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Two transfer requests going in this week? We’re a Top Three Side now…

Morning all,

Didier Drogba robbed us again of a victory, after a shot/cross from Theo Walcott gave us a well deserved lead in the first half, the Chelsea old boy came off of the bench to deprive us of a trophy.

Ignasi Miquel was adjudged to be the guilty man who “bundled” Drogba over and referee Jon Moss was quick to award the penalty. Up stepped the cheat to make it 1-1 and before the final whistle the same player latched onto a super through ball played by Wesley Sneijder to make it 2-1.

The big cup was theirs. We, well we came 3rd! Better than 4th eh!

The excuses came out after the game – tiredness already a factor says the manager, our trip to Asia taking some of the blame for that.

Crikey, what will the players be like at Christmas if they are already tired?

Did he play players for too long and too many times in Asia?

Anyway, that’s history, as is The Emirates Cup for another year but what did we learn from the competition?

Here’s devilgunner’s view:

There were some positives and negatives.

Szczesny didn’t have much to do but what he had to do he did well.

I liked Jenks. He is becoming more composed. He covered well and also managed to roast the opposing left back a number of times. He showed a few deft touches which took him past opponents which shows that he does not only rely on speed.

Sagna was also a plus in the centre of defence. He covers the space well and imo would be better suited there than at right back and as a result, Wenger should sign a right back rather than a central player.

Gibbs was solid throughout his time on the pitch.

Mertesacker organises well but he’s slow. He was not overpowered by Drogba but was slow compared to our nemesis.

Miguel……..he is not a left back. Full-stop. Drogba saw Senderos in him and attacked him from the second he stepped on the pitch.

Arteta is good in possession and has a brain but he is getting slower and is not strong enough to be dominant once he is pressed by the opposition.

Aaron Ramsey – I enjoyed watching him play. Those who suggest he should be just a squad player either need their eyes tested or should go to a school of football to learn the importance of Aaron Ramsey to the balance of our midfield.

Cazorla had good game but he’s still finding his way back in the team. Wenger should go a bit slow with him at the moment as he needs a proper rest.

Theo Walcott is coming more to the fore as a team player. Today was a day when I enjoyed watching him play. His pace helped Jenkinson a lot when the full back was overlapping.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was one of our best players on the pitch with his direct running and should have been given awarded a penalty.

Yaya Sanogo. He is the twit we had a few years ago but with intelligence and a good first touch. He started slowly but  got more lively as the game went on. Yes I like him.

Giroud. He is much better as a team player then the little boy was.

So there you have one fans view, no doubt we’ll all give our own in the comments.

Finally, some of the newspapers report that both Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney are going to do all they can to push themselves out of their current club this week. Surely that means that transfer requests will be submitted.

So that could mean two of the PL best strikers will definitely be up for grabs.

Wonder if we will sign either……

That’s it for another day, have a good one all…

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400 comments on “Two transfer requests going in this week? We’re a Top Three Side now…

  1. Jon Moss should stick to playing the drums…

    Morning all.

    Thanks for your views on the match Devil, I think I need to go that school you refer to ;)

  2. Good assessment of how yesterday’s team performed. I have only one comment to add. Many have been really critical of Arteta but in my opinion he maybe not the fastest and equally he may not be the bullying DM we feel we should have, but we are a much better team with him in in than when he is sidelined, eg yesterday’s first half, we were poor against Napoli, with him on the pich we were much calmer, more composed and in control. He is an experienced player who knows how to play. We need a few more like him although maybe not so slow. But I can forgive slow I cannot forgive mindless or careless or incompetent.
    Should not have lost yesterday and somenoe should have given Dogbowl a good kicking, just for old time’s sake!
    What was apparent though was we need a goal scorer. Well who will that be? I wonder.

    Morning all. Welcome to another week of uncertainty and speculation…..plus ca change……….!

  3. Chelsea have had a £30 million offer for Rooney rejected.

  4. Morning

    Excellent Post

    First it was fitness, now it’s tiredness, I wonder what it will be next….. Dizziness? #Arsene&Excuses

  5. Hi Wavy, we’ve needed a goal scorer for years….

    Sanogo may look to be a good prospect, but we all know he shouldn’t be relied on this season.

  6. Wasn’t that 20 Y.O DM supposed to start his trial today? I still think that Coquelin could’ve covered for Arteta.

  7. teebajj, just have to look at the previous excuses to know what we’ll hear this season, its same old, same old each year..

  8. Miguel……..he is not a left back. Full-stop. Drogba saw Senderos in him and attacked him from the second he stepped on the pitch…. #Lol

    That cracked me up

  9. He is supposed to Brad, as is the winger mentioned in yesterdays post, not sure if either or neither have travelled…

  10. Morning all,

    “Chelsea have had a £30 million offer for Rooney rejected”
    Lets see if there will be media outcry about this.
    Arsenal made a bid of £40m and we are being ridiculed by the press

  11. Morning,

    Can we please offer 30 million and a quid for Rooney….?

  12. Morning again,

    Dear Dev, kindly send me a copy of a prospectus of your esteemed school.

    Ps. Don’t bother if Scott is the Registrar… lol

    I agree with your assessment of the match and the view of Wavy too.

    Arteta is still faster than Pirlo, Sahin, the Welsh Xavi over at the damp called Anfield or Enfield who the clown Brenda signed from Swansea,Gareth ‘Barrymore’ and Carrick. Arteta’s speed is not a major concern when TR07 and AR16 are next to him because both players are intelligent enough.

    Good read especially on a day when rumours and news are as scarce as nutritious meal in Somalia…

  13. Didnt have a chance to watch the match but sounds like we were not that bad, every defeat itches me though. Hope we will come around come start of the season. My thinking is AW wanted to see how the team would fare against stronger sides like Napoli and Galatasaray before he considers his final moves in the transfer market and hopefully we will see one or two coming in. Good day good people.

  14. We need an upgrade on Ramsey. He leaves the defender too open. He has no positional awareness. And runs like ”he’s pulling a tractor”. His own teammates said it. We need a general in the midfield. I pray that Fellani comes in and he goes to the other way. He would excel at Everton


  15. Good read rico/devil.i’d like to add that poldi has not looked convincing at the tournament.

    Did anyone see Brendan Rodgers say we have no class over the Luis suarez bid…!!!i don’t know what he is smoking but it is liverpool who are constantly in the media talking about it.Wenger has always maintained confidentiality on the issue.Brenda is giving us daiky quotes saying suarez isn’t for sale.if anything he sounds desperate and rattled at the prospect of losing his best player to us.
    Also if we were informed that £40mil+ would trigger a clause in the contract then there was nothing wrong with adding that £1.Rodgers is well aware if the owners do decide to sell he can do f**k all about it.

    To me its as clear as day.Suarez wants out desperately and he has to push for a move if the stalemate is to be broken.

  16. We lost the match when he took Gibbs and Ramsey off and brought in the kids. If he really wanted to win the match he should have taken Mert off and unleashed Kos to take care of that cheat. At least the emirate cup provided opportunity for us to know who likely amongst the kids will be in the first team squad this season

  17. Chelsea to table £40m for Rooney. Is it true Suarez has handed in a transfer request already

  18. Brenda is a clown of infinite proportions. Maybe the dentist he saw to give him a dental make over transplanted his brains too…
    Then again, he is the man who signed an agreement before leaving Swansea that he would not poach any of his former players for 2 seasons. 2 weeks latter he was courting the Welsh Xavi like Perez courted Zidane in Monaco.

    The funny thing is that if the 2 yanks and Livepoo’d had not made noise to the media we will never have known a bid had been placed. This shows that there is a likelihood that the club have placed bids but we never find out. An example is J. Navas saying Seville and Arsenal agreed a fee for him a few years ago but he decided to stay for 1 more year.

  19. Morning Wath. Would you swap Jack for Rooney?

  20. Yes Rico,

    It’s like watching the same movie over and over. Season after season, same old scenario

    We slump at the start of the season, Low morale sets in, we fight back against all odds, and then we win a 4th place Cup !

  21. Hi Emma, I am still surprised Aneke went on loan so quickly wthout being tested in CM properly all throughout pre-season. He has the height and the strength to forge a career but it seems some players get more chances than others at Arsenal.

    Hi Wath, I heard that you have bought 2 crates of GG in readiness for the signing of Matthias…

  22. Wath, I don’t know why we just don’t go and offer £35 million for Rooney

  23. Welcome Elin and JR..

    Thanks Kt, seems Suarez is ready to do that, as for the class thing, that to me sounds nothing more than a man desperate to keep his player…

  24. teebajj, if we don’t make those promised signings, player will start the season downhearted. So many have said that the squad are excited by the prospect of new additions.

    They’ll be left feeling like us fans if AW fails to back up the clubs promises …

  25. Good Morning to the Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Devil – Good write up of the game. I would add that Merts was totally at fault for Diddler Drogba’s second goal in that he had lost sight of and let D.D. drift behind him. By the time Merts realised what was happening it was all too too late as D.D. was already past him with the ball.

    Merts’ lack of speed meant he couldn’t recover from his error, but it was his rookie lack of attention to the danger that cost us the goal.

    Also, I agree with emma’s points about Gibbs and Ramsey.

  26. Morning all.
    Again, these are only friendlies. The idea is a run out for the squad without anyone getting injured.

    We drew two games last year against pub teams in China and Hong Kong and lost v’s Man City.
    When we played Man City a month later we hammered them; not by the score as in Wenger’s infinite wisdom he played Ginge’s mate as centre forward and he fluffed a couple of goalscoring opportunities.

    I go back to 2002-ish when we got hammered in Austria or Germany 1-4 by a mid table Turkish side (Parlour scored our goal) and no one batted an eyelid.

    The proper business doesn’t start for a couple of weeks.

  27. Morning Cg and Adam..

    Covers are off :(

  28. It won’t be only the players that are downhearted Rico. If he doesn’t strengthen the squad significantly, I think he has had it.

  29. Adam, Jack for Rooney… come on mate Rooney worth more than a bottle of Jack Daniels…

    Ts if you look at your stats mate you’ll see I am the largest purchaser of GG on the planet 2 cases… I do that a week…!

  30. Morning Syg,Cg

    Long time Cg…

    Leave me out of this Syg…. I have written to IG and Stan to consider erecting a statue for Gerv at Erms… IG says it has been discussed at board level already…. watch the space. lol
    howdy pal?

  31. ktr7 – Brenda accuses Arsenal of a lack of class, but it has been Brenda and other buffoons like Ayre that have made our bids public and they can’t stop talking. Like FC Farcelona in previous years, Liverfool FC have no idea what class is.

    The sad fact for Brenda is that they will have to let Saurez leave or be stuck with a very angry and dissatisfied player. When they finally relent and sell Suarez he is only going to look more the fool for his constant denials and desperate rantings.

  32. Le-Grove this morning: “I’m aware that some of the comments that went on yesterday verged on unacceptable. The comments section here is about respect, it always has been. If you’re being disgusting to other people or about other people, you’ll find yourself banned.”

    … and it’s only August 5th

  33. I’m with you Rico, I’d offer 32.5 for Rooney just to make it clear we value him more than the chavs do…! Would we want Suarez & Rooney..?

  34. My fave poster – I’m with you on that Ginge LOL.

  35. Wath, GG is treated as classified material… the FSB and the DoD do not disclose such info willingly… ;)

  36. SY, comments section on LG has always been about “respect”….. that’s as funny as listening to Wengers transfer excuses…..!

  37. Hi Syg..

    Wonder when the proper transfer business starts..

    We are already depleted for the CL qualified though bans..

  38. Not quite as funny as that Wath. Or as tragic.

  39. I thought that would be taken for granted Adam, most are seething already.

  40. The whole Suarez and Rooney things is frankly at the meh stage for me. What we need to concentrate on is a defender preferably centre half and an midfielder preferably two. After that if we get either of the above strikers or a different one but right now we need defensive cover and midfield cover more than a striker.

  41. If we had made a £30 mil bid am sure by know the media would be mocking us right now for making a derisory bid for the ‘white pele’.the double standards are disgusting.i don’t know what world.we live in that a bid of £40 mil is considered to be derisory.

    WATH we’d be likelier to bid £30mil +£1 :-)

  42. Yes we would Wath, those two together would be awesome up front. Add a DM and CH and the PL would be ours ;)

  43. Rico. I am sure that actually doing the business is harder than it seems. Having said that it does seem as if we are enormously incompetent in this regard.

  44. Then again its the same media who value Bale to be worth more than cavani and falcao combined :O

  45. I think a LG poster tried to get on here yesterday, had his comment been made to AW himself the guy/gal would probably be behind bars this morning….

  46. As I’ve said before, Suarez is seen as the catalyst of intent. We get him and more of the same will follow. But that’s me being optimistic. The day when Wenger says Diaby is like a new signing is when the pessimism will set in.

  47. Syg- the LG comments section is an algorithm of how to write AW out 880 times…

    Every single post is met with the same responses.

  48. V10 – that all sounds far too sensible for our manager…

  49. It must have been bad Rico.

  50. Ginge – Good Morning. I’ve dropped by the House a few times, but haven’t joined in. If it is a doom & gloom session I’m off. There are only so many ways to say the same things before it sounds like a short tape on a repetitive loop.

    Yseterday’s game gives us something new to talk about.

  51. Funny how other clubs don’t seem to struggle with the system Adam.

    I still doubt we’ll get Suarez, Kroenke is probably sat pulling his hair out at the thought of parting with £50m..

    Actually, scrub that, he did that when AW agreed to pay Chamakh a wage, the syrup….

  52. I don’t mind the author Ginge, he comes across as being very ok.

  53. FIrst time poster here – (Conspiracy Alert). It seems that it is accepted that the Board/Wenger lied to us regarding the financial situation at Arsenal, which Wenger recently acknowledged about when he signed his last contract – Is there some sort of a gentlemen’s agreement in which Wenger takes all of the flack for a lack of resources knowing that this will be his last year at Arsenal?

  54. It was Syg…

  55. I see Ronaldo won’t confirm where his future will be….

  56. I am with you there Cg, we all know what the score is at a higher level at least. But I believe in doing the best with what you have if you can’t influence things. Maybe because I was a soldier and had to buy more own kit to fight for my country.

    The Americans and Canadians had a nickname for British squaddies in Iraq and Afghanistan because we were always borrowing… ;)

    There is even a joke that the Yanks instructed us not to use there M16 and AR15 as well as the same size calibre of bullets because they knew we would try to borrow rounds on the front line too… :-)

    At the end of the day my principle is no matter how much you hate the manager, it is beyond foolish to wish Arsenal to fail in order for the manager to be sacked.

    The last example of such ideology is Liverpool who are now a certified mid table club but are still in denial… its not like they haven’t bought bid and shown ambition but…

  57. Rico – Ronaldo may not be sure what his future will be. New managers at UnReal and at ManUre. He is smart to play the waiting game until the signs become clearer. No sense in upsetting the manager or fans of either team, unless it becomes necessary.

  58. Jenks, I like him, but he was awful Vs Napoli and average Vs the Turks.
    Theo, you get the impression this was his 1st professionnal game !!!
    Only Rosicky, Koscielny and sometimes Ramsey had good displays, over the week end and yes Sanogo looks promising

  59. Maybe he’s worrying about the competition for his place once Bale arrives Cg ;)

  60. That of course is in your opinion Tmk…

  61. BBC reported this morning that Ronaldo had signed a new improved 5 year deal

    Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed a new five-year contract at Real Madrid. The 27-year-old has extended his stay at the Bernabeu until 2018, increasing his annual salary to 17m euros (£14.8m) after tax.

    This is from Marca.

  62. Welcome Federico – or could it simply be that the board and Gazidis want us to sign players but the manager would rather use what we have?

    And of course, the owner simply sits back and allows him to do as he wishes??

  63. v10, that’s funny then, Marca don’t always tell the truth though ;)

  64. Ginge – I don’t hate Arsene, I don’t hate anyone. I have a lot of respect for Arsene and for what he has done for our club. He has changed a lot over the last year.

    However, I tire of the constant whining about his lack of signings so far. I feel the same frustration that most Gooners do, but I remain optimistic that we will get what we need before the window closes. If we don’t, I’m sure someone will take me to task for my naive and unfounded optimism. Regardless of all that, I will remain an Arsenal supporter.

  65. Rico are you saying that newspapers report to the public as truth things that they know are not true? Surely not

  66. Ditto- Cg.

    Even though I still mantain Jeffers is better than Inzaghi and TH14 and Gervinho deserves a testimonial match :D :D :P

  67. Rico – You could well be right about CR being worried about Bale’s imminent arrival. As much as I dislike the arrogant little git, Cristiano is smart enough not to throw his toys out of the pram before and unless it is necessary.

  68. Syg I was just on LG and the first 50 or so post all had the line WENGER OUT. It just shows how bitter society has become when seemingly matured people turn football into a tribal war…

  69. ughelligoonerAugust 5, 2013 09:55:53
    Pedro welldone. It was yesterday i knew that many moaners on legrove got no bite they just bark. After all the noise of going to the emirates to protest, stand naked outside with banners sing wenger out etc nothing happened, i was expecting one of ito, scott, ug, gunneruis, westsussex, gbone, kwifit, dialsq, samestory, ramsey, to run into the pitch naked and do something instead they where back on legrove moaning. As for that “spectrum” all he does is go round the blogs moaning, if you hate wenger so much i expected you to travel from Australia to emirates and protest but meh. Pedro said it earlier moaners are all mouthed. Maybe you should beg Geoff to carry the flag for you. Kronke was there yesterday, we will see what he will do. PS. This is a new day you say something meaningful and make the blog attractive to newcomers other than moan.

    Dear oh dear…

  70. Lol Ginge

  71. Rico, my 2nd favourite news site Caughtoffside say Nani is coming to join us.

  72. Ah so now we know where Scott has gone… he on LG moaning about Wenger…..! Clever…!

  73. Ginge – Re your – “Even though I still maintain Jeffers is better than Inzaghi and TH14 and Gervinho deserves a testimonial match”.

    After a statement like that, I can only conclude that you have already consumed W.A.T.H’s two cases of GG or have been smoking some of the ‘Highbury High’ pipeweed that Liverfool owner John Henry has been so envious of. Maybe our club management could offer him some as part of the Luis Suarez transfer fee. It wouldn’t induce him to make any more thoughtless and tactless bovine manure comments about extremely overpriced players than his extremely overpriced Cuban cigars already do.

  74. Cheers Rico – It is difficult to actually say if that is it or not. There are a lot of people who claim to be in the know and there could be an element of a boardroom struggle going on.

    As they have been lying for years, I don’t see why that isn’t still occurring and what we are seeing is the Board seeing that the fans will not put up with it any longer, so Wenger falls on his sword (why he got such a high remuneration to begin with) and leaves.

    But it could also be as easy as Wenger losing it, but I think that just can’t be the case. He is far too intelligent for that to not see that we are lacking in quality.

  75. Wow, imagine taking home almost 300k a week like Ronaldo? I guess it’s a case of make hay while the sun shines and not need to be a tv expert presenter once your football playing career is over.

  76. CG, no way is anyone getting close to my GG stock mate not even a team of SAS can get remotely close to confiscate some stock…!

  77. V10 ;) Never…

  78. Thank goodness it is CO reporting that Ts, at least we know it bollox ;)

    I thought you said that Kroenke was definitely not coming over in August, looks like your ‘web page’ let you down ;)

  79. :) Rico… Stan wears wigs… he is also the master of disguise.

  80. Federico – maybe that is why SK has come over, to sort out the rift between AW and IG/The board…

    Perhaps he’ll throw his syrup out the pram ;)

  81. Nicely wriggled out of admitting you were wrong Ts ;)

  82. Yesterday’s game was nothing but a sideshow. It has virtually zero relevance to the coming season except to highlight a few shortcomings/bonuses.
    The main point, indeed it might be considered the only game in town by some, is where are Arsenal going. Can they remain a competitive force this coming season and the coming seasons. Nothing else comes remotely close in importance. The man at the centre of this conundrum is Wenger, followed by the board and the owner. As we are still in a time period where the club can directly affect their stature and competitiveness ( thus their success) by having an active and successful transfer window, why should it seem unusual that people want to talk about this?
    Whether Wenger is or isn’t culpable for our seeming inertia also seems entirely understandable, even if there is very little hard info about and just conjecture and guessing – some more intelligent and informed than others.
    There is a feeling of helplessness filling Arsenal fans (not all apparently) purely because we have been here so many times before not because many despise Wenger. I believe he has received incredible loyalty and support for years now, despite being dishonest with the fans.
    The fact that this nervous period coincides with genuine doubts about his future is entirely normal as far as I can see. What we are witnessing is an entirely crucial period of the club’s history and what is at stake is more than Wenger’s future.

  83. Well said Adam….. very very important points highlighted and I agree with you, we are as a club at a crossroads… the talk of ambition and greatness and stepping up are there for us to take but do we have people to take us onto this platform of competitiveness..? That for me is the biggest question and i think it encompasses both board level and manager/coaches..!

  84. :-) I am learning very well from AW, Rico. lol

    But I never said Stan was definitely not coming… I remember saying I have not heard any rumours he is coming down because we are not selling a major player…

  85. Adam – I would agree with your synopsis and I think that Gazidis has painted Wenger into the corner with his statements earlier this year, thus minimizing Wenger into a pantomime villain if he doesn’t spend because that is what will happen.

    Most people that sit around me at the Emirates want him out, but with the acknowledgements that he hasn’t had money means that the fans have been lied to, so naturally people are going to be pretty pissed off about it. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to replace the board, so that just leaves Wenger. It is also why I don’t think that he will renew, especially if he doesn’t spend as there will be a horrible atmosphere at the Emirates this year.

  86. Wath. I think that if the board and Wenger show ambition, this will be met with the fan’s support. We know that due to the erosion of the ST waiting list, many fans have already jacked it in. To the club’s shame many of these will be long-term hardcore supporters. I doubt these will be won back except sitting in front of a TV screen. A lot of us gave Wenger and the club one more season, but so far, nothing.
    Why anybody should believe that these are not suitable points for debate is odd.

  87. It possibly might be better if Kroenke attended the Aston Villa match rather than get his impressions from the ever enthusiastic trippers that go to the Emirates Cup. Or maybe those of us that attend home and away throughout the season should stay away and let them have the tickets and see how long it takes to wear them down.

  88. Bendtner going must be good news.

  89. Potter. Do you go to all the home games, from Norfolk?

  90. DD speaking extensively to Skysports about the future of Arsenal, Arsene, Cesc and his own future stated that ”You can never say never in football,’ said Dein when asked if the Spaniard could return to the Emirates.

    ‘I know Arsene Wenger will try to improve the squad if he can.’

    Dein is a long-term friend of Gunners boss Wenger, having been fundamental in the Frenchman’s appointment.”

    The pair are also known to regularly meet for lunch and enjoy a close relationship, despite Dein’s acrimonious departure following a board room row.

    As quoted by Metro..

    DD also confirmed that AW has always struggled to make a decision on purchases. He cited how AW was struggling to decide between Bale and Theo. He said he had to make the choice for AW. So that clearly tells the story. AW wanted Bale but we had Reyes, Clichy, Traore and Cole at that time. We also had TH14 and DB10 but DD felt TW14 was the best candidate for Arsenal. Was that a good choice in hind sight based on how much Bale is being touted for?

    When Rednose was debating signing Ronaldo he called Queroz and spoke to his own players like Gary and it paid off even though Ronaldo’s first 2 years at Yanited was very similar to Gerv’s at Arsenal i.e more step overs than end product.

    Rednose tried the same approach on Bebe and well it failed miserably…

    My point is, do we have enough footballing people at the club to drive us forward into the right direction or do we have so many chiefs and little Indians?

    Bayern is the idea set-up at board level; Franz Beckenbauer,Herbert Hainer,Willem Hesselink,Uli Hoeneß,Karl Hopfner, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Matthias Sammer are all footbaling legends. Only the likes of Martin Winterkorn,Herbert Hainer and the President of Bavaria are business men but they concentrate on financial growth not footballing side of the structure even though some may argue they go hand in hand.

  91. Fred, there are rumours he has already extended his contract by 3 more years… ;)

  92. Spot on Adam…

  93. Emma do you know if the J.Gamez deal is still under consideration by both parties?

  94. Federico, that’s my view to re IG, I think he has told the fans where we are and right now it’s all down to one man…

    Ts, I bloody hope he hasn’t!

  95. if I do not admire anything else about Suarez,I admire his fitness and play-making and those are two of the things we really are in need of,in our team. Rooney for some time now has fitness problems and we all know he could sometimes act like Gattuso.
    To me,paying close to £50m for a very fit 26 year old is better.

    We fans should be stay patient and optimistic. Let’s see what happens from this week onwards. At least,the promise of clearing the ‘deadwoods’ is almost fulfilled and I don’t think that after the transfers-out are completed,the squad will be left so bare because of no new quality additions.

  96. Wonder if the Malaga right back will be included in the deal for bendtner…

  97. Arteta on transfers…

    “The club is working on that,” he said. “It is in their hands and I am sure they are going to do it.”

    There are rumours that Arteta has acted as a broker on potential new recruits like he did so successful when we were trying to bring in Santi and Monreal…

    There are rumours that Brenda is crossed because Suarez has sort advice from Mikel on schools etc in London…

  98. rico, ts – Jesus Gamez was not mentioned in the article so i doubt he is involved in the deal

  99. Learning from Wenger Ts, you mean lying? ;)

  100. tsgh – I have heard those as well, but I don’t believe them yet. If the non-renewals are anything to go by, they would be foolish to give him one, especially if he doesn’t sign anyone. They won’t fill the bowl.

    Earlier in the summer, I felt that he would get them in early, but now it will be only if we qualify for the CL.

    I’d be interested to hear people’s views on Giroud. I have been reading a lot of (hopeful) people who want to compare him to Drogba. I find that hard to see especially given that yesterday we saw that he wasn’t as good as a 35 year old Drogba.

  101. I think signing Suarez may just save Wenger this summer…

    Or Rooney….

  102. Rico, you have a point on it being on 1 man soin that case why is IG not negotiating the Suarez deal properly and successfully or it is Aw’s fault again that Liverpool deem £40M as a bad bid?

    Or is IG’s job negotiating a sponsorship deal or 2 once very 4 or so years worth is salary?

    The man can’t win whatever he does. AW may not agree on who some of us think will be an improvement on our squad but at least he has bid for players like Hig, and Bender. Bernard possibly too… and these are the once we have heard about…

    One minute Aw has too much power, and he he does not negotiate deals properly; the next he should only concentrate on coaching the team ;)

  103. rico – my 2 previous posts are awaiting moderation :(

  104. Either of those would hardly address our weaknesses Rico. :)

  105. Comparing Drogba to Giroud is like comparing chalk with cheese….

    And would be unfair on Giroud imho…

  106. Out now emma, sorry about that …

    Not the defensive ones I know Adam ;)

  107. Shame re the rb emma.

    Ts, yes, if AW would only sanction a higher bid, then we might actually get to sign Suarez.

    Oh, and imho, AW should keep his nose out of all transfer dealings other than to supply a list of players he wants us to sign.

    After that, he should play no further part unless it’s to meet the player and talk to him about how he would fit in.

    Money/contracts etc etc should be left to those whose job it is….

  108. rico – thanks ;)

  109. I can see that the Suarez deal is difficult, but surely the defensive, midfield and GK deals could be done without as much difficulty. Or is that just too sensible?

  110. ts – Would have loved for us to get an experienced RB and move Sagna to CB to pair with Koscielny.

  111. Exactly what Vernat said earlier Adam. Let the Suarez deal rumble away, in the meantime, get other deals done..

  112. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico/Wath.
    Nice post Coach.
    Great points Adam…..

    This is the first season in almost 25 years, that I haven’t watched a single pre-season game, either on TV or Live.

    I don’t think that I have ever approached a new season, during my entire life as an Arsenal fan, with less enthusiam than I currantly have.

    That, of course, as Wath will remind me, could be down to age… :-P

    But it is, in realty, because of the clubs gradual erosion of my love of Arsenal, by their stingy behaviour in the transfer market and the rip-off prices we, as fans, are expected to pay, for what is an average product…

    You can debate, until the chickens come home, who is to blame. But I think that blame should be shared, and our demise into mediorcrity I believe, begun when Fiszman engineered the departure of Dein…

    Adam, even watching that mob from the armchair, is losing it’s allure….

  113. W/P sometimes goes all sulky with links emma ;)

  114. Same here Emma… Sagna is at an age where he needs to use his experience at CB especially after all the injuries. Its not like he is new to CB either.

    Rico, you mean AW should leave transfer dealings to the inept negotiators who can’t even sell our best players at the best going rate when Levy can sell Carrick for higher anmount than we sold some of our legends.

    The same man who used his ingenuity to ensure we can get CF04 back at a cheaper price when the board were just satisfied to take what ever was being offered. If it was not for Aw and that contract, CF04 will be wearing the same jersey as RVP…

    I expect someone to come back with the line that if we had the players RVP needed he would not have left in the first place; I bet the have forgotten about the fact that Anelka, Overmars, Petite and PV04 all left after we had won a trophy ;)

  115. Intersting

  116. Afternoon Kev, good comment…

  117. The big surprise there is Kagawa.

  118. I think its the CF04 situation that has prevented us concluding other deals especially in midfield.

    What would have been the case if AW had bought Capoue, Wil for £10M each and then all of a sudden CF04 became available and we do not have any more of the reported cash available to get him?

    The same guys moaning now will say AW should have waited to make sure CF04 is not moving first…

    How many guys on here were saying they did not want Bony but wanted Hig because they had seen the stas of Hig?… ;)

  119. Kevin. Surely not from my armchair mate :)

    Well said though and entirely apposite. Critical times for Arsenal. Crucial even.

  120. Of course Syg, re Kagawa. That is why I always said that if Park was bought for Jersey sales only then the board were clueless because S. Koreans don’t buy Jersey’s… the Japanese do…

    AW never paid huge amount to get Nakata the Asian DB07 years ago when DD was around so that has never been our strategy….

  121. Why?

    Why when Sagna is a top right back are fans suggesting we move him into the centre?

    Isn’t this what AW always does?

    Shifting players to suit the needs?

    We need a strong, pacey CH, sign one and stop making do is the way to win things…

  122. Rico, you are quick to change your tune… how many times before the Far East tour did you say we should get rid of Sagna because he was passed his use? ;)

  123. Ts – why do you always have to twist things?

    Wenger is a manager, yet he’s the one who has set the wage structure over the years. He’s the one who allowed average players to be paid an awful lot of money each week.

    Because of that, we couldn’t sell players because their wage demands have been laughed at.

    Wengers job is to manage, it should be nothing more nothing less….

  124. Rico, signing some ‘wunderkind’ from Okey-Faloki doesn’t do it for me anymore.

    Sign Suarez and I might just start believing again…

    Fail to sign a marquee player and I’ll find something else to do with my weekends…

    Decorating maybe, cooking possibly, shopping probably, Peroni obviously, women definately… :-)

    But Arsenal are becoming almost an irrelevance to me these days.
    I really come on here to chat to my friends and stalk Mick…

  125. Typical JC..

    But JC and most people are questioning why we have signed Sanogo.. an unknown African/French player but change their tune when it suits their purpose…

  126. Poor old John Cross. I suppose, like so many others, he can’t help being a dickhead. Like Steve Stammers before him, Cross regularly redefines how intellectually inept Football journalists can be. Winter merely continues the seabed dredging even further.

  127. Adam, get the kettle on mate…. :-D

  128. Did I actually say that?

    I thought last season he was average at times, just like many. If he was sold I wouldn’t shed a tear IF we signed a younger one who was top class..

    However, I do find the idea of shifting an under tall Rb to play central would be a bit of a cop out by Wenger.

    In an emergency yes, but to rely on him would be stupid but that’s the Wenger way it seems ..

  129. It won’t do me either Kev, not one bit.

    Some may choose so believe that all is well and rosy and AW is still a genius in all he does but not me, not any more.

    Not as it stands today. If we get to Sept 3rd and we have what we have now then we are in dire straights imho…

  130. Mrs Adam has your teapot waiting mate and is fanning our newly installed flame-pit as I write.

  131. A few points:
    AW is always talking about respecting the tradition of the club but the tradition going back to David Jack, Alex James, Alan Ball, Malcolm Macdonald was always to break transfer records!
    Why are people getting on Jack’s case? He’s been out for 18 months, played a few games last season and got the crap kicked out of him and is playing in a much weaker team than the one he started in!
    How can a club whos owner uses twitter to criticise us talk about a lack of class!

  132. I actually like what JC writes, seems quite switched on imho….

  133. Rico/Adam,et al,I need to do some work…

    See ya lata…

  134. The last time I checked AW was only an employee and worked to enforce the interest of the club. The same way a PM is elected by common people who chose to vote into office.

    If AW set the salary capor structure which was btw was used previously by AC Milan, Ajax, Red Star and Barcelona. All great team btw… then someone more stupid or miserly than AW must have sanctioned that salary or wage structure.

  135. Well said Bj, after all, those same people were so patient with Aaron, just because some thug broke his leg…

    But Jack has to suddenly prove himself. Pfff

  136. Go steady Kev…

    Bollox to the Milans, Ajax and all the others Ts, AW has always said we don’t have money yet he wastes it on paying average players well above what they deserve..

    Guess that’s not his fault though…

  137. Re: Sanogo Ginge ….
    I think it’s more to do with him coming from Ligue 2 in France – scoring 7 goals in 20 outings (noticed how I used stats to make him look shite), being injury prone, and because Wenger would rather get a FREE than pay for a player…..
    The question is therefore: Would Wenger have actually have paid a transfer fee for him?
    It’s early days, but one thing is for sure – he won’t sell many shirts.

  138. Sorry Ts, that was a bit curt.

  139. And the answer no doubt would have been No, well maybe a few thousand pounds….

  140. Adam, re your 12:24

    Anything that constitutes matters that are for the good or the detriment of the club are points of debate Adam, we don’t all agree on which side of the fence we sit but none the less all are very pertinent to how we go forward as a club.. or stagnate and go backwards what ever the case maybe..?

    Think all Arsenal fans can see we’ve been spoon fed bullshit and lies for the last 7/8 years it’s now how the club try to make things right. They have this high and mighty attitude yet the fans are the ones who have paid for things out their own pockets and then we are treated as if we are all stupid and know nothing about the game or the club.

  141. I still don’t see CJ as the solution at RB. He only looks good enough going forward and if Sagna stayed central like other CD’s would we would see how exposed CJ leaves us.

    I see williams being in the mould of Sol Campbell. Stong and quick in movement and on the turn. Having a quicker Centre back means a higher line and I think our wing backs will find it easier to patrol the line, allows for width and closes the huge gap we seem to leave in the midfield.

  142. Of course it is AW fault if players flop the same way he takes credit for good buys too…

    But folks trying to imply that it is AW’s fault for the reason why B-52 does not want to move is laughable imho…

    If a man previously earned 50k a year as a shop manager as an example and is sacked for incompetence but goes to the next employee and say I won’t take 30k because my previous employer paid me more, do we blame the previous employer or individual.

    anyways… later

  143. Sound point WATH. 100%

  144. Bendtner doesn’t want to move because Bendtner wants to be paid no less than £52K per week.
    According to either Malaga, Twente or Frankfurt, I forget which – He also wants stipulations in his contract at the end of the year so he can move to a better club if one comes in for him… or something like that.
    Bendtner is all about the money.

  145. Brad – me too re both Jenks and Williams.

    Had AW not given him such a pay rise, Bendtner would have been long gone by now…

  146. I first saw Bendtner in a full 90 mins v’s Sheff Utd in the League Cup. We won 3-0 at Bramall Lane. He looked both lazy and lethargic.
    Passion on its own won’t give you a great career, but if you are talented, it will add 10 or 15% to your game.
    Bendtner has never been a passionate player.

  147. But did he ever deserve or warrant such a wage?

    He is just one of many, add them all up and it amounts to an awful lot of money, money which have always been told we are short of.

  148. The one thing you miss out on your 1:55 Ts is that is was Wenger who agreed to pay him the 52k p/w in the first place…! That I think is what people are getting at.

    No way will a greedy shit like Bendtner accept a lesser salary and why should he but it highlights the stupidity of Wenger for paying him such a ludicrous amount in the first place..!

  149. Nice scenes at OT Adam….

  150. Rico is that all your doing… Outside doing a rain dance with the chickens really isn’t very sporting you know..!

  151. We could have done with soldado, I always rated him.. and please don’t tell me
    he is similar to Giroud, cos he isn’t.. Giroud is like Bendtner with less*#ego.

    Remi is joining the French Legion up in Newcastle it seems..
    andl we still hoping fabrigas returns home!!!!!

  152. Indoors Wath, it’s raining ;)

  153. Giroud is better than Bendtner Judge, he’s been scoring goals for a start ;)

    And Cesc, well his is home….

  154. Perez is in town. But that hair style geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  155. Rooney out injured for tomorrows friendly. Yeah right, he’s a gonner…

  156. Arsenal are on the verge of making their second signing of the summer after offering a contract to Romanian international Ciprian Marica, according to the forward’s agent.

    Although the club remain in hot pursuit of Liverpool’s wantaway star Luis Suarez, Arsene Wenger’s side have endured a relatively quiet transfer window thus far, with 20-year-old striker Yaya Sanogo the sole addition to the Gunners’ squad.

    With Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho poised to complete their moves to Roma and Crystal Palace respectively, and Nicklas Bendtner also likely to cut his ties with the club this summer, the Gunners could all of a sudden be light up front.

    But Wenger could be set to bolster his options in a typically prudent move for Marica after the 27-year-old was released by Schalke this summer.

    “It is close to Arsenal, we’ll see this week,” Giovani Becali, Marica’s agent, is quoted as saying by Romanian newspaper Libertatea.

    FOLLOW IBTIMES Google Plus
    “Marica is a good striker, a Romanian international and has experienced great football in the West. It is normal for him to be targeted by big clubs.”

    Marica, who has spent the last six years in the Bundesliga following spells with Dinamo Bucuresti and Shakhtar Donetsk, played a largely peripheral role at Schalke last season, making 16 appearances in all competitions and scoring six times.

    Having failed to hold onto a first team role during his four year spell with the 2007 Bundesliga champions, Marica left the club by mutual consent earlier this summer and is now free to negotiate a move to a new club.

  157. Perez is shorter than Vermaelen, just what we need then.

    And a striker who couldn’t get into a Schalke side….

  158. Goodness me… have mercy

  159. So someone is going to sanction this move by the club hierarchy?

    This must be a joke of April fool proportions or AW is definitely the footballing Comical Ali or Nero.

  160. Just back from shopping. Do I hear we are about to sign Vlad The Impaler, the Nick Bendtner of the Carpathians?
    This will certainly appease the fans

  161. Rico perhaps the agent has it wrong, he is off to Arsenal in Argentina….!

  162. Rico at least we getting rid of the deadwood..
    Something to be cheerful about for now..

  163. Underwhelmed – really. By both of those links – one for the future, but the other guy was release by Shalke. Good God – there will be boos this year.

  164. Hello everyone. If Wenger buys Marica, people will ne calling for his head. MARICA? Please. He’s more suited for my local Danish team, AaB from Aalborg…

  165. So this is why.. The forward is reportedly looking for a contract worth £1.7m a year, or approximately £32,000 a week, a relatively modest sum in today’s market.

  166. I bloomin hope so Wath, because if AW signs him, he really has lost it…

  167. Ts – it will be AW…

    Judge, we have and its good news, but we need a few top players to boost the first team. .

  168. 2.57 Ts, have mercy for what?

  169. Hi Adam, Adk.

    Pub team springs to mind ;)

    If he signs, no Suarez that’s for sure …..

  170. Rico. Would you say he the marquee signing we have been waiting for?

  171. I must have been at a different game than you. I could swear I was in the North Bank watching Arsenal v Galatasaray. I even remember staying in a hotel after the Arsenal v Napoli match but the game I watchaed on Sunday is nothing like described. I saw a slow, going nowhere display with no penetration and a lack of ideas.
    IN OTHER WORDS–PISS POOR, or did I imagine it?

  172. Ermmm……. No Adam

    Don’t know what to say there Ian…. Was it like that for from start to finish or just in patches?

    Like others have said though, it’s all about game time for players more than anything else. If its the same when the season kicks off then it’s going to be very interesting times for the manager…

  173. Afternoon all, couldn’t get a stream to watch yesterday so cannot comment on the game. Virgin Media has tucked me up like some of you feel Wenger has tucked you up. I can understand how you feel at the moment especially after what Gazedez said at the start of the window. I would have thought that his interview would have rattled Wenger as i don’t believe he would have wanted anybody to know how much we had to play with. But once the cat is out of the bag their is no going back. Negotiations for top players are always a drawn out saga so nothing new there. We are in a reasonable position regarding Suarez, Rumour is he wants a move and i haven’t heard of any other bids so negotiating is much simpler. We have made a bid and they have said no, it now seems that its a bit of a waiting game sa who will break first. Wenger has shown he wants him But Brenda also says he wants him, so now i suppose its down to Suarez and what does he want. Negotiating means for the seller to ask as much as posible for the buyer as little as possible for the player concerned does he want to play for either and if its not his home club how will he perform if its against his will. Negotiations can last till the last seconds of the window this may be one of those cases. As far as season ticket holders are concerned, i hear that some are not renewing as they feel short changed. Did they not see all the games last year did they not see the top players who visited did they not see every team in the premier did they not have a seat. They got what they paid for no one told them we would win every game, no one told them that we would buy the best players, they knew what the price was they wasn’t forced to buy the tickets and if they don’t want them now then let someone else have it. If all that matters to these supporters is bragging rights then perhaps they should look at another sport to follow . top four for 16 years is good whether you like it or not i know a lot of other club supporters would swop places with us anyday. Wenger has said he will try and improve the team at least give him till the end of the window before you write him off and then look for who you think is better.

  174. Rooney has a ‘shoulder injury’… :-)

  175. Its also classic liverpool on the suarez saga…always the victims.

  176. Afternoon Sp, Kt…

    Rooneys injury is amusing to say the least – refusal to travel more like

  177. Don’t know who this Marquee Roumanian is tbh?

    Gotta say, he sounds more Glen Helder than Marquee.

    Ah now Glen Helder, that’s a name that brings the memories flooding back of George Graham’s sacking…

    Strange how certain situations re-occur?!!!

    Where is Agag??? I have a shopping report for her… ;-)

  178. Last year pool broke premier league rules by speaking to Dempsey then at Fulham without the permission of the club…how dare they talk about class.Rodgers even went after the ‘welsh xavi’ despite promising to go after a swansea player.

    And Arsene can do no right at the moment…we bid for suarez ‘how dare he?…’ we sign Sanogo they ridicule him for being cheap.

  179. :lol: Kev..

    He sounds like a Chamakh kind of signing, free and after a good package

  180. That’s one thing I will defend AW on Kt, he doesn’t usually do any transfer business in a naughty kind of way…

  181. Arsene Wenger for President of India I say !

    Sagna for centre back, he’s a right back for gawd’s sake.

    Who can forget the ‘flying Gazelle’ kev.

  182. Hasn’t he not long been sacked by the dippers Syg, another bitter man…

    Although he’s quite right of course ;)

  183. If pool had not spoken to the media we wouldn’t even be certain that we had bid.

  184. Didn’t he kidnap Park at the airport on his way to Lille a couple of seasons back rico, they got the right hump at the time.

  185. When I saw the name Marcia I thought he was a marquee signing for the ladies but hey… lol

    , rico says:
    August 5, 2013 at 3:21 pm
    2.57 Ts, have mercy for what?

    Rico, I meant remote possibility of that rumour being untrue… :-(

    WATH, you make a good point at 2:05 which is very accurate. On the other hand, is it not worrying that a club with our heritage will allow an employee to call the shots without someone having their hands on the proverbial handbrake ?lol

    I know it may come across like I am defending AW but all arguments or points people present imo points to the fact that someone is either too trusting or stupid to sanction all of AW’s philosophy.

    Another analogy if I may; if someone was an employer i.e a restaurant owner or a garage owner and as an example is hiring an a junior mechanic or a chef. If the owner allowed the hiring manager to over pay an employee more than the going rate then it the owners fault even though the owner can still sack the hiring manager for it.

    And on B-52 in particular at the age of 17 or 18 both Brian and Michael Laudrup thought he had the potential to be better than them both. Why was that? Well Michael at that age was playing not even as good in his own words. High praise indeed for a footballing great.

    Bendtner single-handedly brought Birmingham city up from the Championship according to Steve Bruce even though B-52 only scored 11 goals that season. The 2nd highest in the Championship that year at the age of 17/18 y.o and he scored the winning goal for BCFC on his debut.

    His father then managed to get Chelsea and Inter to show some interest in his son and then demanded that AFC accept it or match the offer on the table. Note, B-52 has still been able to score 22 goals in 55 or so games for Denmark and also took then to international tournaments…

    I stand to be corrected but it is my strongest believe that AW is only doing what he is allowed to do, the best way he knows how…

  186. Hi Micko, good idea ;)

  187. But Ts, you should know by now that most of us pay little attention to stuff like that but if it is true, then Lord help us.

    Plus, history suggests that that kind of signing has AW’s name written all over it…

  188. Kt- You shouldn’t even worry about the self dubbed once biggest club in Europe… Soviet Union was a super power once I guess…

    Have there forgotten how they signed Suarez from Ajax? What about how they signed Joe Allen using Brenda’s inside knowledge and disregard to legal documents.

    From the BBC, just an extract… Rodgers offered about £12m plus fellow midfielder Jonjo Shelvey on loan, but that deal was turned down by Swansea chairman Hugh Jenkins.
    Although the new Liverpool manager has a written agreement with Swansea not to return to his former club to try to sign any of their players for the next 12 months, the Welsh club can waive that clause if a deal is deemed to be in the best interests of the club.

    Pot calling a kettle black…??

  189. :D History indeed.

  190. June 2012 BBc.co.uk

    Swansea City say new Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers will not be able to sign any of his former players for the next 12 months.
    The Swansea chairman, Huw Jenkins, says a “player protection” clause was included in the compensation package that released Rodgers from his Liberty Stadium contract to join Liverpool.
    “We have got some protection, which I think is the right thing,” he said.
    Liverpool paid £7m compensation to the Swans for Rodgers’ services.
    Play media

    History lured me to Liverpool – Rodgers
    Swansea released a statement after Rodgers was presented as the new Liverpool manager to counter speculation that a trio of Swans – midfielder Joe Allen, defender Ashley Williams and full-back Neil Taylor – are transfer targets.
    Jenkins has made it clear that Liverpool have agreed not to raid the Liberty Stadium for playing talent to follow Rodgers to Anfield.
    The former manager has already taken coach Colin Pascoe, assistant performance analyst Chris Davies and performance consultant Glen Driscoll.
    Doubts have also been raised over Gylfi Sigurdsson’s proposed move to Swansea, despite the club agreeing a fee of £6.8m to buy the 22-year-old from German club Hoffenheim.
    But Jenkins insisted that personal terms have been agreed with the Iceland midfielder, who impressed during a loan spell in south Wales last season.
    “We’ve done all we can with Gylfi agreeing terms and a fee, but he’s gone away on holiday which has delayed things a bit,” said Jenkins.
    “However, we are hopeful of getting things tied up next week.”

  191. I know you addressed Wath with your last Ts, my own gripe is his last pay rise. Forget what he had done from Brum etc and who thought what of him – what ever did he do for us that justified his £52k a week?

    I’d say, very little and in any case, the Championship is far away from the standard of a club who is aiming to win the PL and CL….

    Proved when he missed a sitter which would have seen us knock out Barcelona from that competition…

    You know, I used to believe that Wengers hands were tied, but since then, I have found out many bits and pieces which has made me see things very differently.

  192. Ts am starting to think that we may not get a #10 if suarez comes.if that happens i think it may be worth a try to play a 4-2-2-2 system similar to man city with Giroud and Suarez if he comes up.top.this would allow suarez to play in between the lines a region where we are really struggling to fill and this has resulted us in having lots of possession in the middle of the pitch but not much penetration when we try to advance into the final 3rd.we are bereft of creativity with only santi who seems capable of pulling something out of the bag.

    However i still think the 4-2-3-1 will be our default formation.and we’ll end up with Arteta/ramsey/jack in the long run in midfield.

  193. Suarez was initially a no.10 for Nacional and Ajax so it could work. I can’t see AW dropping one of the CM though…

    Suarez plays behind Forlan for Uruguay most times…

  194. kt-Suarez has to come first though… at the moment I think we are wasting our time unless someone is just going to bite the bullet and pay the asking price in the end…

  195. We can play Fatih’s way by playing 3 up front but instead of having the middle man as the main striker we play TR07 or JW there as Wesley does behind Drogba and Yilmaz…

    That formation requires a proper DM as Melo does with the other 2 midfielders covering for the fb’s who provide the width…

  196. I still think we’ll end up with wilshere as our no.10 too ts and for that reason i doubt we’ll change the system.however if a #10 doesn’t come in and we don’t change the system we’ll struggle for creativity in the final 3rd.Rosicky always seems busy but he doesn’t actually create or score enough to be our main man there neither does wilshere.i feel though that wenger will gamble on wilshere’s potential to grow into that role.

  197. You two should start a football blog together about tactics, formations and statistics ;)

  198. I contribute to one already… ;)

  199. We would be the only ones there rico.stats and formations drive most fans dizzy ;-)

  200. Ts that formation worked pretty well in 07/08 season though but i think it would diminish theo’s output ane Arteta isn’t exactly mobile enough for a 2 man midfield.it would be interesting to see it.

  201. But I’m on the verge of spamming the lot Ts ;)

    Kt, they drive me to distraction…

    Why worry about them, it all goes to rats once the whistle is blown….

  202. Not here Rico somewhere else…

    I contribute to other blogs none football related of course…

  203. Maybe I could introduce a ‘stats, formations and tactics’ page??

    Then you’d both be able to while away the hours on there…. ;)

    Or should that be ‘wile away the hours’ ……

  204. I think you provide a fair number here too Ts. Especially all your posts which you admit to get from some website somewhere.. ;)

  205. :) You are the boss.

    You see I Kt, Emma and me are like AW and your 5:15 is what Stan should be telling AW.

    Stan should say to AW, ‘you have enough money, why don’t you go and buy your own club and ran it how you want.’

  206. Adam you asked earlier , Yes I do and have done since as long as I can remember . I only took a break for a few years whilst I played at county league level . But still made midweek and away games where possible.

  207. I promise from next week I am going to whine and moan like you…lol

  208. While you are at it add a Girls chat page where you and agag can discuss about your stuff :-)

  209. I m with you Kt.

    Hi Potter.

  210. I have absolute admiration for you Potter, that’s commitment…

    I don’t whine and moan, I just see what’s reality. Some people don’t like that because it doesn’t fit their own view. ;)

    Well that’s life….

  211. Rico is not into shoes though Kt… I think Kev is the main shoeaholic here next to Agag of course…

  212. Potter. Then I salute you as that is real commitment. Will Wenger be manager 2014/15 do you think?

  213. Very good Kt – but that’s a no though- a site owners privilege…

  214. That is a huge assumption Ts! What do you think I wear on my feet??

  215. Ah Adam, can you clarify please – while or wile away the hours? ;)

  216. Rico, you can find me on airliners.net if you can’t find me after September 3rd when all real AFC fans go on strike and do what they plan to do to get rid of AW… lol

    I may also be found on other conspiracy sites… Micko knows which one I am talking about. ;)

  217. Hey watch it Rico, I never said you walk around bare footed signing Hare Hare Hare… lol

  218. Oh I won’t be looking for you Ts, I’ll be too busy chatting to the ‘real fans’ – the ones that see things for what they are… lol!

  219. Rico. I think both are permissible though I would use “wile” myself. I just asked a friend I am talking to on Skype from France who is a novelist. He would use the same form.

  220. Me watch it Ts, I think you were the one with the sweeping statement.

  221. Rico. Have you heard from Ozgunner? I really liked him. He was intelligent and had a great sense of humour. He just vanished. Some that have gone, I haven’t missed, but Oz seemed like a great guy.

  222. I know Ts but do not want to poke the bear ;-)

  223. Thank you Adam, I feel so much better now knowing that.. ;)

  224. I was joking Rico… Jeez.

  225. The likes of myself and ts will just have to nod off when when agag starts describing her new shoes :-)

  226. I mailed Oz Adam, he’s fine and I think he’ll be back soon. I miss him too, for the reasons you state.

    I think like a few, he’s pretty cheesed off with all things Arsenal.

    Some stay away from here because of the so called ‘negative’ some for the so called ‘positive’…

    Oz always struck me as a realist, bit like the majority….

  227. As was I Ts, as was I….
    :) Kt, that’s why I thought about the new page for stats etc I thought you and a few would like that idea…

  228. :) kt. later buddy…

  229. Because, we have to keep things real here, it’s Arsene Wenger, he seldom changes anything. It’s 4-3-3 all day long..

    Well, until we need a goal then it’s anyone’s guess….

    Crikey, the man seldom changes his timing of subs, a change of formation to suit the players he has in the side would be a miracle…

  230. I must say rico you have done really well with the blog.when i first started to blog with you at avenell road at times the comments would barely exceed 20 but now they can even reach 600.you have done very well rico and the numbers,which make you dizzy :-) , are proof of that.

  231. apparently yennaris and miquel are heading on loan to leicester.i honestly don’t think either of them will make it with us.

  232. Thanks Kt, but as I always say, it’s about who posts on here too, without which HH wouldn’t be what it is.

  233. Rico. I am pleased to hear that. Thanks. :)

  234. Actually Kt, neither do I right now – they both need another season on loan and and in a PL side. Then see how they perform.

  235. I am a negative positivist Rico. :)

    Good news about the Ashes though. The Aussies had the best of the early weather on a dead pitch while we got the better of the 5th day weather. The rain smiled on us. :)

  236. I’m pleased that you are pleased Adam. ;)

    I am more pleased that due to rain, the 3rd test has been abandoned for the day and the match declared a draw :P

    Ashes are staying where they should be ;)

  237. :) Adam – spooky

  238. Great minds Rico. It’s not the first time either. :)

  239. Adam , no I don’t. I think the Kroenke family and the board have pushed him to the front and hung him out to dry. They have forced a situation where they not renew his contract and gain popularity at the same time. The mood in the stadium will be ugly if things do not improve and they need a few more years to complete their plan to get whatever it is that they are after.

  240. If we let miquel and yennaris go out on loan that will make 26 players we have sold,released or loaned.we better start seeing some players in now.this however shows just how much deadwood we had in the wage bill.

  241. Spooky Kt

    Reports in today’s press suggest that Leicester City are set to sign Arsenal pair Nico Yennaris and Ignasi Miquel.

    Leicester City have today been linked with the versatile Arsenal pair, with youngster Nico Yennaris able to play at right back or midfield, whilst Ignasi Miquel playing at either left back or centre half.

    Yennaris spent time away from Arsenal last season on loan at League One outfit Notts County, whilst Leicester City may face competition from Spanish side Real Sociedad for Spanish under 21 international Miquel.

  242. Potter. If you are right then surely the club will never be worth more than now. I wish Kroenke would sell. As for Wenger, I am not so sure I agree. I think we are seeing a man intent on a course of action that goes against all common sense to prove a point! whatever he believs that might be. I might call it professional suicide, but whatever, I genuinely believe that it is a mental condition.
    From what I know of the workings of the club, Kroenke and the board are desperate for Wenger to spend and improve the squad. They know that the fans distrust and hate them and they see the poor season ticket take-up. The atmosphere inside the Emirates last year was teetering on the dangerous. To me the business “model” looks to be falling apart.
    Usmanov has been strangely quiet and is probably waiting for the crowds to drop to about 45,000 before issuing a statement.

  243. Oops Kt, you already said about that loan move for the pair, sorry ;)

  244. Hey Rico, I like thr idea of a ‘Girl’s page’…..

    Can Adam and me join in.

    Then we can all discuss recipes, fashion, shopping, Peroni, holidays, TV, it sounds great… ;-)

  245. Adam – do you truly believe that Kroenke wants Wenger to sign players?

    That may just be the reason he is here in London, after all, he was a dead cert not to come over.

  246. maybe I’ll have a rethink Kev ;)

  247. This could be the season for wilshere to really kick on.i really hope he does well because i think Arsene will take a huge gamble with him.

    Rico we barely have enough players for the reserves…let alone the 1st team.

  248. Funny enough Kt, I have touched on that in tomorrows post…

  249. Rico. As I said before, we all take what we can and put a hypothesis together. From what I can gather Kroenke and Gazidis and the other board members are desperate for Wenger to spend money as they know that tis team will not win anything. My personal belief is that, if Wenger asked for say £120 million, then he would get it. The link between a successful team and a club that show ambition to a successful profitable business are indisputable. Kroenke isn’t here because he loves Arsenal like you and I do. Last season must have been shocking for Kroenke and Gazidis, who is charged with ensuring the teams success, an endeavour he has been singularly unsuccessful in achieving.
    It is clear to anybody who attends the games that the crowd were very unhappy last year -ask Kev or Potter. The fans want to believe but see clearly that nothing has happened so far. They also have heard the clubs promises that now seem rather hollow.
    Once they cannot fill the stadium and there is booing through the games, the next step will be protests at the games. The press will lap this up and Wenger’s position will soon become untenable.

  250. Paul mariner an ESPN analyst is saying Suarez has been allowed to talk to Arsenal…

    we have 28 players out not 26 rico.

    rico i really do hope wilshere has a stormer.not so long ago he was being compared to Gotze.i really hope he has a stormer with all the potential he has.

  251. Off for dinner now, back in a bit

  252. Good Evening Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Thanks for your comments which continue on what was written.

    I decided to change my name to Demona……getting ready for a girl’s page. Kevin cannot become Kevina while Adam cannot become Adama (or Eve).

    But I can become Demona. ;)

  253. Wilshere, as Kev said to me, is arguably the most technically gifted player to come out of England since Gascoigne. Wenger should be constructing a team around him rather than trying to fit him in surely

  254. Good to see Yennaris and Miguel on loan to Leicester.

    It might be beneficial to them. But I feel they will be gone next January or next summer

  255. Good evening folks.

  256. The value of the club may not rise too much in the short term but remember that Kroenke’s first purchase contained some T.V. rights , not so much in the U.k but the recently visited far east. I have always believed that’s where his real interest lies.

  257. Adam i think its unfair to expect wenger to have built around wilshere when he has become injury prone and as a result missed so many games.if he had not been injured i’d bet he would be the cornerstone of the team by now.

    However it seems Wenger intends to build around jack since giving his the #10 shirt shows how much faith he has in him.also despite us clearly struggling for creativity we have bought no one and i think he sees jack as the solution and when fully fit he’ll deploy him as our #10 just like he did in the period of jan-march last season prior to his injury.

  258. So when is the girl’s page going on the web Rico???

  259. Potter. What does the term “TV Rights” actually mean though?
    Surely not the monies paid by Sky, BT and the foreign broadcasters to screen Arsenal matches? I am unsure as to this side of things really. It does seem that Kroenke could walk away with hundreds of millions in profit if he sold to Usmanov. As the fans will do for Wenger, I believe they could do for Stan if he fcuks up.
    Basically, the club has used up all it’s goodwill I think. Although The Emirates can offer a tremendous revenue stream, that only works if it is full and people pay through the nose for the shit they sell there. I bet you the merchandise side of things at the stadium is dropping.

    KT. Well surely, if you start with the premise that JW is unreliable because of his injury record, you will never find a system for him and you sure as hell couldn’t structure a team around Ramsey.

  260. hi rico and every one hope your all well and healthy.little bit of info has come my way that wenger could be gone very soon.

  261. I am really looking forward to it.

    And what shall be discussed in such a page???

  262. Surely Wenger needs to by a defender now that Miquel is not good enough.

  263. Adam……but why structure a team around one player?

    We had Wright, then after some years came TH, then Cesc.

    Surely if we structure a team around one player it will be detrimental.

  264. Hey it’s MG, must let ts know you popped in, he loves your posts.

  265. Hello!
    I,m abroad but what will are our goals for next season with this squad?
    We are walker then last year without gervinho and coquelin

  266. Yesterday Drogba homed in on Miguel. He sensed a Senderos like fragility and zeroed in to zero him out.

  267. well brad hope your good,

  268. Malag Gooner………what’s new from the grapevine twirling around the grey matter between your ears and spouting spring like from your fingers??

  269. Actually DES, Wrighty , Henry and Cesc all benefitted from DB 10 the best player I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt in 57 years.

  270. Demona. It’s semantics really. Interesting to discuss but ultimately meaningless. I mean to make JW a mainstay of your team, not an irreplaceable cog.

  271. love that song demona

  272. Adam thats why am saying wenger looks like he will take a gamble on wilshere’s fitness and actually build the team around him as our #10.the period between Jan to march is evidence wenger was doing it but jack got injured again and as a result we had to change the team by playing rosicky there.jack had mixed results playing there with his best moments coming against swansea at home and sunderland away.the main negative was that he and cazorla got in each others way and jack himself admitted he and cazorla needed to work on their chemistry to improve this aspect.

    If jack avoids injury this coming season you can almost guarantee the team will be built around him.Ramsey is a good player but he is more of a cog in the machine.

  273. MG. Please. Not again,

  274. Hey Malaga Gooner, I have been searching the wjhole cyber-space for you…

    I am addicted to your ‘exclusives’.

    You are often imitated but never duplicated.

  275. Jack certainly needs a run of games I agree.

  276. Adam, I get all of that. But I desperately hope it doesn’t get to that stage…

    If AW won’t fall in line, then I just wish he would o what is right and walk away. He’s been great for the club, but he’s become like an OCD is to cleaning with his ways.

    There needs to be a break in his circle….

  277. Soon Demona, but only accessible for the people from Malta..

    Mg, not being rude or anything but please, give us some credit. Nothing you have to say resembles anything near the truth so please stick to the rumour site to spread your utter bollox!

  278. I like that Demona… lol

  279. Hi Rico. Me too. If he walked, then who would come in at this late stage? Surely he would need to be pushed. I am sure he loves the club but is somehow stuck somewhere within his own rigidity.
    As I said before, who could sack Arsene Wenger? And face the flack if it all went wrong?

  280. Kt – re your 6.59 – hasn’t Wenger done that with Diaby for the last few years?

    Difference is, Jack is now fit and ready and yes, he needs games, but I don’t believe he has anything to prove, other than fitness…

  281. Hi Demona.every team has a player that the team is mainly built around.what they do better is that when the main man is injured or loses form or leaves they have better ways of coping with it.

    Barca are built around messi.when he isn’t there against top sides they are toothless and thats why they went all out for neymar.Madrid will have bale in case anything happens to ronaldo.at Bayern Ribery is the main man but robben takes on the responsibility sometimes.its only natural to build your team around the talismanic player.

  282. Coach, I have already discussed this with Adam…

    I am seriously thinking of changing my name to Doris…

    Adam was non-commital… ;-)

  283. Rico. Is there really a clash of ideologies within the club or is it, as with the Dein/Fiszman split, all about personality clashes?

  284. your never rude rico,hello ginge how she hanging.

  285. Seems as if the 7-0 thrashing by the hatters was the last straw……

    ………Daniel Boateng’s dreams of playing top level football with Arsenal seem to have crashed after the North London giants relieved him of his contract.

    Boateng, 20, has been at Arsenal as a schoolboy in 2003 and has grown through the Gunners youth side at the Underhill.

    The Enfield-born lanky center-back is among eight players released by the club.

    His release mark the end of a ten-year relationship between the youngster who failed to make a Premiership appearance and the English giants.

    Arsenal sent on loan twice at Oxford United and Swindon Town to gain more first team experience but he made just a handful of appearances at both clubs.

    Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, twice considered the youngster first team actions and used him once for a League Cup game.

    But the French gaffer certainly did not feel satisfied about Boateng’s progress and left him out of his 2013/14 pre-season squad.

  286. So Boateng has been released too from the reserves… Kev must have had something to do with that since he has predicted that for nearly a year. :-)

  287. does any 1 think this new test tube burger could help diabys career

  288. Rico thats what i have doubts about:fitness.also if he plays jack as a #10 he also has to prove he can score or assist regularly.Wenger obviously sees potential for him to do that.

  289. That is the difficult part Adam, we all know that AW’s name alone attracts players, especially the young because they know they will get a good chance to play.

    I can’t see AW ever being sacked, I believe he will be ‘allowed’ to leave having declined a new contract whenever the day comes…

    If I am honest, I would rather see him sign Suarez, a DM, CH and a GK and get in touch with football in 2013. But I know that chance is slim…

    As for a manager, we all know there is someone, somewhere, just waiting for a job like the one Arsenal could offer him….

  290. Demona/ Dev, Boateng did not feature at all at Luton. It was the new Barca kid and an Algerian trialist in the cB position. Maybe the 4-4 at Orient was the the final straw, even though he scored the equaliser with a Kosser like goal in the final second.

  291. Its scary how many players we are letting go of.

  292. Are you sure Ginge?? I thought that Boateng was one of the central defenders in the 7-0 thrashing.

  293. Mg at 250k each plus his weekly salary you never now. If you can give us one of your ‘exclusives’ so that all HHers can go to the bookies and place a bet on it, we can all donate to that course if and when it comes true. lol

    When is Suarez having his medical Mg?

  294. I don’t know Adam, I really don’t but Arsene Wenger seems very fixed in his ways…

    Kt – I have a feeling that he will show just how fit he is this season, even Ramsey (despite some thinking their is a rift between them) says he is so happy to be playing in the same team as Jack..

    Jack is one of our best, if not our best, I say to his doubters, don’t knock him, just sit back and watch him…

    Oh, and that isn’t based on stats or bloody formats! ;)

  295. hmmmmm. Seems as if AW is going to try a new route lately. First it was the Invincibles, then came the self sustaining model and youth project. Now we are releasing so much players that soon AW will tell us to go to the Ems to see the INVISIBLES.

  296. You may be right Dev; Jeordy bird said one thing and Arsenal.com says another.

    Arsenal youth say Boateng was unused sub…






    subs: Jeffrey (for Wellington, 61), Dallison (for Pleguezuelo, 61) Crowley (for Yennaris, 76). Not used: Vickers, Kamara, Siemann, Boateng.

  297. Mental resources… is the next phase. lol

  298. suarez is never coming to us,you will have more chance of bob marley rising from the dead and playing at the opening game of the season

  299. You have a point rico.for example suarez may see us as an attractive proposition mainly because of wenger.this argument is valid because we haven’t exactly been winning a lot but suarez is willing to come and i think the CL is just a deal sweetener.Suarez must think that after seeing what wenger has done with Rvp,Henry and Anelka he could really give him an extra gear or two that will make him get more global recognition.he must disappointed that now the likes of madrid have not been kicking down doors in the race to sign him.Wenger has shown immense faith him in to bid treble our transfer record so he must really rate him.if he does come he could help us challenge while becoming an even better player.if we don’t start winning he can leave the club as an even better player hoping then the bigger boys will be circling around vying for his signature.

  300. Bob Marley was a decent footballer especially after he has puffed on one of the stuff our board had before they placed the bid for Suarez…

  301. Now now Ts, we don’t ridicule your posts copied from a website ;)

  302. I share that hope too Rico. A revitalised AW with some tasty players would be good. The opportunity is there.
    Kev. I see you as Kev. Doris is an attractive alternative though. :)

  303. there is a huge smoke screen coming out of the emirates, i am expecting ivan gazidas to announce the next POPE.ha

  304. That was meant to be a secret rico… shhh

  305. :lol: Devil..

  306. She will be the first Doris with a handlebar moustache then.

  307. ginge did you know bob marleys dad was in the british army,the marines

  308. Seriously Mg, you know what HH is about, you know that what you say you know is utter bollox..

    Talk real or please, bugger off back to the rumour site!

  309. Would love to see Doris in linen lingerie or in a miniskirt with high heels and fish net tights.

  310. Hey Malaga Gunner. Rico is going to do a Girl’s page on HH. Girls like to gossip a lot and the majority of it is all MAKE-UP. Why dont you join in?

  311. Is it true David Court and Brady had complete charge of the academy? They autonomously chose Terry Burton after Banfield moved up the ladder.

  312. relax rico,

  313. MG. Where is the pay-off for you with all this stuff, or is it the hallucinogenics talking?

  314. funny devil,ha

  315. This girl’s chat page is really catching on :-) with AK being the special guest :-)

  316. Exactly Kt…

    Mg, don’t tell me to relax, I run a sensible website, well I try to and people like you who claim to know all that goes on with Arsenal in the transfer window, when they clearly don’t, really piss me off!!

    You are full of hot air and utter garbage!!

    Do you honestly believe that anyone here takes you seriously??

    Get real!

  317. Doris KT. Its DORIS. Not AK.

  318. Adam I am certainly not young and over my time the club’s board has nearly always been run as an old Etonian enclave .The recent changes have left us confused, and in my opinion we are badly in need of fresh blood and a new direction.

  319. Theo is the latest player urging AW to ‘splash the cash’..

    The players are certainly on the side of IG ;)

  320. potter – I know that was addressed to Adam, but I agree 100%..

    AFC are stale in so many ways….

  321. Its Alvaro Vadillo now. The next CR07 they say.

    Seems as if we are going after this new 18 year old.

    Zooooiiiikkkkkssssssssss. Another 18 year old.

    off to get me saucepan.

    Malaga Gunner you did not see this one coming didn’t ya???

  322. Mg, That is true t I read Bob Marley was part white and british…

    I suspect it was his grandpa but The Sun claim he had a scouser for a father but its difficult who to believe as The Sun is almost as reliable as your exclusives.

    I placed my weekly wages on Hig joining AFC after reading your exclusive on tne rumour site and lost it all… I had to walk to work for 2 weeks to make up for it. :-P

  323. Potter. As an old Etonian myself who was thrashed in front of an open fire by those who now govern us, I agree. It has left me with deep psychological scars.

  324. Devil. Is that not a double negative? :)

  325. so you have the SCARSE syndrome then Adam??

  326. Us and AVB want the ‘next Ronaldo’ I read :roll:

  327. Doris it is devil :-)
    imagine this for the beginning of a post…
    ‘Todays girls chat is hosted by the double D’s…Doris and Demona’… :-)

  328. And according to Calciomercato.com the spuddies have received threats for valuing horse mouth around 100 million.

    Bin Laden was a Gunner supporter and the Al Qaeda group have told them that the day will come when they will be punished for asking so much for a horse jaw stating that the spuddies are a bunch of money grabbing so and so.

  329. David James reckons the dippers should sell Suarez to us….

  330. Devil. Report to my study in the morning.

  331. Can I watch Adam?

  332. With some Rabbit stew.

  333. JC is joining La Viola.. :(

  334. and why should I report to your study in the morning???

    Do you have an idea who am I???

  335. You can Rico. :)
    But, it won’t be pretty…

  336. I can cope Adam ;)

  337. why do we need JC when we have two Polish winged Hussars???

  338. Who is JC???

  339. An interesting blend of fun and debate this evening which is what HH should be about. The timely appearance of a pantomime villain too, seen off by Rico.
    On that note I bid you all a fine evening and a peaceful night.

  340. Good night Adam.

    may all your dreams manage to obliterate all those Eton Scarse induced demons.

  341. Night Adam, have a good one… He’s behind you… ;)

  342. Doh!! Silly me devil… thanks

  343. And I am off too my fine friends.

    It was a long day and my fragile body is knackered to bits.

    At least I dont have Scarse induced demons to fight. ;)

    cu you all tomorrow.

    Gd nite Lady.

  344. night Adam…

  345. Off too night all…

  346. Night TS…
    Gone now….

  347. Night Devil, Adam, Kt and Ts. I’m off too….

    Night all – have a good one…

  348. Ok, I’ve been on the lash but the house gets weirder and weirder.
    Doris, make sure you keep your Grandson Mavis in the loop.
    It goes without saying Scott is really Sheila.
    I blame Agag, does my bum look big in this, go girl power !

    Malaga, wrong time, wrong place.
    keep it real tsgh, the truth is out there.

  349. Thank you for all your encouragement KT, it has warmed the cockles of my heart… ;-)

    I shall, from now on, always think fondly of you… :-D

  350. Ah Micko, I’ve only got two words to say to you..

    “Hello Sailor”

  351. Ok, I’m off to wash my hair, nighty night Gooners…

  352. To Adam and Ginge:

    Conflict in close relationships is not only inevitable, it’s essential. Intimacy connects people who are inevitably different. (AW: For and against his POLICIES)
    Conflict is the mechanism by which we set boundaries around these differences, so that each party feels safe with the other.

    Martha Beck.

  353. Ng you have been to too many business conferences. You are repeating bollox. Heard it it all beforema magerial shite. Take a good long look at yourself.
    I’ve been on the lash too, but I know, even in drink, when I’m reading shite/bollox!

  354. Wavy. Don’t read too much into the quote you might lose your sense of humor. I’ve been on the lash too, but I know, even in drink, when I’m reading Shite/bollox and never get carried away.

  355. Malaga Gooner, bless you, have have banned yourself after your vile outburst..

    Enjoy spreading your fantasy transfer news….

  356. Morning Rico.
    A friendly exchange between Nash and Wavy overnight.
    The tension is rising as the days pass I think. :)
    Even Kev, renowned for being so steadfast, has become Doris. :)

  357. Morning Adam.

    Yes I noticed and I think so.

    I found Kev in moderation ;)

  358. I see Stewart Downing is for sale at just £5 million. Thankfully, Newcastle seem very interested in signing him…

  359. I see a last minute swoop for Downing as inevitable Rico.
    Mind you, it shows what excellent business sense Liverpool have, as a club. A mere £15 loss, plus wages must represent outstanding Scouse business for a bloke who was probably worth £5 million when they bought him. I wonder what John Henry was smoking when he sanctioned that deal, or perhaps he was off having his face ironed?

  360. £15 mill. Obviously.


  361. :) Adam – that was a crazy buy wasn’t it, as was Andy Carroll.

  362. We sign anyone Through The night?

  363. We can’t get them through the day Lewis, so no chance ;)

  364. Morning good people,

    I love waking up to self-centre confessions like this:

    Chelsea transfer target Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United team-mates ‘annoyed he’s putting himself before the club’

    Senior pros such as Giggs and Ferdinand said to be unhappy at the unsettling effect saga is having on the squad as a whole.

    What did Rio say to Nasri 3 Januaries ago to unsettle him from us?

  365. Hi Ng,
    well I try to keep it ‘reel’ but… ha ha
    Downing is available? And Aw is looking for a left footed winger too… maybe Downing is cheaper and has more potential than Suarez.lol

    New rumour:Arsenal give a two day trial to Angers midfielder Alharbi El Jadeyaoui [Ouest-France]

  366. I think the creature known as a Jordan Henderson was also an unbelievably poor buy, but you are right in that Carroll will go down in football history as one of the worst buys of all time. In some ways I believe that transfer and the ridicule it heaped upon the a scousers has driven their “We’re tuff bizzy men us” stance over Suarez.

    I think that, if Rodgers had sat down and worked out how to make himself look an epic knob, he couldn’t have come up with a better strategy than the one he is trying to play out now. Every bugger remotely associated with that mob have been gobbing off to whoever would listen about Suarez, the sideways move, the bigger club, etc for weeks now. Then the queerly-headed Rodgers comes out with the “classless” insults and all this while there has been nothing from Arsenal. The only thing missing has been collection of perms like the Harry Enfield sketch and a threat Arsene Wenger’s hub caps and gas meter. When Wenger reluctantly agrees a bid has been made, off goes Rodgers again, in concert with some appalling little bloke who apparently worked for them and was a prime mover in the epic transfer business they did a couple of years ago. They take to twitter, which to my mind is the equivalent of not being capable of sensible coherent speech anyway, to diss Arsenal and call THEM classless. You really couldn’t make it up.

    Calm down, calm down you funny little man with the oddly shape head.

  367. Ts, no, it’s Nani again for us..

    Adam, that’s funny…

  368. Rico. I would take Nani. I have always been a fan.

  369. I am back baby!!

  370. What have i missed??

  371. Ah, I wouldn’t Adam..

    Hi Scott, nothing. Well, other than England have retained the Ashes after the torrential downpour saved the day ;)

  372. Not sure what happened Rico, but suddenly it started working again lol.
    Dodgy Video ump rule has us 2-0 down instead of 2-1 up….bugger :)

  373. Rooney likes a nani too…..

  374. Excuses Scott ;) DRS was shocking for both sides…
    :) Lee, morning to you…

  375. Morning brudder Lee. Morning Scott. Yes, the Pietersen decision was a shocker wasn’t it :)

    I must say though that Clarke, whom I had taken an irrational and totally unjustified dislike to, spoke like a gentleman after the game and was excellent.

  376. I thought Adam.. :)

    And what a horrible man that Warner is, so pleased to see Joe Root take such a splendid catch to dismiss him…

    Worth a punch I’d say ;)

  377. Clarke has matured very, very well.
    Warner is a cocky little shit.
    Still, i offer up Pietersen, though he is a South African lol

  378. If you are a man with the general physical appeal of Warner, the decision to try to grow a moustache would seem questionable taste-wise. I believe that in Australia such facial adornments are considered manly and even de rigeur as an indication of machismo. Who could forget those supplied by the costume department in the recent docudrama of the late, great Kerry Packer? But, on a wet afternoon in Manchester the message perhaps rather gets lost.
    Scott, do you sport a full “Gonzalez” by any chance?

  379. Got to pop out, new post will be up around 9.45, should be back by then…

  380. Clean skin here, Adam :)

  381. Apparently Gervinho topped the shirt sales league on the planet Zog! The fact that the useless cnut couldn’t trap a bag cement went unnoticed….

  382. Rico, I saw your post earlier about Mg. Did he lose it completely then? ;)

    Hi Scott, where have you been? What happened to your black ‘bitch’ or should I say the grey hound, for the political correct police? lol

  383. Lee. Be careful mate. The deal, isn’t done yet. If he hears of your love he may decide against it and come back. :)

  384. An astonishingly perceptive article on The Bleacher Report today by the suitably named Ben Snowball.

  385. Morning all,

    Hey Scott Welcome back. We thought Pietersen wasn’t good enough here, he played provincial B side cricket before he left. Trott played schools and u/19 here too but thought he wouldn’t get a look in as an SA opener.

    Guess England takes our left overs :-)

  386. Good call Bradster lol.
    Hiya Ginge……i am up and running again….i missed HH

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