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Two days to recover!! Arsene Wenger asking too much of the players?

Morning all.

The highlight of the first half was a glorious chance presented to Olivier Giroud which the keeper saved and the non stop fouling on our players..

Finally the referee had seen enough and booked a couple of the Napoli players, much to their disgruntlement….

Back to the Giroud chance, maybe had he looked up and seen Flamini bursting through, he’d have played the ball square for him to tuck home… Easy after the event eh.

There was also a slight moment of madness from Wojciech Szczesny when he tried to chip Higuain to pass the ball back to Koscielny but the ball landed straight on the forwards head. Thankfully, he headed wide…

Jamie Redknapp tried to lambaste him for committing such a gaff, and for rushing out of his goal prior to that incident, however,  Thierry Henry, who was in the pundits seat with Redknapp, soon negated any kind of criticism towards our young Pole.

Halt time and 0-0, mainly thanks to our defenders.

Giroud was involved again early into the second half when a ball through the middle  - the race was on between him and the Napoli keeper. The latter won with ease…

Rafa Benitez made changes and with them came a bust of life in the home side and on the 72nd minute, Napoli went 1-0 up..

This was the moment which cried out for the introduction of Theo Walcott but that moment didn’t come and there was no chance that it would as just minutes later, Mikel Arteta was off for an early bath after being shown a second yellow card on the night. I know some fans on here last night thought it was a soft second booking but when a player ‘tackles’ from behind and the opposition player goes down like a sack of potatoes, that will always be a booking in Europe….

So down to ten men, Wenger left things as they were, Ramsey  and Monreal were already on for Cazorla and Rosicky.

Napoli tried all they could to get the second and third that they needed, especially after news reached the players that Dortmund had taken a 2-1 lead and on the 93rd minute, they got their reward but it wasn’t enough..

2-0 we lost and second place in the group meaning we now face one of either Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG or Real Madrid.

Per Mertesacker said at the end of the game:

We were always on the back foot, we took a little break today I think but we will be back on Saturday.

It’s always the same, you give 10% less mentally because we knew we were through.

Well actually, they weren’t until they’d secured the right result and because of that over confident approach, they didn’t really turn up and play.

One thing is quite evident and has been now for a few weeks and that’s how tired some of our players look. Arsene Wenger is expecting far too much from certain players. He can’t afford to play them week in, week out and expect them to perform at the highest level. This period in the league calendar is hectic and if he continues to play the same players each week, they will start dropping like flies with injury andi If he doesn’t trust who he has to fall on, then in January, he needs to be busy.

Now the players have just two days to recover physically and mentally before facing Manchester City….

I’ll leave the dissecting of the game for the comments section….

Have a good day all…..

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132 Responses to Two days to recover!! Arsene Wenger asking too much of the players?

  1. ozgunner says:

    nice post Rico and a good point on the fatigue, Wenger clearly has this wrong. There are clear signs of tiredness in that performance and Mert’s give 10% less was nearly very costly. Not the right attitude but hey, we got there and that was the main goal. I don’t quite understand why Walcott was not used to assist pinning them back? Anyway… City next and I am sure we”ll see shortly we are out to prove that was a one off game. Hopefully he will be right.

  2. Joywedsjeff says:

    Morning All…
    I don’t really care too much about the champions league because i don’t for once believe we have the mentality to win it. So my only worries after last night is that the return leg in march will be sandwiched between away trips to spurs and chelsea. Three difficult away games in one week can easily wreck our league season. We just have to pick up all available league points in January and February so as to have breathing space come march otherwise i fear we will have that traditional week when everything falls apart. Having said that i fancy us not to lose to city.

  3. Joywedsjeff says:

    Hi Oz, i get why most wanted Theo last night. His pace would have caused Napoli problems but i think Wenger got it spot on. His limited ball skill and lack of trackbackability would have compounded Jenks night unless somehow like Ts says he raises himself for the big games. If Sagna was on the field maybe he would have started the game in the first place.

  4. ozgunner says:

    ECL is a raffle mate like all cup comps. Thought we’d rest more last night actually although in hindsight maybe good we didn’t.

  5. tsgh says:

    Very good post;

    Hiya Joy long time?Hiya Oz…

    I concur with both your comments;

    I always maintain that our style of play is too intricate and so any drop in concentration or fitness reflects in our results….

    I still expect Manuel Pellegrini to have the same mental block AW suffers from him he faces Fergie or Mauren-yo

  6. ozgunner says:

    becomes a bigger game now mate – not the best results in the last two and a third not so good result might bite a bit?

  7. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    A tough post to write but you handled it well nice one.
    I tend to disagree with you Rico, getting a bit of a habit of late :)
    Tired players you say. These proffesional players are asked to play 90 minutes of football twice a week in all that is 180 minutes of the week even at 3 games a week is 270 minutes which when you think that there is 24 hows in every day 7 days in a week the rest break in between matches is more than enough. Many of us have worked 7 days a week in our lifetimes for 8 hours a day and i dont ever remember being to tired to get up for work. Any amatuer footballer has played a least 2 games a week and normally guys who have worked a full week and played matches Saturday and Sunday and trained in the week, and i must admit i never heard any player say he was tired. In any one game a player is only actually involved fo about half an hour if that the rest of the time they are catching their breath on the other side of the park, so tiredness is no excuse these players train for a couple of hours perhaps 3 times a week and some of that is massage and jacuzi baths not like it was in the old days. Tiredness is in the mind a soldier who has to keep his wits about him 24.7 in wartime who fights 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a war that lasts 4 to 5 years has a right to feel tired but he gets on with it, these overpaid prema donna’s are a disgrace to the name of football if they feel tired, were hardly asking them to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week .

  8. tsgh says:

    The saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ comes to mind when Theo is being called for.

    This is not slating him by the way but he has had a chamakh-esque year.

    He has scored only 6 goals all year; before his injury he was very poor but comes up with the goods in the big games i.e OM away as an example.

    All the players who contributed last season have had a bad start to the season… I am hoping a new year will break better fortunes for them.

  9. gunnerpete says:

    I never understand why Arsene does not use Vermaelen for these away matches. He could easily become a DFM in front of the defence without taking anything away from our style.. Great to get through yet again proving all the anti Arseners wrong yet again.

  10. ozgunner says:

    really no argument to those facts mate ha!

  11. tsgh says:

    :D True SP1 re. tiredness and excuses, but soldiers today are very different to the WW and Vietnam soldiers imo…

    From experience when I was in Afghan soldiers had it all in KAF including take away and delivery to our doors back in base.

    Society is not the same in my view…

  12. gunnerpete says:

    Just a note on tiredness of the poor lambs. This is bad psychology from the management because in the end the players believe it. I played nearly every Saturday and Sunday morning for over 18 years on rock hard frozen pitches, using a leather ball and boots that were like cast iron. We never had time off for slight strains or tight hamstrings !? We also never had comfy substitutes or nice hot drinks after a game. One piece of an orange if we were lucky. You had to have flu to miss a match or two. So get over it your girly boys and don’t train until pre match this week. You should take this over rated City team to bits on Saturday. 1-2 to the AFC.

  13. S2S says:


    I was up till 4.00 in morning for the match and I could not get why we’d bash our team for the performance. We went out there to get a draw. We got fouled, battered but we hung on until 73rd minute and then it was a good goal. The stadium was intimidating and we made a couple of mistake but for all that we got through and it would be so much more fun to watch we play Bayern or Barca or any Madrid team then go to Russia or any other country.

    Above that Ramsey, Jack both got much deserved rest. Giroud got rest last week. Theo is well rested. MA got some rest as well with early shower. If only Bac is back, I am sure we would do much much better.
    Ozil will have to do it for one more game and then he can rest for a week.

    I think on the weekend we will be fine.

  14. stevepalmer1 says:

    Blinding GunnerPete, and i bet you never heard about cruciates and Metatasials as well. I played for 20 years before i knew what a hamstring was :)

  15. potter says:

    With regard to Walcott Ts it’s not so much what we think of him but the way other teams have to play against him . Last night their full backs especially the guy on the left were rampaging down the line exposing Jenks to his usuaol two man marking problem. Just the speed of Walcott or even Gnabry wouold have kept him back on the half way line. By picking the eleven he did Wenger set a negative mindset and allowed Napoli on to our defence. An early goal would have put it out of their reach and then it would have been a walk in the park.

  16. tsgh says:

    You are right Potter…

    My comment was mainly based on fans views that theo can do this and that but, those same fans call for him to be dropped when he is playing and not meeting their expectations…

    Against OM in the first half most pundits and fans were calling for him to be subbed… I said I could see him score in the 2nd half and he did…

  17. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Ginge you would know better than me mate, but could you see Theo walking in Iraq with a backpack and weapons on a march, No me neither he would be eating the takeaways though. Under a table

  18. Wavy says:

    First or second, apart from pride, what’s the difference? If, by some strange quirk of fate we were to win this competition then we will have beaten the ‘best’ sides in Europe, it can’t be otherwise. Alternatively, if we go out in the next round no one will be too surprised. It might even give some of the tired players a well earned breather!
    Shame we didn’t get anything out of last night’s game but I really don’t think it makes much difference to our future performances or results. The only thing that may be damaged is a bit of pride!

    Come on you gs

  19. potter says:

    Not so sure Wavy , losing like winning is a habit , mentally we went out with the idea that all we had to do is not lose by 3 goals. Losing by 2 didn’t matter. Now they have to get a different mindset again and if you have been drifting it sometimes is difficult to just pick things up again.

  20. tsgh says:

    :D SP1, if I had his bank balance I wouldn’t risk it either.

    He can run quicker than me now though…lol

  21. ozgunner says:

    you are right potter, loose on Saturday and that’s three without a win and that will be pushed forward by the media for sure – We’ve heard all this we are better than we think stuff before, lets hope Saturday, the lesson is not a harsh one but a positive result to continue progess.

  22. stevepalmer1 says:

    Ginge :) like the lion lacking courage and the tin man without a heart Theo is the one without a brain but a wealthy one. :)

  23. stevepalmer1 says:

    I have to say that after last nights display against a shit side, i have major doubts about our game with City, i reckon we will have trouble until these next 2 games are over then we can take it easy, but of course we will be Knackered as usual

  24. angel may says:

    to win d league we must loan jekkysin, get a solid rb thatz even better than sagna buy or loan loic remy, and pray to god of footy with lady luck

  25. Bob John says:

    Haven’t seen much mention of the Marseille/Dortmund game but the performance of the Marseiile keeper towards the end of the game looke pretty suspicious to me! Tried to give away a penalty and when that didn’t work he palmed a scuffed shot into the net. Dodgy?

  26. stevepalmer1 says:

    Bob John i had my doubts over Czezesneys performance how can a keeper make that many mistakes if he’s not being bribed.

  27. Wavy says:

    Take your point Potter, about losing can become habitual, and mindsets are dangerous, if negative or even neutral, but I’m sure we will turn up on saturday. A draw would be no failure, a win would be brilliant but at this stage a loss wouldn’t be catastrophic, it would be a sharp reminder that we are not quite as good as our lofty league position suggests and we need tovwork harder!
    Of Walcott, I’m not convinced he is fit enough to play, yet. As for
    Ast night he wpuld not have been much of an outlet, he cannot hold the ball up, even when he does win it! Ball over the top he is second to none but Napoli would have been too canny to let that happen. So Mr Wenger probably got it right. I’m sure Theo was a perfect spectator and happy to be so!

  28. rico says:

    Morning all..

    I wanted Theo on to push the Napoli left back back up the pitch. At the time when Flamini and Arteta were both on the pitch, we still had a good chance to get an equaliser.

    That clearly wasn’t in AW’s mind.

    I too would rather we now concentrate on the league and the FA Cup….

  29. W.A.T.H says:

    One game at a time…..!

  30. stevepalmer1 says:

    If anybody watched Keane and Viera the other night, did you hear Keane say how on earth could you let Giggs run that far without chopping him down. how many times have you seen an Arsenal player breakaway against United only to be stopped at the first Hurdle, that is defending its built into a defender he must not be allowed to get away. we back off and off before we get bitten that is suicidal, Keane played his whole career like that. and the United of today is also the same, A weak striker will always fall foul of that fact and that is why Giroud has a lot of supporters because he gives what he gets but he hasn’t the pace to get away.

  31. rico says:

    Sounds like a good title for a song Wath…

  32. rico says:

    Haven’t watched it yet Sp but I read those comments. It’s a question I ask myself each time I see the goal… How he was allowed to run like that, goodness only knows. Flamini would have taken him out ;)

  33. GunnerDNA says:

    Good post rico, i disagree about players being tired. I think we lack quality in certain key positions in the team. The game against Everton was a perfect example we were outplayed for the 1st 35 mins and ended the 1st half with 3 decent chances to take the lead and we miss them, the game ended 1-1 because of the lack of a quality CF. People think its a personal attack on OG but its not, we have dropped points a West Brom and against Everton because of the lack of a quality CF. OG work rate cannot be questioned but having our current MF and loosing to Napoli without Hamsik and Inler is not good. imo

  34. HenryB says:

    That is a good summation in your Post, Rico, and spot on in my opinion.

    I am inclined to question the contribution of certain players after games or wonder why the manager did this or that, like most fans, but after getting through a tough group last night, I am just grateful for that and looking forward to the next stage, whoever it is, because the group stage is history. :-)

  35. Scott from Oz says:

    Soft yellow card doesn’t come close to describing the Arteta send off :)
    Relatively speaking, seeing the Napoli players get away with what they did, that was soft.
    Morning all.
    The dust has settled.
    Onwards and upwards.

  36. stevepalmer1 says:

    We are talking a load of Shite when we say we should forget Champions league and concentrate on the premier, That is the last thing we should do.
    Every club in Europe wants to qualifi for Champions league it affords the highest payments it is the heart of European football. IN =n my humble opinion we challenge as hard as we can for every competition we have a massive squad we have enough talent to play 2 teams and supposedly we have one of the best set ups and Management you can buy. We if ever we are to lose this 8 year tag we have to be ruthless we need players who want to win we have to have players that will go the extra mile and most of all i don’t want to hear about tiredness. This is a lucrative business money and loads of it can be made by just kicking a little round ball, now that is not rocket science, 3 games a week maximum with wages of thousands a week . now we can compete with the best thats out there but we dont that is the fault of the manager he treats the players as his friends pats them on the back for a bad performance that is shit management, He should demand them to work harder he should instill in these fortunate individuals that is why they get the high wages he should make it plain and simple that any competition that we play in , they are expected to go out there and play to their maximen, any player who cannot do that pack your bags and fcuk off. These players have a lovely lifestyle they drive top of the range cars they have houses full of possessions all they have to do is play football something many of us did at our own expense it cost me money for 30 years for the love of the game, and if they cannot perform for that 90 minutes they shouldn’t be there in the first place. Every competition should be played for in the same manner win at all cost, never pick one out in favour of another as the supporter who turns up pays his money expects to see his or her team fighting to the last minute. I was disgusted with my team last night they never turned up and now i hear supporters saying lets forget it. Disgusted yes i was but i expect us to try as hard as we can and i don’t care who we play Barca Madrid or whoever i expect us to try our hardest and win them all. Bar Capital one, we have gifted that to Chelsea disgusting.

  37. ozgunner says:

    I have City has clear favourites and the Munich win away should be their catalyst to kick on big time. Lets see what happens Saturday

  38. Scott from Oz says:

    Steve, if we win the League doesn’t that automatically guarantee CL football, and the cash that comes with it?
    Yes, i have stated we should concentrate on the League, but no, i have never suggested those that disagree are talking a load of shit.
    I would rather see us win the League and shut every pundit, every Spud fan, Manc and others who have bagged the crap out of our club for years.
    After that, i want to win it again.
    Then, when we have proven we are best in Eg
    And and attract even bigger players, go for CL.
    If you disagree, then fine.

  39. rico says:

    Gdna, I think we lack players in certain areas too and definitely up front but I still think certain players are being overplayed and are tired.

    Look at Ramsey, why did he come on, in fact why was he even on the bench when the manager said he had a slight injury?

  40. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, Bayern showed up even less than we did.
    They had no defence at all and gave up those goals.
    I reckon thee games on question were not a true guide, but we will see soon enough :)

  41. ozgunner says:

    my concern is we were not ready for the Everton onslaught and should have been and now we do the same again only this time there is no escape goal and we were bloody lucky again. Start like that a third time on Saturday and it will be 3-0 by half time. We have to stop accepting these lack of preparations surely? How is this the mind set of champions?

  42. rico says:

    Thanks Hb. I’m glad we got through too.

    Now January is even more important imho, with a couple of top signings, there is no reason why we can’t beat whoever we draw but first up, I hope we have enough in the tank to get something on Saturday….

  43. rico says:

    I meant from now on Sp, not for future seasons. CL is a must for us each year, for the money and of course to attract better players…

  44. ozgunner says:

    they fired out of the blocks and stopped Scott – they smothered City early and clearly thought game over. An error no doubt although they were indeed through anyway. I think our situation was very different? I do agree with you on ECL – shit commercialised cup that means little, hell it’s not even deserved of its title Champions Leauge is it? How many actual Champions are in it? How much good did it do Liverpool and Chelsea?

  45. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, name me a side that never had a drop of form.
    No point laying it on when it happens to us.

  46. ozgunner says:

    the money is important Rico I agree

  47. Scott from Oz says:

    One thing is for sure, the Citeh game will tell us a lot.

  48. ozgunner says:

    i am not sure its about form as such mate, that’s my point.

  49. ozgunner says:

    Scott re City – agree mate i just hope we’re ready for it

  50. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, the trouble is we still do not have the depth to challenge on all fronts, and that is why i say i am not fussed on the CL.
    We do, however, have the quality and depth if we focus on the League, imo.

  51. Adam says:

    All done and dusted now and in just a couple of weeks we have an opportunity to address some of the obvious squad issues when the transfer window swings it’s inviting doors open. Never decline the chance to improve things I say.
    Never, ever use tiredness as an excuse either. Or try to guess a woman’s age. Or wear red spandex trousers with a green silk scarf. :)

  52. rico says:

    And the FA Cup Scott, I’d love us to win that…

  53. Scott from Oz says:

    Agreed Adam…on all counts, especially as it is my wifes birthday tomorrow….well, in 15 minutes, actually :)
    Rico, yes, that is another we could win.

  54. ozgunner says:

    yeah, women’s age, bloody minefield that one :-)

  55. rico says:

    But you can see they are tired Adam and there’s a reason for that…

  56. Adam says:

    Scott. Wish your wife a happy birthday please.
    I mention the last point as I know Australians have questionable colour co-ordination. :)

  57. Adam says:

    Rico. I don’t buy the tired thing at all. I believe they are complacent. As Kev said last night, you never heard Ferguson mention tiredness as it gives players an excuse. We were rubbish last night. No desire, no drive, no competitive spirit. Everything that needs addressing at Arsenal was on show last night. We can each write our own script as to what happens next.

  58. stevepalmer1 says:

    I agree with some of what you say Scott, and my comment was not aimed at anybody in particular. Reaching Champions league is all about money i am not daft, but why try so hard to get in it like we have just to dismiss it . Supporters like myself are not happy just to qualifi, we qualifi every year but because we lack the fighting spirit we will never win it .We have to get over being the fourth best team in the Premier.Clubs around us are improving and we although top at the moment are shitting ourselves when a Chelsea Man Utd or a city comes up we shit ourselves when spuds came up and clung on to a slender lead and considered ourselves lucky. I even said myself that we needed as many points ahead as we could before we met the top teams, and after these next two games i expect to be chasing. We have good players not being used, although i realise that some players play most games i am not convinced they are tired. Rotating the squad should be used in every game, that can be done quite easily without unsettling the team we don’t do that, if we did we could have a full first team out in every game and we would be the force we know we are. Gnabry not played for months Eisfield the same Akpon and the others will be drafted in when we are a walking wounded side but with no match practise how can you blame them for a poor performance Vermaelen one of the best CD we have is rusty how can that be allowed to happen the Italian Keeper will probably get a game in the FA cup what chance has he got of getting us through. For years we have moaned about our weak squads and now we have some great players they don’t even make the bench Bendtner instead of Akpon do me a favour.

  59. ozgunner says:

    well done Adam, in a nutshell mate. A big game with lots riding on it and we fell across the line instead of making the statement we should have made to Europe but were never mentally prepared to do.

  60. Scott from Oz says:

    Cheers Adam, i shall.
    Remember this though, we put red and white together beautifully :)
    Oz, i dare not even ask how old she is turning lol

  61. rico says:

    Happy Birthday to your wife Scott..

    I do Adam, and of course complacency as Merts almost confirmed that after the game.

    Rotation and tactics play a big part too…. as do timely substitutions, or the lack of them….

  62. ozgunner says:

    what a profound statement …. ;We have to get over being the fourth best team in the Premier’. and how so correct it is.

  63. Scott from Oz says:

    Steve, i can not answer some of the questions you raised.
    Still, we are a much improved squad right now, and as long as continue to improve, we must keep the faith.

  64. ozgunner says:

    I would have fair kicked Mert’s arse for that comment i tell ya

  65. ozgunner says:

    Happy Birthday to the lady Scott from other side :-)

  66. Scott from Oz says:

    Thanks Rico.
    I am off guys.
    Have a great day.

  67. Scott from Oz says:

    Cheers Oz….

  68. rico says:

    Night Scott…

  69. Rejoice says:

    Whatever happens, Arsenal fans will always find something to moan about. Win 10 nil, they will still moan about something. Barca, psg, bayern n d madrid teams too are scared of playing Arsenal. Anyway, I have for long stopped bothering about what fans, pundits and the media say. They are not the principal actors. I am more inclined to believe the actors, not the fans.

  70. Rejoice says:

    Whatever happens, Arsenal fans will always find something to moan about. Win 10 nil, they will still moan about something. Barca, psg, bayern n d madrid teams too are scared of playing Arsenal. Anyway, I have for long stopped bothering about what fans, pundits and the media say. They are not the principal actors. I am more inclined to believe the actors, not the fans. My birthday is today n the boys gave me a good gift-round of .16.

  71. rico says:

    Good time to go off for my walk, catch up later guys…

  72. ozgunner says:

    there’s an echo in here

  73. stevepalmer1 says:

    Happy Birthday Rejoice, You are easily pleased. enjoy your prezzy.

  74. potter says:

    happy birthday my boy. Just like Scotts wife we wont ask how many. I suspect that you may be new to this dance which many of us have been involved in during Arsenes proud 14 years of qualification and subsequent failure.

  75. potter says:

    my lap top wont post but my phone will. Strange.

    Is this why nothing has happened for nearly an hour?.

  76. stevepalmer1 says:

    Many supporters believe that because we sit at the top of the Premier and we had a good win against City pre season that we can outplay them and come away with a win. That may happen and by God i hope it does. But remember that every time a city players name is mentioned remember that that player was linked at one time with us, Of course we never offered enough to actually sign him but Wenger knew who that player was and knew how good he was. The same can be said of the other top teams players and lets face it, we have helped them get even better by selling our best players to them. We have watched our sold players who waited patiently to win a trophy with us leave to actually win one with their new team, and they are all in reasonable position to win another this season too. We on the other hand have the same team we had last season where we finished 4th we have paid out 42 million for one player signed an Italian Goalkeeper i had never heard of on a years loan signed a free transfer centre forward who hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, and we feel that we have a chance against one of the best teams if not the best in the Premier. Now heres us, played no one of note yet, and the ones we have played has kicked our arses. We have players who are reasonable players sitting in the wings who have not kicked a football for months that could be included but if Bendtner is fit he may be on the bench instead of them. Now of course with the form we have been in will certainly scare them but last nights performance would have given them heart, and of course they have a new Manager who is still settling in so thats in our favour. I feel this game will be a major question to answe,r but we have beaten them once this year so am optimistic.

  77. stevepalmer1 says:

    Now any good supporter will see i have made a mistake, i left out another free signing Flamoni he is a vital piece in this game, Diaby could of also helped but he may not make this game

  78. ozgunner says:

    The next two league games will answer many questions stevep. Excuses will flow if we loose but they won’t change the facts we’ve failed. On the other hand the “we’re good enough” we’re heard from Arsene for more years than i can remember now, might finally be right.

  79. stevepalmer1 says:

    I hope your right Oz :)

  80. ozgunner says:

    fact is we won’t get a better chance than this season – fancied teams with their new managers have been very erratic the gate has been left wide open. Are we really good enough Arsene? Lets hope to god we are, we so need to win something again.

  81. stevepalmer1 says:

    Oz you have lifted my spirits COYRRG’s

  82. stevepalmer1 says:

    Catch you all Laters :)

  83. ozgunner says:

    I have said for many years I don’t rate Arsene Wenger tactically, i have seen nothing to change my mind and don’t believe he can prepare the team to win anything, worthless cup included. There is a stubbornness about his ego that gets in his own way and ours, or there has been IMO – lets hope for everyone’s sake the ‘nearly man’ can finally deliver. He has no excuses now on that we can finally all agree. A win in Manchester is vital IMO but also unlikely. Lets see what happens

  84. ozgunner says:

    catch you later mate

  85. BrainwashedKev says:

    Happy Birthday to Mrs Digger….

  86. BrainwashedKev says:

    I am a big defender and supporter of Carl Jenkinson…

    He is a true Gooner, living the dream, but my oh my, the boy did look a tad limited at times…
    Getting forward he’s great, a good engine, but I think he suits the rough and tumble of the EPL. In the CL he looked decidedly indecisive and worryingly wobbly when put under pressure…
    I still like him, but he has his limitations, and they were shown up last night…

  87. BrainwashedKev says:

    As I watched the match last night, I had someone constantly nagging me about Arsenal’s need to sign a Marquee Striker… ;-)
    Last was the second time I have been in my friend’s company, watching our team.
    And it was the second time that I found it virtually impossible to disagree with his stance on the ‘Striker Question’……

    Personally, I doubt that Wenger/the club, will sanction another multi-million pound transfer, this January, with a striker as the target…
    I’m not if it’s a question of ‘can they get the right striker’ or ‘are the prepared to spend Bjg, like the Petro Dollar clubs’…???

  88. BrainwashedKev says:

    Part of me wants to see Wenger spend £50 or £60million on a prolific front man, and just the opposition away.

    Part of me wants to see Arsenal succeed with our present squad, just to piss-off all the fcuking Petro-Dollar clubs, the Media, the Press and all the other snides that are desperate for us to fail, instead of lauding Wenger for building his team responsibly…

    Sanogo isn’t the answer, nor is Podolski, if I’m honest…
    I like Podolski, but if he was the answer up front, then why does Wenger play him left-wing???

  89. BrainwashedKev says:

    *I’m not sure if it’s a question*

  90. tsgh says:

    The expectation is that Ozil will bring Poldi the antedote. lol

    Howdy Mr Kev? How’s the sore head after yesterday’s birthday celebrations? :P

    Vegan beer is dangerous I am told. :-)

  91. BrainwashedKev says:

    Hiya Ginge…

    Nah, no headache mate…

    Last night I had two glasses of a delicious white wine.
    Washed down with great company and intelligent conversation…

    Much better than getting hammered…

    I’m leaving that for Saturday night… :-D

  92. tsgh says:

    That’s the way Sir :D

    Hopeful we can leave the wastelands with all 3 points. Are you going?

  93. rico says:

    Can’t possibly imagine who you were with last night Kev ;)

    Evening all…

  94. Adam says:

    Evening Rico and all.
    It was a very decent dinner wine wasn’t it Kev. Mrs Adam finished it for breakfast with some Chinese curry and chips.
    I will not labour my views on our striking options except to burn Kev’s ears about it occasionally.

  95. potter says:

    re jenks he has only featured in40 matches at first team level. he will get the experience in time. what he needs now is a vocal team around him. last night we were caught somany times i cant believe that there was any calling going on . we need to plant lee dixon in block 3 to talk him through it.

  96. frednerk says:

    Afternoon rico and all,
    Enjoyed the post rico,
    wenger failed to adddress the our right side,
    Armero the fullback kept bombing forward,
    poor little santi was blowing out of his harris,
    trying to keep up with him.
    Wenger waited to when we were 1 nil down,
    and decided to keep the score down,with both ramsey and monreal
    coming on.
    Obvious to everyone walnut would have been a better option
    Giroud spent the whole game flicking the ball on to no one.
    Regarding tiredness in players.
    Switching off during a game is what causes tiredness.

    This is what wenger said the other day to Oxo:

    “Someone said: ‘Why are injured players always so tired?’” Oxlade-Chamberlain explains. “And the boss said: ‘It’s because it’s the same physical demand than when you are playing, if not more, but without the satisfaction of playing and the rewards you get on the pitch.’ And that’s it in a nutshell

  97. rico says:

    Evening Adam..

  98. rico says:

    Hi fred, thanks..

    That’s a weird one on the injured…

  99. rico says:

    Quiet here so off to get dinner…

  100. rico says:

    Anyone home?

  101. Adam says:

    I’m here Rico. As always.

  102. BrainwashedKev says:

    I’m here Rico and Adam

  103. arsenal11730 says:

    Its amazing that we were 3 minutes away from being top of the group or a goal away from being dumped out of the CL into Europa.
    Our tactics were not balanced. I feel bad for Napoli though.
    Dortmund have the luck of the Irish.
    I trust we can put a decent game together at Maine Rd and not be complacent.
    Hearing BFG talk about “10% less” is worrying and deems extreme unprofessionalism. AW sort it out.
    I would rather PSG than the Spaniards.
    We are the Arsenal and we like to do it the hard way… Oh Well…
    4 points from the games against Arabs and Chavs will do me fine.


  104. BrainwashedKev says:

    There’s gonna be a lot of very, how can I delicately put it, merry people, around in Central London this evening and into the early morning…

    Happily I will be indoors as I am knocking off… :-)

  105. rico says:

    I’m here too…

  106. Adam says:

    Take it easy Kev. How’s it going Rico? A good dinner I hope.

  107. rico says:

    A117, thankfully, their second came far too late…

    Good to hear Kev, beans on toast for you then ;)

  108. BrainwashedKev says:

    Night Rico.
    Night Adam.
    Night All.

  109. rico says:

    Yes thanks Adam.. Yours nicer I suspect ;)

  110. rico says:

    Night Kev..

  111. Adam says:

    Very plain but light. Rice with carrots and broccoli and some baked Haddock. I fancied something unthreatening this evening. And you?

  112. BrainwashedKev says:

    Cheers Adam.
    Cheese on toast Rico, you little tinker. ;-)

    Gone now…

  113. rico says:

    :) Kev….

  114. rico says:

    Crispy Mozzarella and salad Adam…

  115. Adam says:

    Crispy? Yummie. How is that achieved?

  116. rico says:

    Think I’m going to call it a day too.

    Night Adam and all…..

  117. rico says:

    In crumbs Adam :P

  118. Adam says:

    Yeah, me too. Night Rico and all.

  119. Adam says:

    I will try that Rico. It will make a change from those boring omelettes I make :)


  120. rico says:

    :lol: Adam…

  121. rico says:

    Gone now…

  122. Scott from Oz says:

    Night all.

  123. rico says:

    Morning all….

  124. tsgh says:

    Morning Rico…

  125. rico says:

    Morning Ts, miserable old day weather wise…

  126. tsgh says:

    It definitely is…
    Hopeful the Wenger ‘presser’ will have some good news on players fitness.

  127. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Beautiful day here :)

  128. rico says:

    Morning Scott – I knew I’d find a reason not to like you ;)

  129. rico says:

    I hope so too Ts, Sagna back would be a good start…

    New post up now…

  130. Scott from Oz says:

    You don’t need a reason, Rico :)

  131. rico says:

    :P Scott….

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