Sagna rues departures and could leave! It could have been a cricket score 'they' say, pffff!!

Morning all.

Everyone calmed down a bit by now?

Saturday’s loss was hard to stomach in so many ways but we have to hope that the way we played and the way the game was officiated was a blip. One from which everyone at the club must learn from and becomes stronger because of it. Look at some of the positives too, Theo got off the mark with two good goals, Merts scored a belter with his head and Jack nearly scored the goal of the game and of course, we created plenty of other opportunities to score more.

Ok, taking off Flamini was not Arsene Wenger’s finest moment but we were losing and he clearly sensed that we were getting enough chances to score more and even nick the three points. He couldn’t predict that individual errors would bite him in the backside. He clearly didn’t expect the offside flag to go up when it shouldn’t either.

We are not the league leaders for fun, we have earned that right by winning our matches week in week out and ok, we are still struggling to beat the so called bigger teams but as long as they keep losing the odd few games as they are right now, we just have to concentrate on what we do against other sides we come up against and make sure we stay close to the top as January approaches. That’s of course if we ever get knocked off top spot.

It was inevitable to read headlines in the newspapers questioning whether or our season is now collapsing, the lazy pundits have been waiting for a few months to write those kind of headlines and some even suggest we got away lightly as it could have been a cricket score against us!!

They have a point the way England are playing… 😉

Funny how they fail to mention our goals scored and those we had disallowed but I’m used to that from the gutter press.

Reality is we lost out on three points away from home to a side who have spent million after millions of pounds in order to assemble their squad. I’ll be surprised if that side lose a fixture at home all season, they have such depth and strength and despite the score-line, we came close….

There is a long way to go yet before any side is crowned champions and IF Arsene Wenger/Arsenal show balls in this next transfer window, that side could be us. However, if we remain as we are, with the same squad, this years challenge will be a bit too much to ask in my opinion. This is our best start in years, we can’t afford to stagnate in January….

Another week to go before the players have to turn out against Chelsea and those seven days are key to what happens on that night. Rest, regrouping, iron out any internal issues and Arsene Wenger could do with sitting down with his players and watch some re-runs of the fixtures between us and Mourinho’s sides because he has the upper hand in this fixture. Never has Arsene Wenger beaten Jose Mourinho and that has to change at some stage.

And there is no better stage than The Emirates.

Going back to the newspapers and reports this morning suggest that Bacary Sagna has been offered a new two year £90k a week contract but, he wants a three year deal and so he’s not quite ready to sign on the dotted line.

He’s quoted as saying:

I was upset, angry when players left.. If we had them today, it would make a massive difference. Since 2007, a very competitive team left. I would love to win trophies with this club, it’s a club I love so much but something is missing.

I’ve still got six months on my contract with Arsenal. We are in negotiations. It’s an option to go somewhere in January but I always had a good relationship with Arsenal.

I’ve been playing there for seven years and I hope we will end up on something good. First of all I want to finish champion because we have got a good opportunity to do it this year and after we will see…

That one is far from sorted it would seem….

Finally, it’s the Champions League draw today and as we all know, whoever comes out the pot for us is going to be tough opponent. Very tough but if Arsenal have a productive January, who knows what we can achieve.

A win against Chelsea in a weeks time would be a great start…

That’s it for another day….

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