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Cardiff City are no Marseille! Arsene Wenger’s Christmas Present….

Morning all.

Arsene Wenger was fired the ever repeated question again yesterday about when was he going to sign a contract. Someone even asked if that day might before before Christmas to which he responded:

Why? Do you treat that as a present? The fans don’t need to question my commitment to this club. I just want do well and focus on that.

After our difficult start to the season, I want to make sure I am doing the best for this club. I am relaxed about the situation.

I don’t know about other fans but it’s certainly a question which I’d love to know the answer to. Is he planning to stay or has he finally had enough and is looking to leave in the summer. I really can’t see it being the latter as I’m sure those players who recently signed new long term contracts would have wanted to know his plans before signing on the dotted line, as of course would Mesut Ozil when he made his big move in the summer.

Surely he’s staying…… as I hope is Bacary Sagna.

Off to Wales today and a trip home for Aaron Ramsey for the first time since he made his move into the big time.

No new injuries, Gibbs returns and that’s all your statistics done!!

This going to be tough, very tough and anyone who watched Cardiff fight tooth and nail for their point against Manchester United will agree. If that isn’t enough of a warning to Arsene Wenger and his players then maybe a viewing a re-run of earlier fixture against the blue side of Manchester would do the trick, that’s one in which Cardiff did earn maximum points.

I use the word ‘earn’ because that sums up Cardiff in my opinion, they may not have a squad of players whose names stand out in the Premier League but they work hard and give everything from start to finish. They won’t be any different today that’s for sure, they’ll be out to get all three points.

And it seems, Arsene Wenger is very aware of the threat Cardiff present:

They look to have good solidarity, good togetherness [and] fantastic support as well. They are all on the same wavelength in the team and are very efficient at home on set-pieces.

Even on Sunday when they were 2-1 down against Man United, many teams could have thought ‘OK, it’s Man United, we will not come back. But you always had the feeling that they don’t give up. You could feel that they would come back. They have that special attitude and belief in the side, and that makes them dangerous.

It is fantastic what [Mackay] has done. I watched their game last Sunday against Man United and that is what has changed compared to 10 years ago: the teams that have come up from the Championship fight with the top teams in the Premier League on the possession front. That shows you how much the game has improved in the lower divisions.

They beat City at home. They played a very good game against Man United where possession was 50:50. That’s the challenge for us; to do better than these teams.

And of course we have the warning of their performances against the big teams, so we are in a position where we have a difficult challenge but also a very exciting challenge because we can do better.

So everyone at Arsenal are well aware of the level the team need to be playing today. Cardiff are no Marseille and they won’t be rolled over as easy as the French side were. They like taking points of the so-called ‘big teams’ but they have dropped points against other sides like Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa and that tiny club called Tottenham so they are beatable.

We have the players, we have the talent and we have the flair. With the right commitment, passion, desire and fight added to those qualities and three points can be ours…

Oh, and a bit of pace, width and clinical finishing…..

That’s your lot for today, let’s hope it’s a good one….

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221 comments on “Cardiff City are no Marseille! Arsene Wenger’s Christmas Present….

  1. hi Rico, excellent post as always. greetings to all residents. feeling upbeat on match day!
    thanks a lot and am still laughing re- tiny club called tottenham….. tiny tots 4 ever.
    up gooners

  2. Hi Fg, thanks re the post….

    I’ve mixed feelings about today…

  3. Guten Morgen Rico and all,

    ‘I don’t know about other fans but it’s certainly a question which I’d love to know the answer to.’ I totally agree with you Rico; But also believe he has signed the ‘thing’ already at least with a verbal assurance.

    Cardiff =one player Gary ‘Pitbull’ Medel!

    Steven Caulker the ex-sperds player will like to hit us with one on a set piece as will Craig Bellamy give Sagna a headache and some if he starts…

  4. Morning Ts, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if AW has agreed to sign, just waiting for the right time..

    Maybe announcing Lewandowski in Jan would be it… ;)

  5. ha ha Rico you and Agag love Lew…

    As they say ladies have more faith… ;)

  6. morning all
    Maybe announcing Cristiano Ronaldo in January…

  7. :) Ts..

    Somehow I doubt that JM, although it would be nice ;)

  8. Morning All…
    Morning Rico. Fantastic post. ;-)

    Cardiff will be tricky, and will cause an upset if we aren’t ‘on it’ from the ‘off’….
    Bellamy sounds a bit of a closet Spud, but his son (18 and on Cardiff’s books) is a Gooner.
    Bellamy Jnr obviously is more intelligent than Bellamy Snr…

    We’re gonna need to battle for 90 mins in this one, so Wilshere to start and Theo on the bench. TW to come on for the last 20 mins when Cardiff, hopefully, are chasing the game…

    Everyone keeps on about Giroud needing a breather, but he is as strong as an Ox and should do fine until Podolski is ready to give him a break.

    Chezzer, BFG, Giroud, the spine of the team…
    Keep them fit and we’ll be ok….

  9. Hi good people..nice post rico,I think just like me Arsene is Arsenal for life, its matchday in wales and homecoming for Rambo,its all about working hard for each other and not switching off for 90 minutes we wil be seven points clear.

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo…. :-|

    Somebody has been ‘on the Cockburn’s’ again… ;-)

  11. Morning all , Not many times do our brains work on the same objectives Rico but i just wrote a post and sent it to you touching on the same things you have posted please delete the post :)
    I have a feeling that i may see the Arsenal play the type of football that i believe they are capable of.Cardiff as you say have got fighting qualities and will not give up, but i am hoping that we turn up today and not be playing in Neutral or reverse, its time we piled on the pressure and go straight for the throat with killer instincts. Pussy footing about with teams like Cardiff could upset our rythm and i hope they understand that..

  12. Morning Kev – have you read it?? ;)

    Spot on, if we are not on the ball today, things could go very wrong. Bellamy is a bell something ;)

  13. I’m in shock Sp ;)

  14. Morning all.

    …and a bit of pace, width, and clinical finishing…err, just say Theo, we won’t get on your back. Nice post btw.

  15. Ha ha Chills, I think he’ll start this one today..

  16. Another good Post, Rico. :-)

    I am pretty relaxed about AW signing his contract.
    You see if he brings home trophies there is no way he will want to leave, if heaven forbid the season crumbles away to nothing he will want to go.

    The fans are bound to have an opinion in either event, of course, but in all honesty the only one who will decide is Monsieur Wenger — in his own time.

  17. I hope so…he brings those qualities you mentioned to the “table”. We’ve missed those.

  18. Thanks Hb. You might be right, his decision could all hinge on this season, but I can’t see Ozil would have signed had he not been assured that AW would stay…

  19. Maybe MO took it for granted that Arsene would stay. Kinda like Little Boy and SAF though, I don’t see AW leaving irrespective of our performance.

  20. Now I’m off for an hour or so, laters…

  21. *Opens the door for rico and follows her out.*

  22. Of course I read it Rico…… :-D

    I always read your excellent posts, eventually… :-P

  23. Hi Kev, didn’t realise Bellamy Jnr was a gooner? smart young man. lol

    where is Adam btw? Is he still tracking Comet ISON with his precision binoculars and telescopes?

    I read somewhere Maauren-yo uses the same set of telescope to spy on (voyeur) AFC and AW. :P

  24. :) Kev…

    Hello again anyone…

  25. hiya Rico

    Jan Aage Fjortoft ‏@JanAageFjortoft
    I understand Arsenal are big favourite to get Schalke’s Wonderkid Julian Draxler.
    I understand Wenger talk to him often

  26. greetings all housers
    thanks Rico,upbeat motivating post…i think the red army will be
    up for this battle today.

    some reports are surfacing of top-flight match-fixing allegations……
    no surprises if red-nosed and his so good ref-friends involved…
    wonder if the truth will ever gonna be unravelled

  27. 0:40 seconds sums up Ozil. INTELLIGENCE

  28. Yennaris made the bench for AFC Bounemouth…

  29. hi Ts
    MO oozes class…he does it all effortlessly…maybe that’s why he oftenly dubbed as lazy

  30. Hi Ginge, Adam is out getting his bagpipes rebooted…

    Draxler eh??? That would be a great way to kick-off 2014…

    A striker would be nice as well…

    Rico, I am gonna do you a couple of posts this evening…
    Gotta keep in ya good books… ;-)

  31. gibbs to return

  32. Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Rosicky, Flamini, Walcott, Gnabry

  33. CJ25 is getting pushed back and back…

    Bagpipes with a red kilt? ;)

  34. Doorbell went ;)

    Back now…







  36. Look forward to those Kev :P

  37. At last Bendtner no where to be seen,, about time too. Akpon must be well out of favour why on earth are these guys at Arsenal if he has no intention of ever trying them. Wenger has no intention of getting another striker, how could he leave Giroud out and field somebody else. Why take Sanogo on and the Italian goalkeeper who looks like he will get a years pay for absolutley nothing Make sure he gets a knock in training and that will be the easiest 20 grand aa week he has ever earned. Perhaps its me but why can’t we find jobs like that he has not even any Arsenal background I wish i could get on the Arsenal wage bill I can turn up and cheer along with the next man a free seat and probably a hot meat pie after the match yeh that would suit me fine.

  38. Welcome madam.

    Afternoon GoonerFamilia. Nothing for granted today. Plank it and than some. Vrooooooooooooooooooom

  39. Stevo you always make me smile. Don’t hold back the wrath seeded by years of neglect. ;-)

  40. Hiya Dutch me old mate hope your well mate, I am hoping for a big lift this afternoon and i will be Mr Happy all day ha ha

  41. Hi Dutch… Have a ‘coffee’ and chill man…

    Sir Stevo, so much anger mate, just relax, enjoy the ride… ;-)


  43. Stevo

    I wonder myself why this Sanogo & Pizza Goalie has been brought in.

    Only plausible answer: Someone in the office is playing Tetris with the parking lot and needed extra fillers.

  44. Afternoon Sir , You have the faith while i have my doubts man i hope your right :) nice one Dutch :)

  45. Kev me old china.

    Reefer is on for tonight. Enjoy the game.

  46. Ironically Stevo you take it as a joke but it might be closer to the truth than we like. LOL

  47. I totally agree with you SP1 at 2:40; you comment brings JW’s interview Rico posted back to mind. I respect JW even more for acknowledging subtly that he was not the best amongst his peers but it suited AW in certain ways to give him a push and a chance and he has done well to take it…

    Afobe, Akpom,Aneke and the likes (all Afro-English btw) could do with the same privilege ;)

    No to today… get in there 2-1 win

  48. I get skiiing on that strem link

  49. Hiya Ginge

    Not to long ago ‘Dench’ got lynched for the same comment.

  50. I have ski-ing too :(

  51. Woody

    I checked with the streamer and it should be the game. Hold on and let me see if I can drop you a fix.

  52. the bar denied JW ….brlliant tart though

  53. Hiya Ginge you are always on the ball mate, sensible but know what your talking about some of your facts and stats confuse me a bit but i have to say that you couldn’t wish to meet a better Gooner, I would rather a 2 nill as i wouldnt want to slag Czez off, he’s had enough from me just lately :)

  54. Tnx Ginge

  55. ah yes I do now – it was skiing a minute ago.

  56. I know Dg… but I think Dench’s comment was taken out of contest… ;)

    When I use to watch the reserves Oguzhan Ozyakup, Frimps, Afobe, Wyatts were the best amongst that group. Eastmond was promoted too early and the fans did not afford him any patience…

    Anyway… Cardiff are hounding in packs.

  57. :D SP1, my stats confuse myself.lol

  58. oh dear dreadful collision b/w sagna & per….hope he’s ok

  59. Sub about to happen, Per has a concussion… TV to come on

  60. He should have scored… OG12

  61. Oops Giroud…

  62. Play to the whistle… he’s definitely not a poacher…

  63. Pers ok now isn’t he?

  64. I am not saying OG12 is a bad player btw ;)… just saying he is not heartless in front of goal like an INzaghi or a Shearer… imho

  65. dear oh dear….OG !! play to the whistle man….!! never offside

  66. Per looks ok…
    I am sure the sperds media lovers will have something to say about that though… him still being on. ;)

  67. Cardiff are set up very well… we need a bit of width imo…

    I am hoping OG12’s chance does not come back to haunt us…

  68. That must be painful for Kim of Cardiff… a knee to the face.

  69. Poor and lazy pass from Arteta almost putting us in trouble…

    Ramsey is making the ‘ chilean pitbull’ look like a poodle thus far. lol

  70. Ramseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  72. Pur class.. no Ade da whore-esque celebration.

    Where is Scott… ?

  73. hahahah rico you beat me to it……brilliant
    another assist for the assist king

  74. I am here and happy.
    Go lad!!!!!

  75. What a cross from Ozil btw… makes it look too easy…

  76. Szczesny to keep a clean sheet.

    Unleash Walcott & Rosicky in 2nd 45 to kill em…

  77. :-) Scott… if the hat trick does not happen… ;)

  78. the near side linesman is having a ‘mare.

  79. wasteful Aaron.. should have been 2

  80. Some commentators still going on about the LIKELIHOOD of us conceding on a set piece. tsk

  81. Where’s Andy Townsend?

  82. :) in ITV studio as kissing Adrian Chiles’s backside possibly… lol

  83. Hat trick is coming.

  84. Watching Marseille Kev ;)

  85. Rico… :lol:

  86. Well-done to our Welshman!! :) Happy, Scott?

    Boo, rico! Hello, ginge!

  87. B04 and BM both winning today.

    Its a shame B04 made Yanited look world class mid week.

    BVB09 firmly 3rd.. its all gone pear-shaped so sudden..

  88. So far so good…

    Another Szczesny clean sheet coming up…

    Cardiff will come out breathing fire. See off that initial enthusiasm then send on Theo as the push up, leaving acres of space for TW to exploit…

  89. If we do sign Draxler, then who does he replace, because the size of the fee would mean that he would always play???

  90. Hello Agag..
    your boy OG12 should have scored earlier…

  91. What a save… what a save,

    Julio Caesar???

  92. Hello, Kev. :) Howdy/ ginge, not to worry, Giroud has time to net one in the second half. ;)

  93. Don’t know Kev; unless SC19 is going to be sold…

  94. Personally, I think Ginter and Draxler will join BM next season as Schweinsteiger has become injury prone…

    Maybe a cheeky bid from Bavaria for our Welsh warrior too… ;) :P

  95. Boo to you agag…

    Draxler the second striker maybe?

  96. Just saw a quote stating Draxler talks to Wenger quite often.
    And another saying this Ramsey boy can play a bit hahahaha

  97. Santi leaving…..?
    Hmm, can’t see that Ginge…
    Both Arteta and Rosicky have another year at least, maybe two…
    You cannot beat experience in the squad.
    Zelalem will break thru next season.
    Signing Draxler would stunt his development…

    I’d love Draxler, but there’s other areas in more need of strengthening.
    All the same, I’d be delighted to see him in an Arsenal shirt…

  98. Hey Agag, how ya doing teenager? ;-)

  99. Draxler can’t play striker though… unless Ozil is going to be turned into the next RVP as I suspected when we bought him with Draxler as a number 10… Ozil is a good striker or was at youth level at least;

    It looks like a volcano is about to erupt inside Medel…

  100. Almost time to introduce Walcott methinks?

  101. I agree Kev… Draxler is a BIG game player though, so there is still look with us for him if Arteta and Rosicky are going to be playing less next season which I doubt btw…

    They are still as good as they come…

  102. Feeling a little nervous now…we could really do with a second goal!

  103. Actually Poldi may be part of a deal; I heard during the summer if this season is not a hit for him…

  104. Ginge, I’d rather Lew. He would be silly to join that little club, BM. :)

    Kev, hahaha. I wish I were still in my teens and on an allowance from my parents. I wouldn’t need to think about anything else.

    rico, hello. How’s you?

  105. I think we will ride the storm… Flamini will come on to ‘sure’ thinks up later on if we can’t score a 2nd…

    Cardiff drop from between the 70th and 80th minute when we are normally on full steam

  106. :-) Agag. keep dreaming, it may come good for all of us… ;)

    What a tackle from Arteta…

  107. I wouldn’t want us to sell Poldi. Players seem to like him, and one cannot underestimate how a change in behind-thescenes dynamics could affect our on-pitch performance.

    We need to be pressing for a second goal. Come on, now!

  108. Lack of pre-season for SC19 is showing… shame

  109. Lee Mason is a sperds…

  110. New AW…. very pragmatic or negative..

    views/rant expected after the game.lol :P

  111. good play with the Aussie’s beating the kiwi’s

  112. Flamini goal… wow

  113. 2-0 Flamini :P

  114. That pass… xxxx

  115. Ozil can’t play hahahahahahaha

  116. I’m good thanks agag, even better now :)

    How’s you??

  117. Some of the best things in life are FREE… Fremoney

  118. Seems like the sleevegate controversy has fired up one our Frenchmen. :D

  119. Theo and Aaron :)

  120. super super… Theo assist too…

  121. Where’s Andy Townsend??? :-D

  122. Never, ever could I be prouder of any arsenal player.
    Aaron…class, persistence, respect.

  123. whose watching MOTD? Some depressed experts will be on tonight?

  124. Where’s Alan Shearer??? :-P

  125. GTFIT – I was really worried about today’s fixture, but this team continue to prove Wenger right…Amazing!

    We now have 2 massive home games before we face City and Chelsea. Massive massive month coming up

  126. Where’s all the rest of those no-nothing mug pundits…

    Eat your fecking hearts out you bunch of tossers…

    Come On You Fucking Rip-Roaring Gunners…

  127. Scott, Ramsey is shite :P no hat trick again!….

    On a serious note, he was class even without considering the 2 goals he scored.Not a lot of box to box midfielders (including Yaya Toure) make Medel look like Denilson after a night out… lol

    Medel has made the likes of Busquet look average but not our Welsh warrior…

    But my man of the match was Scez… he kept us in the game with 2 super super saves….

    Who is Julio Ceasar again?

  128. Hello all, thought I will wait to comment until after the game. Brilliant performance from the lads today, two world class assists from Ozil, and three world class goals for Arsenal, another clean sheet, and another Ramsey brace.

    I will defo want to hear what those planks and MOTD have to say just listening to them on football focus made me laugh. I mean Robbie Savage whats with him as a pundit, one thought comes to mind, scrapping the barrel.

    Well done lads another three points and another great win.

    COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!

  129. Great stuff, Arsenal. :) :)

  130. Ha ha ha, ha, I can’t stop larfin, thinking about all those muppets on MotD… :lol:

  131. Where is Alan Shearer??? Alan Shearer said, I quote “What a signing for Liverpool, Nurin Sahin on loan. Arsenal losing out shows why cups and ambitions matter to players. Liverpool looks strong.”

    Arsenal good enough???

  132. Mind your blood pressure, Shopping Buddy!!

    SSP, Ozil was reading our blog and I think he wanted to please you. :P

  133. Is the best yet to come from Ozil??? Not for me… he is class; this is his game.. he glides around the pitch filling in gaps like a principal of a section of an orchestra.. no one knows who he is when an orchestra is playing but keeps things ticking along beautifully…

  134. ha ha ha Ng… good result.

    And my boy Arteta starting and helping to keep another clean sheet…

  135. Hey teenager, I could crush a grape… Ha ha ha :-P

  136. those muppets on MotD… :lol so true…

    Adrian Ginger Durham is another one… he thought $hitty lost to Cardiff so we will lose too…

    Pure class we were…mind you they are already saying Cardiff were poor and failed to convert chances… it is never Arsenal playing well.

  137. T’s, such performance beg the question, Is Arsenal good enough????

  138. :-) I’m happy
    We are a solid team.
    Szesc is the best gk of the League

  139. Good substitutions AW…lol

  140. Gotta go back to work…

    See all you Gooners lata…

  141. I too was concerned about today but what a great result.

    Have a good evening Kev…

  142. MAY I JUST SAY THANK YOU FOR THE LINK, Ginge or Dutch as that has made my afternoon, Arsenal playing football at last, Szezesney you have made a great save today and i commend you ( keep it up son) Finally i have seen the Mesut Ozil i have been hearing about he played amazing, Ramsey deserves credit in fact all the player played well Sagna if you dont get an extention Wenger will get a bit of my temper, I liked this game a good stream and a very good match backwards and sideways passes was kept to a minimum and players looked like they wanted to go forwards my kind of football a very fine header and a lovely cross, Flamo coming on and firering one in had me out the chair my beer all over the chair the old woman bollocking me and me punching the air, I would like to see this style carry on but i wont go there yet i will just say Arsenal you have made me Mr Happy. :)

  143. Identity theft Rico?

    I have been a victim before… very stressful… I had to go to court and all to clear me name…

  144. Where is Syg btw, he said on July 3,2013 @2:45 “Incisor-flashing show-boating Turkish-boot wearing Duck egg Wenger.” What do you have to say for yourself ‘Young Man’?

  145. later kev..

    Ng, we ain’t good enough ;)

  146. syg only comes along during the window…

    I hope his money is safe in Cyprus ;)

    I miss Malaga gooner too… I need a transfer laugh.

  147. I am one happy man.

  148. Ginge, just one teeny thing: Busquets IS ordinary. He’s a master only at one thing: simulating/diving/playacting. Hate his mug.

    Hiya, Nash.

    SSP, you mind your blood pressure, too. :P

  149. Agag- you hate Barca to the tee… :D

  150. Don’t think so Ts, just some idiot who has cloned my card…

  151. It appears AW will be playing TR07 only in top tier games and CL football atm..

  152. Hi agag,

    what a manager we have in AW. He turns water into wine. He makes the ordinary look special, the no name to world renown.

  153. Hate that club and its dodgy DNA. :)

  154. I echo that sentiment Sp, although I didn’t get to watch the match as on the phone through most of it…

    Ts/Scott – as ‘your boy’ scored two, would either you like to write the report for tomorrow? ;)

  155. Are ok Rico… that should be straight forward with your bank thrn.. at least I hope…
    if the banks act up let me know and I will point you to web-site with free info to help..

  156. NG, AW only needed to be “set free” in the transfer market. :) I swear, I could teach him a thing or two about shopping.

  157. Ginge

    That’s hilarious re Malaga Gooner. ROFL What a nut job.

  158. ROFL indeed Dg… he keeps me going during the non-existing transfer window when it comes to Arsenal…

    His best was… ‘just been told 2 private jets are sitting on the runway waiting to fly the Bender twins and Lew for a medical at Colney’… lmfao

  159. Thanks Ts, the bank should be fine, they have a good reputation..

  160. Rico, re post I would have but I have to watch Norwich & Fulham to post my stats submission to a database for checking…

    Can’t fast forward either…

  161. I saw those jets though ;)

  162. rico, that’s awful. My mom was a victim, too, someone in Luxembourg went mad shopping, buying all sorts of Apple products. :( :(

  163. Hey, Dutch! How are you? Been a while, buddy!

  164. Ginge

    I can just picture him lurking at an German air-hub runway, fingers dully clutching the fence and airport personnel trying to flog him off with a Mickey Mouse story.

  165. Where is Emma btw?

    Some trivial stats…

    Mikel Arteta made a game-high 7 successful tackles.

    – Laurent Koscielny, Mikel Arteta and Gary Medel each made 5 interceptions, a game-high.

  166. Agag

    My secret love. I’ve been door to door collecting pennies for your thoughts.

  167. :D Dg…

    All in his imagination me think… I suggested he was wasting his talent… he could write a mean wag story…

  168. What a night.

  169. Actually Agag it was to clean up the mess en restore hope for those whom have lost their shelter in the Philippines.

  170. That’s annoying Ts ;)

  171. “Secret love”? Hahaha, you do make me laugh, Dutch. :D

    Sooo many people lost everything down south. And we have great reason to suspect that the Phil government is suppressing the death toll. :cry:

  172. Ginge

    I seriously need your help. Are you ok exchanging email??

  173. conspiracy Agag…?

    Nothing is a coincidence… ;)

  174. of course… let the Boss lady know…

  175. Holland raised 28mln for direct aid Agag. But I doubt all will end up with those whom are in need the most.

    Mainly cuz such large sums are treated like import products going through different levels of government and local authorities distributing and chopping it up in untraceable pieces.

  176. Possibly, ginge. The president was quick to say that the dead numbered “only” 2500; the police chief who said 10,000 was briefly relieved from office (for the allegedly “irresponsible” statement); and the count’s close to 6000 now. :(

  177. Just seen the goals on YouTube… Bloody marvellous…

    Beautifully crossed by Ozil, just begging to be helped into the net. And Ramsey delicately helped it over the keeper and into the net…

    Gotta go…

  178. I will Ginge. Just wanted to make sure with you first. Might not need the courtesy but I want it as an option in my back pocket.

    Tnx mate. Cheers. Much appreciated.

  179. Our government officials deserve to be a species all their own. Lowest form of life, they are, Dutch. Thanks, buddy for the help. ;)

  180. I have been reading about stories/rumours about land grabbing etc..by western elites… ;) Myanmar is being blamed but…

  181. no problems Dg…

  182. Ginge, you mean the Chinese?? :) Insofar as I know, we have a fairly good diplomatic relationship with Myanmar. We’re fighting with China over certain rocks in the West Philippine sea. We have taken them to the ITLOS, and jurisdiction has been assumed, so we shall see. The CCP was sooo very displeased by that move, obviously. Foreign aid (not that it is ever mandatory) from China for the typhoon victims was initially only USD 100,000. Everybody was happy to remind it of its “superpower” status; and only mounting international pressure compelled a more generous donation.

  183. 5.25 am and just got home.
    A little drunk….absolutely.
    What a great game.
    Off to bed for a few hours sleep….maybe 1 1/2 if I’m lucky hahaha
    Night guys.

  184. Night Scott..

    I’m off to get dinner, catch up later..

    Night to anyone who departs in the meantime… ;)

  185. Well done the boys today. Really good performance with several being mentioned in dispatches.

  186. Unfortunately AGAG ,( hello btw ) thus it ever was. The amount of overseas aid given by the so called richer countries is vast. However the people affected hardly ever seem to benefit from it unless direct action is taken by the agencies that go in and do the work themselves. Governments and dictators have grown very rich on the back of other peoples donations.It’s why people tire of being asked to fill buckets for various charities. I have two boxes on my retail counter, 1 for children and the other for blind people to train dogs, when the Poppy day comes around we have all three. Surprisingly they all manage to take a reasonable amount, but just in the journey from Blackstock road to the Arsenal I would think a minimum of 10 buckets are shaken at you as you walk that mile. I seriously would rather pay an extra percentage of tax for charity
    as long as there would be a guarantee that our government wouldn’t try to keep it.

  187. Wenger asked if he’d sell Ramsey for £50m: “No we don’t want to sell anybody, I suffered for years from selling players.

  188. Away down south coast Arundel, for a few days but managed to catch 2nd half on radio. It gets better and better. Really didn’t think Ramsey would do it again today, but so happy to be proved wrong. Beers going to taste sweet tonight! And MOTD tomorrow night when get home.

  189. Laters Peeps. Keep it Goonerish. Off 4 tonight. Might drop stream links 2morrow for the sunday games.

    Cheers everybody.

  190. Boo, potter. I quite agree. Unfortunately, the cancer that is corruption is far worse in third-world countries such as the Philippines. We are an archipelago of 7,100++ islands (we do not share borders with other countries), so decentralization of power from the capital, Manila, while necessary, has birthed all sorts of evils, what with local government heads acting like mini-gods. Our vice president, Jejomar Binay (the most odious person) has had bags of aid for the victims stamped with the seal of his office and name. The nerve!! Imagine taking credit for what is presumably government funds/foreign donation. Yuck.

  191. Bye, Dutch. Keep collecting those pennies. :P

    Hello, Andrew. :) ginge, not Ramsey, that boy will stay. ;)

  192. Night Dg,

    Agag- almost all politicians are the same;

    Coining one of Mugabe’s sayings… the difference between western politicians and a military dictator of a third world country is one group wears a suit and the other wears a military uniform…

    JFK.. also said in the 60’s that all nations were on the verge of being a corporations for a few global elites.

  193. Adam’s new friend Costa scoring again…

  194. Evening folks, Sky Sports must be livid, two weeks in a row they’d had to put our game on first…

  195. :) Rico

    its beautiful being a gooner nowadays…

    Top of the league by a handful of points. Second in the league in goals scored chart, second in league in goals against.

    Night all and enjoy the rest of the evening…

  196. It is Ts, it certainly is, night to you….

  197. Good night, friends.

    rico, I hope you were able to sort out your credit card woes. :)

  198. Ozil leads the EPL assists chart with 6 and he missed 2 or 3 games in August… 94% accuracy pass accuracy playing on the wings or as a number 10… unbelievable for a player who has been poor since he joined us…

    Also Arteta amongst top 5 best tacklers/DM in the whole Europe with Ramsey number 2… get in there… not bad for a slow coach ;)

    Gone now.

  199. That will take a while agag :( Nighty to you…

  200. I’m off for the day too, night all..

  201. As I was saying, a fantastically weighted pass, from that underachieving Ozil, right into the path of Flamini. Thankfully he didn’t need a touch, but just put his boot thru the shot and blasted an unstoplable shot high into the net… Quality!

    Finally, Theo sprinting guru a dispirited Cardiff rearguard and laying a peach of a pass into the path of Ramsey. And Aaron having confidence to slate picked the more difficult side of the keeper and squeezed his shot high into the net. Fantastic finish…

    I love this team…. :-)

    Now to enjoy all those hapless wankers on MotD…
    It’s gonna be fun… :-D

  202. Guru = thru

    Slate = spare. :roll:

  203. We were superb.

  204. Are jelling yet or are we yelling.

  205. Are we jelling yet or are we yelling?

  206. Things are slowly coming together.
    One day, we may be contenders :)

  207. Pinch punch and all that jazz :P

    December is a tough tough month for us, a month which will tell us an awful lot imho..

  208. Oops, morning all..

  209. Morning Rico.
    November is a tough month also.
    Well, usually :)

  210. Morning Scott, but haven’t we been the authors of our bad Novembers before this season?

    Hull, Everton, Napoli, Man City and Chelsea all before Christmas….

  211. Sure have Rico, but we are a different side now :)

  212. Exactly Scott, very different…

    New post up now…

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