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Lampard or Fellaini? Is the Walcott saga finally about to end?

Morning all,

Here we are then, 9th January and the newspapers are suggesting that a new deal for Theo Walcott is very soon to be agreed. It’s reported to be worth £26 million, that’s £90,000-a-week over five years which would take him level with the top earners such as Lukas Podolski.

Oh, its reported that he’s to be offered a £3m signing-on fee too which will take the overall package to £26.4m.

£5 million a year that roughly works out to be, give or take a fiver, and amount which is ridiculous isn’t it?

If all that has been disclosed is indeed factual, how can a player of Theo’s quality turn such an offer down?

He’s hardly Messi is he, he should be grateful to a club who has persisted with him, even during times when he has been very average and there has been plenty. So far this campaign he has shown much better form and is scoring goals but even so, he has a long way to go if he wants to be ‘great’!

Anyway, hopefully we will hear in the next few days that he’s signed and this long drawn out saga will come to and end, it’s been boring hasn’t it.

Saying that, Walcott is far from every fans favourite and I’m sure there are many who would rather that wage be offered to someone new.

Another saga involves David Villa. Wenger wants to sign him, Barca say he can’t, Villa wants to leave but……


There’s not really any other Arsenal news, so I’ll leave it there.

I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about, like fans who go to The Emirates each season or those who get on a bus/train at silly o’clock and travel up north or down south to support our club.

Do their opinions matter more than the opinion of those who don’t go?

Do they love the club more than those who don’t go?

Of course not, but they see a lot more at the ground, they feel the mood around the stadium and amongst the fans, they get to see more of the rapport or lack of it between the coaching staff. They see a lot more than the rest of us do from the comfort of our armchair or on a 44 inch Sony Bravia.

Some might consider those things to be ‘small’ but they are not, they show the bigger picture and tell more about the story of what is really going on on the pitch and ultimately, that’s all we really care about isn’t it?

Frank Lampard is up for sale, as is Marouane Fellaini. The latter has a £22 million release clause in his contract so we have no chance, the other is reported to be on his way to The Emirates…

Rumours, don’t you just love them….

Have a good day all…..

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234 comments on “Lampard or Fellaini? Is the Walcott saga finally about to end?

  1. If Theo knocks that back piss him off.
    Morning all.
    Wenger out.

  2. I’ll be glad when TW’s saga comes to an end, Gazidis seems to be spending too much time on it rather than new signings…

    I read the Lampard to us on that daft rumour site, be quite funny though if it was true, well, not that funny, in fact, awful…

    34 years old, no, we don’t want him….

    Morning all…..

  3. First sensible comment you have made for ages Scott….

  4. Morning Rico. Interesting topics to think about. As for Theo? I guess if that is the lunacy of football today we have to accept it and pay the money. There is something slightly morally repugnant about it though when you think of how many people are struggling.

  5. Will Barca sell Villa to us?
    I doubt it.
    They want cash, and if they sell to us it will merely make a dent in what they owe us, so they will be losing a class player for no real result.
    Next time we sell them a lottery ticket it should be cash up front.

  6. Well, i was first Rico :)

  7. [...] Lampard or Fellaini? Is the Walcott saga finally about to end? [...]

  8. Hi All,

    I read it’s Man U that’s interested in Lampard.
    I also read Man City sent back 912 of the 3000 away tickets, they say it’s too expensive. 62 pounds each.

  9. That Rumours site is a sad reflection of society isn’t it? Keyboard warriors are a relatively new form of Sociopath it seems.

  10. Morning Adam

    I think it’s shocking and how/why it’s been allowed to get this bad I do not know.

    As you know, I went to The Mad Stad, and enjoyed the evening, the result was good, Santi was in fine form but when we conceded those two goals, even the loudest away fans went quiet.

    The expect Reading, who were dire that night, to get another. Thankfully it didn’t work out that way but the nerves were out in force…

    Oh, and my ticket and travel were free…..

  11. It must seem very expensive as they probably have lower ST prices than the London clubs I would think.

  12. Morning Gooners,Rico…

    To be honest Scott, what is happening in Australia is awful, but this is a football blog.
    We all know in our heart of heart’s that football isn’t life or death.
    But then we don’t on here to discuss such issues.
    We come on here to chat football, so it isn’t really fair to compare what we say on here to the circumstances in your homeland.
    Just saying…

  13. And you are usually last Scott, especially with your ‘word’ ;)

    They can have him Bradster…

  14. Wayne Bridge is being paid £90k p.w whilst playing for Brighton….£9k pw being picked by Brighton the balance by citeh! FFS!
    Morning AKB’s..

  15. Theo Walcott , never worth that kind of money. bad move
    letting him and money grabbing agent hold Arsenal to ransome.

  16. Rico. You must be well connected to get all that for free. :) but I know what you mean. Sometimes, at the Emirates when Arsenal are doing what Arsenal do lately, the atmosphere is unbelievably tense. Just before Swansea scored their second goal recently I heard someone behind me say to a friend that he thought the ground was one goal away from exploding. Most though seem to have moved beyond that, lowered their expectations and just grin and bear it, hoping that the bad medicine will be over soon enough.
    I bet you don’t get that vibe from the telly, or perhaps you do,

  17. They must have too much time on their hands..

    Wonder how much City charge for their ST’s/Tickets – guessing it’s less yet they have a string of talent on display…

    Or do they actually base their charges on what is going on in the economy etc…

  18. I know you said that last night, but I was too knackered after driving all day, to comment…

    Season ticket holders are really the regulars tbh.
    Because you cannot go to a game on a regular basis these days, without a season ticket.
    Having a season ticket doesn’t make you privilidged or a member of the aristocracy, it’s a necessity, because that’s the way the game in England has changed.
    The majority of us are still ordinary working class.
    Personally I’d prefer the terraces back so I can have a punch-up… ;-)

  19. Morning Ak..

    Adam, no, not even on the 44″ Bravia with surround sound ;)

    You not talking to me Lee ;)

  20. Kev of the Norf Bank. E’s well ‘ard ‘e is. :)

  21. Rico. You have a 44 inch Bravia with SS?
    I am impressed. :)

  22. :) re the terraces Ak, they are thinking about bring back standing though aren’t they?

  23. They are Rico. They are dreaming about how many they can cram in. Fish ‘n chips at a tenner a throw. Not bad. :)

  24. Rico, I do hope so, as I stand throughout the game anyway and always stand when away…
    Off for a cuppa…

  25. Morning all…

    A very good post today especially the bit about Theo is excellent.

    Rico before I try to answer your question on City season tickets prices, lets look at the demography of Arsenal fans compared to supporters like Everton or City. The highest average salary in the NW is Manchester at £32,988 whilst the average income in London is recorded by the government at £86,582. The actual average man’s salary in those regions are £26,320 in Manchester and £36,567 in London. So is that a reflection on ST and the opportunities available to the various fans?

    City offer half season tickets for £500, but their away fans are charged up to £65 to see Arsenal and £55 points to see QPR.

    The media like to go on about our season tickets but even with an average ticket price at £27 for city the stadium is hardly ever full for a team littered with megastars.

  26. I knew you would be Adam…

    Santos will be buying most of the F&C’s on sale….

  27. rico says:
    January 9, 2013 at 9:48 am
    First sensible comment you have made for ages Scott….

    Which one Rico……..?

    Scott……..If Theo knocks that back piss him off.
    Morning all.
    Wenger out.

  28. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Hobbits.

    Nice roundup Rico.

    I would like Fellaini to come to AFC. He would give us what we lack between the defence and advanced midfield. He knows the league and has a good pump in his heart.

  29. The joys of travelling away Ak, can’t get away with that at The Ems can you?

  30. Thanks Ts re the post, and you devil :)

    Fellaini would be great wouldn’t he but, and even though I know it’s wrong to do so, I have accepted that under our current leadership, we will not pay out £22M on a player. Even though he really would make a difference.

  31. Kev, some make out that football is really life and death though.
    Ayway,Citeh fans do not seem to mind their sugar daddy forcing the price up on players, so it is a bit rich that they are not happy Arsenal charging top dollar for games.

  32. TS. Many of the fans I sit near come all the way from places like High Wycombe or Bedford. Some even come from Bristol. Arsenal charge what they think they can get away with supported by the fact that they say that have so many thousands just waiting for tickets to become free. I have three that I am trying to rent out for a year and can’t find any takers and I know about 25 other people who are doing the same. To be able to afford them I might have to become a cabbie.

  33. City fans returned 992 tickets for their weekend match at the emirates because of the price but are also charged £55 at QPR, £50 at the scums. City fans are failing to recognise that they are now considered a ‘category A’ club but they still want to pay ‘cat D’ fees.

    Likewise Chelsea fans may not be charged as much as ours in some cases, but without Roman would they be able to sustain the expenses.

    We would still be considered 2nd if we did not have the oilers and the chelski amongst us. The same place we were even when we were successful…

  34. devil, the first one of the day, i was being ironic…. ;)

  35. My take on Theo is if we don’t offer him that then he’ll go sit on a bench for 120-130k or worse that he actually performs in another team and against us. I’m not the biggest fan of Theo but rather keep the guy who scores 10-12 per season than sell him for 8m and try find a replacement on the cheap.
    Thanx for clearing that up ts, I’m 14000km away so all I know, is like I said, what I read from the journos and blogs.

  36. Even here in Oz the ticket prices are ridiculous.
    Not as high as the PL tickets mind you, but when i was a kid dad could take we 4 kids to a league game regularly, have a feed and him a few beers.
    Now, to take the entire family is a few times a year treat for most.
    Still, someone has to pay the 100k a week players!!
    It is ridiculous.

  37. In the world of football, Arsenal are life or death…

    Where people go wrong though is assuming that fans cross football life with ‘the real world’…

  38. Morning Bradster. Where are you based may I ask?

  39. That is the biggest problem with selling Theo, who will we bring in to replace him….well said Bradster.
    As with Song, Theo is nowhere near irreplacable, but we will not replace him with a like for like quality player.

  40. Great post Rico, and exactly the reason i stay positive about the Arsenal experience.
    It is an outlet, a time to enjoy yet so many spend the entire season whining and complaining, i don’t get it.
    If i disliked something so much, or it brought me so much pain, i would ditch it.

  41. Ts – so are you saying that Citeh make their money at the expense of the away fans??

    Or is it they just have such a wealthy owner they can afford to keep ST prices down or they used to be rubbish so couldn’t charge high prices back then and it would be too much of a jump to increase them ‘that much’ now….

    Or do they simply just look after their own…?

  42. That was not a judgement on anyone else, but how i feel about the game and the club.
    Others take it to heart more, and though i do not pretend to understand it, i realise it is the way things are.

  43. I think the Man U ST prices began to creep up and up after the Glazers took over. Putting the Arsenal tickets up the other year was a PR disaster.

  44. So hopefully Scott, you won’t ever feel the need to compare real life with our dissection of all that is wrong at the club again…

    As Ak said, in the main, we are all here together to discuss Arsenal football club.

    After that it is of course food and Adam’s five wives

  45. I’m from South Africa Adam.

  46. I know Kev was talking about the dynamic fulcrum in Manu and Paddy. I agree too even though Silva took us to a higher stage when he took over from Edu…

    However, when fans say AW has lost the plot playing square pegs in round holes, they fail to admit that Petite was a LB and won the WC as a LB, Paddy was used as Ramsey in italy before he was converted permanently to what the world came to know him as…

    Last year in August even DB10 and the whole Dutch contingent were critising AW for playing Judas as a lone striker but where are they now to thank AW for making him a striker.

    Pundits like Le Tissier can now run their mouths off by saying they do not understand why Theo is played on the wings instead of as a striker but again it was AW who first said Theo would play as a striker in future and now he is allegedly holding us to ransom because of that position and fans believe that rubbish…

  47. I reckon they all look at us and keep their ST prices below just to look good…

    Perhaps if R&W took over, they’d reduce them…. Then again….

  48. Perhaps City fans have noticed that to watch Arsenal’s best players they don’t have to leave Manchester.

  49. Three wives Rico. I married one twice don’t forget. :)

  50. Bradster. Ok. :)

  51. Rico in responds to your comment at 10:31, bear in mind that even Roman and Sheikh Mansour bin Zaye see their investment as business not a gift to people who they have never met.

    So if you choose to believe that City are not charging as much because they are looking after their own then you have a very good heart. ;)

    So ask yourselves why Roman who has never claimed to support chelsea before he bought them (even if some believe he wanted the scums before) bought chelsea in the first place…!

    And then ask why AU wants Arsenal?

  52. Rico, there are plenty of days when the last thing we discuss is Arsenal…especially after a loss :)
    Maybe i should direct that comment to the precious footballers hanging out for an extra 5k a week though.
    Maybe none of us should take the game, yes, the game so seriously though.

  53. Every cent Roman has put into Chelsea has been a loan, not a gift.
    One day, he will want to be paid back.

  54. I know it hurts badly but we are on the right path, because believe it or not if Roman should drop dead or ‘FSBed’ by stepping on the wrong toes where will the chavs be?

    A reason why Roman is here now… ;)

  55. I’d never ignore you Rico, I was embroiled in a row with Anglian water oh and trying to some work! :lol:

  56. Very good on the Swans. I wish our board will do that instead of giving vouchers to away fans…

  57. :lo: Steve..

    Still makes five Adam…

    Lee – I was kidding you re ‘Morning Akb’s’,,, ;)

  58. Roman knows with the wrong person in place in Russia he could have most of his assets there seized. chavs is his last banker

  59. I’m hurt Rico!

  60. Sorry Scott – totally disagree, football and any other sport we individuals support will always be taken very very seriously…

    Maybe it’s the competitor instinct inside me and so so many others which is behind that…

  61. Fellaini would be a big asset right now! No bedding in period, PL ready….he’ll be off to chavs and FF will be coming here! :)

  62. Ts – I am sure they all want to make a bit of money at some time but in the case of AU, he wants to own us and keep the club in his family for years for years to come.

    That doesn’t sound like a man who wants to breeze in, out and rip us off….

  63. I’m truly sorry Lee, I never meant to ;)

  64. FF can BO Lee….

  65. Bog off?
    Bugger off?
    Body odour?

  66. Not sure on the last but the other two, yep, for sure…

    Mind you, Bog Off is perhaps more suitable, Wenger likes those kind of deals….

  67. By Chris Harris

    Gervinho will seek redemption at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

    The Arsenal forward has been called up to the Ivory Coast squad for this year’s tournament in South Africa and he is determined to make amends for the 2012 final, when he missed the decisive penalty as the Elephants lost to Zambia.

    That 8-7 shoot-out defeat took some getting over but it has given Gervinho an added incentive to help Ivory Coast ended their 21-year wait for the African title.

    “I am very excited and I am even more motivated than last year where we lost in the final and got denied that trophy that we have been waiting for so long,” he told Arsenal.com.

    “We have the chance to redeem ourselves. We are determined to win it this year and free us from that spell which has been on us for a long time.

    “It [the penalty miss last year] was very tough. I tried not to think about it. It should have been a great moment and it turned into a nightmare. It was frustrating. My aim is to redeem myself this time and I know I will do it.

    “I missed my penalty last year but this time I will score the winner to offer the trophy to Ivory Coast. I have faith in myself and my team-mates. This year will be the one for us.”

    Ivory Coast begin their Cup of Nations campaign against Togo on January 22 and also face Tunisia and Algeria in Group D. The Elephants, finalists in two of the last four tournaments, are among the favourites again.

    “We will aim to win every game until the end,” said Gervinho. “We are not getting carried away and thinking of the final yet but we want to stay focused for each game, and not panic.

    “We learnt a lot from the defeat last season. We know we need to avoid the penalty kicks as we don’t have good takers, especially me!

    “This is our European Championship. It’s the competition of the Africans. It’s the only competition that the African fans are really passionate about even if they love the domestic European leagues, the Champions League or the World Cup.

    “This is their competition and they all want to win it. Each country and each president wants this trophy. It’s very special for us.”

  68. Stats can fib….

    After all, they made Denilson look world class on paper ;)

  69. hahaha they did as well Rico, Arsene used to argue his case all the time based on those opta stats – what was he said “one of THE most under rated players in the game” uumm :-)

  70. Rico,
    It is not a competitive instinct…..not many are more competitive than i am.
    Perspective is what it is about, imo.
    I have had enough crap happen to put football in it’s place.
    As i say, it is an outlet for me, and always has been.
    Something to be enjoyed.

  71. There are three types of fibs………..lies, damned lies and STATISTICS.

  72. Exactly Devil.
    Stats can even make Aaron look poor :)

  73. I should use the word average.
    We know not one single PL player could be described as poor lol!!

  74. My point though Scott is in one box is the real world and in another is football. But in footballs box, it’s life or death…

    Agree there devil…

    Not even stats can do that for Ramsey on the left ;)

  75. Hi everyone,

    The Lampard rumor just makes me laugh.

    If City returned 900+ tickets that’s 900 less Shity fans i hope Arsenal takes the initiative and resell the tickets to Arsenal fans to have a fuller stadium and hopefully loader fans.
    This might help the boys a little bit, that is if the fans are up for it on that day

  76. Hi SD, but they’d have to sit with the City fans – not so good ;)

  77. Off to bed.
    Have a great guys.

  78. And a great day as well.
    Devil, we really do have hindreds of bushfires burning all over the country.
    Some could take days, even weeks to get under control.
    The in-laws escaped their property by 30 seconds a few years back on Xmas day.
    Their property was around 300 yards front to back, the flames hit the back end, they jumped in the car and took off chased by flames, and they reckon it took half a minute to burn their 6 acres to a crisp.
    Plenty of greyhound people i know are at high risk.
    Not a good time here, but even worse for the emergency services.
    I know who should be earning 100k a week!

  79. Adam has 5 wives now does he Rico???
    I thought it was ‘only’ 4…..
    Adam have you done a Gretna Green without telling us…
    Or are you a Morman?

    Application form for The Knowledge is in the post btw… ;-)

  80. We live in the lucky country, but there is always a downside.
    Night all.

  81. Night Scott…

    My mistake Ak, one he married twice…

  82. Scott, I think we will all agree with you about the emergency services….

  83. 5 wives????? yikes

    does your best friend manage to keep up with them all???

    Adam V and his merry wives.

  84. Coach, that’s why he never stops working.
    Lots of mouths to feed.

    There are dozens of little Adam’s scattered across the globe…

  85. Not sure that Lukasz Podolski could complain about Theo’s new wage.
    Certainly not when comparing who is the most prolific in front of goal…

  86. Frightening thought Ak….

    Ah but he doesn’t play centrally ;)

  87. morning all!
    Which is why our prices are so high? It is easy to see why but it is quite unrealistic and is to be living in the world of fiction.
    What’s new? Leandro Damiao?

  88. Morning JM

    Who is Damiao?

  89. Everyone is talking about Bradford being in the League Cup Final, just watch Villa batter them at home…..

  90. rico, Leandro Damiao (Brazil) should be our goal and not Villa or another

  91. But passport/visa would be a problem wouldn’t it?

  92. Afternoon Gooner familia,

    I support ST holders as an extension of my own eyes and ears. Doesn’t make me second rate Gooner though. I do my bit to push Highbury House up the hill and give criticism substantial mass if I feel there’s general consensus in need to be voiced as one. Personal details and nuance will be parked to enhance the volume.

    Sign da thing Theo. Rico wants her posterboy back. :P

  93. Afternoon Joaquim

    Damiao has been my dark horse for ages. Passport/work permit isn’t an issue, since he’s Samba international with more than 8 caps.

  94. Work safely despatched via email to Las Vegas I have returned to discover confusion as to my marital history. For the record then, I have been married 5 times but to four different ladies. I forgot one earlier. When I was a lingerie and underwear designer for women sized 18-32 I met my first wife and the rest is history.
    Kev. I you can test me on my London knowledge when we meet. Swan Yard to Ganton Street?

  95. Afternoon Dg, poster boy :lol:

  96. Then best you left AW know Dg/JM…

  97. No rico, they don’t have to sit with them, they will just substitute the sits by reducing the numbers of allocated sits for Man Shity, so there will be more allocated sits for Arsenal fan’s

  98. Forget about any new signings now:

    Next gen v Wba half time

    GOAL FOR ARSENAL! Diaby’s pass is expertly dummied by Frimpong into the path of Santos, who confidently slots past Daniels (45) 1-1

    Could’ent make it up could yer

  99. Keep up the updates pls Frednerk, thanks.

  100. And just for good measure:

    Diaby has settled in well to his first game since September. He’s been calm in possession and strong in the tackle (41) 0-1

  101. Sd
    Arsenal Under-21s: Mannone, Jenkinson, Angha, Hajrovic, Santos, Coquelin, Diaby, Frimpong, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Eisfeld, Akpom

  102. Our under 21 team are at home to WBA its one all at H/T
    The following are in the team,Mannone Jenkinson Santos Coquelin Diaby Frimpong The Ox Eisfeld Akpom .Shades of things to come?

  103. Or even ‘let Wenger know’ …

  104. :lol: fred, that’s hilarious….

  105. Fred, who is this Diaby fella? How did they get Santos away from the buffet?

  106. If Diaby should play on saturday , how will Wenger play him, he is not going to bench Wilshiere will he ?

  107. Back in a bit…

  108. It’s been all Arsenal in the second half, though Burton’s team just can’t quite find the final pass at present (58) 1-1

  109. Arsenal have started the half the better of the sides, with Diaby continuing to orchestrate proceedings from midfield

  110. Arsenal make their first change as Diaby makes way for Conor Henderson. The Frenchman has impressed on his return from injury (65) 1-1

    Yep ..Ready for sunday I think..Maybe a Rhubub

  111. Burton makes his second change as Zak Ansah replaces Oxlade-Chamberlain (70) 1-1

  112. Frimpong is booked (75) 1-1

    Don’t yer just love him.

  113. who’s in the WBA team we know, we seem to be making hard work of them?

  114. Frimpong Frimpong

  115. WBA:Team

    DANIELS, Luke

    01 ATKINSON, Wesley

    01 GAYLE, Cameron

    01 JONES, Callum

    01 GARMSTON, Bradley

    40 O’NEIL, Liam

    27 MANTOM, Sam

    01 PACE, Ryan (70)

    28 ALLAN, Scott

    01 BIRCH, Aaron

    36 NABI, Adil

    35 SAWYERS, Romaine

  116. Frimpong is shown a second yellow card after a foul in the Arsenal half (90) 1-1

  117. stay Dench. Keep racking up those fouls.

  118. Adam; Highbury & Islington Stn. Alight at Oxford Circus.
    Left, left, right, left, Cha Cha Moon on right.
    Spicey noodles asap.

  119. Just Thinking :

    Does any one remember when we used to be linked to Victor Moses? Then Chelsea bought him,

    Mata? Chelsea bought him (Best midfielder so far this season),

    Demba Ba ? Chelsea bought him,
    Oh by the way Wenger was the first to scout Drogba, Chelsea bought him.(he was an Arsenal fan , oh and Moses as well)

    Oh Cahil ? Chelsea bought him,

    and to cap it all , this players either didn’t do bad for Chelsea , playing well for Chelsea or almost single handed won the most coveted Cup in Club competition.

    I hope Wenger realizes the sad trend here.

    Lest i forget , Chelsea then stole the best left back in the country (Ca$hley Cole) from us.

    Sad really :(

  120. Some people like bare floorboards
    Some like bare floorboards varnished.
    Others like lino.
    But Lee, he likes a bit of carpet.
    Wall to wall carpet.
    Carpet in the lounge, carpet in the hall, carpet up the stairs.
    Carpet in the bedroom, of course and carpet in the bathroom.
    Lee would even have carpet in the garden if he could.
    Lee insists on carpet…

    And so do I…

  121. Very very good game by Diabolic and Dench Frimps… Santos was showing signs of a 7 month old pregnant lady on maternity leave.

    Yes and Dench showed what he is a beast and got red carded…

    Does any one know if he would have to serve a match ban

  122. Frimps got red carded….

    Diabolic looked like he had been training in the middle east. He looks too fit for someone out since October. A 65 minute paddy like display… AW stop telling lies…

    Frimps showed how good he can be because in the corresponding match they truly over ran our midfield.

    Its good to see Conor Henderson. Its a shame he could not get games at Coventry…

  123. howdy folks, what’s new? any new signing?

  124. Frimps LW what the heck was going on?

  125. Evening folks, any news?

    Any outs or ins I have missed

  126. TS,
    Maybe Wenger was keeping him for the January games and not rushing him back, i only hope it works.

    But he will play him with Wilshere back is what i will like to see.

  127. Why was OC playing for the reserves??

  128. good point SD. But at the expense of a new recruit?

    OC needs games I think, he has not been himself really imho…

    Saying that AA23 should be playing in the reserves if he is not moving.

  129. Rico,
    I think he will be playing an important role against Man city , so Boss man wants to make shure he is fit. I think!

  130. Any news on Campbell? Did he return for Betis or is he coming to Colney in January…

    I know the work permit was an issue last summer but I believe he played most of the internationals before christmas so he should meet the 80% mark now…

  131. I wish the Howedes rumours are true a solid defender with CL experience and German. A cheaper Hummels

  132. Has he signed yet?
    Diaby playing 65mins for the reserves. I guess that’s us not signing a DM/Box-box. Just in time like a new signing.

  133. SD – but a bit of a risk playing him, thankfully no injury… :)

    Did Diaby suffer any setback?

    Bit of a boost to have him back for City isn’t it?

  134. Then he will get injured in the West ham game and window ends and Wenger will depend on Artheta again.

    Vrry familiar story.

    Bye for now

  135. What did I say a few weeks ago emma, just in time for the Jan window and I wouldn’t bet against his return being ‘timed’…

  136. See you SD, have a good one…

  137. Off for dinner….

  138. Good day all.

    Fellaini please, Santi to the wing.

  139. Anything occurring ?

  140. Arent Fellaini and Arteta buddies? He should convince him to accept the lowest pay offer he’ll probably receive… Thats if Arsenal even take the first step and put in a decent bid.

  141. Hopefully Adam…

  142. City on the weekend then? Gulp…..

    Any predictions of victory? And if we do win, expect no signings.

  143. Home win imho Lewis….

  144. Will, yes from their playing days at Everton, but I doubt that means much when it comes to ‘which team will pay Fellaini more’…

  145. This team are generally more up for the glamour ties so I’d say we have a good chance.

  146. I’m glad City returned the tickets! Just grabbed one for £62 , the cheapest available was £127 before!!! :)

  147. Every cloud HG :P

    Lewis, we should have beaten them at the Etihad, they were liucky. If AW gets it right, we should win….

  148. I really hope that the HH ‘boys’ who go and eat out haven’t been watching the TV series, ‘Food Inspectors’..

  149. Well we better pull that win off on Sunday, otherwise I`ll be hungry and upset by the end of the month :)

  150. Morning all.
    Good to see Diaby and Frimpong back busting up the opposition.
    If we thought both or even one of them cold stay fit and healthy, we wouldn’t need another DM brought in, but alas, we must be realistic.

  151. No way Rico…..
    Michu he scores when he wants!

  152. I think someone posted here earlier…
    Mata,Cahill, Hazard and Cech (I think) could all of been Gooners?!?!

  153. Lee – good – I have taken my laptop into the kitchen as the better half watches it. It’s disgusting….

  154. I got a feeling we we’re not going to lose on Sunday…..

  155. HG – I think Citeh have an injury or two, it’s our only hope ;)

  156. Goal.com are reporting TW has signed……

  157. Hi Scott – I love the Aussie humour….

  158. ACON players left yet?
    Result for us if they have…..no Aguerro too?!?!

  159. Lee – crack open the Cava ;)

  160. Any excuse Rico! ;) Someone said Frimpong has signed a new contract…..might be bollocks though, spud mate info.

  161. Just trying to be positive Rico :)

  162. Beat the fuckers on Sunday and could lead to a mini revival…..

  163. Yep, all gone I am sure Lee, Gerv has, and thats a bonus :)

    Aguerro is crocked, Kolo and Yaya gone, who else??

    Oh, and Lardy has decided to drop the Tots in the mire and go off to the Acon’s too….

  164. That’s it isn’t it? Diaby needs to stay fit now, he’s played 117 times for us in what is it seven seasons?

  165. When Diaby has a good game so do Arsenal.

  166. A mini revival sounds good Lee.

  167. Diaby… ;-)

  168. Anyone watching the chavs? We missed out big time on Juan Mata……

  169. We must be careful we don’t wear Diaby out Lee .:)

  170. Sounds like an ice lolly Adam!

  171. He’s barely run in Adam…..very low mileage guv’nor!

  172. There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere Lee. :)

  173. Swansea keeper is having a cracking game….that’s put the kibosh on that!

  174. Diaby ;-)

  175. I was teeing it up for the Cava Queen! :lol:

  176. Kev’s gone all “Diaby” on us……

  177. I thought that was Kev who just ran on the pitch.

  178. I’ll never forget that pic of the rower in Lycra she posted Lee. I was shocked actually. :)

  179. I was really shocked Adam!

  180. You know me too well Lee :)

  181. FF to the rescue…

  182. So has TW signed?

  183. I used to have a Mini, a yellow one :)

  184. Rico is pretending she has forgotten that pic. :)

  185. No Lee, not yet….

  186. Adam – you mean the four in lycra??

    Nice ;)

  187. Rico’s now going all “Carry on” on us….

  188. Scott – 8.50.

    Positive is all well and good, but sometimes we have to be realists… ;)

    Diaby = It will never last!

  189. Rico. :)
    You seem to have them to hand anyway. Actually that is Kev, Rocky, Lee and myself taken this summer. :)

  190. We’ll do a team photo on 31st!

  191. My hands are far too small Adam!

    I do like their sponsership deal shown on the shirts…

  192. Now Ba is coming on another one we were tracking!
    I like this Swansea team, got something about them….

  193. 8 mins, come on the sheep shaggers!

  194. Its two legs Lee, don’t get too excited ;)

  195. 2 away goals……that’ll be a good start!

  196. Do away goals count?

  197. David Attenborough for me now :)

    What a series so far though – spectacular….

  198. Have a good evening all. Dave for me too.

  199. I’m signing off from a bloody freezing foggy Colchester.

  200. Fair play Swansea!

  201. I am signing off too, night Lee, Adam, Scott and anyone else I know ;)

    ‘Til tomorrow

  202. I have been to Teddington this evening, but it really wasn’t me on the pitch.

    Swansea are a great ‘away’ team, so anybody thinking the FACup replay, is in the bag, is actually in denial.
    In fact, I can see them turning us over, unless…………

    Unless, Diaby plays… :-D

  203. Apparently Chelski fans are asking their club to “spend some fucking money, sack the manager and reduce ticket prices”.
    It is only Swansea FFS, lol.
    Gotta laugh, but surely sooner or later some diehards will concede that these “lesser” clubs may well be better than people think.
    People want our club to spend money, but then wonder why Swansea can get top players like Michu for 2 million.
    Gems like that are rare, and our manager has a history of finding them second to none.
    Let us all hope he finds two or three this month.

  204. Who is that directed at Scott?

    Plenty of us here believe we shouldn’t be losing at home to Swansea… I know I do….

    Morning all…..

  205. Not directed at anyone in particular Rico.
    Why the paranoia of late on everything i post??
    Do you not agree that Swansea are better than people give them credit for?
    That is not to say we are a great side at present, but some of these lower table clubs can play bloody good football!
    They also obviousy have some pretty decent scouts.
    Too many Gooners are overstating how bad we are because they refuse to admit how could teams like Swansea are.
    Tell me I am wrong.

  206. Sorry, how GOOD teams like Swansea are….

  207. No paranoia but some mornings I come on here and read back and you have left a comment having a dig at a few for their views.

    Yesterday was the ST/Ticket holders, today it’s ‘the diehard fans’, those like me and many here who don’t believe we should be losing to Swansea or drawing with Villa etc etc…

  208. The lesser clubs have got better and we’ve been declining for a while…sad but true!
    Morning you die hard AKB’s! ;)

  209. Shaw commits to the Saints. :(

  210. Morning Lee

    Or is our decline making them look better?

    That’s annoying re Shaw but maybe they are just making sure they get an awful lot of money for their man….

  211. Onya Lee haha.
    Plenty have digs at me when i am not on here……..it is par for the course with the different timezones.
    That post was aimed at Gooners world wide, and again i ask to tell me where i am wrong.
    I don’t believe our decline is making the lesser clubs look better.
    On the contrary, their strengthening is making us look worse.
    I said the other day, and stand by it, that apart from the few world class stars we had 10 odd years ao, we had some average players.
    They looked better than they were because the opposition was worse, and these superstars made them look a little better than they actually were.
    Just my opinion and i know plenty will disagree.

  212. New Post going up….

  213. Are we SERIOUSLY after Jonas Olsson? I’m perilously close to losing my rag.

  214. I think we are worse because of one reason.

    We are…….

  215. Splitting hairs Rico…..we are not great…i never said otherwise….we just aren’t as bad as people makeout,imo.

  216. Morning all. Rico. It only “”seems” like we are worse.

  217. Morning rocky, apparently so….

    According to the paps of course…

  218. Isn’t he Superman’s friend Rocky?

  219. Forgive me Scott, I was sure you said that their strengthening is making us look worse.

    Morning Adam. I have to disagree, we are worse…

  220. But seriously…. Olsson? Come on. We HAVE to be aiming higher than that.

  221. It depends on your standpoint Rico. :)

  222. We should be rocky, but we have a tight owner ….

  223. Mork and Mindy….?

  224. Nanunanu :)

    I’m sitting Adam….

    Off to the new one

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