Dutch gem on his way in? Eisfeld out & the David Villa story gathers pace………

Morning all,

Well here’s some transfer news to wet the whistle!


Adam Maher is his name, he’s 19 years old and he’s Dutch. Well, he plays for Holland now but was born in Morocco.

Alkmaar are aware that one day a ‘big club’ will come and sign their youngster but they would rather it wasn’t yet. But if he has to go, then their manager Gertjan Verbeek would rather he joined us.

He told Studio Voetbal:

I think Arsenal is a perfect club for him. With Arsene Wenger, who worked with young talents like him before.

He can get the most out of himself at Arsenal. Look at Robin van Persie, he joined Arsenal at a young age and look what he achieved.

Is it just me or does Maher look a bit like a mix between RvP and Chamakh?

Anyway, I am sure that story will come to nothing.

Onto David Villa, one rumour I really hope comes true. Suggestion is that talks have re-opened and we want to sign him and not on loan. Around the £13 million mark is mentioned. As always, until anything is concrete, it’s all sand and water but I live in hope….

One who could be on his way out is Thomas Eisfeld, suggestion is he’s off to Ipswich for the remainder of the season.

As for any hope of signing a defence minded midfielder, well forget it I say, Ramsey is the man:

I think I’ve played well in the last two games, that’s pleasing for me and hopefully I can keep myself in the team and carry on. Hopefully I get picked for the next game.

I had a meeting with the boss the other week and he explained to me what’s required for this role. I think I’ve done that in the last couple of games and I feel good in myself. 

I’ve been getting stuck in and winning the ball back, been involved a lot more and got a lot of touches of the ball so hopefully I can continue the form I’m in at the moment.

You always have to be wary of the hole you’re leaving behind you, but there are occasions when I can get into the box and one of the other midfielders sits.

I got into the box a couple of times [against Brighton], maybe it didn’t break for me but I got forward and Abou Diaby sat. I can still get forward but I’m a bit more restricted as to what I can do.

Ramsey isn’t a defence minded player, no more than he’s a left or right sided player in a front three setup.

Still, at least the player is not moaning, in fact he’s enjoying himself, but then again, West Ham and Brighton were hardly the most testing of opposition were they?

Let’s just hope it doesn’t ruin him for good eh, he already gets a lot of stick…..

Finally, Olivier Giroud has made it clear what he thinks of the neighbours:

We want six points against Liverpool and Stoke City to reach Tottenham!

We look forward and want to reach fourth place, and after, play and see.

That’s it for another day, three days left and still nothing……!

Maybe today?

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