Bould's 'spat'! Every picture tells a story! Three points, but didn't we make a meal of it!

Morning all,

What a meal we made of that fixture!

And don't we huff and puff sometimes, especially at home??

And don’t we huff and puff sometimes, especially at home??

Why do we do it to ourselves eh, is it nerves, lack of confidence, lack of belief in each other or simply lack of guidance on the training pitch?

I don’t know, but whatever it is, it needs to be rid of or rectified.

If not, well we all know where we will end up at the end of the season.

But, we got three points, and boy did we need them, and that’s just to keep up with the neighbours. Lucky for us, Everton, who were threatening to steal a Champions League spot for the first time (I think) lost, so now we have a bit of breathing space in 5th place.

Can you believe all that, here we are, knocked out of both domestic cups, on the verge of a Champions League exit and praying for a miracle in the league to happen so that we can secure a place in the Champions League.

And trust me, the way we played yesterday, we need a miracle. We were at times, simply woeful and our defending/keeping for their equaliser was an embarrassment!

Yet Arsene Wenger was pretty happy at the end:

on the performance…

The result was vital today because it was absolutely important to win the game, we could not afford to drop points for two reasons. The first is that we are in a catch-up situation in the Premier League and [secondly] we have come out of two massive disappointments.

But it was interesting as well to see that we were focused, united, a bit nervous and you could see we played a little bit with the handbrake in some situations because the second goal didn’t come. We were also strong because when Villa came back to 1-1 we found the resources to respond and win the game.

The regret we have is that we could have scored many goals today and created an unbelievable number of chances and didn’t score. But I am proud of the attitude of the team because we went through some difficult days and responded in a united way.

on the race for the top four…

We cannot drop points, I have said that many times after the Chelsea game. That is what is in our minds, no matter where we go and who we play.

I am not 30 years in this job at the top level and going to be destroyed by people saying I don’t know what I’m doing

on the past week…

What is most difficult is not the critics, it is that we lost the last two games. I am not here to lose games, I want to win. What hurts me the most is that we lost to Blackburn at home and Bayern at home. When people come to the Emirates, they are not to go away with wins.

All the rest concerns me less. Of course [it has been difficult], but you do your job and focus on the next game and try to win it. That is what we did. I am not 30 years in this job at the top level and going to be destroyed by people saying I don’t know what I’m doing.

I have been in this job a long time and what is important is that we have responsibilities and we have to stand up for them and get the team ready to go into the next game ready to fight.

Wenger went onto talk about how good Santi Cazorla was, well that’s because he scored both goals which won us the match. Yes, he is good, very good but even he has off days, he certainly did against Bayern Munich and that hasn’t been the only time either.

We did hang on, and we did grab all three points but is this really what OUR club has become?

We don’t deserve to witness us just about managing to get three points against a team who sit in the bottom four of the league do we?

Aren’t we better than that??

Did anyone notice what Steve Bould got up to during the game?

Just as Akers and Wenger go towards the touch-line to make changes, Steve Bould spat his chewing out in the same direction and the look on his face wasn’t a happy one…..

Unlike Carl Jenkinson, check this photograph out to see what Santi’s winning goal meant to him – it’s here.

The other three pictured, well. Every picture tells a story I guess….

That’s it for another day…..

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