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Walcott injury scare. He wants to join, make it happen Arsenal!!

Morning all,

Luiz Gustavo:

I am in a very delicate situation at Bayern and this needs sorting out. I have personal and professional reasons to move.

I have heard about the Arsenal interest. It’s a big club we’re talking about here so of course I’d like to play for them.

Arsenal play a very attractive brand of football and are in the Champions League. They also have a very clever manager in Arsene Wenger.

Even when Bayern beat them in the last Champions League [on aggregate] you could see they are not pushovers.

We were at home but things were a little different in Germany.

Now come on Arsenal, this guy would clearly like to sign for us, so no faffing around, get this deal done!

He’s the kind of player that will not only seriously bolster our squad, he’d lift the majority of fans for a day or too and once he signs, others may just follow!

Imagine the two of them…

Both in Arsenal colours by 2nd September?

Both in Arsenal colours by 2nd September?

Other clubs might be interested, but cannot afford to let another one slip away and it would be that if we don’t get him because Arsene Wenger has admitted that we really are interested in signing him.

We have mad an offer, Bayern Munich have accepted it, no way should this one slip through the net….

Yesterday Aaron Ramsey returned to London having picked up an injury whilst training with his country, today Espn report that Theo Walcott has managed to do similar with England.

Roy Hodgson believes it’s nothing serious:

Theo took a slight knock at the end of training, but we believe he’ll be okay. He’s very much still in contention.

I hope England apply a bit of common sense here and don’t even think about risking him if there is any slightest niggle…

We can’t afford to start the season against Villa on Saturday with both he and Ramsey out.

What it has done is expose our very very fragile squad, which is made up of just 18 regular players including an injured captain. The rest of the squad is made up of Diaby, Sanogo, youngsters, Bendtner and Park.

Surely that has to change soon….

Hasn’t it?

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179 comments on “Walcott injury scare. He wants to join, make it happen Arsenal!!

  1. Last season we could not afford to Start a game WITH Ramsey…..things have changed :)
    Hi Rico….sorry, but i could not resist lol

  2. Bendtner…..our saviour :)

  3. Morning all.
    ESPN also reporting that we are in for Gourcuff?
    Got my ticket for the Villa game. Roll on.

  4. You may wanna stay in the pub come Sat morning SYG……. ;-)

    Morning All…!

  5. i’m not sure how true this Gustavo bid is. Seems we have been there many times before. I believe it when I see it on Arsenal.com and not before .

  6. It looks highly likely TT. As does Suarez.

  7. The other side is that the quality level has dropped so low at Arsenal that Ramsey is now a key player ;-) only kidding, he has performed well the last few months.

  8. Agree with you TT.. a lot of noise means lots of time for someone else to come in and nick him from under our noses. Not exactly a great signing but will def add to squad depth and has good experience. Need another 2/3 like that in my opinion plus the one world class game changer..! Will it happen….. It’s getting doubtful but we can never rule out the trolley dash on Aug 28th if we qualify for the CL group stages.

  9. Scott, a lot can happen in a year, same could be said about Theo ;)

    TT – I won’t believe anything either until it’s on afc.com.

  10. Rico, i doubted Theo’s lack of consistency and workrate, never his ability though :)

  11. 28th Wath, that early eh….

  12. WBA are sneaking some players in under the radar. They’ve just got Matej Vydra on loan from Udinese. 21yo Czech international who was last years Championship player of the year with Watford (Loan) and turns in a goal every other game.
    The other week they drafted in Uruguays 70-odd cap international captain from PSG, have bought Nic Anelka and are trying to draft in Scott Sinclair. They may end up jockeying Liverpool for sixth place!

  13. SYG, you reckon Liverpool are good enough to compete for 6th?
    You are very kind :)

  14. Morning all,

    Good read Rico. I am getting impressed with your photo-shopping capability. lol

    You are right there SYG, I think the importance of having a solid squad is becoming even more important now than ever because the likes of WBA, Swansea, Southampton, NUFC are all building a squad. At the momemt our squad without 2 key starting players are not far from a Norwich type defeat.

    Why don’t we pay 3 X £15M for the likes of Ben Arfa, Cabaye and their ilk to build the squad. All this chasing around for marquee signing is a waste of time and resources for the inept Law and Fox with all due respect. At the end of the day all signing are completed when AW intervenes, I seriously wonder what the 2 multi linguists we have as negotiators do?

  15. Emma, that is not surely Ramsey shrugging off Fernandinho and Yaya with so much ease.

    His positional awareness is just a sight to be hold… At the moment he is up there with the likes of Vidal imho…

  16. Syg, or 4th spot from us if we don’t bolster our squad….

    Thanks re the post Ts

  17. ts – I think he has gone a level above them. Glad to see he has discovered his pre-leg break form. Most of us seems to forget he was better than JW10 pre-leg break and that’s why JW10 was sent out on loan to Bolton

  18. Is Suarez just about to take a massive dive over Gustavo’s legs?

  19. Good read rico.there is a lot of noise surrounding Gustavo at the moment but am not entirely convinced that he is the type of player Wenger would buy.despite numerous reports i doubt we have even bid for him.

  20. Cardiff, W.Ham, WBA, Norwich, Swansea, Southampton, Sunderland etc are buying pretty well this season. It’s going to take a hell of determination and hardwork to secure 3pts on those grounds this season

  21. Before Ramsey broke his leg, Emma – Ramsey had displaced Diaby from the first 11 and was getting better and better … Touch wood his progress continues…

    Hiya Ginge – Like you said yesterday re: Cabaye – It would have been a great purchase, however it’s all over Twitter that PSG are in for him. Ben Arfa – an intelligent player.

  22. Emma, thank you very much for that package.
    Not bad for a kid who is not Arsenal quality.
    What were people thinking??

  23. As for Gustavo… Not a sexy player, but the big fcker in midfield that everyone wanted… and he’s used to winning things… An un-Brazilian Brazilian. Hope he’s not like Denilson or Santos.
    Maybe Lars Bender will come here and Leverkeusen will buy Gustavo?

  24. Morning all. I hope that I am not taking a liberty by posting this on to your excellent website.
    My son has decided to go travelling this year. He has a SUPERBLY LOCATED SEASON TICKET. It is in the East Stand close to the centre block and THREE rows from the front. It includes 19 premiership games and 7 cup matches including the champions league. The price is £ 1308 (cost price ) and will likely be for just this season. Anybody interested please contact Dean on deanwengrow@gmail.com

  25. Also I find it very disappointing that we have not bought a single 1st team player from May till now when we are approachimd mid August.after all the struggles of last season you would’ve thought that we would’ve had a plan in motion to buy those players before the season started.I can understand us not having signed a striker because of liverpool’s hardline stance but what about the other positions?…not even 1 player?

    Wenger can moan all he likes about the transfer fees in this market but the fact is he cannot dictate the price.the prices are inflated and you just have to pay it since its the market price.furthermore aren’t we loaded with so much more cash reserves than the other 19 clubs combined?…

    If we do not beat villa the atmosphere will become toxic.he and Gazidis have no excuses as to how we can release 28 players and not bring in a single 1st team player.its shocking to say the least.

  26. It will be interesting to see what happens to the scums if they are unable to sell bale to madrid after splashing close to £60m

  27. Ramsey debate again..eh!

    Good kid, big heart.

    Does anyone else thinks had JW been not an academy product, he’d have been playing on wings for us and not center?

  28. Thanks Kt, there is certainly many a story about him, true or not is anyones guess…

  29. Hi rico! The usual suspects!

    I actually had wet dreams watching gustavo at the confeds. something tells me giroud will scope for fun this season.

  30. 10.48 Kt, negligence is how I would describe it…

  31. Wenger plays everyone on the wings but likes to play wingers in a strikers roll. Total football or total bollox?

  32. MW – no probs re the S/T, I will repeat tomorrow on the main post

  33. S2S, well, it is just the few of us who stood up for him enjoying the moment :)
    KT, Wenger needs to get his arse into gear.
    Stuff the negotiations…get it bloody done.
    There are plenty of plays out there who would improve us, and would love to play for us.
    The single worst thing Wenger can do to me and my loyalty in him is keep chasing Suarez until the death and miss him, leaving no time to find another striker.
    I still believe, but that will be the back breaker.
    Come on Arsene…..

  34. Hate it or love it, there’s no replacement striker lined up. I’d like humble pie though. Though the lack of INs are unacceptable but we have to give a little credit for moving on the dross

  35. ktr – Quite agree with you. At this stage of the season we should have brought in players in other positions that requires strengthening. Suarez situation will play out to the very last day based on what is happening and that’s if Madrid didn’t turn up as a result of Bales’ impasse. Quite frustrating to say the least but we still got till 2nd sept.

  36. We are 2 injuries way in midfield from relying on zelalem and Perez.if theo woukd get injured we’d likely see Gnabry start there.our depth is shocking at the moment and its pure negligence on the part of the management that we are a few days away from kick off with not a single 1st team signing.

    With all the optimism generated by Gazidis earlier in the summer only for us to find ourselves in this state its shocking to say the least.its like we have no plan at all.I thought rumours of us chasing players had died down because the club was being secretive but it may turn out that we are indeed doing f**k all with all that cash.

    If the window closes without us making the signings we need this will be the straw that breaks the carmel’s back.Wenger must be held accountable and it will be the beginning of the end for him.

  37. Hi Nedox

    Kt, join the club, I was so positive after the season ended, I thought we were finally going get a few early top class signings…

    How silly was I..

    Off out with Fido, laters..

  38. I’m not sure if Perez will get a work permit KT. i think something was mentioned yesterday about how the club don’t want to go down the route of loaning players out until they get one…? Maybe Rico or Emma could throw some light on that one.

    We are in a better position than before because as a club over the past two seasons we have cleared out a lot of the shite. Not all of it, but most of it. Gnabry deserves his chance and if Zelalem is as good as ‘we’ think, maybe it is right that we integrate him into the team.

  39. I see Ancheloti says he doesn’t need Bale this season for that price while Man U are offering cash and Hernandez for Bale.
    If Maurinho is in for Eto’o then that makes Rooney available for us.
    Tottenham are trying to sell Defoe and Siggurdson.

  40. Off for the night…have a great day everyone.

  41. Brad – Tottenham (and I don’t share a hatred for them as I’m northern-based) have shelled out on players – big style, and they will be panicking as I’m sure AVB thought Bale would turnover a nice fat fee. He’d never admit it, but he assumed Bale would be off.
    Eto would have been nice about eight years ago ! £350k per week though. That’s some money. Rooney like some have stated here – is on his way down…. Six years ago – yes.

  42. same old same old…injury taking it’s toll again… the injury prone players are still okay but what happens if that happens. i hope we dont regret our lack of activity in the TW this season

  43. Night Scott…

    Kt- ditto about your concerns…

    I am also really worried about depth behind MA08, Ramsey, Kozzer, Theo and OG12…

    Its a big concern for me too… our whole play is now dependent on Theo and Ramsey as poldi is not very mobile on the wings and SC19 really slows our game down.Hopeful Ox can up his game this season. Serge has the talent but is playing it too safe at the moment, I expect him to step it up with more appearances… Eisfield who I expected to make the grade is struggling with stamina which is a concern… maybe playing on the wings is not ideal for him but he is not physically strong to play through the middle so he is in no man’s land. Next year he turns 21 which means he would have to go on the A-list or get sold… :-(

    Like Syg, I doubt Perez will get work permit even though he has played 20 games for Colombia at youth level. I do not know how that scores on the work permit scoring criteria…

    Hopeful Frimps and Diaby will be back by October. Unfortunately Diaby may have some psychological issues to get over as he may be anticipating his other crucial going…

  44. There are still some very good players available who are intelligent enough to improve… Nani has not featured for Yanited, will Moyes sell to us?

    De Jong of Ajax was an interesting option but with his collapsed lungs that rules him out. Toby Alderweireld is still available and so are Ivan Rakitic, Lamela, Adem Ljajić who is better than Jovetic has failed to renew his contract with La Viola, we can surely tempt Fiorentina with £15M.

  45. We are favourites to sign Suarez, Williams and Fabregas according to SkyBet

  46. we should’ve known better…

    “What makes
    sense to you and I isn’t necessarily what
    makes sense to Arsène Wenger.” – Ivan

  47. Where did you pick that quote up from KT …..?

  48. Kt- I believe that is not the right quote… ;)

  49. It was in the Gazidis interview earlier on in the summer.

  50. Must of been Beano….!

  51. Probably more like “nothing Arsene does makes sense anymore”

  52. Seriously though we shouldn’t thrust zelalem and Gnabry into the 1st team yet.they aren’t ready imho.they should be slowly integrated but as it stands a few injuries and they’ll start.

  53. No wonder Bendtner doesn’t want to leave…AW will turn to him as plan B to suarez :-(

  54. Bendtner………!!! That’s not funny kt….! Now go and wash your mouth out with turps…!

  55. Afternoon, I’d rather Sanogo start a game for us than than lump from Denmark!

  56. Give him a broom and make him sweep the dust off the pitch…!

  57. When can we start getting dispondent regarding lack of transfers in? I guess that time is gone, no one is saying keep calm we still have 4 days or 2 weeks.

  58. Bradster – I’m there already…

  59. Wath you know it as well as i do that AW has considered it… :-(

  60. Well he is the greatest striker on the planet kt…! ;-)

  61. You can just see it in the not so distant future…
    AW:”Bendtner is super quality with strong mental strength…”

  62. If that happens Kt, Arsene Wenger needs to be removed by the men/women in white coats!

  63. I don’t think we have a plan b for suarez.its him or bust.

  64. Does it even seem to you kt if we even have a list of players that we want…? Seems to me that our shopping list is so hit n miss it’s Wenger changing his mind day by day which is what David Dein said was his biggest problem 10 years ago…!

  65. Wow that’s scary WATH. Every season seems the way this one is except no need to sell other than the excess players.
    Clear proof that Wenger has full control over transfers.

  66. SYG, that plank can want what ever he wants he ain’t getting it….!

    He’s get injured getting a cab to fly over…!

  67. With Diaby and Frimpong cluttering up the treatment room I suppose there’d be no room for him, WATH.
    Good player though. A game changer.

  68. :D WATH lmfao re. Yoann’s injury record

  69. You forgot to mention Ryo… he is gaining a reputation in the sick bay…

  70. Back in a short while….

  71. Ryo gets injured in games though.. Diaby n Gourcuff get injured getting out of bed…!

  72. I have this nagging feeling that Wenger thinks his squad is high quality. I don’t thinkhe will be too concerned if he cannot buy any players at all. He knows hoever, that he is a little short but not of first teamers so long as he can keep them fit! The small boys, Gnarbry, Eisfeld, Sanogo etc will fill in for the ailing players. That is to say he has great faith in what is left of project youth and he will surely stick one finger in the air and proclaim “I told you so, ye of little faith”, assuming everything turns out alright on the pitch? If it doesn’t he won’t renew his contract, if it does he will still be here this time next year and the year after!
    Hold on to your optimism chaps cos you sure are going to need it!
    Still, if things don’t change they’ll stay as they are!!!

  73. Wavy, if things don’t change there is no way Wenger will be here this time next year…!

  74. Afternoon all.
    It mabey worth us taking a punt on Goucuff!! Yes i know he has a bad injury record(last 3 years) But remember Marc Overmars, Top teams would not touch him untill Wenger gave him a lifeline! 17 goals from the wing in his first season.

  75. *Gourcuff*

  76. Gourcuff is a PROPER player.
    We knocked him back a few pre-seasons ago because of the fear it would “kill” Diaby.
    Look how well that worked out.

  77. If we got him on a pay as u play contract and on a freebie then he’d be worth a punt but that’s about it, yes when fit he’s a very good player BUT rarely fit and Diaby don’t need a pal to hold hands with on the treatment table.

  78. 63 cap Moroccan, 55 cap Danish, 35 cap Mexican international get chucked out to be replaced with a kid from the French second division player.

    Chamakh, Bendtner and Vela aren’t good enough yet this kid is?

    You’ve got to ask yourself, what is Wenger thinking?

  79. wavy @ 3:16 i totally agree to what you say……….. I think that is exactly what wenger is thinking and the closer we are getting to Sep 02 the scarier its getting.

    I have been optimistic so far but i am losing it now. I foresee a very long season i am afraid

  80. Maybe it’s all part of the big Spanish buy up… All el cheapo buys last 2 days of the window cos they all skint…!

  81. Guys is gourcuff really good? Dont know much about him. I know he likes to spend time on treatment table like diaby but seriously if fit who would you compare him to?

    RVP has also had a bad injury record who knows maybe gourcuff also doesnt get injure now. I know its a gamble but we all know Arsene! Hey

  82. Talking about skint La liga, Aritz Aduriz of Bilbao is available but Bilbao are difficult to do business with… top strike imo…

  83. Hello again…

    SS’s say a deal is close then…. mmmmmm

  84. Michael Owen reckons the Dippers will finish in the top 4 ….

    Now what has he been smoking ;)

  85. .
    What about a punt on spud Defoe. He has always been clinical around the box. We can get him for 5mill.

  86. A117, not sure he’d keep fans happy…

  87. hello there!
    Well, back home and we didn’t sign anyone…. but we are more weaker then last year without Gervinho, AA, Coquelin…

  88. Hi JM, yes we are, quite frail in fact.

  89. Seb Perez denied a work permit and has now returned to Colombia. Arsenal should learn from manure and chavs how they manage to secure visa for S.America teenagers.

  90. Fair point Rico. We are looking thin. I was 75/25 believing Suarez gets done, now I am 60/40 for done deal. Fans are looking for world class signings, but there are very few remaining. To keep squad size at this level would be kamikaze.WIth no new additions we are a few injuries away from a battle for Top 6. W Brom, Sunderland, Liverpool and Everton will be stiff opposition.

  91. Hill-Wood: “We told Arsene: ‘If we give
    you £100m to spend on players what
    would you do?’ Arsene replied: ‘I would
    give it back'”

  92. No surprise there re Perez emma….

    Knowing our luck, we’d sign Gustavo and he too would be refused a work permit.

  93. A117 – just why I find it hard to remain positive. This transfer window has been an absolute disaster to date. More money in on sales and bugger all spent.


  94. I doubt we are even in for Gustavo.

  95. Shame about Seb, Emma. Well he may end up in Spain or Portugal soon ;)

    Aneke should have stayed with us. This makes Gustavo a high priority. I like William kvist too… there are options still…

  96. ktr – Guess we will find out on thursday.

  97. Raphael’s tweets are becoming like Balague’s i.e less substance ;)

  98. Kt – we are seeing that happen right now..

  99. ts – I just find it insane give someone a trial when you can’t secure a visa for him. Just a waste of time and resources.

  100. I can understand why you are sceptical about this story, until anything is on afc.com, it’s all hot air and spin I suspect.

  101. Its a mystery when it comes to our dealings with the Home Office… Man U were able to get work permit for Hernandez easily whilst they turned down our special talent request for almost all our stars bar Ryo…
    Did Vela have a spanish passport?

  102. emma i doubt we’ll know anything on thursday.i think its likelier he will just explain to Bayern fans reasons why he is leaving and to thank them.i wouldn’t expect him to disclose his destination.

  103. I see Park and B-52 are still listed on the Arsenal site…

  104. I miss Gervinho more and more now…

  105. Tsk Tsk Ts, that is in the post ;)

  106. Gerard has given his 2 pences worth on Suarez but he won’t comment on Wooney… typical!

  107. Oh sorry… :-)

  108. ts id rather we had kept gerv if we weren’t going to buy a replacement.at least he would be more useful than even poldi/ox right now out wide.

  109. kt you and me both but fans didn’t want him so…

  110. AFC u-21 are playing today, I wonder if Frimps will play…

  111. Even Le Coq could have been a decent back up for RB spot…

    I am still hoping that all the clearout was in anticipation for some incoming talents but…

  112. Aneke is in the CL squad submitted but no Diaby nor B-52.

  113. Let us trust we can seal Gustavo. If he joins he may have the same impact as GSilva did within the squad. Quiet, unassuming and hardworking. He would be a quality addition.

  114. A-list for CL qualifiers are Wojciech Szczęsny*, Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny, Tomáš Rosický, Mikel Arteta, Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott*, Aaron Ramsey*, Nacho Monreal, Santi Cazorla, Łukasz Fabiański, Yaya Sanogo, Kieran Gibbs*, Ryo, Thomas Eisfeld, Serge Gnabry, Damian Martinez, Gedion Zelalem.

    List B thus far are:

    List B

    Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Carl Jenkinson, Emmanuel Frimpong

  115. Hmm, Boateng is still an Arsenal player contrary to previous reports…

  116. Aneke in the CL squad, isn’t he on loan?

    That’s crazy..

  117. Dinner calls, later..

  118. Liam Brady has not even been replaced yet? It seems most of the employees at Arsenal need change too as they are as useless as B-52 in a Tibetan monastery.

  119. Evening all. Nice one Rico :) Yoann Gourcuff Rmours pretty strong, aparently willing to take a pay cut of half his wages to be in the Arsenal team, Do me a favour. :)

  120. u-21 line-up tonight…

    Martinez, Bellerin, Hayden, Bensebaini, Moore, Zelalem, Olsson, Eisfeld, Iwobi, Jeffrey, Akpom.

  121. Germany vs france u-21 some serious talent on display…

  122. Thanks and hi Sp..

    I’d be amazed if AW signs the French crock…

    Then again…. ;)

  123. Ginter featuring.. its a shame he does not want to move before the world cup year…

    Can of Leverkusen is bossing the midfield, Bender’s colleague.

    Hi Sp1

  124. u-21 concede within a minute Gartside is shite… his selection and tactics are a waste…

  125. Martinez injured and taken off we are now one injury away from Ilev… ha ha ha

  126. 3-0 down now. What a shamble… sorry if I am pissing people off but this u-21 side under Gartside is a farce imho

  127. 4-4,7-0 and now 3-0 surely someone’s head has to roll…

  128. The whole squad is ‘just one injury away’ in all departments, it’s a disgrace….

  129. I even got the u-21 managers name wrong Gatting… is he an ex-Arsenal player? I can’t remember either way.

    I never understood why only Bould was keen on becoming a youth manager; most of the former players like Wright,Robson and Smith are more interested in slating AW on talkshite and sky…

  130. Sorry Rico having dinner, I thought we liked those kind of signings. No wonder he’s prepared for a wage cut, as he’ll spend most of his time in sickbay

  131. rico, think you need to cut Arsene some slack, he deserves our support, he’s earnt it, maybe there really isn’t anyone out there that can improve our squad.

  132. Wiki says Steve Gatting played for Arsenal between 1977-1981… we need a foreign coach. DB10 or Pires will be far better imo…

  133. Hey Micko the cynic… how are you buddy?

  134. 4-0 now… 15 goals conceded in under 3 games… pfff

  135. Wasn’t he an England cricketer Ginge

  136. 4-0 down men against boys lots of players under 18 what can we expect.

  137. Wenger does Sp, fans don’t… ;)

    I do love your humour Micko, the man was once great but he’s slowly destroyed all he did…

    Sad – so so sad….

  138. Wiki says his brother was the famous cricketer, SP1.

  139. Hayden sent off for aa straight red card

  140. Answer me one thing why do we give some one a trial if we cant play them. Whatever happened to Campbel.

  141. Cheers Ginge you sure he wasnt south African :)

  142. Campbell is in Greece. In most cases a player of Seb’s quality and potential should be awarded a special talent visa but I guess most of the home office workers are spuddies or dippers…

    Yanited got special talent visa for Angelo Henriquez who has played less games for his club and has not played in an u-20 world cup like Perez… conspiracy… ;)

  143. Both Rafael and Fabio got special talent visa with Yanited too…

  144. All good tsgh, spent the weekend away in Elstree, nice break.

    rico, as you say, we kick off on Saturday and we’re already talking about the squad looking a bit fragile, it’s a fooking joke.

    I see Stevie G has spoken, Suarez won’t be moving to another English club apparently, it must be true then…..hey…hey…hey !

  145. Perhaps its time to challenge them, we must have enough Ammo now

  146. Last year the chavs also signed a 20 year old Mexican, Ulises Dávila, who has only appeared 15 times for his club and only in the under-20′s for his country.

  147. Nice to hear Micko, good weather/

  148. Sp, ask Wenger about those who we never get to see, we have plenty… It’s stupid…

    It is a joke Micko, serious negligence imho… The board and manager have seriously lost it….

  149. I remember Steve Gatting tsgh, he was around the same time as our midfield genius David Price.

  150. 5-1 game over…

    micko, have a word with Gatting to quit… it’s shambolic. Conceding 16 goals in 3 games is a disgrace at all levels…

  151. Was you filming Micko

  152. Napoli are beating Arsenal in the race to sign Bayern Munich Luiz Gustavo, according to Fifa agent Giacomo Petralito.

    Speculation has intensified in recent days over where the Brazil international will be plying his trade this season, with some reports stating he is nearing a move to the Emirates Stadium.

    However, Petralito – who is based in Germany – says the Partenopei are leading the hunt for the 26-year-old.

    “The way I see the situation, Napoli are not a club you can turn down,” he told TMW

    “Even if it meant reducing your wages by 10 per cent, Napoli remain the top choice. It’s not just for Rafa Benitez, but for the importance of the city and the project being developed.

    “Luiz Gustavo is a very important player who would suit any club in Italy, not just Napoli. However, the Partenopei already have three midfielders of a good quality, so they’d have to sell one.”

  153. No steveyP, Kev borrowed me one of his betamax tapes back in the day.

  154. All happens Thursday Rico :)Remember i told you you would love him again :)

  155. Former gooner Conor Henderson has still not found a club… he played in a trial game for Yeovil town earlier today scoring from midfield. Wish him all the best.

  156. Betamax Micko, I was a little like Wenger, i had a choice of Betamax and Vhs when i was going to buy my first Video recorder guess what one i brought.

  157. I am told Price was a marmite figure in the 70’s…

  158. Not the way things are going Sp, in fact the sooner he buggers off the better imho…

    If he manages to sign Gustavo, Suarez and at least two more quality players I may have a re-think but right now, I really hope he doesn’t sign on for another 3 years…

  159. You shock me Ts, I thought you’d have lots of stats on Price to show he was good or bad ;)

  160. They’ve probably had the bare faced cheek to actually put a bid in for him rico, we’re still mulling it over.
    Cheers guys, was just sticking my nut in the door to say hello, laters.

  161. I suspect you are right Micko..

    I’m off too, have a good night all…

  162. Night all.

  163. Did I read earlier that TS said he is missing Gervinho…. Maybe some of that stuff AFC have been smoking has been passed onto Ts…!

    Have we really dropped our standards that much… shows how bad things are when people are worries about the yids and they have bought better than us… we should be thinking way above those wankers yet that’s where we are at… Does that not tell everyone how things have dropped and expectations lowered..?

    Isn’t is sad…………! The day I miss the likes of a Gervinho is the day i just give up and enjoy the odd game over the Orient or Brentford.

  164. :D WATH… night Sir

  165. Hiya Wath, everybody seems to have forgotten that the window is not closed yet. Every body knows everything and yet they seem to forget that that silly bugger always waits till the last minute. Plenty of time to moan and protes after the windows shut, and personally if he intends to pack up he may not spend much but i can’t see that happening, he’ll buy alright as he knows he will cut his own throat.

  166. Bild now say the 17M euros we bid for LG is too low according to Bayern..ha ha ha

  167. SP, I won’t be protesting mate to may idiots over there who think nothing wrong but to be where we are now and to not see or think something is very wrong at our club would be pulling the wool over our eyes….!

    Will buying Messi on the 1st make up for lack of foresight…? Please dont tell me we need to wait til the last day to make 5 signings thats just pathetic…!

    If he intends packing up he should be doing the dignified thing and walking away now so someone can come in and do things properly, maybe he needs that extra 7 million for him pension top up lol

    Night you lot..!

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