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Bad news ahead of our next fixture! Players thrilled to be facing Bayern…

Morning all.

Just when Arsenal fans start wondering if there is a worse set of officials than the ones in charge of the City fixture, the FA go and appoint Mike Dean and his motley crew for the Chelsea game..

Seriously, we couldn’t have a worse man in control of the game. I use the term control quite loosely of course as Dean has seldom been in control of any game he has officiated, especially when they have involved Arsenal.

Never fear though, we have won a few games with him in control. There was the FA Cup Final back in 2004 against Southampton, the FA Community Shield against Manchester United in the same year and of course the last two fixtures he has officiated for us so maybe he’s on the turn….

Nah, probably just a blip…..

Never mind, give him nothing to penalise us for and we’ll be safe and pray Sian Massey is one of the two running the line as she doesn’t care who she upsets it seems, if it’s there to be given, she’ll give it…..

It’s a big game, one which may just play a huge part in the outcome of this seasons league campaign for both sides and it has to be officiated fairly. Jose is already having a moan about us getting a good rest ahead of the game as his side travel to Sunderland for a CO Cup fixture tonight. Well I just hope AW/Arsenal players fall for his mind games again…

Another big match which doesn’t take place until February, is the Champions League fixture against Bayern Munich.Whoever we drew was going to be a biggie and they don’t get much bigger than the current Champions League holders and our boys can’t wait.

Lukas Podolski tweeted:

What a draw again! We’re facing Bayern once more.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain told the official site:

We managed to get a good result away at Bayern last season so that brings back good memories. If you’re going to do well in the competition, you’ve got to beat the best teams.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is just one of a few Bayern employees who were not  so keen to see Arsenal FC come out of the pot:

They’re the toughest opponents we could have had. They’ll be totally up for it after what happened last year. Both matches will be very intense.

They will.

Last season when Bayern knocked us out of the CL, we as a football team were in an absolute mess. We’d been knocked out of both domestic cups by clubs in the lower leagues and our league form was very hit and miss. ‘Mind the gap’ was being spouted by the neighbours fans at every given opportuinty as they say above us in the league table. It wasn’t good at all…

Bayern strolled into London, battered us and I mean battered us in our own back yard…

Arsene Wenger was forced into action. He dropped Szczesny for Fabianski and captain Vermaelen joined him on the bench…

We travelled to Germany and won and whatever Bayern tried that night, they couldn’t breach our defence or our goal and it was the start of something so so much better.

We all know what followed and with it, the chopsey ones in North London had to zip it as their hopes to play in the big competition faded fast….

Our defence is even stronger now, our attacking play on it’s day is more lethal than it was a year ago and we still have Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski to return.

And of course we still have the January transfer window to come…..

Talking of which, The Daily Star report that we are one of a number of clubs hoping to sign Greek international striker Kostas Mitroglou in January…

On that note, that’s your lot for another day…..

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40 comments on “Bad news ahead of our next fixture! Players thrilled to be facing Bayern…

  1. Haven’t we won the last two games Dean was in the middle??

  2. It’s down to us, it always is. We get it right we have every chance of knocking them over although Mourinho v’s Wenger does worry me more than the ref’s

  3. I think so Oz…

  4. its all good Rico, I see they are upping the already most expensive seat in football – more world class players on their way in then? :-)

  5. Morning all…played both Manc teams at their grounds and still top! Keep the faith and FOYS!

  6. and Sherwood being tipped for Spurs and we think we have it tough. Poor sods just can’t help going backwards can they.

  7. I hope so Oz, just 2/3 more would do ;)

    Well said Lee, especially the latter…

  8. We’ll knock the chavs and hamsters over……

  9. Sherwood best hide that Arsenal tattoo of his…!

  10. As our opponent has been revealed, Wenger should go ahead and sign a world class striker who is not cup-tie in the UEFA Champion League, enough of this lone striker in the person of Giroud who is so wasteful in front of goal. As for the officiating, it is only God that can deliver our club from the hand of dubious referees who are out to rub us of our aspiration and expectation. l want Wenger to sign the signable in the first week of the transfer window without delay.

  11. Tim Sherwood o-oh
    Tim Sherwood o-oh
    He comes from Boreham Wood
    He ain’t no F*****g good.
    Tim Sherwood o-oh

    you know the rest.

  12. haha Potter, that might just catch on assuming he’s there long enough

  13. Been sung for years since he was playing Oz. Question is will the new incumbents at the bowl remember it.

  14. :) Potter..

    Got a few things to do today so catch up later…

  15. FA Cup Final V Southampton was 2003 bud.

  16. Hi ya, Rico and cohorts,

    As the years go by we have all (well a lot of us) come to accept that a ropey referee can significantly alter the outcome of a game — and that is not right. We should not have to accept this state of affairs.

    The Premier League must realise this and do something to improve the training of these ‘authority’ figures if for no other reason than to preserve the reputation of the sport – however limited that might be.

    Mind, when ex-ref Halsey opened his beak about some very poor decisions, and also complained about that useless muppet Ol Man Riley the Refs boss, (PGMO), the Prem League’s chairman quickly put pressure on to sack not Riley but Halsey from his BT commentary job. Outrageous.

    It’s like a Mafia set up with anyone daring to criticise the refs risking their jobs.

    Dean is not my favourite Referee, but I do not know one I do like.

  17. Gordon Hill, ref ,from Leicestershire. He was bloody good. Talked to the players, bantered with them, but was always the Boss! Rarely made mistakes but when he did he owned up to them and apologised. (If I remember rightly). He was, you won’t be suprised to hear, an intelligent man, a Headteacher of a Primary School in the above named county. He knew how to deal with people, it was a skill. The modern crop (crap) of refs are clueless and largely sociopaths who have no idea of how to deal with footballers, paticularly or the public, media included, in general. It is one of the reasons they do not ‘speak’ after any games, they simply cannot be trusted by the FA etc of not saying the ‘wrong’ thing!
    Time for a bit of openess and honesty, if they want their integrity ratings to rise! A bit more video technology would not come amiss. We would not have had two goals chalked off if it had been available! The problem with the use of technology is that it demonstrates the incompetence of the officials, it shouldn’t it should be seen as helping hand not an exposure of incompetence but it is thus seen as a result of the paranoia and a fear of being seen to wrong! Humans are frail creatures, full of errors and faults, but the really impressive men and women are those that hold their hands up when they are wrong, and try to do something positive about getting right next time.
    I could go on but……………..Mike Dean……….says it all really!
    Have nice day now.

  18. Just a short hop today guys and galls.

    because I need to be at WHL for an interview in 5 hours time.

    still got to sort my luggage, kiss my family and off to meet Levy.

    its going to be along night mates.

    see me around the weekend mates…..if I manage to make it to the spuddie dugout.

  19. Charged JW for a gesture, alleged. It would have served more purpose to have charged the man in black for impersonating a competent referee!
    Jack can have a week off then?!

  20. Evening all..

    What a day, been here there and bloomin everywhere but now home knowing Christmas is all sorted :P

  21. everything has been cancelled.

    Levy phoned me and said that part of my terms cannot be met.

    I really wanted to make the spuddies a force. Infact I had managed to set up a potential sponsorship with the beer company which produces the bottled beer named DESPERADOS. However levy decided that it would not be gentlemanly to go back on agreement with the present sponsor especially in mid season. His opinion was that he finds it hard to break a contract in mid season especially when everything had been agreed on a handshake.


  22. AVB has had a £4 million pay off, can’t be bad Devil.

  23. Jobs never done, dinner to get now ;)

  24. I see the Ox has been jigging around to music, he must be nearing a return….

  25. AVB has become rich by being sacked…..why don’t the guys who employ the failed coaches fall on their sword…..it was their decision, after all.
    Morning guys.

  26. 5puds are becoming Chelski, minus decent players and trophies :)

  27. Morning Rico and all,
    Scott… I am sure you are lurking. ;)

    the chavs losing Essien is a plus for us… he always has good games against us…

    Mikel Obi is having a ‘mare so hopefully we can dominate that area

  28. Will February define our season?
    Our fixtures in February are: Liverpool (a), Man Utd (h), Bayern (h) Arsenal’s March: Bayern (a), Tottenham (a), Chelsea (a), Man City

  29. Morning all.
    I was walking past White Hart lane yesterday and noticed 2 Tottenham season tickets nailed to a wall, I thought i’ll have them, you can never have too many nails can you.

    Yeh ok you have heard it before i know, but some things just keep getting better.

    Chelsea losing last night put a smile on my face, funny when some body else’s misery can bring others a warm glow, Spuds obviously was a one man team, The search is on for another yes man that will take orders and then take all the blame, and will just disappear when needed. I could do that job i wouldn’t make any waves, Just deposit the 4 mill in the bank and i would say any thing Spuds want me to say, but i would still have to watch the Gunners regularry.

  30. :-) SP1, make me your physio when you get the job. howdy?

  31. Morning Ts, Sp and all..

    I like that Sp :)

  32. Scott, the word “decent” is never associated with either the chavs or the swampies…!

  33. Morning Rico and Ginge, Just a couple of signings for me Llana and Townsend should pick them up fairly cheap just to keep us ticking over :)

  34. Bloody hell Wath you been away :) bloody good morning old man.

  35. :) Wath..

    Llana I get Sp, but Townsend? ;)

  36. Townsend?? SP1.

    Hiya WATH…

    Pellegrini has revealed that Sergio Agüero could be out until mid-February. Why didn’t he get injured before last weekend?

  37. Andross Townsend left right anywhere excites me every time he moves forward but i am easily pleased nowadays

  38. You are Sp, you are ;)

    New post up guys..

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