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Dutch gem on his way in? Eisfeld out & the David Villa story gathers pace………

Morning all,

Well here’s some transfer news to wet the whistle!


Adam Maher is his name, he’s 19 years old and he’s Dutch. Well, he plays for Holland now but was born in Morocco.

Alkmaar are aware that one day a ‘big club’ will come and sign their youngster but they would rather it wasn’t yet. But if he has to go, then their manager Gertjan Verbeek would rather he joined us.

He told Studio Voetbal:

I think Arsenal is a perfect club for him. With Arsene Wenger, who worked with young talents like him before.

He can get the most out of himself at Arsenal. Look at Robin van Persie, he joined Arsenal at a young age and look what he achieved.

Is it just me or does Maher look a bit like a mix between RvP and Chamakh?

Anyway, I am sure that story will come to nothing.

Onto David Villa, one rumour I really hope comes true. Suggestion is that talks have re-opened and we want to sign him and not on loan. Around the £13 million mark is mentioned. As always, until anything is concrete, it’s all sand and water but I live in hope….

One who could be on his way out is Thomas Eisfeld, suggestion is he’s off to Ipswich for the remainder of the season.

As for any hope of signing a defence minded midfielder, well forget it I say, Ramsey is the man:

I think I’ve played well in the last two games, that’s pleasing for me and hopefully I can keep myself in the team and carry on. Hopefully I get picked for the next game.

I had a meeting with the boss the other week and he explained to me what’s required for this role. I think I’ve done that in the last couple of games and I feel good in myself. 

I’ve been getting stuck in and winning the ball back, been involved a lot more and got a lot of touches of the ball so hopefully I can continue the form I’m in at the moment.

You always have to be wary of the hole you’re leaving behind you, but there are occasions when I can get into the box and one of the other midfielders sits.

I got into the box a couple of times [against Brighton], maybe it didn’t break for me but I got forward and Abou Diaby sat. I can still get forward but I’m a bit more restricted as to what I can do.

Ramsey isn’t a defence minded player, no more than he’s a left or right sided player in a front three setup.

Still, at least the player is not moaning, in fact he’s enjoying himself, but then again, West Ham and Brighton were hardly the most testing of opposition were they?

Let’s just hope it doesn’t ruin him for good eh, he already gets a lot of stick…..

Finally, Olivier Giroud has made it clear what he thinks of the neighbours:

We want six points against Liverpool and Stoke City to reach Tottenham!

We look forward and want to reach fourth place, and after, play and see.

That’s it for another day, three days left and still nothing……!

Maybe today?

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301 comments on “Dutch gem on his way in? Eisfeld out & the David Villa story gathers pace………

  1. Morning all.
    Ramsey is similar to Arteta in that he may struggle in the role v bigger, more physical sides……time shall tell, but i definitely think we need a DM.
    Two games, though very, very promising, is not a season.
    Mamadou Sassama…a striker from Mali….. Any opinions?

  2. Morning all..

    DM and David Villa would be a huge boost….

  3. On Adam Mahers physical appearance……i reckon he and Suarez could fell a tree in 14.7 seconds :)

  4. Rico, weight of numbers on the rumour mill suggests we have a chance with Villa, but some close to Barca are saying no chance.
    Gotta love transfer time!!

  5. Good morning from Denmark everyone. I am convinced that we wont be buying anyone, as Wenger never really was a fan of the january transfer window. Galatasaray bought Drogba, he could have scored goals for fun had we bought him. I have seen Sissoko. Strong, fast, athletic with a ferocious tackle. Why didnt we buy him?

  6. Check out the Telegraph article on Usmanov and Henry.

  7. afternoon gooner people

  8. Not too long until we find out Scott…

  9. Oz, is you part of Australia in fire or flooded??
    Incredible, isn’t it?
    I was in Victoria yesterday, around 6-8 k’s from a spreading bushfire only to come home today to an area absolutely hammered by storms!!

  10. Yep Rico…..getting close to cut off.

  11. Morning all. Just off to the accountants.

  12. Morning all,

    I’ll tell you Sat Scott when South Africa plays Mali in the quarters, sold out game and I have mine. Never heard of him before though.

    Carrick is no stronger than Arteta or Ramsey and he plays holding mid so it’s all down to their Commitment, positioning and teqnique. I’d still prefer a big, intimidating, hard tackling DM that can lay the ball off but not Wenger’s style.

  13. maybe it is just me but why, considering the January fixture list and knowing we were falling away, didn’t we have all this done by now?

  14. JW – we were talking about that yesterday..

  15. Syg – Matt Law is right…

    Anyone seen his i/v this morning about Beckham….

  16. Scott – hiya mate, we have been lucky this year so far – normally as you know we get at least one tragedy – mother nature is well upset all over the globe mate

  17. Chelsea, Everton and spuds, all above us, have all strengthened. How and why have we yet to strengthen this very average team thus far?! I hold out no hope we will strengthen.

    Massive bore off.

  18. She certainly can bear her teeth Oz!!

  19. I’m currently in Gladstone QLD Scott, we got absolutely hammered from Wednesday till Sunday. Never seen rain and wind like it.

  20. And BARE them, also :)

  21. Usually a lovely part of the world Lewis…stay safe mate.
    Bradster, keep an eye on him…..his movement and touch look great, and he has size.
    He is worth nothing, plays in the Serie A, but has little reputation.
    Maybe i saw his career highlight today lol!!

  22. No Villa then…

  23. That’s why i am surprised when people pick and choose what to believe from Wenger.
    You can’t say he is a liar and then use a quote as evidence he is telling the truth…..it makes no sense.
    Believe none of it and never be surprised or disappointed.

  24. Doesn’t look like it Rico. Shows how weak we are. When they demand we sell them our players we bend over and get a royal shafting. When we politely ask, they tell us to fuck off and that’s the final say!

  25. Can’t sort a transfer out but can sort a game out in Jakarta…

  26. Scott – I stopped believing (and believing IN)Wenger years ago.

  27. Morning all by the way!

  28. Who is he breaking those teeth in for Ronaldo??

  29. Good old Tom Fox eh, Lee?!

  30. Morning Rocky, I too stopped believing Wenger years ago….

    Two days left, after which if we have the squad we have now, 4th place is gone imho…

  31. Hang in there Lewis – all the best mate

  32. Lewis – left behind big time….
    :lol: Lee

  33. Lee, he has to be the half brother of Suarez!!

  34. i agree Scott – Wenger plays with the press a lot, look at the RVP statements, proved beyond question to be porkies – trouble is as fans we believe him haha

  35. Snap Rico :-)

  36. Good morning Rico and all. I just read on a couple of sites that, in the last 5 year, Arsenal have spent less money on transfers than any PL club other than Swansea. This, while the fans are paying the highest prices for just about everything. Staggering if true and the idiots still wonder why there is discontent.

  37. If we are to bring a player in why do it at the last minute just to save a few quid? We could miss out on the sacred 4th spot because of points dropped in Jan or the player takes a while to bed in…..seems madness!

  38. Not quite gone Rico, but we could make it much more feasible with a signing or two.
    I am still hoping….

  39. Arsenal tickets are continuously for sale on our internal mail……sad indictment!

  40. why villa when our world best striker(chamakh) will soon be back frm harmmer?

  41. Agree Adam – World Class prices for well….

  42. All good now Oz, amazing how quick it all receded.

  43. it will be the ultimate show of stubbornness and contempt if he refuses to buy anyone of quality surely, given our huge gap to the top team already? I am not convinced United are actually that good either which sounds stupid i know

  44. Lewis – good news mate!

  45. Well if Giroud and Walcott can keep up the form then we don’t really need a striker other than for back up.
    Defensively, we are horrible.

  46. Protesting by not showing up to games won’t work because the seats are paid for…..wouldn’t it better to simply not buy the ST?
    What is the waiting list….is it the same or even close to a few years back?
    I this waiting list fact or fiction?

  47. agree Scott

  48. Utd aren’t great, and neither are Citeh…..the entire PL could be desrcibed as over rated if you take European games into consideration.

  49. Agreed Bradster.
    We can score them, but we keep letting them in as well!!
    Tough we tend to score plenty v lesser sides, and few against the big boys while still conceding.

  50. I think its fact Scott. I agree, not turning up to matches after you have paid money for your ticked is dumb. Especially with stubborn, arrogant turds like PHW. He’ll just be sitting there all smug knowing they already have the money. What do they care if a seat is empty if it is already paid for?!

  51. Morning all, Nice one Rico, Got the managers letter this morning he seems very happy with Giroud and Walcott he says they are working well together and all the other shit he talks about. Looks like he doesn’t intend to buy anyone up front but who knows. David Villa is a no go in my mind too old and we know Wenger only gives out yearly contracts at that age so i wouldn’t expect even if Wenger fancied him, for him to sign for just the year, so i believe we would have to look elsewhere. Ramsey is getting plenty of praise so we may have to suffer things as they are. I could be wrong but i would be suprised to hear us get anybody we have heard of before. So probably another couple of last minute bargain basements. Shit happens :)

  52. Merts was torn a new one in the match report pull-out in the paper on Monday (sorry if this was mentioned yesterday, but I didn’t get on here) and got a worse rating than Santos. Was that justified?

  53. Has Mbiwa signed for a new team yet? I can’t remember all the results of players Arsenal are interested in?

  54. The only person we’ll sign is Beckham.

  55. Morning Adam, that doesn’t surprise me. Ambitious club aren’t we?

    My own view Scott is that it’s gone, others are building their squad while we are standing still…

  56. Newcastle Brad. Unless you’re talking about a different Mbiwa

  57. morinig gunners. ramsey is begining to find is feet when given more time will improve.i think wenger should sign a DM.but i dont see that happening this jan tranfer.

  58. Rocky, Merts had his worse game in an Arsenal shirt, but was still better than Santos, imo.
    On the ST’s, the problem, then, is giving up a ST means losing it for years, and most would obviously be loathe to do that.
    Would a ban on buying anything….food, drink, merchandise…at the bround make a dent??

  59. Scott – what a shame we are down to this

  60. I hope you are wrong Rico, but you are probably correct.

  61. Mark my words. We won’t sign anyone.
    Arsene has just come out about this in his latest interview in skysports. And yes….no Villa or Beckham.

  62. Agreed Oz, and there is nothing you and i can do at all.
    Still, until Stanley cops a hit in is hip pocket, he will sit there in his 100 million dollar ranch trying to remember the name of that English “soccer” club that is paying for it all!!

  63. But one injury to either Bradster we are doomed…

  64. I’d be amazed if people spend all that much at the ground on food Scott. Apart from Adam and Lee, who have more money that God…..! I only used to buy a bottle of water which was pretty reasonably priced, but that was the only thing that was.

    Regarding the season tickets, you’re probably right. People who have been going for donkeys years would find it difficult. Even though I waited 6 years on the waiting list for mine, as soon as the price went up, I had no problems giving my ticket up after only a year!

  65. [...] Maher 19 year old winger he plays for AZ, not going to lie first I heard of this was from this blog http://highbury-house.com/2013/01/29/dutch-gem-on-his-way-in-eisfeld-out-the-david-villa-story-gathe… . Think it may be the managers gambit to try and increase speculation about player and if [...]

  66. Big Sam is very worried that Diame will leave before friday….

  67. Rocky, I reckon you might be right about Beckham…. If we sign anyone….

  68. “We have trouble because Barca don’t wish to sell” Arsene says. ffs how many times have we not wanted to sell and been done over anyway

  69. Thanks Sp, it sure does, and far too often….

  70. Rocky, i don’t pretend to know what the answer to getting the message through is, but i know it needs to be found.
    Stan and Santos are one in the same……no care for Arsenal at all!!

  71. I thought so Rocky, he was shocking and if he plays like that tomorrow, Suarez will have a fun evening…

  72. nah, Beckham is about as much chance as the Villa nonsense :-) I am waiting for the story first week after the window of all the stars we tried to sign, you know its coming hahaha

  73. Oz, who says we never wanted to sell though?
    20 million profit each season on transfers says we do want to sell.
    Crappy situation.

  74. That comment made me laugh Oz, pathetic isn’t it….

    Or just proves that we actually did want to sell at the time….

  75. Wenger knows best

  76. Back in a bit guys, things to be doing…..

  77. When you are emotionally and historically attached to the club, not buying an ST isn’t such an easy option. Sure you could say that if you don’t like what’s happening then don’t go but this isn’t a cinema ticket. It runs deeper than that. Only those that don’t go wouldn’t see that distinction.
    I want Arsenal to succeed through ambition and i am not seeing much of that. Buying does not guarantee success, but not strengthening when you have the means will likely guarantee a lack of success and herald the slow, agonising decline we have been in for a while.

  78. good post Adam – its like saying stuff this lot, i ain’t watching any more but come game day…. well maybe one more game hahah

  79. People are starting to do that though Adam. As tough as it is. For whatever reason, be it they are totally disillusioned with it all or it’s just not financially viable anymore. As tough as it is to give up a ticket, there a signs of a lot of people not renewing. I used to go loads as a kid. Waited years for a ‘golden’ ticket. Then gave it up a year after finally getting it. Just wasn’t worth the money.

  80. Oz, seriously, Beckham is a real possibiliy. He’s training with us, is a free agent, would cost peanuts…. That’s the sort of a deal Wenger creams his baggy Y-fronts over.

  81. Oz. As Lee said to me recently. “Some of us bleed Arsenal”.
    Unrequited love is a painful thing unless you are an insensitive dickhead and let’s face it, that is one thing that the World has no shortage of.
    I sometimes wonder if Wenger really understands the fans. We know that Syrup doesn’t and that will prove to be a bigger and bigger problem as time goes by I think.

  82. Adam, i never suggested it was a decision that should be taken lightly, and stop throwing that crap about “those who don’t go” please.
    “Emotionally and historically”……..the way you pass comments suggest you believe that none of us that are not regular attendees of the Emirates can’t have any attatchment to the club at all!
    Well, next time we are awake at 3am to watch a game, i am sure we will concede to having no passion for the club.
    You choose to ignore me in your own, very classy, way and that is fine, but you constantly reply to my posts indirectly.
    I asked a simple and honest question, with no presumption to knowing the answer,so the least you could do is show some common courtesy or is that too much to ask?
    Apparently, it is.
    Good night all…even you Adam.
    Lets us all hope for what is best for the club, because even we plastic, foreign, pretenders of fans do want to see the club succeed.
    Hell, what could an Aussie know about football or Arsenal, right??

  83. Rocky. I know you are right. It’s a road that my entire family might well be treading soon, ending generations of tradition. We are just another family though, among thousands of others. Do you really think that anybody at Arsenal gives a toss? That’s quite a hurtful thought really but, alas, a sign of the times.
    “Give us your money or fuck off”.

  84. Adam, I KNOW a lot of people don’t give a toss that go. 2 seats next to mine weren’t held by ST holders, so a lot of day trippers came and went. The majority barely watched the match. Too busy pissing about with their phones etc. Used to drive me insane. and I know that woill be the same all over the ground.

  85. Rocky, true mate. I notice lots of people who spend the whole game texting too.

  86. I agree with you Adam – IMO Wenger is in a fairytale job – he wants to prove the football world is wrong and he can win everything without spending the sums quality costs – he’s now proven wrong but… the board are more than pleased to stand still. We do not have to sell every year on the sums. The threat is always of course others might move forward and overtake. No doubt in my mind the three musketeers are well suited to Stan the ‘No money man’ ideals. To be fair to him if you look at the currant financials, as is continually raised by supporters, Stan doesn’t need to invest, there is a large wad sitting there. Worry for me is the further we get away each season the more it will cost to put it right.

  87. 200 odd fans rocked up to the Posh the other day with shovels in hand to get the match underway – they were given free tickets a free feed and other goodies as a thank you – now thats club and fans in harmony

  88. its also a sad truth reflecting those that have and those that don’t hahah

  89. Oz. couldn’t agree more. From the outside it seems as if all sorts of psychological mechanisms are at work here. Perhaps Wenger hates the influx of money by the sugar daddy clubs so much that it has entrenched him even further in his “My way” philosophy. We still don’t know for sure what the financial dynamic between Stan and the club are but perhaps the most important thing is that, whatever it is, it ain’t really working.
    It would be easy to formulate the opinion that what attracted Kroenke to the club was Wenger’s reluctance to spend in almost any circumstances. In retrospect we can see that this has contributed to the club’s regression recently. The figure I quoted earlier regarding Arsenal spending in comparison to other PL clubs is staggering.

  90. There was only a hard core 26000 at our time at Highbury, of those I reckon about 20,000 still go. Many old skool supporters still travel to the ground but do their supporting from the pubs in Holloway and Blackstock roads. The ground is now full up with a majority of non totally commited people and yes they text and yes they talk business throughout the game. It’s frustrating but it’s the way it is and the way it will always be. There is no going back, it won’t happen. Scott not buying food and drink in the ground won’t hurt them, the franchise was taken by a company called Delaware that also has the concession at wembley which is equally expensive, they have paid the club and any profit is theirs. For me to give up my S.T would mean probably that as I live some 120 miles from London now , I would probably never go again. I am sure you can appreciate the emotional wrench that would be. However that’s life and as I recently reached retirement age , that decision may well be taken for me.

    However I would like to feel the euphoria of another winning season before that day comes , which is probably why I come over a bit cynical regarding the board and their motives.

  91. Oz – 200 people turned up to Swindon a couple of weeks ago to clear the pitch, and Di Canio paid for 200 pizzas out of his own pocket. a day or so later, a bunch of fans turned up to clear the pitch at Woking but it snowed later that day and the game was called off. That wouldn’t happen at Arsenal. Not just due to undersoil heating, but there just doesn’t seem that sense of community that smaller clubs have

  92. At Arsenal they would charge you for the privilege.

  93. Foie Gras and Sauterne for those that help though…for a small fee!

  94. right with ya rocky – i spent a week of my school holidays painting London Road when i played for their boys team hahah and yes i volunteered!!

  95. Adam – They probably would. They’d dress it up as a “rare chance to emulate your heroes and set foot upon the hallowed turf”. When they really mean “Come and do our jobs for us and clean this shit off the grass and give us £20 to do it, you mugs”.

  96. but there just doesn’t seem that sense of community that smaller clubs have

    One of the precepts of the BSM , where has our Arsenal gone.

  97. I used to be a proper goodie-goodie Oz. Always doing stuff like that. Til I realised that no-one gives a shit, and I became the miserable bastard you all see today!

  98. mind you never had football manger to distract me then either :-)

  99. for that i got a kick around with the first team and a signed shirt – was well chuffed mate i tell ya – good club that one, strugglers but all effort

  100. you see, it’s stuff like this that does my head in …

    Wenger added: “We are still trying, but it’s hard to sign players in January who can improve you.”

    Do the tables mean nothing any more?

  101. agree Potter. I have no doubt that years ago, long before talk of the Emirates or even Wenger even existed, the sense of community was greatly different. The change in atmosphere between my fist match at home vs Villa on 3/4/1991 (Beat villa 5-0 and Platt had to go in goal for them) to the last match I saw live at home vs Everton in May ’08 is astounding.

  102. It’s what helps bond a club Oz. And it makes a massive difference to the atmoshpere

  103. And it’s NOT difficult to sign people that will help. Other clubs have managed to do it. Difference? We are a bunch of tightarses with a manager who dithers too much.

  104. Afternoon all…

    Scott, why do you so often assume that comments about not going to The Emirates, not being a season ticket holder etc etc are directed at you??

    I don’t go either, I don’t have a season ticket, I wasn’t born and bred in London either, and it’s similar for quite a few on here.

    But only you take the comments personally.

    Oh, and added to that, you feel it’s ok to be rude with your reply.

    It’s not needed!!

  105. When i first went in 1956 , my mother took me which in itself was a brave thing to do . A woman on her own with a 8 year old was pretty unusual. We went on the clock end and as soon as it was realised that I couldn’t see I was passed over the crowds heads to the front. My mother was in blind panic but the crowd let her through and apologised for the language as she went. ( she found that funny having been bought up in a market there was nothing she hadn’t heard before.) but that’s the way it was a working man’s environment with a comradeship that remained all the way until the late 60’s and 70’s when tribalism took over. I remember the men behind us buying us tea at half time and seeing us out of the stadium safely through the crowd. Happy days. We beat Preston 2 -1 and jack kelsey was in goal.

  106. its does rocky – spent so much time at highbury in my youth but always enjoyed the smaller club visits to – sadly now the whole game has entered a new era and as i have said i do fear Arsene has been overrun by it all a bit

  107. Potter- I didn’t realise that you traveled so far just to watch the team… That’s dedication… or ;)

  108. great story Potter

  109. 1.08 Potter

    What a lovely story and a wonderful memory to have….

  110. They wouldn’t pass you over their heads for fear of dropping their Ipads….how it’s changed!?!?

  111. if i was to go with one signing from here i would say its Diame but we’ll see – still don’t understand why we didn’t throw everything we had into getting Ba but there ya go

  112. Arsenal 3-2 Preston North End
    06 March 1956
    Score 3-2 to Arsenal
    Att: 34,617

    We beat them 2-1 in a FA cup replay the year after ….

    My first football game was
    Newcastle United 0-0 Huddersfield Town
    25 Aug 1971

    My second
    Sheff Wednesday 0-2 Santos !
    23rd Feb 1972

  113. Bet Totts go for Diame Oz…. Or Arry….

  114. It’s just a fucking shit show at this club and they don’t give a fuck about the fans….let’s not kid ourselves, we are just customers to them!

  115. Except these customers never get their money back…..

    Off out with Fido, back in a bit

  116. Potter. A great story and a poignant one at that.

  117. SYG that’s memory for you. got old.
    I think Tom Finney played for them too.

  118. Do we really rate Diame as highly as that? It’s he the player that will fix Arsenal? Somehow I doubt it. But maybe I don’t watch him as closely as some of you do. Still, I can’t envision us dropping any of our current starters to make him a regular. The only signing I would like to see is someone that comes directly into our first 11 without question. Anything else is just adding numbers.

  119. Hiya Potter …If you read Jimmy Greaves’ biography … which is quite good … He tells a nice tale of Tom Finney … “The All Action Hero” and the photo they had of him at Stamford Bridge …..

    In summer1983 I worked underground with the other Finney – Alan, who was a winger with Sheffield Wednesday in the mid fifties and early sixties ….

    I love football history… and at Arsenal we have bundles of it both good and bad ….

  120. In certain games his height would have a defensive advantage.When Diaby isn’t there we are too short. Can’ t see him against Barca but Stoke it’s different thing.

  121. We should be aiming a lot higher than Diame. A lot higher.
    He is no TOP TOP QUALITY or MARQUEE player …

    An ex Wigan player who was RELEASED for NOTHING with 17 starts for Senegal ….Putting it perspective Eboue is an ex Arsenal player with 74 starts for the Ivory Coast

  122. Or a man with such a supposedly huge intellect, Arsene does come out with some rubbish doesn’t he? To listen to him you would think we were leading the PL by about 20 points. He can’t find anyone to improve the squad? Seriously? Wouldn’t having M’Biwa and Debuchy at the club strengthen the squad? Are there really no LBs available in World football better than Santos?

  123. Our new signing…..

  124. Arsenal are expected to make their move after facing Diame’s West Ham side on Wednesday evening with Wenger admitting: “He has a great presence in the games, I have seen him have a big impact.”

    1 Hour ago
    Fat Sam:
    My understanding is that it’s total confusion,” said Allardyce in the build-up to Wednesday’s Premier League London derby at Fulham. “I’m as confused as anyone by what’s happening.

    But Allardyce added: “Whatever he says to me today might change in an hour’s time.

    Fu-k me sounds like ….You Know Who

  125. Saw the video of that Lee. Logged s bit strange seeing him with our squad.

  126. SYG. I agree that Top Top quality would be nice as would Marquee but can you see today’s Wenger making those moves? Oh how I wish though. A couple of top signings would really lift everyone at the club including the fans. At the moment it’s all very downbeat and low-key. Arsene spends most of his time stamping on the fans hopes or talking rubbish. One might even say that he has told a fair few porkies.

  127. Billy Smarts???

  128. Gerry Cottle???

  129. Becks has trained with a few times before, non?

  130. After a month of this one and that one,

    Are we down to a player that has a buy clause of 3.5million,

    If we are, and to-day’s spin say’s,he’s the one.

    Can someone tell me why we never done the deal 27 day’s ago.

  131. agree south but i think Wenger will panic buy – he knows the backlash waiting if he misses the 4 and deep down he must know his side is not good enough – so i predict a couple of signings in panic before the dead line closes – i think law has messed up several already so its the lessor lights to try to appease the fans. Adam is right we really could have done with a couple of those Newcastle guys, sad really, we can’t even beat them now as we were in for a couple i believe

  132. Fred – Because wenger is a c**t.

  133. Deal not done because Wenger was waiting for a reply to his enquiry about a really exceptional player! He still doesn’t know who the player was! He has just bees Messi-ing about, playing with the fans’ gullibility!

  134. I will be surprise if arsenal signs anyone this window. Diaby is back that rules out Diame. Except Villa pushes for an exit I doubt we will be able to sign him. Ramsey looks good in DM but haven’t being tested until we play teams that are very physical and see how he copes. So playing him as a DM is still a gamble

    So my assumption is
    DM: Arteta/Ramsey
    CM/Box-box: Diaby/wilshere
    AM: Cazorla/Rosicky

  135. I heard that Villas New baby was born over the weekend. No move in this window.

  136. we don’t do business like others, Wenger sets the price and that’s it so the story goes – we get a price and permission to talk to players then convince them we’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and come in well under the price we were given and wonder why we struggle. If Diame has a release of 3.5 unless we panic buy you know Wenger will offer 3m – this is the Arsenal way now, unless we’re selling of course in which case we refuse anything close and would rather pay years of wages than sell for a couple of hundred quid less. We refused the Ba situation over 2m in agent fees, loosing sight of the fact the lad was 90k a week and only 9m – I agree with those who say Diame is not good enough as well but times are tough for Wenger from us fans now

  137. hi Emma, i don’t think Ramsey is close to the level required for DM in this league but am sure Arsene disagrees

  138. oz – We might find out tomorrow or when we go to away matches if ramsey is that good in that position

  139. Wenger thought Ramsey was a left/right winger so fuck knows what goes on in that mans head.

  140. That’s unlike Wenger to take a gamble….fucking joker that he is!

  141. Alisher Usmanov has appeared as a common voice for many Arsenal fans. What’s he had to say?

    Alisher Usmanov, the major shareholder at Arsenal, has branded the club a ‘feeder’ for main rivals and has called on Arsene Wenger to be more aggressive with his transfer policy.

    After many weeks of build up and speculation to the January transfer window, Arsenal talked about their dominant financial position with Wenger suggesting that he wasn’t afraid to ask for big money to sign bigger players.

    However, we’re now just a few days away from Deadline Day and Arsenal look as though they are going to let another winter window come and go, without improving upon the squad they already have.

    Arsenal fans would have been searching around within the club for some sign of a bit of forcefulness, a bit of boardroom guts and Usmanov has appeared as a spokesman for what many Arsenal fans will be thinking.

    “The greatest achievement of Arsène Wenger is to have created two teams: the one that now plays for our rivals and the one that is trying to be among the best – we lose key players like Robin van Persie, Mathieu Flamini or Patrick Vieira. We should have increased their salaries when they started to be courted,” said Usmanov in an interview with L’Equipe.

    The problem is that Wenger has been under pressure and hasn’t been allowed to spend big money because Arsenal have been paying off the Emirates Stadium.

    However, internally the club can afford to pay as good a wage packet as any other team and that’s the point Usmanov seems to be trying to put across; it’s not the fact key players have left, and will leave, but the fact the club hasn’t fought to keep them.

    Arsenal’s business model is as good as any other side in the world. They continue to churn out profit margins for shareholders like Usmanov and they will continue to do so over the next few years as more financial controls are introduced into the English game.

    All it seems that Usmanov wants to see, and what most Gunners want to see, is a little bit of ambition, a cheeky bid for a player valued at over £20 million and the ability to stop Manchester United, Manchester City and any other side coming in and poaching their best players.

    Have a look at the shares market Mr. Usmanov and snap up as many as you can, with him overhauling Stan Kroenke, things will move along a hell of a lot faster.

  142. Dont know why we are going agog about Diame. He is not a top top quality neither a DM but rather a box-box player We should be looking to get Capoue either this window or in the summer if possible. Capoue could play as a DM, box-box or a CB/RB. He is that fellaini type player but the cheaper version

  143. I am weary of this Usmanov. Why can’t we fans just own the club because from all indications the fans are the ones funding the club without any input from our billionaire owner. Lets form a body and take over the club

  144. Because we’ll be in the europa??

  145. No Lee… Because we won’t even be in Europe

  146. Emma. Good idea. I’ll start the ball rolling with £100 but I insist that Lee must be the new manager. :)

  147. Super super quality….I give you Diame! Well maybe……..ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  148. If it’s no CL we certainly don’t want the Europa League. That really is a crock of shit. Thursdays and Sundays? No thanks.

  149. If Col U weren’t so shit I’d start following them…. ;)

  150. Got The RvP dough in and now freezing 2013/14 ticket prices….don’t look good!

  151. Big club with no footballing ambition, thought that was the name of the game?

  152. Odds for David Villa to sign for before 1st February 2013 habve just gone out to 4/1 from 11/8.

    The ex-Wigan player who was RELEASED for NOTHING with the £3.5M buyout clause is tabled at 5/4.

    Cavani is 3/1 which is surprising, and we are suddenly up to 10/1 for Jack Butland


    Paulinho – Brazilian we allegedly made a bid for in summer isn’t going to Inter Milan. No bids have been made from Inter according to Corinthians.

  153. Interesting that ST price freeze is announced just before we complete our transfer business. A cynical man would spot a link there.

  154. Even freezing them still leaves us at the top of the price league. It will take years of RPI annual price rises before any of the other prem league teams reach our current levels of larceny!

  155. I still reckon we’ll sign Becks, Fellaini, Diame, villa, jovetic, Butland, Hummels and some unknown 12 year old kid from Tuvalu.

  156. But realistically, only the 12 year old from Tuvalu is likely to come in….

  157. How depressing this transfer window is turning out to be. :(

  158. Willie McKay is a British football agent based in Monaco.

    McKay was one of the agents investigated by the Quest team, led by Lord Stevens, which looked into allegations of “bungs” and fraud in transfers.


    Diame’s representative, Willie McKay, has confirmed clubs at home and abroad are keen on the 24-year-old. He said: ‘Momo is one of the best Bosmans around this summer and there are a lot of clubs at home and abroad keen on him, but Momo would like to stay in the Premier League and play for an ambitious club.
    ‘I have met with several Premier League clubs and we are considering all offers, but we have yet to make a decision on where Momo will be going.
    ‘Momo is disappointed he did not play as much for Wigan in the second half of this season, but he enjoyed his time at Wigan, although he always saw it as a STEPPING STONE to move to a BIGGER CLUB.’



  159. The lad is from Burkina Faso….

  160. Valentina Fass of Sky Italia told Sky Sports News: “They have found an agreement on Balotelli’s salary.

    “He was due to get 5m euros net a year (that’s £82,000 a week plus bonuses), but the problem is the transfer fee. City want a higher amount while AC Milan doesn’t want to give more than 20m euros.

    Nice player. Marquee player. Easily affordable. Total windowlicker on his day – but massive talent.

  161. Don’t see Balotelli as a massive talent at all! I have never seen him do anything at all that i presses me. The boy can take a penalty, but that’s it. Apart from that, I think he’s a massive, overrated, cleft.

  162. Tevez on the other hand, would be an amazing signing.

  163. Gazidis where are you?

  164. Agag. How are you? Not excited by the Season Ticket price freeze?

  165. Adam, Gazides is too busy swimming in the Arsenal money swimming pool full to the brim with crisp £50 notes

  166. Rocky. Probably close to the truth.
    Do you think that, if Walcott had not signed and Diaby and Rosicky were still horizontal, that Wenger would have signed someone?

  167. Yeah, I seriously think he would have. He wouldn’t have signed anyone great, but there would be people coming in. There still may be. But we all know that win against West Ham hindered our chances of buying star names. Wenger would have no doubt feel vindicated

  168. Err no way….the man has lost the plot!

  169. Painful but probably true Rocky.
    Still not convinced. His latest spiel suggests that there are no players currently available on this planet that could I,prove our squad. Lucky we are top of the league then and we have Gervinho to return. Our cup runneth over.

  170. I am overjoyed at our non-signings, Adam. :P Good god, what inept management we have not to be able to sort something out. SHow us some ambition, AFC.

    Hiya, rock. Hello, rico. :)

  171. Afternoon folks,

    Its as grey here as it is over the Arsenal.

    The way things stand we would not be buying unless something drastic changes. Ath. Madrid pulled out of the Gourchuff’s deal allegedly and PSG have been turned down on signing Capoue.

    As Will XL rightly stated, Villa’s wife is due this week or has already delivered their first child so I never thought that rumour had legs.

    Even Mr ‘Transfer Window’ himself ‘arry is complaining about the January window as reported…”The Queen’s Park Rangers manager, Harry Redknapp, likened the competition among agents to place themselves at the centre of lucrative January transfer window deals to “gang warfare” yesterday, drawing a second analogy with the Glaswegian drug gangs’ so-called ice cream wars of the 1980s.”

    Fat Sam has also complained about this window for the first time in his managerial career because he is unable to find the next JJ Okocha on the cheap.lol. Things are so bad he loaned our only Shitemak. ;)

  172. Sits there all condescending whilst being interviewed…..smug fuck!

  173. Sturridge

    All of these players were available and would of improved us imho.

  174. Gazidis to earn £2.1 million bonus this year and a free Stan Kroenke syrup.

  175. Balotelli is gone….

    4 year deal with AC Milan

    Afternoon folks…..

  176. Aneke is back and he has been refused permission to return to Crewe at the moment. He will however go back on loan if a ‘Reading, type club comes in for him.

    I think he and Yennaris deserve a chances as well as Meade and Miguel as backup LW…

    Number wise we are not too far off but quality wise,…. well tossing a coin will offer a more positive outlook.

  177. Hi Rico. The tension is ramping up. I can feel it. :)

  178. Did Wenger really say that ‘panic buys show weakness’??

    He has a very short memory……

  179. afternoon agag!

  180. Schalke have confirmed the signing of Michel Bastos on loan from Lyon until 2014. “We are very happy to have managed to get Bastos,” sports director Horst Heldt said in a statement. “He has a lot of abilities and can help us immediately. Also he is eligible to play in the Champions League.”

    Brazilian Left Back we were looking at ALLEGEDLY – in summer

  181. Napoli have said Cavani’s not for sale….phew!

  182. i don’t think Wenger knows the meaning of the word pressure Adam anymore – oh well, thanks for your company people, i am off to bed.

  183. Has anybody seen pics of our new, new owner, Josh Kroenke?

  184. Lee. Oh no. I really thought we had Cavani in the bag.

  185. Me too Adam. I thought we were about to spend twice as much as we EVER have on just one player…. Glad we didn’t go and do that…. How would we have possibly afforded it??

  186. Rocky. To be honest I am not in convinced he is better than the players we already have :)

  187. Lee apart from Sissoko, Ba and Debunchy I would not stress over the others imho..

    Sturridge…. is he what we need a player who will crumble when things get tough? J. Campbel is better and cheaper (AW reasoning)lol

    M’Vila- which M’Vila? A player who has played less than 15 competitive matches since last June with an attitube. A black player who will chose Russia over a sieve-like contract at QPR is not worth crying over buddy. He has not played in 4 months so I would not have expected him to adjust to contribute much.Yennaris will be far better mark my works and a true gooner too.

    Remy- well I would prefer Benteke at 21 y.o. Just an opinion.

    M’Biwa- Not the same player he was last season. If Yao can outsmart him I would not cry over him. He was watched by all big clubs including the manures and chavs but he wants to be first choice and as much as we think our defence is, he is still behind Kos in France.

    Ba- I’m still crying over this one, but I bet his curse would have surfaced the moment he starts speaking to Diaby in their local dialect.lol

    Sissoko- AW messed up there trying to wait until this week to make a move, but I guess Pardew is smart there.

    Debuchy- Again, he wants to be first choice. Is he better than Sagna… No but long term he would be playing instead of CJ25 if he came to us so…

    Llorente- ha ha ha… only suitable in the Seria A imo…too slow and at 27/28 not good enough especially coming from Spain.Spainish strikers are generational failures imho.

    Just an opinion as always, even though I have not been asked to comment. :D

  188. Spot on Lee.. Just as most of them will improve Newcastle….

    And we play them last game of the season, could be huge for Kroenke and Wenger….

  189. Hi Adam… I can feel it too, wait until midnight on Thursday.

    Thankfully, I’ll be asleep!

  190. Ts, we have always had plenty of players, it’s just that half of them are s***e! ;)

  191. I’m not stressing TS, I’m just sick and tired of the same shit coming from Wenger. The prick said there are no players available……no ambition from the 5th biggest club on the planet.

  192. That I can not disagree… its the spin from the boss during the transfer window and the usual FFP gibberesh from Ivan during the AGM that truly pisses most of.

    The club are so bitchy its become a job. Like TH14 not allowed to train because he has dinner with the 2nd highest shareholder etc…

    Lehman is bad, at least he could offer something to the boys for tonight. I would not mind the Mad Jens as a number two either. Banfield is a very good coach but the size of his tummy bothers me. lol

    I am not sure if it is the layers of clothes he wears to combat the cold or the increase in pay package. :d

  193. I think it’s 11 PM deadline this year Rico. As you know we will be eating animals earlier.

  194. Lehman is back I meant…

  195. We would know much earlier than that re deadline.

    Sky would not waste a reporters time at Colney if we are not in negotiations with anyone by mid morning.

  196. WHo is our GK coach these days?

  197. howdy folks, have we signed anyone yet?

  198. Gerry Peyton and Poom I think.

    We miss the silver gentleman Bob Wilson me think…

  199. Hi Goonie the Yank…

    Congrats for selling out … lol

  200. is there no-one better than those 2?

  201. hahahahah yank? no way, am a dutchman. we dont sell our souls. just ask robbing van persnatcher!

  202. You married yet Stan?

  203. Phew re Reg, I was feeling sorry for Chamakh until then…..

  204. Ah yes, silly me Adam, 11 pm. I wouldn’t want to be in the restaurant with you all when it’s confirmed no signings….. ;)

  205. Rico, The air would be a deep shade of blue… potentially indigo…by the time we were finished with the effing and jeffing!

  206. Hi goonie…

    I’m sure it will be Rocky ;)

    Syg – that could have been an article from any of the last few seasons….

    Ts, you got that post ready?

  207. Right all, I’m off. Speak tomorrow

  208. Safe journey home Rocky….

  209. That’s it then. It’s Victor Wanyama we are getting.

  210. You serious Adam??

  211. Arsenal have announced that the club will not make any ticket price increases next season.

    The north London club’s ticket prices became a subject of controversy this month when Manchester City returned 912 unsold tickets for their game at the Emirates Stadium, with City fans unhappy at the £62 asking price.

    “The price freeze applies to all match ticket prices including season tickets in both general admission and club level,” the club said. “Club level season ticket renewals will begin on 12 February. The move follows a full review by the Arsenal board which included an assessment of the current economic environment and feedback from fans’ groups.”

    City fans’ complaints sparked a campaign to curb rising ticket prices but Arsène Wenger, the manager, defended Arsenal’s pricing policy, arguing that the club needed the money to continue competing with their rivals at the top of the Premier League.

    The club have some of the highest season ticket prices in the league but have not delivered the success to match in recent seasons, having failed to win a trophy since moving to the Emirates in 2006.

    Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST) welcomed the move and urged the board to further ease the burden on fans by diverting some of the increased revenues from next season back into reducing tickets costs further.

    “AST welcomes Arsenal’s decision to freeze prices and urges the club to continue to put downward pressure on ticket prices when other sources of revenue from TV deals and commercial deals are increasing. We are engaged in discussions with the club about the development of wider initiatives that offer cheaper tickets for young fans and make FA cup games more affordable.”

    The AST also called for a reduction in the cost of tickets for travelling fans, particularly given the criticism their club received when City returned their tickets.

    “One urgent issue that must be urgently addressed is the price away fans are charged,” the Trust said. “Arsenal fans suffer from being charged very high prices wherever they go and the AST is pleased that fans from across the country are coming together to highlight this issue”.

  212. I am never serious Rico. You know that.

  213. Moan moan moan…

    Arsenals biggest win v Liverpool is: Arsenal 8-1 Liverpool
    Att: 54,062
    01 September 1934

    Same season 1934-35
    Arsenal 8-0 Leicester
    Arsenal 8-0 Middlesborough
    Arsenal won the league whilst Tottenham finished bottom

    On 29th January that season
    Arsenal P25 W13 D7 L5 Pts 46
    (3pts for a win)

    Arsenal had made 3 major signings – 2 forwards and a midfielder (just like this summer) and bought

    Ted Drake for £6500 around £366,000 in todays money, and like Theo and AOC he was bought from Southampton

    Jack Crayston for £5250 around £296,000 in todays money from Bradford

    Dr. James Marshall a forward from Rangers ….. and like Chamakh he was moved on to to West Ham

  215. David Beckham, hmm, now that sounds promising….

  216. Just as I thought Adam ;)

  217. Arsenal have announced that the club will not make any ticket price increases next season.

    The north London club’s ticket prices became a subject of controversy this month when Manchester City returned 912 unsold tickets for their game at the Emirates Stadium, with City fans unhappy at the £62 asking price.

    “The price freeze applies to all match ticket prices including season tickets in both general admission and club level,” the club said. “Club level season ticket renewals will begin on 12 February. The move follows a full review by the Arsenal board which included an assessment of the current economic environment and feedback from fans’ groups.”

    City fans’ complaints sparked a campaign to curb rising ticket prices but Arsène Wenger, the manager, defended Arsenal’s pricing policy, arguing that the club needed the money to continue competing with their rivals at the top of the Premier League.

    The club have some of the highest season ticket prices in the league but have not delivered the success to match in recent seasons, having failed to win a trophy since moving to the Emirates in 2006.

    Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST) welcomed the move and urged the board to further ease the burden on fans by diverting some of the increased revenues from next season back into reducing tickets costs further.

    “AST welcomes Arsenal’s decision to freeze prices and urges the club to continue to put downward pressure on ticket prices when other sources of revenue from TV deals and commercial deals are increasing. We are engaged in discussions with the club about the development of wider initiatives that offer cheaper tickets for young fans and make FA Cup games more affordable.”

    The AST also called for a reduction in the cost of tickets for travelling fans, particularly given the criticism their club received when City returned their tickets.

    “One urgent issue that must be urgently addressed is the price away fans are charged,” the Trust said. “Arsenal fans suffer from being charged very high prices wherever they go and the AST is pleased that fans from across the country are coming together to highlight this issue.”

  218. At least we’d have someone to take free kicks Ak ;)

    Bad shortly, off for dinner….

  219. adamant…….

  220. Morning all.
    Rico, sorry, but i stand by what i said, and though i am rarely correct, on this occasion i am.
    No new signings i gather?
    If Barca truly do not want to sell Villa, then Wenger should stop talking aout him and looke elsewhere, if indeed he is looking at all.
    Question on Ramsey….what happens when Arteta gets back????

  221. no news except from the others

  222. I just watched a guy Icardi of Sampdoria. He looked world class or was I just watching one good game?

  223. Evening folks, no news is probably how it will remain……

  224. Gourcuff is available, is an amazing talent and is cheap.
    What criteria does he fail to meet for us??

  225. Wenger says we have too many midfielders Scott, that’s a start.

  226. Hmm not much transfer gossips going around today, can this be the silence before the storm ??

  227. Hope so Hg, but somehow I doubt it…

  228. He is an “exceptional talent”, isn’t that what Arsene wants, or so he keeps saying.
    I agree he would be a luxury signing, but a least he would add something to squad depth.

  229. rico I think I was a bit too optimistic there….

  230. Evening Rico. Feeling optimistic about the Liverpool game?

  231. however I still have the feeling that we will get 2 players in and one might be a big surprise!

  232. HG. Anyone would be a big surprise at the moment. :)

  233. Adam that is actually true :) Hope that the big surprise is not Santos’s twin brother to play right back :)

  234. But he talks bollox Scott!

    Hi Adam – no, not one bit. Especially if we defend like we did at Brighton, and most other fixtures this season…..

  235. Just a tad Hg ;)

  236. Rico and HG. Wenger is rolling the dice here. If he does nothing and misses out on 4th….? He’s got me at it now, thinking of 4th as a successful season. :)

  237. That’s the problem Rico. When you go to the games, you never know which team will show up.

  238. Kroenke won’t be happy if we miss out on 4th Adam, especially if it hasn’t been his idea not to spend…

  239. I’m optimistic ahead of the Liverpool game, but that can be changed if I see Santos in the starting eleven. I predict a 2:0 win to the Arsenal.

  240. And I guess within the first five mins the fans mood depends on how we start a game….

  241. We are all asking for transfers but i think AFC biggest transfer in this window is to get AW out, i dont trust AW to spend another cent on any new player we might end up with another squid or chamack. AW want to reinvent football but it cant happen, a mad man fighting with himself.

  242. It doesn’t matter to Wenger, because he’ll be leaving in the summer of 2014.
    He’ll leave the club with a clutch of young players and a load of dough in the bank.
    He’ll also leave our hopeless American Owner/Management to fcuk everything up because they don’t have a clue.
    Only then will we truely appreciate Wenger’s wise stewardship of the club, under the circumstances of having Silent Stanley Scrooge with his boney hands on the purse strings…

    Or not as the case may be?!!!

  243. Hi Gdna, can always rely on you ;) ;)

    You reckon he’ll walk away then Ak?

  244. That is very true. I was on the Man city game and after the 20th minute some supporters only contributed abusive comments (mostly towards Theo and Wenger). It made me sad, that not everyone stood by the team and supported them though the game. I’m not often at games but I stay till the end and my support is always unconditional…

  245. Rico. I have always been interested in the dynamic that flows between the team and the fans and in fact I wrote a magazine article about it many years ago. The fans lift the team who lift the fans who lift the team etc. Even though the atmosphere has been bad lately I do feel a surge of pride when certain sections of the crowd get behind the team and the rest follow. It’s that Arsenal thing that burns so deep within us. It’s also the reason that Wenger needs to get the fans back onside. They really want to feel the club is going somewhere. Nobody likes feeling negative.

  246. Kev. By then it will be Josh Kroenke, the son of Stan.

  247. Yes Rico, I am certain that he will walk away and leave us to whoever Gazides appoints.
    And given the record of Gazides, God help us…

  248. Kev. Are you saying that you have no faith in Ivan “the bonus” Gazidis? After all the success his appointment has bought to our club?

  249. Adam, if that is so, then I pray that The Son of Syrup, is resident in this country and takes a hands on approach.
    Not interfering mind, but someone who take’s an interest, and maybe questions certain policy decisions.

    But if he is just gonna be a younger absent version of Syrup Senior, then he too can fcuk off….

  250. That just why I don’t understand AW Adam, surely he must know that?

    He tells us he wouldn’t be afraid to sign a £30M player, well go and do it, or even £15M players who would give the fans a huge huge lift.

    And funny enough, those kind of additions would give the squad a lift too….

    It’s so simple on paper and rumour has it, we have a lot of money in the bank….

  251. Big Sam might be available by then Ak, or maybe Remi Garde…

  252. From what I have been told Ak, Kroenke jnr could be worse!

  253. The bottom line Rico/Adam, is we don’t know for sure, until Wenger goes

  254. Yep, you are sure right there Ak…….

  255. I think so Rico. Kev, did you read that letter to Arsenal fans by that fan of one of Kroenke’s teams, the Michigan Morons I think it was. His modus operandi is to buy a club and then slowly asset strip it while providing little or no investment. He gave this and another club to the charming Josh who met the fans criticism by telling them to shut up as they were spoilt. This is a young man, bursting with entitlement who has just been given two basketball or baseball(who cares) clubs by his Dad, the Syrup and he calls the paying fans spoilt. We have much to look forward to under the stewardship of the Syrup family I think.

  256. They’re are only a few players actually worth 25-30 mil… And even fewer of them are for sale.

    And of those who might be for sale, I’m sure Arsenal isn’t on to of their employer wish list.

    Bank to being the bargain bin kings.

  257. I was told about that letter Adam, what a joke and just about tells us all what to expect.

    I truly hope that the big fella who watches us from his posh box, is gathering up his pennies ready to make the American an offer he can’t refuse…

    Or more importantly, wont refuse……

  258. On that note of anticipation Rio, I will sign off for the night. I have to watch a movie.
    Night all……

  259. Night Adam….

  260. evening again,

    The post ready Rico?…lol

    The club is in a good position. The fans have been patient for the last 3 years when we have gone backwards, but I honestly think the lkes of Meade, Miguel, Eisfield, Ox,Aneke and J Campbell will all put a huge smile on our faces next season.

    The best bit is Yao Gerv will have 18 months to go on his contract and so you know he will have a blinder and hold us to ransom come January 2014 as most have done in the past.

    When you compare these crop to the manure younsters, even the fans are critising Rednose for stunting Powells potential….

    We do not necessarily need big name players but all we need is for 10 out of 11 players on the pitch to play to 80% of their ability to make us potential top 2 again.

    The fact is even the best Scum and Everton teams in the last 10 years are not miles ahead of us. Considering we have rebuilt our team 2 times already in 2 seasons…

    COYGsss lets be positive.

    (From a crazy gooner. :D )

  261. Syg, I think we’d have signed Gourcuff long before now if Wenger wanted him….

  262. You’re probably right Rico

    The new “Zinedine Zidane” eh?


  263. rico that might still happen on deadline day on the cheap….

  264. Ts

    The post you said you would write after the 31st…

    The youngsters you mention are just that, youngsters and won’t be truly ready for regular first team performances for 2/3 seasons.

    We may not need ‘big names’ but we sure as heck need 2/3 big players and that’s just to try and catch Everton and Spurs, both of whom have added to their current squad…

    Anyway, I’m done for today…

    Night all…….

    Go steady of the roads Ak…..

  265. In hindsight some may critisize AW for not spotting Michu but watching him he is more lazy than Adeba-whore and not as good but we hounded him out, albeit he was a thieving greedy badger but…

    What I am trying to say is that we fans always adore someone elses’s whilst we have better in most cases but ‘abuse’ them on the pitch every 3 days…

  266. Hi and bye Will, sorry I missed you coming on….

    Mind you Syg, if he’s cheap, you never know but time is running out. I’d rather a DM came in if only one player signs….

    Hg, it might, but……

    Def off now, night guys….

  267. but…is he the player we need? I don’t think so!

  268. Board salary…

    The Board took the following:
    Ivan Gazidis £2,050,000
    Ken Friar £571,000
    All the rest in total £117,000
    Running total: £2,738,000

    Ken Friar earning half a million for doing jack all…

  269. A must read about those always going on about our wages. This explains how at least 40% of the 140M salary goes on non-playing staff..


  270. Give us a little hope, Arsene.

  271. Another gem/unpolished diamond. We need players who can improve the first team now not in a few years time. Ramsay/Ox/Walcott have yet to realise their full potential. In the meantime the gap with the leading teams is widening not closing.
    If Arsenal fail to beat Liverpool it will show the gunners are still way behind. A lot of time has been given to Wenger to turn things round and he has refused to make the necessary changes. At any other top team he would have been axed years ago.

  272. James, and other manager of Arsenal would have been axed years ago…..he is doing the job the boys upstairs want.
    Forget “if Arsenal fail to beat Liverpool”……we are already way behind.

  273. Morning all…

    James, do we really need a loss tonight to show us how far behind we are?

    The board and management have neglected the squad over a few years now and this is the result…

    We can guess who is to blame, but only one man signs the players, and some of them clearly aren’t good enough…

  274. spot on rico – the gap is 21 points and that is a fact, Wenger’s acceptance of it all makes me sick

  275. and i don’t trust him to ever sort it out, he’s gone for all money. Lost in his own ‘its my decision’ ego – there i feel better now

  276. Does me too Oz and he says we only need a striker, well he needs a bloody eye test…

  277. He can even sort out what is wrong with what we do have….

  278. what a horrible window this has been so far – so clear whats needed, a bloody 10 year could see it – we need new blood, real players that will lift the flagging Arsenal profile and mood. Really loosing interest in all this and sick of the bad mood it puts me in daily

  279. It won’t get any better before 11pm tomorrow night either oz….

  280. New Post up….

  281. There will be no new signings, so just got to get behind the team and hope we can secure the coveted 4th spot!!!
    Morning peeps…

  282. Hi Lee, Gazidis has turned up at LC for chats with AW, the media suggest it’s to tell him bad news about transfer targets. Maybe he’s just getting ready for a 48 hour dash ;)

  283. I want us to get 4th, for all the obvious reasons.

    But I want a change of direction at the top.

    That may only happen if we don’t get 4th.

    A rock and a hard place come to mind…

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