Missing just a few….

Morning all..

So another year has passed and as we head into a new year, I just want to thank everyone who takes precious time out of their lives to be part of the Highbury House family. I also want to thank those who write posts, you will never know just how grateful I am…

A special mention for Wath too, without him, Highbury House wouldn’t be up and running today and I mean that. He was the one who made me think long and hard before committing to this site and I can’t thank him enough….. And he’s always lurking when Fido needs a walk so be afraid…..

The same goes for all of you, without you all, this place wouldn’t be what it is today and can you believe, HH is heading towards it’s 4th birthday in the summer.

So, Happy New Year to you all, I hope it’s a good year for everyone, one which brings good health and happiness to all……

Hope it kicks off well for Arsenal too as we take on Cardiff City at The Emirates today.

Changes confirmed for today’s fixture, some forced, some rotation but I think the manager has an eye on Saturdays game….

Starting of course first with Ramsey and Ozil who are out, and we lost Gibbs at Newcastle with a calf strain.

We have as well Monreal and Vermaelen who are not certain to be ready because they have come just back from illness, then we have uncertainty about Rosicky, Wilshere, Walcott.

We lost Giroud to an ankle problem at Newcastle so this morning will be more medical checks to see who will be available for the game.

Aaron Ramsey is set to miss the next three weeks, but I strongly suspect the others will be back at the weekend.

Anyway, we have a squad and days like today are when those on the fringe of the first-team will be called upon and need to deliver, if they can’t, why does Arsene bother keeping them. He must have faith in each players ability and as long as they all repay the managers trust, we should be strong enough to get three points against a manager-less Cardiff. No disrespect meant by the way.

Well, I’m not going to rabbit on about how the players need to give their all etc etc, they know that, we all know that too but this is the kind of game that can be tricky if players think it’s won before it’s even started.

The Cardiff players will be playing to prove that whoever becomes their new boss believes in them as no doubt he’ll be watching today and there’s nothing like a win over the league leaders to do that is there…

But there’s nothing like starting a New Year with a win at home and that’s exactly what we need today…

COYRRG’s – let’s kick 2014 off well and then pray Arsene is truthing about this ‘special’ signing he wants to sign…..

That’s it from me for another day….

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