Are we are better off not being top of the league?

Morning all.

From top spot to third in one afternoon, that’s just how close this seasons campaign is right now. All what matters though is how we as a football club go about getting that top spot back on Monday and keeping it.

Have we got enough in this squad to fight back after back-to-back losses against Napoli and Manchester City respectively or is this the time we start to look jaded, low in confidence and head into a bad run?

A win on Monday night will of course take us back where we were yesterday morning, a loss will push us even further down the pack. But, and for a refreshing change, the points between us and the rest will be just one or two whereas in recent seasons we have been very much out of any kind of race to win the league.

There’s still a long long way to go in this seasons campaign and if history is to repeat itself, we are heading towards the time in the year where we start playing our best football. When the chips are down and all the idiots in the media/press are ready to write us off, Arsene Wenger manages to get something more from his players. A lot more.

Just look back to last season, did anyone outside of the Arsenal faithful honestly expected us to get into the Champions League places? Even some of the most positive fans believed that was a step too far after the loss at White Hart Lane but look what happened. From somewhere deep inside of the squad, the belief was there and they backed that belief up with gritty performances and hard fought results and scraped into fourth place.

Yes, just fourth place, so imagine what might be in the tank if top spot is still up for grabs…..

Of course the ideal scenario around 10pm on Monday will see us top for Christmas as for the last four years, the club in that position when Santa comes calling, has gone on to win the league but if that side is not us, I wouldn’t bank on that happening this time around…

Especially if Arsenal sign that desperately needed striker in the next transfer window…..

Finally, the world of sport lost a great man yesterday when David Coleman passed away. He was 87 years old.

They don’t make ’em like him these days that’s for sure……..

That’s your lot for another day….

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