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Diaby returns & Jenkinson off? Szczesny’s a Gooner and Theo still hasn’t signed………

Morning all,

Just when we all thought the Walcott situation was drawing to a close and Wenger/Gazidis might actually be free to sort a couple of transfer moves out, Diaby only goes and plays for the reserves and doesn’t suffer a setback!

We all know what that means don’t we, but that isn’t the way to take our squad into and beyond the next few moths, let alone the next few seasons. For sure its good news as Manchester City come to visit at the weekend but Diaby won’t save our season, or any future ones!

Frimpong played yesterday too, although instead of playing in his usual role, he was shoved out onto the left and the little tough tackler was somehow sent off towards the end for a second bookable offence. I didn’t see the game but a full write up is here if you want to read it.

Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Coquelin also featured – as did Santos and Mannone. The Italian didn’t manage to keep a clean sheet as West Brom held the reserves to a 1-1 scoreline.

Talking of goalkeepers, what is Mannone still doing at Arsenal? Wojciech Szczesny has been talking about his life at the club:

Ever since I signed for this club, I’ve become an Arsenal fan, It feels like it’s more than me just playing and doing my best on a Saturday afternoon. I feel like I have a much bigger part to play at this club. It means that little bit more to me.

I think there’s a lot of players in this team that are genuine Gooners. You’ve got people like Carl Jenkinson, there’s Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong – a lot of young players who really feel it’s the biggest honour they could have, to play for this club.

I think that’s very important for the future.

I think I improve with every single game, I get the experience that is needed for a young keeper, so it’s important for me to play as many games as possible. 

I don’t think about playing for any other club. I see my future at Arsenal Football Club. I committed to coming here at the age of 16, not to then leave at the age of 24. That’s not how it works for me. I think coming over to England at the age of 16 was the most important decision of my life and probably the best one, to date.

Szczesny ‘thinks’ a lot doesn’t he. ;)

Can’t believe he is just twelve games away from reaching his 100th for our club. A long way to go to match David Seaman’s Club record of 564 appearances in goal but he’s still only 22 years old so there’s plenty of time ahead for him.

He mentioned Carl Jenkison, another player who surely has a fantastic future ahead of him with us. A player born and bred with red and white running through his veins. Many think he should be playing at right back now with Sagna off his game but reports in The Sun this morning suggest that he could be about to go out on loan for a while.

Crystal Palace are reported to want him there but Jenks wants to stay in the Premier League…

Who could blame him.

That’s it for today, have a good one…..

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285 Responses to Diaby returns & Jenkinson off? Szczesny’s a Gooner and Theo still hasn’t signed………

  1. Arsenal News says:

    [...] Diaby returns & Jenkinson off? Szczesny’s a Gooner and Theo still hasn’t signed……… [...]

  2. Scott from Oz says:

    Wenger Out.
    Drop the prices.
    Send some f***ing money.
    Aaaahhhhhh, that is better lol.
    Good post, and you have got to love Szczesny.
    No way Jenks should be going out on loan.
    The way Sagna is going, Jenks is our number one LB!

  3. Ozgunner10 says:

    really surprised Jenks hasn’t played more often

  4. Scott from Oz says:

    Agreed Oz.
    It certainly isn’t Sagnas form keeping him out.

  5. Ozgunner10 says:

    i agree with all your point scott lol

  6. Scott from Oz says:

    You would you bastard lol.
    How is WA holding up?
    Not burnt to the ground i hope??

  7. Ozgunner10 says:

    he’s had some shockers mate that is for sure – mind elsewhere? really not up for the game, although he’s not alone i guess

  8. Ozgunner10 says:

    we had some killer record days mate – night time is the worst trying to sleep – but last 2 days have eased a bit

  9. Mattyboy says:

    Jenko on loan?? utter rubbish who would drop in to back sagna with djourou and squillaci gone?

  10. Scott from Oz says:

    We have had two cooler days as well.
    It will be firing up again for the weekend…high 30’s for a few days.
    A few of our guys are struggling, that is for certain.
    Not sure what the issue is, but they would want to sort themselves out.

  11. TT says:

    Diaby is like a new signing and so is Theo…..This is the best squad I have ever had I don’t see the need to sign anyone now. Signing a new striker or midfielder would kill (insert a name). Be ready to be disappointed gooners, we will get the usual bullshit and no signing of any caliber. And the board will be shocked when the ST come to be renewed at the lack of interest in their “affairs”.

  12. Ozgunner10 says:

    some of the national fires are devastating mate – can be a dangerous country when things go wrong – then you have idiots starting them deliberately ffs

  13. rico says:

    Morning all..

    Jenks at LB, you are thinking like Wenger Scott :lol:

  14. rico says:

    Fergie is close to capturing Zaha…

  15. Scott from Oz says:

    Sorry Rico….it has been a long day lol!!!
    Oz, if caught, arsonists should be tied to a tree in the fires path.

  16. Scott from Oz says:

    A question on Zaha, and i admit i have seen very, very little of him.
    How good is he?
    Usually a player causing such a stir has been under the spotlight earlier than 20 years of age.
    Is he the real deal?

  17. Lee says:

    TT, you can also insert the year too…….from 2006 anyway!

  18. Bradster says:

    Hi all,

    So is it official that walcott has signed?
    I was thinking that perhaps we should only play Diaby on pitches like bowling greens and against technical teams, no hard tackling. Oh and only for 60 mins at a time once a week.He might survive then.
    Been an awesome Summer here, low 30’s and clear. My pool was 31 degrees yesterday felt like a bath, perfect trying to cool off in a pool as hot as the weather. Good to hear it’s getting better there Scott.
    So how is this Mainz striker we’re supposedly interested in?

  19. Lewis says:

    Morning all.

    Sagna should be dropped on recent form, his propensity for slicing balls into our penalty area is retarded and his heart doesn’t look to be in it right now. Jenks should be given a run not loaned out.

    Have a strong and worrying feeling we won’t be strengthening the squad this window.

  20. rico says:

    Gets boring doesn’t it TT….

    Totally agree Lewis, Jenks on loan would be a crazy move in my view…

    Not yet Bradster, suggestion is that the deal will be announced on Sunday

  21. rico says:

    Matty, talking of JD, did you see that playing him at Rb shattered his confidence and Merts told him to go on loan.

    Could be the best decision he has made, hope he plays every game and we see how good or bad he really is…

  22. Scott from Oz says:

    I am lucky….a few minutes from the coast and away from thick bushland, but plenty of mates and family are in bad areas.
    The in laws were bent out a few years back…..not a good experience obviously.
    Still, every country has its pros and cons…….

  23. Adam says:

    I thought that we were going to sign Zaha.

  24. Scott from Oz says:

    Djourou seems to be one of a few players we have who shows signs of absolute brilliance, but mixes them with acts of woeful play.

  25. Scott from Oz says:

    Zaha was probably in the pipeline if Theo left.

  26. Lewis says:

    Me too Adam.

  27. Lee says:

    You thought wrong.
    Bradster cheers for that pool story! Please look at the link below!http://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/England/London/long.html

  28. Lewis says:

    Surely we must be looking for a winger, theo-now a striker, gerv-off for the ACON. I have no knowledge of whether Zaha is is good or not but surely we must be looking for a winger/striker at the moment. Surely?! Right?!

  29. Mattyboy says:

    Hey i heard Rico, do fill sorry for the guy his only use when shit hit the pan…

  30. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all
    Nice one Rico,
    Jenks Posibly on loan, and Sagna’s bad form. Sound about right for Arsenal,Czezsney aproaching 100 appearances, not many of of those appearances were goaless thats why wehaven

  31. Lewis says:

    Steve, as a true arsenal fan szczesny is just trying to save the club a few quid but writing off his clean sheet bonus.

  32. Adam says:

    A winger? Now there’s a forgotten word at Arsenal.
    Oops, I forgot Ramsay. Silly me.

  33. rico says:

    So did I Adam, someone told me that they’d heard it was a done deal…

  34. Lee says:

    Manure are looking at Mbiwa…

  35. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry about that Putor playing up, Hi Lewis Czez may be a long term prospect but i would like to see some experience while he matures. Jenks needs to stay involved

  36. Adam says:

    Funny you should say that Rico…:)

  37. rico says:

    Ditto Matty, be interesting to see how he gets on in Germany…

    Scott, playing out of position didn’t help and his bad performances really messed him up. Ramsey will go the same way if Wenger isn’t careful…

  38. Adam says:

    Wenger has said that, due to the fixture congestion he has to devote all his time to the team and will have to leave any transfers until the summer. He is still on the lookout for “special players” though. Those who can really make a difference obviously.

  39. rico says:

    As a right or left winger Adam ;)

    Hi Sp – Ches needs pushing doesn’t he, and not by Mannone…

  40. rico says:

    Bet that’s a different kind of looking than Wenger does Lee..

    Did you hear that too then Adam…?

  41. Adam says:

    Rico. I think he is suited either side, don’t you?
    I just heard the incredible news that Atomic Kitten are going to re-unite for a one-night cacophonous scream-fest.

  42. Adam says:

    Rico. That article positively drips in cynicism. :)

  43. Chesney “a gooner for life”. I think we will start to find out shortly. I believe that after this season he only has one more left on his contract, something that I haven’t noticed bloggers referring to. Everything has been quiet media wise on this subject. Perhaps now it will come into the public domaine and we’ll see how Arsenal handle this one.

  44. Scott from Oz says:

    Agreed Rico.
    Not sure why Wenger persists with it, as it may pay dividends with some players, but it kills others.

  45. rico says:

    That’s spooky Adam, I have just been reading about Jenny Frost, well looked at the headline…

    My preference is on the bench…. at best

  46. rico says:

    I’m surprised you think that Adam ;)

    Think it ruins more than is does good Scott….

  47. Scott from Oz says:

    Szczesny would be a massive loss if he left.
    He cops a bit of criticism, and rightly so, as he makes mistakes, but he is very young to be no. 1 keeper.
    Something i have noticed of late is that he is much more conservative when clearing backpasses.
    Where he would often attempt to beat a player, now when in doubt he clears it.
    He is still learning, and if he does stay,will end up our best ever keeper imo.

  48. Scott from Oz says:

    Can’t disagree Rico.
    It is one of Wengers favourite games.
    He wants players to be versatile and complete….some simply are what they are.
    Djourou has looked absolutely awesome at times.

  49. rico says:

    MW – I didn’t realise that about Ches contract, very surprised that the club haven’t sorted that out

  50. Bradster says:

    Sorry Lee to rub it in.

  51. Scott from Oz says:

    They have been busy with your lad Rico lol

  52. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Atomic Kitten reforming? At last, something good is happening.

    Natasha still looks great…….!

    Hopefully it won’t be the original line-up with that gobshite Katona

  53. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I don’t think Chezzer staying is an issue. The guy really does love Arsenal. You can see that at games. He’s always maintained he is a proper gooner, so this isn’t a new thing he is saying. He’ll, without a shadow of a doubt, re-sign.

    Can we not ship Sagna out on loan at Crystal Palace instead and play Jenks? Maybe Sagna will realise then how good he has it here. Apart from never experiencing a trophy win, that is….

  54. Scott from Oz says:

    But he only gets 60k a week Rocky.
    How’s a boy to survive :)

  55. rico says:

    She’s stuck in Iceland rocky….

    That will be the excuse for no signings too I suspect Scott…

    I have moved on from TW, Meade is my new favourite, and Jenks…

  56. rico says:

    I can’t believe the drop in form by Sagna, guess if he decides to leave in the summer it won’t be such an issue at this rate….

  57. Adam says:

    Rocky. It’s just that I remember Wenger saying that he would not buy a DM until Atomic Kitten reformed. Well, he has no excuse now.
    As for Sagna. Give the bloke a break ( not of the leg obviously). He’s only on £3 million a year. He sees Theo offered £5 million and thinks ” Hold on, how come he can buy his girlfriend a new white Ferrari every month and I can’t”.
    These are competitive but realistic men.
    Chesney to Barcelona in the summer then.

  58. rockyrocastle07 says:

    True Adam. Maybe Theo has to buy Mel loads of stuff to over-compesate for something though, hence his need for greed….?! Bet Ludivine is much happier than Mel is. Theo looks too boring!

  59. rico says:

    Adam, the latest fashion is Manchester, it is the new Barcelona. Maybe as Fergie no long has faith in De Gea, he’ll come crawling for Ches…

    Maybe Sagna too….

  60. Adam says:

    Rocky. Perhaps she should take a leaf out of Amanda Holden’s book?

  61. Adam says:

    I would sell them both Rico.

  62. rico says:

    Apparently Mel likes hairdresser style cars, especially coloured white….

  63. rico says:

    What, Ches and Sagna Adam?

  64. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Not in a white dress Adam…..

  65. Adam says:

    Ooooh Rico. Has anyone, apart from me, told you how cruel you can be? :)

  66. rockyrocastle07 says:

    No-one likes a guy in a white hairdresser car Rico…. Thoughts Adam?!

  67. Adam says:

    Yes Rico. I would sell them both

  68. Adam says:

    Et tu Rocky?

  69. rico says:

    Which keeper would you like to see us sign Adam?

    The rumour site, which always makes me chuckle, suggests we are in talks with Swansea for Vorm. Can’t think of any reason to believe such a made up story….

  70. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Sorry Adam….. Couldn’t resist! Won’t mention it again!

    Rico – Al Habsi for me.

  71. rico says:

    Think you might be right rocky….

  72. Adam says:

    Almunia Rico. I would take him back in a heartbeat.

  73. rico says:

    Wigan have been conceding a few goals though haven’t they rocky?

  74. gunnafromislands says:

    those calling for jenkinson at rb should watch over the game against reading and against swansea and surely u will all see he isnt ready

  75. Adam says:

    That’s only since Al Habsi bought a white car and has become the unfortunate victim of abuse from his team mates. It has shaken his confidence.

  76. rico says:

    You are one of those moods today again Adam….

  77. Ozgunner10 says:

    can’t see us looking at keepers personally – we have far more urgent areas, not that that is likely to influence Wenger – He should be able to spend 28-30m and keep his books and profits still fairly tidy – so, 2 x 12m or so players? Been there done that

  78. rico says:

    West Brom have rejected a bid from QPR – believed to be in the region of £5million – for defender Jonas Olsson.

    Arry obviously saw that AW is interested in him…

  79. rico says:

    Both Mannone and Fabianski can leave for free in the summer I think Oz, after that it’s a very young bunch to choose from…

    He should have a lot more than £30m in his forever deep pockets….

  80. Adam says:

    It is a no-news day at Arsenal isn’t it Rico? Wait until the transfers start happening. :) it’ll be all back to the usual squabbling again.

  81. rockyrocastle07 says:

    So have City though Rico…. I’d still take Joe Hart! Keeper can’t perform miracles on his own. What’s Lukic up to these days? I’d have him back….

  82. Lewis says:

    We need to be concentrating our funds on securing santos for another 5 years on a bumper pay packet.

  83. Ozgunner10 says:

    Rico – we know how his mind works now financially – he won’t spend over 25m you can bet on it – my bet is one player 10-13m and he hail him as being the greatest thing since sliced bread and come season end we’ll be praying for another spurs mess up to get us over the line – that then opens the “we proved everyone wrong” line for the summer transfer plans

  84. Lewis says:

    I don’t think spurs will mess it up this year Oz. They look pretty strong imo.

  85. Ozgunner10 says:

    i agree with you Lewis and see the bright side of that

  86. allezkev says:

    Never mind about Atomic Kitten.

    When are Bananarama reforming?

  87. Scott from Oz says:

    Spurs always look strong.
    Losing is a habit.
    They are addicts :)

  88. W.A.T.H says:

    Bananarama now you talking AK

    Karen :D

  89. rico says:

    We’ll be waiting a long time for that Adam.

    Good point rocky, Hart would do for me too….

  90. allezkev says:

    Apparantly Wath is a big fan of the Andrews Sisters.

    Reminds him of his teenage years, rocking & rolling to his 78’s

  91. rico says:

    Lewis, all the cynicism is rubbing off on you ;)

    Oz, agree re the bargain signing but not sure Spuds will muck it up again, not under AVB…

  92. rico says:

    Morning Wath & Ak…

  93. allezkev says:

    Ah ha, Wath, you’re there already there…. ;-)

    Just trying to draw you out…. :-)

  94. W.A.T.H says:

    I am still after that old grammaphone of yours Grandad….!

    Afternoon Rico….

  95. Ozgunner10 says:

    i like the new boss Scott and i think the gap is now closed – I know like you Wenger is praying for the regular spurs collapse but not sure its going to happen this time like Lewis said – It took great courage for him to shift the team as he did against us going down to 10. Wenger would never had the mind to do something like that. OK we beat them but they didn’t fall into a hole like last time. I am also not sure Liverpool should be discarded as quickly as many are doing either even though their manager is a liability he does seem to be learning. I expect Sturridge to do well for them and offer them attacking pressure options

  96. allezkev says:

    Morning Rico….

    Yeah Wath, Karen was hot… ;-)

    How’s thing’s in Camden?

  97. mystic says:

    The Sun is talking a load of BS regarding Jenkinson going out on loan, do people really think Wenger is going to accept going in to the 2nd half of the season with no RB cover – only way Jenks would go on loan would be if Wenger brought someone in, and as we all know that isn’t going to happen as it would involve spending. It wasn’t a bright thing to include in your article.

    Lewis, sorry mate but in our frustrations at that incompetent twit Wenger we are all over egging how good other teams are. Wenger will do what SS wants and get CL football again – probably even more points behind the title winners than last season (he has changed the team from contenders to annual chumps). Spurs are 5pts ahead of Arsenal and playing out of their skins, not much of a lead considering the Gunners have a game in hand and are playing absolutely shit.

  98. Lewis says:

    Hard not to be a cynic right now Rico.

  99. Bradster says:

    I still feel disappointed with losing out on Dembele. I think he would’ve done well with us.
    I read Ryo’s contract is up with Wigan. Is that true and does anyone know if he’s going out on loan again?
    I also read Stakkelenberg is available this transfer window but like Buttland, he won’t want to sit on our bench.

  100. Ozgunner10 says:

    mystic – he’s gone into the season with everyone knowing there is no actual quality left back cover so why not? Having to move your CB to cover because the left back you brought is shit is not exactly a strong squad is it? Now DJ has gone where is the cover when Gibbs goes down again and you know he’s going to

  101. Scott from Oz says:

    Mystic has it spot on.
    You always must take into consideration how well a team is playing relative to where they are on the ladder.
    Some clubs are perennial losers no matter how well they play, just as some keep winning even when playing like shit.
    Time will tell.

  102. Ozgunner10 says:

    Never bothered with them in seasons gone Scott but they are in the transfer game and if they get it right we could loose out on our UEFA sponsored top four trophy lol

  103. rico says:

    mystic – he did this time last season….

    Moses to Chelsea still narks too, he’s wasted there…

    I know Lewis… sad eh…

  104. Scott from Oz says:

    They would need to get a lot right and we wold need to get a lot wrong.
    Of course it is possible, but Arsenals destiny is not in the hands of that mob.

  105. rico says:

    In that case Scott, we are very very fortunate to be where we are right now….

  106. rico says:

    Just looked up Jonas Olsson – maybe the rumour about him is true, he’s a 6′ 4″ CB who can also play left back…

    Maybe that’s why AW wants him?

  107. W.A.T.H says:

    Camden is grim AK, miserable and chilly mate… roll on the three weeks of blizzards eh….

    Karen was proper totty mate…!

  108. Ozgunner10 says:

    if we start getting excited about players like Olsen i am off to support Wickerpead United at least until we get a proper owner and board

  109. Scott from Oz says:

    No Rico, it just shows how average the PL is.

  110. Adam says:

    Mystic. That is exactly the sort of thing he would do.
    Wath. Karen who? Do you mean the woman who played Olive in On The Buses?

  111. Adam says:

    The only game changer for Syrup will be if the value of his shares start to decline I’m afraid.

  112. Ozgunner10 says:

    Olive hahah now thats going back

  113. Lee says:

    There’s no way we are guaranteed CL football, imho.
    Abu Hamsa is looking for a new club, he’d be good competition to Ches!

  114. Adam says:

    Oz. you liked Olive did you? :)

  115. Ozgunner10 says:

    The shares are somewhat misrepresented now Adam by the Russians endless quest to get them but i agree they can only go one way now – as the team fades off as a real contender and we’ve done that, as we pick up the tag of a selling club, got that now as well, as the stadium slowly empties and the waiting list for season tickets reduces, thats happened as well so do the values. The American does not put money in to any of his so called sports teams so he will sell – Wenger has set himself against Usmanov backing the boards call to keep its second biggest share holder out – no way passage for my money

  116. Lewis says:

    Haha lee. Very good.

  117. Ozgunner10 says:

    one way sorry

  118. Lewis says:

    Work permit issues tho I hear lee.

  119. Ozgunner10 says:

    “ere get that bus out”

  120. rico says:

    Nah, if we were playing well, we’d be sitting top…. But then to do that consistently, we need a stronger, deeper squad.

    Most know that though….

  121. Will XL says:

    hi all. I had faith when we were 10 points behind spurs last season. I believe we will do it again.

    also, the idea floating around that teams seem to be poaching our transfer targets is a bit overworked. Most of the players we were beaten to were fairly high profile and would have already been on the radars of other clubs. We aren’t the only team with a competent scouting system, and I doubt that they would need to use our interest in players to confirm their desirability.

    Also, it is job of agents to shop their clients when they know a move might be a possibility.

    Arsenal are merely a victim of our own failure to show some muscle in the market.

  122. DutchGooner10 says:

    Afternoon Gooner familia.

    Sevilla head honcho in town to sell Alvaro Negredo to an London Club. Arry or Wenga?

  123. Ozgunner10 says:

    Afternoon Dutch alright mate?

  124. Bradster says:

    What about the spuds Dutch? Aren’t they also a London club and especially cos Ade is at AFCON and not AVB’s cup of tea?

  125. mystic says:

    ozgunner – agree that moving a CB to LB isn’t ideal, but that is what tight Wenger is about, getting utility players (suits him to spend less, as 1 becomes 2!) – don’t forget though Verm has played as a LB elsewhere.

    rico – no mate he didn’t do it last year. Rightly or wrongly he had Verm. (and technically Santos) as LB cover. What he wrongly didn’t do was bring someone additional in – the Sun point isn’t about him bringing someone in, but letting a player go out on loan.

    Adam – from past experiences of Wenger one would guess he will keep his hands in his pockets, keep Jenkinson as back-up (particularly now that he has shipped out Djourou on loan). Arsenal will continue to sway and let in goals, but ultimately keep that one step ahead of the chasing pack. Regarding SS share value, it is hard to see them drop in price whilst a) the commercial team negotiate decent new deals and b) Usmanov is in the background – worth bearing in mind he is a few shares short of the 30%, at which point he needs to make a formal bid for all shares at the same price – if the offer is too low he will remain a minority shareholder, with no more power than he has at the moment.

  126. rico says:

    Afternoon Dg, if his value is over a million, it has to be Arry ;)

  127. rico says:

    Santos was injured mystic, as was TV at some stage wasn’t he? Or was it Merts, I know we were short in the centre of defence too.

    And Miquel/Coquelin even played at left back i’m sure…

  128. DutchGooner10 says:

    Hiya Oz

    Heard about the bush inferno, hope family and friends are save. Crazy kids, are they glue snorters? If I was bored I would go and build a tree hut or something. Ludicrous teenagers.

    I’m fine. Still watching our .com for any announcements.

  129. DutchGooner10 says:


    Swampies might be interested,would be bad omen though. If you seen the vid you know the lad has a bit of talent. Technically gifted and physical presence.

    Mind you, he’s a lefty. Wenga loves those.

  130. Bradster says:

    To be honest I’ve never seen him play. But yeah you’re right about Wenger liking Left footed strikers.

  131. DutchGooner10 says:

    Rico :P

    Speaking of cash. I wondered staring at my ceiling if the club takes contract extensions out of the transfer kitty to fund the entire contract period? If so, it means Theo dented our war chest by 26 mln. Really intrigued to find out.

  132. allezkev says:

    Yeah Wath, we’re all gonna be in for some quite freezing weather, according to the papers, up to the middle of February.
    5″ of snow in some places, 5′ in Berkshire :-)
    Could be a few games called off if it comes to pass.

  133. W.A.T.H says:

    Adam, re your Olive comment I can now see why you’ve been married 15 times I hear……
    Every picture tells a story and all that drinking made one or twp pretty I take it ?

  134. mystic says:

    rico – as I said it is bout whether Wenger would bring anyone in or not and also whether he would let anyone go out on loan. The LB situation last season wasn’t ideal, but at one point Arsenal were short all over the back line and although I think Wenger has lost the plot, even I will allow him a little slack over that totally abnormal situation. He was never going to buy in players when he planned to have so many back – the fact that some were crap clearly escaped him!

  135. Bradster says:

    Good point Dutch. Sure explains why Wenger needs to first sort out Walcott’s contract before he can buy other postions.

  136. rico says:

    I think AW said that money was ‘put by’ for both Dg, so TW shouldn’t be used as an excuse…

  137. W.A.T.H says:

    I heard extra heavy snow was predicted for the Reading area AK, could be a tad cold for the carrot crunchers in the vicinity.

    A few games called off will cause nightmares with the fixtures especially for us mate.

  138. DutchGooner10 says:

    For Kev – Venus from the album True Confessions. Those were the days women took honour in pleasing a guy. :P

  139. DutchGooner10 says:

    Rico / Bradster

    Money put on stand by for contract extensions, could mean the new sponsor deal is being utilized for that intent over several years. Turning a profit won’t be put on the backburner.

  140. Wavy says:

    BBC. 10.15
    Theo’s magic men have not seen anyone from Arsenal to discuss terms since last September.
    Nothing has been done though they are expecting an invitation to sit down soonto arrange a new contract?

    There I told you so!

    Walcott is about to walk!

  141. tsGH says:


    A fine post again ….

    Talking of AFC shares it would n’t surprise me if Stan and AU are deliberately pretending to be foes to up the value of the club especially since DD brought both of them to Arsenal in the first place.. ;)

    Talking of Negredo, he started at rayo with Michu and SC19 before working his way to Madrid but did a Poldi there and is finally making a name at Sevilla. I will be surprised if he comes to us as he is very similar to OG12 as a target man but then as I spredicted several months ago Sevilla are in serious financial problems so I am expecting a ‘Next’ style boxing day sale of players…

  142. Adam says:

    Wath. Only married five times and twice to the same person actually. :)

  143. tsGH says:

    Lee i think Olivier Sadran said in 442 magazine that Capoue will not be moving until summer. He said he told an EPL based club in the CL that very recently…

  144. DutchGooner10 says:


    Knowing Wenga is sensitive to bargain gambling. Is it coincidental M’viva is being offered at a cut price while we chase Capoue?

  145. tsGH says:

    for Emma only- ;)

    “Toulouse confirm Moussa Sissoko can leave for €3.5m (contract up in summer). Hasn’t lived up to ‘new Essien’ tag, but that’s a real bargain.”

    No brainer

  146. Adam says:

    I haven’t seen Capoue play but I instinctively know he is exactly what we are missing. I will only start to criticise him after he signs for us.
    Will we be a CL club next season?
    Answers on a postcard to Kev please.

  147. tsGH says:

    :grin: Adam, where kev leaves I would have to go bankrupt to afford the shipping/postage cost as Royal mail don’t cover that address…. too prestigious.

    Sadran comment tells me AW made an inquiry about EC because it is only us and the manures left in the CL atm, but because Sissoko is not renewing his contract and has 6 months to go they have decided to hold on to Capoue until the summer.

  148. W.A.T.H says:

    Thats Rico exaggerating again Adam… 15 times she told me…. Such a teller of porkies…!

  149. DutchGooner10 says:

    Afternoon Ginge

    Negredo is comfortable on the wing as well. Add to that Theo isn’t close to inking according to BBC. Maybe Arsene has chopped the knot on his situation and Negredo is his replacement.

  150. tsGH says:

    Good after my Dutch buddy,

    You may have a point there DG…

    How are Fer, Wout Brama and Blind faring in your league at the moment. You know I like Blind maybe because of his dad but I would have thought AW would have captured a cheap DM from Erevidise by now…

  151. Adam says:

    I can sense that transfers are imminent. Super talented, world-class players are due to arrive. I am feeling moist with anticipation.Capoue, M’Vila, Negredo, Fellaini, The Night Stalker and Adrian Gomez, a friend of Adrian Lopez are all filling their Montblanc pens with the blood of Unicorns for a mass sign-in tomorrow with Theo arriving in a white Ferrari to kick off proceedings. Stan has just landed at London City airport with a new bright red syrup and a hairy caterpillar super glued to his upper lip to indicate his macho-ness and status as the worlds most impressively handsome sports owner. All the new players will be fired from a canon before the routine demolition of Manchester City on Sunday.
    You heard it here first.

  152. tsGH says:

    Piers Morgan Vs Alex Jones now that is a super jumbo weight battle of self-centered puppets …

  153. DutchGooner10 says:


    I would go for Kevin Strootman, has the most complete package: leadership ala Jaap Stam, midfield general like a younger Van Bommel and vision in his passing similar to De Boer.

    Danny Blind blows hot and cold I hear. Could’ve to do with genetics, his father became paramount at the tail end of his career.

  154. Lee says:

    All feasible apart from the white Ferrari bit Adam. There’s only one colour to have a Ferrari in……

  155. Adam says:

    Asked about Strootman Arsene Wenger said he is too similar to players we already have.

  156. Adam says:

    Lee. White is the new red. I told you that.

  157. tsGH says:

    Cheers DG, the times I have seen Strootman he has been passive for my liking. I guess he is more Bommell than Rijkaard or Cocu…

    What do you think of Maurits Alderweireld of Ajax?

  158. Lee says:

    Is he qwality we need?
    Camouflage Adam camouflage…..

  159. DutchGooner10 says:


    Mocking? Or did Le Profit really say that? If so, he’s already been told his asking price. ;)

  160. Adam says:

    Wenger said that Strootman was Homo sapiens and he is looking for something more, a breed of uber-mensch, the like of which has not been seen on the earth before. He cited the creatures from Avatar as the ideal physical specimens and said that Diaby was the closest to that ideal that he had found. He is in the process of being dyed blue as we speak.

  161. Adam says:

    Dutch. Mocking? Moi?

  162. rico says:

    1.45 Wath, you are in deep trouble ;)

    Sorry, doorbell went …

  163. rico says:

    Wavy – is that about Theo real??

  164. Adam says:

    Rico. If true, that is very upsetting isn’t it?

  165. rico says:

    It is Adam….

  166. DutchGooner10 says:


    Alderweireld is the lesser known of the trio Ajax brought in raiding Belgium for talented defenders. But likewise Vertonghen/Vermaelen not interested in mastering several positions. Center back full stop.

    Ajax won’t be eager selling either as their instant replacement pool is drying up.

  167. Lee says:

    Skidmark was the closest thing we’ve had to Avatar….Las Vegas is a dangerous place!

  168. rico says:

    Nothing on the BBC site though…

    Popping off for an hour…

  169. Lee says:

    TW is actually Lewis Hamilton..

  170. DutchGooner10 says:

    Adam LOL

    Arsene Spielberg

  171. Adam says:

    The Bleacher Report or as I call it, The Bible, have reported that Walcott has agreed a new contract. Their reporter, Hiram T Knobnosher Jnr,the third, an 18 year old inmate of San Quentin maximum security prison has just posted the exciting news.

  172. Joaquim Moreira says:

    afternoon all!
    Well, I think we will play sunday with Cazorla-Wilshere-Ramsey again. So, in antecipate: not a good exhibition, lack of confidence and doesn’t work.
    the difference is Diaby in the bench but without Gervinho,chamack,DJ and probably AA.

  173. DutchGooner10 says:

    Theo buying a new Ferrari means he’s not planning for the Euro continent. No Bosman deal to be expected in January than.

  174. Wavy says:

    Rico, according to David Ornstein, he is usually fairly reliable -for a journalist!

    I’d copy and paste the artcle but this new fangled ipad thingy won’t let me. Was always happier with steam power!

    I will believe Walcott is committed when I see his signature acknowledged by AFC on their web site and not before.
    Conspirisey theorists would have you believe that all this procrastination is being generated by the Walnut camp, I think Wenger wants rid of him and letting his contract run down is the easiest way of off loading him. May be wrong, but watch this space.

    Sorry for all the pessimism.

  175. Lee says:

    There’s no reason to be pessimistic about things at Arsenal…Global domination is just around the corner! AW said so!

  176. Adam says:

    But I just bought matching TW shirts for myself and Mrs Adam!
    Ornstein won’t take my calls either so I can’t verify it one way or another.
    SOJI. No doubt about it. SOJI. You know it makes sense.

  177. DutchGooner10 says:

    Wavy don’t call yourself pessimistic, your’e still overshadowed Goliath-esque by Joaquim. ;)

  178. DutchGooner10 says:

    SOJI – Stan Out Jabba In. (For those not familiar with the term).

  179. SD London says:

    I only hope Walcott signs because I got a TW Arsenal T-shirt for Christmas i couldn’t refuse it not to hurt the person that gave it to me. But i just hope he signs so i can put on my T-shirt so i don’t look stupid if he doesn’t sign.

    Imagine the amount of merchandise Arsenal could sell if Arsenal bought David Vila ?

  180. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico 3:05… You’ll be deep in snow soon :D

    You lot as all just miserable bastatrds…. As Lee says World Domination is but two seasons away… Gazidis said so………… So did the Mayans..!

  181. DutchGooner10 says:

    SD London

    Not clowning about, if Theo goes you should be compensated me thinks. Got to question who’s sleeping at the wheel. If a players future is that uncertain STOP F*CKING SELLING HIS SHIRTS, GREEDY C*NTS.

  182. frednerk says:

    Hope you don’t think that I’am the grime reaper,and want to end all our hopes/speculation,debate,
    but are we going a bit to far now,as regards new player’s.

    Wenger’s covered his arse big time

    Who is he talking about

  183. Lee says:

    Fred, Gervinho or Chamakh or Santos those types of world beaters….?

  184. Lee says:

    Fred where’s you sickle? ;)

  185. frednerk says:

    Sorry all

  186. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Afternoon all. Dutch, your 2.51…. Are “Hot” and “Cold” pet names for Danny Blind’s ‘special’ male friends?

  187. emma says:

    tsGH at 2:29 pm

    What a bargain that is for 3.5m. If we miss out on him i will be very sad. That is the kind of player we need. AW putting all his eggs on diaby”s basket is just plain stupid. I doubt if Tolouse will be willing to sell capoue this winter window

  188. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I’ll get my coat…….

  189. frednerk says:

    SD..I only hope Walcott signs because I got a TW Arsenal T-shirt for Christmas i couldn’t refuse it not to hurt the person that gave it to me.
    Can’t you make out it’s that little geezer who works for Asda…you know off the X Factor

  190. tsGH says:

    Jeez I don’t know why i thought Oviedo was Rayo… my bad ie Santi and Negrado

  191. SD London says:

    I agree Dutch

  192. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Fred – I must say, I’m a little disappointed with you that you watch the X Factor….

  193. tsGH says:

    Emma I totally agree. If the £3.5m is true then my post will definitely follow shortly. He would not command more than £50k p/w imo.

    I wonder why NUFC have pulled out of signing him unless of course ‘Mr. I will wait and do it for free’ has already turned him to sign with us on the DL… ;)

    Capoue is not going yet his contract is rumoured to have 3 years left so…

  194. DutchGooner10 says:


    Ssshhhh….. Only one entity, a central heating mechanic.

  195. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Haha! Of course Dutch! Makes sense!

  196. emma says:

    tsGH – Capoue will command a huge fee in the summer if Tolouse decides to sell. Sissoko is a steal for any club that eventually sign him if the amount quoted is true. He is what we are missing in diaby’s absence. Someone that could moved the ball quickly from the defence to the final third quickly. He’s got speed, strong, an eye for a pass. This is a clip of Sissoko http://vimeo.com/38215998

  197. DutchGooner10 says:

    Reading all the comments – here we’re juggling obscure names again. Face it, hopeless bunch we are.

    Do or do not. There’s no try. (Quote Yoda)

  198. vida says:

    Huntelaar may feature Premier League in the present future. He got a 15 million euro release clause on his contract extension

  199. allezkev says:

    You lot make me laugh… :lol:

    Pessimists, the lot of ya….

    Don’t you realise that the God Abou is fit again!!!

    We are saved. Adam is wet. Everything in the garden is rosey…

    Relax. Diaby will save our season… ;-)

  200. DutchGooner10 says:

  201. tsGH says:

    Emma- Do you know what happened to the deal for M. Sissoko to NUFC?

    Rumours were that the deal was only in place if Cabaye was to join us but since Cabaye is injured I believe the deal is dead on our side. I personally like Cabaye even though Rico and a few do not think he is good or is needed by us…

    I thought he was the2nd/ 3rd best CM in the league last year behind Yaya and Song if you like. A work horse with the ability to play long accurate passes from deep inside his half. A major reason why NUFC finished where they did last season and a reason why they are struggling this time round since his absence….

    Just an opinion….

  202. emma says:

    From all indication it was a rumour from what I heard regarding Sissoko. I doubt if NUFC were interested. I did tell a NUFC friend of mine that Cabaye was the engine room of NUFC but they all doubted and said it was Tiote. Good he was injured and that has being reflected in their performances this season. I doubt if Newcastle will be willing to part for a fee less than £20m if they are to sell. He is under contract till 2016

  203. rockyrocastle07 says:

    ts – I’ll ask my journo mate here at work (and NUFC season ticket holder). He knows guys within the club.

  204. rockyrocastle07 says:

    NIce to see Song will be out on his arse next season! Another career ruined by Barca’s greed.

  205. DutchGooner10 says:

    Hiya Vida

    That contract you talk about earns Huntelaar 7mln a year, Theo has trouble dragging out 5.

    I fail to see the suspense in his release clause. Sorry mate.

  206. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Like the quote by one of the bums at Barca about not letting Villa leave before summer “Because he is ours and we need him”. (Not sure if this was mentioned on here yesterday). Obviously didn’t matter to them when we would have told them that Henry/Cesc/Gio/Petit/Hleb/Overmars/Song were ours and we needed them…..

  207. emma says:

    Team news: Giroud, Diaby, Santos, Fabianski
    on the latest updates…
    Everyone is fit from last weekend apart from Olivier Giroud. He has not been practising because of the cut on the knee he got at Swansea. We’ll have
    a final test on Saturday to see if he is involved against Man City. It is a 50:50. We’ll see.

    on Santos and Diaby…
    I want to see how they react to the under-21 game they played in midweek. But we have so many games coming up now, it is good they are back.

    on Fabianski…
    He is not far away [from full training] now, two or three weeks.

  208. tsGH says:

    cheers Rocky… how are you?

    I have always wondered why people like tiote but thought frimps who was arsenal through and through was an accident waiting to happen. a player who in 2009 was rated higher than JET and JW10 but the cruciates have definitely taken its toll on him.

    Tiote’s disciplinary record will make Dennis Wise, Ruddock Razor, and PV, and Roy Keane look like saints.

    Last year Tiote received the highest yellow cards in the league. He has received 30 yellow cards in 64 appearances but hey….. How he has only managed 1 red card in his time in the EPL is beyond me…

  209. rico says:

    Evening peoples, any news??

  210. tsGH says:

    Rocky on Song I mentioned on here when he left us that he would be sold to Anzhi next summer for £25M but the fool will go for it when he hears Samba and his foe Eto are earning bucket loads…

  211. DutchGooner10 says:


    Me, Kev and Scott touched on it few days ago, late night style – not suitable for the 5/6 o’clock news. :P

  212. Good thanks Ts. Very busy though You?

  213. goonster says:


  214. goonster says:

    hey rocky, how’s it going?

  215. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Yeah, earnning bucket loads but running the racism gauntlet at every turn. Even though what Barca said annoyed me, the fact Henry left when he did was fine by me. Hleb I never rated so was glad he left, same with Song. Gio wasn’t great by the time he left us either. To be fair, none of them were anywhere near their best at the time of leaving, with the possible exception of Cesc.

  216. tsGH says:

    Same here Rocky. I am working too hard for my liking but hey at least I have a job so I can’t complain ;)

  217. goonster says:

    hey fellas, any news? is titus bramble still coming?

  218. tsGH says:

    I personally think the Nastry/ Cesc exist is where the experiment should have ended…

    Its like running an experiment on the thermal properties of water for too long during an A-level chemistry practical…

  219. rico says:

    Wath – 3.49, its on it’s way :(

    Just hope you get in in London too, that will stop your chuckling ;)

  220. goonster says:

    diaby is back i see……..whoop de do, there goes rico’s beasty DM!

  221. rico says:

    Ha ha goonster, I think you are right…

  222. rico says:

    AVB reckons he doesn’t need to sign a striker….

    Pardew has just said that Cabaye is back fit and healthy and it will be like a ‘new signing’..

    He’s been listening to Wenger….

  223. goonster says:

    bites huh maam? oh well here’s to hoping he stays on his feet and not on the sidelines. i have huge faith in him.

  224. rico says:

    rocky – I thought it was only me who didn’t rate Hleb…

  225. rico says:

    I hope so too goonster but haven’t we all said that for too long now…

  226. goonster says:

    maam i rate hleb more than nasti…..but hey that’s me!

  227. tsGH says:

    Rico… go on amazon and look for the Monsieur Wenger’ book of excuses’ or Le Prof’s ‘ Management for Dummies’ an excellent transcript of PR Dale Carnegie, Warren Buffet and Alastair Campbell will be proud off… :D

  228. tsGH says:

    …proud of

  229. SD London says:

    Thanks for the advice Fred.. 4.25, it sure looks like him.

  230. SD London says:

    Just imagine what the regular staffs in Arsenal FC will be saying behind Wenger’s back when Wenger and Co. are not around.
    They must hate him right now especially if they are Arsenal fans.

    It must be twice as frustrating for them.

  231. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Sorry, PC died. Hi Stan. I’m good ta. You?

    Rico – I never rated him. Sorry Stan, at no point ever has Hleb been better than Nasri. Better character, yes. Player? Not even close.

    And what the hell is this SOJI?! Not been on here much lately so am clearly missing something!

  232. Adam says:

    Hi Rocky. Syrup out – Jabba in. :)

  233. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Haha! Nice, cheers Adam!

  234. Adam says:

    Rocky. Keep warm on the way home mate. It’s cold out there.

  235. allezkev says:

    Fabianski is almost fit.


    Just in time for him to leave on a Bosman in the summer.

  236. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Just about to leave mate. Was baltic when I got out of the gym at 4 this afternoon so imagine it’s pretty cold now. Looking forward to waiting ages for a train at Liverpool Street or Tottenham Hale, as for the second day in a row there are train faults on our line. Glad my £3,200 a year cost for my travelcard is being put to good use….

  237. Adam says:

    Kev. Would you mind dropping him at Heathrow on his way out?

  238. Adam says:

    Just stay safe and warm mate.

  239. rico says:

    No thanks re Amazon Ts ;)

    Sorry, just had to book my summer holiday :)

  240. Adam says:

    A tour of the Cava vineyards Rico?

  241. rico says:

    Nasri over Hleb for me too, but couldn’t stand Nasri’s attitude…

  242. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Night all. Catch you in the morning x (<—- not sure why, but it just felt like a "sign off with a kiss" moment!)

  243. rico says:

    I did think about Cliff’s vineyard in Portugal Adam but settled for Devon in the end ;)

  244. frednerk says:

    Goonster: hey fellas, any news? is titus bramble still coming?

    I think you might be right wenger loves a Tight-arse

  245. DutchGooner10 says:

    Lata Rocky

    Rico you’re being ripped off. http://www.devonworks.com/

  246. Adam says:

    Rico. Very sensible indeed.

  247. allezkev says:

    Adam, I would happily do a 5 passenger job to Heathrow.
    Fabianski, Santos, Squillaci, Arshavin and Mannone.
    But only as long as the Syrup is paying the fare…

  248. allezkev says:

    Anyway, the big-clash is in Portugal this weekend.

    Where the world famous Benfica will smash some little team from Oporto…

    Come on the Eagles…

  249. rico says:

    And then I popped off to eat….

    I thought so Adam

    Thanks Dg, all booked and done with, thanks for the link though, I shall be looking….

  250. Adam says:

    Hi Rico. It’s the golden time of day.

  251. rico says:

    Hi Adam, is it? ;)

  252. Adam says:

    I think so. Dinner is over, the music is playing, the air is still. One can think more clearly perhaps.

  253. rico says:

    Let’s hope Arsene Wenger feels the same ……

  254. Adam says:

    Hallelujah to that Rico.

    Off for the night. Best to you Rico. :)

  255. rico says:


    You have a lovely evening too Adam….

  256. rico says:

    Think I will follow suit and go watch some old rubbish on the television…

    You all have a good one and catch up tomorrow….

    Night folks….

  257. DutchGooner10 says:


    Posted link was meant to pull your leg.

    It says Devon Works but the site is dead. ;)

    Looked it up on visit Devon. Marvelous destination. Especially if the landscape basks in the sun.

  258. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    37 degrees today….bloody lovely!!

  259. allezkev says:

    Hi Dutch & Scott.

    Wonder when Rosicky is gonna get a game?

    Don’t think that he’s even come on from the bench?

    I would save Diaby for the Swansea game. Laudrup won’t be expecting him to play.

  260. DutchGooner10 says:

    Morning Scott

    Bloody Hell more like it. A couple of degrees up and the flames are liking your ass.

  261. Scott from Oz says:

    We will never be under threat from bushfire, luckily.
    It’s 7.45 am and the air conditioner is going on already.
    Kev, not sure what Tommy R has done, because their have been games of late where we have been aching for him to come on.
    It is a mystery.

  262. DutchGooner10 says:


    Still have Wenga’s smirk face on my pupils when he announced Sicknote’s contract was already done and dusted. Haven’t been enthused ever since.

  263. DutchGooner10 says:

    It isn’t Tommy’s faux pas he was rewarded, mind you. Just looking at the squad spot occupied, while we so desperately need quality ready to step in.

  264. Scott from Oz says:

    Tommy brings quality and energy, something we often lack.

  265. Joaquim Moreira says:

    hello there!
    Who is watching Barcelona?

  266. DutchGooner10 says:

    I agree Scott, only bemoaning his absence cycles. Those have been plenty and lengthy. If he was on the bench or playing regularly I wouldn’t complain. In fact one of those I would always pen in on the sheet.

  267. DutchGooner10 says:

    Signing off. Night all.

    See you tomorrow Kev / Joaquim. Enjoy your day Scott. Lata

  268. Scott from Oz says:

    Dutch, i wasn’t having a go mate.
    I just do not understand when we have needed a spark Wenger has left I’m off.
    See ya later.

  269. Lee says:

    So AW has said that no one else is leaving during the window…lets hope that its Wenger bollocks! Talking about this DM and that is a waste of time…it’s gonna be Daby, sorry folks!
    TGIF btw!

  270. Scott from Oz says:

    Friday is nearly over Lee :)

  271. Lee says:

    Bummer Scott…. :(

  272. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning all,

    Seems Wenger thinks we have 2 players for each position although no mention of how good or bad those players are… No one else is leaving in Jan (says it all) Also he says we wont sell until we buy. We wont buy anyone until Walcott’s signed. He hasn’t signed yet so we are not buying!

    Oh… are you sure it’s Friday Lee..?

  273. Bradster says:

    Morning all,

    So this morning it’s Fabianski to Forest on loan, Capoue, Remy, Sissoko, M’vila and the Sevilla deal all on the cards.

  274. W.A.T.H says:

    The only deals on cards Brad will be you playing pontoon mate…….

  275. Lee says:

    WATH what side of the bed did you get out of? Expect zero signings, best policy!

  276. Lee says:

    WATH your sources not telling you anything re transfers?

  277. Bradster says:

    What’s a pontoon besides a boat?

  278. W.A.T.H says:

    Zip Lee…………. Nothing mate…………..

    Pontoon is another name for blackjack Brad…!

  279. rico says:

    ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz = Wenger speaks!

    Morning all….

  280. rico says:

    I’m off out first thing, today’s post should be up around 9.30, fingers crossed.

    Catch up shortly

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