Giroud talks rubbish. Is this going to be Arsene Wenger's last Arsenal Transfer Window?

Morning all.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday about this subject and it made me wonder whether this really could be the last transfer window Arsene Wenger gets to sign players for our club. His contract is yet to be renewed but whether that’s his decision or that of the board is unknown.

Yesterday he said:

We believe in ourselves and we are determined to give our best, absolutely, and to turn back on the season at the end and think we have given our best.

That’s all he and the players can do from now until May. We don’t have the depth/strength in our squad that the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea have but if our players can stay free from injury and continue to show the kind of defensive spirit they showed at Newcastle, anything can happen…

Adam said  something similar to this on here a few days ago.

Our season will probably pan out in one of three ways:

1. We sign no-one in January and come May, we end up with nothing again but come close, very close.

2. We sign one or two players in January, but still end up with nothing.

3. We sign one or two players next month and go on and win the Premier League, FA Cup or Champions League.

Ok, maybe there should be a 4th, which is by some miracle, we win something with the squad we have and Arsene Wenger looks back and smiles with a tad of arrogance…..

I’d be seriously amazed if the 4th option came true as just as the injured are coming back, others are picking up little niggles, the latest being Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil, both whom are very influential to our side and our style of play.

Because we lack depth, rotation has been a problem and certain players have featured in too many fixtures and having just gone through a hectic Christmas schedule, we are likely to suffer more injuries.

To date, Wenger has got lucky when it comes to Olivier Giroud. Somehow he has always managed to get up from the knocks he’s received and stayed fit but until his goal on Sunday, his performances have dropped off. By that I mean he’s not been scoring enough goals for a leading striker.

Yes he works hard for the side and carries out a lot of good work elsewhere on the pitch but he’s our main man up front and he should be scoring goals and it’s not like he hasn’t had opportunities. His dreadful miss against Newcastle summed up his recent performances.

I’m not trying to suggest he’s not good enough for Arsenal, of course he is but he’s not a clinical goal scorer.

If the coach wants me to rest, he can do it without buying a new striker.

Lukas Podolski is having a good comeback. Theo Walcott can play as a striker. We have the quality and the quantity.

I would rather not see a new striker come in.

Strange words from our big Frenchman who back in the summer was routing, encouraging Arsenal to sign Suarez.

This is the time he should be begging Arsene Wenger to sign a top class striker, one who can bring something more to our seasons campaign, not just settling for who we have and making do….

My own view is that if Arsene Wenger gets us that much needed striker next month, most fans will be happy. Not only happy with the signing but happy to see our manager stay for a few more years.

Neglect our needs and we fall away in this years league campaign when we are such a good position going into the second half of the season, I can see those fans truly believing we have missed our chance and Arsene Wenger can leave…

In my opinion, this could be one of the biggest transfer windows for our manager. We are in such a good place right now, just one top class striker could make this season a successful one…

I truly hope he gets right…..

That’s your lot for another day….

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