Brasil league was stopped now. Probably will be a central frorward like Damiao interesting in be in next World cup.
    Damiao or another Damiao. probably not very expensive.

  127. anyway, in Fulham: Berbatov out – Dempey in

  128. Just seen a short video on 101 goals of BFG on German TV.
    Apparently he’s explaining to German viewers about his nickname…

    He’s filmed, standing there in a field, then, as the camera pans in to his face and he goes “Big Fcuking German”….

    Ha ha ha, you gotta luv BFG….

  129. Bedtner had scored more goals in 2014 then Ronaldo , Messi or Ribery. :-)

  130. 12.53 Hb, it sure is ;)

    Evening all..

  131. Severe storms and serious flooding forecast for London overnight… In fact the whole country is going to suffer…. :(

  132. Hi all,
    What happened to our interest in Bera Hino?

  133. All quiet here so off to cook…

  134. Didn’t see you there bradlop, no idea re your question…

  135. Scrambled egg on toast???

  136. No-one around so heading off for the day..

    Night all…


    I think its a loan move

    Just got this Rico,hope you don’t mind

    Thoughts Lads

  138. legendary Mg… lmfao

    from Jackson Martinez to Pato within 8 hours… WoW. :P

    All I want to know is why Kalou and Gourchuff are not being linked to us…

    Is it because Syg is stuck underneath London as Ng says/… lol

  139. As my Cousin always says “Kev, never share a thought”….

  140. hi ts…….nice read Rico………mg with his usual transfer bs……..love it though

  141. Ginge doo you rate pato,for me he could be a lost henry

  142. Hey snap

  143. Hi Snap…sorry I had left before your arrival…
    Mg,Pato is like El Shawaay(spelling).Lost potential…
    Morning Rico and all…

  144. Morning Ts and all…

  145. Morning, Rico.

    What’s on the menu today? :-)

  146. New one up now….

  147. Morning Hb, washing and ironing ;)

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