Lampard or Fellaini? Is the Walcott saga finally about to end?

Morning all,

Here we are then, 9th January and the newspapers are suggesting that a new deal for Theo Walcott is very soon to be agreed. It’s reported to be worth £26 million, that’s £90,000-a-week over five years which would take him level with the top earners such as Lukas Podolski.

Oh, its reported that he’s to be offered a £3m signing-on fee too which will take the overall package to £26.4m.

£5 million a year that roughly works out to be, give or take a fiver, and amount which is ridiculous isn’t it?

If all that has been disclosed is indeed factual, how can a player of Theo’s quality turn such an offer down?

He’s hardly Messi is he, he should be grateful to a club who has persisted with him, even during times when he has been very average and there has been plenty. So far this campaign he has shown much better form and is scoring goals but even so, he has a long way to go if he wants to be ‘great’!

Anyway, hopefully we will hear in the next few days that he’s signed and this long drawn out saga will come to and end, it’s been boring hasn’t it.

Saying that, Walcott is far from every fans favourite and I’m sure there are many who would rather that wage be offered to someone new.

Another saga involves David Villa. Wenger wants to sign him, Barca say he can’t, Villa wants to leave but……


There’s not really any other Arsenal news, so I’ll leave it there.

I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about, like fans who go to The Emirates each season or those who get on a bus/train at silly o’clock and travel up north or down south to support our club.

Do their opinions matter more than the opinion of those who don’t go?

Do they love the club more than those who don’t go?

Of course not, but they see a lot more at the ground, they feel the mood around the stadium and amongst the fans, they get to see more of the rapport or lack of it between the coaching staff. They see a lot more than the rest of us do from the comfort of our armchair or on a 44 inch Sony Bravia.

Some might consider those things to be ‘small’ but they are not, they show the bigger picture and tell more about the story of what is really going on on the pitch and ultimately, that’s all we really care about isn’t it?

Frank Lampard is up for sale, as is Marouane Fellaini. The latter has a £22 million release clause in his contract so we have no chance, the other is reported to be on his way to The Emirates…

Rumours, don’t you just love them….

Have a good day all…..

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