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Arsene wants Sami Khedira. Koscielny out for a while. City Officials should be relegated!

Morning all.

The Daily Mirror report that we are hoping to sign Sami Khedira in the summer. He’s injured at the moment but with his contract heading into the final year after the summer, Real Madrid could be tempted to sell him. Khederia is a very good friend of Mesut Ozil and the 6′ 2″ midfielder is a bit of a power horse in midfield…


Often outplayed, too often we couldn’t keep the ball, sometimes we couldn’t finish and as is so often the case, the FA couldn’t find a proper bunch of officials….

We knew before we kicked off that City love to score goals, especially at home and they added six to their already vast tally this season.

We gifted them a number of those six goals though, we really did as we allowed them far too much time on the ball, too much space to pick their passes and certain players weren’t tracking back enough and had games they’d no doubt like to forget. Koscielny appeared to be half asleep for their first goal, Vermaelen stood and watched as yet another cross came into the box and this one was converted. I can’t remember who by, it matters not really does it?

We lost the ball in midfield a lot but on two occasions it was crucial as both errors ended up with us conceding a goal..

Monreal was left isolated far too often and City took advantage. The midfield players were far too soft and all over the place at times, making it all too easy for the two City midfielders to boss our three of Wilshere, Flamini and Ramsey. Our defence had absolutely no protection all too often….

City were at home, they were expected to dominate the possession with the players they have and it was always on the cards that they would have more chances than us. But let’s not forget that we had chances too, plenty of them and certainly enough to have secured at least a point from the game.

And of course, we were victim of two wrongfully disallowed goals, a clear penalty turned down and Giroud had another day to forget. I thought that the chance he had to play a flat ball to the back post where Theo Walcott was lurking summed up his day. He totally mucked his footwork up and fell over the ball…..

Bendtner had a goal disallowed for offside when it clearly wasn’t, Giroud had three chances within a space of five minutes and he missed the lot. A further chance he buried, but yet again the flag was raised… Walcott was on a serge through on goal and the flag went up wrongly again and as for the late penalty, well what a joke that decision was. Milner was diving falling long before he managed to flick his foot on to Szczesny’s…..!

At 3-1 the penalty claim was turned down. That could have brought us back to 3-2 and Walcott’s second would have seen us go level. Yes, they scored again, but then so did we through Nikki B but that offside flag cost us again.

And Merts goal, our third, should have been our fifth, not our third and that’s just our legitimate goals. We had plenty of further chances too but they all went begging….

We scored three good goals though, a wonderful curling shot from Theo Walcott being the best…..

On another day, that three would have been more than enough but when you have a team with a few players who are having a bad day against a side like Manchester City and three officials wearing blue too, it’s always going to be a tough day..

Show some respect Mesut!

Show some respect Mesut!

I wasn’t impressed with Mesut Ozil’s behaviour after the game. Of course he was disappointed, we all were and still are but you(he) don’t walk of the pitch without showing a bit of respect to the fans who had travelled many miles, spent big money and cheered you on for ninety minutes….

He tried to but Per Mertesacker soon put him in his place…

Arsene said after the game:

The Germans will sort that out between themselves don’t worry.

Ozil has since apologised to the fans..

Other bad news from the game was the injury to Laurent Koscielny – he has suffered a ‘cut’ and will be out for a while but Arsene Wenger didn’t know last night how long that ‘while’ might be.

He also commented on the penalty claim we had turned down:

I think we had three real offsides which were not turned down and the penalty turned down. The referee had a bad game.

I doubt anyone would disagree with that but I think a few players had average days too….

That’s your lot….

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150 comments on “Arsene wants Sami Khedira. Koscielny out for a while. City Officials should be relegated!

  1. Potter – I have to agree. My own view is that AW signs the player he likes and makes him fit somewhere, whereas most managers find the right player for the position he needs filling…

  2. New post is finally up…

  3. Guys, we must keep one thing in mind….Wenger loves playing guys wide as part of their education, and Aaron is a case in point.
    Maybe we need to take a little short term pain for a long term gain.

  4. He’s being shunted out wide because Wenger is having to accommodate his surfeit of small , touch players . He has too many of the same player and seems to be looking to find a way to keep them all involved. At some time he has to make a big decision about the players that constitute his best first pick and bench the others. If you add Walcott and Gnabry as midfielders we have 10 potential first teamers for those positions leaving Giroud , Podolski,The Ox , Sanogo , Bendtner for 1 position.

  5. Morning guys.

  6. Henry, i have been saying it for a year and one week, so you are a follower hahahaha.
    Nah, in all seriousness, on face value he has it all to be a weapon at DM.

  7. Scott

    I have been banging on about using the Verm as a midfield enforcer for at least a year, so I am right behind you on that score.

  8. Morning all,

    Running late so just scribbling for today ;)

  9. second ‘sized’ = skilful.

    Brain not working!! :-)

  10. James/Scott,

    I think agree totally with James’ analysis and suggested ‘recovery’ plan for Jack, who is not playing to his usual high standards.

    But I also agree with Scott that playing him out of position is not helping in the circumstances.

    I cannot agree that apportioning blame is appropriate, Scott, though I do not dispute your right to think that. We have a lot of similar sized and equally sized midfield players at the moment, which is why Rosicky tends to miss out, so it is trying to fit them all in, and that means compromising positions.

    Not that I know anything, :-)

  11. James, i do not blame Jack for his performance, i blame Wenger for putting him out wide.
    His form has improved of late, so i am not sure why he was moved to the left.

  12. Wilshere looks like Ramsey did two seasons back no confidence. He seems to be thinking too much about what to do rather than letting his instinct take over.

    It’s perfectly natural, this happens when your off form you doubt yourself take too much time then all of a sudden the opposition whip the ball off you. Plus the burden of England’s savior. He seems to be looking too much to find the perfect near impossible ball to get his confidence up, at the moment he’s not good enough to make it.

    He will come good just needs to find that instinct again when he does he will be awesome again. What he needs to do now is work hard off the ball and in defence, find the easiest quickest pass he can make pass it and move to get the ball again. Build his game back up from the foundation thus building his confidence and ability.

    I do the above with the guys I coach it works 100% within 3 games the guys are back to their old selfs “egotistical pre madonnas” but playing well.

    Jack will be back it’s just gunna take time

  13. Ps….we already HAVE that big bodied, hard tackling DM who can also bomb forward, great header and a rocket left foot.
    Introducing Vermaelen.

  14. Potter, all along i have said for a side that played so badly, according to some, we hit the back of the net 5 times against the “best” team in the League.
    You reckon they aren’t asking questions right now?
    I bet they are.
    An intelligent Citeh fan would be asking how can they possibly beat us if we play to our best.

  15. Just read through the comments, and you would swear we were 6th in the League.
    People telling Wenger what is wrong.
    One absolute muppet saying he is sabotaging us…..we are top of the League, you dunce lol
    Every side has a poor spell…..damage control is what is about, and considering some thought we would struggle to finish top 4, they have been awfully quiet, but suddenly a lapse in form and it is game on.
    That is why the internet stresses me.
    Vultures just waiting to pick off the remains.
    Thank god the House has logical thinkers as the majority.
    Top of the League.
    That does not happen because of luck.
    Strengthen in January and we can make a bird of this.

  16. At least we got 3 Scott and they had no contentious disallowed ones either, not to mention a dodgy penalty given against them. They did finish with 10 men though Paulinho sent off.

  17. Just heard the 5puds got whooped….feeling much better, thank you.
    A Vacancy Beckons :)

  18. I’m having a night off tonight so you all have a good evening, catch up tomorrow…

    Night all…

  19. That is some kind of compensation I guess, but not much potter..

    I don’t have any from either, couldn’t bring myself to do that…

  20. I have Suarez as my captain and Johnston so good weekend for my fantasy team.

  21. Lloris and Paulinho fortunately both were on my bench today. At least we got 3 allowed yesterday and were away

  22. Potter, you have totts players in your fantasy team? tsk lol

  23. We put chances on a plate bradlop, just can’t convert enough of them as you say. How many crosses does Sagna supply, all they need is a nod in….

  24. Oops, Totts are in trouble now…

  25. Screwed up my fantasy team but Spurs down to 10.

  26. We do tend to overpass Rico and that attracts players to get too close to each other. Thats when we get caught in possesion as we play too tight and run out of space.

  27. Just a thought, watching these two sides play they seem to have time and space on the pitch. When we play, we always seem to look too congested.

    Too many similar players? Players running into the same place, not enough width and certainly not enough pace and all to often we try and pass through the middle because we don’t have the pacey wide outlets..

  28. Oh dear, ball watching

  29. You have to admire their persistence for the second..

  30. Agreed Rico. Even just a finisher would do as we should e able to put it on a plate.
    Chadli needs to make better use of all that space.

  31. Just what we need bradlop…

  32. World class suarez finish

  33. Crikey, Suarez missed one…

  34. Liverpool 1-0 but wasn’t offside? I must watchng with carefully…
    Wasn’t Suarez. Was the other one, who prbably came from an offside position for gave the ball to Suarez.

  35. bradlop, I didn’t get the Gnabry situation either.

  36. Typical, I go and shut my chickens in and a goal is scored and I missed it…

  37. C’mon sperds… score 1 at least.lol

  38. Would certainly help our cause Ts..

  39. evening Rico,
    A draw will be fair with me too…

  40. This ref isn’t letting any tackle go by without a little toot on his whistle…

  41. As bad as most then Sp…

  42. Who to pick for this one, I hate them both. So a draw would be good….

    Evening folks…

  43. Retaliation from 2 Manchester utd players where Evra lashed out at a Villa Player and Welbeck charging into a player twice saw the referee go into positive mode by Making Evra shake hands without a booking and Welbeck he went ballistic and booked both. What a ref eh.

  44. I don’t understand the Gnabry situation. He was just coming to terms with first team football plus Walcott was out.
    If Man U and Everton can use their teenagers surely we can make use of Gnabry until Walcott returned.

  45. afternoon all!
    In the last 3 games, we suffered crucial goals in the last 10 minutes we drew with Everton, with Naples, we complicate the round and with mcity we offer the game and we lost by “strange” numbers.

  46. More a case of Villa playing poorly , referee Mason losing it and now a spate of bookings.

  47. yanited in form? tsk

  48. Goods point M96, re physical presence…

    Against Everton we lost the game on the wings imo and not through the middle; that was why Ever-loan was afforded only 1 attempt on goal in the first half and 4 all afternoon…

    Yesterday was embarrassing imo, because this is the first time AW has lost a 2 vs 3 midfield battle since losing to Milan in the CL…

    Yesterday Ramsey’s distance yesterday was one of the lowest he has covered according to the index’s…

    Having Ramsey in the amber zone with fatigue for carrying a very poor midfield when Tr07 and MA08 are not playing, any drop in his performance was bound to affect us.imho

  49. Wenegr out?
    Much as I hate to say it, he should sign the 3-year contract extension by this week and provide a boost and stability to the TEAM now – a psychological boost to the TEAM to signal his intent to see through his “Youth Project” for the final leg.

    His Wenger Wunderkind is maturing nicely with the Brit Pack as the Spine of the team.

    In Ozil-Ramsey, he has a PIVOT that he will strengthen with new players.

    We need Wenger to stabilize this rebuilt 3rd Arsenal TEAM before he handed over to his successor in 3 years time.

    We do not wish to end up with an ageing TEAM and lack of promoted youths like what Ferguson handed over to Moyes.

    Arsene Wenger’s 3rd rebuilt TEAM?
    In DEFENCE, he has a leader in Mertesacker to organise the defence with Koscielny or Vermaelen as the sweeper behind him.

    Barkley-Barry exposed our lack of physical presence against power and quick midfielders.

    Yaya-Fernardinho confirmed it.

    We have the best defensive record in the league (11 goals conceded) till Pellegrini exposed our short-coming of lacking a “shield” in front of our Back-4.

    I beleive the primary priority for this weekend is to address the matter of how to provide a “Shield” in front of our Back-4.

    Remember, in December 1997, we were 12 points behind Man U and Tony Adams complained to Arsene Wenger during the annual X’mas gathering that we were leaking goals due to our attacking policy, leaving the Back-4 cruelly exposed.

    Wenger listened.
    He promptly instructed Petit to sit deep with Vieira attacking. The rest is history.

  50. Wow, i’m impressed with Welbeck’s play today.

  51. I don’t think they’ll stick around much longer Ts….

    Def gone now ;)

  52. Pace, strength, desire and no giving up. That was Wellbecks second and just what we don’t have up front…


  53. :D Rico…

    He works hard but not the most gifted… lol

    All those players are going to stagnate Rico.

    Benteke is having a ‘mare after his injury; 4 goals in 12 is not too bad though imo…

  54. Or the diving Milner Kevin,

  55. Off for a bit now, catch up later…

  56. That’s why Ts ;)

    Don’t get why Akpom hasn’t at least been on the bench..

  57. I get your point kevin. No doubt when England are knocked out of the WC, things like that will be picked up by the media….

  58. Hows Welbeck getting games when Afobe/Akpom dont get a sniff..

    I know Afobe is recovering from a set-back but…?

  59. Hope Benteke finds some for for the next 90 mins…

  60. Said similar earlier Donald about the way they played…

    We however are a bit to slow breaking these days and hold onto the ball too long allowing the opposition to time to either get back or to nick the ball back..

    A top striker in Jan would keep us in the mix, more than just a striker might just win us the title…

  61. I cant believe that nobody in the english footballing media has commented on the fact that city started the game without a single english player in the team… This is how you know the media hates arsenal because wenger always got slated for years for this. Its poor reflection really that pundits have backed a team to win the league with no english starters. now that joe hart is dropped.

  62. City were playing a lot like the Arsenal of of the old.If we are still in it come February then we need a striker signing who hits the ground running in January .We still have a lot of questions when it comes to big teams in this league .We matched them at times and at 3-1 I thought it was game on had we taken our chances and survived the horror show by Mr Atkinson and his motley crew.Clinical finishing its what makes the difference in high stakes games and that has become a real spot of bother at Arsenal. Considering the topsy turvy of this league so far there is real danger of losing it on goal difference come May.

  63. Thanks Hb, I struggled with that one….. Spot on with your view too, that’s just how I saw it..

    Yes we had gaps in the side which City exploited but then so did they and we did the same to them at times.

    But finishing and shocking decisions went against us…

    5-5 and the footballing world would be talking about that game for a long time….

  64. Ah, I thought it was to me Ts ;)

    All the time we have Arteta and Flamini, I can’t see AW entertaining the thought of another midfielder…

  65. Rico,

    It is always difficult to write match report Posts when we have lost, but you have done that ever so well. Thank you.

    There is no question that the hundreds of millions of pounds spent by the Oilers has given them a big squad of talented players (some bought from us against our will) but it should not be forgotten amidst all the gloom, that if the two wrongly disallowed goals from Bendy and Giro for being off-side, and if handball penalty had been given against Zaballeta, we would have drawn with City.

    That said, there is a glaring hole in our forward line. Even the most ardent supporter can not deny that Giro, try as he might, is no match for Aguerro and Negredo.

  66. I agree Rico, comment was in response to M96.

    I like Khedira though, he is a bit like Song or Ramsey in terms of being attacking minded NOW as compared to when he started.

    Maybe a suitable replacement for TR07.

    I still fancy Cabaye though… he is small but as strong as an Ox ,very mobile and chips in with super goals too…

  67. :) re Wenger out Ts, but he’s set to sign a new contract so a number of fans will no doubt be downhearted about that…

  68. Thanks Ts. I didn’t say he was a DM, just a powerful midfielder…

  69. Miss Rico, please check your mailbox

  70. Refreshing and objective view Donald…

  71. Hi Donald, agree re having wingers and the officials….

    City were about pace and accuracy, we were about slow play, too much time on the ball and inadequate finishing..

  72. Rico, I nearly posted wenger out too. :P

    Hiya Scott/Rico, I don’t think I got Scottie’s email?

  73. EIE – I knew they’d be someone who posted ‘Wenger Out’…

  74. Good post Rico,

    I have enjoyed reading the matured debate between Oz and Scott this morning. Makes HH so so special….

    Now my 2 pennies; lol :D

    Khedira as a powerful DM?? hmm

    Don’t rememeber the last time Khedira played DM; and based on his form he is behind Kroos in the CM for Germany as Schweinsteiger is a starter if it; he is also behind Asier, Alonso and the ex-sperds man so not sure he is what we need imho…

    Apart from that I agree, we need a powerful midfielder…

    Many may disagree but this game shows what I have been saying about MF being overrated by media causing the placebo effect;

    Again he failed to make a successful tackle and only 2 interception.

    Allegedly he adds steel to our team but he is not even amongst the top 20 tacklers in the league; but hey I might be wrong.

  75. Morning Rico , the officials had a stinker and a team such as City with that kind of attacking prowess its like gasoline set on fire.The issue with our performance bores down to depth and team selection .I think City exposed us on those two fronts.Tactically we were poor,the idea of having a setlled back 5 and throw who ever upfront is now starting to bite back. It’s time we put in proper wingers out there.Jack hasn’t really set the world alight whilst playing out wide. 3 games in 6 days also played a part.We lost a battle not the war .We are still an evolving team and I’m sure this campaign there are many positives to admire about this Arsenal team.We definitely need a striker to share that load.Oh by the way I hate excessive moaners some of these so called Arsenal fans are a disgrace. We win and lose together. We lost to a direct rival which hurts but that’s no license to whine incessantly. C.O .Y.G

  76. Naive manager, no tactical nouse, highest paid in the world, how many years without a trophy do we have to go before he’s replaced? 13?..14?…15? Wenger out!

  77. We lost this game cuz of Wenger’s changes…
    A 3-2
    I thought he wud hv brought on Carzola or Rosiscky to replace Wilshere(who had a very bad game) and give us more drive moving forward(especially Rosiscky) cuz at that time City were afraid to let in another goal and we possessed da ball more…..Rosiscky has da habit of taking on his opponents, possessing the ball and driving forward…At that time, that is what we needed…Though Flamini was tired, he was doing a better job than Wilshere and with 20mins to go Rosiscky would hv given Flamini a breather…I dont knw why he chose to rest those players wid jux 20mins to go and have abt 8 days rest b4 we play Chelsea…
    Those changes paved way for City to Attack from da middle…There was absolutely no protection for our Defenders…He Wenger should stop talking abt defensive mistakes and blah..blah…blah…YES they cost us but his Changes piled pressure on them, causing them to make mistakes…We could have been level @3-3 if he tuk off Wilshere, regardless of the fact dat he had abt 1 week of rest and brought on Rosiscky 4 jux 20mins…I saw us equalizing at that point…
    Wenger played this game wid Chelsea in mind….8 days after we play CITY are enough to plan for Chelsea and also 4 our players to rest….
    wat annoys me is that he is blaming our defenders 4 mistakes but not talking abt da tactics and changes he made..
    It even suprises me that no pundit is talking the Changes @ that point wen we pulled 1 back to mke it 3:2….

  78. Point taken Rico but that penalty wasn’t right tight to the post and had Czez stayed his ground maybe he could get a touch, but comiting to a side and you give a taker better odds

  79. Most keepers guess on penalties Sp, and that guess would be based on how Yaya had taken previous ones…

  80. Bj, I hoped both would start on the left…

  81. What i don’t understand is why a goalkeeper guesses a side to dive before the ball is kicked, many will say that this is a 3 to 1 gamble but i believe that if you stay in the middle untill its kicked it reduces the odds to 2 to 1 a penalty can go right, left or straight and you chances of a save is better if you hold your ground, just an observation.

  82. If Gibbs wasn’t injured then he should have started in front of Monreal. makes you wonder if we actually watch our opposition.

  83. oz – if you are not sure why give it as offside?

  84. A comparison of the Top-6 team against Bottom-13 teams with Round #16 played:
    Chelski 2 1 Palace
    Aston Villa ? ? Man U

    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- __ Points
    09 … 1 … 1 … 26 … 09 … 17 … … 28 … Arsenal
    09 … 1 … 2 … 29 … 15 … 14 … … 28 … Chelski
    08 … 2 … 2 … 30 … 14 … 16 … … 26 … Liverpool
    08 … 0 … 2 … 12 … 06 … 06 … … 24 … 5pud2
    06 … 2 … 3 … 27 … 11 … 16 … … 22 … Abu Dhabi City
    05 … 2 … 3 … 18 … 12 … 06 … … 17 … Manchester United

    Arsenal must continue to beat Bottom-13. It indicates title-winning form and a ruthless streak to slaughter weaker teams.

    To win the title, we must beat all Bottom-13 teams now without losing to Top-6 teams at home. A good sign is that our performances against Bottom-13 teams are superior to the rest of the chasing pack.

    A comparison against Top-6 Teams going head-to-head:
    Everton is included as “Derby” to contrast against other fierce local derby.

    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- __ Points
    4 ….. 0 … 1 … 20 … 07 … 13 … … 12 … Abu Dhabi City
    2 ….. 3 … 1 … 07 … 07 … 00 … … 09 … Everton
    2 ….. 1 … 2 … 07 … 08 …. -1 … … 07 … Arsenal
    1 ….. 2 … 1 … 03 … 03 … 00 … … 05 … Chelski
    1 ….. 2 … 3 … 04 … 08 …. -4 … … 05 … Manchester United
    1 ….. 1 … 1 … 04 … 05 …. -1 … … 04 … Liverpool
    0 ….. 3 … 2 … 03 … 10 …. -7 … … 03 … 5pud2

    As long as we do not lose to them at home; and stay wihtin touching distance of Abu Dhabi City, we are still in a strong position to win the 2013/14 title.

    Ths season is our best chance to win the title since 2007/08 is simply due to the inconsistency of our rivals with new managers plus a legion of new players to integrate into team and play English Football.

    On those freezing wind, muddy or frozen soild football pitches, there will be more twists and turns in the title race during the period period form now to end-Feb 2014.

    If we maintain consistency and just concentrate on beating Bottom-13 teams, and like the previous 2 seasons, a strong run-in and stringing together a 16+ games unbeaten run, the 2013/14 title is as good as ours.

    1 – 26-Aug-13: ManU 0 0 Chelski
    2 – 01-Sep-13: Liverpool 1 0 ManU
    3 – 01-Sep-13: Arsenal 1 0 5pud2
    4 – 15-Sep-13: Everton 1 0 Chelski
    5 – 22-Sep-13: ManC 4 1 ManU
    6 – 28-Sep-13: 5pud2 1 1 Chelski
    7 – 05-Oct-13: ManC 3 1 Everton
    8 – 27-Oct-13: Chelski 2 1 ManC
    9 – 02-Nov-13: Arsenal 2 0 Liverpool
    10- 03-Nov-13: Everton 0 0 5pud2
    11- 10-Nov-13: ManU 1 0 Arsenal
    12- 23-Nov-13: Everton 3 3 Liverpool
    13- 24-Nov-13: ManC 6 0 5pud2
    14- 01-Dec-13: 5pud2 2 2 ManU
    15- 03-Dec-13: ManU 0 1 Everton
    16- 08-Dec-13: Arsenal 1 1 Everton
    17- 14-Dec-13: ManC 6 3 Arsenal
    18- 15-Dec-13: 5pud2 ? ? Liverpool

  85. Sp, Chelsea aren’t everyone favourite club either, so we might see more fair officiating…

  86. That lino can’t even see Monreal, how he could call that I do not know.

  87. I think it was a gaff from Gnabry which lead to their 4th Kev, I might be wrong though, have slept since then ;)

    Nik scored a good goal but wrongly ruled offside.

    Tv was ok but very guilty of ball watching when a cross came in from the right. He could have stopped the cross.

    I felt sorry for Monreal, he was very much exposed from start to finish..

  88. Emma it’s quite clear Monreal the recipient is onside . Atkinson is looking the other way and the lino is not in line and his view is totally obscured by I believe Walcott. As he can’t see he is influenced by the crowd behind him and takes a chance and gets it wrong . I have always felt that instead of having goal line judges there should be 4 linos . An official behind Monreal would have plainly seen the situation and the right call would have been made. Offside decisions raise more contention than ball over the line ones and should have been addressed long ago.

  89. Not sure emma but that is an awful lot of bodies (and some are clearly offside) to see through from that side of the pitch, would you not agree? Draw a line of sight to the linesman.

  90. Lets face it were Arsenal supporters were used to disappointments, we know we are not liked in football circles pundits media radio whatever they all rubbish us all the time, what makes you think that Officials dont all feel the same, and lets face it who but Arsenal supporters will complain when we are harshly treated. Even in London we are disliked we see Spuds West Ham treated far better than we are, but that’s the nature of an Arsenal supporter its us against the world as its always been. To win the league or champions league we have to show performances that the invincibals showed, a whole season unbeaten who can argue with that, but boy was they happy when Utd stopped our run and it hasn’t really started again until now . we are still at the top a slender lead i know but top all the same, we are down after yesterdays result but a win against Chelsea will upset a whole lot of people and i love that thought, it will be tough but were at home and we can play when we apply ourselves and we come up against Maureen again, i only wish we were playing away as i would love to beat Chelsea at their place and that surely would knock his socks off.

  91. emma – I have always touted for Walcott on the left, the boy did good :)

    Totally agree re the striker, but then I think that’s been said on here since HH began…

  92. Let be sincer with ourself,Mr Wenger killed our game yesterday and i believe he does not wish Arsenal well,if not why did he removed Flamini,apart from Flamini who is marking in that match other than him who else,nobody.Therefore,Mr Wenger has totaly lost his tactise,noting is in his head againe.Pls Mr Wenger stop joking with our matches,people are watching it with high tention and u want to create hypertention on the fans.Pls and Pls change 4 better

  93. Has FIFA or UEFA changed the offside rule in the last 24 hours? Anyone

  94. Rico, I have seen the goals, but nothing else…

    So, Gnabry had 20 minutes, how did he do?

    What about Vermaelen and Bendtner, good, bad, average??

  95. The 2nd on this shot was when walcott was thru on goal and the donkey linesman called it offside

  96. Not that I know Kev, his name was mentioned just now here, I nearly fainted ;)

  97. That made me chuckle Oz.. Not sure AW is right though…

  98. This was when monreal was thru on goal

  99. Rico, are we being linked to Alex Song again?

    What would be the point of taking him back, even on a short-term loan???

    Sami Khadeira I like, signing him would be real progress…

  100. Agree with you Rico on Potter, said the same 10 games in. The Manger changes offered great opportunity we lead the table so it could be argued we took advantage of that. Second half of the season, the questions will be asked

  101. True Rico as I don’t believe in a single brilliant individual that will win us game against a superior side; but it will be TEAM WORK that will win us the 2013/14 title even with superior sides whupping us like a 2nd rated team.

    I believe that we can win the 2013/14 title as long as we win all the remaining games against Bottom-13 sides now; plus not losing any remaining home games against Top-6 teams – Chelski, Man U and Abu Dhabi City, getting a result at WHL, Anfield, Goodison Park and Stamford Bridge is a bonus.

  102. Morning all,

    It’s high time that Wenger realizes that wilshere is not tactically disciplined enough to play on the wings. It’s either Ramsey or wilshere in the CM role but at the moment the inform player is Ramsey. Both can give each other a breather when necessary.

    The linesmen were absolute thrash. They got four offside decisions wrong, 2 of which resulted to a goal and possibly 2 which could have being. Atkinson should have balls up and given the penalty but that would have meant zabaleta sent off as he has already being booked earlier.

    When Wenger made a tactical swtich(placing Walcott on the left and wilshere on the right) in the 2nd half you will observe that zabaleta was unable to bomb forward like he did in the first half because he knows if Walcott gets a yard off him it’s good night. But how wilshere stayed on the pitch for the duration of the match is just plain stupid by Wenger.

    TV5 should be a DM. He is not a CB. The way he bombed forward on occasions yesterday got me scared. I just knew we were in for a long ride. I would rather Sagna over TV5 in the CB role. Both Sagna and Kos compliments BFG.

    Love giroud for his work ethics and link up play but we need more than that. Just can’t be missing clear cut chances like he did yesterday. A mobile striker could have gotten a hattrick yesterday

  103. Morning Kev.

    I’m far more angry with the officials than I am AW or the players…

  104. Potter, I lean towards your view. I don’t believe we are as strong as the league position shows.

    Next weekend will maybe confirm one way or another. Like you said yesterday, I doubt many fans expected us to win at City, but I certainly expect us to be Chelsea at home.

    We have had a great start and as long as we are at the top or very near, AW really has to do something in Jan if we are to have a good second half of the season.

  105. As arsene said they are no better than Southampton (cough) so no fears them winning anything then :-)

  106. another dark dark day in Manchester for Arsene – nothing we can do but look forward now and hope the last three rather suspect game forms don’t continue

  107. Morning All…
    Morning Rico.

    Yesterday was a chastening experience for our players…

    I don’t think that the Oilers are that much better than us, because we weren’t performing in equal circumstances…
    The Oilers were fresher and had several key refereeing mistakes go in their favour….

    Yesterday has gone now. I do ‘t see the point on dwelling on it too much…
    Now our management/players, have to re-group for the next game.
    Because we simply cannot afford to lose to Gazprom…

  108. As for Song, I hope he never steps foot back into our club ever…

  109. Potter, don’t give up yet.

    Judge after January 11, 2014 – Aston Villa vs Arsenal :D

  110. M96, I utterly disagree, if we include the goals we had ruled out and the penalty, we would have drawn.

    City were at home, they were bound to dominate possession but had we had a big figure like Yaya in our side, our two errors in midfield from which they scored, wouldn’t haven’t happened imho..

    Your view is yours though, I just don’t agree…

  111. Agreed Merlin…..we have plenty to look forward.

  112. But i must admit Scott Jack suprised me yesterday with the greatest shot i have ever seen him shoot, but what a save. :)

  113. Scott, it is his languid style that makes Song looks “lazy”.
    It is for no reason that Song is always the first name on the team-sheet then.

    And Wenger never said in public the real reason why he decided to sell Song,

    Well Scott, those were dark days with the likes of Denilson and Song in MIDFIELD.

    Whatever it is, Arteta is an excellent buy in “right man at the right time and at the right place” in stabilizing our MIDFIELD and allows the like of Ramsey and WIlshere to mature into their role.

    Forget about Song. We agreed to disagree and move on to the Present.

    Of course, if Wenger buys Song next month … :D

  114. Morning all :- More questions than answers again, Nothing else to say really, Back to square one, I keep coming back to belief and I don’t think this lot have got it.Pragmatism they don’t have it . Too many just out there drifting through the games doing what they do and not thinking about the consequences of their inactions.

  115. I agree Scott, Jack’s much better…

  116. I see Ramsey’s biggest improvement is the accuracy of his passes, best with better weightage this season.

    Now, if Ramsey masters the skill of Fabregas (or Song) with all those long lob for Van Persie to latch to …. and with a fit and matured doing all those diagonal runs and sprinting into open spaces.

    I think during the 2nd half of the season, Walcott will be the different whether we win the title or remain “Wenger Cup” winner for the 3rd season in a row.

    Visualize this attacking TRIO in Cazorla (or Poldolski)-Ozil-Walcott running into space to latch onto accurate and perfectly weighted passes .. with Ramsey running from deep to pick-up all those loose balls.

    Put it this way, this TEAM has yet to play together with a deadly Walcott running at speed in our swift counter-attacking game.

  117. Steve, they are not machines.
    They have played a hell of a lot football of late.
    Too easy to forget they are only human….except Aaron :)

  118. Scott sorry to dissagree, Tiredness, we have just had internationals where many of our players were not involved, plenty of rest. I have driven to Scotland before now stayed up drinking all night played a competition Golf and won it then stayed up all night drinking and played again but lost. but after a nights sleep drove home and then back to work the next day for a ten hour shift, Tired maybe a little but i soon recovered after another nights sleep. But of course i’m not a proffesional. :)

  119. What is not true, Merlin?
    The fact he NEVER tracked back?
    The fact that peple hated him because he NEVER tracked back?
    Which is not true?
    He was lazy and irresponsible.

  120. Scott, not true. Song simply has no pace nor the DFlamini Engine to run box-to-box.

    Observe Gibbs when the attack breaks down and he too does not have that Clichy Engine to run all day down the left flank.

    I see only Flamini and Ramsey running box-to-box; with Wilshere not betetr than Song in tracking back.

    You saw 1st half with Zabaleta having the left Flank Autobahn all to himself?

  121. Ramseys biggest change was when he simplified his game…he got back to basics, started just making less errors, and the rest flowed from there.
    Jack was on an upward spiral til yesterday though, so i would not be too harsh.

  122. Yes Steve.
    We can easily contrast Jack’s performance to that of SIlva and Nasri.

    I see the main problem with Jack is that he dwells on the ball too long, takes too long to spot a passing channel. My frustration with him is that he still lacks that peripheral vision to pass the ball to keep the attack flowing; and to retain control of the ball to bring his team-mates into play. That knack to pass instead of dribbling and vice versa.

    Contrast that to Ramsey who had made a quantum leap in development from last season – improving his passing accuracy, cut-down on all those Hollywood passes and developed a deadly shot to boot.

    Of course, I am spoil by Fabregas with his style of playing with head up, always scanning th field, a football brain to spot passing channels a split-second before opponents closed them down; and the ability to think 2 or 3 steps ahead of opponent by moving immediately after passing in anticipation of a return pass. That is, always mobile creating a passing channel as an option for his team-mate to return the pass.

    That is what I am expecting from Wilshere, once our most promising creative play maker, the next “Big Thing” in English Football.

  123. Steve, Song never once ran his arse off to get back…that is why people loathed him.
    Our guys were tired, and tired people make bad decisions.
    I went away a few weeks back and relaxed.
    2 flights in a few days and being away had me getting over it for 3-4 days.
    Our guys played a football match………why would they not suffer a bit?

  124. Rico, even with Yaya in our side, we will still get battered by Abu Dhabi City with their slick passing game at pace.

    Fernardinho-Garcia will nullify Yaya easily as he will not have support from the rest of midfield.

    1st Goal:
    A training ground exercise with a flick and Aguero superb volleying.
    Give Giroud similar chance, and I doubt whether he hit the target so dire is his form nowadays.

    2nd Goal:
    Where is Wilshere-Monreal tracking Zabaleta, a FB, who had make many runs down the flank before creating that goal?
    Again, will Giroud finished as deadly as Negredo then?

    3rd Goal:
    Yaya had all the time in the world to pick the pass with nary an Arsenal midfielder in sight to challenge him!

    4th, 5th & 6th Goal – our MIDFIELD just disappear without Flamini and with an autobahn running directly at our goal, and Back-4 without cover from midfield.

    Yesterday was a good lesson that TEAMS win game and brilliant individual like Ozil cannot win game on their own.

    The fault is simply that we have a limited squad, insufficient rest and play against a very much superior side who is also running into form as well.

    Yaya is just one person battling in the middle – easily bypass with the tactics of Pellegrini -; and it was those flank attacks that destroyed us by stretching our defence out of shape.

  125. Jacks biggest fault is he doesn’t ever change his pattern of play, Jack is one sided he does everything with lis left foot , he allow’s the ball to run across him and always mov es in the same direction he attepts to go passed two players but has the intention of going down as he goes. He has a way of going down which if recorded is almost identical each time. How many times have you seen him get through those runs and that is how he plays. Ya Ya splits the field his intelegent runs normally finds who he is passing to he also goes down very rarely Different size players it has to be said but i remember Alex Song breaking through with the same penetrating bursts only to be critisised that he had left his position, How hard was it to cover his position.

  126. Jack has been much more level headed this season.
    Yes, that was a poor lapse, but i would give him the benefit of the doubt as overall he has been better.

  127. I can understand a bad loser, but this is his own fans and I don’t care who he is or where he comes from, he shouldn’t behave like that..

    He’s apologised, hopefully learned from it and line drawn under it….

    As for Jacks future, where he is is up to him but I doubt many will be too far ahead of him..

  128. ico says:
    December 15, 2013 at 9:54 am
    As was I Scott, that’s behaviour from Ozil we don’t need to see.

    As was Jack’s sticking his middle finger up to the City fans… Maybe he should have concentrated on playing football..


    Yes, Rico, that is correct.

    But still I will cut Ozil some slack with the benefit of doubt as still trying to settle into English Football; and of course begin treated as a prima donna at Real. As Wenger said: “Let the Germans settled amongst themselves.”
    I like to look at this that Ozil is a bad loser and too angry to even think of anything else but to get off the pitch pretty fast.

    His petulance and easily wound-up on the pitch speaks a lot on his maturity. Are we getting another “Big Head Charlie” for being too successful at too young an age?

    Wilshere natural position is “No. 10″ but I think he is behind Ozil, Ramsey and maybe even OX and Zelalem if Jack does not make a rapid improvement in his development as a central midfielder with versatility to play on the flank.

    remember how Wenger put Diaby, Ramsey, OX and now Wilshere to develop them as a versatile midfielder; and to develop their understanding of the demands of flankers when they revert to central midfield?

    Well, Ramsey passed this development with flying color; and OX was showing that during 1st half of Villa match.

    How many attacking central midfielders wil be ahead of WIlshere in the next 5 years?
    1 – Ozil
    2 – Ramsey
    3 – OX
    4 – Zelalem
    5 – Jon Toral?
    6 – Dan Crowley?
    7 – new buys in 2014?

    Not forgetting Diaby, Rosicky and Cazorla as well.

    I believe WIlshere better gets his acts together for this season to fulfill his potential of what Wenger saw in him.

    Else he will be a bit-part players for this season and next with the likes of Cazorla, Poldolski, OX, Rosicky and worst, new buys playing ahead of him.

  129. Sp, that will always be a topic raised when so so many decisions have been called wrongly. One is a mistake, the amount made yesterday makes me wonder….

  130. I know this will sound very stupid but had Yaya Toure been playing for us instead of them, we’d have won that game…

  131. Yes I know he did M96, that’s what good managers do…

    Very true Scott and we were getting battered down the right through Monreal.

    Maybe that suggests we still lack a proper DM.

  132. There is no excuse to get so many wrong in the one game Steve, that’s for sure.

  133. In my days of playing we often played without linesmen and of course refferee’s got decisions wrong, but today with 4 officials who are seen on television as being right on top of the play they cannot see what is blatent to us. I have said that i cannot understand that, but those officials have a refferee’s commitee that view games after the game, they very seldom comment on their officials handling. I am not accusing officials of wrongdoing but it has made me question why certain clubs look to be treated differently.

  134. We were being torn apart down the middle though Rico, so something had to give.

  135. Rico, Pellegrini had bought the players he wanted to play his style of football.

    Plus, Pellegrini coached them to play simple football with one or two touches and then passed the ball to the FEET of the players and rarely passed to open space for players to run-in.

    The key to their midfield dominance is accurate passes and plenty of passing options with their mobile players creating passing channels for Yaya to spread all those simple passes.

    Ozil will always have poor games as long as our players are not intelligent enough to create passing channels; and to develop telepathic understanding with Ozil.

    Ozil is an artiste and needs a supporting squad to bring the best out of him.

    In January 2014, Arsene Wenger should be knowledgeable enough to know what type of players to buy to re-shape the TEAM around the Ozil-Ramsey PIVOT.


    …Sagna…Mertesacker…Koscielny… ???

    …………………..Ramsey …………… ??? (Flamini)

    …Walcott…………………Ozil …………….??? (Poldolski, Cazorla)


    These are the four “???” players missing to complete the TEAM for 2014 title run-in.

    We certainly need a powerful midfielder like Khedira or bender or Gundogan to complement Ozil.

    In 2007/08, we have Hleb-Fabregas-Flamini-Rosicky before Feb 2008 Collapse and Rosicky out injured and also Hleb-Flamini stopped playing with their minds elsewhere.
    The importance of Hleb is his unpredictability and his ability to retain the ball in tight situation (contrast that to Walcott), hence Fabregas has more passing options and not as tightly marked as Ozil.
    Plus Rosicky at the other flank which gave us multi-prong attacks then. Not forgetting we have 3 excellent strikers in Van persie, Adebayor and Eduardo then – plus a young Walcott as supersub.

    We just need to re-discover our unpredictability and multi-prong attacks to overwhelm our opponents.

    Otherwise, Ozil will continue to poor games simply that he needs help and he is not “Yaya” who can impose himself in the game.

    A good example is like that Navas-SIlva combinaiton for that 2nd goal and with Nasri tearing up at the opposite flank.

    That is what we need – Theo tearing up at the other flank, with an in-form Cazorla or Poldolski combining with Ozil.

    Ozil can’t carry the team; but it is the TEAM that should “carry’ Ozil to “maximize” his strengthen in potting passing channels and latch onto his accurate passes with perfect weightage.

  136. Playing Arteta and Flamini didn’t work against Napoli and City are a lot more attack minded than them…

  137. Maybe Scott but then our attacking play would have lessened and he’d have been criticised for that too ;)

  138. As was I Scott, that’s behaviour from Ozil we don’t need to see.

    As was Jack’s sticking his middle finger up to the City fans… Maybe he should have concentrated on playing football..

    Am, how can anyone blame Cazorla as, he didn’t play, so I think you are way off the mark there with your accusations…

  139. Rico, not necessarily start, but once things soured he should have been brought on.
    Most would have been ok with him not starting, but why not make a change after 30 minutes?

  140. please we also need a tall dmf that is mobile…..itz very simple…just go for nzonzi

  141. Would you have liked to see Arteta start Scott?

  142. giroud…..not enough…theo would have been d best cf in d world if he has a body of giroud…..we need a clinical striker…..stop blaming wilshere and caz they are been played out of position

  143. I must say I was mightily impressed with BFG for tearing Ozil a new one.

  144. I have no doubt we are at least as good aa Citeh, and better than Chelski, but the wrong set up can kill a game before it starts, and bad officiating can bury the corpse.
    Is there much uproar amongst the media over the ah coming decisions?

  145. M96, I am more concerned about who officiates the Chelsea match right now..

    As much as we made mistakes yesterday and we did, sloppy ones, the linesman should be sacked, not even the pub league deserves to see him running the line…

  146. Morning all

  147. Morning all.
    Yes, Chelski game is pivotal in a sense it will test our mental strengthen in bouncing back from two successive defeats.

    More importantly, is Arsene Wenger that shrewd tactician that will select the proper personnel with the proper tactic as to not to lose to Chelski, never mind about winning.

    Put it this way:
    If we can’t handle the pace and power of Barkley-Barry and Yaya-Fernardinho, then Wenger better devise the right tactic to handle the pace and power of Hazard-Ramires-Essien-Oscar, even t the extent of playing anti-football .. and not gung-ho attacking football at EIthad against a vastly superior side at their home-ground. That is suicidal football.

    You know, Wenger has yet to beat Mourinho’s Chelski?

    “If you can’t win a game, make sure you don’t lose it.”

  148. Watching City on the ball was like watching Arsenal when AW first arrived. They had runners all over the pitch, their passing was clean, quick and usually accurate.

    We were too slow, not enough players making space and all too often, as City closed us down, our passes went astray.

    We desperately need an injection of pace in our squad and that will cost money….

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