Ntep & Schar on the radar & Why are questions not being asked??

Morning Gooners,

Both Auxerre’s 21-year-old striker Paul-Georges Ntep and Basel’s 22 year old defender Fabian Schar are heavily linked to us in the newspapers this morning. I doubt either will come as a shock as they’ve been linked to us before today. Apparently Ntep is a real possibility as he knows that under Arsene Wenger he’ll get playing time and he even hinted at a move earlier this month…

A few sherbets had by all....

A few sherbets had by all….

Suggestion is the boys had a few drinks and got quite merry – quite unlike Arsenal eh! At least they have 4/5 days to recover…

Flashback to last weekend, one with big scorelines and big surprises. The league positions switched about and now the team on top, can in one game drop down a place if things don’t go well…

We saw a bonanza of goals scored and I watched quite a few of the them but what has surprised me is how many decisions the officials have got wrong. That’s not just my opinion as most of the blogs are also questioning some of the referee’s decision’s.

For quite a few years there was concern over touchline technology being introduced. The FA held that back for as long as possible but after a while technology was tried and tested and subsequently introduced this season. At present, this is restricted to the goal-line.

Now this brings me nicely onto the question I was going to ask you.

For all of you that watched football live or on the screen, you must have seen the same as me which was many errors and not just in our match. Doesn’t it bug you?

The reason I am asking, is that the people responsible for these decisions are appointed by the FA and they should be the body responsible for any errors which may occur.

How many times do we hear people in football complain that a ref has made an error, how many times does that error go against the underdog, how many times have you seen a penalty given at a crucial point in a game, how many times have you thought that the ref must have been paid off? That last bit is slightly tongue in cheek but when you read in the newspapers that match fixing is rife in football it surely makes you wonder if that might actually be true?

When a decision is proved to have been wrong by replay after the game, why don’t the FA either play the game again or change the outcome of the result? After all if something happens on the field that the officials miss like Jack and his middle finger, they are quick to dish out a retrospective punishment but when it comes to errors by one of their own, no action is taken.

Football today is all about big money and for a club at either end of the table, losing out on 3 precious points or more during a season can be catastrophic – especially for a manager if his side end up getting relegated. For those fighting for the Champions League places, the continual errors can cost a club £30 million pounds.

Something surely has to change.

Competitive football has to be fair for it to work, 4 officials have been introduced to try and try and make that happen but that hasn’t worked.

How hard would it be to have a board sit in judgement and watch over disputed decisions and then rectify them for the right reasons. That would ultimately put forward fairness and make the officials aware that the fans are not cheated out of their club winning a game.

I believe that football today is far from fair and maybe the FA are involved after all, the are the ones who govern the officials. Why else do they allow the continual errors to go unpunished week in and week out…

Look at the handball rule, when is a handball down to the referee’s decision, when is offside down to a linesman’s decision, when is a foul a foul, who decides when does a tackle deserve a yellow card or red card? These decisions seem to change each week as each referee views the situations differently. But still, nothing changes and yet referee’s don’t answer to anybody.

Even when a game changing wrong decision is highlighted and we hear pundits say “ he got that wrong”, why is nothing done to rectify the error, especially when it’s cost a club a goal.

Why are the FA sitting back and doing nothing about it?

Rules could be simplified.

An offside is when any player is offside regardless of whether they are interfering with play or not and handball is handball at any time it hits the hand. Too many rules in the game are open to interpretation.

If just those two rules were changed it would make the job easier for the officials and the fans and certainly the players.

I also feel that FIFA aren’t entirely fair either especially with the stories of bribes made to committee members for their votes on where the world cup is played. Who would ever vote for the desert in the summer with no infrastructure in place unless they was something in it for them? As for UEFA, well the sending off of RvP against Barcelona and the frequent  touchline bans for our manager suggest something isn’t right. Is there a manager who has ever been made to sit in the stands more times than Arsene Wenger?

My own view is that decisions made by both officials and the governing bodies have the game all planned to work out the way they wish it to. They decide between them who will win and who will lose and their decisions can keep any club in the doldrums for as long as it suits. Or, and in the case of a club in Manchester, they can keep them at the top as well.

You would think though that more clubs would protest when hard done by but other than making a comment in an interview after the game, they do nothing. Mind you, criticising the referee only seems to end up in another FA charge. As does appealing a sending off because the FA do love to add an extra game ban onto the original punishment.

I guess that’s why it pays to keep their views to themselves, even though half of the football world agree with them.

I feel that the governing bodies have it all sown up, you rock the boat and your career could disappear as quick as it started, so what are we to do?

Not a lot I would say, or else we could be playing our football in another division.

Written by Steve Palmer

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