It's all about Yann M'Vila, Wilfried Zaha & What we are seriously missing at Arsenal………

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So Rennes General Manager Pierre Dreossi  has told RMC radio station that they will listen to offers for French bad boy Yann M’Vila

It’s possible [he’ll leave] if we get some interesting offers.

He wants to leave, but if it doesn’t happen, it will be next summer. It’s no catastrophe. He missed out on a transfer last summer. If there’s an interesting opportunity for everyone, we’ll find a solution.

For some reason, nearly every newspaper has translated that to mean, Arsene Wenger is ready to resurrect his interest in signing the player.

Those are the same people who released headlines about how he and Arsenal had reached an agreement last year and the deal was as good as done, but we know what happened then don’t we.

But now it’s different, M’Vila is considered to be a bit troublesome after his antics with the French national team and of course his little brush with the law and his recent injury – all of which has seen his value has plummet.

£8 million is reported to be his present valuation, is that an £8 million player who Wenger should take a risk on?

Another player who has been heavily linked with us is Wilfried Zaha and I strongly suspect this interest is real, regardless of what happens with Theo Walcott. If Walcott stays and plays central we need a winger, if he goes, we need both a winger and a striker so I wouldn’t bet against Wenger still being more than slightly desperate to sign this kid.

The media believe that Fergie has got the player, I wouldn’t be quite so sure.

Zaha is a Gooner, and that’s worth a lot if it comes down to the finer points….

Finally, there is a really good article in The Daily Mirror, written by Steve Stammers and in my opinion, he says everything that many of us have been saying for many years now and that is, we lack a true leader.

At Swansea, the silence in that Arsenal area was deafening. When Danny Graham equalised, where was the fury, the anger? Just a collection of long faces.

What a great question to be asking and it saddens me to say that the only answer is, there wasn’t any fury or anger, other than on the face of Jack Wilshere and even that wasn’t anything like what we used to see from Martin Keown or Tony Adams.

In that scenario, the likes of Tony Adams, Martin Keown and company used to excel. They would shout, scream and demand that the ball was cleared at all costs. Everyone would be on their toes, no-one DARE shirk their duty.

Sends shivers down your spine just thinking about those days doesn’t it?

That same article goes onto suggest there are many things to admire about our current squad so it’s not just another writer having a dig at our club.

But it finishes by saying:

But what they seem to lack is a vocal, no-nonsense leader in the mould of Adams.

They need a huge, visible presence at the back – someone to bark orders and keep defenders on their toes.

When that gets solved, Arsenal will be a formidable unit. And goals like the late one conceded at Swansea will become the exception rather than the rule.

I’m not quite sure that alone would solve our problems, but it would sure as heck go a long way towards getting there….

That’s it for another day, have a good one all…..

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