Vermaelen to Barca & Moyes set to replace Wenger? Lowest crowd ever witness a shameful day for Arsenal Football Club!!

Morning all,

Two rumours to begin with. One is that Barcelona are interested in signing Thomas Vermaelen in the summer, the second is David Moyes is being touted to replace Arsene Wenger, that is of course, according to The Daily Mail. Vermaelen, well if we do business with Barcelona ever again we must be mad but if they want our captain, they can have him. He’s becoming injury prone and he’s certainly been accident prone this season. Replace him with Sakho and we’d be fine.

Anyway, that’s all for the summer, a summer which could see many changes…….

Back to yesterday:

Firstly, that must be the lowest crowd of the year. I reckon about 45,000 and an atmosphere of complete indifference that gradually gave way to one of frustration and then anger. And they witnessed, for the first time ever under Arsene Wenger, our club being knocked out of the FA Cup by a side positioned lower than us in the league.

Ryder Cup hero and Arsenal fan Ian Poulter was far from amused, after the loss he tweeted:

‘Utter c**p Wenger that’s your lot you have to go, take a bow you’ve done an amazing job over the years but enough is enough …’ 

Just like in the Capital One Cup, Gervinho missed a golden opportunity to have made the end result so very different.

Arteta was guilty of missing a great chance but to be honest, those two weren’t alone.

Koscielny headed a chance wide early on and there was a small whisper for a penalty as a ball into the area from Rosicky appeared to hit the arm of Scott Dann.

Just before the half hour mark, Rosicky fired in a corner which Diaby met well but his header was well saved by Kean.
Vermaelen was the next to see his header from another rosicky corner, cause problems for Kean, but it wasn’t to be.

As half-time approached, we really should have gone in 1-0 to the good, a super ball from Rosicky into the path of Gervinho down the middle and towards their penalty area. All the Ivorian had to do was chip the keeper and make sure his shot was on target.



We had plenty of the ball in the first half but were back into our sideways style. Coquelin was an accident waiting to happen, Diaby quite frankly, looks better on the treatment table, Giroud was back to his “running in glue” style but Gervinho? What can you say about this bloke? A disaster as a footballer who I doubt could roll the ball across the line from 6 inches if he was the only bloke on the pitch. And yet, destined to become symbolic of Wenger’s last years perhaps.

Ok, so a poor first half, but no problem really.

Play with pace and forward momentum in the second half and the goals would come. That seemed to be Wenger’s plan anyway. The game kicks off again. No change. No matter how fast the ball was played out of defence, there was good old Abou to slow everything down to a snail’s pace and he twisted and turned, debating each option several times before pushing a three yard square pass too far and conceding possession for the hundredth time. His other thing today was to have such a bad first touch that he lost control, slipped over and gave it away. Truly awful.

Ok. Ten to fifteen minutes in and nothing has changed.

This is where you earn your money Wenger. Make the decision! Go on, make the bleeding decision. Well, you know the rest I am sure.

Our ancient manager, steeped in tradition of the five million games he has managed before, stared like rabbit in the headlights trying to preserve his players for Bayern Munich.

Then Chesney, tired of being a bit part player pushed the ball out to some lumbering Blackburn forward and 1 nil it was.

Cue Wenger remonstrating that some plank was wasting a few seconds. Arms waving wildly, he cut a truly pathetic figure and Diaby responded by slowing the game down to a crawl for the umpteenth time. Oh no. Too late. We lost.

I tell you, fine Gooners, yesterday was a shameful day for Arsenal Football Club.

Wenger rolled the dice and he is in danger of losing the bloody lot.

Beyond awful really. Just dire and really pathetic…

Thanks to Adam for the piece after the Gervinho photo…….

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