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It’s all about Yann M’Vila, Wilfried Zaha & What we are seriously missing at Arsenal………

Morning all,

So Rennes General Manager Pierre Dreossi  has told RMC radio station that they will listen to offers for French bad boy Yann M’Vila

It’s possible [he'll leave] if we get some interesting offers.

He wants to leave, but if it doesn’t happen, it will be next summer. It’s no catastrophe. He missed out on a transfer last summer. If there’s an interesting opportunity for everyone, we’ll find a solution.

For some reason, nearly every newspaper has translated that to mean, Arsene Wenger is ready to resurrect his interest in signing the player.

Those are the same people who released headlines about how he and Arsenal had reached an agreement last year and the deal was as good as done, but we know what happened then don’t we.

But now it’s different, M’Vila is considered to be a bit troublesome after his antics with the French national team and of course his little brush with the law and his recent injury – all of which has seen his value has plummet.

£8 million is reported to be his present valuation, is that an £8 million player who Wenger should take a risk on?

Another player who has been heavily linked with us is Wilfried Zaha and I strongly suspect this interest is real, regardless of what happens with Theo Walcott. If Walcott stays and plays central we need a winger, if he goes, we need both a winger and a striker so I wouldn’t bet against Wenger still being more than slightly desperate to sign this kid.

The media believe that Fergie has got the player, I wouldn’t be quite so sure.

Zaha is a Gooner, and that’s worth a lot if it comes down to the finer points….

Finally, there is a really good article in The Daily Mirror, written by Steve Stammers and in my opinion, he says everything that many of us have been saying for many years now and that is, we lack a true leader.

At Swansea, the silence in that Arsenal area was deafening. When Danny Graham equalised, where was the fury, the anger? Just a collection of long faces.

What a great question to be asking and it saddens me to say that the only answer is, there wasn’t any fury or anger, other than on the face of Jack Wilshere and even that wasn’t anything like what we used to see from Martin Keown or Tony Adams.

In that scenario, the likes of Tony Adams, Martin Keown and company used to excel. They would shout, scream and demand that the ball was cleared at all costs. Everyone would be on their toes, no-one DARE shirk their duty.

Sends shivers down your spine just thinking about those days doesn’t it?

That same article goes onto suggest there are many things to admire about our current squad so it’s not just another writer having a dig at our club.

But it finishes by saying:

But what they seem to lack is a vocal, no-nonsense leader in the mould of Adams.

They need a huge, visible presence at the back – someone to bark orders and keep defenders on their toes.

When that gets solved, Arsenal will be a formidable unit. And goals like the late one conceded at Swansea will become the exception rather than the rule.

I’m not quite sure that alone would solve our problems, but it would sure as heck go a long way towards getting there….

That’s it for another day, have a good one all…..

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353 comments on “It’s all about Yann M’Vila, Wilfried Zaha & What we are seriously missing at Arsenal………

  1. Morning all…Arsene Wenger is currently giving his pre-Manchester City press conference and, of course, he has been asked about any moves that Arsenal could be making in the transfer window.

    Arsene has been a little bit all over the place this window when it comes to him intentions to sign players, saying he will, he won’t, he might, he doesn’t know, so it’s hard to get a handle on what he’s actually thinking as it literally changes from one day to the next.

    Anyway, today’s response was

    We only want to bring an exceptional player and haven’t found him. We’re still looking but our squad is quite complete already.
    Just what every Arsenal fan wants to hear eh?

    It does seem, however, that Arsenal are in demand, as he added

    I can tell you, we have no problems with people wanting to join us. I can leave you my phone for 24h and you would see !
    With regards to Theo’s contract, which rumour has it has already been signed, Wenger said

    We’re on a good road with Theo’s negotiations. I’m more optimistic this week than last week.

    As long as nothing is signed, you are cautious. I’m optimistic we’ll get to a happy conclusion.

    He just wants to play. He is happy to play on the flank as well. I see him playing more up front.

  2. Amazing comment on the squad there Lee…. Also how many “exceptional” players ever become available…? go get them if you want them… waiting gets you the shit we been lumbered with the last few years…! He really is in cuckoo land….

    DId you see his comment on the ticket prices and going the the theatre…? words fail me actually… No grasp of reality what so ever but then again on 7bar a year he isn’t going to is he.

  3. We will buy no one. he will dither and change his mind from needing a player(s) to having the best squad in the world every 5 minutes.

    The shit is really gonna hit the fan later this season when we are marooned around mid table and the ST have come renewal time.

  4. Morning Rico and Lee. I do believe I have heard this stuff before. Can anyone seriously believe that transfer targets would not have been identified some time ago? If they have been, what is the chance that haggling about price is the hold-up? Isn’t this Gazidis’ area of responsibility? With the fixture congestion just about to start wouldn’t it have been wise to sort things early?
    As always with Arsenal these days, more questions than answers?

  5. ever the salesman, does he actually ever look at the league tables? haha

  6. In 2005 I wrote to a pal who works at AFC and said that i was really worried by (A) the lack of brits being brought in as our super six were retiring and (B) How poor Aw, s tactics had been in recent months. Now it seems that i was quite the prophet as for in those 7 years we have gone from the mightiest defensive unit in Europe to the pantomime joke of the PL. arsene has bought in some of the worst defenders in AFC history and overpaid the lot so we cant give them away. His tactics in big games has now also become a joke because we still go on all out attack and clubs just bide their time knowing we will ‘give them at least a goal or two. I will never slag off AW as he is still the best in the UK because he will never just buy trophies, but he is very shortsighted re; assistance. What tye club needs right now is to set up the largest UK scouting system to lure the best of British to the club. We need some fight as per Adams /Bould/Keown. More than anything AW needs to accept he has been very wrong for many seasons and will accept others have warned him about that for years.

  7. Morning Lee, Wath, Oz, TT, Pete and Adam :)

    What a load of old cobblers from the manager….

  8. GP, Sorry mate but Wenger doesn’t do… I was wrong….!

    It would solve many problems if he did as most would appreciate that would mean he see’s that he is human and not all about ego and being Mr stubborn but alas…………

  9. Proper comment from a fella on twitter…..

    Defends socialist wage structure & defends capitalist ticket pricing policy – Arsene ‘the Riddler’ Wenger?

  10. he’s not wrong WATH is he, lets be honest?

  11. morning Rico, he is just plain boring lets be honest.

  12. “we have two quality players in every position now” uumm so 2 quality left backs? 2 quality strikers? 2 quality DM’s? Really Arsene?

  13. No Oz the fella ain’t wrong the fact our manager doesn’t see it is a bit like most of the penalties he never see as well….! I think he’s just on a big piss take trying to wind as many fans up as possible….! It’s working Arsene…!

  14. He has lost it AW!
    Buy exceptional players…
    If you want them you mostly have to cough up the dough otherwise dream on getting them.
    If he doesnt see we we a DM he should not even train boys football!!

  15. Did you guys read that the Clesea fans are going to boycott the home games in attempt to get rid of Rafa

  16. Have heard from a few mates that there was plenty grief over there the other night Rico…. fans turning on each other for booing Torres and Rafa but the whole atmosphere sounded very tense… Bit like our place with the way people are disgruntled and yet not really knowing how best to show the dissatisfaction or at whom to aim it…!

  17. And Torres has been telling his team-mates that he’d rather be back at the dippers, all is not well eh Wath..

    Don’t think The Emirates is far away from errupting do you?

  18. Rico. I heard that and hope it succeeds. I have said many times that fans have enormous power if they act collectively but people like PHW and Kroenke see them as mugs to be shafted at every opportunity. Wenger’s comments this morning are actually laughable really and if he does very little in the transfer market and Arsenal do not make the top 4, which I personally believe is a real possibility, will the pressure become just too much? The Emirates is gradually moving toward active anarchy on match days despite what some say and it has surprised me just how quickly things have changed this season.

  19. Welcome Dan, agree, if you want the players, spend the bloomin money…

  20. problem in the soup bowl Rico is still far to many tourists and jcl’s for it to really spill over but it’s becoming pretty volatile and thats the atmosphere in the pubs around the ground as well. People are all very much thinking the same but as Adam says if the “collective” don’t act you’ll always get people saying well it’s only a minority…! Only a minority… really… Dream on…!

  21. I can’t really work out Wenger’s “plan” at the moment. Doesn’t he realise that we have all heard this stuff many times before? Does he think that the fans believe what he is saying? More to the point perhaps, does he believe it?

  22. I hope they succed too Adam, and I hope that we follow suit if nothing changes.

    But when fans already have ST’s it must be very difficult to stay at home instead of going to support the players. It’s not their fault that those above them are absolute fools…

  23. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Hobbits.

    Good summary of whats out there Rico.

    AW said……At the moment nobody can go out, unless we buy somebody.

    If I am not mistaken a few months ago he was saying that we could not buy because we were overstaffed with players.

    Now its the other way round.

    And regarding the prices…….Shitty fans are really taking the piss after seeing that its their club’s fault that ground prices have gone up all over the country..

  24. I thought that might be the case at the Ems Wath, and the board/manager are crazy if they think that the plastics/jcls will keep the club alive.

    They won’t always be there to save the day, and by the time they realise, neither will many of the ‘true’ fans either…

  25. Morning devil, thanks.

    Only a couple of days ago Wenger said that having loaned out JD and Chamakh, there is room for two signings…

    I wonder if he forgets what he actually says half the time….

  26. The issue is Adam he doesn’t need to bother with any of that – he’s manoeuvred himself into a great position. No one will stand up to him, no one questions him ever, regardless. He’s a clever man this one and he thinks he manipulates fans and the media alike and none of those will challenge him either. Trouble is there are more than ever now questioning the professor and rightly so.

  27. Have to disagree with you Dev, you can’t blame the Citeh fans… Just due to the club being flushed with cash doesn’t mean their fans are and to be fair ticket prices were and have been way over priced for years it’s not just down to the last 3/4 years of them being owned by the oil barons…! They battle to sell out at home as well their fan base is “city” based not affluent and country wide like ours or the mancs so you can understand many fans from many clubs at last getting the hump about being ripped off.

  28. During my 22 years as a coach I have only ever won the youth k/o at under 19 level once. we were in the same scenario as the AFC vs Swansea game with 2-1. However we had around 28 minutes left on the clock not just a pathetic 6 or 7. Those 28 minutes were the longest of my career…….especially as the opposition spent nearly all of them taking throw ins. we were all the time booting the ball out of the pitch. Not upfield to attack mind you. Not any where else. But out of the pitch all the time.

    At the end of the game my assistant told me that during those 28 minutes it was highly possible that the opposition had more throw ins than we had in the entire season.

    The opposition coach was quite obviously disgusted. Did we care?

    AS IF.

  29. as you rightly said……we miss big personalities like Adams big time. But what can we do seeing that AW does not tolerate these type of players and gets rid of them when he sees that they have outgrown him?

    Mark my words……JW will go that road if AW stays.

  30. Maybe he’s senile? Dementia? I’m seriously worried about him, he looks ill.

  31. no question about that Devil – he is ambitious and is already on about the importance of trophies, i think he will replace Verm as Captain sooner rather than later, realise he’s going nowhere like RVP and a list of others and head for the exit – no totally sure Wenger might not go first though hopefully

  32. devil – they are the players who won him silverware and why so many think he can’t be replaced…

    Lee – you are not alone and the more he waffles on about what he does, I am convinced you are right.

    He contradicts himself so so often

  33. AW will be gone before that ever happens…

    Read that Big Sam thinks he’ll get the best from Chamakh, will say an awful lot imho if he starts scoring goals….

  34. Wenger ” We need another positive result in a big game to be completely confident”
    Beat citeh alls ok?
    Wenger “In England you are always under pressure to buy”
    You are when you keep selling our best players you twat!

  35. “I have always said we have two targets – to get our
    players signed up and to get our injuries back,” Wenger said. That’s that then….

  36. Morning all…

    Whats there to say than to say Comical Ali is at it again…

    The squad is decent if he uses the bodies available instead of using the same 15 to 16 players. Well, like I have always said fans have to boycott the matches for the board to put pressure on AW to sign players if he has the money to…

    Like my restaurant analogy, I would not go back to a place where you are served an expensive meal with hair in it… disgusting but it has to be said.

  37. Morning all.

    Lee: “Wenger “In England you are always under pressure to buy”
    You are when you keep selling our best players you twat!”

    Spot on mate.

  38. Rico. A very astute point about Arsene contradicting himself. If you recall, after one of our recent debacles, perhaps the Bradford one, he said that he was looking to strengthen ” in every area of the pitch”. That seems to have faded away now. When he said that he was in shock at just how poor our team had become and he spoke reactively, as a football man. Since then he has donned the cloak of the accountant and is forever spouting off about the financial crisis in Europe and football. Financial crisis? Good. Then take advantage of it as it has become a buyer’s market. Arsene, forget about all that stuff. Talk about it to your friends at dinner. You were the man who thought that Chamakh and Santos were the best players for Arsenal in their positions that you could find. Saving money there has bit you in bum- big time. “Arsene knows” just doesn’t chime any more. You have to prove yourself to the fans every day. It’s the nature of your job and why you earn such a ludicrous amount. All managers are in the same boat, not just you. You have been living on past glories but those were a long time ago now. Less talking and more action please.

  39. But Chamakh is shit according to most Rico…no way he can possibly score goals in the PL, is there?
    Surely not :)
    If he does find form, will people blame Wenger again, even though nearly all Gooners reckon he is just crap?
    It will be interesting to see……if he does find his form, of course
    Evening all.

  40. I hope he is just telling the media what he wants them to hear, but who knows?
    He needs a DM at the very least.

  41. :lol: Lee, don’t hold back….

    Hi Lewis and Ts…

    I’m sure there have been many more quotes which don’t add up too Adam, ceratinly agree that it’s time to stop all the talk and start doing what amanager should do.

    But then that was obvious to most several seasons ago…

    Back in a short while, need to get home now ;)

  42. you know what SCott…………I am willing Chamack to succeed. yes 100% willing mate.

  43. In two minutes scanning the net, i have found four new “possible” Arsenal targets.

  44. Devil, me too.
    He has never complained about the club at all, and contrary to popular belief, did nothing at all wrong to lose his spot in the first place.
    He lost confidence in a massive way, but how many forget how good he was and suggest he was always shit?
    You wonder what they were watching.

  45. He lost his place because RvP came back from injury and then there was an “incident” in Las Vegas the rest is history. But he had impressive stats in the PL and Cl, I hope he does well for the Hamsters!

  46. Unfortunately,leaders like Tony Adams only comes along once in a blue moon.

  47. Lee. What incident was that?

  48. That’s right Lee, but how many say he was never good enough?
    I am not saying he should have played before RVP, but he was better than most give him credit for.

  49. No Danish G…..leaders like TA06 do not come once in a blue moon. They will be more frequent if they are allowed to flourish.

  50. There are very few anywhere now to compare to Adams.
    Defenders must be different these days……it is a different game.

  51. They can be created Scott. The problem with modern coaching is that every coach and his arse are focusing on creating more mobile players who can play in all positions and they are not focusing on creating specialized footballers who have knowledge what their particular position needs and requires. When you have players who can play in multiple positions the player is all the time asking…..now what? And that moment is lost. Its like Jack of all trades master of none.

    When you have a specialized footballer he knows what is required from those around him and starts barking orders like mad.

    Give me a kid……….and I can create a criminal. Give me another kid and I can create a leader.

  52. Kompany would do…I hear good things about Subotic & Hummels too.

  53. When Adams first started playing at Arsenal he was all heart but low on technique. He made lots and lots of mistakes. These days he would have been loaned out to a lower league club. But Graham persisted with him. Same with Paul Davis. The Arsenal fans had to endure seasons of rubbish from him before he began to show anything.

  54. DG. I agree with you about the new type of defender being mobile and quick. We have Vermaelen and Koscielny and these are that type of player I suppose. But I would rather have an Adams or a Terry in there in place of one of them myself.

  55. Adam…..the problem with Squilly was that he was low in heart and skill. ;)

  56. Good over the final furlong though…

  57. I am off now fine Hobbit folk.

    Time to pick the great Thorin himself.

    Later on today hopefully.

  58. Hypothetically Adams would be like Senderos now because of the types of forwards he would be facing if he was still playing.

    Arsenal fans make Tony Adams out to be like he was Franco Baresi or the Kaizer. He was not. In fact he was very slow… I am not taking any thing away from him but even walker was better than he was. just different era….

    And those going on about Zaha, how many have seen him play? Is he better than Yao Gerv, IMHO No. Is he better than Serge or Ryo? I would say No.

    People go on about Kompany but for belgium TV is the main man and considering Kompany has beeen in this leaguefor over 4 years and last year was his best lets put things in perspective.

    Arsenal fans blame AW for not changing but all I keep reading every single day is that a player is not better than TH14 or Adams or PV… lets move on guys. Even if Stan was a spendthrift we would still be 3rd or 4th in the league based on the income of the other clubs….

    Is it not a testament on the AW greatness (arguable now) that most fans still believe if we only bought 2 players we would be competitive even after losing most of our stars?

    The same Chamhakh most fans wanted before he joined us was deemed a star and wanted by most fans. Up until October he had scored more goals than Torres by making less than 25 appearances as compared to Torres. He was a good backup better than most but hey what do I know?

  59. I’ve seen him at Selhurst park this season and from what I saw he’s better than the five head!

  60. TS – Disagree. Adams had a footballing brain. He’d be nothing like Senderos. He’s be like John Terry. Still reads the game amazingly well but just can’t keep up with the pace.

  61. I’d also swap TV5 for Kompany in a heartbeat.

  62. No Toure brothers, no Aguerro and no buck toothed fuck wit!

  63. we’ll only lose 2-0 in that case Lee…..

  64. Arsenal will not lose on Sunday…..you heard it here first!

  65. I agree with Rocky. Adams was more like John Terry than Senderos. Can you imagine Tony being bullied by Drogba? Yeah, right!

  66. Lee. Are you going on Sunday?

  67. Can’t believe some think Adams wasn’t ‘that’ good…

    Hope Hart has an off day on Sunday….


  68. Have to agree re Adams, like JT but better….

    And I know some say the strikers are better these days but try telling the strikers back then that…

  69. Hopefully we’ll see Gareth Barry in their midfield this Sunday.

  70. I’m not Adam, it’s due to snow so I’ll be sat in front of my television and log-burner, safe in the knowledge that I haven’t put a single penny into Kroenke’s pocket!

  71. No Adam, my son has a football match in Holland-on-sea….the pitch is adjacent to the beach, suffers from extreme winds! He’ll be freezing his bits off while I’m reading the Sunday papers in the car!! :lol:

  72. Rico. I think that the repulsive character that Terry obviously is has, to some extent, masked how good he was. Earlier in the season when we played Chelsea at home he ate everything up that came his way. A vile man certainly though. As you say, not as good as Adams who himself and according to his book, was bailed out consistently by Bould as he was still pissed from the previous night’s excesses. This is the same Bould who is supposed to be sorting our defence as we speak.

  73. Don’t worry Rico. I will buy fish and chips for three with a cuppa. That will be another £36 for Stan’s Syrup Fund.
    Still, as a man who earns £7 million a year said this morning, the prices at the Emirates are not too high.

  74. Lee. Where is Holland on Sea?

  75. At 4PM Lee, floodlights?? ;)

  76. In between God’s waiting room (Frinton-on-sea) and Clacton on sea nice 2.00pm ko too!

  77. Terry has been a wonderful player Adam, maybe one of the best defenders in the PL during his time but, he is a nasty nasty man…

    Maybe our defenders should play whilst still ‘pissed’, they would have two balls to go for then ;)

  78. :lol: Adam, I’d give it a miss if I was you, the F&C’s I mean…

  79. Oops, silly me Lee, blonde moment…

  80. I feel our team is mismatched.
    Gibbs plays wing back but expected to be full back and wing back. Sagna plays full back but expected to push up and cross.
    Mert plays sweeper and needs a deep line because he has no pace. The other two need a high line to use their pace as they don’t defend well with balls and players coming at them.
    Midfield that one plays deep and 2 attack and leave a huge space in the middle or it’s so congested we trip each other up.
    No width as both wingers (who want to be strikers) pull inside and are poor crossers to a target man with no one playing off him.

  81. It is fish in the lowest possible sense of the word Rico. A half inch of teeth breaking batter eventually gives way to a small piece of white material that may, or may not, have swum in the sea once. The chips are ok. Mrs Adam does like a cup of hot chocolate on cold days though, before her fish and chips. At half time she usually has a tuna salad roll she has bought which is them supplemented with a couple of bananas and some aniseed balls or pear drops from the bloke who sits behind us. She has a very fast metabolism. :)

  82. Its a free world folks syou are entitled to disagree . All I know is when the best defenders are listed he is never mentioned so….

    I still respect TA for what he did for our club, but on the other hand I am realistic and do not let my heart influence my decisions.

    Most arsenal fans are like those families who allow their sons/daughters to go on talent shows like x-factor when everyone knows they are crap…

    Arsenal fans will swap 9/10 of our player with other team’s players but then moan when the same players are sold… and then turn up their noses are non- glamorous players.

    Why are we the only fans in the league wthat moan enough to be heard on TV during match days when passes are misplaced?

  83. TS. I don’t get any of that at all. “Most Arsenal fans are like those families who allow their sons/daughters to go on shows like x-factor when everyone knows they are crap”
    What does that actually mean?

  84. Most ask why Diame was not bought but he was available on a free transfer as a DM and not even QPR went for him because he was cack in that position…

    Again I ask why do we moan that things are not like they were when we were winning when to be frank AW is actually doing what was being done then. He was still converting LB’s to CM, covering Cashley to LB etc. And again, if there was no Chavs or $hitty won’t we be where we are as the 2nd best team in the league?

    Yes RedNose may be considered a genius but why is a club that is considered the richest, in almost half a billion dollars in debt? The same AF who claimed he bought Ronaldo without seeing a lot of him but made a higher bid to beat us because of Carlos Queiroz and because the best talent spotter in Europe was going to buy him.

    The same man who bought Bebe without seeing him play not even once…

    Yes AF may win everything but how many points do they earn each season which are debatable?

  85. TS. I don’t think that most ask why Diame wasn’t bought. Come to think of it I have never heard anybody ask that question.
    Wenger is not doing as he was doing then. We had 4 top strikers then for a start.
    The reason why they are so much in debt is that the Glazers borrowed the money to buy Man U and haven’t paid it back yet. As for the Ronaldo thing, he didn’t get a bad deal did he?

  86. It means like maaurenho describe to AW once, (and paraphrase here) we keep looking over someone else’s fence wishing for theirs when we can make ours better.

    We keep moaning about players salary and all that but do we honestly think you can continually spend less and achieve more than we have?

    As I keep saying trying not to be disrespectful, why do some fans keep eating a dish wish is served to them when they claim they do not want if a gun is not held to their heads.

    I use to be a ST holder myself but I gave it up because of 4 reasons. One reason was that I was sick and tired of pretentious blokes moaning all match long. The other reason was that my employers told me to give it up for a while because of some foreign people were attending matches at Emirates not to watch football but to do other things as well…

  87. This is getting bloody surreal now.
    TS. What are the other two reasons?

  88. Did he not buy Kanu with a heart condition when even Inter with their millions thought he was high risk?

    Ahh, manure were already in debt before the Glazers…. one reason why they were looking for a buyer!

  89. :grin: Adam you are nosey. It is all to do with my former work…. ;)

    Lets leave it there..

  90. Kanu had an operation to address that condition and did ok for us. Before going on to have a long career without incident that I an remember. Your point is?
    I don’t think Man U were in debt before the Glazers leveraged a buy out.

  91. Like I told WATH several weeks ago… people like Litvinenko were all coming to Emirates and they had ‘tails’ on them ;) ;)

  92. Long lunch TS?

  93. Ah, I see. That explains it then.

  94. Off out. Later folks.

  95. Squilaci has got a tail on him…so?

  96. Afternoon everyone. Rico, Adam, WATH, Rocky, Lee etc…

    I said in August that Diaby would get injured on 2nd of September v’s Liverpool and that he would be out until the January Transfer window. I was just over 20 days out. I was in the Emirates to see the alleged “Beast” this site drooled over limp off v’s Chelsea. He is now back from injury and JUST in time so he can’t be replaced this window…???
    Abou Diaby is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the club.

    As a squad, that’s the first fifteen or sixteen and I don’t include Coquelin, Gervais, Santos or Jenkinson in that lot, and on paper we ARE a cracking side. Very balanced – So what is wrong?

    We had had to watch Wenger isolate Walcott from the 1st eleven as he wouldn’t sign a contract; and watch him play both Gervais and Ramsey totally out of position – The poor man’s Hazard at CF and Ramsey out wide.
    Every “supporter” that KNOWS football, knows that this is a lot of what is wrong at the club.
    I’m not a big fan of Walcott, but he is a lot better CF and winger than Gervais and certainly a better wide man than Ramsey. However it is not my call; it is Arsene Wenger’s.
    Why is Cazorla utilised in the “false nine” position that keeps on getting talked about, when we all know that he is an ambidextrous and top quality wide man, as has been proved by his performances in Spain, both for his former clubs and national side.
    We have possibly one of the best “false nines” in world football – well he was before he came to us – in Andrey Arshavin, yet apart from this years League Cup bar the debacle at Bradford, he has always been utilised as a left sided wide man or as centre forward, yet Wenger came out and stated to the press after the Coventry game (6-1) where he was without doubt man of the match, saying: “I now feel this is his favoured position” or words to that effect….????
    Our forwards can score, but we have had a problem getting the ball to them? Why when we have the solution.
    He doesn’t like Arshavin.

    I cringe when I see the one-paced Coquelin getting picked above better players. The same goes for Gnabry, Gervais and to an extent this season Aaron Ramsey. But now Diaby is back?

    Wenger has his favourites and he only sees what he wants to see.
    Ok, Arshavin is a lazy bastard. So was Alex Song, Denilson and a load more. At times there was no lazier bastard then Thierry Henry. It is up to a manager to put that fucking right.

    He may have helped make the careers of certain individuals, but he has ruined the careers of many more.

    He’s got rid of Djourou, a player he has continually persisted with and that helped lose us the League Cup Final and Chamakh, a player he chased until we got him on a free and then who we couldn’t get shut of. We have two spaces currently up for grabs. Replace Diaby and there are three.

    We have a massive problem at the No. 3. position. Santos is shit and Gibbs isn’t a defender. Good at raiding forward, mediocre at being a defender.
    We need a box to box or anchor man in midfield or someone to take the heat off the midfield.

    Sjneider is or was available. Possibly the best midfielder in world football. A winner. The Turkish champions allegedly got the okay on an £8M deal and £115k p/w but he wants to come to England.

    Us, we are fucking about looking at a kid from Palace at £12M who has done jack shit and with his transfer fee comes the inflated wages.

    There’s a pattern.

  97. Yeah, I only really blog in the transfer window TsGH. this one is doing my head in. Hope you’re doing good?

  98. Afternoon all!
    Any news?

  99. Adam and just to clarify, I did not know who that gent was or if he was going to the Emi at the time. I was told not to go and as an obedient subject I knew the score. How they knew I had a ticket its a guessing game as it wasn’t even in my name… ;)

    I found out later…

  100. Me and my loved ones are all alive and healthy that is what matters to me SYG…

    With Arsenal it is boring now really. I only come on here now to socialise and take in others views even if I disagree ;)

    The club is a joke. I know 3 people who have been offered tickets for Sunday and only 2 are supporters. They are all posh so and so’s who will fit in perfectly to make the atmosphere seem like a 5:30 mass in the Vatican.

  101. Afternoon JM. same old same old I am afraid.

    So who did the Sevilla president come to meet yesterday?

  102. 1.27 Adam :lol:

  103. Hi SYG, we’re going to sign fuck all players, nish nought,zip,zero!When Diaby plays and plays well we look like world beaters…the only flaw is that he’s never fit! So an Earth shattering idea why don’t we buy a player of his type that seldom gets injured??
    Just a thought…

  104. 1.46 Tsgh – isn’t it peoples right to moan if they see fit?

    Good job you don’t go these days ;)

  105. Rico, does Fido like antler bones? Dave’s favourite!!

  106. Tsgh.

    Is your email address still the same??

    Hi Syg

  107. Not the last time she tried them Lee ;)

    What are they?

  108. I’ll mail you…

  109. Thanks Lee – have they got marrowbone in??

    The last bone we gave Fido, she staled it and barked at it for 20 mins, but never chewed/ate it… Daft dog!

  110. hi Rico apologies… yes it is.

  111. Daft owner… :lol:

  112. Syg –

    ‘I was in the Emirates to see the alleged “Beast” this site drooled over limp off v’s Chelsea. He is now back from injury and JUST in time so he can’t be replaced this window’…???

    Who on here has ever drooled over Diaby?? You have the wrong site ….!

  113. Stan has “creamed” over his boy Diaby before…

  114. No worries Ts..
    :lol: Lee, I even put it in her food bowl, still no joy ….

  115. Ah yes, Stanley, and Will I suspect…

  116. Hi SYG. Glad to see you back. We have missed your no-nonsense posts.

  117. Mrs Adam likes Antler Bones Lee. On toast

  118. The current Mrs Adam? I prefer cod’s roe myself…
    When are you thinking of going to the B.S?

  119. The urgency of these new recruits joining is amazing!

  120. I suspect that is after you have scoffed the Antler Adam….

  121. Yes, the current one Lee. The others couldn’t stand Antler Bones so I used to grind them up and surreptitiously put them in their food. I was cited for unreasonable behaviour as a result. Quite unjustifiably in my opinion.

  122. I still have a sneaky feeling Walcott won’t sign…..

  123. I think BS next week Lee. When I mentioned free champagne and sandwiches Mrs Adam had her coat on. :)

  124. Rico. I am so happy I am not as negative as you about these things. :)

  125. We know who’s coat would be on if the Cava was free flowing! I have a spiking drinks up story for 31st…
    On another note, the £143m annual wage bill is ridiculous in itself but it’s spread out so disproportionately…just a thought!

  126. I’m off to chat with a few chickens, they might help me pluck up some enthusiasm Adam..

    Sorry to be quite so negative….

    Back in a bit….

  127. I replied to your email Rico…

  128. I read that Chelsea have offered Guardiola £54 million to take over as manager. Is that per week do you think?

  129. Hiya Adam.
    How is Mrs Adam? Good I hope and still mildly wringing her hands…

  130. A day, of course.

  131. Good post Rico,

    Had a quick look at the comments…same old same old.


  132. Why can’t the myopic one see what we need?? So frustrating…

  133. Hi SYG. Yes mate, she is well thank you. We send our regards. Glad you are back. How come you only blog in the transfer window? Is that because of the excitement it so regularly brings?
    Seriously, where do you see the club in say 3 years?
    Lee. That article encompasses the BR perfectly. It is a two-car collison where both cars are brimmed full of shit! It gets everywhere.

  134. JW. It’s true. Some things just never change.

  135. Lee. Let me ask you. Where do you see the club in 3 years?

  136. If things remain the same, Europa League mediocrity.
    With SOJI and a new manager, world domination.
    And you?

  137. Afternoon all.

    Lee, why are you still at work? Have you seen the time? You should be off down the leg-draggers end of Liverpool Street by now…..

  138. Hi SYG. Been a while!

  139. I am off to devour “Pham sushi” at home with the family…

  140. Close to you Lee. My fear is that Wenger will carry on in exactly the same way and that other clubs, like Everton and Spurs will overtake us. If this happens the fan base will certainly fall away. The ground will be full-ish I imagine but the ST turnaround will be huge. There could be another few sugar daddies arriving and that could mean 6th or 7th place for a while. But SOJI and a really new dynamic at the club with rationalisation of playing staff and a meritocracy in wages and it’s certainly all there to be right at the top.

  141. I wish I was Andre Arshavin, 80k a week to do f**k all. Sweet little number that.

    Why are we not doing everything possible to get him off the wage bill, even if it means subsidising the remaining wage?!

  142. Lewis. It is because Arsene Wenger is a financial genius. :)

  143. You’d have a MASSIVE arse though Lewis. And have a really high pitched voice. And look like a rat.

  144. Cracks me up Adam, he bleats on about the economic doom throughout the world, yet we have players who he himself signed sitting about doing f**k all on £80k a week. Beggars belief.

    Haha rocky.

  145. I prefer Arsene the top drawer manager than the current economics guru we have!
    Rocky, platforms 1-6 is where the Jeremy Kyle-ites commute back to their abodes! A high percentage of these abodes have wheels. Hedgehog anyone? ;)

  146. AW is still looking ‘for top top’, ‘exceptional’ player. He is just in a little bubble world of its own. ‘Top top’ players means you spend more of that money tight head

  147. The Do-as-you-likeys round our way get offended with that Lee! They like to remind us they are STATIC!

  148. Adam – I honestly thought that this year was our year. We bought very well, but we really needed two more. Sahin might have worked.
    The injuries that let Mannone in was very unfortunate and that lost us games we should have won, as did the manager deciding on playing some of his pet players and players out of position rather than what was really required.
    Wenger hasn’t just become a bad manager, I think he has just got far too much control, so much so that his head is elsewhere and as a matter of course and over the past 4 years I think he has slowly lost the dressing room.
    Gibbs is a good player, but the manager doesn’t manage him properly. He needs a major bollocking every now and again. The same goes for Vermaelen. Rule 1 in defence – if in doubt, boot it out.
    The 3-man midfield is brilliant on paper, but they aren’t ticking. They will, but not yet. Arshavin should be tried with Cazorla moving right or left or right and left.
    Giroud is a good powerful player as is Podolski. Walcott adds something else.
    Add Rosicky, Ox-Cham, Ramsey and Koscieilny and we aren’t that bad.

    The team needs two world class players adding and managing properly.

    3 years time we’ll still be here, hopefully with Mourinho or Guardiola as manager.

  149. Mind you, They get offended being called Do-as-you-likeys too……

  150. Exactly Emma. Seriouly, evertime AW opens his mouth, I just want to cry.

  151. As Fraser said “we’re all doomed…”

  152. And you-wrong Lee…. the people leaving on platforms 1-6 are the people that watch the shuttle crash that is Jeremy Kyle to laugh at folk that depart Liverpool Street on any platform higher than 10!

  153. I used to enjoy AW’s press conferences, now I don’t even bother watching.

  154. Dont want to blow up yet. He still got 20 days to change my opinion about him. He is still in his little bubble world that we can still catch Manutd. Dream on Arsene!. If he doesn’t get in a DM we should kiss our only trophy goodbye ;(

  155. You suggesting I am a Cavaholic Lee….

    Evening peoples….

  156. Evening Rico.

  157. Do you mean the 4th placed trophy emma? ;)

  158. Right gang, I’m off. May pop on here on Sunday (depends if I keep up my month-long Arsenal match embargo) so may catch you then. If not, see you monday!

    Have a good weekend all

  159. howdy folks, man its cold! any news? have we signed anyone? hey lee.

  160. get back here rocky you islington prick. i just got here.

  161. lewis – yep ;)

    What makes me cringe now is Squilly is closer to first team appearance if any injuries occur to our CB(mert,kos,tv). We don’t have a backup LB and AW is saying in each position we have 2 able players.Why send Djorou on loan? If Giroud or Theo gets injured who sparehead the attack since Chamakh has gone on loan. If arteta gets injured or overplayed who is the reliable backup will could call upon. We don’t have a reliable backup keeper. Surely AW is in his little bubble world. Lets wait till 31st!!!

  162. Safe journey rocky and have a good weekend…

  163. howdy rico, i see wenger has been running his mouth again……..why don’t this old geezer just shut up. he’s sounding like a broken record. somebody gag him.

  164. Evening Lewis, emma, goonster

    Safe journey to you too Lee, enjoy whatever that is you are off to share ;)

  165. If the cap fits Rico!

  166. hey lee what’s popping amigo? its friday! any plans?

  167. :lol: Lee…

    goonster – nearly as bad as having to listen to RvP talking about his new team… makes my blood boil….

  168. whoa scratch that? has the dutch skunk been talking to the media? what did he say? God give me strength.

  169. West ham have signed another striker, how many do they need???

  170. probably a truckload……..i see chamakh hitting form soon and making arsene look like a mug!

  171. He has been talking to his new clubs tv channel goonie, after picking up the player of the month award…

    Horrid to hear him talk about how much more his side has in them etc etc….

  172. rico – I’ve got the feeling from Wenger’s presser TW will ‘sign da thing’ ;)

  173. Don’t know why but I think you might just be right. Big Sam has made it clear that he will supply the right ball to him…

  174. Goon what’s good bro?

  175. This is Crazy

  176. Evening all. Nice win in the cricket.
    So Rico. Where will we be in 3 years?

  177. When Wenger says he is confident that a player will sign emma, they seldom do….

    I’m not confident….

    Maybe I will go and hunt down his brother-in-law at the local VW garage – he might know ;)

  178. rico am never wrong! chamakh is not shit like most believe him to be. he and gourcuff terrorize the french league a few years back. he ll be a hit at the hammers. mark my words.

  179. hey DNA, where in blazes have you been? i missed ya bro. are u back from the island man?

  180. Yes, I came back on Sunday, I was in NC pop on the blog but u weren’t on, but I’m good just chilling.

  181. maybe WH wants to loan us a striker…

  182. Hi Gunnerdna. Good to see you back. A man of conviction I think. :)

  183. was busy as hell bro, so how was your trip? feel refreshed huh?

  184. hey adam, how’s mrs A? where is kev at? he’s barely here when i come on. bummer.

  185. Hi Goonie. Kev is working I think Stan. We’re ok, but it is getting cold here. Really cold.

  186. I’ll still be here Adam, watching my Sony Bravia in front of a log burner and moaning about Arsenal.

  187. yeah i feel you adam….hope you all are all wrapped up and warm. what’s the temperature over there?

  188. Very good win in the cricket Adam.. It’s been a while…

  189. Rico. In an ever-changing world, you are the on true constant. Do you think Diaby will be fit by then? :)

  190. It was good goon, it’s always good being around family and friends. I wasn’t gone Adam just tired of the same bs everyday, afc is not just about winning so why even talk about them.

  191. hmmmmmm rico, now that’s the life. i envy you mama bear. am here chopping wood in the cold while you re somewhere in reading lounging. what a wacky world!

  192. Goonie. It’s about zero and seems like it will be for a while. It will be colder in the country where young Rico is huddled around her log burner.

  193. DNA, you have my permission to diss wenger all you want from now on. am done defending him. we re a joke club. end of!

  194. Goon good game tonight on ESPN @ 10:30 if ur interested OKC vs La Lakers

  195. zero! am frightened to even tell you the temperature here!

  196. Diaby fit? For sure he will be Adam, fit for bloody nothing to do with football!

    You could always come and chop wood for me goonster, and you can share the glow with a nice warming dinner….

  197. i hate the lakers bro, am a boston cletic fan. always have, always will. what NFL team do you support?

  198. Is that Gdna back here, good to see you…. :)

  199. Goon to b honest with u, I’m regarded as a bad guy so I don’t even mention that guy name anymore, the FIFA 11 shows all we need to know about the epl.

  200. now you re speaking my language………..what’s for dinner? woofie?

  201. My teams in the usa are OKC, NY Giants, NY Yankees. I do like Rando he is a superstar

  202. Happy new year rico, best wishes to u n the family.

  203. Go on Goonie. What is the temperature?

  204. yankees are a baseball franchise right? i love the bears. chicago bears that is!

  205. no adam, you ll die of jealousy!

  206. Goonie. That is a rare, if not unique offer from Rico. She has one of the finest Cava cellars in Western Europe too. The perfect accompaniment for grilled Halloumi.

  207. I am seething with jealousy you blond Dutch God. :)

  208. Yes goon Yankees r baseball franchise

  209. screw it adam am not into wine………am a binge drinker. all i want is a few bottles of GG and woofie barbecued! perfect dinner.

  210. Goon when u plan to take a trip to London

  211. hahahahahh don’t start now adam, clorinda shaved off my golden locks. am all washed up. no more cojones.

  212. trip to london???? when the HH curry club( and DNA tha’t’s just a bunch of old has beens) deem it fit to invite me over.

  213. DNA how do the syrup’s sports franchises do in the states?

  214. You’re cordially invited Stan.

  215. hahahahah lee you plonker…….as if its that easy.

  216. Your invite and venue will be written on rice paper, after you’ve read it you have to eat it!

  217. Adam his franchise always trade it’s best player, they r always rebuilding.

  218. You can swing by London whilst en route to Arnhem next time buddy!

  219. hahahah sounds delicious lee, hope old WATH ll be on hand to carry my luggage from the airport?

  220. Mid table mediocrity then?

  221. i will lee……thanks.

  222. Hey Dna… you are back like Makaveli.. :D

  223. Thanks Gdn – same to you and yours…

    Quick bite to eat and i will be back ;)

  224. I’m sure WATH will carry your bags.

  225. I dropped you an email

  226. Lee Stan is no good, Americans only love football, basketball and to some extent baseball, which is played more by the Spanish. Some people I met don’t even know how much minutes soccer is played for. I honestly feel Stan was forced to buy shares in afc.

  227. What’s the plan for tonight Stan? Any nailing on the cards?

  228. tsGh I wasn’t gone just tired of the same thing everyday

  229. Morning all.
    How many new targets do we have?
    No new signings yet :)
    Theo……put pen to paper?
    Gee, won’t we hear some screaming about Wenger if he leaves at the last minute with no time to get a replacement in……..and even i would say deservedly so.
    Ginge, you stayed true and did well overnight…….”pretentious blokes moaning all match long”……loved it lol.

  230. Wonder what it will cost Jabba to buy Arsenal?

  231. TS, there’s been at least three suicides at that restaurant! Terrible.

  232. Have you been to football match in England Scott?

  233. nailing lee? nah am done. washed up. howdy scott? how’s the land down under? am thinking of visiting you soon but the distance is killing me. 19 hours flight? now way! we dutch love to keep our feet on the ground!

  234. Really? Lee I did not realise you had a premium membership there. Posh boy… ;)

  235. Hiya Scott on the grave yard shift?

  236. They won’t give a monkey’s they will be coin money in from the sale of it……

  237. Lee, i am not sure if you are being sarcastic, a smart arse on genuine here….i will take it as the latter, though i have said before i haven’t which you may have missed……..no i haven’t as i have never been to England.
    Hoping wifey will give me a pass this year.
    It is hard for her to digest the fact that 5-6 grand is worth it to see two football matches.

  238. I’ve eaten there a couple of times it’s just a restaurant but there’s an outside terrace and its bloody high up!!

  239. No I was asking a genuine question…..your perspective may alter slightly after the experience.

  240. Actually that’s all dependant on where you sit in the Stadium and who’s sitting in your vicinity….

  241. TS, if Stepney is posh then…..

  242. Lee, the one thing i have always said is i don’t understand the attitude you guys have, but that is not a knock, it’s because of the reason you pointed out….different perspective.
    I could watch a few games and just be shellshocked and in awe with the atmosphere, but if i did see 10,20 games no doubt my views would change.
    Maybe it is a good thing i live here….the aura around Arsenal still exists :)
    Then again, i really am a pretty positive person, so maybe it would not change my opinion, but who knows?
    I would like to think not though.
    I just love Ginge’s positivity for obvious reasons lol.
    Ayways….off to work followed by cricket…..43 degrees today is the forecast, so maybe the pub will be calling.
    Have a great day/night guys.

  243. Stan…. Bears suck arse mate. Vikings all the way! Vikes/Bruins/Yankees. Basketball is too dull to comprehend, but used to like the Trailblazers when Drexler played for them

    And I don’t live in Islington!!

  244. Evening ….

    We signed… no,I won’t even ask…. ;)

  245. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay rocky is back………who the heck is drexler? vikings huh? yuck, am a redskin fan!

  246. I feel dirty Rockster….platform 8 tonight! :lol:

  247. Those ”pretentious blokes moaning all match long” Scott are Arsenal fans, or are you talking about the JCL’s and plastics?

    If so, I don’t think they moan, they are just happy to be anywhere in the PL watching a football team

  248. Lee,

    You 7.21 – for AU, it would be the equivalent of me buying a bottle of Lidi’s Cava….

  249. Some of the things I’ve heard from the JCL’s at the Emirates are so cringeworthy, unbelievable tbh!

  250. I’ve not been for a while so haven’t heard the latest lot of garbage…

  251. I’ve given up alcohol for January and all you can talk about is Cava!! ;)

  252. I used to like the globetrotters rocky, they were on on Saturday mornings when I was a youngun….

  253. Err Lee
    Be-ave………..us stepney boys no how to down a cuppa mate

  254. :lol: Lee – but you started it…

    Good for you though, and when you get to the end of January, try February :)

  255. So was the banana splits Rico or was that after your time? Bill & Ben more your era….. ;)

  256. Welcome to the good end Lee!!

    Still on the train home. Its rammed, and full of the great unwashed. And it stinks. And I don’t have a seat.

    Stan…. Clyde Drexler. Legend. Look him up mate! And did you call the curry club a group of has-beens?! I’m only 34!!

  257. Wenger….said that he was looking to strengthen ” in every area of the pitch”.

    Are we relaying the pitch

  258. Bollocks to that Rico, the HH curry night on 31st January….I’ll be as drunk as seven men!! Screaming obscenities about five head and santos….Rock,AK and Adam can’t wait!!! ;)

  259. What is a JCL?

  260. Fred. Are you a Stepney boy then?

  261. Wenger is looking to strengthen his bank account…Fred.
    I looked on another blog and there were people hoping Arsenal lose plus players get injured! How fucked up is that?

  262. Born and breed mate

  263. Jonny Come Lately.

  264. 34! yikes that’s half me dad’s age before he kicked the bucket…….well WATH and kev are!

  265. Fred. My wife comes out of Stepney. Right opposite the Stepney Green station.

  266. Stepney and now in freezing Colchester….

  267. Thanks Lee. I am a JCL and proud of it. I also can’t understand the negativity around the club. :)

  268. I was born there Adam.

  269. Lee. You’re not a Stepney boy.

  270. Lee
    Love the Arsenal never miss a game if I don’t go I watch it live(stream) where ever I am.

  271. Rico,it was not my comment, it was one from Ginge.
    I just said i loved it…nothing more.

  272. I thought you were a rich young toff from Eton.

  273. Coming from three generations of Arsenal supporters….sorry Adam your not a JCL.

  274. Adam
    Just by the beggers…to much info mate

  275. La la la, la la la la….. One banana, two banana….

    Mine was The Partridge Family, Jackson Five and Mary, Mungo and Midge :)

    And yes, all with a bit of Bill and Ben and Andy Pandy

  276. Isn’t football a serf’s game?

  277. I know it well. The HH Curry club convene at Tayaabs quite regularly. I am out of Highbury myself.

  278. Arabian nights, too! “Shazam size of an elephant”

  279. It is Lee, not really for toffs, bounders and cads like yourself. :)

  280. Have a few for me Lee and include a few other players to abuse :)

  281. And the magic Roundabout……

    Just asking Scott – I guess when we sit and moan at the television we can’t be heard ;)

  282. hey rico how’s the dinner coming? am hungry as hell!

  283. Mines all eaten goonster – it wouldn’t have appealed to you though…

  284. Err Lads Wonder if you can try and help me you see
    every friday I go down the pub with me west ham mates and I’am recking me brains trying to think of something positive to tell them about Greasy Bonce.

  285. how do you mean? its food right?

  286. Don’t forget to ask the lasses fred ;)

    Tell them he’s great in the ‘hair’ ;)

  287. Veggie though goonster. Soya mince and onion with gravy, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli…..

  288. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww no meat? what are ya? a buddhist?

  289. You could mention Las Vegas Fred,but what happens on tour stays on tour….so Adam told me.

  290. I do my share of screaming Rico lol.
    Mistakes from players don’t worry so much as laziness.
    There is nothing worse than a player not putting in, imo, and a few of our guys efforts in tracking back to help defensively leave a lot to be desired.
    Bludgers will get me screaming.

  291. Not bad rico

  292. Thanks Lads
    Think I’am ready for the mincer now

  293. It’s a conspiracy….

  294. You look at Arselona all their offensive players can play anywhere, you don’t get one of them asking to be an out and out striker. Secondly they all track back and defend…..

  295. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here comes allezkev to save the day. howdy AK, you freezing yet?

  296. My point exactly Scott…. No different to the moaners then…
    :lol: Lee, I like that…

    No goonster, Pescetarianism is my religion…

  297. The FreeMasons are behind it….

  298. Both barrels Fred!

  299. Lasses fred, some of us are lasses ;)

    Hi Ak, nippy??

  300. Don’t trust anyone Stan…

  301. I blame them for everything Ak…

    Don’t go praising that lot Lee…

  302. Is that it Kev?

  303. what’s a pesce………what’s that maam?

  304. Hi Scott stop rating on your fellow :D I nearly got away with it until you reported me to Rico.

    Have a good day mate. And thanks a lot for rubbing our faces in the 43 deg…

  305. Grrrr – I’ve played tinman ;)

    6yrs old I think at he time….

  306. see ya kev………

  307. A non meat eating religion goonster…

    Ts – I’d read yours too, you didn’t get away with it ;)

  308. Lee- ahh stepney. I am a shoreditch boy or at least I was …

    I still frequent Hoxton square quite a bit

  309. hold on hold on……..so why in God’s name are you keeping chicks? i ll never undertand women. its beyond me. you even have a woofie, a delicious one at that! yet no meat??? what in the world!

  310. Eggs goonster, I love eggs – and they are not ‘table chicken’ – pure layers….

  311. so what do you do when they re all washed up and can’t lay again?

  312. You’ll get a slap when I see you goonster… for your comment about the woofa ;)

  313. Hoxton’s uber trendy now, my dad’s old stomping ground 50yrs ago though…..

  314. Nothing, they just roam around for fun down the bottom of the garden….

  315. Ginge, i am not happy about the heat mate, believe me…..oppressive is one word that springs to mind.
    Rico…touche lol.
    Vegetarian though?
    I would cut my leg off to get a feed of meat.
    Had my friends wife who is a Vegetarian having a go a me telling me i eat too much meat and suggested she take me for a vegetable curry….no worries, i responded, as long as she has a Beef Madras!!
    Didn’t want to know about it…
    Lee,on the Spanish lads…you are right.
    I have no time for their club ethics, but the work ethic of their players can’t be questioned.
    Wtf were they thinking when they signed Song though :)

  316. Stan, we will have her tucking in to a T-bone steak before the weekend is through.
    Keep going lad :)

  317. hahhahahahahaha a slap huh? its worth every last morsel of that tasty delicious woofa. where is WATH when you need him? i need a barbecue dog you numbskull. where are you?

  318. Where/what is the Hoxtons?

  319. Nearly 4m hits Rico…..fair play!!

  320. yes scott…..i ll give an arm to have her chew on a juicy dog carcass. deliciouso.

  321. If Jabba gave you a tenner for every hit ie £40m, and that was your war chest……who would you buy???

  322. capoue, cavanni and begovic!

  323. That is one thing you are totally wrong about Scott, I haven’t eaten Beef for 30 years plus, I sure won’t be starting now :)

    But i totally agree re the friend of your wife, no-one should tell you what to eat…

  324. yikes! 30 years! so you havent had a marinated chicken in 30 years? what about a juicy steak dinner? lord rico you need to go out often. where is WATH ffs? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  325. Thanks Lee, above and beyond what I ever imagined…

    3 years old this year….

    I’d be torn between Falcao or

    Fellaini and Sakho…

    Or Fellaini, Mbiwa and a striker

  326. I said beef goonster!!

    The rest is around ten years….

  327. Would you get those three for £40 million goonie?

  328. It’s hard I keep changing from..
    Jovetic, Capoue , Bergovic
    Fellaini, Remy,Mbiwa
    Cavani, M’Vila
    Or just get Gambon and be done with it…..

  329. Stan you’ve only got £40m unless Kev’s funding you, might as well get Lionel…. :lol:

  330. hahahahaha, lee with wenger;s eye for a bargain, i won’t be surprised if we get all 3 for less than 30 mil!

  331. I really really rate Goetze but we allegedly have offered £30m and got a knock back. I can’t see AW tabled that much……

  332. Tough isn’t it Lee, imagine if you had the £40 million that AW is rumoured to have….

    On that note, I’m off for the day, it’s way past my bedtime…. :)

    Night all and have a good one…

    Snow on Sunday :)

  333. Or even the £70 million :P

  334. we were never i for goetxe lee………we went for the poor man’s version(according to some mypoic fans) in eisfeild.

  335. You think this team could of had Hazard,Mata,Cahill or Ba in it.

  336. Night Rico, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

  337. Oh, I’d make a cheeky bid for Torres….

    Nigh all, gone now….

  338. :) Lee, night to you….

  339. Rico,
    Is that because you can’t get a decent steak in England :)

  340. I’m gone now, be good people.

  341. Sipping on my bubble of wine. Reading through the comments. Love the entertainment.

    Night all. See ya 2morrow.

  342. Fergie thanks AW for selling RvP to him….grow some bollocks Arsenal and show some ambition. We need to add some proven quality players, try acting like a big club for a change. If Wenger doesn’t do the right thing this window he might as well go..

  343. Morning all. Just got all bitter and twisted writing that in the post Lee…

  344. New Post is up now….

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