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Are we are better off not being top of the league?

Morning all.

From top spot to third in one afternoon, that’s just how close this seasons campaign is right now. All what matters though is how we as a football club go about getting that top spot back on Monday and keeping it.

Have we got enough in this squad to fight back after back-to-back losses against Napoli and Manchester City respectively or is this the time we start to look jaded, low in confidence and head into a bad run?

A win on Monday night will of course take us back where we were yesterday morning, a loss will push us even further down the pack. But, and for a refreshing change, the points between us and the rest will be just one or two whereas in recent seasons we have been very much out of any kind of race to win the league.

There’s still a long long way to go in this seasons campaign and if history is to repeat itself, we are heading towards the time in the year where we start playing our best football. When the chips are down and all the idiots in the media/press are ready to write us off, Arsene Wenger manages to get something more from his players. A lot more.

Just look back to last season, did anyone outside of the Arsenal faithful honestly expected us to get into the Champions League places? Even some of the most positive fans believed that was a step too far after the loss at White Hart Lane but look what happened. From somewhere deep inside of the squad, the belief was there and they backed that belief up with gritty performances and hard fought results and scraped into fourth place.

Yes, just fourth place, so imagine what might be in the tank if top spot is still up for grabs…..

Of course the ideal scenario around 10pm on Monday will see us top for Christmas as for the last four years, the club in that position when Santa comes calling, has gone on to win the league but if that side is not us, I wouldn’t bank on that happening this time around…

Especially if Arsenal sign that desperately needed striker in the next transfer window…..

Finally, the world of sport lost a great man yesterday when David Coleman passed away. He was 87 years old.

They don’t make ‘em like him these days that’s for sure……..

That’s your lot for another day….

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118 comments on “Are we are better off not being top of the league?

  1. Morning all…

    Another Christmas invite for me today so off out again. One more to go tomorrow and that’s me done :)

    Have a good day, back later this afternoon…

  2. If they are they won’t win the league because obviously they haven’t got the mental strength to be at the top

  3. Good Post, Rico,

    I am always puzzled by the demands for the team to have the mental strength to achieve this or that. (see Redhot above).

    In the Olympics there can only be one winner in each event which is contested by the best athletes in each discipline. Does this mean that all the others are mentally weak? What rubbish.

    All that any of us can do is to strive to do our very best to achieve success. If having done so there is no disgrace involved.

    We all want Arsenal to win everything possible, but if they give their all on the day and are beaten by a better team – on the day – that is naturally disappointing but there is no need to castigate them.

  4. Well said Henry.
    We have a very good side.
    Their “Mental strength” survived the ultimate test last season.
    If we do not win the title this season it is because we are not good enough, or run out of legs.
    Arsene…….bolster the squad.
    Morning all.

  5. Hi Rico, have a good day out. Are you all set for Christmas?

    Yep David David Coleman led where others now follow, such a shame really that we all have to get old…..

    The Chelsea game is an important one, if we win this one, the teams’ confidence will soar, the Press will report that it is the first win for Wenger against Mourinho, and the team finish 2013 on a tremendous high. The hard part is getting the team to play without fear, press the opposition up the pitch, believe in themselves and play with confidence with a good bit of nous.

    Ashley Cole will not be playing, he appears to have upset the “Special Needs One” with his going to the Wednesday, Arsenal players get together….

    I agree with how close it is now with many teams hitting form going into 2014, Liverpool with a fit Suarez appear to be scoring for fun, yet when we played them our defence kept them at bay and we won fairly comfortably. Funny how within such a short time teams can hit a vein of form, have certain players back from injuries and look formidable.

    We are due a win against the chavs, and no better time than tomorrow.

  6. Morning Rico and all.

    I believe it is Arsene himself who recites the ‘mental strength’ mantra on virtually a daily basis. Redhot is surely just recycling that point of view. Individual and team sports seem very different animals to me. To win the PL you need a whole combination of attributes, too many to list here, but mental strength is certainly one of them. On and off field contributions are vital, as is a bit of luck with decisions and injuries. What you cannot have is fragility.
    One of the burning questions with Arsene’s teams for a while is whether they can win the big matches when they need to.
    We will find out over the coming months.

  7. costa nett two goals yesterday…offer atl madrid 35mil pounds and 95k after tax in wages. D league is ours

  8. Morning all. nice one Rico, enjoy your day.
    Top spot is very important for all the clubs in the top of the table, belief that your up there and challenging is in all the players minds, clubs throughout the league have all had their share of disappointments in the first half of the season, Last years champions are sitting down the league in a position where they don’t normally sit, but because all the clubs have had their upsets they are not neccerssarily out of the equasions. Making last weeks league leaders wait until Monday, has given some of the leagues clubs climb above us, and come Monday we will be languishing 3 or 4 positions down than Friday Night. Television coverage dictates who plays when, and of course as from years past, when we all played at 3 oclock on a Saturday afternoon its television who now dictates who will lead the league at any given time. Pressure is put on teams through no fault of their own , and although we can get that top spot back with a win on Monday, we also realise that a loss could also put us another position down. Applying pressure on clubs around you by staying top has always been the best way as they are always in catch up mode, and of course always behind, but when the leaders are asked to wait 3 days before they play is taking all that match day pressure away and actually reversely applied to the league leaders. That is artificially manufactured and it stinks.

  9. Well said Steve.
    The draw constantly amazes me….the scheduling, actually.
    Adam, we can win them, especially if we strengthen in January :)

  10. Hi Scott. I agree. Unusual I know. :)

  11. Good points SP. Sky, BT Sport etc pump so much money into the game now, as you say they call the shots.
    Adam: with regards the mental strength point from Redhot, I think he may have a point. Many players, seem to disappear in the big games. I can only compare it to when Frank Bruno lost to Tyson, both trainers agreed that Bruno had lost it mentally before leaving the dressing room on the night of the fight. Sometimes the athlete, boxer, footballer gets caught up in the moment, and disappears or goes missing.

  12. all I want from santa is a win over chelshit.thank God we have santa carzola in the team.

  13. Twice this season mate :)

  14. Hi Marinello. Me too. When Wenger called for the players to “man up” against Chelsea I think I know what he meant.

  15. Marinello, v Utd, we were just woeful.
    V Citeh, i reckon Wenger got things wrong.
    In my opinion, we will know more about all things Arsenal after the Chelski game.

  16. Scott. It is Christmas after all. I wish you and your family a great one mate. :)

  17. Thanks Adam…..the kind thought is returned.

  18. Well said Pryce but when will we ever play Chelski or Manure again with a full team? The time has come for a big win and especially against the Russians. I think it is crucial that Arsene starts with Flamini right in front of the defence until we have secured dominance. Good luck lads a 3-1 would be nice.

  19. Pete, i will take that, as well :)

  20. I agree with you Scott about the City match. Arsene went toe to toe, and didn’t have to.
    Chelsea game is another big one, where players will be asked to stand up and be counted, put a full shift in and give all for 90 minutes. Lets see where we are after this match.
    Are you winding down over there Scott? Hows your lad getting on with his football?

  21. Morning Guys,
    Mental strengths, Arsene’s words that i have heard since he arrived, who else has ever come out and stated that. Total bullshit in my mind. State of mind is more like it, believing that you have the best side and working your bollocks off is the only way to win the league through all adversity. Players who only see top spot as the goal, get there and stay there, consitency wins trophies, and the best team will hold that trophy.Arsenal are in my mind lacking some important elements, we are missing a really top class striker, a Suarez could have been that missing element but that is now not an option, but we have not just started missing that element we have been missing it for a while now. Arsenal are not yet ready to win things in my mind, but having said that they have suprised me where we sit at Christmas, if anybody had offered me that position at the start of the season, i would have grabbed it, but i feel we are lacking and still see us as top 4 but if he buys which i dont think he will, or not the players we actually need. Top 4 is not that bad.

  22. Big game this one, Arsene built up the City game big time as well “a six pointer” he said. This is also huge for him as well as the club. Interesting the sly digs from Mourinho are not there this time around, he even praised Arsenal and Ozil. uummm. He’s not happy with his squad but there they sit well within range of the title, strange. Hopefully we’ll be brave and turn up a big game result, no win in four will damage us no doubt.

  23. Evening Oz…Steve….
    Marinello, we are all on holidays at present, so no football for Sean until mid to late January.
    A break won’t hurt him as he has had plenty this year.
    Appreciate you asking :)

  24. Hiya Scott – how are you mate? Should be one more 12 hour shift for me tonight and that is that till after Christmas, how about you?

  25. I am of til the 13th Oz.
    It has been a long year, so i decided to take as much as i could for a change.

  26. nothing to do with this conversation, but watched a rerun of the 79 f.a cup final on youtube last night. Arsenal 2-0 up with 5 mins left. United pull it back to 2-2. Then the magic, Brady, Rix, Sunderland, GOAL. Arsenal 3-2. We need more of that mentality. BELIEVE AND YOU SHALL ACHIEVE.

  27. Any predictions of a score against Chelski…..?
    I fancy a 2-1, but have been told that I am the eternal optimist!

    Nearly ran into Theo Walcott the other week whilst out in the car. His family must live near Hemel Hempstead, or maybe he does.
    He drove straight across a mini roundabout and I had right of way. Still as it was Theo, I thought of Rico and let him off.

  28. A sbort break is better than none mate, so make sure you enjoy it :)

  29. Afternoon All
    Afternoon Rico.

  30. Afternoon Gooner Familia,

    Drop it like it’s hot!?

    We been there, done that. Doing it tomorrow?

    Whatever with this ‘mental’ bull$hit. Just play your socks off. All we’re asking.

    No need to take the position of apologists. Excuses have run dry with me.



    Link1 http://cricfree.tv/live/watch/southampton_vs_tottenham/20284

  32. Rico,

    Crouchie’s WAG took the crown at Strictly Come Dancing. You must be thrilled. Hahahahahaha.

  33. COYRRSaints

  34. I read a stat yesterday,team top on Christmas Day has won Title last 4 seasons. This game is crucial for belief.
    I said this months ago and repeat it again.
    A Jan punt on Remy for 8-10 mill may be a good deal.
    This is our best chance since League Cup Final to beat chavs.

  35. It’s MNF so we will win 2-1 against the chavs..

    Good read Rico…

    re boxing day stats, it can also be said that 2 out of 9 who have been top on boxing day had not won… lol

    Still, it is vital we get a least a point if we can’t trash mauren-yo

  36. Evening folks…

  37. Evening Adam, how’s you?

  38. I see the ‘Tan man’ has backtracked…

    What a buffoon he has been over the Mackay situation..

  39. Not bad. Just getting ready to go out for a birthday meal for Mrs Adam with some friends. How are you? Off out for Christmas celebrations I see.

  40. Do wish Mrs Adam a very happy birthday from me please.

    I’m good thanks, yes the invites came fast, three in as many days with family/friends. Last one tomorrow though before a quiet Christmas which will be nice…

  41. I shall Rico, many thanks. We are off to a Thai restaurant. 9 or 10 of us. I might have to ask Kev for a loan. :)

  42. :) Adam, sounds lovely. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.

  43. Thank you Rico. Wish you could come. They do veggie food. :)

  44. Bless you. We had snow here today – drove through it on the way home…

  45. What a stunner by Barkley…

    I’m sure there’s a space for him in our eleven…

  46. Not sure rico, Swans have been awful.

  47. I like him Gdna, big, strong, athletic and has a great passion..

    I reckon he’s going to be a top top player …

  48. Don’t forget he is English Rico, they barely last. Lol

  49. Get Barkley now before someone else does. I was talking to Rico about him after our recent home game against Everton. He will cost big money but has all the ingredients to be special.

  50. :) Gdna…

    9 more days until the TW opens, I’d love to know what AW has planned…

  51. I would too Adam, but then you know that ;)

  52. Don’t get too excited Rico. I would hate you to be disappointed. :)

  53. As I said to you that day Adam, I doubt the man will even see Barkley as a possibility.. No excitement here honest, other than Santa soon calling of course ;)

  54. But I think AW will sign someone in Jan.

  55. I hope you are right Rico.
    Off out now so I wish you a good evening. :)

  56. Rico, we need 2 world class players, not another average player with potential, we already have enough, he plays AM and i wouldn’t have him over Ozil or SC19, and playing for Everton is diffrent from playing for Arsenal. imo

  57. Good Evening,

    There is definitely room for Ross at Arsenal Rico… Don’t forget Coleman or even Distin.

    When the media was going on about Fellaini last summer, I suggested Barkley should be the one and will be a revelation this season and we should be going for him as an option… a big game player too imho…

    Snow and Santa in a single post.. someone is having all the fun… spread it to the rest of us lady… :P

  58. Enjoy Adam, night to you…

  59. It looks like our u-18’s last again… we are very poor atm at that level…

  60. Gdna, you keep telling me that but there is no point, I already know. lol

    If Sagna goes, make that three.

  61. Sorry Adam, i’m skint…. :-(

    Funnily enough, I was thinking of asking Lee for a loan? ;-)

  62. Agree with you all.

    Get Barkley, before ManUre get him…

  63. You go find your own fun Ts ;)

  64. no harm in asking, at least that is what I get told. lol

  65. There was me thinking you were all good for a loan Kev ;)

  66. Ginge, i’m not sure, but I suspect that the current U18’s coach, won’t be holding that position next season…

    I do worry about the haphazard way our Academy is being run…
    Not much sense of direction methinks…

  67. You make an excellent point Mr Kev…

    Mr Burton and Ampadu are clueless… no pun intended but ;)

    The Non-flying Dutchman should be brought in as soon as possible..

  68. Demba Ba to start for the Southern Oilers tomorrow?

    Poisonous One could see Ba as a cheapo version of Drogba.
    With the aim of bullying a defence, shorn of Koscielny…

  69. Kev, I know the footballing world has gone off Reus after his average showing against us in the CL in both legs but I am afraid to say Klopp is losing his squad…

    They lost again this weekend. They are now sitting 4th in the league.. some of the yellow and black fans want Klopp out too..

    They think BVB should have learnt from Arsenal and AW and sold Lewandowski for at least £20M to FC Munchen and brought in someone else…

    Good time to bring in your German buddy Reus, me think.

  70. Ba looking for a club in Jan, and it won’t be us according to the player…

  71. Reus is on his way to Man Utd isn’t he? According to the newspapers..

  72. Mata is another who will no doubt start. Tricky player…

  73. Rico, :-)

    Bergkamp would be great Ginge, but I suspect that he has bigger fish to fry than a Youth Academy…

    I’m not against having a Dutch director of our academy, in fact that’s what i’d like to see tbh…

  74. re 6:36, Mauren-yo is probably thinking that if it has not broken there is no point in changing the tactics BUT, we have an impressive record playing on monday nights unlike our dismal record kicking off at 12:45 on saturday…

    The best in the league the last I checked so, a first win is around the corner if we i.e AW does not go all kamikaze on the faithful tomorrow night…

  75. Don’t say that Rico.lol.

    I guess a swap for Kagawa was always in the pipe line.. he will regret it imo…

  76. Klopp out?
    Hmm, what’s German for ‘Be careful of what you wish for’…

    I still like Reus and Lewandowski, but I did find their diving antics unsavoury when we last played them…

    Not sure that Arsenal are interested in either anymore Ginge…
    The Bender rumours have disappeared.
    As have those for that Schalke kid…

    I have no confidence that Arsenal will do any serious business in January…

  77. lata Kev, German for be careful is like racing 100 mph on the autobahn… :P

    Unfortunately the Benders’ are a lil bit inconsistent for me at least based on the last 18 months…

    I hope we get at least a striker but the stage is set for the announcement of BFG and possibly Sagna and AW renewing/extending their contracts to appease the fans in the window.

    Its so so predictable. lol

  78. Go steady Kev…

  79. I’d be ok with just a striker is Jan, and then see two top players signed in the summer together with any leavers properly replaced..

  80. Gustavo and Wolfsburg look like they will be playing champions league next season…

    Adrian Ramos of H Berlin looks like the new thing in the Bundesliaga

  81. Same here Rico, buying a striker is paramount as AW doesn’t have much faith in B-something and Akpom/Afobe/Park…
    I love me a ‘Poldi’ but not convinced he is hard working enough as a lone wolf up front…

    Theo is another option upfront but from some rumours I have heard, AW is trying to turn or play Serge more centrally with Ozil as a false 9.

  82. Rico, I hope AW improve the squad in Jan and give the team a real chance to win the PL. Him signing a new contract and not winning anything this year is a big no for me, if we go trophy less this season I hope he steps away and give someone else a try, changes are good, it breathes growth. It’s pointless trying the same thing for 9 years and it never seems to work and we still do it, that’s a looser mentality. Imo

  83. Gnabry central? Oh dear…

    Agree re TW and Podolski, neither are the clinical striker we lack and imho, TW could be a striker if he plays off Giroud but AW won’t go with two up front unless it’s chasing a win in the final minutes…

  84. Can’t see AW leaving though Gdna, not now the club finally seemed to have turned the corner in the transfer world.

    In fact, I think the club will soon announce he’s signed a new deal…

    It’s all in the timing…

  85. True, AW will not change formation to suit especially during the season..

    Playing 2 upfront with no natural strikers could derail our season too but just our opinion…

  86. no natural wingers even*

  87. That’s his downfall sometimes, he seldom seems to set us up to outwit the side we face each week.

    Napoli at home showed he can get things so very right, Napoli away showed he can get things so very wrong…

    Whereas other managers play to the oppositions weaknesses..

  88. I hope ur wrong Rico, he needs to win something it doesn’t look good, it’s pointless playing for a top 4 position in the PL and have no chance to win the CL.

  89. Or at least try to ;)

  90. But I doubt he is playing for top 4 each season Gdna, no more than he goes into a game playing for a draw..

    He wants us to win things…..

    Let’s see what happens in January and the rest of the season – this season is looking very good, talk of AW leaving right now just doesn’t make sense to me…

  91. On that note, I’m off for the day.

    Catch up sometime tomorrow no doubt..

    Night all…

  92. Fair enough Rico, AW signing a new contract now doesn’t make sense either. He needs to win a trophy before he is offered a new contract. imo

  93. Our manager (AW) is not going anywhere soon. The man who calls the shots and at the top of things, wants him there. We might not agreed with the ways he does things sometimes, but I still believe he is the best. We are not
    The Oilers who spent close to BILLION to win trophies.

  94. AW is the best at doing what?? Lol

  95. He spent less than all the top three teams still maintain top 4. And some of those below the top 4 spent more than him (AW) still can’t make top 4. Some never won anything.

  96. Setting a club up forthe future, that’s what.
    Plenty of manager tear a place apart to win a few trophies, and then depart.
    Wenger has his failings, and we can all admit it, but you will never give the man credit DNA, and that is a shame.

  97. He has produced World Class players. He has turned no – names to World-Class-names. He is the one whom Revolutional ‘English Premier League.’

    Name me one player Murinhno turn to World-Class-name? Lol

  98. Drogba comes to mind , I doubt that he would have been the player he was without Mourinho’s influence.

  99. Have you ever heard about George Oppong Weah? Among so many???

    The French Magazine name him as the top player in Europe for 1995.
    Fifa Fair player Award 1996

    African player of the year

    African player of the Century

    Do you know whom he said should be or responsible for all those Awards???

    Yes, you guess it Right. The one and only…

  100. AW should not be given a new contract at Arsenal unless he wins a trophy this season, that’s my opinion. I totally understand people value success in different ways, but for me its trophies. There is no need to try and convince me otherwise because there are stats to prove everything. Arsenal fans are nervous as fuck playing at home tomorrow against CFC because of past failures and it should never be.

  101. Mourinhno buy World Class Players… AW produce World Class Players.

  102. Yes, you’re entitle to your opinions, so thus everyone but why should we convince you? What is there to gain?

    The man with the majority shares said he has faith in him… End of story.

  103. Mourinho is an asshole but i sure the great AW have respect for him.

  104. The majority share holder is a looser..

  105. I am not nervous at all.
    Cheslki can’t defend for crap, so if we tidy ours up which simply means not putting Jack on the left, then we should roll them easily.

  106. We don’t buy Trophies… We’ll try to win them

    Manchester City’s £930 million spending spree to turn club into Premier League title contenders
    Exclusive: Manchester City have spent £930.4 million turning themselves into Premier League title contenders, a special Telegraph Sport survey of English football’s finances has revealed.

    Financial health of the Premier League finally laid bare

    Our solvency index best indicator of clubs’ health

    Championship clubs agree to financial fair play
    By Matt Scott11:56PM BST 09 May 2012698 Comments
    The figure, which is based on the club’s three most recent annual accounts, lays bare the true cash cost of taking the previously mid-ranking club to the brink of their first league triumph in 44 years.
    • Interactive database – view the financial health of your team
    • Solvency index of Premier League clubs in 2011
    It also exposes the scale of the task facing them as they seek to comply with Uefa’s Financial Fair Play regulations, which took effect at the start of this season.
    The full extent of City’s outlay is one of the key findings of the Telegraph’s unique survey of the financial health of the Premier League, based on clubs’ most recent accounts.
    For the first time in a survey of this kind, the Telegraph can reveal exactly how much cash each club earned – and, crucially, spent – during a season.

  107. Can i use this please, NG?

  108. Scott. Why not?? Is all yours.

  109. Cheers mate.

  110. Do we have a Plain Field?

    he study has uncovered that in the 2010-11 season:
    • Top-flight clubs spent £2.51 billion in cash, which was £285.8 million more than they earned.
    • The Premier League generated £2.23 billion of income, which equates to 0.148 per cent of the entire output of the UK economy.
    • Clubs spent almost £400 million on signings after player sales.
    • Wages for players and staff cost clubs £1.52 billion.
    • Premier League clubs’ net debt was £1.39 billion, costing them £97.2 million in debt-interest payments.
    • City’s spending loomed large in the results for the league as a whole.
    Between 2008, when Abu-Dhabi-based oil magnate Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al-Nahyan bought them, and the end of last season, the club’s total cash outlay was £930.4m, of which only £365.3m was generated from their own operations.
    The remainder – £565.1m – had to be supplied by Mansour, the club’s billionaire benefactor.
    That figure will have risen significantly over the course of the current season, although the exact final cost of winning the league will only be known when the next accounts are published in 2013.
    Last summer, the club spent a further £53.6m net on new arrivals, which will be reflected in those accounts, although they also secured a sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways which was reported to be worth £400m.
    When the gap between their income and expenditure peaked in the 2009-10 season, City were spending £3.04 for every £1 they earned, figures that show the battle they face to meet the “break-even requirement” of Uefa’s new rules.
    Telegraph Sport’s survey uses the accounts of 19 of the 20 clubs who were in the Premier League last season.
    Birmingham have been omitted because they have not met their statutory requirement to file accounts, which has led to the Football League issuing them with a transfer embargo.
    This analysis gives supporters a clear picture of the health of their club’s finances and exposes to what extent they rely on the support of benefactors such as Mansour or Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich.
    It may make alarming reading for fans of Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Everton and West Ham United, whose clubs have spent significantly more than they have earned.
    Over the years Villa’s owner, Randy Lerner, and Bolton’s Eddie Davies, have shown a willingness to cover these costs, but would leave their clubs with major problems should they chose to stop doing so.
    Blackburn and Everton, by contrast, have no such benefactor support to rely on, meaning they must sell players to close the gap between spending and income.
    As Blackburn’s relegation has shown this season, those sales can have a severe, negative effect on results on the pitch.
    The analysis also highlights some fascinating trends which challenge conventional ideas – not least that spending large sums on signing players can actually have a negative impact on final league position.
    Previous studies have shown that a club’s league position tends to reflect their spending on wages. Telegraph Sport’s study suggests this to be accurate, so clubs which pay their players the most tend to finish highest in the league.
    But, analysing the period between 2009 and 2011, it also found that clubs who spent greater sums than direct rivals on transfers actually suffered in the league.
    West Ham, for example, spent a net £20 million on transfers over the two-year period, which put them among the top 10 spenders.
    But it was not enough to buy them Premier League security. In 2009-10 they finished 17th, six places lower than their wage bill ranked; the following year, they were relegated despite their signings and a wage bill which was 12th highest in the league.
    Among the elite clubs last season, Chelsea and City both spent more money than Manchester United and paid higher salaries than United, but it was Sir Alex Ferguson’s team who won the league.
    The study also shows how some teams manage to prosper despite being ‘selling clubs’.
    Wigan Athletic (£574,000 profit), Blackburn (£2.2 million) and Arsenal (£15.9 million) all made more money in the transfer market than they spent in 2009-2010, and yet all three finished higher than teams with bigger wage bills.
    Chelsea did the ‘double’ that season and yet made a profit of £18.2 million on transfers.
    Last season, Newcastle United over-achieved more than anyone in this regard, making £5.4 million in the transfer market and yet finishing six places higher than their wage bill indicated they would.
    The figures point to how the club have skilfully identified talent at bargain prices while attracting big fees for selling players whose departures have not prompted a slump in the team’s form.
    Manchester City have been the dominant force in the transfer market since Mansour’s takeover, which came two months into the 2008-09 season (Telegraph Sport’s financial analysis includes the short period in that year’s accounts under previous ownership).
    In the first three years under Mansour, they spent £266 million cash on players after sales.
    Over the same period the cumulative outlay on wages was £390 million, meaning City were spending on salaries alone more than their income, of £365.3 million, although the club would point to the £61.6 million they spent on the regeneration of area of Manchester in which they are based.
    Barring any slip up against Queens Park Rangers this weekend, Mansour will have a Premier League trophy to show for his investment, but it will have come at a 10-figure cost.

  111. One thing to note.
    Premier League had put into a rule that the cash bonanza from the New 3-year TV Deal cannot be used to purchase players but for “improvements”, e.g. ground development.

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