Two transfer requests going in this week? We're a Top Three Side now…

Morning all,

Didier Drogba robbed us again of a victory, after a shot/cross from Theo Walcott gave us a well deserved lead in the first half, the Chelsea old boy came off of the bench to deprive us of a trophy.

Ignasi Miquel was adjudged to be the guilty man who “bundled” Drogba over and referee Jon Moss was quick to award the penalty. Up stepped the cheat to make it 1-1 and before the final whistle the same player latched onto a super through ball played by Wesley Sneijder to make it 2-1.

The big cup was theirs. We, well we came 3rd! Better than 4th eh!

The excuses came out after the game – tiredness already a factor says the manager, our trip to Asia taking some of the blame for that.

Crikey, what will the players be like at Christmas if they are already tired?

Did he play players for too long and too many times in Asia?

Anyway, that’s history, as is The Emirates Cup for another year but what did we learn from the competition?

Here’s devilgunner’s view:

There were some positives and negatives.

Szczesny didn’t have much to do but what he had to do he did well.

I liked Jenks. He is becoming more composed. He covered well and also managed to roast the opposing left back a number of times. He showed a few deft touches which took him past opponents which shows that he does not only rely on speed.

Sagna was also a plus in the centre of defence. He covers the space well and imo would be better suited there than at right back and as a result, Wenger should sign a right back rather than a central player.

Gibbs was solid throughout his time on the pitch.

Mertesacker organises well but he’s slow. He was not overpowered by Drogba but was slow compared to our nemesis.

Miguel……..he is not a left back. Full-stop. Drogba saw Senderos in him and attacked him from the second he stepped on the pitch.

Arteta is good in possession and has a brain but he is getting slower and is not strong enough to be dominant once he is pressed by the opposition.

Aaron Ramsey – I enjoyed watching him play. Those who suggest he should be just a squad player either need their eyes tested or should go to a school of football to learn the importance of Aaron Ramsey to the balance of our midfield.

Cazorla had good game but he’s still finding his way back in the team. Wenger should go a bit slow with him at the moment as he needs a proper rest.

Theo Walcott is coming more to the fore as a team player. Today was a day when I enjoyed watching him play. His pace helped Jenkinson a lot when the full back was overlapping.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was one of our best players on the pitch with his direct running and should have been given awarded a penalty.

Yaya Sanogo. He is the twit we had a few years ago but with intelligence and a good first touch. He started slowly but  got more lively as the game went on. Yes I like him.

Giroud. He is much better as a team player then the little boy was.

So there you have one fans view, no doubt we’ll all give our own in the comments.

Finally, some of the newspapers report that both Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney are going to do all they can to push themselves out of their current club this week. Surely that means that transfer requests will be submitted.

So that could mean two of the PL best strikers will definitely be up for grabs.

Wonder if we will sign either……

That’s it for another day, have a good one all…

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