Arsene is wrong! Big players need to start performing….

Morning all.

It’s not a personal battle [with Jose Mourinho].

Honestly, we had some big games in the past, but what is important for me is that I am completely focused on Arsenal Football Club and on my team and doing well in the team.

Whether we play Monday night against Chelsea or anybody else, for me it’s exactly the same, because what is at stake for us is to get back to winning habits, whether it’s Chelsea or anyone else.

Come on Arsene, you are yet to get a victory against Mourinho and at some stage, that has to change. To go so long without getting one over any single manager must as some stage make the game a personal battle and tonight that’s what this is in my opinion.

Wenger versus Mourinho!

The game will be like a game of chess, who will play the right side, the right tactics and make the right substitutions at the right time to either kill the game off or protect the lead which is on the board.

Will Wenger go all out to attack in hope that the Chelsea strikers will continue their barren run?

Will Mourinho pack his midfield in attempt to stop everything we try and create and then hit us on the counter attack?

Mourinho believes that Mesut Ozil is the final piece of Arsenal’s jigsaw in this current squad and one thing is for sure, he’ll do all he can to stop him having an influence on tonight’s match:

Mesut is a phenomenal player. I think I know how to try to stop him having 90 minutes of direct influence on the match.

But it’s impossible to stop him for the entire game as these kind of players always have a ­moment, or couple of moments, where you cannot stop them and they end up showing why they are so good.

Mind games Jose, you and your bloody mind games!!

I actually don’t believe that Ozil is the final piece of our squad jigsaw by a long way, not even the midfield jigsaw as I still believe we lack a big strong ball winning guy in the middle and of course, we lack a ruthless striker but as far as creativity goes, you can’t find too many players who are better than him on his day.

One of those days must be today, then after tonight he will have a rest according to Arsene Wenger.

Not just Mesut though, it’s about time we started to see much better performances from a number of our players whose performances have dropped slightly over the last few weeks but today is not the day to name names. Today is about being 100% behind each and every player and the manager.

Arsene Wenger has to set us up right from the off, the players must then go on and do the rest.

This is a big game. We have a number of big names in our starting eleven and it’s about time those players played a big game. It’s not a game to sit back and leave it to someone else or to go hiding, it’s about 100% commitment from each and every one of them from the start until the end and do what they get paid for.

Winning matches like this win psychological battles and install belief.

Arsene Wenger might say this game is not about one manager versus the other but tactically, it’s just that in my opinion.

Whoever gets their tactics right tonight will win this game and it’s about time that man is Arsene Wenger!!

It’s long overdue!!


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