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Christmas is like an Arsenal transfer window………..

Morning all.

Christmas Day is finally here.

merry christmas

Moving away from the real reason I celebrate Christmas, in the football world it’s a bit like a transfer window for an Arsenal fan. There’s a lot of build up to the big occasion but you are aften left disappointed when it’s over. Having hoped for a bicycle you end up getting a bobble hat or a pair of socks instead, ok I’m going back a bit!

In this day and age it’s all about getting the latest ‘i’ gadget or some other music/television device which costs a fortune….

Who wants a Nokia these days eh, well other than old farts like me who really can’t get to grip with the latest technology..

A week today, the winter transfer window opens and Arsene Wenger or whoever else is in control of transfers, must sign a player or two. They need to steer clear of any of the alternative options and simply sign the equivalent of the latest iphone or ipad.

Not the one planned for the future, or the one some people had five years ago, it has to be the one that’s performing now…..

I don’t know of any Arsenal fan who doesn’t want Arsene Wenger to sign a striker and he’s got to be good, very good and ready to walk into the side and make a difference.

The same goes for any other player who the club sign, mind you, I think hoping for more than one is me being rather optimistic.

Enough of me rambling on about January, right now I just want three points tomorrow……

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope that however you celebrate this great occasion, you have a wonderful time with your family, friends and other loved ones.

At the same time though, let’s spare a thought for those who can’t be together today for one reason or another. Christmas can be a joyful time for many, but it can also be sad and tough for many others…..

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, have a lovely day….

Merry Christmas everyone………

Oh, and by the way, Santa has given me an ipod this year, get me eh. Maybe that’s a good sign…..

That’s your lot for today……

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143 comments on “Christmas is like an Arsenal transfer window………..

  1. Merry Christmas rico and all. Very nice link between our gear and transfers, lets hope we are happy with the outcome ;-)

  2. Happy Xmas, Rico

    An old fart? Never! :-)

  3. All the best Yule Tide wishes to all on HH.

    It is wonderful to realise how widespread all fans are around the world where Christmas is celebrated at different time zones and all linked by the wonders of the ‘i’ technology! :-)

  4. Happy Christmas to you Rico and all on HH. Let’s hope that Wenger does the right business without prevarication or any messing about.
    A toast to you all and to absent friends who we never forget.

  5. Morning Adam, Hb, Ah and all…

    Thank you for you kind wishes. I have a glass of Cava in front of me, toasting you all :P

  6. Merry Xmas to all Arsenal fans, even the over negative ones. just remember paying plenty on a player does not guarantee any success or Trophy’s, Three yeas ago Chelsea signed Torres for £50million. How did that one work out???

  7. Cava? Now that I can believe. :)

  8. Philbet, it does when spent wisely ;)

  9. Adam, it’s true honest. Had scrambled eggs and veggie bacon too… :)

    I have also been utterly spoilt by Santa…

  10. Pat Rice’s son has sent a message to all Gooners that Pat has come out of intensive care after his operation, and thanked everyone for their support.

    We are all with you, Pat.

  11. Rico. I don’t need any convincing about the Cava. I have a nice bottle of champagne for dinner lined up, then I can crash out in the chair. :)

  12. Merry Christmas Rico and all at HH.
    Nicely recovered, and preparing for WHU match.
    Time to give Giroud, Ramsey and Ozil a rest as Giroud and Ramsey are carrying niggling injuries and Ozil is definitely off-colour and looked exhausted.

    Wenger will need to rotate and may be start the following players:


    …Sagna… Mertesacker … Vermaelen … Gibbs

    …………………..Arteta …………… Flamini

    … Walcott……………….Bendtner………….Poldolski

    Big Mouth will deploy his usual hard tackling thugs who will copy Mikel and Lampard with plenty stud-up tacklings in 4-5-1.
    Javis, Noble, Nolan, Diame and Morrison will flood the midfield to eke out a result … like Chelsea 4-5-1 counter-attacking plays.

    I will not play Ozil as he will be targeted for special punishment with plenty of physical intimidation including two-legged tackles. … that is Bolton style.

  13. That’s fantastic news Hb…

    We sure are all with Pat….

  14. I know Adam ;)

    I’m not as rich as you so have to go for the cheaper stuff ;)

  15. Merry X-mass Arsenal fans. Christmas gift to Wenger “signing strickers of class” we are faced with heavy tasks ahead. Business will not be as usual without one or two world class finishers. In the defense, with pressure we start to shake but in football if you are scorering then defenders stabilizes. Tasks a head champions league we were not convincing FA and league remains tricky

  16. Thank you Merlin…

  17. Rico,

    Nothing wrong with a nice glass of Cava — me too. Champagne is soooo pretentious don’t you think? :-)

  18. :) Hb, I love both but Champagne is for when someone else is paying ;)

  19. Cheers Rico.
    Have too much Martini Asti in office party .. :D

    Looking at our fixtures, we can send a strong message and break away from the Pack by winning the next 3 matches:
    26-Dec – Away – WHU
    28-Dec – Away – Newcastle
    01-Jan – Home – Cardiff

    Apparently we won all our away matches against Bottom-13 – except draw with WBA – and lost away to Man U and Man City only.

    Points will be dropped by chasing pack like:
    26-Dec – Man City vs Liverpool
    28-Dec – Chelsea vs Liverpool
    01-Jan – Man U vs Tiny Totts

    Rico, how is the weather up North now?
    Will there be a heavy snow-fall after Boxing Day as it can mean that our match at St. James park can be postponed?

  20. I have a glass of Cava in front of me, toasting you all :

    Don’t pop your cork too early , If you buy a good Cava there is no difference in the way it’s made and tastes just as good.

    Cordoniu the caves are fascinating at San Sadurni . Any how that’s my tourist guide to Catalonia over .
    So merry Christmas one and all.

  21. Don’t forget Prosecco Rico. As if you could. :)

  22. Wellington Silva is close to securing the relevant documentation which will allow him to kick-start his Arsenal career.

    The Gunners swooped for the Brazilian starlet in January 2010, acquiring his services from Fluminense.

    Arsene Wenger made his move in the understanding that Silva would be granted a visa by FIFA, but no paperwork was processed.

    Arsenal have therefore been forced to send the highly-rated forward out on loan – with spells taken in at Spanish outfits Levante, Alcoyano, Ponferradina and now Murcia.

    Silva believes he will shortly be granted a European passport, freeing him to stake a claim for a place in Wenger’s plans for 2014/15.

    He told Lancenet: “The process to the get the passport is already under way.

    “The Spanish law says that to request the documents you have to have been here two years. In January 2014, it will be three years so I think they will be ready.

    “The pre-season in England starts in July and I’ll have a passport by then.

    “I hope to have the opportunity to achieve my dream of playing for Arsenal. The team is strong and I hope to fit in well.”


    Is this the bon fide winger we are “after” for 2014/15 season?

    Pity that Ryo is injury-prone as like Inamoto, he is not ready for the physicality of English Football?

    Anybody knew the latest on our two youngsters playing offshore?
    – Galindo?
    – Joel Campbell?

  23. Merry christmas everyone,three points tomorrow and we are back where we belong,santa needs to get Arsene a new puff jacket.

  24. Season felicitations to you all…..a special thanks to Rico for holding the HH family together for another year! Take care everyone and not to forget absent family & friends! x

  25. Well said Brother Lee.

  26. ***Seasonal*** I don’t want the grammar police on my case! Have a good one Adam! ;)

  27. Aperol spritz will be my starting slurp today!

  28. Lee. I had to look it up but it looks interesting. I must try it. My Babycham is delicious.

  29. A bit like Campari apparently.

  30. Yule Tide and Campari mentioned on the same day? Lol
    Seasonal greetings to the one and only Rico and the HH familia…
    Best wishes to Rocky, Syg, Esp and Kt7.Goonie and George too where ever they are hope they are well…

  31. happy xmas to all housers….seasonal greetings….

    IG statement earlier of us needing another striker makes me think
    we have someone in the bag…..hopefully..

    the league is there for the taking..all the big teams will drop points starting from tomorrow….a run of consecutive wins will be very telling….

    now shake off that cava and get into the groove….

    thanks to all housers ,led by the lady of the house,for making
    this site simply the best…..cheers

  32. :) Potter….

    Just for a while I might Adam, usually after a few glasses…. ;)

  33. Bless ya, thanks Lee ….

  34. Merry Christmas to all !

  35. happy christmas rico and all
    and thanks for all the effert you put in all year to this great site

  36. Howdy folks merry Xmas to you all

  37. Here’s wishing you all a great Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

    Rico, you do a brilliant job on here and the posts are always fun and sensible even when Arsenal news is at a premium…. Well done and to those that post we sometime disagree we sometimes argue but we are all grown up enough to carry on regardless unlike many sites where people just carry on with name calling and pathetic bitching. Fair play to you all and it’s a pleasure to chat and also to call on a few of you as being mates…!

    To you and your family and of course to those no longer with us, Christmas wishes and here’s to a brilliant 2014 for us all and our team….!


  38. Adam, Prosecco made me forget everything ;)

  39. Merry Xmas Rico to and your family, and Arsenal fans worldwide x

  40. Thanks Ts, kali and goonster…

    And Wath, thanks you for all your help on here too, without you, HH wouldn’t be…

    Merry Christmas :)

  41. How have you been Rico?

  42. May this day bring health and success, may everyone and their family experience God’s loving embrace. May this Christmas marks the beginning of a wonderful year for us. Have a joyous Christmas!

  43. really good thanks goonster, how about you? Where have you been hiding?

  44. Expecting my first child sometime in the spring. Gee am gonna be a father. Scary huh?

  45. Rico. I had to join the French Foreign Legion to forget. :)

  46. Hey Kev any tips on fatherhood?

  47. Goonster-a father?
    Precisely how did that happen Stan?

  48. That’s lovely Gdna…

    Bloomin heck goonie, you a dad, wow ;)

  49. Happy Christmas to you and yours Stan and congratulations on that news.

  50. Lol shut up Adam

  51. We’ve missed you Stan. :)

  52. Thanks Adam how is the missus?

  53. Awwwwwwww y’all miss lil ol me?

  54. Very well mate thank you. We are both doing quite well. Are you not coming back to see your Mum soon?

  55. I will probably go home to see her soon. Cassie wants to meet her in person plus she ll really wanna see her grand child.

  56. Don’t ask Adam ;)

  57. Iv’e missed you too Stan :)

  58. Completely understandable Stan. Remember that we in London are only an hour from Arnhem.
    I was in Amsterdam in October staggering from Cafe to Cafe.

  59. I ve missed Arnhem Adam. So much

  60. Hahahahahahahaha Adam you old windbag’ I presume you had fun huh?

  61. And Arnhem has missed you Stan. I am sure of it. Particularly the bar staff at the Tulip Hotel. I will be there in Feb or March. :)

  62. Good Morning Rico and All.

    Gunners Home and Away best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season.

  63. We had a really nice time thanks Stan. A combination of culture and degeneracy. Things that Amsterdam specialise in. Great museums, cafés, food and guitars. Heaven for a heathen like myself.

  64. Hey how is the book coming Adam? Are you done yet?

  65. Cheers Nashua. You too.

  66. Don’t know Goonster < :- Just made Grandad, it's so long ago , I can't remember.

    However make the baby part of your life , don't get obsessed with routines letting it rule yours. When it gets a bit older treat Him/Her as a friend and the relationship will stay forever.

    That's my take .

    Congratulations and good luck.

  67. It is finished Stan but, alas, nobody wants to read it. Publishers say it is the product of a sick mind. :)

  68. Ahhhh the tulip brings back memories. I ve been kicked out of that hotel more than my bed.’

  69. Potter. Morning and a Happy Christmas. :)

  70. I know Stan. There is a poster of you in the reception area. That is how I know what you look like. :)

  71. Off to pub a couple of best Norfolk ales before dinner.

  72. Nah that’s my crazy cousin Adam. He is the wild one in the family.lol

  73. Enjoy potter..

    I’m off out with the woofa….

    Chat later lovely people…..

  74. Stan. I see married life has mellowed you. Anyway, I am off to attend to a few bits so, all the best mate. I am happy for you and best wishes to all HH’ers. :)

  75. Where is Kev lee wath devil agag micko ginge and the rest of the crew?

  76. Later Adam and Rico…have a good one.

  77. Gee thanks potter didn’t see your post till now. Thanks mate.

  78. Merry xmas Rico and all gooners where ever you are.
    I am at my daughters and being spolt rotten. can drink for the first tlme in14month and the Cava is tasting very good. 3points tomrrow will be a great xmas presssent

  79. Hiya Goonie! Hope all is well? I see you left Arnhem and then your team goes top of the Eredivisie…

    Hiya, Rico, I am still awaiting one of your fowl’s from your hen coop… :D

  80. Ginge are you kidding me? Vitesse is top of the eredivise? No way! Dad ll be stiring in his grave.

  81. Have a good one Rick.. enjoy it

  82. Am a Willem ii fan.

  83. Merry Christmas my Gooner Familia!

    Ho Ho HO HOOOO Old Rednose snorts a blow ;-)

  84. Merry Christmas Rica and all Gooners !!

  85. You too Ginge, hope all your problemes are sorted.

  86. GOONIE!!!

    How’s life my man? Lovely to see you stick your head around the corner on this day.

  87. Happy Christmas, everyone. :) :) Go easy on the tipple. Save that for the New Year!!!

    Hiya, Ginge! How was Christmas lunch? Rick, it’s always lovely being spoiled. And Goonie, a dad soon? I hope the baby is a girl. If you raise her as an Arsenal fan, then you would have raised her well. :P

  88. Merry Christmas, Duthc. ) How’s Amsterdam?

  89. Madam

    My best wishes for you and many sincere gratitudes for another fantastic/fabulous year of Highbury House. Long may it continue.

  90. Merry Christmas my tropical butterfly.

    Amsterdam is postcard perfect this time a year. A million Christmas lights dancing with their reflections in the canals at night.

    Only thing missing is the snow for the ultimate idyllic snapshots.

  91. rico, as everyone else has said thank you for another fantastic year of blogging. :) :)

    Dutch, I can imagine. :) Went there in the fall, and it’s possibly one of the loveliest places I’ve seen. :)

  92. Goonster

    Congrats on the ‘expecting’ news.

    If we keep this up we can say farewell to the transfer window and have our own crops donning the Arsenal kit, generation after generation.

    I will keep practicing. Hahaha.

  93. Goonie, they are like Arsenal, 2nd on table but equal on points with Ajax… Did I read right? Another goonie in this world? :P Congrats bro…

    Hiya Ms Agag, no lunch yet… the mrs is doing her ‘rubbish’ before she feeds me… what has this world cup to? :D

    Just kidding, had a nice bangle and salmon breakfastearlier… just chilling before I have my guinea fowl… How was yours lady? Did Santa bring you another unwearable shoe? :-) ;)

  94. world come to* even.

    Hiya Ng, hows Jamaica on Christmas day?

  95. Dg buddy… you have to tell us how a young Dutch adonis like your self celebrates a day like this? :-)

  96. Rico,have you heard from Micko yet?

    Dev get your self out here… lol

  97. Merry Christmas, NG. :) Jerk chicken and rum cakes? :P

    Careful, the missus doesn’t read the “rubbish” comment, ginge. Or you will starve for sure. :P Haha.

    The unwearable shoe is on its way; packages take forever to get to my side of earth. :?

  98. Agag- I am watching a Filipino chef make a rabbit burrito on tv… it looks good.

    Have you tried that before?

  99. Ginge Merry Christmas

    Lying on the sofa feeding dangling grapes to my harem. Lmaof

  100. Sucking wine from their virgin navels.

  101. I’ve never tried rabbit, ginge. I would try anything once, but rabbits are fluffy and cute, so I think I’d give that a miss. ;)

  102. Dutch, you sure you’re on the right website? ;)

  103. If you are here, I’m on the right portal, my secret love.

  104. Hi Ts, agag, Dg and Rick, thanks and hope you are ll having a lovely day…

  105. Rico,

    As a gift, I will send you a CD for your new Ipod. Jay-Z’s latest: ‘Holy Grail’

    You can listen to us having ‘silverware’ come May with a touch of spiritual blessings from the sky.

  106. My day is just ending, rico. ;) How was your lunch? Were you on stove duties? Good job on the cava. ;)

    Dutch, it sounded for a bit as though you ought to have been in one of those naughty websites. :D

  107. rico, you’ve gone all posh with the “i” stuff. :P

  108. Agag

    You know how Ginge likes his replies spicy. That’s all. I just hand it over to my adult Disney Land fantasy and leave my real opinion out of it. LOL

  109. just a short hop today. a full day for me and the family.


    I wish all the housers a blessed Christmas………may you all find peace and joy within yourself and those around you.

    Off to continue………………

  110. Merry Christmas Coach.

    Enjoy the festive holidays to the fullest, you sure deserve a break.


  111. Dg, what are you trying to get the country lady to listen to? The cack from Hovah? lol

  112. :D Dg.. don’t blame me for your corrupted mind. lol

    Lata Dev

  113. Ginge mate

    I admit it, it’s a software issue.

    The hard drive, chip and motherboard were fine when I got it. ;-)

  114. :-) Dg…

    Is your harem like one of those owned by the Ottoman sultan’s?

  115. Ginge

    The finest women from all corners of the world. Less fingerprints on their backs than Paris Hilton for sure.

  116. Happy Christmas to the Arsenal family. The boys have performed beyond my expectation. Easily pleased. And I don’t expect too from them. I just hope the boys would become more clinical. Thats just what I want. Once done, there is no stopping.

  117. You lot are all naughty, Dg and agag especially ;)

  118. Devil, you have a good one…

  119. Rabbit used to be the staple diet of the poor in England until they decided that there were too many and they culled them with a virus Myxamotosis following this the general populous stopped eating it and so it remains a very unpopular meat. Plenty of rabbits about now but it’s really only a country dish.

  120. rico, me naughty? Never. :) It’s ginge who wants one of your chickens roasted, :D

    Hello, potter. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas lunch. :)

  121. Merry Christmas to you Dev, Mrs Dev and the Little Prince. Enjoy your day out!

  122. Ginge can wish on agag ;)

  123. Hi Agag. Happy Christmas from us.

  124. Catch you all tomorrow guys and gals..

    Merry Christmas…. :P

    Night all…

  125. Merry Christmas, Adam and Mrs Adam. I hope the celebrations went wonderfully! :)

  126. hello again.
    How will be the weather like for tomorrow in London?

  127. Merry Christmas rico and all the lads

  128. Merry Christmas Rico, and all on Highbury House.

  129. Jeez, Mg is back just in time for the transfer rumours to start… lmfao

  130. Merry Xmas Rico, was that you @ the darts #Rico, or someone impersonating you?

  131. Proseco and Cava, I’ve had them both Rico… :-D

    So Merry Christmas to everyone…

  132. Morning all, Lot of running about Yesterday but i hope you all enjoyed your day. I wish you all seasonal greetings, and wish you all a very happy and Prosperous new Year. A special happy Christmas to our Leader Rico. You always find some thing to brighten up our days, how you find the time with woofers chickens and moggies i dont know but thank you, As for the West Ham Match, we can’t be any worse that the other night, so i’ll keep my mouth shut.

  133. Went to the Boxing day clash with the Hammers last year which was postponed to a later date, where we won quite comfortably, but had to wait 20 odd minutes while a West Ham player was stretchered off, hopefully today just affords us a win.

  134. Morning Sp and all…

    Kev, how’s your head this morning? ;)

  135. Hoos Mombng Tico

    Erm, that was my first effort this morning. Says a lot about being so difficult to say to ‘just one more’.

    Right —- Good Morning, Rico. :-)

    Hope you had a great day and from what I remember I am sure I did.

  136. Morning Hb, I did thanks, some parts of it are a bit hazy but a lovely day thanks..

    Sounds like yours was similar. ;)

  137. New post up now..

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