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Midfielder set to leave in January. 3 in 7 as two in form sides go head to head….

Morning all.

Both Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott joined Arsene Wenger for a visit to a ground-breaking new Teenage Cancer Trust facility that has been supported with funding by The Arsenal Foundation.

Speaking about the impact of Arsenal’s contribution, Siobhan Dunn, Teenage Cancer Trust chief executive, said:

The opening of this unit wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the incredible support of partners such as Arsenal and we are truly grateful. This partnership has also been about much more than just raising money for us and today’s visit from Arsène and the players has given a huge boost to our young patients.

Sometimes it’s all so easy to forget how much our club does….

To donate, visit http://www.justgiving.com/thearsenalfoundation or text AFCF12 and your donation (e.g. £3) to 70070.

To find out more about the Foundation’s work, visit http://www.arsenal.com/thearsenalfoundation

Arsenal’s dedicated match day for The Arsenal Foundation takes place against Everton today.

Yesterdays results mean we have a chance to pull another 3 points clear of Chelsea after their loss to Stoke, and 2 from Man City who could only manage a draw at Southampton.

The red side of Manchester lost again at Old Trafford and bearing in mind the rumours about RvP wanting out, I just had to share this picture Scott sent me yesterday.

Ever wish you'd stayed put Robin?

I might be a celebrity but get me out of here..!

I read that Alex Song will be on the move in January too. Some moves don’t work out do they? Ha!

Enough of them, they left and Arsene Wenger replaced them with players who do want to be at Arsenal and do believe we are a club on the up. Just how far up we go remains to be seen……

According to The Mirror, Emmanuel Frimpong won’t be part of our future though, they suggest he’s been told he is free to leave as his contract will not be extended.

Onto today, our first match of three in just seven days. Today we’re up against an Everton side who are in fine form and playing good football under Martinez.

  • Everton are on a seven-match unbeaten Premier League run (W4, D3).
  • The Toffees have lost only one game in the league this season (away to Manchester City), the fewest in the division.
  • Roberto Martinez’s men have kept three away clean sheets in a row for the first time since May 2009; they last bettered this run with a five-match streak at the end of the 1994-95 season and the start of the 1995-96 campaign.
  • Everton defenders have scored six goals this season, more than any other club.

Like I said, they are playing well and are on a very good run.

Everton don’t like conceding goals, other than to Liverpool but things like that can happen during a feisty derby and we have to keep an eye on their defenders on set-pieces as they clearly like to score.

They’ll come to us full of confidence having beaten Manchester United at Old Trafford but it was back in January 1996 when Everton last won at our ground. Of course back then it was Highbury and before Arsene Wenger was the manager..

Like Everton, we are on a good run too. We haven’t lost or drawn at home in the league since day one of this seasons campaign and we haven’t conceded a goal at home since the 19th October when we beat Norwich 4-1! So we’re good. Very good.


We have to start taking more of our chances because one day, it’s going to bite us on the butt.

Bacary Sagna misses out again today so Car Jenkinson will continue to deputise. Other than that, everyone else who was in the squad in midweek are fit and raring to go.

Olivier Giroud should walk straight back into the first eleven, as no doubt will Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs but as for the rest, well thank goodness Arsene Wenger has to make that decision as it can’t be easy, especially in midfield where we have so much talent and experience.

Right now we are looking pretty darn good and all without really playing our best.

I’m not sure just why that is though. Maybe, and I don’t want to sound disrespectful to the clubs we have played of late, our matches have felt like they are a bit too easy for the players and they haven’t needed to up their game and to be honest, what’s the point in doing more during a game than they need to?

I always feel that this current crop of players have 2/3 more gears to go up if they need to and today, they’ll need to…….

This is a big game, it’s a game where the big players need to come alive and produce a top class performance. It’s a game where every player has to come alive and produce a top class performance.

We have the players and if they play the way we know they can then I think we’ll be too strong for Everton.

Let’s hope for a good day Gooners…

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292 comments on “Midfielder set to leave in January. 3 in 7 as two in form sides go head to head….

  1. Morning all.
    Kids with Cancer…how ironic, and cruel.
    Still, my step father…a man who was never a father to me, but more a best mate as i met him in my early 20’s, has been told he has maybe 12 months to live.
    You meet a few truly beautiful people in your life, and he is one of them, he really is.
    Life sucks, it really does.
    Anyway, it goes on.
    Arsenal goes on, as well, and i am glad.
    As i always say, it is my outlet, my release, and all the negative stuff, the things we must endure, are all put aside when talking about, or watching the beloved Arsenal.

  2. That’s horrid news Scott and very sad….

  3. Mmm.
    Prikk of a disease.
    If there was any justice in the world, this man would live to 200.
    He has never asked for a thing, never complained, but has helped anyone who ever needed a hand, whether he knew them or not.
    His only failing is he has no love for football, he is a bloody raa raa :)
    A true warrior who will fight to the end.

  4. Morning all

    Yesterday was a very good day for us and we did not even kick a ball! :)

    A win today will surly set us up well for the rest of the christmass period. We could even affort to loose a game without being in danger of loosing the top spot. Not that I can see us loosing to even Man City at their home. The way we play now suits games like that where we can sit back and hit them on the break.

    There are many years since I could sit down and actually expect us to win even if we were 1 nil down after 85 min. the last time I felt like that was at the time of the invincibles.

  5. And as for Robin…I wonder what the little girl is whispering now. Or was it a boy?

  6. TT, i could not be more confident about a win tonight.

  7. B*****d of a disease Scott, one which doesn’t care who it hits…

  8. TT – I was thinking very similar just a few days ago, I’m kind of getting used to us winning and expect us too each week.

    But maybe that’s more about believing that there isn’t a side who we should fear in this league, respect of course, but not fear..

    Plus, I honestly believe we are playing well below the level we are capable of.

    I think that’s all come from just how good we were against Napoli at home.

    Big game for Jenks today, I have a feeling they might target our right back.

  9. Very good read Rico and an important one too…

    I agree with you again for the Nth time Scott, soccer or football should just be treated as it is…

    The world is now in a state similar to frogs on a boil who can’t sense the dangers we are heading to…

    Nearly 160 head of states signed a world trade agreement yesterday… another step closer to a world order… ;)

    Now Martinez show you are just a disciple of the great AW and quaver in your boots…

    Morning all btw…

  10. My prayers are with you Scott… which him well…

  11. So sorry for you Scott. But at least you know that he is a fighter in the crocodile dundee mode ;) Best of luck to him. hope he wins through even if the docs told him that he has 12 months left.

    Good Morning Lady, Sir,Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Seamus Coleman??? Now that is a guy I like. And he is British.

    TT……a girl inside Robin??? now that’s a good larf. :lol:

  12. Thanks guys.
    He is a fighter.
    He is a great man.
    Fingers are crossed, and he will never give up.
    How is the weather in London?
    Change of subject……yep.
    We move on.

  13. Haha Devil, he makes Crocodile Dundee look like a 7 year old girl :)
    Did you get my email mate?

  14. wish* even

    hiya Dev

  15. Thanks Ts, Morning Devil.

    I too saw that rumour, talk about spice up this game in the press eh…

  16. Is it not interesting that we have lost 2 games this season but have the same number of points at this stage as we did in the legendary 03/04 season?

    Coleman is being linked to us to replace Sagna

  17. just saw it now mate. The thing is that at the moment I get so many emails (work related) that there are more than 100 pending to answer. I will try to do it later today mate.

  18. hiya Ginge.

  19. No worries Devil…..in good time bud.

  20. Colman is not a bad choice to be honest.

  21. If it’s in the newspapers, no chance ;)

  22. morning Rico&all
    top post…its touching to see our club involves in other aspects of real life rather than only in football….fulfilling….

    a telling true pic of vangreedy…the man looks sick yesterday..serves him right i suppose..great vision Scott,we want another one with grey beard….ha!

    amazing feeling….ahead by four points without even playing…now that’s some telling….3/1 for the best side in EPL

  23. Morning Fellow Gunners,

    RIP will transfer to Barfa. Messi is out for the rest of the season. Neymar has just cracked his shell and is fresh out the egg. Barfa need experience to save their season, especially now their midfield is showing signs of being past it’s shelf date.

    Good read madam.

  24. Scott,

    You tell the old digger to fight for every bit of hope. Cheers mate.




  26. Cheers Dutch…..no need though mate, he will give his all.

  27. Morning Kali and Dg, thanks re the post guys..

    RvP to Barca? Maybe Moyes will want Song as part of the deal…

  28. Morning Rico,

    Newspaper say for weeks, ManYou is to shock wave the world by signing Sneijder from Galatasaray.

    In my opinion; At best a well fed midget bringing his WAG to another shopping town, if true.

  29. Morning Rico,

    Another fine Post – don’t know how you do it. :-)

  30. How old is Sneijder now, surely he’s over his better days..

    He’ll fit right in with Man Utd…

    Morning Hb, thank you….

  31. It speaks volumes Wenger could get more out of Song than they can at Barfa. At least we got top dollar for his greedy arse. And he made way for the arrival of the Flamestar on a freebee. ;-)

  32. Scott,

    Pure politeness mate, international social diplomacy. Hahaha.

    Of course a thoroughbred Aussie need not to be told to fight, do they. ;-)

  33. Ha ha re Song Dg, we sure robbed them…

  34. Morning Rico and all.
    I just checked in and saw your bad news Scott. I am really sorry to read it. Very sad indeed.

  35. No matter his age Rico, spoiled by riches and can’t be bothered by glory no more. The glamour celebrity status he milked has been checked and balanced in one season by the Turks.

    They want him gone and out at any cost. Even if the offer will offend their accountancy clerks.

  36. Boo!! I felt great last week when we palyed first and everyone else had to play catch up. This week, I feel even better because, we haven’t even played, and we still lead the pack! :) Now, to widen the gap!!

    rico, I almost feel sorry for van Pursey and The Little Boy Inside him. No, not really. I’m thrilled that he looks so unhappy at his now rubbish club. :D

    Scott, keeping your step dad in my prayers!! Hope he beats that godawful disease.

    Hello, all!

  37. Hello, Adam! I hope you enjoy the match. Dutch, Sneijder is an overpaid primadonna.

  38. Rico,

    If I was at board level, I would demand ALL Barfa’s cash debt to us be transferred by the end of this month and no business will be done for the next decade.

    Gossip already started they are tracking Ramsey and are prepared to pay 50 mln for his ink scribble.

  39. Morning Adam. Another cold one in the stands…

  40. Hi agag, I worry a bit because we play second, history has made me feel that way but this is a group with a very different mindset so fingers crossed..

    As would I Dg, after the Cesc debacle, never again would I do business with them and their ‘never never’ payments..

  41. Hi Agag. Thanks. It is very mild today here in London. I am looking forward to the match and think that we are the kind of team that needs a real challenge to raise our game. Everton might provide that today. I am not that keen on 4 PM Sunday fixtures though.
    I may wear my red trousers today.

  42. Morning sunshine. How’s the season’s holiday shopping?? Surely enough bargains to wrap, not??

    Regarding Sneijder. Have you seen his belly lately? We talk about Pink Boots being super sized by pizza. This gnome looks like he devoured another midget. LOL

  43. Great post. Todays game is just massive after what happened yesterday and knowing whats round the corner we have to win and that will put huge pressure of the rest of the pack.

    I do think the same Rico that the team have found some games to easy I think its that and its part to do with players being played in positions they aren’t used to and hence the reason the team hasn’t clicked into gear just yet but you can see the potential and today I really want us to put in a shift that will put the fear of god into the rest

  44. Dutch, no shopping really. I spent all my money for the several holidays I took this year. :( Woe is me. :P

    rico, I think we would edge Everton out. They are on a high, of course, but then again so are we. Hah. I feel like we need to make a statement that our position is no fluke and will make tonight count.

    Adam, I am not sure what qualifies as “mild” weather for you English men. :P It would feel positively freezing to us, to be sure. I think it will be a match to enjoy. Especially since in your spiffy red trousers. :D Is the puce velvet jacket also in your plans??

  45. Video of our boys visiting young patients.

  46. Agag,

    You’re such a talented liar. You and no ribbons to cut at Christmas??

    Only if hell freezes over, is my belief.

  47. Thanks Mo…

    agag – I sure hope we can, would set us up nicely for our trip to Italy..

    Adam – it’s quite cold here..

    Nipping off now as have family coming for lunch, be back a bit later..

  48. Alongside the pink silk cravat yes Agag. Watch the game, you will see me flouncing in the stands. :)

  49. Adam

    Don’t do a Jamie Tight Trousers. Have you no dignity??

  50. Humbling isn’t it? We talk about facing a though nut to crack today.

    These families face battles for months to come and years to follow.

  51. Anybody know’s how long we are involved in this charity?? It seems for as long as I can remember being a Gooner.

  52. Something that came up at AW’s pre-match interview was that he had no plans to ‘freshen up’ the squad in January.

    I suppose with Theo back and Poldi starting training this month, not to dynamic Bendy he does not see the necessity.

    Hope he is right again! :-)

  53. It’s true though, Dutch. :(

    rico, I hope so, too. :) :) Would be nice to be 15 points ahead of the reigning Champions. :D :D Hyuk.

    Adam, I will definitely be on the lookout. Ha ha ha. In a sea of red and white, a puce and pink outfit! :D I hope Mrs. Adam brings her sunglasses; lest you blind her with that sartorial selection.

  54. Okay, everybody is slow out of their starting blocks today. Common peeps where’s the fire? Have you all fled the scene, leaving me to water??

  55. Happy that our club is involved in a lot of charity and community-building efforts. I’d like to think it gives our boys a sense of perspective (the privilege and power of their station in life) and social responsibility.

  56. Still Agag,

    Adam’s outfit get’s a full response. I will do with a few words. Your brain hasn’t switched off the walk in closet. LOL :-)

  57. DG. I can’t help it. The feel of Spandex against the skin is too alluring. :)

  58. Don’t apologize Adam. You know we’re tight, homie. WazzzzzUp.

  59. Hahaha, Dutch. My non shopping life makes me sad and disinclined to talk about it at length. Someone else’s shopping can make me happy though. Good observation. :) How’s work? Are you still terribly busy?

  60. Job is killing me Agag. Just a pin head of light somewhere at the end of this tunnel.

    I can box all my December receipts and ship it before Christmas eve if you fancy? ;-)

  61. Early Afternoon all. Nice one Rico :)
    Scott, you know what I’m thinking :(
    What team will turn out today, Jeckal or Hyde,
    A good day to make our break, All the Premier will be looking at this game hopeing and preying we lose just to give them the belief that they are still in it, this is when we need to be ruthless, show them that if they slip up we will punish them. Every game we have has to put more doubt into the chasers, its been a while but i love it when you get to the time that all they think about is to make sure they make Champions League thats when you see the heads go down, Ruthless thats what is needed in this game show the Premier that we mean business this year and we believe we can succeed. I hope the crowd sing their hearts out, and i hope theirs a full moon tonight Hooooooowl Come on you mighty gunners..

  62. You been watching vampire series, SSP?? :P I have a feeling our boys will be up for this.

    Dutch, I must decline your offer. :P :P I have enough receipts of my own, thanks. :P

  63. Can’t wait to see a hot contest between the dirty bastard Mirallas and Gibbs plus CJ25 vs Gerard Deulofeu if he starts.

    C’mon gooners…

    Our midfield should be be too mobile for Barry, McCarthy and Osman unless Barkley starts…

    Personally, I am not sure if Song is having a bad season as he has made 10 appearances so far this season with over 7 being starts…

    I still do not want the greedy badger anywhere near Colney unless he is coming for a day visit during La Liga christmas break…

    Happy to see Gervinho having another great to help AS Roma to stay 3 points behind Juve…



    KICK-OFF AT 16:00

    LINK1 http://cricfree.tv/live/watch/arsenal_v_everton/17166

  65. Afternoon All
    Afternoon Rico, great post…

    Just a brief visit as I am very busy…

    Terrible news Scott, we’re all with ya Digger…

    And in conclusion; COYFRRG

  66. What will get you over 30 million hits on Youtube??

    Reenactment Baby!!!

  67. Afternoon Ginge

  68. SP defo agree with we need a performance that will scare the daylights out of the rest a solid game to show we are championship qaulity and that will give us the mental edge in the next few games we need a big game


  69. Afternoon all
    My prayers to Scott
    I’m watching Fulham -Villa now
    Gervinho was immense today
    come on Arsenal!

  70. Arsenal team to play Everton: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud

    Arteta starts…

  71. Arsenal: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud
    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Rosicky, Walcott, Monreal, Flamini, Bendtner

  72. Hiya JM- I told you Gerv was class. :P

    I guess TR07 will be starting in Naples… I am surprised Ozil is not getting a break..

    As you would expect Lukaku starts with the hollow promise from Mauren-ho to score against us to guarantee a place at the chav table next season… :-)

    Everton team: Howard, Coleman, Oviedo, Distin, Jagielka, Barry, Barkley, Pienaar, McCarthy, Mirallas, Lukaku.

    Interesting Barkley starts instead of Osman as the no.10… that means Martinez thinks he can get a goal…

    3-1 to the good guys today.

    OG12 goal plus the usual suspect…

  73. I am hoping for an easy FA cup draw at 16:10 today to ensure some of our fringe players get a chance to shine…

  74. So sorry to hear that Scott. Things don’t always seem to be fair. We had the shock C word a day after I joined this forum. Shattered at first then you realise you have to move on, my wife is also a big Arsenal fan, still has Bergkamp and Limpar posters! Arsenal this year has given a great distraction and its so nice to see the players involved in causes like this.

  75. Hiya AH, all well?

  76. WoW.TR07 has been at the club for 8 years and will get a new contract.For me he’s a club legend.Will make a decade with afc

  77. Ts, good as we could have hoped thanks, she’s just back at work after lumpectomy, radiation treatment in new year.

    Come on you Gunners. Lets shine. Fancy Giroud and Ozil to score today.

  78. C’mon gooners…

    Everton vs Arsenal makes me miss Denilson. lol

    A long range shoot leading to a goal from Mikel… ;)

  79. Glad to hear AH… you sound like a true gent and so I am certain you will give her all the support to win this ‘battle’… Bless!

  80. Some bad news…Francis Le Coq got seriously injured earlier playing for Freisburg… I guess he is coming back home…

  81. Phew, all sorted just in time…

    Afternoon all…

  82. Afternoon lady…

  83. Sorry to hear how the C disease has affected so many in here. Andrew, keeping Mrs H in my prayers, too.

    Ginge, I think AW trusts TR07. And why shouldn’t he?? When fit, he does bring something special to the team. :)

  84. Ah, hope your wife’s recovery continues well…….

  85. Hiya Agag.

    Injury derailed TR07’s career.

    Before he joined us he was touted as a future Ballon d’or winner…

  86. Afternoon Ts…

    Hope Webb keeps an eye on that filthy Mirellas

  87. back again at the half time

  88. Me too COYRRG’s……..

  89. Piennar will cause CJ25 problems if he gets no support from Jack…

    get in there

  90. Poor selection on the wings thus far imo…

    Monreal may have to come on in the 2nd half unless we up our game…

  91. Jenks looking shaky… Hmmm. This could be a loooong night.

  92. A long afternoon ahead with this naive tactics.imho

    This team is set up with Osman starting but Barkley is a completely different player in the role behind Lukaku… AW sort this out!

  93. AndrewH

    Highbury House always here to support. Well wishes to the family.

  94. Agag- True but don’t think it is all necessarily Cj25’s fault.. AW playing JW on the rhs with a young and rusty rookie behind him pushing high up the field is a concern/naive…

    Mert and Arteta should be telling CJ25 to watch his movement…

    MA08 covers CJ25 when he pushes up but that leaves Barkley and Lukaku 2 v2 against Kos and Per in the middle…

  95. Everton much more up for it than us. Come on before its too late. Thanks guys.

  96. We will win but just not yet.

    JW acting like Ox did against Chelsea last season… refusing to listen to a more senior player about tactical adjustments… ;)

  97. We are awful…

  98. Agree, ginge re: Wilshere. I see Everton tiring though. They have really pushed hard in the first 30 mins.

    Come on, Arsenal. Get more of the ball, please.

  99. Simply not good enough, rico. Where is the effort? Tsk.

  100. COYFRRG

  101. They will tire indeed Agag. But their record in the last 20 minutes is almost as good as ours and Southampton’s.

  102. Gotta be a bit patient in this game, Martinez is a slippery customer.

    As long as it’s still 0-0 at half-time, then no panic from me…

    Theo in the 2nd45 might shake up the BlueScousers…

    Maybe a few tired legs as well..?

  103. Well we sure ended the half a lot better…

    Big h/t talk needed from AW.

  104. Ditto kev re 0-0 at half time…

    Its good to see Arteta showing maturity and making some minute adjustment for us to influence our game.

    c’mon RRRs

  105. Outplayed for forty minutes, but had best two chances at end.

  106. Kosser has been key imho…

    I know stats are not everyone’s cup of tea but:-

    Our performance drops when TR07 is absent…

    We have only had more than 55% possession 2 times without TR07.

    2nd time Ozil ahs not had a key pass in a half.. all without TR07 in the side.

  107. Flamoni needs to be introduced as soon as possible

  108. JW and Cazorla in wings is not good. We are not deep enought
    Like I said a long time ago, playing with JW-Cazorla-Ramsey-Ozil-Arteta at the same time doesn’t work .
    Arteta has many difficulties to stop Everton players.

  109. Kos and Merts have been outstanding.

  110. I’m seeing the game or listening to it…

    But I reckon that Martinez gambled on going out fast to try & get an early goal…

    Then defend and try to nick another on the break…

    Well, it didn’t work, and they used up a lot of energy…

    We have a strong bench, so let’s see how we go from here…


  111. Gaareth Barry key for Ever-loan today…

    It took Howard too long to book him too…

    We just need to attack with only 1 fullback not both…

  112. JW10 is the problem. We need rosicky who can switch play quickly and help jenks out. Dont know if theo can help. Hopefully we score 3 goals in the 2nd half

  113. Hope you are right Kev…


  114. Morning guys.
    Thank you for the words of support….it means a lot.
    Onwards and upwards.
    That was very good half of football, and I know we will finish strongly but am not so sure Everton can.

  115. Hi there Emma..

    2nd half indeed.

    Usual Suspects with goals

  116. Theo soon surely, stop their left back from bombing forward and causing us probs…

  117. And stop trying to pass through an eye of a needle in the box..

  118. How about Theo on the left wing???

  119. Must be soon agag, the fans are singing his name…

  120. Monreal first…

  121. Kev, I’d always play him on the left… Adam will vouch for me there, I’m always telling him ;)

  122. Cripes, a triple change….

    Flamini, Rosicky and Theo

  123. Santi, Jack and Ramsey off….

  124. Triple change…great move.

  125. Excellent subs…

  126. Not even 75 minutes.lol

    Triple sub???

  127. Hope we don’t pick up an injury. Flamini close.

  128. So close….

    More of that. Shoot on sight…

  129. A big gamble imho

  130. I’m not a fan of triple substitutions

  131. Agree…. Big risk…

  132. Everton look tired. Take advantage, Arsenal!

  133. This Everton kid coming on is good…

  134. Well done Webb.

  135. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  136. You bloody beauty!!!!!

  137. Fancied Ozil to score!

  138. How did Giroud miss that ;)

    That’s just what we asked from TW

  139. One more and my tummy might settle ;)


    tR07 TO og12 TO oZIL…

  141. Ginge, you left Theo out /)

  142. Left out Theo and Arteta before ..

    That could have been a pen on OG12

  143. yes I did Scott… :-)

    Big game player Theo but still lazy Rico. :P

  144. Gerard as I said this morning…

    still time…

  145. Draw not a bad result… BUT

  146. That was dangerous by Arteta, not impressed with his play for their goal either.

  147. That would have been stunning…

  148. Super game.

  149. O Giroud!! SHould have gotten that. :?

    Fair result considering our appalling first half. :(

  150. Really disappointed after taking the lead. Had we conceded in the first half it would have been easier to stomach but….

  151. So unlucky Giroud!

  152. Ever-loan… again

    5 points clean not too bad in my view. A win against $hitty and a draw against the chavs still ahead,

  153. Some of our guys has very average games, and if we are at our best, we beat them.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it though, and a fair result.
    What a finish it would have been if Girouds strike creeps in….what a hit.

  154. Wrong selection imo, Serge should have started if Theo is not ready or match fit…

    I blame Aw for going 1 DM and 2 fullbacks pushing up instead of a pivote as per normal

  155. Soton and Everton, surprise teams of year.

  156. Agree Scott, some out there, especially in the first half were very average.

    Why we couldn’t start a lot quicker I don’t know….

    For me, Flamini has to start games, he’s the mouthpiece, the organiser and he has so much energy..

    Maybe AW is saving him for Wednesday…

  157. The ‘Ever-loans’ winning their 12th point for the blues today…

    Some players in our team should earn their place AW…

    Ramsey and Arteta did not have their usual influential games… The former has played too many games already… poor squad management.

  158. Arteta was very, very ordinary today.
    Ramsey could not find a pass.
    Jack was so-so.
    An off day and a draw against a very decent side…5 clear.

  159. I hope this result teaches AW a big lesson. It’s either JW or SC not both, TW should be in the 1st 11 as long as he is fit. 2 points dropped.

  160. Agree Scott,
    Imho, even Makele, Davids, Gilberto or Rijkaard would have struggled against this Ever-loan team with this comical set-up from AW.

    Even made worse with a few players failing to toe the line when needed ;)

    Barkley even thinks Arteta made it difficult for him today and he was the Motm…

  161. Barkley >>>> no.10 than our prodigies.

  162. Artete didn’t win a ball in front off the defenders. Sometimes in that position you must play in ordinary way and just destroy the opposite game.
    Wilshere only can play in the middle but with cazorla and ozil at the same time, is a drop unit.
    Jenkinson is very poor. With Sagna it’s completely diferente.
    TW is lack of confident
    Next Wednesday, one more important game

  163. Kos covered 8.3km; Impressive for a CB… wow

  164. Two of the most crucial positions needs strengthening DM and CF, we need better players than OG and MA in those positions. Very disappointed, all the players who didn’t play on Wednesday was very average.

  165. Seems to happen with us Scott, never an odd player off form, but a whole bunch…

    And Gibbs, who had done pretty well all game, why on earth did he not get his entire body in front of their shot for the goal…

    Barkley utterly deserved the motm award…

  166. Arsenal-Totts for the 3th round of FA Cup

  167. JM- a bit harsh on CJ25… he didn’t do much wrong… lacks experience but; AW did not help him with selection and tactics imo…

  168. Sagna certainly gives the side so much more JM

  169. Rico, Barkley looks good because MA was average. It’s worrying because if he is our first choice DM we are in trouble.

  170. I’ll take the draw…

    6 pts on Northern Oilers.
    5 pts on Gazprom..

  171. Gdna, agree, not one who was rested looked fresh and on form..

    What has happened to Cazorla’s game too, he’s having a bad run by his standards.

  172. Gdna, I certainly agree that Arteta didn’t shine today but I thought Barkley was just too good for him. His pace and strength was too much..

  173. Not the end of the world…

    A draw is not bad at all… lets not blame individual players today.

    Regulars know I am AW’s staunchest supporter on here but from one of the official stats based coverage feed I was watching this game from, we were set up very wrongly.

  174. Rico AW mess up big time, we came through the injuries playing with JW and SC on the wings, now TW is back AW continues with the same thing. Everton didn’t have much to do to prepare for this game because AW made it easy for them with his team selection.

  175. Agree Rico;
    we talked about Barkley before the international break.. to me Barkley is far better than lots of the popular English players around imo..

    He plays for the team too and was taking advice from players like Pienaar and Distin early today on the pitch…

    His positioning for a no.10 at 20 y.o is far superior than most 24 year olds…

  176. It’s how we let them back in the game which irks, very very sloppy. Flamini fluffed his tackle, Arteta rushed instead of being calmer and then Gibbs just let the guy shoot.

    We rode the storm and got the lead and really should have kept it with so little time left on the clock..

  177. I think a few if our deficiencies have been masked somewhat by Ramsey’s brilliant goal scoring run and some sublime Ozil assists. Can’t always rely in them.

  178. I’m not disputing that Gdna, not at all. I would have started Theo for this game, or even Gnabry because pace up front and width would have prevented that 40 minute onslaught…

    Just why I won’t slate Jenks because he was exposed and battered but still they didn’t get any rewards..

  179. Rico, I probably need to watch the game again, Barkley looks good because MA was very very poor. Not blaming any player but we should have scored in the 1st half, OG12 needs too much chance to score.

  180. Totally agree AH,

    I have said similar before.. if we take out Ramsey winning us £30M against Fene… AR16 has been responsible for over 40% of our points this season.

    You are right there Rico, but Everton has an impressive record winning in the last 10 minutes of games…2nd only to us this season.

  181. Could have been another of our Goal of the Season contenders considering the importance and timing of the shot. Wish he had hit the corner flag, no luck.

  182. Ah, I just think that AW hasn’t watched Everton this season ;)

    Plus, I think he has one eye on Wednesday and made his selection with that game in mind..

  183. Gdna, you know I want a striker too, one who is clinical in front of goal. I’d love Suarez but that ship has long sailed.

    I won’t knock Giroud too much though as he works his nuts off each week and does a really good job most times.

  184. Kev talks about squad management a lot and our next 5 or so fixtures will show AW’s evolution in this department.

    Wed 11th Dec 19.45 Napoli
    UEFA Champions League

    Sat 14th Dec 12.45 Manchester City
    Barclays Premier League

    Mon 23rd Dec 20.00 Chelsea
    Barclays Premier League

    Thu 26th Dec 15.00 West Ham United
    Barclays Premier League

    Sun 29th Dec 13.30 Newcastle United
    Barclays Premier League

    Wed 1st Jan 15.00 Cardiff
    Barclays Premier League

  185. I don’t think AW manages the squad that well at all…….

  186. He doesn’t indeed…

    Serge should have gotten a few games under his belt by now..

    AW has stopped playing him because Stuggart want him and in Germany fans are calling for him to go on loan…

  187. Got to say i was disappointed with our display today. I felt that Jack and Aaron never played very well today. Aaron seems to have his sights on scoring goals and seem’s to have taken his eye off of the part of his game that makes him such a good player. His fighting spirit and his slick passing seemed a long way off to day, and i felt that Jack also is suffering. I know that we rely on these two midfielder’s but maybe their ever running engines need servicing, Our subs came on and injected the energy we needed to score our goal but i must say a more untidy goal than you would like to see. Theo did get to the header to lay the chance on but he hardly offers anything else on the park maybe he is not quite fit yet but i must say his work rate is usually spread out to the other players. Exactly what Czezesney was doing for their goal left me mystified i thought Flappy was back. Czez is 6’6” and the shot was at chest height why did he lose all height and the ball fly in fairly low and still he was flapping with his arms but over his body, I felt this was a very sloppy goal to give away. Our performance you could say was reasonable but when you play a team who played like Everton did we needed to step our game up we had the beating of Everton but we didn’t use that extra gear, 2 points went begging today and although a draw is better than a loss has left me disappointed..

  188. i still can’t understand why we look like the away side at the Ems against a ordinary Everton side.

  189. I don’t get the Gnabry situation at all Ts, he was just starting to get more and more confident and then wham, gone. Crazy, especially as we have lacked width and pace down the right…

  190. Dna- we do not have a home game except in the CL ;)

    re Squad rotation, another thing which irks me is that AW is allowing Tv to get rusty knowing that a CB should be kept on their toe… 10 minutes here and there for a versatile player like him is necessary imho…

    I haven’t seen Ng here for a while… hope he is well…

  191. I thought TW did pretty well after coming on Sp, he stopped them bombing down the left, grabbed an assist and put in a few good crosses…

  192. Rico, its because Aw does not want him to be hot property thus far…

    On BVB blogs… someone claimed Klopp met Serge’s father a few weeks ago ;) ;) if true… hmmm

    Lowe saying Serge could make the Krauts squad too didn’t help either…

  193. Certainly in the first half we didn’t look like the home side …

    Off for a bite to eat now and write something for tomorrow….

  194. Rico, i think Gnabry is been held back because JL stated he had a chance to be in Germany WC squad, i don’t know whats the fuss with some of these players concerning the WC because some teams are only going to the WC to make up numbers.

  195. :D Sir SP1.., you and Theo; did he fleece you on ebay? lol

    Aw’s agenda on certain players…

    listen to JW talk about Frimps on 0:59 onwards…

  196. If anyone doubted frimpong was one of the better players but has not got an equal chance due to him refusing to represent England… JW even agrees.

    When Frimpong played 2 seasons ago it was his yellow cards that fans hated but never his talent.. flamini comes to mind now…

  197. I would agree that Wengers Player handling could be better Gnabry Eisfield Vermaelen in fact all our non playing professional’s do seem to be forgotten until He feels that first team players look Jaded, and then uses multiple changes. I feel that to rotate wisely we should introduce them each game but not enough to unbalance the team, At least fringe players would feel part of the set up and gain valuable experience along the way. At the end of the day what is a squad for. Maybe i have been hard on Theo Rico but playing him after a longish injury and leaving Gnabry out doesn’t sit right for me.

  198. Ts, is Frimpong still a afc player?

  199. totally agree sp1.

    That is why I hardly call for signings… AW needs to use the squad properly instead of using the same 17 players until he is desperate and then he throws in aplayer who has not featured since July but then expects him to play to his best potential…

    Old Fergie use to use his whole squad before December and then settle on 17 or 18 for the run-in…

  200. still gets paid but I guess out of AW’s plans… lol

  201. Flamini importance can’t be questioned, the team was all over the place and no other player was willing to stamp their authority. The criteria to be afc captain needs to be updated.

  202. I am gutted we dropped two points first half was a let down although when we did start playing you could see that we opened them up very easily for me Ozil was outstanding every good move started with him that one move in the middle of the first half where gibbs nearly got on the end of it was outstanding play by Ozil to start the move he was well ul for it to bad the others didnt show the samefoght in the first half. For all of evertons play in the first they had no shots on goal and never even looked like they would scorw they played in front of us and we had the best of the chances in the first half and kos had lakuku and he knew it too. We should have won that game and only after the next two league will really know if that really was two points dropped or one won i just think that considering how much of the ball everton had in 1st half a draw is fair but then considering how many good chances went begging for us we should have wrapped the game up. Today more than ever i think a new top level strikee is what we need giroud for me just wasnt good enough although he very almost madw up for it at the end and howard webb for mw let for much go in there favour how he didnt book lukaku for the push on kos in the 1st half still puzzles me now. All in all im gutted we didnt put in a top performance one positve is we showed fight and didnt cave in to their 1st half pressure which is a good sign

  203. no one questions Flamini’s contribution…

    I just maintain MA08 is a better DM, results and clean sheet prove that…

    AW clearly believes that as MA08 plays in the ‘bigger’ games…

    Further, on AW’s squad management; I like CJ25 but is he better that Yennaris?

  204. Arteta needs to be played when we are up against more physical, less skilful sides.
    He looked very slow today.
    JM…having a crack at Jenks….really?
    Sorry, but we must have watched different games as he looked terrific to me :)
    Guys, we are 5 points clear so no point questioning the job Wenger is doing.
    No manager gets everything right, and he is not perfect.
    Our defence is brilliant, in general.
    I doubt Sczezney thought the kid would shoot so was maybe not ready.
    I was waiting for a cross….little shit lol
    5 points clear, guys, be kind :)

  205. Frimpong has been told that his contract will not be continued at the end of the season,

  206. Ts, that’s your opinion. Flamini is the only DM at the club. Afc keeping clean sheet and getting better results because we start defending as a team. MA08 dosent contribute more than any other player, if it was up to him today we would have lost.The debate will never stop if we compare players because its a team game.

  207. Scott, you know if the wheels fall off I will be there defending AW as usual but his squad management is something he can improve on imho… lol

  208. I would just like to say that all our fullbacks work their socks off it is a very demanding position Ask AK :)

  209. Fair enough Dna, I never slate any player one match day when we do not win and praise him the other when we win…

    On Wednesday when Hull were coming into their own even at 2-0 AW brought on Arteta…; I do not see that as a tarnish on Flamini ability…

    Players have bad games… picking on one or 2 players just because one may not like him is not worth it imho…unless it is constructive…
    Its up to AW to figure out when to play certain players.

  210. Rico, have you heard from Goonie… his other team Vitesse Arnhem are flying with the Eredivisie…

  211. Ts, lol. the truth is the truth, do u agree that a better striker than OG or a better DM than MA would have won us this game? I don’t think that’s slating any player, thats just the truth imo.

  212. evening all

    mixed feelings about the result..all in all isn’t too bad but could and should have been better

    our starting lineup today had outstanding players in it but lacked a crucial element in footballing team … balance…..

    JW,CAZ & MO don’t go together without upsetting the overall balance of the team

    MF or TR should have started in place of JW …
    clearly we tick better when TR07 is in the team..why leave him out!

    fielding up the team with one eye on the next match is too naive….we dont have to win vs Napoli as much as today’s

    i agree Ts re managing the squad,as much as i love AW,he doesn’t rotate bearing in mind the strength/weakness of the opposition of the day!

    playing at home today and we couldn’t have a sniff of the ball for the first 40mins…and we kept doing the same thing we started with!!

  213. lol Dna, I love your views because it inspires me with the stats job/hobby I do for one of the EPL databases that even managers use;
    You and Esp even influenced me on discussing taking stats on JW vs AR16 last season…

    I think you see football differently to me so we may never agree on a lot..

    One time you were going on about how JW was the best since slice bread and I was saying the same things most people are now saying…

    On to your question, I do not know, as I said before, I do not think even Thomas Hasler or Keown or Rijkaard in DM weould have saved us today. AW setting up the team with no cover for CJ25 was naive to say the least.

    Pienaar, Oviedo and Barkley exploited that. Maybe MA08 is not fierce enough but he tried to tell JW to help out CJ and he refused… Arteta then called SC19 to swap with JW on the flanks for a short while…

    From the first minute from the non commercial TV feed I was watching this game from with the ability to choose the camera angles etc, I could tell we will be in trouble.

    Suarez could not score against Hull so that proves any player can have a bad day unless you are Ronaldo or Messi…

  214. Hi Kali… all well.

    Same here re AW.. maybe I am unable to articulate my views as well as it could be done… lol

    Dna, what I was trying to say earlier was that the issue or performance today had nothing to do with our DM at all because Arteta as slow as he was run the most in the whole team…

    The issue I strongly contend was that our fullbacks pushed too far up field but none of them are Roberto Carlos or Cafu going forward… and I mean no disrespect to Gibbs or CJ25. What that caused was that AR16 ended up covering for Gibbs on the lhs and Arteta covered on the rhs leaving the midfield empty with Barkley and McCarthy free to run behind JW and Sc19 who were trying to close Everton down wrongly and effectively.

    The tactic we used only works when TR07 is in the game because he instinctively knows when to close down or push high. Ozil has that too but is less vocal compared to Tr07 so is maybe unable to orchestrate the closing down…

  215. Two points dropped, clerly. :(

    Still, we lead Yanited by 13. :D :D

  216. Not recently Ts re Goonie.

    Don’t think anyone needed different camera angles to see we were in trouble, the players helped us see that quite clearly…

  217. Anyway, just popped in to say and bye..

    Night all…..

  218. agag, could be a lot more by the end of the season ;)

    Gone now…

  219. GDNA, how come you’re hardly ever here when we’re winning? :D

    rico, I completely agree with your comment on Cazorla. He has been underperforming for a while now. That is concerning.

  220. Go get some beauty rest, rico. :)

  221. He looks a bit heavy agag ;)

  222. Ts, lol. I will take that as a yes. I stand by my point about JW. JW is the best young english talent imo. I notice the the Barkley hype but i won’t buy into it, playing for Everton is different than playing for Arsenal. I watched JW outplay Javi and Inesta in their prime in the CL. And notice i said the Champions League.

  223. Lack of pre-season Agag I think.

    That Confed cup was a waste as he only played against lowly Tahiti but missed pre-season and then got that injury after the Fulham game…

    Night Rico… ‘morrow is another day.

    I still think we will beat $hitty… Pellegrini’s record against AW is similar to AW’s against Mauren-ho.lol

  224. Ag, thats a weird question, i guess this is the first match of the season.

  225. Good Evening all you fine folks.
    We still top of the table and Everton is not a pushover these days. Yes, we could have had all three points but AW went with what he presume to be the best. Let us keep the faith.

    T’s, these days I’m superstitious. I believe if I blog during game day we’ll struggle. So I just read what you fine people are saying.

  226. All those Spanish omelettes for brekkie, rico. :D Tsk.

  227. SC19 has to realise he is being treated as a B team man for Spain…

    When Spain is going on their stupendous 3000 miles tours they drop Iniesta, Mata and Xavi and select Santi. A bit disrespectful imo…

    Dna, I love Jack and he is in fact a nice guy from what I have heard from youngster who hang around with him so I wish in well even though he is a west ham supporter not a gooner like most think ;)…

    I just think he needs to earn his place like everyone else in the team. I want England to do well but its not fair on Arsenal when 1 or 2 players (like Aneke) are not getting chances because they ain’t poster boys. ;)

    Hiya Ng… was just asking about you?

  228. Ts, i don’t know much about what goes on behind the scene, but i really like Chucks A.

  229. GDNA, don’t be cross. I was just teasing cause I don’t really see you here when we are winning and MA08 has a great game. ;) To be fair, you have always said that you found him average.

    Ginge, what are Santi’s stats this season? He has gotten matches under his belt now, and still looks like a pale version of his last year’s self.

  230. Yes T’s, I read your comment asking about me. That was very kind of you.

    Everton wasn’t going to rollover and give us three points. The guys did well but Gibbs should have closed that gap. He gave him too much time and space.

  231. @agag, Santi was fine before the injured. He’ll bounce back.

  232. ha ha Agag… Are you trying to get me crossed? :P

    Seriously, don’t know really. I can check for you later…In terms of distance covered etc, from what I have seen, it is slightly lower than last season but then he played too many games last season and has not had a break because of going to Brazil in the Confed cup…

    He is 28 y.o and so maybe nees to be managed better… or it could be that AW has to play him with Poldi more… maybe certain combinations do not work.

    Again he plays better when TR07 starts…

  233. Chuke’s should be groomed as a poor man Yaya Toure but he has been sent on loan to a club 2 tiers below us… tsk

    He has the stature, the skills and vision to play anywhere on the field apart from LB but…

  234. I agree Nash, Santi is quality. I just wish he were back to his great footballer self sooner. :) And Theo has to find those shooting boots, too!!

    Ginge, I just meant the basic ones like assists, goals. I’ll check it myself, I don’t want to cross you. :P

  235. I thought everton were terrific today. A draw was a fair reflection of the game. I won’t be wrong to say they are the best team we have faced in the PL at the emirates. Martinez is doing a good job. Hope they finish in the top 4 at the end of the season. I think Wenger made a wrong decision not to start rosicky instead of wilshere. He should have kept wilshere for the Napoli game. Hopefully Rosicky starts against the northern oilers on saturday. Cheer up lads ;) we still 5pts and top of the league

  236. Agag- you know I was just teasing… :-)

    Appearance (3) Assists-1 Goals-1

    Santi has always averaged 5 goals a season before he joined us but his assists have been decent…

    His appearances so far are:

    Crystal Palace 0 : 2 Arsenal 72′

    ECC 29-10-2013 Arsenal 0 : 2 Chelsea

    EPL 02-11-2013 Arsenal 2 : 0 Liverpool
    ICL 06-11-2013 Borussia Dortmund 0 : 1 Arsenal 75′
    EPL 10-11-2013 Manchester United 1 : 0 Arsenal 78′
    EPL 23-11-2013 Arsenal 2 : 0 Southampton 70′

    ICL 26-11-2013 Arsenal 2 : 0 Marseille 15′

    EPL 30-11-2013 Cardiff 0 : 3 Arsenal 77′

    EPL 04-12-2013 Arsenal 2 : 0 Hull 90′

    EPL 08-12-2013 Arsenal 1 : 1 Everton

    I agree he has too much quality to be a flash in the pan…

  237. emma, I think we all agree that it was a fair result; all these wins though, and suddenly i’m greedy for all these three points. :)

    Ginge, hahaha. Thank you for the effort. :) Santi needs to improve those stats otherwise he may not be going to the WC after all.

  238. Another of my typos… Agag

    Appearance should read 11(3)- 11 starts and 3 sub appearances…14 in total.

  239. agag – Couple of years ago we would have lost this type of game. I see it as one pt gain. I believe we will beat them in liverpool in the return fixture. Cause I will be there to cheer the boys up ;)

  240. I was wondering when you were going to admit you are an Ever-loan fan Emma? :P

  241. Thanks again, Ginge. :) Santi has been overshadowed by Ramsey and Ozil this season so far (who hasn’t?) but one hopes that the upcoming run of big matches gets his adrenalin pumping.

    emma, Everton out-Arsenaled Arsenal in the first 30 or so minutes, it was so, so weird. Must be nice to be in the away stands singing loud and proud! :)

  242. ts ;)

    Watched the match with my evertonian friends at the bar. I took the piss out of them when we scored unfortunately we couldn’t hold on. Hopefully next time. Problem in the match was as if we had our eyes on Napoli. Probably wanted to conserve energy without doing much. We should have taken a couple of the chances we had in the first half.
    Hopefully we pick up all 3pts or at least a pt at the northern oilers next weekend ;)

  243. agag – I believe arsenal allowed everton to throw what they had at them in the first 30mins. That’s when we should have picked them out and scored but we were sloppy in possession. This match was meant for Rosicky and not wilshere. We didn’t break quickly thru the linesf which rosicky is best at doing

  244. Night Peeps,

    Stay safe… catching up on Arrow and Blacklist. ;)

  245. emma, as expected, Everton did tire because of their hi-octane stuff, I wish the subs came in a bit earlier.

    Credit to Everton’s Barkley; I hadn’t realized he was that good. Howard made some fine saves, too; and we are now left to groan over those missed chances (Gibbs, Ramsey, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud). We definitely need to finesse it in front of goal. Some of our players look more panicked than the opposing keeper. ;)

    Night, Ginge!!

  246. agag – In this kind of matches, we should have started Rosicky and Walcott(though questionable match fitness). They are players that always turns up for the big occassion. Like ts rightly pointed out, cazorla doesn’t turn up for the big matches. He should be starting from the bench. The wilshere/ozil/cazorla can only work in matches when we are playing teams in the lower tier of the table but when it comes to the top 6 you need rosicky/ozil/walcott combo

  247. I’m sure, the players had an eye out for the Napoli match, emma. I was beginning to think Santi had gotten rid of his big game hoodoo when he scored v. Liverpool last month. ;) Maybe, he’s saving it for Citeh.

    I thought Kos was fantastic. I almost forgot about Lukawho??. ;)

  248. Just watching MotD…

    The big threat from Lukaku was quite easily contained…

    Szczesny made three good saves but should have saved the shot from Delaufou IMHO…

    Arsenal created more opportunities from what I saw of the highlights, and probably should have won…
    But a draw, on the face of it, is fair…
    And Everton will takes points off of the Northern/Southern Oilers…

    Giroud was so unlucky with his shot at the end…

    JM, Jenkinson isn’t gonna be as good as Sagna, atm, but in time he might be…
    Gibbs took time to mature, and Jenkinson will be the same…

    Barkley looks good, hope he doesn’t end up at Old Toilet…

  249. Not really sure about the criticism of Wenger about the non-use of Gnabry…

    I think he is a great young player, I repeat ‘young player’…

    But as it stands, with so many crucial games coming thick and fast, I believe you have to go with and stick with your most experienced players…

    I don’t care about Stuttgart, their interest in the player is irrelevant to me…
    We need Gnabry and he WILL get chances this season, of that I’m sure…

    And anyway, if Wenger signs someone like Draxler in January, as many of us want, how do we think that that is gonna affect the situation.???

    I cannot criticise Wenger in any way for his team selection, with the greatest of respect to anyone who disagrees…

  250. kev- Not sure any keeper could have saved that. That shot was like a flash. How he got that ball past Gibbs still bits my thinking

  251. I know what you are saying Emma, I just felt he flapped a bit…

    Over all I cannot criticise the team, but then I only saw the highlights on MotD…

  252. What was revealing, was that Arteta said that Everton are the best team Arsenal have played this season. Thee only top side we’ve yet to play is the Northern Oilers…

    So Everton have the look of a top four side, maybe above ManYoo, Spuds and Liddlepool…?

  253. kev – When everton bossed possession in the first half we were solid and they never had a sniff on our goal. We had 3 chances in that same half which we should have taken. The problem we had in the first 35mins was we didn’t break quickly thru their lines when they press us high up the pitch. I felt walcott (don’t know how fit he is at the moment) and rosicky should have started but Wenger knows best.

  254. kev – They will be there or about till the end of the season

  255. Spurs at home in the FA cup jan. Third or fourth

  256. Emma, what you say about Everton possession and the opportunities they created makes sense.
    Knowing how one-eyed MotD is, I found it strange that despite all the said Everton domination, that Szczesny had nothing to do until the 2nd 45…

  257. The last thing that Cazorla and Wilshere wanted was a Mesut Ozil joining. He will always be first pick for the position that they both covet. Wilshere is not interested in the running side of defending on the wings he doesn’t have the pace or lungs for it and today CJ 25 suffered because of it.Ramsey needs a rest pure and simple, Their goal was so fast that SCz didn’t have time to react. Best game of football I have seen for ages, Martinez has kept a lot of the Moyes attributes but has added speed and purposeness to thier game . All in all well worth the trip.

  258. I think that Wenger is trying to nurse Rosicky through this season, not sure that he can do two games a week tbh, he is 33 now ( wish I was :roll: )…

    Theo has come thru a difficult injury, we might have to be patient with him, hence the calls for Gnabry, that I do understand, but if we’re gonna win anything this season, we’re gonna need Theo… And Podolski, we need him back for sure…

  259. potter – ditto 11:43. To be honest I would give Ramsey a breather against Napoli and get him prepared to smash the northern oilers on saturday. He looks a bit jaded today

  260. kev – that’s why i felt wenger got the rotation wrong. Wilshere should have featured vs hull while rosicky should have featured vs everton

  261. For all of that Potter, I think that Ramsey was unlucky, as he almost scored twice, but yes, a rest vs Napoli would do him good…

  262. Spurs at home in the FA cup jan.

    Hot and cold balls , Television game . It won’t be on the Saturday that’s for sure.

  263. Maybe Emma, then again maybe Wenger is saving Rosicky for Napoli…?

    You know Wenger, and his CL crusade!

  264. Gavin, it’s the 3rd Round mate btw…

  265. He gave the ball away too often because he was slower than usual getting away from his man Kev. When the three stooges in midfield were replaced we suddenly found another gear and grew more dangerous. I was disappointed that we couldn’t hold a lead for 8 minutes or so. What’s wrong with going on long passing moves to run the clock down ?

  266. The shame about getting the Spuds, who we will beat, so don’t worry, is that Wenger could have given Gnabry a run out in that game, and Vermaelen etc.

    But thag’s gonna a full on, shit of bugs game, so no rest for our first choice players, sadly…

  267. Kev- You could be right. If I were wenger I would save rosicky for the manshitty game. Don’t know why Cazorla doesn’t often turn up when we play vs top 6 teams in the table

  268. Shit or bust… Bugs ffs!

  269. Potter, I didn’t see all the game mate, so I can’t really judge.

    I suppose we have to complement Everton for their performance.
    I think that Martinez is gonna turn them into a serious threat to the Usual Suspects, IF he can retain his best players…

  270. Good call re: Rosicky and Northern Oilers Emma…

    I can’t criticise Santi ppl, I think he’s great, but as Potter said, our midfield is getting a bit crowded…
    Nice problem to have eh? :-)

    Gotta get some kip now, night Emma/Potter

    And night to you Gavin, over there in Botony Bay, ;-)

  271. No 3-4 of January Kev be on the box can’t wait.

  272. Gav, I reckon it’ll be a Sunday mate…

    Gone now… :-)

  273. “The mighty, mighty England” :lol:

  274. Lots of analysis which is right and typical after a game.
    Still, we were not great, we were decent.
    Everton can not play any better.
    We are 5 points clear.
    We should not be so hard on the players.

  275. Super game for the neutral and hats off to Everton, they deserved their point and have come a long way, real improvement is evident. Take their loan players and their old guys and they are struggling big time though. Serious investment needed. We didn’t seem to have turned up at all in the first half hour, contrary to all the claims we’d be ready. If you have of offered me this table in August i would have bitten your hand off and still we were not beaten so all in all, on we go. Next 2 league games show if we’re ready as the claims suggest. We have to take advantage of Chelsea poor away form so three out of 6 is a minimum return. Can’t see us getting anything from City at their place TBH

  276. Morning Gooners,
    I commented straight after the match and gave my opinion with a sad heart. I felt this game was a good oppotunity to put a bit more distance between us and the rest of the league and although a point gained has put that lead we had, a little further, i still think we let a golden chance slip through our grasp. I watched the game live then watched the highlights them watched the game again this morning. I wanted to give a fair assessment. We are where we are because we have taken the points when they have been there for the taking, and although it has to be said we have played some tight matches it also has to be said that the top sides have still yet to come, Our match with United which saw a bad performance from us, only goes to prove that 3 points can disappear very quickly. Our elimination in our first match in The Capital One cup against Chelsea was also one of those games and that brought it home to me that when we play teams that are supposedly top teams we very seldomly turn up. .I feel that we are in a false position so i should accept that points will be dropped when such games come up. Can we win the league this season and the answer is definitely yes, and the reason that we can win is that the better sides have also made mistakes, i feel that their dropped points have been from complacency they turn up and expect to win and have set their teams up for themselves and not their opponents and they have had learned a lesson that team spirit can bite your bum.
    Our start to the season has gone quite well we have played our neighbours and had a very hard fought win which always pleases supporters. Our opening day loss to Aston Villa made us realise that concentration is a must, Up till now things have gone better for us than past seasons as we are normally chasing the leaders. This year we are leading and they are chasing us. Buying Mesut Ozil has lifted our team and us as well ,but although Ozil is a class act it has to be said we have many good players and we could have still been in this position without him. Ozil has definitely added to our team But not enough to stop us from dropping points we should have won. Our next few games are the defining games that will show how much better we are from last season. I believe we are still a top 4 team but allowing for mistakes at present maybe top 2, Of course you don’t have to be the best team to win the league just a consistent one.

  277. Morning all…..so sorry to hear your sad news Scott!

  278. Tend to agree with a lot of that S.P. The team that puts the run together after New Year will win it and the worry is that we already have had a good run. Watching yesterday I saw frailties in our game which I am sure will have been picked up by other coaches. Some teams are too far back but it could be a top three finish for me this year. No1 if it all goes well , 2 or 3 if things get rocky sometime in the future.

  279. Morning all…

    New post up..

  280. Sp, yesterday was a huge disappointment for me….

  281. Morning All

    Yeah, there is no doubt that Arsenal will drop points this season.

    But I’ve seen plenty to be optimistic about regarding the performances of the Northern/Southern Oilers. That is, both of those artificial clubs have defensive issues far worse than our Gunners.
    I believe that both of them, our main rivals for the Title, will drop more points and make more defensive blunders than our team…

    Podolski almost back, Oxlade-Chamberlain back for the FA Cup perhaps, Diaby almost back, well maybe for Easter ;-) so I see no reason to be despondent…

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