Christmas is like an Arsenal transfer window………..

Morning all.

Christmas Day is finally here.

merry christmas

Moving away from the real reason I celebrate Christmas, in the football world it’s a bit like a transfer window for an Arsenal fan. There’s a lot of build up to the big occasion but you are aften left disappointed when it’s over. Having hoped for a bicycle you end up getting a bobble hat or a pair of socks instead, ok I’m going back a bit!

In this day and age it’s all about getting the latest ‘i’ gadget or some other music/television device which costs a fortune….

Who wants a Nokia these days eh, well other than old farts like me who really can’t get to grip with the latest technology..

A week today, the winter transfer window opens and Arsene Wenger or whoever else is in control of transfers, must sign a player or two. They need to steer clear of any of the alternative options and simply sign the equivalent of the latest iphone or ipad.

Not the one planned for the future, or the one some people had five years ago, it has to be the one that’s performing now…..

I don’t know of any Arsenal fan who doesn’t want Arsene Wenger to sign a striker and he’s got to be good, very good and ready to walk into the side and make a difference.

The same goes for any other player who the club sign, mind you, I think hoping for more than one is me being rather optimistic.

Enough of me rambling on about January, right now I just want three points tomorrow……

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope that however you celebrate this great occasion, you have a wonderful time with your family, friends and other loved ones.

At the same time though, let’s spare a thought for those who can’t be together today for one reason or another. Christmas can be a joyful time for many, but it can also be sad and tough for many others…..

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, have a lovely day….

Merry Christmas everyone………

Oh, and by the way, Santa has given me an ipod this year, get me eh. Maybe that’s a good sign…..

That’s your lot for today……

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