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Suarez is wrong for Arsenal. Striker exit but Winger set to stay….

Morning all,

Terry Butcher reckons that Luis Suarez would simply NOT fit in at Arsenal! Why?

Because he’s ‘volatile, a potential bomb-scare on the pitch, he’s moody and confrontational’….

Ahhhh, all the things we have lacked over the years. In laymens terms, it’s called passion and a will to win.

Thierry Henry was moody and he could be very confrontational!

Patrick Vieira was a ‘potential bomb-scare’ on the pitch, he was also pretty confrontational wasn’t he?

Petit, Cole and Mad Jens didn’t exactly roll over and accept all that came their way either, nor did Gallas, Adams, Lauren, Keown, Parlour….. the list goes on..

Ian Wright could be naughty boy if he got caught up in the moment and I’m sure Peter Schmeichel alone would vouch for that.

Arsene Wenger has managed all of those players and more who have had ‘issues’ – there is little reason reason to believe he wouldn’t be able to manage Suarez.

To be honest, I truly believe that if he were to join us, many parts of his ‘naughty’ game would go. He’d be happier, he’d be fed each game with chance after chance to do what he does best. He’d be part of a ‘proper family’ in footballing terms and his boots would do the talking, rather than his antics.

We have had many big players under the management of Arsene Wenger and we have them today too in Podolski, Mertesacker, Cazorla, Monreal, Koscielny, Sagna, Vermaelen and Rosicky to name a few and I’m sure he’d slot in just nicely.

Then we have players who are on the cusp of really good things – Wilshere, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott and Gibbs.

We can’t forget any of the young players we have just seen perform in Asia either, some of those, maybe not all, have a great career ahead them…..

I know I keep saying it but we have the base of an very good squad, three/four top class players would that squad to a whole new level, one which really could challenge for silverware….

Popping back to the tour of Asia.

One of the biggest talking points before our tour to Asia surrounded Ryo. Will he stay or go?

This was Arsene Wengers view:

On whether Ryo will go on loan or stay:

I believe he is in a position where he needs to play to have a good chance of competing at the top level. At the moment he will stay in the squad. Should we buy more players I will have to reassess the situation. At the moment he will stay with us.

One who could be on his way out on loan is Chamakh. Crystal Palace want him for at least the first half of the season. After then of course, he’ll be free to talk to other clubs and secure himself a nicely paid job somewhere else as his contract comes to an end….

Nothing in the gossip today, good, we have no doubt all had enough of gossip. Now it’s time for action. It’s Monday morning, Arsene Wenger and the players are back in London and the new season is not far away.

It’s time for one or two signings to be made, and surely they have to be this week….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

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221 comments on “Suarez is wrong for Arsenal. Striker exit but Winger set to stay….

  1. The media’s preoccupation with Bale is giving a bit of leeway to our complacency we surely have to do something soon. If his potential signing should go through for the mooted £100 million then it puts our refusal to pay the going amount for Higuain into perspective.

  2. Has to be this week surely potter, league kicks off in less than two weeks…

  3. Getting Suarez seems to be overclouding everything the club is doing at the moment. Eggs and Basket come to mind. Perhaps we need a female influence on the board as they seem to bear out the theory that men are hopeless at multi-tasking.

  4. Ha ha – it seems that way. I read that Real are now interested in Suarez, so we may be wasting our time…

  5. He is A RACIST!!!! but so long as he’s scoring goals for Arsenal that’s OK, RIGHT? how desperate are some people, let’s see if John Terry is available and make it a PAIR!!!!

  6. You don’t want us to sign him then ed?

    Terry is getting on a bit now, but once upon a time, he’d have been a great signing surely?

  7. Morning Gooners…
    Morning Rico…

    Ginge, isn’t Orient tomorrow???
    Atm I am not sure if I am going or not TS
    I will probably make up my mind on the day, depends how busy I am…

  8. Yep ed, pretty much what I care about. Goals and winning.

  9. Also, yes, he is a racist, that can’t be denied but he served his time for that, just as he is serving time for biting another footballer….

    If the FA don’t believe he should be thrown out of the game, then why not let him score goals for us…

  10. Morning Kev..

    Me too Brad..

  11. So if Wenger and Mourinho are such good buddies, surely he won’t mind passing on his spare striker named Torres and maybe that other loser Spanard Mourinho thinks is excess to his squad. You know, stuff that buddies do.

    Come September, Mourinho will start with Wenger been a poor tactitian and predictable again.

  12. Hi all,

    A succinct post. I like that.

    You are right Mr. Kev, 30th is tomorrow ;)

    I have football tomorrow so i guess i may have to miss that.

    Bellerin is featuring for Spain u-19 at 18:00 in the semi finals against France if anyone is interested.

  13. morning all ,Suarez all the way one sure thing is he’ll score plenty goals for us if he signs.

  14. Don’t think that would happen Brad, just hope the AW has a plan b should this Suarez move fail, and I actually believe it will…

    Glad you do Ts ;)

  15. I’ve said it times without number, Suarez is a perfect fit for Arsenal squad. Whoever said he is not is not a good football administrator. Check it out in the season. You will not regret it. GOOD VALUE for MONEY. WATCHOUT!

  16. Ed, are you saying that Arsene Wenger wants to sign someone who is a proven (in your view) racist?????
    That’s Arsene Wenger, me old son……

    Think about what you are saying/blogging!

    Are you then saying that Arsene Wenger turns a blind eye to racism???

    There’s more to the Suarez/Ezra situation, than meets the eye IMHO…
    Wenger would have no truck with Suarez, Eddie boy, if what you state, was irrefutable…

    You go back to your Guardian are go and hug some trees….

  17. Can’t believe what I’m reading, that’s how desperate AW has made SOME supporters, Very,Very Sad!!! Club going down the Pan, FAST!

  18. Bondex, or Rooney ;)

  19. Totally agree Kev, Wenger wants to sign the player, not the person…

    Paddy spat in Rudducks face once, that for me is one of the worst things a human can do, but as a footballer, he was topt op class…

  20. I as an Arsenal fan and just like all other Gunner fan just wish to see Luis Suarez sign for the gooners by this week. No surprise that we are losing our own fans to other clubs and recently through commiting sucide coz of frustration and lack of ambition in the transfer market. If it were ma own making then, Arsenal fans would have been happier this week with the arrival of Suarez and Fellaini, its all what Gooner fans are waiting in order to devp confidence of a trophyless season comes 17th Aug. Arsene plz i beg u on behalf of all Arsenal fans to get the deals of Suarez and Fellaini done and dusted by this week.

  21. Looks like Wenger’s idea is to play mind games and pass time. He lost out on Higuan when the money Real wanted looked too big and surpassed Arsenal’s ceiling on a single player. He has a lot of dirt to wash off his hands. He sold RVP to an arch rival, not mentioning pivotal players Song Bilong, Nasir, Clitcy etc. The club has gone with no trophy for seven years now. Wenger seems to only be hoodwinking Arsenal fans that he is making up on the wrongs of the past as I highly doubt he’s going to spend Ps55m on Suarez. The price was made clear right from the word go, 55m. The man comes with 30, then 35, then 40 and now I hear 42. He doesn’t play like he wants the game to end. If the idea is to cause Suarez to revolt and lodge a transfer request, we keep our fingers crossed.

  22. ed, he is one of the best strikers in the league, why on earth wouldn’t you want to see him at Arsenal..

    It the lack of top class players like him that makes us struggle….

  23. I do not believe that Suarez is a Racist.. He’s just a guy from South America and a different culture. There’re words which are acceptable over there but not so in other continents.. Remember too,anything can be done or said when angry.. Finally,I don’t really regard South Americans as whites… They are just fair in complexion with so much blacks there.. You can’t discriminate between a black and white when you have blacks at home

  24. I’d love rooney too only just to spite manure…….hope we dont have to wait too long for any of them to be confirmed…

  25. Now why did you say it was a succinct post Ginge?? I was going to say that and you took it all away. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :(

    Good Morning Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    A succinct post Lady. I enjoyed it (not only liked it. ;) )

    So he is a racist dear Eddie!!!! dear Eddie!!!

    thanks for telling us.

    If he whacks Evra then the better.

  26. @Allezwotevayournameis, The Guardian? would rather be reading that than the Sun or Mail, which is where I’m sure your head is buried. Once again SAD!!

  27. I really can’t see this happening and am convinced that we should have gone the extra mile and got Higuain whilst we had the chance.
    I really hope i’m wrong and will take is al back if we nick Suarez and Fellaini. In fact I think there would be an Artois frenzy in my house if we got these 2

  28. I agree Rico, also to what price does Wenger see him been value. Is Suarez as good or better than Falcao and Cavanni?

    ed RVP was an alleged rapist, story suddenly disappered where the stripper all of a sudden said it was consented sex.

    Remember Kolo Toure backed by Wenger as not being a cheat on enhancement drugs?

  29. Thanks for that Xris, and Ed my problem with the whole Evra thing is that Suarez is Uruguayan and his native language is Spanish. I just can’t get past the Spanish language’s derivation of the word “Black “

  30. Kev has his head buried in the Sun???? lol

    Where??? Which page???

    Let’s have a guess Kev, where your head is buried. Hmmmm.

    Now, you are facing the front page. You turn it over and BAMMMM. Your eyes pop out, and your head drops off.

    Nah. It cant be. Kev is too saintly for that. ;)

    Hi Ed the Gooner. No need to be on the warpath mate. He has his own opinion and you have yours. If you think its sad go and look in the mirror to see a reflection of it.

  31. But when in Rome Xr’s…

    But people need to put that to one side, he’s been dealt with for his crime. Move on I say…

    We are in a football world and we need a top class goal scorer..

    That is exactly what Suarez is!

  32. I can’t believe what Real value Bale at and what they supposedly offering.
    Granted he is good but not the level that Ronaldo left Man U at. Another problem for them is how do you manage Ronaldo now that Bale’s transfer would be higher. Who’s the star in their team, who get’s to roam the pitch and who’s ego do they boost? I see Ronaldo leaving if Bale comes but time is ticking for the money clubs to be interested.

  33. it doesn’t bother me what they’ve called suarez in the past.I think we all agree he’ll become a better/well behaved individual under Arsene.

  34. Hi Dev, ;-(

    Well you have to get out of the Med sunshine early next time :-)

    Ed, what is racism? Do you know AW was accused of being a racist once in France? Him of all people?

    A lot of people have their views.. what matters is how people treat people as a whole. For instance I may consider Cashley Cole more of a racist than Suarez. or is it just that Cashley bottled when Tom Terry put pressure on him?

  35. Good morning rico, gooners and lurkers.

    Suarez is NOT a racist.

    DG 10:23, who wouldn’t like to see Evra whacked? :D

  36. Ed has volunteered to write tomorrows post.
    It will be based on being pure, innocent and finishing 4th.
    Good luck champ.
    Good morning all.
    Rumour has it the 40 million will get Suarez, but another 5 is required to buy his choppers.
    Try that one on for size Eddy boy :)

  37. Andy T – disagree re Higuain, Napoli have paid silly money for a player who couldn’t get into the RM side, he’s not worth that much. Plus he’s not proved in the PL…

    Stack too if I remember right Brad…

  38. A funny little story.
    I was out the other week walking along and talking to a mate about things.
    My comment was along the lines of “yeah, my black bitch will get an ultrasound next week, and i hope it shows something in there”.
    Well, i look up, and some people sitting nearby were absolutely mortified.
    I had to explain very quickly that i was talking about my greyhound, and that greyhounds are always referred to by colour, and by dog or bitch.
    It shows how an innocent comment can be taken out of context.
    I am not suggesting Suarez was innocent, but it can happen.
    Oh, and the people nearby……they laughed, thank goodness lol.

  39. Morning Devil, Ch and welcome to those just joining today…

  40. Apologies Rico.

  41. I always said Hig will go to Naples… it is the Argentine thingy…. and to be honest with you he is good but he is no better than Bent. I am not saying that because we did not get him… I always said I will be shocked if AW paid more than £20M for him not because of our current transfer record but because he is a ‘bottler’… :-)

    On Suarez, how do we package any form of damage limitation to the Anfield faithful? Will AW, IG and Dickie play dirty and tell Suarez to hand in a transfer request in return for a £3M signing on fee?

    Hi CH, how was your weekend?

  42. Scott… I always knew you were racist re 10:44 :-P

  43. Not a racist Ginge, i do not discriminate.
    I hate EVERYBODY :)

  44. rico, does it really need to be explained that Hig isn’t worth the amount paid by Napoli. Me thinks in our quest for a “top” player, we just want Arsene to spend any amount while conveniently forgetting that if it doesn’t work out a la Torres, we would still blame the manager.

  45. Morning Ginge, my weekend was completely out of my hands. How was yours?

    Morning Scot, how do we classify you? :(

  46. That’s a good story Scott…

  47. I would not have gone beyond 18million for Hig.

    Likewise for Torres……10 million only. Take it or leave it.

    Suarez??? Way overpriced. Not more than 28million for me. But the dippers are in the driving seat.

    I will only pay over 35million for Messi, Ronaldo and Bale.

    The rest I am sorry. Not worth more than 30 million.

  48. Each to their own view really Ch, some may think Higuain is worth it, I’m just not one of them…

  49. Daily Express reckon we are about to go to £42.5 m for Luis Suarez..

    Devil, but that’s in the real world, with all the money in the game, that ‘real world’ went years ago….

  50. By Real world ,do you mean our world or REAL’S world.

  51. I know Rico and I agree. And I also happen to think that many supporters will buy the Suarez T Shirts as well and with that alone a lot of money will be made. However, personally I would not go over 28million. As you said the real world went years ago.

  52. And with regards to the over 35 I forgot to include Iniesta in that cathegory.

  53. I know rico, but what those who want Arsene to splash the cash do not yet understand is, a bad big money signing will affect our finances and we may find ourselves in another AA type situation.

  54. Seems it’s bell end alert…………

    AK stop stirring the shit lol

    Suarez a racist, maybe you should go read what that nice fella Evra said in the hearing… When asked if he thought Suarez was a racist even Evra said”NO”…. ! Fact…!

    Clubs going downhill fast… Well that’s your opinion fella but seems your in the minority but your still allowed an opinion.

    I’m with Scott, I hate everyone if you ain’t Arsenal then your on the “hate” list..!

  55. In Higuains case, Real potter…

  56. potter, I think what rico is trying to say is that we’re in an UnReal world and tis those in the Real world who helped made it so. :|

  57. Morning all, and Nice one Rico.
    There no doubt in my mind that should we sign Suarez that he will bring some kind of trouble with him. I don’t doubt his emense talent and he will score countless goals whoever he plays for, hopefull he will play for us. Wenger has as everybody will tell you been able to handle most players, Suarez will be difficult and he will be till the end of his playing days, but will he be the bad boy that fits into the Arsenal mould. Maybe but i would think he will embarrass Arsenal many times but he will also help to win the club trophies but there will be times when we would have wished were’d picked a nice guy.

  58. Ch, I think Potter knows, he’s being ironic…

    Thanks Sp, I actually am starting to believe we won’t get him anyway, so we may never know…

  59. Wath, you are on the Arsenal list and i hate you :)
    CH….i am just an arsehole lol.

  60. Yea rico, think I’ve gotten a hang of it now, was just taking it further with some element of truth.

  61. Did I do it the wrong way, rico?

  62. DG,does that mean Bale is in your top 4 of best footballers?

  63. While we are all arses, Scot adds a bit to his…:D

  64. Kingsley says let wenger sign suarez he will change all de racist behaviour becouse he is a professional he is welcome to arsenal thanks

  65. on present form yes. He is strong and has good technical level.

    Imagine him with a team where he is surrounded by superstars. Him on the left, Messi in the middle and Ronaldo on the right. Mouthwatering.

  66. Were you just drooling,DG?

  67. Rico,in reply to your 10.40 comment on Higuain and Real.Higuain surely would fit in well at Arsenal,we have a team and a squad that would hardly to a player ever get to play for Real.

  68. My opinion is that you can only afford to have one player in the team with a free license. There’s only enough room for one ego, their roaming creates space for both sides and most roamers are poor at defending.

  69. Yeh but don’t forget Scott your ALWAYS wrong :D

  70. Suarez is wrong for Arsenal. Why?

    Because he’s ‘volatile, a potential bomb-scare on the pitch, he’s moody and confrontational’….

    Ahhhh, all the things we have lacked over the years.


  71. Bt62, we’ll never know but I suspect he would. However, we are reported to have done a deal with Real, only for them to do a u-turn and whack the price up…

    I wouldn’t deal with people like that either…

  72. In a positive way I hope Sd.

  73. Wath, you are a very handsome, intelligent and wise man :)

  74. you forgot the OLD between wise and man Scott. ;)

  75. WATH, Scot is always wrong, no?:D

  76. Dev… piss off… :P

    Scott… As i said your ALWAYS wrong mate :D

  77. Cheers Wath lol
    Devil, glad you added it :)

  78. of course in a a positive way,

    Suareze and Podolski in our team resonates Keown and Viera in those days , they were firery , no nonsense players, ask Roy Keane

    So bring on the hot head Suareze.

    I just think the whole PL is scared of how Wenger might use Suarez, they know Suarez will respect him and Wenger will tame him. They are all scared.

    Plus Suarez knows he will be the top striker in Arsenal compared to 3rd choice in Real Madrid.

  79. Higuain preferref to join Napoli; the metro knows.

  80. All the crap aside, Suarez would be absolutely awesome with us.
    Even more so with Cesc feeding him :)

  81. Ha ha Sd, I had a feeling that was the case.

  82. Forget about Cesc coming to Arsenal.

    He has been quiet about the whole Man Utd thing just like he did when he was about to leave us, he never said a thing.

    At least RVP had the courtesy of lying to us that he is an Arsenal player and that’s what that matters.

    Everybody in Barcelona is saying Cesc is not going anywhere but Cesc himself is not saying anything.

    It just shows to tell you what is on his mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if he should sign for Man Utd.

  83. Feeding him… hope you don’t mean that literally Scott…!

  84. :) Scott, he’s going to the Mancs

  85. SD, I would prefer Fellaini to Cesc… more the type of player we need in my opinion.

  86. Cesc to Yanited….never, ever.
    Will not happen.

  87. See what did I tell ya… Scott is wrong again…. did he just say never ever…?

    Here I am looking at Higuain in his new Napoli shirt and Scott said………….

  88. Hope you are right Scott, the newspapers say he’s agreed terms and we all know they are always right…

  89. Dont hold your breath Scott, Cesc could go there, why ?

    1. Wenger would not offer him £200k/week and he knows
    2. Man utd would easily pay him £200k because they are idiots.
    3. He is proud and might feel stupid going back to Arsenal because of the way he left , remember he refused to play pre-season before joining Barca (the plunker trained alone).
    At least RVP still played all the Pre-season normally without sulking until we offered him £158k per week and he threw the contract in the bin and went on to kiss and hug Fergie.
    But at least he didn’t sulk before his last episode.
    4. Plus he still doesn’t believe we are title or any cup contenders
    5. He is not smart enough to know that Man utd is in a descend.

  90. SD UK……….your number 5 explains it all.

    I would rather AW bought Torres (Obviously if he does not get Shrek that is) instead of Suarez and Mata instead of Cesc. Or Bernard for that matter.

    Torres and Bernard would cost less than Suarez and Cesc combined. And fit in more perfectly than the above two. And there would be no discontent in the squad.

    I would imagine Cazorla starting to grumble if Cesc is bought. But if Bernard is bought that would make him part of the team and he would still retain his status.

  91. Cesc took a pay cut to go to Barca….why would he suddenly want the cash?
    Wath, i guess i underestimated what a pack of pricks Real are :)

  92. Then again if he gets Fellaini he would play him in a triple rotating midfield and put Cazorla on the wing.

    Both Bernard and Fellaini are preferable to Cesc imo for the 1st team

    then again I still like Cesc.

    But head over heart now.

  93. UnReal are definitely smack-heads… and they love that fact.

    People forget the Fifth Great in Spain, alongside Diego Maradona, Alfredo Di Stefano, Johan Cruyff and Pelé, Zidane arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2001, thanks to a napkin upon which then president Florentino Pérez had written “Do you want to play for Real Madrid?” and passed round a table at the Monte Carlo sports club – a napkin upon which Zidane then wrote “Yes”, in English, and passed back.

  94. Hello all. Rico, Ginge, Kev, WATH, Scotty from Oz etc
    Back in the UK in the early hours.
    Missed the comments on here…. although managed to keep up with the posts…

    Suarez. Perfect fit. Why? Because he’s one of the top five strikers in world football and a “game changer”. Our squad for the first time in years is basically solid. We need game changers to make up those 20pts. Suarez is part of the solution. Fabregas would be another part of it.
    Suarez would get 30 goals + for us, of that there is no doubt.

    I read the Arseblog posts a few days ago. What a fickle and pedantic wanker he comes over as … I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire … Even Le-Grove was backtracking on valid points it made last summer and this season ….but I’ll get back to that in another post, probably.
    Myles Palmer was it is supercilious best – “Suarez is too good for Liverpool and too good for Arsenal” …. And these are representative of Arsenal supporters? Do me a favour.

    I was at Highbury in 1992 I think – at a home game with Blackburn. We lost 0-1 to a Mike Newell goal. Sat in the East Stand I saw Ian Wright take a swipe at an opposition player. Just a bitch-slap, nothing more. He got booked. There was moaning from the crowd, but one of the things that stood out was a girl behind me shouting, “Referee you racist.” She wasn’t coloured either. Stupid, but not coloured.
    Sometimes people say things without thinking. Human nature?

    South America is much different to the UK, just as the north of the UK is much different to the south. It really is – A lot.
    I own a gym in Scunthorpe that is very, very multinational but I never hear anyone complain about racism, but on the Arsenal blogs, not a day goes by without the mention of it.
    For me as a person it pisses me off, as the “Suppression of Free Speech” in the UK which our regular blogger Adam candidly and very rightly mentioned, makes it awkward for us to express an opinion without being shot down with the “Let me end this with the ultimate one-liner of ‘You’re a racist’.”

    Prior to the conception of the Premier League, history shows that Arsenal have notoriously fickle supporters, which was truly highlighted by low-attendances when we as a club were playing shite. And when I say low attendances, I mean low. Our supporters fickleness is also well-referenced in the media and tabloids, whilst at the sharp end of literature, such as “The Football Factory” it can be nothing more than spiteful and antagonistic. But even so, they all have a point.

    I’m a bit of a means to an end kind of person, which sort of means I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the result. As an Arsenal supporter since 1972, I’ve seen us do just that on numerous occasions. It’s called being a winner.

    1. I want us to win. World domination. I’ll take a 1-0 any day.
    2.I don’t give a shite who plays for us so long as they can make No. 1 happen.

  95. Zelalem the next Weah?

    In 1995, George Weah was named the FIFA World Player of the Year, beating off competition from Italian left-back Paolo Maldini and German goal machine Jurgen Klinsmann.

    After receiving his award, Weah invited his mentor and current Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to the stage, where he paid tribute to him. Weah recognised that without Wenger, he may never have played professionally in Europe and may never have become the greatest footballer on Earth.

  96. Scott, that was indeed your biggest mistake mate, Perez especially is a slime bag and Madrid act like they can take the piss with every club in the world.

  97. Perez must be due to retire soon?

  98. When he retires and a***ole will come in his place Rico.

  99. should have said another not and

  100. True devil…..

  101. Moyes, is taking evening private lessons from the slime ball school, WATH

  102. Unfortunately Perez is due for re-election that is why he wants a big signing at all cost.

    The signing has to be able to sell shirts. Cavani, Falcao do not sell shirts that is why he did not go for them…

  103. Off for the night….later guys!

  104. Hi All this all think about Suarez moving to us is a side step that would only be true if we finish along side Liverpool, when people are hurting the truth becomes like a dream. I still think even with Suarez in their squad they would finish 7th

  105. With Suarez they would finish circa 7th or 8th. Without him they would finish below 10.

    Likewise the Scum with Bale. If he stays they would finish around 5th or 6th

    Without him they will go below 12th.

  106. Hi Henny, good to have you back.

  107. Cheers Scott, no dreaming of Higuain..!

    Dev, Moyes has always had a slimy streak it’s why he will fit in perfectly at the mancs…. Thing is do people wanna join him at the mancs now… is the pulling power there..?

  108. Night Scott, go steady..

    Hi Syg.. Good time?

  109. wow, suddenly Suarez has a whole new fanbase, you will forgive him anything so long as he’s scoring goals for you (same attitude as LFC fans by the way, an you slate them for it) will you all still be cheering an singing his praises should he stay at LFC,,OR will you return to your slagging him off an singing he’s a racist, cannibal and cheat. What a bunch of fickle hypocrites Arsenal fans have become. Trophyless an no class, you won now’t for 7 years an have to settle for fighting for 4th place scraps year in year out, and somehow see scraping into champions league football as the highlight of your achievements. The addition of Suarez will still not make it Arsenals best team of the last 7 years, even with a shit team LFC have won more lol….

  110. Hi SY, Sorry mate no idea why you went into moderation…..!

    Hope your well fella..!

    I am with you mate, Suarez all day long he’ll score a hat full for us and he made a racist comment that for his wasn’t even racist in the manner he said it and he’s branded a racist cos it suits the media. The biting is for me far worse but hey ho such is life. An Arsenal team with or without Suarez for me is a no brainer, we want to be competitive then that means having quality players and he is a quality player without a doubt.

  111. HI Syg, I didn’t see you sneak in… how was you trip?

    You have come back sounding like rednose. :)

  112. Brilliant Rico.
    Met a couple of ex-Arsenal trainees from north London who’ve just taken a 3-year contract with Cypriot league side Dherynia FC.

  113. Thank Ts nice to be back, I wonder if Van purse strings is thinking that fergie tricked him now he is stuck with the master that is Moyes

  114. Legs or no legs???????????

    While the Gonzalo Higuain and subsequent Luis Suarez to Arsenal stories have grabbed the attention of Gooners this summer, there is one player far closer to home whose future the club have yet to resolve. Bacary Sagna has publicly criticised the Gunners in the past, and with one year left on his deal, it looks like Arsenal are moving to replace him. talkSPORT look at the target considered for the job, Malaga’s Jesus Gamez…

  115. neutral…. You say classless Don’t be such a knob that’s why your lot already burning his shirt outside the ground with “Cnut” written on the back of it…! He’s a diving shithead and I would never condone that and don’t when one of ours does it, he bites players always bang out of order but as much of a scumbag as he is he’s still an awesome player and I say that about many players at other clubs. You may well be bitter and twisted seeing as you finished below Everton yet again but least now Moyes has gone you may well get back to being No1 in the City battle..! Good luck for next season though.

  116. No bother WATH. It’s a no-brainer re: Suarez

    Hiya Ginge lol. Flew into Doncaster at 1.30am, bed at 3:00am, Up at 7:00am, Tesco’s at 9:00am, clearing backlog of work now…

  117. Neutral , sounds like a Chelsea fan, scared are you ?

  118. You beat me to it Wath ;)

  119. Talking of class, Liverpool did the Napoli deal behind Reina’s back, the player had no idea until he was told he was going…

    Now that is class!!

  120. Suarez leaves they’ll have a minutes silence…! I remember they burnt Stevie G’s shirt as well and his family got death threats… Proper class and this from a team who ain’t won the league in donkeys years and been hovering around 6/7th place in the league for a fair few years as well and spends a fortune on shit players yet we fighting for scraps to finish 3rd or 4th… Thinks that’s called being a hypocrite. Such is life.

  121. Kitchen 0 Manure 4

  122. Such is life indeed, thankfully, I wasn’t born to support them…

  123. Hi Syg,

    Glad you had fun… I hope you managed to watch a bit of the Far East Money making tour?

    A clip of Aneke scoring for Crewe at Wembley last April

  124. WATH – hmmm My club,,,not sure you understand the word neutral????? My point is to highlight the hypocrisy in the game and how fans will forgive football stars anything, so long as they play for their club, Arsenal fans (amongst others) have taken great pleasure from ridiculing LFC and their handling of Suarez, they have taken pleasure from singing songs on the terraces about Suarez being a cheat, diver, cannibal, racist etc etc to the point of declaring he is not fit to play in the premier league, I’ve even heard of suggestions he should be banned for life, there have been tweets, posters banners etc etc etc,an yet here we are a few weeks further on down the line an suddenly Arsenal fans have to now backtrack on all the things they said, now, its about the player and not the person and so long as he is a winner at all and any costs then that is enough to justify any of his behaviour. If Brendan Rodgers had a brain he would just play Suarez the LFC v Arsenal games dvd’s since the Evra incident, imagine what he would see, yep Arsenal fans singing and calling him a cheat and racist. Now you all want to sing his praises and think he is the Messiah.
    Yes I can say your acting like classless hypocrites, because that’s exactly how your behaving. Take your blinkers off and look at how he has been treated by your fanbase since Evra. Despite all Arsenals efforts of being in the champs league, and despite all Arsenals superior league position over the last 7 or 8 years, exactly what has that won you, feck all, nuff said..

  125. Is that a clip???? more like a short film. lol

  126. Neutral I will ask you just one question………….

    Where do you think Liverpool will be in 10 years time???

  127. Must be strange neutral, being a Liverpool fan at this point in time…

    I actually remember 1991-92….

    Do you?

    16 years and counting…. ;-)

  128. Actually Kev……I remember 1989.

    They have never recovered from that did they?

  129. Neutral………for all Liverpool’s great teams of the past, they never managed to do what AFC did. Be UNBEATEN for a whole season.

    yes we never won the European cup. but then we never had great teams like your lot.

  130. Christian Benitez, once of Birmingham has died……. 27 years old ….

  131. devilgunner – I don’t care where they are in 10yrs time, this is not about LFC as I have already said, I’m a neutral just picking up on the hypocrisy of what used to be the beautiful game. Someone mentioned Reina being sold out,,yet my reliable sources inform me he was itching for a move to Barcelona and made no secret of it, given the choice that is where he would have been playing next season, also he has not been sold but put out on loan.

  132. Who watches football as a neutral? No emotion to a goal, near miss, a loss, a win. Why would you bother then?
    Like I’ve said before, I only care about goals and winning.

  133. I am going to be honest with you Neutral.

    I never liked and never will like Suarez. Not even if he manages to smash the scum or 6 in every game we play them from now on.

    I would still prefer Torres.

    Yet I would like him only on thing………..if he manages to bite off any part of your body. Then we will see if you will still like him……or turn out to be a hypocrite yourself.

  134. Hiya Coach… Kif Int Habib…

    One thing we can be sure of, is that neutral, most certainly won’t come from the City of Liverpool…

    Real Scousers are Evertonians…

    Liverpool have more ‘Glory Hunters’ than ManYou…..

  135. Brad, when someone says they are ‘neutral’, well, I smell mendacity….

  136. Hiya Kev. We are all ok. Pa is gallivanting across Europe again. France this time. Let him enjoy it. He deserves it now.

    Neutral or not I am sorry but you are not neutral. That is something I do not believe. If the headline did not touch a raw nerve why did the hell you come on in here. Simply because on NEWSNOW this headline will only appear on two sites…….the Arsenal one and the Liverpool one. So you cannot be neutral. That is what you would like us to believe. but we do not fall for such pathetic excuses and people trying to hide behind the skirt of neutrality.

  137. neutral – if you are just here to wind fans up, then do me a favour, shove off elsewhere and try your luck there….

    No-one is denying Suarez isn’t perfect, but right now he’s Liverpools player not ours!

    And, fans on here would not ever condone such behaviour should an Arsenal player behave in such a way….

  138. just hoping the professor signs someone fast. Am gettin lean frm all this waiting

  139. I am off for now dear friends.


    Neutral………bugger off to Anfield’s underground.

  140. You’ve heard Arsenal fans sing songs about Suarez have you neutral…? how’s that then sitting in your armchair watching on tv…? hypocrite says it all…! Seeing as your so clued up about Arsenal fans how do you know all these things if your neutral…? basically you know sweet fa cos your neutral so you read papers and watch the tv yippee…! Why would Arsenal fans sign songs about Suarez…? we hate the shit down the rd not Suarez…! Maybe you should evaluate what the fans in general are saying and not spout utter shit about loving Suarez just because he may join us…!
    Only one with blinkers here is you but then again your neutral so I suppose that allows you to talk shit and think it’s fine. If you only took time to read whats been said about Suarez on here the last few weeks your utterances about him being loved would be seen for the drivel that they are..! End of…!

  141. Cheers Dev…!

  142. you will never walk alone!

  143. Devilgunner – Equally Arsenal for all their great teams, and yes they have had some, and despite their consistent league positions and champs league entries have not achieved what LFC have.
    Arsenal, until there pursuit of Suarez had my respect as a club and yet they are now letting their principles and morals be clouded and disregarded all in the name of success at all costs, and you the fans support this. Explain to me how your hatred of someone changes into adulation at the mereset possibility that the person may come an play for you. Also LFC have told Arsenal how much they want, yet Wenger then insults them by offering 40mil +£1, hardly an incentive for LFC to part with their star player is it, why not really test their resolve an offer the £50mill. At the end of the day LFC have control here, as much as the London based media would have you believe different. My sources tell me there is no release clause in existence, he has 3yrs to run, even if requests a transfer LFC can refuse it. The simple truth is LFC will sell him, but not to a prem rival who they see as the weaker team in the top four, and therefore by logic LFC’s best chance to get back to champs league. Suarez will not commit to Arsenal or request a transfer for 2 reasons, 1) He loses money and 2) because Arsenal are not in the champs league proper yet as they have go via the qualifying route.

  144. If you want to be neutral and discuss reality and real football news and opinion feel free but don’t spout crap when you have zero idea on what your talking about and now your ITK and you have sources on the Reina story, would that be HP or Heinz….?

  145. Hey Wath, are you somewhere in the vicinity of the Hawley Arms???

  146. Jeez,Neutral come down to earth…

    I get worried when regular people do not understand what negotiations or haggling involve. People need to go to saturday markets sometimes instead of shopping from Tescos and other high street supermarkets all the time.

    if you are buying something from e-bay and someone bids you reserved price, do you close the sale or you listen and wait for higher bids?

    If we had initially bid £50M, the dippers would have asked for £70M.

    Your team need to first be honest with themselves and decide if they are going to sell or not. You can not one minute say bring £50M to £55M and next say he is not for sale…

  147. Neutral 2:53pm
    “…. and champs league entries have not achieved what LFC have.”

    Remember, LFC got every English club banned from Europe for years…. so we’ll never really know what would have been achieved …. plus when Arsenal were the dominating club in world football, there was no European football….

    I’ve never slated Suarez – ever.
    I rate him has a great player, and I’d rather he play for Arsenal than Liverpool ….. and you know what – I can’t say that about any other Liverpool player….

    I used to hate Liverpool as a kid, but I don’t mind them so much nowadays … I also used to feel the same way about Leed United…
    There’s a reason for this.

  148. Neutral, your days here are done, naff off somewhere else will you!!

    Well, you will have to as form now on you are in the bin!!

  149. Something to laugh about…

    29 Jul 2013 14:11:53
    ivan gazidis is willing to make the bid of 46.5 million for suarez, he will make this aound 10 to 11 oclock tonight which liverpool will either reject tonight or tomorrow morning or they will accept in the afternoon which they would have to talk to suarez about but they aready have which he does not know whether he wants to go to arsenal as he’s not sure if you will get through the playoff position, which will deffienantly will if the players really want it, wenger is currently holding talks with fabregas to see if he’s willing to move back or if not felliani will be on or radar so, win, wn situation, you heard this from YORKSHIRE GOONER (new to this site)

    New to this site but same recycled rubbish. Suarez not sure if we’ll qualify lol. What year have we failed? We’ll soon see tommorrow

    Malaga gooner has moved to Yorkshire.

    Haha someone beat me to the Malaga comment

    How can anyone claim to know that much info about the times of bids and how Ian Ayre and co will react


  150. Amazing how someone who is neutral has so many in the know contacts and also knows that Suarez has no clause in his contract that Suarez and his agent swear exists, if it didn’t exist then also why have LFC agreed to let Suarez talk 2 Arsenal..? Like I say HP and Heinz don’t count…!
    I’m with you SY, Suarez as a bloke is a dick but would I want him playing for AFC, hell yes, same for Rooney and we’ve had plenty over the years who have sinned and were not nice people but end of the day they were great players, good enough for me.

    AK, no mate not in the Hawley, don’t frequent there any more…! moved on to pastures new…! :D

  151. Very sad indeed…
    Former Birmingham CIty player Christian Benitez has died at the age of 27.

  152. Ts, SS’s suggest that he may have been involved in a car accident… Very sad..

    Got to pop out for an hour, back later..

  153. I actually hope we get slaughtered in the Ems cup (al la 8-2) as before that game Wenger still thought this team could compete. He once again is saying the same kind of stuff

  154. Brad, Is wenger saying the same old rubbish to cover his arse if the clubs refuse to sell the players we looking to buy or is he just trying to make sure the players we have don’t get the hump that he’s looking to strengthen the squad. When most of the players are saying we need signings and great signings are good for the club surely he can’t be that worried about being linked with players in the media…!
    I don’t ever want us to lose but I can see where your coming from.

    Ts, maybe neutral and Malaga know the same sauce…? funny how someone to neutral thinks he knows so much about Arsenal and Liverpool and the goings on… can’t be neutral then can you..!

  155. SYG , agree about Leeds, I wonder if your reason is the same as mine . For me it was the treatment that George Eastham got from Bobby Collins and Billy Bremner, one put him down and the other stamped on his ankle and broke it . Despite recovering about a year later he was never the same player. Some hard men those cowards, but that was Revie’s coaching for you.

    Neutral :- It has suited the media to brand Suarez a racist after all he speaks a funny language where the word for black just happens to be Negro. Some of us could see the hypocrisy in their comments seeing as they could not bring themselves to do the same for poor victimised John Terry and this fact was mentioned on many Arsenal blogs at the time so don’t try and tar all of us with the same brush. You of course would not be aware of this fact because as a “” neutral “” you remain selective about the posts you comment on . I am not sure whether you actually come from a Liverpool perspective but one thing that Iam sure of is that you have an anti Arsenal agenda . However if you wish to debate a wider range of footballing issues feel free to post again, however if you choose to remain selective then Don’t bother.

  156. Revie’s coaching, Potter lol..
    That was football in the late 60’s and early 70’s ..

    “We are still a few years behind Leeds,” Bertie Mee was quoted as saying after the ’68 League Cup Final.
    Leeds were a hard grinding side who went all out for results, and whether or not it was the right way or the wrong way, every top team had their hard men and had to either follow suit or get left behind … ….It’s not that we condoned the violence, though ….

    From Mee’s Biography

  157. Afternoon Mr Potter…. how you doing..?
    Dirty Leeds were indeed that…. A horrible lot who did what was necessary..! They had a couple of very good players as well, shame the rest tarnished them.

  158. ‘maybe neutral and Malaga know the same sauce’ :D

  159. Me ? fine , I just wish I could say the same for our football teams prospects.
    Over the years there have been players best described as thugs but LFC took it to a new level. Sure they could play good football but it was usually after they had softened up the opposition first.

  160. Revie’s training mantra …………………………….. How fast can you limp ?

  161. From the swampies site… lmfao. At least a few of them know where they stand
    29 Jul 2013 10:45:17
    Even in a side containing Paulinho, Soldado and AN Other good signing, Bale is still likely to be the difference between 5th/6th or 3rd/4th. ‘Replacing’ him with a signing or two will cost say £40m BUT, it will be inflated when clubs know we have that cash. It means it could cost an extra £10m to get who we want. Add that to Bale being able to single handedly be the difference anyway and CL being worth around £25m+ in cash plus, the further financial benefits of heightened club profile – you have to really weigh up how much benefit the cash could be now vs the potential. A bird in the hand yes but, what about being ambitious? We already have Bale, we could never sign another ready-made Bale or any other player in the world’s top 5-10 (bearing in mind some people claim top 3!) so that also makes him even more hugely valuable to us.

    From the dippers site

    Unfortunately this is the real financial situation at LFC. We can no longer hold big wage players on the books. How things change eh!


  162. As usual Potter we are dragging our heels….! Maybe Wenger is on a commission of how much dosh is left in the cheque account come Sep 2nd…!

  163. I just remembered that liverpool have always played hard ball with us. First it was Alonso, and them moving the goal post like Perez and then there was the Reina deal 4 years ago when they decided to all of a sudden increase the bid to £20M just before the window slammed shut…
    I am not optimistic about this LS07 deal now. They would peobably arrange and sell Luiz to RM for £15M

  164. The dippers are still pissed off about 89 Ts……!

  165. Bloomin heck, what a storm we have just had….

    Evening folks…

  166. Get ya wellies on Rico..!

  167. They are on Wath ;)

  168. And finally, I have my laptop back too :)

  169. Hope you not cooking in them….. :D what a sight that would be..!
    So monkey boy wants to talk to Madrid…. Can the swampies afford not to sell, can they afford to keep an unhappy player..?

  170. No quite Wath ;)

    I reckon he’ll go, three players to be offered to the Totts I read…

    Can the dippers afford to keep their unhappy player, if he really is unhappy. Maybe he is just trying his luck…

  171. I say it matters not who the player is nor the club, if a players wants out then get shot…!
    Swampies problem is how do they replace him…? they will get ripped off as ppl will know they got dosh and he is established…! Not easy but good it’s them hope they finish bottom and get relegated the scummy c**ts…!

  172. I’m with you all the way there Wath, especially your last sentence ;)

  173. Sorry when they are in the topic the “C” word is just so apt….!

  174. Oh I get that Wath. 100%…

  175. Apologies to the Lady of the House but you know how it is when “they” are mentioned…!

  176. You are reprieved Wath, the spelling was just fine ;)

  177. I’m heading off for the day now, the skies are black, the rain is falling and rumbling is all around…. Another storm looms…

    Have a good evening all, ’til tomorrow..


  178. It’s really boring while our club dithers and faffs around over deciding who we gonna try buy…! Is wenger waiting for the last week of the window to see who blinks first and gets cheap deals from skint teams in Spain or from teams then desperate to sell unhappy players..?

  179. Night Rico… sleep tight..! stay dry :D

  180. Ha ha Wath, it’s p****ng down here now..

    Night to you – have a good one….

  181. Night to you too Ts….

    Gone now..

  182. You are gone already?… Night Rico

  183. Bellerin is doing well in the semi’s for Spain u-19

  184. Not watching Ts, it’s GG time lol

  185. Enjoy buddy… I think I shall call it a night too. Stay safe.

  186. An interesting read for all on how transfers occur


    Behind Closed Doors – how the transfer market really works, and how Arsenal really does.

    I am less interested in opinions and rumours in the transfer window than I am in reality and hard facts, so I decided to speak with a close friend who used to be a NASL and European scout for a professional soccer team where I live. He kindly agreed to answer my numerous questions about the transfer process worldwide (he also worked in Latin America and Europe). Here is what he told me:

    1) Current regulations from FIFA and EUFA strictly prohibit a Club or ANY of its members/representatives from approaching a player under contract directly or indirectly, through a 3rd party, the media or through the player’s agent(s) or family.

    2) Every professional Club uses a system of player evaluation which takes into account their skill-set, fitness, playing and injury record, current compensation, physical and age parameters, versatility and flexibility in playing more than one position, mental and psychological fitness and attitude, discipline record, playing style (European versus Latin American, etc.), family obligations and situation, nationality and preferred environment/climate. This is just a partial list – there are many more factors looked at.

    3) Every professional Club also relies on its scouting network, and other similar networks to fill in the blanks about any targets. They have a computerized system that uses a number of commercial databases and research sites, as well as a template unique to each Club.

    4) Many managers have specific requirements for a potential transfer and, surprisingly enough, cost is usually NOT the principle factor to be considered. He told me that Wenger is reputed to be very specifically demanding when it comes to on-the-ball skills, field vision, maturity and team spirit/teamwork.

    5) He said that most managers, including Wenger, will watch a minimum of 200 hours of game and training videos before they are satisfied that they have a player of interest. He also said that Wenger and a few others will go and watch a player in person, when they can do so surreptitiously. Apparently these videos are freely exchanged between professional Clubs and Leagues. Fifa and Uefa provide access to International competition videos as well.

    6) Apparently, according to him, the decision to proceed with an ¨enquiry¨ is always a team decision, rarely a manager’s alone. He said in AFC’s case , Gazidis, Tim Law, the Arsenal medical team, Bould and Wenger probably ruminate about each potential transfer for a few weeks before authorizing an approach to the Board for the funds needed and then the offer to the selling Club.

    7) He said that most professional teams abhor any publicity or media attention to this process because it can skew the demands from the selling club, negatively influences the player and alerts other Clubs to the buyer’s interest. The selling club’s interest is often to keep a very low profile about the potential sale. Fan reactions can be a very detrimental thing to the stability of the club if the sale gets out too early. He also mentioned that many selling clubs like to have a potential transfer in before advertising the loss of their player.

    8) He said that from his experience, the average time it took from initial interest and research to an actual transfer agreement varied between 6 to 12 weeks, if the buyer, agent, club and the player were in common accord. He said that should there be any disagreement between any of these parties, it could double the time or even scupper the deal entirely.

    9) The fastest transfer he has ever seen was between 2 NASL Clubs ….it took less than a week. The longest transfer was in Argentina, where it took almost a full season. Interestingly he also mentioned that there are certain players whose reputations proceed them and that makes it hard for their agents to find buyers either because their charges are too unpredictable or too unreliable, etc.

    10) In his opinion, Arsenal are about in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to clubs and transfers. On one end you have the clubs that finance their existence by selling their players and on the other you have clubs that buy anything that breathes or moves (preferably both). He also said that this particular season has been specifically below average for the transfer activities so far but he expects it to heat up as we approach the TW deadline. In his opinion, with FFP and severally tightening financial situations at many clubs (especially in Spain), he would really be surprised to see this window produce a really blockbuster series of transfers.

    His opinions hold weight but are still only one man’s (now retired) experiences. Wouldn’t it be great if we could ask someone at AFC how they actually go about their

  187. Nite Ts… take it easy.

  188. WoW- Spain’s reign at the top is finished. France u-19 have qualified for the u-19 finals…

    We (England) have been luffing around like AW in the transfer window since 1966 without doing jack all in tournaments.

  189. Hi there guys..
    I have been following this blog for some time now and have enjoyed reading the banter/debates/good ol’ fighting that occurs, and thought I would join in and give my 2 pence when I can.

    Suarez the man is abhorrent… Suarez the footballer is world class… and would fit rather nicely up front for our beloved team.

    I personally am quite happy with the quality of the players that currently fill the dressing room before every game and also happy with the deadwood that has been cast adrift and probably made all their new clubs slightly worse :)

    But I also do think that an established CB, Holding Mid and Striker would really enhance our chances of fighting the full 38 games of the season for the Title with the Red and Blue dirty Bastards oop north and our much loved Russian neighbours in the Capital (Bromance between Mourinho and Wenger this season?)

    I am hoping that this season we do finally see Wenger and Gazidis back up the much said “theres plenty of money in the coffers” line and get in the quality we need to compete and challenge at the pinnacle of the Premiership again.

    It only takes 1 Top player to come and the rest will come a knocking soon after

  190. Neutral, “It’s up for grabs”
    Jog on you dirty, theiving, robbing delusional scouser.

    tsgh, luffing or just double bluff and shuffling, that’s more Arsene’s style.

  191. Look, if i was a Liverpool fan, i would certainly not admit to it, and would be claiming the Neutral tag as well.
    What a fucking wanker lol.
    Sorry Rico, but you know me :)
    Neutral, if you had been on this planet more than five minutes, you would have read posts from a few weeks back when the name Suarez first came up as being linked to us, and the reception to that news was twpid, to say the least.
    Since it has become obvious it is a distinct possibility, what else could we do but accept the fact it may happen, and look at the positive side of things??
    Stay “neutral” champ, that way you can mouth lff to the masses whilst keeping hidden in a corner the fact you are too embarrpasses to admit you are a poor bloody Liverpool fan.

  192. And typing on Ipads still sucks :)

  193. Scott, bad spellers of the world untie !!!!!!

    Suarez, its a case of the devil and the deep blue sea, goals making us contenders again vs diving/cheating and another stick to beat AFC with………..like a deaf dog it’s a hard one to call.

    Time for my bunk, laters.

  194. The Suarez Saga certainly has ‘legs’ and looks set to run and run for most of this Summer Window…

  195. One report stated that Wenger wanted the transfer concluded by this Saturday!!!

    But why???

    Why would Arsenal feel the need to pay something like £200k per week, for a player who cannot play for us in the EPL until the 6th October at the earliest…

    Arsenal would be paying something in the region of £1.4m for Suarez to sit on his arse from Villa on 17/8 until Swansea on 28/9, the 6 Arsenal games he would sit out under suspension…

  196. Arsenal will play 3 EPL games before the transfer window shuts, so maybe Arsenal are holding back and letting Liverpool pay his wages until close to deadline day?

    In that period between Villa on 17/8 and the Spuds on 1/9, Arsenal have their two Champions League qualifiers, 20/8 & 27/8…

    Negotiate those safely and Suarez will be happy, safe in the knowledge that he’ll definately have Champions League football.

    Something he’ll never enjoy at Anfield….

    Isn’t that right neutral?!!!

  197. So if Suarez joins Arsenal on deadline day, he’ll miss 3 Arsenal EPL games, but be available for the Champions League ties of 17/9 & 1/10, plus the League Cup tie of 24/9….

    And I’ll pay Rico her £5 winnings.
    (Scott can whistle) ;-)

    Before Suarez hopefully makes his Arsenal league debut at The Hawthorns on 6/10…

  198. Thanks Kev lol.
    Still, wait til i stiff you for the trip from Heathrow to The Emirates :)

  199. Morning all…

    Kev, my fiver is sealed in an envelope, all ready for a PO address ;)

  200. 11.40 Kev, I reckon he’ll be at Real Madrid by then.

  201. Welcome stepanovs, sorry you were held in moderation o/n.. I think your view is similar to most here. What we have is good, but three/fours top class players would take us to another level.

    Getting rid of Gerv, Nik and Chamakh along the way of course..

  202. Morning Rico and all…..I’ve just been reading through the comments and been crying with laughter! “Neutral,” you don’t ‘arf attract them Rico! :lol: How the fuck can you not support a team and watch/like football?
    Why are we dragging our feet again in the TM?
    Surely we need to get the deals done before they get nicked off our toes…..again!!!

  203. Morning Lee, I think i’ll change my perfume ;)

    I’m glass totally empty today…

    How the hols? It’s non stop rain and storms here….

  204. Fekking hell.

    Today it will go up to 42 degrees celsius between 11.00am till 4.00pm.

    We are really going to fry.

    Good Morning Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Good reasoning for the Suarez situation Kev. Yes why should AFC pay the money while he is suspended.

    So that means we will sign Suarez on deadline day making the “neutrals” pay his wages. ;)

    Ahhh Lee. you were crying with laughter when you read them!!!

    We were shitting ourselves with laughter when we typed them.

    and nearly died of dehydration.

    Good Morning Lee.

  205. Morning all,

    I see in the transfer rumours today: Chavs want 34.5m from Bayern for Luiz. What a joke, never worth that as a CB nor a DM.
    Man U are in for Fellani at release clause price and 75k a week and Modric for 25m.
    Levy will accept 85m for Bale
    And we’ve gone quite other than waiting on Suarez and Bernard to Porto thanks to Hulk’s wise words.

  206. “Eau de Nutter” sort of gives it away Rico!
    It’s clear blue skies and roasting…..
    You’d love it!

  207. Shew I’ll take some of that Devil, we’re at the lowest temp for this winter of 16 degrees. Every other day was t shirt weather.

  208. I will bite yer ‘and off for being in 16 degree weather.

    I hate the sun, the heat and all the sweat which comes out even if you sit down.

    This morning I have downed 3 litres of water already. Cant even breath with this fekking heat.

  209. And Bradster you forgot to mention that the Scum have met up with the release clause of Soldado. Another good buy from them & I wonder what Wenger is doing allowing all these good players leaving while we wait LS07 which we all know that will not happen…

  210. I would Lee.. I’m envious ..
    :) re the perfume

    Morning Devil and Bradster…

  211. Morning Lady.

  212. Morning coach….

  213. BigS, I have a feeling you will be right re Suarez…

    Can’t even get Remy, he’s off to Newcastle ;)

  214. I doubt Bernard was ever thinking of joining us either, £22m?

  215. Back in 30…

  216. Morning boys and girls.

  217. Morning Scott…

    New post up…

  218. I guess I’m used to that kind of temps Devil. I prefer the heat, I can’t wait for spring.

    I missed that one Big Santy, I guess we just gotta hope the last minute shopping will be what we need. Unless Sanogo is all wenger thinks we need.

  219. http://vimeo.com/m/69360936 Have a look guys.. Really nice little compilation of the good, the bad and the ugly :)

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