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DM signing imminent. Will The Emirates Cup determine who Wenger signs?

Morning all,

I am sure that fans will be blown away by the news that Atletico Nacional’s Sebastián Pérez  begins his trail with us on Monday. The defensive/box to box midfielder, who is 20 years old would cost around £5 million and should his trial be a success, we are expected to meet that valuation.

Ok, onto The Emirates Cup which kicks off tomorrow:

Last season we saw a significant change in midfield from the previous year with Arsene opting to deploy Arteta permanently at the base of our midfield with Santi playing as our most advanced playmaker. At the beginning of the season Diaby was deployed in the box to box role and was fantastic until he got injured.

We struggled to replace him in that role until towards the end of the season when Ramsey really grew into this role. We were fine with that midfield for the majority of our games but against top sides we really struggled which quite evident when you look into our record against the top sides.

I’ll take into consideration 3 games we played last season:

Bayern munich home, Chelsea home and Man utd away.

In all these games their no.10s in Kroos, Oscar and Rooney were instructed by their managers to intensively press Arteta who is our primary playmaker. Arteta as we all know is quite slow and isn’t agile enough to deal with that sort of pressing and as a result our midfield was rendered ineffective. We ended up playing hopeful long balls up front or passing the ball to marked players.

Bayern Munich at home we were the same, especially in the first half when faced wave after wave of attack. It was painful to watch as an Arsenal fan.

When Arteta gets shut down we really can’t seem to play. It’s king of similar to how Jurgen Klopp dealt with Madrid in the CL semis last season by shutting down Alonso. However, we really need to find a solution to this problem.

When Pirlo/Schweinsteiger get pressed intensively, they resort to dropping even deeper between their CBs to give them room to play. Italy even resort to playing 3 men at the back to give Pirlo an extra passing option when faced by such pressing teams. Dortmund deal with it quite well as Gundogan is quite skilful with the ball and can beat his man to proceed with the attack.

How do we deal with it?

When we last played Barca at home Jack Wilshere was our deepest midfielder and no matter how hard they tried to press him he always seemed to find a way out. This was clearly seen in the build up to AA’s magical winner. Oxlade-Chamberlain was excellent against Milan in the same role and as a result we were able to build our attacks from deep in midfield. I think deep down Wenger knows Arteta’s mobility is becoming quite an issue in the big matches and we need to find a solution be it internal or external.

In our pre-season games he has tried a double pivot of Ramsey/Oxlade-Chamberlain which has looked good in patches. This gives you a hint that we need mobility in there against high pressing sides and Arsene is looking at it. Jack may still be in the frame for one of those 2 roles when he gets fit.

Am hoping to see how a pivot of any of Jack/Ramsey/Oxlade-Chamberlain will work out during The Emirates Cup and maybe we will see how good it is against decent opposition. I believe Arsene wants to see if he can solve the problem internally first before buying.

We have been linked with Lars Bender and Fellaini so it is clear he knows we need a change in that zone especially against top opposition. I hope after the Emirates Cup it will become clearer how well we are shaping up in midfield.

Lastly i’d like to talk about Gustavo. He is an out an out DM.

Bar the odd long range shot he contributes very little in attack and that’s why they shelled out all that cash for Martinez. He isn’t very mobile although he is versatile. I think that is quite an issue to Wenger and as a result I can’t see us going in for him. Wenger likes universal players who can contribute both in attack and defence. Gustavo is quite limited in my opinion and I don’t think Wenger wants a specialist in the heart of midfield.

Arrigo Sacchi who built one of the greatest sides in Milan was quoted as saying:

“I see kids who are 14 or 15 years old who are already specialists. But football is not a sport of specialist. I was watching the under-15s the other day – 14 year –old boys – and the central defenders arrived and all they did was mark their man. They took themselves out of the game. This is suffering, this is not joy, this is not football. If someone does just one thing over and over, they will get better at that thing. But is football just one thing?”…

I bet you £1 that Wenger feels the same way…..

Written by K-TR7

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383 comments on “DM signing imminent. Will The Emirates Cup determine who Wenger signs?

  1. Yet another triallist. Ramsey,Chamberlain,Walcott.Has any of these guys explode in the epl. Ramsey and Walcott have been with Arsenal for 3 to 6 years and have yet to get the gunners firing. I know Football is ateam game but sometimes you need someone like Bale ,a game changer.
    It’s obvious Wenger is still deluded that he can win the epl on the cheap.Don’t be surprised it will be a replay of previous season.

  2. Having the OX in a deep position will be a nightmare for opposing teams during a counter.
    His most significant appearance in an Arsenal shirt is away at Milan playing smack middle of the midfield.
    I say let’s give him a chance there and buy a wide playing player instead.

  3. I love that Arrigo Sacchi comment. It was one of the reasons he loved Frank Rijkaard – he always said Rijkaard was so good he could play anywhere.

    Nice article – good to see a post that isn’t ranting in blind panic that we haven’t bought anyone yet.

  4. Sebastián Pérez – work permit ?
    La liga clubs will be rubbing their hands in anticipation as Arsenal pay his wages and they get him on a free.

  5. Good Morning Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Good post KT. and thanks for showing some quotes from my all time role model….Arrigo Sacchi.

    Its not only AS and AW who feel that a player who becomes good at one thing is detrimental to the team. Yes at lower level that might get you places, but at the highest echelons it will get you nowhere.

    So Gustavo might be an answer vs teams like Stoke etc, but Gundogan will be the eternal answer for the top games. And good point regarding Martinez. That is why I wanted Illarramendi.

    Perez, for all those who think that he is simply another triallist, is quite good on the ball and can play as a DM, AM and box to box. In other words he is like Aaron.

  6. Specialists are usually quite good at what they do. Let’s not get caught up in semantics though.
    Wrighty was a specialist and he did ok.

  7. No, this is not good news. It is bad news.

  8. Morning all, Good post KT7, You may be correct in your post but i believe Wenger knows exactly who he wants and how they will figure in the team, He has always left it fairly late but he does eventually make late signings. Wenger has always been frustrating that must be the Frenchman in him but he is one of the best Managers around. Personally i still have faith in him and i feel he will deliver, maybe not who we think he’ll buy but none the less he will have explored all avenues. Many think he has run out of ideas but he lives and bleeds Arsenal, believe me he wont let us down. Arsenal have waited a while but we are now in the position Wenger has waited for. We will now push forward and for many years we will be the force that we have all waited for.

  9. Ahh yes my friend. specialist in wearing red trousers anyone?? ;)

    Potter I have read somewhere that he has a Portuguese passport but cant find the article.

    However he is a regular in the under21 and in the last year he played in 12 games at that level. Isnt that enough to make him elegible for a work permit or on exceptional talent???

  10. Morning all..

    Good post Kt, I’d like to think a manager who professes to be so good would have known before this weekend where/who he needs to sign players.

    In fact, I’ll go one step further, I’d have thought he’d have signed them by now.

    Arteta has been woeful in pre-season, and I’m not sure it was just the heat as Rosicky, older than Arteta, looked like a player 5/6 years his junior.

    I hope we get battered in both games this weekend, IF it turns out to be the wake up call Wenger needs…


  11. Oh, and re the DM – please know I was being ironic… ;)

  12. Perez may surprise you Rico!!!!

  13. He has got a turn of speed and hunkier legs than Theo and the little boy inside the former number 11/10 ever had or will have.

  14. Hi Rico. I think old uncle Arsene is just teasing us really. Any moment now he will produce a Werthers Original from his pocket for us all to suck on. Naught Uncle Arsene, pretending you weren’t going to improve the squad. As Simeon Schuster said to Bart Holbart 30 years ago about Maradonna, “He’s a horrible little shit isn’t he?”

  15. now why did Schuster as a question like that???

    He should have MADE A FEKING STATEMENT.

  16. Morning all.thanks for the comments.

  17. Morning rico and all.

    Well analysed kt. Is it any wonder that you love Iniesta. You guys really put these pundits to shame.

  18. Good morning aal,

    A classy post from a fellow engineer… ;)

    I totally agree with your post and find it refreshing and a break away from the negativity/reality.

    The icing on the cake for me was your quote from Sacchi,who was arguably the best 4-4-2 practitioner in recent history.

    And Ramsey is our own Rijkaard who was also not appreciated by non-footballing fans but loved by his mangers.

    When Klopp bought Gundagan 2 seasons ago from Nuremberg he had a reputation as a headless chicken in a CAM role, but the German AW converted him to a deep lying midfielder behind the mobile Bender and the rest is history. Even the ignorant sky pundits know him now. lol

  19. Morning all,very refreshing post KT….. welldone.

  20. Nizam, 2.5 years ago no one wanted Bale even as a free transfer. Even Southampton passed on him…. Bale is not world class yet. Yes he rescued the Wales Utd down 7 sisters but until he repeats it he is not WC to me… £100M or not. :-)

    RM do not want Bale for footballing reasons; Bale is now a big commercial asset Perez is rubbing his hands in glee to milk.

  21. Morning All ,

    Good post….

    I’m a huge fan of Gustavo, he just might be the right man for the job, you never know !

    But Perez?

  22. Fortunately games are still won and lost on the field.
    When Cesc came on against Villa a few seasons ago when the team was struggling he wasn’t concerned with shapes or who was playing where. He came on and said “Fcuk this for a laugh”. Got hold of the ball and with skill and willpower won the game, before hobbling off again.
    That is the Arsenal spirit.

  23. Morning Ginge. Was that GG question last night for me?

  24. I think the end game for Wenger is to have a dynamic duo at the base of midfield that can pass/dribble/make runs/shoot/defend which will make us.more unpredictable against anyone since they’ll have no idea who to mark in that zone.this will also give us more options in the systems that we can play.

    I think Wenger is still not so sure about the Ox as a central midfielder but i feel we.must buy.

  25. Hi Devil, he may just do that, but then if he’s good, why the need for a trial?

  26. I will forever remember that game Adam. One of the reasons he is not a bottler to me.

  27. CH. I was there and I tell you that I have seldom seen a player lift a team and a stadium like that. In those few moments and through his play and body language Cesc did what a thousand blackboard strategists and deep lying Pivotes could never do. He made is proud to be associated with our great club.

  28. Even Zlatan was asked to come on trial Rico.

  29. Dev. Do you remember his reply though?
    Worked out well that one.

  30. Teebajj i think Gustavo is excellent at what he does but I think Wenger doesn’t want a specialist DM because if we play against sides that know he is no threat in terms of attack they will not bother marking him.that personell could be used to double mark one of our more dangerous players like Cazorla.

  31. I dont give trials.

  32. Hi Adam.. You are so cruel. poor Arsene ;)

  33. He even scored a free-kick, something he is not used to doing. I was pleased when he came on because he always made us more mobile and, at the end, I was elated. It was pure joy.

  34. AW wants a ball playing midfielder who can defend but also start attacks. My all time hero, Petit, was one such player.

  35. I wonder why some fans would want £20M paid for a 4th choice immobile DM who only got in the Brazillian starting XI because Ramires and Ganso were not fit enough for the Confed Cup. The boy has only had 10 caps since 2011 in a Brazillian team not blessed with defensive players…

    Don’t get me wrong I would like him too but he is never a marquee signing….

  36. (un)fortunately DG, cloning humans isn’t allowed.

  37. Hi CH, how dare you think you and the GG loving WATH are equal… :-P

    How are you buddy?

  38. Because Ts, some fans just want us to spend silly money. They are that starved.

  39. I think that the Perez trial is just a smokescreen.

    I feel that AW has asked his club about his availability and the latter said ok for 5million and AW has bought him over with the excuse of a trial to discuss the contract without any pressure. AW knows that if he goes and buys him outright there would be an uproar among supporters. Then he will buy just one player (a marquee signing) and parade him with Perez. All attention will be on thetop signing and not on Perez. AW knows that if he tries to snap him up, RM, Barca, Shitty, Chavs etc will all jump for him. And in that way we loose.

    That is my feeling. I am not in the know.

    I feel that the marquee signing will be Cesc and/or Rooney.

  40. Cool Ginge, u? What’s GG, btw?

  41. I don’t object to spending any money if it will improve the squad. But then I am just a customer.

  42. Dev. If old uncle Arsene creates any more smokescreens we might all choke.

  43. I think it is special exotic beverage :o

  44. Now why did you mention that. I was already choking.

    caff, caff, caff, coff, coff

  45. But at what age Devil?

  46. going by what you’ve written, the player we best need is none other than marouane fellaini. he scores goals and is also aggressive in the middle of the park. we’ve been linked with the towering afro-haired belgian but all that hullabaloo seems to have died down, what’s happening?

  47. The customer is king, Adam. Has that changed? :)

  48. Special and exotic, heh? Definitely not for me Ginge.

  49. There is a reason why Guardiola and their previous coach did not fancy Gustavo.top teams are going for more rounded players in the team:complete midfielders.Martinez was brought in because not only could he defend but knows the precise moments to burst forward in attack and in most cases he would arrive in the box totally unmarked.Gustavo doesn’t do that well enough and thats why he is a bench player for them.Khedira does the same thing very effectively too and if we are to sign a midfielder he will have those qualities.

    Alonso for madrid really struggled when pressed by Dortmund and they got thrashed as a result.thats why they have spent a fortune on illaramendi who is very mobile.

  50. However he is a regular in the under21 and in the last year he played in 12 games at that level. Isnt that enough to make him eligible for a work permit or on exceptional talent???

    This is The Arsenal you are talking about , I reckon the guy that stamps the permits is a Spurs fan.

  51. he is only 20 years. I feel that he will be signed.

    And I still say that come the start of the season we will have either or both from Cesc and Rooney.

    The chavs have bid 20 mill for Shrek. AW is waiting. And he knew that Cesc was in the process of buying that appartment in London. So he waits.

    But I do not think (and hope) we will get Suarez.

    My money is on Shrek.

  52. Good point Dev re Seb Perez. And up until 2 years ago according to wiki he was just an amateur footballer. I assume AW wants to see how he performs and trains and integrates.

    He is obviously talented and has been touted as the new Alberto Yepes of PSG and Milan by Sth American experts but there is no point in buying him if he is going to struggle to settle down in the UK culture…

  53. Kt, I would join in but I don’t know most of these players. Being a busy lady, I seldom get to watch football, other than us of course ;)

    But I do know Rooney or Suarez is just what we need up front.

    Fellaini is just what we need in midfield

    Begovic could really be who we need in goal…

    Oh, and Micah Richards or Ashley Williams would go a long way to improving our defence…

  54. what a refreshing post. Can we, please, have more sites like this to save us the pain of reading from poisonous sites feed fans with lies and acidic negetivities.

  55. ‘This is The Arsenal you are talking about , I reckon the guy that stamps the permits is a Spurs fan.’ :D :D

    Potter, most people in important positions are spuddies. lol

    Did anyone read Piers Morgan twit telling AW to get Ashley Young? The guy can’t be serious….

    Ashley Young has only had one game at Yanited and that was in the 8-2 game…. he is even worse than Gerv…

  56. :lol: Ts, this time a couple of seasons ago, I hoped we’d sign Ashley Young, moving to Manure has destroyed his game…

  57. Hi Rico, are you aware MF wins less tackles and duels than any of our 3 or 4 midfielders? Unless you think AW will improve him in that department? :P

  58. Nice one Rejoice… we are the best that be… :D

  59. In all honesty this team we have has flaws, we have a central defender who has no pace what so ever but he has a sense of knowing where he should be on the field, his lack of pace will cost us but overall his team mates will cover most situations, We have a winger who cannot dribble past anybody but has a turn of pace that leaves almost everybody cold, he scores his fair share of goals but i see him as a weakness. We also have a guy up front who lacks pace but who has scored goals you can go right through our team and find most players have a weakness but also have very good points as well. top four position for all these years suggests we are not far off the pace. what we need to do is fill in with certain players who up against certain teams we can overcome our weaknesses. I see that we have offloaded some of what we call dead wood players brought when money was tight many of these players had good attributes but didn’t gel with our system but in all honesty they could have, We consider these signings as bad signings and Wenger mistakes but truth of the matter many of these players, they couldn’t do what was asked of them. For years we have suffered from injuries at the wrong time and that has cost us points, i feel that Wenger has relied on on these players but has been let down badly Diaby for one The same could be said of Van Persie who we hailed as a superstar but he did for years let us down badly. We are now in the position where we could, should we want to buy squad players who would fill valuable positions Wenger seems to like flexible signings which can fit in in different positions, Our youngsters have taken a while to mature but can now come in for certain games and they don’t look too bad. Just because we have a massive fund doesn’t mean we have to spend willy nilly good strategic signings can make the difference we need, and he has to get them in and i think he will, don’t panic until the window shuts, that’s all i’m saying.

  60. Then why is everyone so on the get MF band, Ginge? And we are supposedly looking for a ball playing tough guy.

  61. Ts, I just like what my eye see’s when he plays, but i know you don’t rate him…

  62. No worries rico.its how we feel when you and agag start discussing shoes and handbags :-)

    I have stated in my post about how oscar took arteta out of the game when we played chelsea.this is one of the main reasons why he is going to play in the middle for chelsea under mourinho over mata.Rosicky was also very helpful for us at doing exactly that and we had to shift cazorla wide.

  63. rico, should we sign him based on what your eyes see? :)

  64. Sp, I like your optimism…

  65. I agree with you Sir Steve.

    But we do need that player who will set the ball rolling. The Cantona effect.

    Imo that could be Shrek.

  66. I rate him Rico,Just maybe on a different scale to wh some fans elevate him to be.

    I have said on here that I would love him to join us; I just don’t see him as a new PV04. He scored 11 goals last season in an advanced role which can only enhance any team. But as I always say he is not even the main man for the Belgium team in midfield. Axel Witsel and Dembele are preferrred in DM; Most recently Steven Defour is also being highly played.

  67. ts the thing that really gets me is how the likes of nani seem to have their best games against us.and i agree young played a blinder that day but he is not an elite quality winger.i once saw a manc fan claim young was better than ribery :-) :-)

  68. If there is one thing that I find fault with in the transfer window it’s the timing . It should open earlier and close at the beginning of the season. Going to the end of September means that late signings always look like your trying to rectify a problem exposed in the 4 games already played.
    I know the dates fall into line with other European leagues that start later have a winter break and still manage to finish on time. Perhaps we should consider a 18 team premiership.

  69. CH. At the Emirates the customer has never been King. We are regarded as per capita spend and that’s it. The fabled 7-year waiting list is no more. Now they are struggling to sell the season tickets they have. Last season, thousands who had paid for their tickets up front just couldn’t be bothered to show up. Even at the last home game of the season there were swathes of empty seats which I found quite shocking.

  70. Adam, your comment goes to show that the Emirates is getting it all wrong. It surely can’t continue for long, something is gotta give.

  71. No Ch, but maybe on what most football fans see and not just ours.

  72. Thanks lewis for reading it :-)

  73. Gotta say I enjoy the comments-no foul language, no insults on AW, IG, or board,or fellow fans. Comments are more matured, logical, reasonable and factual. Thats what a fans forum should be and unfortunately, few are available. The majority are turning the fans against themselves and against the club.

  74. CH. For sure I feel like Arsenal are getting it wrong and I know, from first hand experience that there are many others who feel the same. There many reasons for this.
    But overall I must say that my general feeling about the club I was born near and have loved for many, many years, is sadness.
    Yes, sadness, because I saw, years ago, what I personally perceived as negative things creeping into the way that Wenger did things. We all have our own views and I can only speak for mine.

  75. rico, I can’t really see him displacing AR, JW, TR or SC. What we need is someone for MA08’s position which MF has not been shown to be excellent at. Moyes didn’t trust him with that position.

  76. Fairly good analysis but where does it us Arsenal fans? Wenger, I repeat is now part of Arsenal’s problems. I wonder why he cannot seem to want to buy good players. He now has the money, let him Fellaini and all these problems will 85 percent solved. have you noticed how established players warn younger but very skillful players off arsenal? What he does is just to buy one good player and weigh him down with mediocres. When that one gets tired of carrying the can alone and goes, he buys just one again. Think what arsenal would have been today if Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Carzola, Jack Wilhsere and perhaps, Song had stayed behind? So let Wenger buy players and stop playing with our collective intelligence.

  77. C.H.
    It’s the club that’s got it wrong , I don’t think they realise how much their core support is disillusioned. I can’t gauge the upper tier but where I am in the lower I would think that for every ” one Arsene Wenger ” there are probably 2 that are anti, either him or the board. Certainly in the pubs of Holloway / Blackstock roads before games the talk of change and Usmanov is much more prevalent and hardly ever is there chat about the upcoming match. Internal politics have taken over the minds of the average supporter. They are fed up with the present regime and many refuse to enter what they call the “Souless Bowl “. It’s a sad state of affairs and as much as I would hate it , probably a season or two of mid-table finishes would see off the tourists and bring the club to heel realising just how many regulars they have lost during the Kroenke era.

  78. Kt, maybe all those players who perform well against us from the days of Matt Poom, Carr, Bent,Cabaye. Cesar, Rob Green, Ali Al-Habsi, Scott Carson, Rose, and Bentley all wish they played for us.

    Even Berbertov runs around when we face Fulham, the rest of the time he seems more lethargic than AA23.

  79. Welcome Rejoice. Are you another me?

    Adam, I feel your pain, we can only hope that things get better starting with this season.

  80. Potter – couldn’t agree more re the transfer window, closing after the start of the season creates panic buys and silly buys…

    Santos spring to mind, as does Park two summers ago…

  81. Potter. Well said. When I look around during the game I see empty seats, people half-drunk falling asleep but the majority seem to be texting.
    Your point about internal politics taking over the minds of supporters is uncannily accurate too. Nobody seems remotely interested in the game and when goals are scored against us there is just a shrug of the shoulders. As I said, it is very, very sad but if you don’t go to the games you would probably never know.

  82. CH. I have been ” hoping” for a change for a while now. The disappearance of the waiting list probably speaks more loudly than my personal feelings, at least to those running the Arsenal Sports Franchise.

  83. Sharpgunner rrust me we are all puzzled as to why we have bought no one of significance yet but instead of us beating on the same drum its better we discuss other issues.lets really hope there is an actual plan in motion.

    ts maybe especially goalkeepers.it really does my head in when average players have absolute blinders when we face them.Berbatov looked like a PFA winner when we played Fulham but when i watched fulham play pool he had a stinker….

  84. Rejoice says:
    August 2, 2013 at 11:35 am

    Excellent observation…

  85. potter, tis so. The way we just let our top players go was appalling, there was no fight at all. Granted, most were tantrums throwing pampered err…no name calling but, we should’ve put our foot down except if we needed the money so badly. Sadly, I don’t also know the internal workings, but we didn’t show any heart in those transfers. Look at what lfc is doing with Suarez at the moment, it makes you think back.

  86. Potter – what a well put comment, I often wish you’d write a post for HH…

  87. Who is actually fooling who? If Wenger thinks that anybody is going to take him serious simply because he has assembled a crop of greater-tomorrow boys as ever, he better has his head examined. That the boys did well in the Asian tour is simply besides the point. My gut feeling as ever is that Wenger’s economic sense of the game is beclouding what the game actually is: to be enjoyed. To be enjoyed by the fans, the club must continue to win laurels and important matches. When can we ever hope to beat the like of Man U., City, Chelsea etc. When others have finished the seasonal transfer business and are concentrating on the beginning of the news season, we are still struggling to sign even one. Always going for the cheapest players. It makes Arsenal look CHEAP!!! Wenger wake up and remove your miserly behaviour or get the hell out of Arsenal. He certainly has run out of ideas on what to do with the club so he can get the hell out and stop causing us heart attacks.

  88. Rejoice, we do try and show respect for each other here, despite the goings on at the club driving us all to distraction….

  89. Exactly Kt re Berbatov, but after the game I heard pundits who claim to cover lots of games telling hurt Arsenal fans that Arsenal missed a chance by not signing Berbatov as part of the the Judas deal.

    When I also hear the same fans and expert pundits say a particular player will be the new PV when that player played 32 or his appearances in the season as a 2nd striker… Maybe I am over complicating things and analyzing things too deeply…

  90. I keep hoping Adam, I’m just an akb. Lets just hope (did I just say hope again) the reducing ST list speaks louder than words. Afterall, we have professionals running the club.

  91. Isn’t that what makes you a great analyst, Ginge? You are deep.

  92. I notice Stan has not planned a visited to London Colney in August unlike the past 2 years when he came down to ensure we sold our players…

    But some fans for whatever reason will choose to blame AW for selling players who AW clearly did not want to sell. I have even heard people trying to say IG has no power but when I look on Arsenal.com, IG is a board member whilst Aw is not but hey… agenda comes to mind.

    Without Aw at the helm of things in the last 8 years we won’t be in a position to say we have £70M unspent and how playing in the CL is not ambitious.

  93. Sharpgunner. Interesting points.
    I distinctly remember Wenger being asked about Berbatov after he played well against us. He said he didn’t buy him purely because he didn’t know he was available. A statement that I found amazing considering we had just sold our best player to Man U. One might have thought that Wenger would have explored all possibilities when losing such a vital player.
    To then announce that he knew selling VP would give Man U the title still beggars belief but is telling as to his mindset.

  94. I have the same reservations on fellaini ts.if its true that his release clause expired in the last day of july I wonder why there wasn’t such a high demand for him by top clubs…?because surely Everton are going to hold out for even more cash?…

  95. CH. I get that. Most AKBs that I know do not go to the matches. In fact I see a clear delineation where attendance and opinions are concerned.
    I find this completely understandable.

  96. Sharp, IF we are to replicate our form in both the CL and league as we dd from February next season we will take more than 95 points come next May. It is not a bad starting 16/17. The issue is the standard afterwards…

    I still contend only CF04 and Suarez who may be available are better than any of our players who finished the past season in May. But then we know Suarez will not be available from October anyways in the league.

  97. Ts you are a deep analyst because you can’t help it.you are a fellow engineer after all…

  98. Ginge, I did read that Arsene didn’t want to sell Na$ri and LittleDutchBoy. Why is he taking so much stick for it? Am not sure I could if I was in his shoes.

  99. TS. Can I ask how you know that Kroenke is not going to the training ground in August and how you know he came in the last 2 years to ensure that we sold our players?

  100. Not being a season ticket supporter, i can understand how supporters who are and have been for the last 8 years would feel that they are being short changed. For a few years now we have not looked like challenging for anything, and lets face it on the occasions that we have we have let ourselves down badly. In my eyes those supporters have been stalwarts and have my admirations, I have been to quite a few games and i have to say that watching from between 50 to 100 yards away has not been the greatest viewing, that’s why i opt for the armchair i can see close up action and instant replay’s granted i don’t have the atmosphere but for the games i have been too the atmosphere is not what it should be. Personally when i hear the comentator’s say that the stadium is full i get a very nice feeling of course i am not daft enough to believe that when i can see empty seats. But when, and i know it will be soon that our team will be the force we hope for those tickets will be filled with the rightful owners and they will be back in force. This has been a very frustrating time for supporters but although unhappy with their lot, have remained faithful. I feel that good times are just round the corner i know you have heard that for years but in the years of waiting for it to happen a lot of things have changed, many stalwarts will not believe for the better but Arsenal football club is on the up money coming in new ground and supporters that will go to their graves as staunch Arsenal People makes me proud to be an Armchair Arsenal supporter.

  101. Kt, his release clause runs until 14th or 15th of this month I think…

  102. Adam, did they give any reason why they don’t go to matches? Not that they need to, I’m just curious.

  103. Kt it expires on the first day of the next season i.e 15th August.

    Aw is not known for his common sense…. his off the cuff comments can’t be taken seriously especially after a bad performance.

    Adam, what would you have expected Aw to do when no one including Psg and Juve wanted Rvp? And the boy wanted out and stan flew in to Cologne to instruct Aw to sell him?

    The same way liverpool may sell Suarez to RM or bayern for £25M but wont sell him to us for £40M unless we bid over £55M…. is he really worth that amount.

    And maybe those running the football club have realised football is not just a tribal sport anymore; its a global sports.

    If football was still the way some fans expect it to remain, teams liuke Coventry, Rangers won’t be in trouble…. they still have their core fans who claim to bleed the colour of the said teams jersey’s but loyal and passion does not make a club anymore…

  104. I give up. See you later.

  105. kt, I hope Ginge doesn’t use his deep analytic skills on his family. They’ll avoid him bigtime. :)

  106. Adam, I may be wrong about Stan coming down.. after all I do not have access to his personal diary. All I was trying to say was that there are no rumours yet of him coming down. He will probably come down when his American Football (not soccer)team come down for their European tour and it coincides with the AGM…

  107. Adam, what are you giving up? :). Have a nice un though.

  108. :-) :-) CH.
    Either way i don’t think Fellaini is leaving Everton this year because so far no top team has shown concrete interest in him.

  109. About fans non-attendance, maybe it is to do with financial issues.

    In my own case my Mrs said either sky/virgin or season ticket, I chose the former because I have family commitment and I can’t afford the £40 travel and subsistence it will take for me to travel to see the game … and most of my friends can’t really afford such a luxury.

    All my friends who are all gooners and just starting a family do not have the luxury to spend their money on STs when a family holiday will cost at least 2.5k for a decent none typical English style holiday.

    I still see 5 or so games live a season…

  110. Afternoon Gooners
    Afternoon Rico
    Top post KT, but that’s to be expected. ;-)

    Afternoon to all you newcomers, welcome to HH, the home of fashion, adventurous recipes and a bit of football. Enjoy :-D

  111. Buying Fellaini could be a step in our bid to sign Suarez.

    It will fuel his desperation to leave knowing we are much more ambitious than liverpool..

    Fellaini First!!!


  112. Thanks AK :-)

  113. Bent is on his way to Fulham…

  114. Sp, good times are always around the corner – sadly though, we don’t have a manager or owner who wants to get round that corner…

    They have a peep and then back off when they see £ signs…

    Afternoon Kev

  115. Afternoon all. Rico, Ginge, Adam, DG etc.
    I keep on readng and keep on hoping … however, no-one really knows what goes on within the club.

    We all know we need three game changers and another decent signing, and if WE all know that, then so will the board.

    John Cross of the Mirror is possibly the closest journalist to the club and over the past day he appears to have become slightly skeptical, but the truth is, no-one knows what is happening as our club doesn’t do “transparency”.

  116. Or the other way round David, one big statement in this window and others will see us as a club going places…..

  117. Ginge, I really really want Arsene to do very well for the simple fact that he is an excellent coach. Prior to beating Barca 2-1, the football our first team at the time played between dec and feb of that season was very great. We didn’t give the opposition any look-in. That was the team we should’ve built on but, we broke it up due to various reasons. No other manager will put up with things like this and this part of the reason Arsene is getting so much stick; he is seen as being in support.

  118. I honestly don’t think anyone really knows whats going on inside the club bar wenger and the board SYG.even rumours have dried up.i hope the media have no idea who we are after and not that we are after no one.

  119. Afternoon Syg….

    I must dash, need to go shopping so catch up later…

  120. Hi SYG… indeed no one knows.

    What I do suspect which I stated in my post last week is that, Stan will be as chuffed with the Asia tour as a fat man at a buffer.

    IG explicitly stated last May that every decision the club makes is put through a simulation modelling tool to analyse its consequence and profitability…

    That says one thing to me, why spend £70M to make £90M when spending £45M will get you £80M?

  121. CH we were excellent in that period.I still can’t believe a side containing Rvp, Cesc and Fabregas did not win a single trophy for us.if we hadn’t imploded at Wembley we would’ve won at least one trophy with that team.

  122. Fellaini is a squad player at best imo, kt.

    Afternoon Kev. A bit of football indeed. :D :D :D :)

  123. Afternoon habib. you forgot to mention the sun, the sea, the tanning, the splashing.!!!!!!!! ;)

  124. I meant Rvp,nasri and fabregas.

  125. Kt because Nasri missed a sitter against Birmingham at 1-0 to make it 2 and then proceeded to say we luck ambition… phew :x

  126. I also remember nasri missing that chance at Bolton ts…that knocked us out of the title race.

  127. Afternoon SYG.

    Ginge and kt, lets see how we play tomorrow because trying to know what goes on at the Arsenal is like err…I dunno.

    Have a nice time shopping rico.

  128. and bendtner’s chance at the camp nou…

  129. CH, I would rather listen to people like Cruyff, Klopp, Pep,Conte, G Neville and Scolari who say they look up to Aw than a washed out sky pundit who tells me AW is clueless. and I believe in my own judgement too… ;)

  130. Take resale value out of the equation, then the valuation of players is a bit like valuation of art. If someone wants it, they’ll pay it.

    Real bid £100M+ for Gareth Bale, yet no one else would, even if they’d got the money.

    Would I buy a Rembrandt painting for £40M just to hang it in my front room? No.
    What if I could get the same painting for £50,000. Still no.

    Would you like Bale at Arsenal for £100M + ? No.

    Fickle agenda’s aside, Would you like Suarez at Arsenal for £50M? Yes.

    * From a shirt sale point of view, ’11 Suarez’ would sell around £5M worth of shirts in the first week of him signing.

  131. Ginge and kt, he set out to sabotage us. ;(

  132. Exactly Kt.

    If AW spent £20M plus on a player like Nasri who only made 25 or so appearnace, AW will be marched to the gallow. But Munchini spends tonnes on players and still has an excuse like ‘I lost the trophy when RVP joined Yanited’… lol

  133. And I trust your judgment too, Ginge.

  134. I think the Emirates cup will go a long way to deciding how we proceed in the market for our midfield targets.the Ox and jack especially and i’ll be a very keen observer.Napoli will be the ideal barometer.

  135. Mancini is the most clueless manager I have ever seen. He managed to lose the title with an excellent team.

  136. SYG I agree, but Unreal have a more efficient commercial machinery than most teams including us and Yanited. Something I strongly believe with AW in charge we will acheive very shortly…

    The reason why spain is broke but RM are still the richest club in the world. When the Japanese and foriegn money comes in for them to buy Bale no local will dare say the money came from plastic fans…

    BVB 09 is the most supported club in Germany but they can’t compete with FC Bavaria, why is that? A lot of fans go on about heritage and passion which I truly respect but if that mattered most then the old firm and liverpool will still be ahead of any team in Europe…

  137. If he is a clueless manager how come he has MANAGED to loose the title with an excellent team. If he was clueless he would not have managed CH!!!! ;)

  138. Nasri is unbelievably talented.he has balon d’or quality.Wenger could’ve moulded him into one imo.

  139. Nasri could have rivalled Iniesta if he stayed KT. But he wanted to cover his teeth with gold fillings so much he was ready to join the dark side of England.

  140. If the Ox can become also good in midfield then, am not sure we’ll see anyone coming in at midfield. Jack is a given already, he just needs to learn application which Arsene will gladly teach him.

  141. ktr7 : 10:36 am

    You’re right about that… So we need a mobile/attack minded DM then.

  142. The most passionate fans I have had the privilege of messing with are Leeds fans but where are they now?

    Even the chavs and WHU fans could not save their beloved clubs when it nearly went pop.

  143. Chuks has moved to Crewe for a 6 months loan…

  144. DG and kt, you can’t have your cake and eat it. Iniesta quietly developed over time and I’m not certain he wasn’t a high earner during those times.

    DG, whatchamacallhim, Mancini?

  145. Nasri is a fat liar… first he said he wanted assurance he would play through the middle before he extended his contract… when that provision was made he resorted to questioning ambition of the club and lack of trophies…

    Nasri has not made the same comment at $hitty even though he is playing on the lhs…

    but it is all AW’s fault I guess ;)

  146. Even the mighty Barca went 7/8 years without a trophy and they were still spending £150M a season. They even had Rivaldo… reason Figo left.

  147. DG and kt, I’m certain not, I’m not certain.

  148. Big fat liar, Ginge, Na$ri is a big fat liar. Yea, we do always forget that before Barca started their trophy winning spree they hadn’t won squat for some time.

  149. Iniesta and xavi had the patience to wait for their chance.they were willing to learn and bide their time.these days youngsters are really impatient though.

    I just love Iniesta.my favourite player on the planet.

  150. Hooray for some…

    Transfer Rome, Sabatini takes Gervinho. What a gift to Garcia!

    Calciomercato Roma, Sabatini prende Gervinho. Che regalo per Garcia!Giallorossi e Arsenal divise da meno di 2 milioni: a 8 si chiuderà. È il colpo di Pallotta al tecnico francese, che ha conquistato tutti

  151. Puyol even told CF04 to remember he only started winning trophies with Barca in his late 20’s

  152. Iniesta, Xavi and Fabregas are brains on the pitch.

    Nasri is not. He is one of the good Footballers. but not an exceptional one.

  153. The Leeds fans are still there Ginge, as any 2nd division club will tell you. When LUFC play away at places like Preston, Blackburn and Doncaster, the home clubs directors rub their hands in anticipation. They still travel in their thousands.

    Leeds were run into the ground by an idiotic board and a deluded chairman, who spent money they never ever had. The difference between Leeds and Arsenal is that Arsenal have the money.

    Leeds were a brilliant club with a history as good as any English club. They won numerous trophies between 1964-75, and never finished out of the top four, and god knows how many times they were runners up.
    Robbed of the 1973 ECW Final by a Greek referee that admitted to being bribed and losing the 1975 European Cup Final after having a legitimate goal ruled out and a blatant penalty turned down.

    Revie’s Leeds were not totally unlike Arsenal throughout the Wenger years…

  154. Kt, is it any wonder that there is a serious dearth of world class players? At the first trickle of talent from their feet they become so swollen in the head.

  155. Ginge, is Yao really gone? Officially?

  156. 1:15pm
    Hurray for most if it comes off.
    The 9st6 showboating, dazzling speed merchant with the Turkish boots off to Italy …. ?

  157. What I mean is that most fans will not put their hands in their pocket if their club was going down… How much did Hercules Elton John contribute to his beloved Watford? A foreign has done more for them than Hercules… lol

    Most fans will not even help a former player now broke even though those same guys will previously say that player was an idol.

  158. Dev is the italian expert on here, CH. He may translate that for us…

  159. Wenger has once again said he doesn’t want to talk about Suarez…something is definitely going on.

  160. Apparently Ian Wright thinks we need a new team.

  161. Seems Gerv is on his way out.

  162. Hope so kt, Wenger didn’t know Santa.

  163. CH, will I take heed to a man who advised his sons to become money merchant?

    Legend or good footballer or not he is still full of tosh… lol

  164. Kt is that AW comment recent??

    His presser is not on sky?

  165. Nuovo blitz londinese per il d.s. Sabatini che ieri sera ha raggiunto la capitale inglese per chiudere l’affaire-Gervinho. Come riporta Il Messaggero, Roma e Arsenal sono distanti un paio di milioni: i giallorossi ne offrono 7,2 mentre la richiesta dei Gunners è poco più di 9. Ma non solo: da qualche giorno a Londra è presente anche Fusco, l’agente italiano di Osvaldo, per sondare il terreno con il Fulham, il Southampton e lo stesso Arsenal.

    Basically the above says that Roma have been in London to discuss the affair. Roma are offering 7.2million while Arsenal want around 9.3 million (this from another italian site.) It is possible that both will agree on 8.5 which is a realistic fee.

    But I think there will be add ons, such as a 20% if they re sell him.

    Or Osvaldo might be included. I hope not since Osvaldo is another slimy Suarez type.

  166. CH Wright should know when to speak and when to shut it.i mean how can he say we need WC players and then in the same i/v say suarez should stay at pool?… :-D

  167. Ian Wright needs a new brain.

    Brilliant player for Arsenal, but a wank pundit. A bit like Tony Adams

  168. I am off now mates. I need to rest a bit before I go …………. !!!!!!

    Any guesses?

    Answers on a postcard since Rico does not want me to talk about the Med, the sun, my beautiful dark tan and deep sea blue eyes.

    Seems as if she prefers red tomato tans. ;)

  169. Med swimming. lol

    Lata buddy…

    NUFC are about to sign another french reject. Gomis… ha haha

  170. He practically said we needed nine new players and that we should be competing with Chelski and the Mancs for players. Does he know that two of those clubs spend from a private pocket?

  171. Osvaldo likes to be an integral part of the team, that’s for sure. Didn’t he beat up one of his own players for not passing to him.
    With him playing for us, we’d be more one-dimensional than we were with Ian Wright in the side …

  172. Have a nice DG and thanks for translating.

  173. Do these ex-players actually hear themselves talking?

    FORMER ARSENAL forward Ian Wright has said Luis Suarez is better off turning down offers to join the north London club.

    The 26-year-old Liverpool striker has been subject to consecutive bids from the Gunners, including an audacious £40,000,001 bid, designed to trigger a release clause in the player’s contract.

    The Uruguay international has so far not handed in a transfer request, and Liverpool remain adamant he is not for sale.

    Nonetheless, it is reported Suarez is open to moving elsewhere to play Champions League football.

    Wright told BBC Sport: “I’d welcome him at Arsenal with open arms.

    “But if I was Suarez, when you look at everything, it does seem strange he would want to go to Arsenal. I would give Liverpool another season.”

    He said the bid reflects Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s realisation that the club must spend big if they are to stay competitive in the league.

    Wright added: “Arsenal finally realise they’ve got to get up there with the big boys otherwise they will be left behind.”

  174. :D Syg… A front two of Suarez and Osvaldo

  175. Nice time DG, you get right? What’s happening to my fingers?

  176. Rico he has said that today.he has also said we are working hard in the market and that if we can show him players better than we have he is ready to talk.

  177. Has rico become invincible, kt?

  178. I know Ginge. Wrighty as a pundit…

    “Arsenal finally realise they’ve got to get up there with the big boys otherwise they will be left behind”.

    it’s a bit like saying

    ‘if we don’t take something from this game then I think we will lose’

    ‘If we don’t get a goal then I can’t see us winning’

  179. Wrighty as commentator… lol

  180. Wenger has also said he wants to resolve the suarez issue in an amicable and feasible way and he doesn’t mind of his past disciplinary record.

    Cazorla and Sanogo in the Emirtes cup squad, vermaelen out for 6 weeks and Monreal returns to training on Monday.

  181. I loved him as a player Ginge. You knew if the chance arose it was as good as in the net.

  182. Hmm, a weak battle cry from Arsene… he does not help himself with such comments.

    I think he wants journos not to ask him what he is doing to improve his squad? He probably considers his squad the starting XI…

  183. Kt, are those comments from his g+ hangout?

  184. I loved Mugu yaro too… his goal celebrations were worth a box office screening by itself… lol

  185. Monreal being back is good news…

  186. Emirates cup presser CH.

  187. Mugu? Ginge, was that really someone’s name?

  188. My alias for Wright

  189. Ok kt, but Ginge just threw a spanner in the works with his deep analysis. ;( Hope was rising.

  190. Ginge, are you Nigerian? That alias means an idiot in our pidgin english.

  191. I just saw the interview…there is no way he said we will not strenthen the squad.. but the headlines will be the same for the gullible.

    He said he is confident he will strengthen the squad… He also says he is very confident Sanogo will impress even though he was not bought for £50M… lol

  192. Wenger has also said the imminent signing of Bale by madrid makes a mockery of FFP.

  193. I am not… I am your neighbour from Ghana… lol

    Its strange isn’t; is Poldi Polish or German?

    Is Zaha Ivorian or British?

  194. Madrid always say they get the money back through marketing. Whether that is true is another matter.

  195. …Is Aneke British or Nigerian…
    Meaning you well know what that alias means Ginge. Ghana speaks our pidgin somewhat.
    Hope your name isn’t Koffi? :D

  196. Not Kofi…. lol


    AW on Suarez

    “The transfer window finishes on August 31 and we are working very hard to strengthen the squad,” he said.
    “I don’t want to speak about Suarez because that’s between Liverpool and Arsenal.
    “We completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. And we want to do that, if it’s feasible, in an amicable way. We have to keep as much as confidentiality

  197. Is Alaba Nigerian or Austrian? lol

    Is Jerome Boateng Ghanaian or German?

    Is AW French or German?

    Is Syg English or British? lol

  198. Don’t worry Ginge, you’ll soon be binned. :D
    Never heard of Kojo before, what’s the meaning?

  199. Bent to Fulham, good grief, don’t tell me that we’ve allowed Super Darren to slip thru our fingers…

    Holt will be devestated….

    And Jack Shit will go to Napoli instead…

    Oh woe is me….

  200. Born on a Monday… ;)

    Togolese and Ivorians use the same principle; like Yao Gerv being a Thursday born

  201. And what is it that they want to do that we completely respect and want to do in an amicable way if we can? Pay £55 million?

  202. I think we’ll get suarez going by his comments.it sounds like we are still negotiating and a deal may be close if pool tie up Costa from Athletico.we know he is a replacement just as Giroud was for Rvp.

  203. Hello Coach, Hi CH.

    Busy again, so I’m a bit here and there…

  204. I was born on a Monday too but we don’t have that though, I wouldn’t know if we did anyway.

  205. Get a replacement I believe or make Suarez look the bad person by saying he forced for a move late in August so they had no choice… its all about saving face.

    Dippers will have Sturridge, I. Aspas and Costa if they buy him in addition to Suarez for 1 position. This is a team not even in the UEFA Europa league… ;)

    That is why I do not understand very smart folks stressing over crap that can’t be affected.

    Once we sell him for £45M or £55M we will then know whether to go for a plan B or a main target for £25M like MF… we still do not have unlimited funds…

  206. Once we sell him… we buy him even…

  207. Hello Kev.

  208. Hi Kev, busy day…

  209. So Ginge, why did you try to dash my hopes re Suarez before now?

  210. Dash you hopes? I think we will still sign him… at least we have not pulled out for a start.

  211. CH, Ginge is from the Gold Coast…

    I’m from Hackney, thus I drive a Hackney Carriage…

  212. Yes I am busy.


  213. :D I didn’t realise you were from Hackney.

    I was born in N1 London but I have not decided if it is Camden or Hackney? It depends on the lady or audience listening; posh or like me! lol

  214. He just told me that Kev. It has recently become a black Gold Coast, though.

    Later guys, must work.

  215. Afternoon all, seems the Aussies have learned how to bat….

  216. Hi Rico. Whoever prepared this test wicket needs shooting.

  217. Emre Can has joined Leverkusen from Bayern on a 4 year deal.how about another bid for Lars Bender…

  218. Hi Adam, totally agree, it’s an absolute shocker…

  219. I see AW has admitted his interest in Suarez..

    Oh, and having a moan about the Bale offer…

  220. Rico. I’d fancy you for a century on this flat track. :)

  221. I’m too impatient Adam, I give my wicket away cheaply. Wouldn’t want to bowl on it that’s for sure.. ;)

  222. Seems like the good ship FFP is floundering on the rocks with the Bale deal. Still, Platini will sort them out. He’s as straight as a Zimbabwe election.

  223. I would bowl you a few half-volleys Rico. I know you’d like to smack me out of the ground. :)

  224. I have to agree with AW on the Bale thing though…

    Oh yes Adam, I would enjoy that very much….. ;)

  225. U just want Rico to smack you Adam….. bad bad man….!

  226. I agree with him too Rico.
    When you came on to bowl I would make sure I had a box on. I reckon you’d bowl body line at me. :)

  227. Wath. You sussed me. When she kicked me at lunch it just left me wanting more. :)

  228. Saying nowt mate….!

  229. :lol: Wath…

    You’d need more than a box Adam, you’d probably be safe though as I’m not so good with small targets.

  230. I have treated myself to a box of San Miguel Fresca today as I have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow. I suspect I will have to try one later ;)

  231. RIco. What an insult. Have you forgotten my nickname? :)

  232. San Miguel Fresca careful Rico Fresca means fresh in Spanish but is also used in a less complimentary manner.

  233. I think when Higuain comes to the Emirates he would have wished he had signed for Arsenal.

    Thats me consoling myself

  234. Water under the bridge SD. If they really believe that they can get Suarez with Giroud and Podolski already about I can understand them not following through on Higuain. If however the Suarez bid blows up then then Higuain is a regrettable bridge burned.

  235. An interesting interview on SSN with a former Real Madrid president called Pinnochio.

  236. AW also said that they were trying hard with other targets. I wonder if he was refering obliquely to a deal for Cesc? What do you think, have I lost or have I become a seer?
    Afternoon all

  237. I think Wenger is after Ronaldo.

  238. ……lost it…..

  239. So Adam, you are a great believer in Leg Theory?

  240. I kinda think that Cesc is a definate possibility…

  241. Emre moving makes the Bender deal look like a possibility for us… that will make my day! Pure class…

    We know Hypia and Bayer 04 need cash…. £22M is no small money to a club like theirs about to feature in the CL…

  242. For those interested in defense matters… MiG-21 engines ‘found hidden’ onboard North Korean ship.. a set-up or real.


  243. Kt is it not surprising that Marek Hamsik has not been linked to any major club?… it just shows most scouts use Malaga gooners rumours as a tool…

  244. Yes Adam, I have ;)

    Potter, but it’s only 4.4%, I should be ok with one or two… ;)

  245. SD – I think he always wanted to join us, but his old club shafted him….

  246. Yes Kev. You know Rico though. She wouldn’t play nice. :)

  247. MiG 21 engine’s, aren’t they obsolete???

  248. Just bowl her a ‘Flipper’, Adam, just should do the trick…

  249. I might try my Googlie on her Kev. Out the back of my hand. :)

  250. Anybody going to the Emirates Cup this weekend?

  251. You gonna give Rico a backhander then Adam… :-D

  252. Yes Kev, almost as old as your brogues… lol

    I have a ticket for Sunday’s game… Longside Upper Tier? is it worth the hassle; the view will be shite!

  253. I think it more likely she gives me one Kev. Don’t you? :)

  254. British, Ginge.

  255. I couldn’t hit Flipper Kev ;)

  256. But I have seen a Yorkshire passport before, Syg; Don’t you have one? :D

    Sounds promising Syg…

    John Brewin ‏@JohnBrewinESPN 26 Jul
    Patrice Evra on touring with Anderson: “I have to knock on his door to wake him up and bring him his burger at 1o’clock.” #mufc
    Retweeted by Wayne Veysey

  257. It was the word Fresca I was referring to. Ending in ” a ” makes it female and it is used to describe a lady of loose moral standard.
    Not you obviously.

  258. VietNamNet Bridge – “Running man” Vu Xuan Tien will be in the stands at the Emirates Stadium to watch the Emirates Cup football tournament that features Porto of Portugal, Galatasaray of Turkey, Napoli of Italy and the host, Arsenal.

  259. The way AW has spoken, you’d think Suarez was in the bag. Wonder if there is an agreement that the dippers get a replacement in first so they don’t get stung for money?

  260. Sorry potter, that went right over my head, Lee will confirm that I am prone to having blonde moments. Many of them…

  261. Oh and of course that would not apply to me ;)

  262. Oi Oi boys, I’m not giving anyone one…. :oops:

  263. 4:53pm – It’s Arsene Wenger’s £30,000 p/w, £1.56M per annum towel boy, footman and butler.

    The FREE transfer that’s cost us about £7.8M?

  264. :D Syg
    I meant Yao Gerv hiding behind Yaya… I guess he knows he is not photogenic. :-)

  265. Hey Rico, Ts and every one..

    Sorry being busy doing people’s taxes. Tired.

    I read Adam’s comment about how people are sad and all and how most of us AKB’s don’t go to games.

    Adam, I am more an AKB than most people. I come from middle class where money is very hard to earn and very easily spent. For me Arsene represents people like me all over the world who fight tooth and nail to survive and get to next level and I think that’s what he’s doing. I don’t know whether most would agree or not but I think if he can pull this off, in future they’d make Cinderella Man on Arsenal.

    And Adam, I don’t know about U.K. but in India things are getting so worse that I’d gladly have some like Arsene as my country’s PM.

    For me and lot of people like me who fight tooth and nail every day and for the sake of goodness and hope in people I hope Arsenal win something big this year.

  266. :D Why should I use heavy machine guys when I can use stones and rocks. Its free and less deadly.

  267. You scare me syg, I was planning to meet up with you next time you came down here but Irish and machine guys? :-P

    I am not smart enough to be a mercenary. I leave that to Thatchers son and co…

    Hi s2s, hows Bombay?

  268. SYG, I could with one of those on a Friday night…

  269. s2s, I will definitely naturalize for any country Aw is the PM for… lol

  270. Kev, get a saucepan for friday nights like Dev suggested… it’s legal too.. lol

  271. Hi S2S, re you being an Akb, you’ll come round in time ;)

  272. There’s a theory that Wenger is brilliant with economics, S2S. Unfortunately it’s rubbish.
    I’m sure Adam will fill you in on the intricate details.

  273. Now that’s a reason to open a beer Syg, I’ll toast Gervinho :)

  274. Syg.. don’t pop the sparkly yet? re Gerv

  275. Where is Emma when you need her? She and I are the only people who thought Gerv deserved a bit more chance…

  276. Some popular economics quotes:

    “It has been more profitable for us to bind together in the wrong direction than to be alone in the right one.” – The Impact of the Highly Improbable.

    “It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When
    you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay
    too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you
    bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The
    common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a
    lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well
    to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will
    have enough to pay for something better.”
    ― John Ruskin

    it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.”

    “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
    ― Warren Buffett

  277. Life can be lonely sometimes Ts ;)

  278. :D it surely is…

  279. S2S. Your 5.14. I am afraid I don’t understand what you mean.
    As far as Arsene goes, I cannot see how a man from an affluent family who earns nearly £8 million a year can represent anybody who is struggling anywhere. I come from a very working-class background and I haven’t had to fight tooth and nail to survive and I would bet that Wenger has never had to either. All I was doing was reporting the atmosphere in the Emirates. What I know about India is that there is an enormous gulf in wealth distribution and a lot of corruption. Why don’t you write to Wenger and see if he wants to become Prime Minister when he leaves Arsenal?
    In the meantime I will pay mine and my wife’s season ticket fees and continue to support the team I have loved since I was a boy. Why don’t you support them from India, in your own way!

  280. :) Ts. If Gerv leaving means AW signs a winger, its got to be good surely?

    Mind you, that’s a huge IF…

  281. Rico. I see Ramsey on the left myself.

  282. Gnabry has been promoted… no replacement :-(

  283. I suppose that’s why you get kids and train them . You either give them a try or like so many others send them on loan and then dispose of them.

  284. Buy right, buy once.

  285. So Gervinho? A couple of years- £6 million in wages? Loss on transfer fee-£5 million?
    I am no economist as my wife will tell you but even I can see that this adds up to bad business.

  286. Any squad news yet?

  287. Agree there Adam.

    I’d rather Gnabry than Gerv..

    Off to eat, back shortly…

  288. Latest on .com
    on the squad for the Emirates Cup…
    You will see Sanogo, you will see Cazorla. On Sunday, you will see both of them.
    I consider Wilshere now to be completely available and part of the team. Szczesny is alright too.

    on Monreal and Vermaelen…
    Vermaelen is out for six more weeks [at least before returning to training] and Monreal will start [light] training on Monday. Vermaelen is developing normally but he has a stress fracture in his back which takes time.

  289. How does a sports man fully recover from stress fracture in the back?

  290. By John Cross 143 Comments
    Liverpool agreed to Luis Suarez transfer if a Champions League club offered £35m claim Arsenal target’s camp
    1 Aug 2013 22:31
    Reds are alleged to have said they would entertain bids for the striker from big London sides, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich

  291. Its quite sad if Gerv’s departure isn’t met by proper experienced replacement.I don’t think throwing on another youngster in Gnabry is the way since from what i’ve seen he is not ready yet.we need more experienced players imo.

  292. Liverpool never thought it would happen and just wanted to get him signed up. All of these deals are shrouded in mystery and the problem is that it seems to have been verbal. I reckon Guardiola knows what was said but cannot prove it.

  293. Ktr don’t think you will get many arguments here, but “” It might kill him “” were another winger to come in . Especially Bernard at £ 20 million.

  294. Good post Ktr7

    Still haven’t signed anyone yet?

    Suarez situation is going to play out until LFC signs another striker

  295. Hey Emma, was just asking off you… Gerv seems to be on his way out. ;)

  296. Potter. He’s made an £11 million cock up with the awful Gervinho so he’s bound to be a bit wary of buying another flake. How much was wasted on Arshavin in that role? Oh yes, I know. If only he’d played him in his right position he wouldn’t have dropped his trousers at an inappropriate time. What? another £35 million in all. Add Bendtner’s money and Park (whoever he is) He could almost have bought a Ronaldo for all that money.

  297. Evening again all…

    emma, they are the verge of doing just that. I have my own theory on this and its tomorrows post ;)

  298. Kt, I agree with you there but I think Serge is far better than what we saw of him on tour.

    He played within himself I think but still a player like Jefferson Farfan or Cabella will be major.

  299. On a positive note though Adam, he’s selling him, I’d rather see AW do that than carry on and pay him wages for however long his contract was due to run..

  300. tsgh – sad about Gerv living. Still think he could have being a useful squad player. Better than Podi in my opinion

  301. Emma, Kt do you know much about Erik Lamela?

  302. Rico. I have seen Costa quite a few times and can confidently say that he is one of the biggest diving, cheating and most spiteful footballers I have ever seen. He causes controversy with his antics everywhere he goes. Opposition crowds hate him and unless he mends his ways he will be sent of regularly in the PL.
    Apart from that I believe he is a beautiful person. :)

  303. Wow, Emma you are going to get Dev flying all the way from the Med. to the your part of the world in a flash :D

    Poldi will be good next season I am sure. He will never be as flashy as Kanu or RVP but he can be very efficient.

  304. tsgh, No clue who he is

  305. Acccording to David Ornstein Suarez will speak to LFC and if an amicable solution isn’t reached he’ll hand in a transfer request…
    This pieces well together with what Wenger said today and you get the feeling we are quietly confident of reaching a conclusion hopefully soon.with pool signing another forward you feel things may be moving behind the scenes.

  306. Rico. Your 7.51. I am quite shocked that Wenger has been so decisive. But there again, a striker who can’t strike is like a chocolate tea pot.

  307. re: podi. Just hope he is efficient this season just like you said

  308. Yes Adam , when we are told that our scouts watch these players for an eternity before we sign them we have to wonder exactly what they are looking at.

  309. Aneke has gone to Crewe on loan…

  310. Ts Lamela is a fabulous player.his technique is rvp-esque and when i heard rumours that Levy was lining him up i was quite annoyed.top top player imo.

  311. I am with you thee Rico re 7:51 pm.

    Rednose does it and he is a genius,Aw does it and it is a waste.

    Emma, he plays for Roma. He has scored 19 times in 62 games as winger…

  312. He is the perfect replacement for Suarez then Adam ;)

  313. Keep it quiet Emma… silence is necessary.lol

  314. Potter. I guess some players find it harder to adapt to the PL than others. Gervinho was pretty good for about an hour but went downhill after that. Wait a while and people will start to write about how good Chamakh was when he first came. I think I blinked and missed it.

  315. Not in my eyes Ts, credit where it’s due I say…

    It seems two seasons and out if players don’t cut the mustard. Podolski might do well to learn from that ;)

  316. Aspas is no better either… I guess the dippers are trying to put the literal fear in people.

  317. Rico. Suarez is a git but his gittishness is of a different kind to Costa’s. He is really spiteful and looks to exploit every situation. Although I watched him a lot last year, most of the time he was on the ground either kicking someone, feigning injury or being kicked.

  318. That’s harsh Adam, Chamakh scored many an important goal when he first arrived and when NB and Rvp were injured. Without his goals, goodness knows what would have happened. However, it didn’t last long enough and he should have been gone after his second season….

  319. Forlan could not hit Kim Kardashian’s backside from 1 yard away during his time at united but he has gone down in history as one of the top strikers in La liga history… He is Uraguay’s record scorer too

  320. tsgh – ohhh Lamela of Roma. My head is messed up.;) Great player with good technique. I spoke about him not quite far away. Doubt if we are in for him, otherwise we would be negotiating along with the Gerv deal

  321. I don’t think Suarez has been much better Adam, but he scores goals and that’s why we need him…

  322. Emma, is that the clubs official season foto?

  323. Interesting that Suarez is not in the Scouser’s line up.
    Do you think Jay Spearing was born on planet Earth or somewhere with less gravity?
    Rico. You are winding me up right? :)

  324. Hamsik is the one I wish we moved for… the clueless bastards do not even know who he is which is good.

    Did you see AW face when he was asked about Porto’s Jackson Martinez… very interesting that…

    ‘ I don’t know who Carzola is’ comes to mind. lol

  325. Heard the dippers have put in a bid for Diego costa. Only God knows where they will end up this season. They might have to battle it with Stoke, fulham et al this season

  326. Kt which winger would you recommend?

  327. tsgh – Yes it is their official season photo. Dont know why they took Suarez out ;)

  328. Aspas scored 10 goals in La liga last season and the dippers consider him a top striker. Parker scored more for Monaco and Korea but was deemed useless… ;)

  329. When you recognised mainly for your haircut I say keep away.

  330. Notts County have registered the first red card of the season…

  331. Heard Napoli are after Jackson Martinez. I like Hamsik but doubt if Napoli will let go after his performance last season

  332. We all wish don’t we? lol

    Wooney, Torres etc.

  333. Emma- you being Ligue 1 expert, what do you think about Jeremy Clement or Joshua Guilavogui?

  334. David Weirs team Shef Utd have registered the first goal of the season… good luck to him he was a nice man as a footballer.

  335. tsgh – Don’t watch much of ligue 1 with the exception of PSG, Toulouse, Lyon and Marseille

  336. As if I would Adam ;)

  337. I know Draxler isn’t a typical winger since there are very few nowadays but i like him.Lamela too is a good shout.

  338. :) So you have stopped stocking Capoue…

    I heard we may be going for Serdar Taşçı… Stutgart’s captain

  339. stalking even

  340. Very young isn’t he re Draxler… kt

  341. Isn’t Tom Ince a winger?

  342. tsgh ;)
    If Wenger rates him he would have being signed by now. Think Wenger is looking at something different. Probably a quick and mobile DM/Box-box player

  343. I’m going to leave you all to it, Eastenders and Corrie for me…

    Go steady all,

    Til tomorrow


  344. Morning all.
    Is anyone else having prolems with HH format at the moment?
    When i log in, the photo of Ox and Jack appear up and down the screen in the background of the comments, and it is nearly impossible to read all the drivel your guys write :)

  345. Yes Tom Ince.. I thought he had moved from blackpool recently to Swansea?

    Night Rico…

  346. Or just waiting to get him cheaper emma…

    Gone now

  347. Hasn’t gone anywhere yet Ts, still at Blackpool…

  348. Luis Suarez to consider transfer request in Liverpool dispute http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23550760

  349. Nighty rico ;)

  350. I get that from time to time Scott…

    Evening mate.

    Emma very true about Capoue. I think the issue with Ligue 1 is that talents emerge very early but because competition is not strong the talent players start to coast.

    I still think France have come back on the map becuase both u-19 and u-20 teams got in major finals within a month but where those players go from there is the issue.

  351. Let’s all wait and see if Suarez turns up at Anfield tomorrow to take part in Gerrard’s testimonial. The situation should be clearer after that match. The crowd reaction should be interesting if he does turn up too.

  352. Think u are right about the france youth setup. Looks like they are now producing some talents

  353. tsgh – ditto 8:50pm

  354. night everyone

  355. night Emma,

    Night all

  356. Morning all, thought this place would be buzzing this morning with the The Emirates Cup kicking off today…
    :lol: :lol:

  357. Morning Rico,

    Maybe some people are not interested because there are no new signings to be unveiled… :-(

  358. B-52 has turned down a move to Twente according to various reports across Europe, making that three clubs he has been unable to find an agreement with due to his wage demands.

  359. Gerardo Martino has revealed it is up to Cesc Fabregas to decide if he wants to leave the club this summer. Watch the space, I would say. This is probably one reason why AW may still be sitting on ST cash… ;)

  360. Morning Rico,
    Probably would have been if we had more than YaYa to look forward to watching. I feel for this new lad as many will expect him to play like a superstar, I do hope he shine’s and has a good competition. Don’t know a great deal about him but i am still excited to watch him.. Bendy looks like he may finally find pastures new, but he must take a pay cut, that could be sticky for the worlds best striker.

  361. I see that nosey wanker Wenger is commenting on Real’s bid for monkey boy……maybe he should focus on what needs to be done at Arsenal! It really winds me up…..
    Buen dia todos!

  362. Morning Ts, I’m looking forward to it, it’s not the players fault there are no signings…

  363. I see that Chuks is lined up for a loan move to Crew obviously not in Wengers reckoning yet

  364. Morning Sp, not sure Yaya will blow us all away, we’ll see eh ;)

    Morning Lee, it’s none of his bleedin business, but he’s right ;)

  365. What’s the Spanish take on the figure then Lee ?

  366. Morning Rico, brudder Lee and all.
    Arsene is the conscience of football. Cursing RM while at the same time hoping they will come in for Suarez thus providing the perfect alibi.

  367. Morning Adam. Go back and get out the other side ;)

  368. Morning to you too potter..

  369. Morning everyone. I feel that after our undoubted clean sweep in the prestigious Emirates Cup Wenger will stun the transfer market by securing the transfers of Suarez, Cesc, Rooney and a world class centre back. He will then buy an astonishing winger and say “That is for the fans”.
    How’s that Rico?

  370. Marvellous Adam, much better ;)

    New post up now..

  371. Brudder Adam.
    Not really spoken to anyone or had a butchers at any Spanish papers tbh Potter.

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