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Wenger set for Germany move & We don’t get a break unless we get knocked out of the CO Cup.. ..

Morning all.

For the first time in many years – I have not really taken too much interest in the upcoming fixtures, other than of course to see when we faced the neighbours for the first time. Maybe that was partly down to having an average time in the transfer window and I feared for our season ahead.

Yesterday I looked to see just what’s in store for us.

Our fixtures, which in theory kicked off last night, when pretty much all of our players were involved in international fixtures. Even the younger ones were off playing for their respective age group the night before…

There is second fixture next week, .

After that, it’s busy busy busy.

Saturday 14th September – Sunderland away

Wednesday 18th September –  Marseille away

Sunday 22nd September – Stoke City home

Wednesday 25th September – WBA away (co cup)

Saturday 28th September – Swansea away

Tuesday 1st October – Napoli home

Sunday 6th October – WBA away

Then it’s another international break, so two more fixtures for our players and after that, it doesn’t get any easier.

Saturday 19th October – Norwich home

Tuesday 22nd October Borussia Dortmund home

Saturday 26th October Crystal Palace home

Should we have lost to WBA back in September in the Capital One Cup, we’ll get a full weeks break after the Palace fixture as the 4th round is played on either 29th or 30th October but I fully expect us to be playing on either of those nights.

So that could be another another midweek fixture, followed by another run of non-stop fixtures:

Saturday 2 November – Liverpool home

Wednesday 6th November – Borussia Dortmund away

Sunday 10th November – Manchester United away

Saturday 23rd November – Southampton home

No doubt you can see where I am coming from so I won’t list any more but this pattern of fixtures doesn’t let up at all, in fact it gets worse over the festive period as we play three games in just six days.

It’s not until the 11th January 2014 that the players get a full week off to rest. Before then though, we enter the FA Cup…

No doubt you’ll be wondering why I have listed all the fixtures, well there are two reasons.

One is I’m just trying to highlight the fact that our fragile squad have a busy few months ahead and their bodies are certainly going to get tested to the maximum. I hope that whoever has the final say on their GPS reading, or whatever it’s called, makes sure that players are rested properly and are not risked, regardless of who we are due to face.

Two – there’s little else to write about and no, I didn’t watch Germany……

Talking of Germany, according to The Daily Mail, Arsene Wenger is set to raid the German League for his next signings.

Borussia Dortmund pair Marco Reus and Ilkay Gundogan is on his wish list together with Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Lars Bender.

He’s also keeping tabs on Dortmund’s Poland right back Lukasz Piszczek, just in case Bacary Sagna decides to leave for free at the end of the season.

The Daily Mirror are running the same story…….

You couldn’t make it up could you

That’s it for another day.

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121 comments on “Wenger set for Germany move & We don’t get a break unless we get knocked out of the CO Cup.. ..

  1. Can we please have a break from the rumour mill and set out on an unbeaten run? COYG!… Emmmm, good morning house

  2. Good Morning to the Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners.

    Rico – Better having little or nothing to write about than an injury to another of our players. All ours seem to have made it through this week’s internationals unscathed and some seem to have distinguished themselves. Fingers crossed it more of the same this coming week.

  3. I don’t care who we sign as long as they are better than someone else already in the squad. There are quite a cew candidates too
    Fabianski, jenkinson, frimpong, diaby, zelalem, ryo, gnabry, park, bendtner, sanogo. Now I am not saying get rid of all thesre but for me none are making the starting x1 or bench if everyone is fit. 6 of them are still classed as under 21s. But fabianski diaby bendtner and park are surely in the next batch out along with coquelin and djourou and some of the 1992/93 born players like frimpong boateng afobe aneke ryo galindo martinez and may be eisfeld campbell miquel wellington. I rate quite a few of these but the 1992 players will be taking a place in the 25 man squad next season, there isn’t many spaces in there at present and I think there is 6 or 7 players born 1992 jenkinson and wilshire amongst them.

  4. morning rico,busy times ahead.

  5. ozil pass completion almost perfect last night.

  6. Morning Cg, Mg and all..

    Sure is Cg, don’t want to be writing/discussing injuries….

  7. Games every 3/4 days Mg, how will our fragile squad cope will be the question on our minds. If they can all stay fit until Christmas then Podolski and Ox will be back by then.

    Diaby could jump out at us at any time and would be pretty goo if he could manage a dozen games before he breaks down, better still, he goes on a good run and stays fit…

    Then get the striker in Jan…

  8. Bc – you are writing off a lot of talent there, not something I agree with..

  9. Morning friends,
    A quick one from sunny Cascais.
    It interesting that Benzema was seemingly offered to us in addition to Ozil but AW opted not to take him.
    If true I would say our manager is thinking superbly….
    If he continues to heed my advice on who to buy, you never know he could end up being invited by Rico for a meat-free bbq. :p

    It also confirms my understanding that AW does not really rate any of RM’s strikers of last season especially at that going rate…

  10. its all down to luck of the injury front rico.,we could do with a bit of luck.

  11. morning ginge

  12. Ciprian the striker we were allegedly going to sign scored last night.
    I cant believe I have been barred from football by the Mrs until sunday.lol
    Its had, I didnt even get to see Germany play.I heard Benzema/OG12 pairing for france was cack…
    Later peeps have fun all…

  13. dont rate benzema ginge i think we did right to avoid.

  14. Hi Mg,
    Lastly… is it not interesting that le bleus have the current best player in europe but they have only won 1 game without Diaby playing… lol
    BENZEMA has played over 14 hours without scoring for France…

  15. Not a chance Ts, only friends get invites ;)

    Who suggests were after Ciprian?

  16. Ginge – I saw the story about Benzema being offered to us, but like the pre-deadline rumours, it is hard to sort fact from fiction.

    Have fun in the sun. No wonder it has been quiet this last few days, Ginge is on holidays and enforced football leave.

  17. Mind those planes Ts..

  18. Good read rico.
    Sign all ze Germans :-) … but on a serious note if Ramsey and Wilshere continue improving at the rate they are currently i doubt we’ll go for Bender/Gundogan.the only player we may go for is Reus who has a €40 mil release clause that kicks in next year because I see potential in him to become a henry type of forward.

  19. Ozil has a buyout clause to leave next season if we don’t make d champions league nxt season, d price I’m nt sure of. A very true source

  20. kt,Would prefer rooney or suarez

  21. Thanks Kt, I’ve seen Reus a few times, nice player..

    jookz, you told us that about Ozil yesterday, but when asked more, you left?

    True source, if that true, you’d know the amount in the clause…

    You trying to feed us a line??

  22. Rico – With regards to the fixture congestion, I’m sure many of the Young Guns will be used in the early stages of the CO Cup and possibly the FA Cup, unless we are up against tough opposition.

    This should allow many of our regular first team squad to get a break. Also, we have Vermaelen and Diaby about to return and rumour has it Podolski could be back earlier than expected.

    As has been already mentioned, many of the Young Guns will have this season to impress Arsene or put themselves in the shop window, if they don’t make the cut at Arsenal. That should separate the sheep from the goats, as we don’t have space for all of them in the squad for next season.

  23. Interesting point ts.I said earlier in the summer that it was either Suarez or bust.this time when le boss said he wanted ‘super quality’ it seems he really meant it.I think we’ll try again in January for him depending on how well the season unfolds.if it isn’t him I think Wenger will seriously consider Reus as a potential forward who offers a totally different skillset to Giroud.

  24. jookz dont jinx it, we have only just signed him

  25. Hi MG.Personally i would take Suarez antics aside he is superb.he is that kind of tricky and creative forward we need.due to how different he is to Giroud he can complement him too.he can also play as a wide player just as well.he would explode with a midfield of Oezil/Santi/Ramsey/Wilshere/Theo behind him.he is also not cuptied :-)

  26. Bc there could be a cesc r a pires hidden n that bunch of players u just mentioned, fingers crossed. Understand ur frustration though, top teams are usually ruthless when it comes to replacing mediocrity. Something we haven’t done in recent years

  27. yep kt,he would be electric.

  28. Rico Reus is a balon d’or level of talent.his idol is our very own Rosicky.he is an Arsenal fan too. #Germancore

  29. Cg, but WBA will put out a strong side I suspect, too many changes and we could fall at the first hurdle.

    But, I think you will be right, Sanogo/ new keeper to make their first start..

  30. maith corky,suas claire!

  31. ktr7 – I am of the same mind as you. I too think that Arsene is serious about only wanting top top players. Even then he will keep the squad lean, so as not to block the entry of great player acquisitions or the promotion of our young players.

    I’m sure the priorities for the candidates on the targets lists will change depending on current player development, especially Ramsey and Wilshere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us sign a striker in January if a suitable candidate can be found. Also, if think we will see less of the speculative buys (e.g. Park and Santos), except for the Academy.

  32. I don’t like comparing players but in this case i’d like to make an exception.if there is a player capable of doing what Henry did for us its Reus.he is that good.

  33. I’m not trying to jinx anything. The source doesn’t want to tell me more saying it shudnt be let out just yet, I’m not worried though I knw we gon make d CL nxt season

  34. Morning Rico. Do you think that, if there hadn’t have been such serious unrest among the fans, Wenger would have bought Ozil?

  35. Arsenal fan Kt? Or just Rosicky fan…

  36. I would seriously doubt that any such clause exists. It’s just the usual stuff. Ignore it.

  37. Morning Adam. Good question. I’d like to think yes, however…

    But if signing him is the start of things to come, then I’m happy…

  38. Rico – The mix of youth to experienced first team players will be adjusted on a game by game basis depending on our opposition, other competitions within the week ahead & behind and our likelyhood of advancing/winning in competing events.

    The CO Cup will take the lowest priority, unless we advance to the quarter-finals and have a reasonable draw thereafter.

  39. CG I believe so too.for example we bought Oezil because he is better than any AM we have.he is also not blocking any youngsters from coming through.you can expect Zelalem to learn quite a lot from him.Right now Ramsey/Wilshere are on course to cementing their places in the team while also having the likes of Arteta/Rosicky/Flamini to look up to and to rotate with.this is helping them develop without blocking their route to the 1st team.

    In midfield we have Arteta/flamini/diaby(if fit) wilshere/ramsey rosicky/Oezil Santi/Ox…the depth and balance of it is superb.no team in the league can boast of a better balance and depth in midfield.

  40. Both rico…

    Reus is currently just one of many talented young
    players that Germany have been blessed with in
    recent years, and has spent the last two seasons
    starring for Gladbach in the Bundesliga.
    The 22-year-old’s dazzling performances in
    attacking midfield have seen him been linked to
    Bavarian giants Bayern Munich, with reports in
    Germany suggesting the contract Reus has with
    Gladbach includes a minimum- fee release clause.
    While Reus admits that is true, he maintains he is
    currently loving life at Borussia-Park.
    “I have everything I need here,” Reus told Der
    “Here I have a great environment with great
    people with whom one can talk about things other
    than football.
    “There is one [release clause]… that I can leave in
    2013 for a specific sum.”
    And while Reus is firmly committed to the
    Gladbach cause in the immediate future, he did
    reveal one particular club which he has held close
    to his heart since he was a child.
    “I think everyone has their favourite club from
    “And I was always a fan of Arsenal, because I
    appreciate the culture of their game.”

  41. Rico. I don’t think he would but there was just too much at stake. If Ozil had said no at the last minute, imagine the fan’s mood now. You are right though, it must be the start of a new mindset from Wenger, especially as his contract will be up for discussion too and surely this too must have been part of the Ozil negotiations.

  42. I’d like to think there is a clause Adam, £50m.

  43. Good Morning Adam. I think Ozil is an indication of the shape of things to come.

  44. Morning CG. I believe it is too soon to make that assumption definitely, but it is certainly a district possibility. Wenger’s future is intimately wrapped in all this new positivity.

  45. Cg, I am not so sure, look at last season when AW fielded really strong, if not our strongest sides against both Blackburn and Bradford. He desperately wants a trophy imho..

    But, well soon see on the 25th I guess…

  46. i dont think you can have a release clause in england

  47. After all the mess with release clauses i doubt we’d include one.am willing to bet that Wenger would rather have gone for Draxler if Oezil’s camp insisted on one.

  48. I’d have thought so too Adam, Ozil wouldn’t want to end up in a ‘Moyes’ situation…

    Having come round to the big offer for Suarez, I’m leaning towards him wanting Ozil despite fan pressure…

  49. Oh, at least that Rico. Probably quite a bit more. Perhaps we are entering phase of football business, so mad and so completely detached from the real-world, that a fixed release clause with value will be inserted in all contracts. It takes a whole section of negotiations completely out of the equation.

  50. I didn’t know that Mg, why not? Suarez thought he had one, it was just written up wrong..

  51. Up the rebels malaga.much rather watch cork hurling than Ireland play football. Should be a great game tomorrow.

  52. i thought we had a different rules compared to the rest of europe,i could be wrong

  53. ktr7 – Someone like Reus, if he/they can show consistency, would appeal to Arsene. Someone who could be part of a long term plan and squad, not a shortterm fix.

    Players are going to have to show they are capable now or have great promise. I don’t think he will go back for players that showed promise in the past, but haven’t fufilled that promise. Unless they come dirt cheap, I don’t see him taking on any rehabilitation projects.

  54. Rico. I would like to believe that, but from what I know they thought they had Higuain then when Suarez became a possibility, all attention shifted there. From what I see, it was all handled rather poorly as there were no contingencies. To have come up with Ba with less than 12 hours to go and not have an alternative speaks volumes. Ozil saved a lot of blushes and possibly Wenger’s tenure and he hasn’t even kicked a ball for the club yet. Perception is a powerful thing as you see from the hysteria that has gripped some people.

  55. Has there even ever been a release clause in England like they do in Spain/Germany?…i doubt it.some legal experts in the midst of the suarez saga said the interpretation of a RC in England is different to that elsewhere.if Suarez had one he’d be ours right now.

  56. nice to see 2 different teams in the final corky,i have a feeling clare will win,sorry bud.

  57. Morning one and all.

    Thank you Rico but, did I correctly read that we have three fixtures in three days?

  58. That’s not a bad idea Adam ;)

  59. Adam – No argument with your 11:43 am.

    I am stating my personal beliefs. I make no claim to being be the next Nostradamus (insert the sage of your choice), nor am I claiming to be an ITK with an inside but unnamed source.

  60. It. I think the difficulty was in the wording. He and his agent thought he did have one. Liverpool and their lawyers didn’t write it up that way. Suarez’ lawyers fault most likely. Having a contract between two parties that isn’t clearly understood? Slippery…

  61. Adam I think we were led down the wrong path by suarez’ representatives.however i agree with lack of a contigency plan.i also think that by trying Ba on loan shows Wenger wants a free spot in the squad for a WC forward;Ba was just cover.he clearly seems to have shifted his policy with all the cash available to only buy exceptional players rather than just good pkayers.Oezil is just the beginning and i think in january we’ll see movement on the ST front.

  62. CG. Those that see the signing of Ozil as a sign for the future could well be right. I certainly hope so. The club has been treading water for too long.

  63. Oops Ch. Should be 3 in 6 over Christmas..

  64. At least it shows you read the post Ch ;)

    It’s changed now, thanks …

  65. KT. My understanding is that Suarez and his representatives clearly thought the clause was for release rather than the option to talk. Such a clause might only require the addition of two or three slightly incongruous words to sway it Liverpool’s way. Whatever the truth, Arsenal cocked up big-time over a central striker and leaving it until the last few hours after 100 days, was really very careless. Anyone who thinks it was part of the great plan is wrong in my opinion.

  66. It seems apparent from some of Ozil’s comments and those of others that negotiations for his signature started before deadline day. The things that were holding up finalizing the deal were Real completing the signing of Bale and Arsenal receiving all the completed paperwork from Ozil and Real.

    Demba Ba was only for a one season loan, not a permanent deal. Otherwise, a squad player to cover for injuries. A player who wouldn’t be hanging around once he had become surplus to requirements. The Special Needs One put an end to that when he heard we had signed Ozil. His signing would have allowed us to kick Bendtner out the door.

  67. I didn’t read it Rico, Nostradamus was my apprentice…

  68. The ex Chief Exc of Liverpool suggested exactly the same Adam..

  69. Adam, the only great plan, if there was one, imo was to get one or two marquee signings and within a budget and we all know it depends on the selling club and the player.

  70. Either way Oezil is a massive step in the right direction.it shows the club are willing to break the bank for exceptional players and he’ll help to attract others.with him and our other Germans it will be easier to attract his country mates to us that aren’t Bayern bound.its an exciting time for us gooners.if only we had bought that marquee forward…

  71. Ch, I still think we could have got Suarez had if we’d upped our offer after we qualified for the CL..

    Also, I believe, had we tried harder for Rooney, we could have got him too…

    Either of those two would have made us true PL contenders…

  72. Thats my reasoning too Rico, but why we didn’t I don’t know. It may be that the money isn’t up to £100 million as quoted but then again, that only explains Suarez not Rooney…I really dunno.

  73. Or as Adam suggested – they will respond to fan pressure Kt..

    I do agree though, now we have ‘that big player’ in, it will be a lot easier to attract a better quality of player. We’ll now be seen as being serious and not just a club looking to sign on the cheap any more..

    There is a lot more to this Ozil signing than his slick passing game…

    Just a shame it’s taken AW and his merry men so long to realise..

  74. Rico – I can’t see Arsenal paying the sort of wages required to attract Wooney to the club. They have broken/stretched their wage structure – not blown it sky high. Signing Wooney would have started a wage spiral with the other players demanding similar consideration.

    Gazidis said they could afford the likes of Vain, not that they would sanction that sort of outlay. It was doubful that ManUre would sell Woonie without a ready replacement or having at least one marquee signing. Vain was looking to move to Chelski.

  75. I agree rico.its more than what he contributes on the field.its quite unbelievable that we bought madrid’s 2nd best player imo for such a huge amount without a sugar daddy.it was also the biggest sum of cash madrid have ever received for a transfer making Oezil the most expensive German in history.he is also the 2nd most expensive puchase in the PL after Torres…

    If you had told me that we would do that in January last season i would’ve :-) :-) :-)

  76. Jack Wilshere says that he “learnt so much” while playing with Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal and believes the
    Barcelona midfielder is the best he has ever played with.
    The Spain international spent eight years with the Gunners before returning to Barcelona in 2011 and the
    England international holds his former team-mate in high regard.
    “The best player I ever played with is probably Cesc
    Fabregas,” Wilshere told Esquire Weekly .
    “I only got to play with him for a year before he went back
    to Barcelona but I learnt so much from him – the way he
    knew what he was going to do with the ball before he got
    it and his passing – and he scored goals.
    “Also, he grew up at Arsenal – he got into the first team
    at a young age, which is something I wanted to do.”

    substitute cesc for oezil/santi.

  77. Ch, I’m pretty sure we have a lot more than £100m and in any case, we only spent £42m – leaving £58m which as you say, could have got either one of the two…

    I don’t think any of us expect both, although that would be nice ;)

  78. I read we have kept a dossier on Oezil with scouting reports since he was 17 years old.this was by no means a panic buy;Wenger knows exactly what he expects from our German attacking midfielder.

  79. Cg, I honestly believe that for the right player, the club would break the bank in wages.

    Just like for the right player, they were prepared to break the transfer record.

    We are in a really good place financially and our new sponsors will want to see big names wearing their products…

    Still rather Usmanov bought Kroenke out though…

  80. Yea Rico, a lot more than. But not all of it is available for transfers because of various reasons. That’s why no one really knows the correct transfer budget. We can never have both, shame though.

  81. Rico – Until we have concrete evidence/information either way, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  82. Bacary Sagna and Per Mertesacker set for new deals as Arsene Wenger continues investment in Arsenal squad following Mesut Ozil signing


    If true, this is great news as it gives us continuity and allows us time to find and integrate replacements.

  83. Till tomorrow fellow Gooners. Have a great day.

    Keep the Faith!

  84. We will Cg, that’s what life is all about :)

    Night to you, sleep well…

  85. I’m nipping off now too, off out to walk Fido.

    Back later, have a good day guys…

  86. afternoon all!
    Tsgh is in Cascais?
    We know the fixtures in advance. AW must manage the squad very well. Unfortunately, our group in LC don’t help us.

  87. Jookz, you don’t happen to write for Caught Offside or the Transfer Tavern on your days off, do you?

    End and Bell springs to mind

  88. Kieran Gibbs on Ozil: “I jumped in
    the air. Any football fan should. Well
    maybe not Tottenham fans.” :-) :-)

  89. Afternoon peoples….

    Any injury news from last night?

  90. no, i think

  91. Thanks JM, good, now just one more international to get through…

  92. As a welcome distraction from lack of premiership action this weekend if any of my fellow gunners from around the world has the opportunity, check out the all Ireland hurling final between cork and Claire tomorrow. Great spectacle for any sports fan.tough as nails with the skill to match

  93. Is that televised cork? Just so I know which channel to avoid ;) ;)

  94. off to get dinner, back later..

  95. Arsenal is my first love rico but the commitment from them unpaid hurlers is second to none.if I wos wenger id send bentner to tomorrow’s game to show him about the love of the jersey and not just the caah

  96. Certainly wouldn’t have been Oz Potter…

  97. Ha ha cork, I get where you are coming from..

  98. evening all

  99. Hi Mg…

    Quiet evening.. Boring internationals..

  100. hi rico hope your well,hate the international break,cant wait to see the wizard of oz in an arsenal shirt.

  101. I’m good thanks, just bored with the footie…

  102. Anyway, gotta sign off now, Strictly is sat waiting for me to press ‘play’… ;)

    Catch you and all tomorrow sometime no doubt…

    Have a good one, Night folks…

  103. for me there is just to much football on tv now,i only watch the arsenal and the odd german game.

  104. gl rico

  105. 8 more sleeps to see ozil in the famous red and white.i love u so much mr wenger and mr gazidis.u are both dream makers and I would gladly offer one of my children in sacrifice to to pay homage to u.well ,not quite but u know wot I mean.

  106. corky how many scoops have you had already?

  107. Not as much as the last time I was in ur place malaga. Crazy place

  108. im in a county next door to you kid

  109. Where u at malaga, sure ur a neighbours child ha ha

  110. Warning, warning, another groupie alert !

    tsgh, A380 or 747 ?

    rico 4.30, by all accounts Bendtner had a quiet nite in last nite.

  111. Im guessing Limerick was the ‘kid’

  112. Arsenal are beaten 1-2 by MU in under-18 …
    Peter Storey has 68 years old… I have watched him played…I’m getting older ver quickly

  113. spot on corky

  114. Evening all.
    I am still alive, just very busy of late.
    Can’t wait til Snderland game :)

  115. Ricky burns very lucky to hold on to hs wbo belt tonight. Great heart the fight wth broken jaw though

  116. I see that Mick and his mates was turning us all green last night…

    Right i’m off to watch Father Ted…

  117. i feel like father jack this morning and probably look like him as well.

  118. New one up now…

  119. Morning Kev, Mg…

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