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Keeper, Midfielder and Striker linked & Pep’s ready Arsene. Seven fixtures in Twenty days.

Morning all,

The big news is that Pep Guardiola has had his rest, enjoyed watching football from the stands or at home rather than the dugout and now he’s announced that next season he’ll be back in management.

That is of course if any club wants him.

Many Arsenal fans see him as the ideal man to replace our current manager and many a rumour went around suggesting that he actually wants to manage Arsenal.

It can’t be denied that the reason many players have signed for us over the years has been Arsene Wenger as much, if not more than it has been about our club. Especially the French players and latterly the young players as they know he will give them their chance to play but those days seem to be fading. Even Lewis Holtby said he chose the Totts over us because of AVB.

Sadly, the days of players wanting to sign for a club because of who that club is have long gone it seems, it’s about money, trophies and a manager who is respected. Pep Guardiola is certainly the latter.

Didn’t Cesc Fabregas say that he was his hero and couldn’t wait to play under his leadership?

But, right now’s it’s Wenger we have and it’s Wenger to stay unless something quite drastic happens which forces either Arsene or the board to decide otherwise and his deep, strong squad have to play seven games in twenty days, (eight if we beat Swansea in the replay) starting with Manchester City at home on Sunday. How the heck will they cope?

We have already heard the ‘the players were a little bit fatigued’ excuses when we lose/draw after playing twice in seven days, so what is being lined up for an excuse if and when it’s needed will be interesting.

But by magic, we’ll have Diaby, Santos and Rosicky all ready to return as ‘new signings’, a couple of the reserve players that Arsene has recently said ‘will be able to step up very soon to the Premier League’ and of course, players who haven’t been used recently will just slot in and all will be fine won’t it?

No it won’t!

That’s my moaning over!

Rumours to finish with:

Fulham are again reported to be keen on signing Arshavin according to some of today’s newspapers.

Rumours are flying around that Theo Walcott is set to sign his new contract any day now. I’ll believe that when afc.com announce it!

The Daily Mail suggest we have been offered Napoli striker Eduardo Vargas on loan. The 23-year-old Chile international is surplus to requirements and has been in talks over a move to Sao Paulo in Brazil but in the meantime we can have him.

And finally Lucas Biglia together with Jack Butland and Celtic’s Wanyama are back on Wenger’s ‘interested’ list according to The Daily Mirror.

You know where there list ends up don’t you……
That'll be the 31st then......

That’ll be the 31st then……

That’s it folks…
Have a good day all…..
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353 Responses to Keeper, Midfielder and Striker linked & Pep’s ready Arsene. Seven fixtures in Twenty days.

  1. Arsenal News says:

    [...] Keeper, Midfielder and Striker linked & Pep’s ready Arsene. Seven fixtures in Twenty days. [...]

  2. rico says:

    Morning all…..

    I know some of you don’t like what goes on in the comments section of LG but this is part of Pedro’s post which imho is spot on…

    ‘We have a whole squad of players Wenger doesn’t trust, which means we over play the ones he does… which generally results in an injury somewhere along the line.

    On the injury front, you have to give it to the medical team. It’s a minor miracle we have a fully fit squad in January. That said. If he doesn’t start resting players, a full squad won’t last long’

  3. frednerk says:

    Steffen Freund
    Reason Hotby signed for the spuds.

  4. Adam says:

    Morning Rico. Surely that should read “that he no longer trusts”. He did at one point presumably which is why they still earn such stupid money for doing nothing. With all these matches coming up, wouldn’t it have been just a bit wise to sort any transfers early or do they give him the ideal excuse that he has been too busy?

  5. Scoube says:

    Arsenal are waiting for the left over on the 31th of January

  6. JW says:

    Good morning all,

    It’s only 8th January, the transfer window is open until 31st. What’s the rush? It makes sense that Wenger is concentrating on getting Walcott signed up, until he knows for certain one way or the other he can’t finally decide on his priority targets.

    One thing his club cannot be seen to do is lose another of it’s established stars, Arsenal fans, and the press, are constantly bemoaning the loss of the Spaniard, the Dutchman, a pair of Frenchmen and a Cameroon, add an English international to the list and we would be doooomed, Mr. Manwaring, doooomed.

  7. devilgunner says:

    Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Hobbits.

    Good post Lady.

    I followed your advice Rico and popped off to take a look at LG. And I liked what was written also.

    The fans are brewing up. And sooner rather than later something might explode or might set off a chain of events equivalent to a dominoe reaction.

  8. devilgunner says:

    Is it lack of trust in the players or a lack of man-management and tactical nous on the field which makes AW play the same players week in week out?

  9. rico says:

    Sorry, my internet crashed for a while..

    Morning Adam, will take a peep and rectify as required ;)

  10. JW says:


    I’m sorry but that comment from Pedro, who ever the hell he is, is totally typical of the short sighted Arsenal fans of today. If Wenger rotates his players he is accused of not picking his strongest team, if he sticks to the strongest team he is accused of running them into the ground. I’ll stick with Wenger to know what is best for the squad, not some half arsed armchair play-station manager who has probably never managed anything in his life.

    Losing patience with the moaning, griping fans? You bet I am!!

  11. ozgunner10 says:

    question on your post Rico – 9.46am we know the players Wenger trusts as they are automatic choices, my question is how many of those are actually as good as he tells us (and them) they are?

  12. Hi all

    Sorry JW, I totally disagree – Why is AW using the transfer window to tie up a contract that should have been done a year ago? Why has he delayed until a time where his full attention should be on bolstering our side? That’s what the transfer window is for. Not contract negotiations with current players.

    We need players in sooner rather than later, because at the end, it’s all panic buys. Look at the season SAF bought all his quality players within the first week of the window… He sat back, relaxed, safe in the knowledge he had everyone he wanted. We ended up with a bag of shit on the last day (Atreta excluded) in what was a massive panic spree. Wenger should just stop dicking about.

  13. JW says:

    Gone for a while.

  14. rockyrocastle07 says:

    And also, we should have strength in depth… That allows rotation of strong players so there is continuity. That can only be resolved by buying players in the transfer window. Which is now being taken up with a stupid old cock messing about with a protracted contract saga that should have been done and dusted yonks ago.

  15. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Scoube – Unfortunately, you are probably 100% right with that.

  16. rico says:

    Morning JW, devil..

    JW – because of our fixture list, why do we seem to be the last club to make a move yet the club who possibly needs players the most…

    LG prtty much always write good posts devil… Not all fans cup of tea but I think they are quite balanced…

  17. Adam says:

    JW. The rush is that we need players for the incredible schedule we have as the ones we have are clearly not up to the job. I thought I made that clear. Those moaning, griping fans that you are losing patience with, that I hope includes me, have every right to an opinion. The fact that you see nothing wrong is your prerogative.

  18. ozgunner10 says:

    Agree with you again Adam and posted this yesterday, Liverpool and Chelsea are prime examples of getting their ducks in a row early, they may sign others but their prime targets are in. Wenger now has set a precedent of panic buying are we up for this again?We have known the difficulty faced in January for months (fixtures), why couldn’t someone in our club have things in place like others have. Again its more about money than anything and Wenger admitted as much, we would have brought no one had the loan players not gone I dare say, only now do we have room for 1-2 players. He really does seem lost in the fast paced world that is now the EPL – We need the players end of, who cares about the other rubbish he’s brought, we need the players regardless surely??

  19. rico says:

    JW – every manager has to rotate but he doesn’t because he can’t/wont’t for one reason. That has to be he lacks faith in those who step in.

    I’m not talking about wholesale changes, but why on earth is Santi not being given a break now that Rosicky is fit?

    Or Jenks even with Sagna being so poor.

    Arshavin on the left instead of Ramsey?

    It doesn’t add up to anything other than he can’t consider any of the above good enough…

  20. rico says:

    Oz – I think most of us know which one are and are not.

    I think Lee’s comment a few days ago summed it all up rather well when he was watching the likes of Henry, Pires etc etc and how good they were..

    Yet here we are today, worrying about Theo walcott signing or not….

    We have fallen big time….

  21. ozgunner10 says:

    Rosicky, AA and Jenks is hard to understand Rico, agree with you

  22. Lee says:

    Look at the frequency of games in January, there’s a massive reason to bolster the squad with quality players!
    Morning all…

  23. rico says:

    Morning rocky.

    I love Arteta :)

  24. agirlagunner says:

    Boo!! Howdy, rico? Hello, all. It’s hard to feel optimistic about the transfer window with our recent history. :(

  25. Adam says:

    Oz. we must stop meeting like this :).

  26. Adam says:

    Hi Agag. Where are you now? Back home?

  27. ozgunner10 says:

    10.24 post Rico – 99% of my hostility towards Wenger are based on exactly your point. Its been happening slowly for years now – and comments like “this is the best squad i have had” just highlights surely, who’s really dropped the ball here?

  28. Bradster says:

    Hi All,

    Totally agree Rocky. Also to add why does the strengthening of other postions depend on walcott signing?
    I quite like Pedro’s posts, sorry to down play your rant JW. He’s posts are normally unbiased. The rest on LG is a load of crap though, especially the ref write ups.
    Arsenal Arsenal seem to also have the problem of the rose tinted supporters shouting down anyone who criticises the team, manager and anything else but the board and the other extreme of how can you want a Rogue like AU in.
    Oh, lovely post Rico.

  29. ASNLthruNthru says:

    One Guardiola, there’s only one Guardiola!!

  30. Adam says:

    Hi Lee. That piece you posted earlier was interesting. Was it written by a journo or an enlightened supporter?

  31. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Oz – You’re right… Comments like that from AW really make you want to bitch-slap him so hard. Who’s he trying to fool?

    Rico – My wife has a thing for Arteta! Which is worrying, because he looks a bit like my mate!

  32. rico says:

    Morning Lee, agag and anyone else I have missed …

    I’m good thanks agag, you?

    At the start of the season I thought we had a good squad Oz, and I don’t think it’s ‘that bad’ but it’s missing vital players. Maybe at least four and all of higher quality than we have.

    Had we done that, our squad would have been very deep and players like Walcott, Merts, Arteta etc etc would be those used to rotate, not relied on each week….

    Santos, well he just doesn’t belong in the PL as a defender…

  33. Scott from Oz says:

    Shit, we are liking LG?
    “Wenger Out.”
    Did i miss anything those muppets post??
    Arsenal Arsenal have their share of Wenger supporters and critics.
    Morning all.

  34. potter says:

    JW.:- It’s in the post,”” strong squad have to play seven games in twenty days, (eight if we beat Swansea in the replay) starting with Manchester City at home on Sunday. “”

    So by the time the window shuts that’s eight more games gone by.
    We should have forseen and lined up the players beforehand as others do. I have said time and again our board and now I’m afraid Arsene have become re-active rather than pro.

  35. Lee says:

    Adam, did Lionel give you your dinner jacket back??
    Journo Adam.

  36. rico says:

    Thanks Bradster, Add ACLF to AA, they do seem to be very pro AW…

    But, each to their own I guess…

    Rocky, I recall you telling me that, but not the added bit about your mate, that must be a worry…

  37. agirlagunner says:

    Flew in this morning, Adam. :) :) Back to muggy weather. Ick. ;) Howdy?

  38. devilgunner says:

    Hiya Adam. Got that tattoo of Liz Hurley done yet?? :lol:

    The team needs 17 top level quality players who can fit in easily and rotate without any need to disrupt the flow and togetherness of the team. And each player can play 2/3 games and keep fresh for the latter part of the season. But bar the first 14 and I am not including a reserve keeper we do not have that much strength.

    At the same time………why keep playing the same 3 in midfield when there are Frimps and Coquelin and Rosicky? They can fit in cant they. And I am confident enough that they will do a good job. Why not rest Cazorla when we can put TR07 instead of him, and bring Caz the Gazzzzzz later on in the game? Or rest Arteta and put on Coquelin or Frimpong? Or better still bring on Arteta and keep Cazorla on the wing for a game?

  39. rico says:

    I knew there would be one….

  40. Adam says:

    Lee. No, I am wearing it now. :)
    DG. As I said yesterday, I have Squilli depicted as a Centaur as my only tattoo. When I squeeze my mighty bicep against my chest he rears up in a slightly disgusting “mounting” motion.
    The girls and Lee love it. :)

  41. rico says:

    Same old same old Potter, we only have to look back at this time last years. Weren’t we in a similar position but without a right or left back…

    All his talk was about getting cover at the back on loan, we ended up with Henry….

  42. devilgunner says:

    No Scott. We liked what LG have written not them in person.

    A spade is a spade mate. And if what they wrote is good then we have to admit it.

    bdw I did not read the comments as I am afraid of contracting a serious case of Gambonitis and that will take all the money I have into medicine which might not even cure the effects.

  43. Adam says:

    Rocky. Personally I think you look like Arteta.

  44. Joshua says:

    Wenger should be replace, arsenal should land david villa at all cost, victor wanyama, to replace song space and a mapou’yang mbiwa as squaillic replacement
    Arsenal should continue with their exodus arshavin, s. Squaillic, t. Rocisky injury prone and the arrow head Diaby with this arsenal will be competitive

  45. agirlagunner says:

    This team is not just clicking. It’s been discussed to death but we need a proper DM.

    rico, I am well, if jelagged. Hiya, scott, dev, rocky, lee, potter.

  46. Adam says:

    You are just taller and slightly more handsome.

  47. tsGH says:

    Morning all…

    Good post Rico…

    Wow. Pedro? The same man who I read question why AA23 was still at Arsenal? JW spot on at 10:14…

    We all know the performances could be better and we can all say it is AW’s fault because he is the manager and it is very hard to argue against at the moment.

    However, when fans made comments in hindsight then I think it is a low blow! How many times have I read on this site that if a player is fit and available AW should always play them?

    I don’t want to crush the party so later folks and enjoy…

  48. rico says:

    Adam – I have been re-reading and I think I have finally realised that you were not referring to today’s post… :)

    Rocky, can you play football like him too?

  49. Adam says:

    Actually the LG posts are pretty good. The comments are ghastly though. Too much personal abuse and testosterone flying about.

  50. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Lovely image Adam….. Please never show me that….!!

    True Dev… Their posts are genuinely good. The comments following them are not. Although (whisper it quietly) I was impressed with what Gambon was saying the other day. Can’t remember when it was, but it made sense

  51. Bradster says:

    Rocky that made my morning, keep an eye on that mate of yours, lol

  52. rico says:

    Hi, thanks and bye it seems Ts….

    Are we not all wondering why Arshavin is still at Arsenal?

    He’s not being played…..

  53. rico says:

    Spot on Adam…

  54. Adam says:

    Rico. I bet Arteta can’t put away a heavily garlic’d lamb chop like Rocky can. :)

  55. Bradster says:

    I have a mate that looks like Paul Walker, makes me worry too when she says Paul walker is gorgeous.

  56. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I know Brad! Fortunately, we only see him a couple of times a year!

  57. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Adam…. NO-ONE can put away a chop like me. Said it before…. I’d destroy Henry VIII in a chop-off

    Not sure that’s a great characteristic though….!

  58. Adam says:

    Rocky. I hear they are already getting the produce in at Mangal for your next visit? Unlike Wenger, they are moving early in the month. :)

  59. devilgunner says:

    Mine used to say that Gary Neville was GORGEOUS. It was then that I felt safe.

    RR07……Gambon talks sense yes he does. Its his way of saying them which is senseless and contagious. And it can leave a hard dose of side effects which take a long time to recover.

  60. rockyrocastle07 says:

    They better had Adam. If I don’t get a full plate of cookead animal flesh (sorry Rico….!) I’ll not be happy!

  61. devilgunner says:

    Does Chicken make you happy Rock???

  62. Bradster says:

    Hahaha, you’re lucky Devil.
    Did I see it on here that Villa landed at Heathrow?

  63. devilgunner says:

    Careful mate or she will feel like banging our heads together like she said in New Year’s Post.

  64. rico says:

    Ha ha Adam…. Glad I don’t join you chaps on a food night ;)

  65. rico says:

    Think I’ll go and do the washing up ;)

  66. Lee says:

    Rocky you’ve no worries re Mrs Rocky and Arteta he’s a hi-ho time bandit and doesn’t have your chiselled features! You’d give Adam Richman a run for his money on the lamb chop front mate…

  67. Adam says:

    Rico. It isn’t a pretty sight, that’s for sure. Rocky is the scourge of ruminants everywhere. :)

  68. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Rico, we’d change the venue should you care to venture up! And I’ll improve my etiquette in your presence too! Lee will even (possibly) refrian from using your most hated swear word! Adam will wow you with his tattoo and Kev will supply the beers. Surely you can’t resist such an evening!

  69. Lee says:

    The Mangal nut cutlet is a winner Rico!

  70. Adam says:

    Rocky vs Meat….
    Has a ring to it I think.

  71. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Lee – Adam Richman would be trailing in my wake on the chop front. Although he’s destroy me on all other eating fronts!

  72. Adam says:

    Rocky. My tattoo does it every time.

  73. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Adam – All that protein would mean it has a ring-sting to it….

  74. Lee says:

    Adam will sport his velvet trimmed smoking jacket and I’ll be fully weaved up by the 31st! Jon Bon Jovi-esque….

  75. rockyrocastle07 says:

    As long as someone can wear Messi’s comedy clown bow tie, that’ll do me!

  76. Lee says:

    On 31/1/13 Man v food…..man won!

  77. rico says:

    I think the three of you have done very little to convince me :lol:

  78. rico says:

    Not with a bit of a nut allergy Lee ;)

  79. Lee says:

    Jason Burt was the author of that article Adam.

  80. devilgunner says:

    Rocky regarding Arteta Iwould not worry that much…..he is always passing sideways and backwards.

    Its if he has a high successful ratio of direct passes which would make me worried.

  81. devilgunner says:

    Hmmmm. Can I invite you to a delicious dinner m’Lady?

    Obviously you can have the choice of your own menu and perhaps my own also. Vino to your taste and if you want a nice flowery atmosphere I would suggest giving you a trip to the Alps near one of the lakes in Spring.

  82. Lee says:

    I deleted my original reply to your 11:15 Rico… :lol:

  83. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Lee – It will never be in doubt!

    Dev – Unfortunately, my mate is a massive deviant.

  84. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I can only imagine what that would have been, Lee!

  85. Lee says:

    Let’s move on Rocky… ;)

  86. Steve says:

    The club ( by which I mean the Board ) doesn’t have the ambition to replace Wenger – Oh where are you David Dein ?

  87. allezkev says:

    Morning Gooners/Rico.

    That was an interesting post from Lee, re: Wenger and players wages…

    Now we have a Board of Directors who are ‘movers & shakers’ in the business world.
    A Chairman who works (worked?) at a major international bank.
    An owner who is a business magnate.
    And none of those prats have a handle on club affairs it seems?!

    What a total shit sandwich…

    Syrup Out. And take the rest of the wasters with ya….


  88. Scott from Oz says:

    Devil, your 10.40 am explains why it is a waste of time venturing to the dark side.
    If people are enjoying their topics though i guess Geoff isn’t writing them anymore.

  89. Scott from Oz says:

    Messi wins the Ballon D’or, while Suarez nudges Bale for the Fallon D’Floor!!
    Not mine, but worth posting :)

  90. devilgunner says:

    I do not venture enough Scott mate. However today I saw the bit from Rico and decided to pop there and to be honest I liked what I read.

    Sometimes yes it is a waste. but today it was not.

  91. rico says:

    WE should have been playing tonight :(

  92. Scott from Oz says:

    A rare day then Devil lol.

  93. rico says:

    No idea Lee, but they seem quite desperate to keep Denislon, he’s doing really well for them after a difficult start.

    Wonder what position they are playing him, attacking or defensive midfield…

    My hunch would be attacking….

  94. ozgunner10 says:

    10.26 Adam – are people talking already then? haha

  95. Scott from Oz says:

    Well, i dare to venture.
    Not sure i read a single thing that isn’t posted on here every night of the week though to be honest.
    Nothing wrong with that article, just nothing unique.
    Still, a vast step up from the other idiots work.
    That is my hit for the year.

  96. devilgunner says:

    Rico……Denilson plays in the same role as Gilberto used to play for Arsenal. He does not venture enough forward but is encouraged to sit back and cover the defenders. At AFC he used to be used as a link between Song and Cesc….a sort of box to box which he clearly is not in the same manner as Ramsey is a left sided midfielder.

    Seems as if neither I convinced you regarding dinner then :(

  97. rico says:

    Scott – why don’t you pop onto LG and tell Geoff and Pedro what you think of them?

  98. Adam says:

    Rico. I know a restaurant where they serve the best griddled Halloumi. :)

  99. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Sounds horrific Adam….

  100. Scott from Oz says:

    You know the reaon why Rico…..i have said often enough!

  101. Adam says:

    Not for you Rocky obviously. I have a Lamb set aside for you.

  102. Adam says:

    His name is Larry.

  103. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I vaguely recall you mentioning it Scott……!

  104. rico says:

    Ah, thanks devil, and he’s obviously doing better there then…

    I accepted your invitation :)

  105. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Adam… Lamb? Singular? I require at least 2!

    Just in case anyone thinks I have an unstoppable appetite that resembles food-rage, I would like to note that, although being a fat lad, I do normally skip breakfast and lunch in preparation for our meals out, and have usually been to the gym beforehand!!

    That said… I DO love a curry/plate of meat, and I cannot promise I wouldn’t still devour it in the same way even if I hadn’t skipped meals…..!

  106. Scott from Oz says:

    Defended Wenger, copped every name under the sun, was banned for abusive language lol.
    I never swore once but copped the “c” plenty all in the space of a few hours.
    Le Grove, where it’s ok to disagree, just not with Geoff!!

  107. rico says:

    Now you are talking Adam, one of my favourites, barbecued is best…. Yum yum….

  108. Scott from Oz says:

    Rocky, anyone defending Wenger has a short life span there :)

  109. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Sorry Rico, you can’t polish a turd. Haloumi is disgraceful, no matter how you try and spruce it up!

  110. rockyrocastle07 says:

    In my humble, meat-destroying opionion, obviously!!

  111. rico says:

    :lol: Rocky…

  112. devilgunner says:

    I read this on an article from NN…………..

    Despite the acquisitions of Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski last summer, Arsenal have yet to sufficiently compensate for the departure of captain Robin van Persie.

    Theo Walcott has impressed since being switched into a central position, but Arsenal still lack a proven goalscorer of Van Persie’s calibre.

    No I am sorry. We have been missing a proper striker since TH14 left for Barca. RVP only gave us one season. TH14 used to torment the opposition defence for fun. He was a one man army like Drogba. RVP never tormented the opposition back four.

  113. Adam says:

    I know Rico. :)
    I never forget these things.

  114. devilgunner says:

    There you have it lads. That’s the way to wow a Lady.

    bdw………..we lads should all meet up and do this……..(I wish it could really happen)………….

  115. Adam says:

    DG. Yes, but what a season. He completely blurred reality in fact. Without him last season we wouldn’t have been in the CL this season and would be hoping for the Europa league again this season. Perhaps things would be coming to a head somewhat earlier?

  116. devilgunner says:

    Exactly Adam. I feel that something might be brewing and might soon explode or change the way things are operating.

    Which way I do not know. It might be for good or for worse.

  117. Adam says:

    DG. I watched a fascinating program on BBC last night about the siege of Malta. I never really understood how bad it actually was. Terrifying stuff. Is the bond with the UK still strong?

  118. devilgunner says:

    EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR’S future at Tottenham is in serious doubt.
    The Spurs striker moved permanently to White Hart Lane only last summer.
    But while he has recently been given the chance by manager Andre Villas-Boas to form a strike force with Jermain Defoe, it is understood that Spurs would consider offers for the Togo star.
    That could interest QPR boss Harry Redknapp – his former manager at Spurs last season.

    At least AW got top money for this lump

  119. rico says:

    Good Rocky, all the more for me :)

  120. devilgunner says:

    The siege of Malta? Which one mate. We had two. one in 1565 and one between 1939 and 1942.

  121. potter says:

    People have short memories when it comes to making their points Devil. I count myself fortunate to have seen two goal predators at the Arsenal in my time , both Henry and Wrighty. After watching Greaves as a younger person I never thought I would see the like again.

  122. devilgunner says:

    In my life I was lucky enough to see (besides Henry and Wright of course) Inzaghi, Rush, Aldridge and Messi. While Th14 and IW08 used to fill me with hope whenever AFC played the other lot used to fill me and also the opposition with dread at what they were going to do.

    To this day I still say that had Inzaghi came to AFC he would have beaten all records. Yes including the one by TH14. He scored nearly 200 goals in a league dominated by catenaccio and defensive systems.

    But to say that RVP was a predator?????? LMFAO on the floor.

    Adam……….the second siege of Malta was were we were really in the shit. And the effects were still felt up till the turning of the century due to lack of funds which should have come from Italy and Germany plus political mismanagement. Now we are much better.

  123. Adam says:

    And The Times Of Malta was still published every day. Astonishing. It made me think that I should visit as the Maltese couple who live opposite are always encouraging me to. :)

  124. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Adam, the wife and I were considering going this year. We’re not now though!

  125. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Dev – as much as it pains me to say, you have to add Clive Allen and Gary Lineker to that list. both were pretty special goal machines.

  126. devilgunner says:

    RVP was a good centreforward who had the team playing for him. TH did not have the team playing for him until the season 2005/2006. He played for the team. And his speed was so great that the team could afford to sit back and let the others attack. Nowadays we do not have that.

    Theo might become that. But only if SB is allowed to drill the defence and midfield to sit back in two banks and give him through balls to run.

    However we need to stop the tiki taka tippy tappy fancy passing football to sitting back and learning how to defend for Theo to flourish.

  127. Adam says:

    Rocky. I was thinking of a winter break in March perhaps.
    Are you off to Boston again?

  128. devilgunner says:

    Adam, you should mate. but if you want to enjoy yourself do so only in summer. I will be free of work and football and can show you around. Even Kev is due a visit as I have been nagging him for years now. But he is so fascinated by his cab that he refuses to abandon it for a couple of hours let alone a week ;)

  129. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Adam – We were thinking of june but we’re off to the Isle of Wight instead! (Basically a free holiday as my folks have a place over there). Would love to do Boston again but I’m taking Kel to a place in Norfolk for 3 nights of relaxation (waybread lakes – looks really nice) at the end of November, thank back for a day before flying out to Berlin for 4 nights to raid their Christmas markets

  130. rockyrocastle07 says:

    We should have a boys week over there! Sure Dev can put us all up and feed us fpor a week! Dev – don’t listen to Adam and Lee…. I really don’t eat as much as they say!

  131. devilgunner says:

    Rocky…….Lineker yes. I forgot about him. But not Allen for me. I did not like him that much.

  132. devilgunner says:

    feed you all for a week???? Holy cow.

    I never dreamt of opening a restaurant mate.

  133. devilgunner says:

    but you say you are fat Rock.

    and that is not because you eat too much. rather you eat it wrongly at the wrong time of the day and by using the wrong combination in the plates mate.

  134. Adam says:

    Devil. I am not keen on ultra high temperatures. Have been perusing the Ramla Bay hotel in Meiliha(?). We like to walk and are interested in historical stuff etc and decent restaurants. Personally I would discourage Rocky, if you want to avoid the third seige of Malta. Especially those poor Lambs.

  135. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Trust me Dev, I eat the right stuff at the right time…. Been into weight lifting for far too long to not know how and what to eat! I just had far too long off in-between gyms (about 4 years) and having to take insulin with ecery meal makes it hard to shift weight (according to my diabetic specialist!)

  136. Adam says:

    For Rocky, a Lamb chopfest at midnight is de rigeur.

  137. rockyrocastle07 says:

    And also, due to being diabetic, my carb intake is not big at all

  138. devilgunner says:

    for example you said you skip breakfast………that is totally wrong mate. you should never do so.

    Eating fruit exactly after a meal is not healthy….slows your metabolic rate.

    Smoking after meals is bad also.

    Taking a shower/bath/swim after a meal slows down your metabolic rate.

    Cornflour and wheat flour slows your metabolism while spelt flour increases it.

    Eating carbs before you sleep slows metabolism and increases fat. Soup only before you sleep.

    Many more what to do’s but these are just the common tips.

    Oh………and drink lots of water. (plus wine mate)

  139. Adam says:

    Rocky. Can one ever stop being diabetic, once diagnosed, or is it a lifelong condition?

  140. devilgunner says:


    I am off now mates. Time to go and pick the little Prince…the mighty Thorin Oakenshield himself.

    and then off to blunt the knives and bend the forks, chip the plates and break the cups.

    and eat some meat in careless ways….
    that’s what Rico surely hates.

  141. rico says:

    Go steady devil, have a good afternoon…

  142. Adam says:

    I never eat breakfast but have a huge cooked lunch during which I smoke at least 20 cigarettes, two at a time. Immediately afterwards I eat at least three pineapples before a swim. Mid afternoon is whiskey time for me and of course I eat a large bowl of pasta deep fried in flour in bed, followed by fruit and clotted cream before I go to sleep. I only drink water when I clean my teeth which is also when I exercise. I have lived to 86 following this strict regime Devil.

  143. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I Don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat fruit a lot as mid-morning snacks (as much as possible without having to inject as fructose obviously increases blood glucose levels), drink loads of water. Rearely skip breakfast (very occasionally when I go out for dinner with the others).

    As I said, things like cornflour are avoided due to it being a carb.

    Seriously mate, dieticians and diebeticians have seen my eating/treaining habits are are all happy that I am doing it right. Just one of those things!

    Adam – Being type 1, it’s always gonna be with me. Type 2 can be controlled with tablets and diet.

  144. Lee says:

    I’ve spoken to Mangal, they are getting in early on 31st to start cooking Rocky’s beef. I told them to just rip the horns out and wipe it’s arse!!
    I just can’t see you skipping anywhere mate… ;)

  145. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Do they do beef Lee? I’d be surprised if they do!

  146. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I used to skip Lee! That’s the point! I used to box a lot at my old gym, but then done my shpoulder, gym prices rocketed and stopped going. For 4 years!

  147. rico says:

    Have to pop off for a couple of hours too, have a good afternoon peoples…

  148. rico says:

    Adam, you are such a hoot.

    But I can’t believe you only clean your teeth once a day…..

  149. Lee says:

    It’s Turkish beef, it’s a cross between a wildebeest and a Shetland pony…..

  150. allezkev says:

    God, I hate Monday’s…

  151. Lee says:

    Boomtown Kev…there he is?
    God, I hate the syrup!

  152. allezkev says:

    Barcelona have put the block on Villa then…

    That’s David not Aston btw.

    Not sure it would be worth signing him in the summer.
    We need him now, as much for morale as anything.

    As for Mbwia, I bet he ends up at OT…

  153. Lee says:

    Fuck Mbiwa then…

  154. SD London says:

    So no news then :|

  155. allezkev says:

    It started to go wrong at Carrow Road, Lee.

    Since then my enthusiasm for this season has disappeared quicker than a spicy lamb chop.

    Bradford was the end for me.

    It’s all shit now mate.

    Totally fcuked off by the whole club.

  156. allezkev says:

    The only contest i’m looking forward to this month, is on the 31st at Mangals.

  157. rockyrocastle07 says:

    better get in there quick on the 31st Kev – If you believe everything you read on here, I’ll have eaten the entire conents of the restaurant quicker than Lee can offend its patrons with his language!

  158. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Although to be honest Kev, You all may have to do without me on this outing

  159. Adam says:

    Rocky. That would be bad news.

  160. rockyrocastle07 says:

    not for the lambs

  161. JW says:

    Just back,

    Rocky, you’re entitled to disagree of course, but it takes two to tango, Walcott was refusing to sign a new contract all season long, how is Wenger’s fault that the player waited until now to sign on terms that are very little different to those offered earlier in the season. Until the Walcott situation is resolved Wenger cannot prioritise his targets. It is/was Walcott dicking about not Wenger.
    I don’t care if they are perceived to be “panic” buys so long as they are the right buys.


    See above!


    See above! As to your opinion and entitlement to it, of course you are free to express it, but I don’t have to like reading the constant, repetitive and frankly boring griping. Perhaps you could point to the part where I said I see “nothing wrong”.

    Bradster @10.28,

    If Walcott goes then a striker is the main priority, if Walcott stays then maybe a defensive mid-fielder becomes the main priority. There is limited money available and there is not an infinite number of squad places.

    I couldn’t care less what anybody on LG says, they are entirely anti-Wenger and have been for as long as I can recall.


    Of course we should have lined up the new players in advance of the window opening, how do you know we haven’t? Wenger never discusses his targets with the press and fans and I for one, would never expect him to.

    TsGH @10.42,

    Thank you.

  162. Adam says:

    JW. Do you see anything wrong at Arsenal then? And I don’t have to enjoy the stuff I read either. That’s what HH is all about. The reason that people are “griping” as you call it is that they are concerned and don’t want our club to decline any further than it has done. They see the overall trend is downwards.
    And how do you know that the terms being offered to Walcott are very little different to those being discussed earlier in the season?

  163. rockyrocastle07 says:

    JW – I totally agree, and I wasn’t having a go at your comment. It sure does take 2 to tango, but you have to question why his contract has been left to run down without sitting down MUCH sooner. Of course, we have no idea of what is going on, if anything, behind closed doors. But I still believe that these talks should NOT interfere with the transfer window. Whether he gets one of his stooges to do the negotiating (What is Gazides for) or getting someone else to sort the transfers in his absence (What is Gazides for?!). Either way, the 2 things should be done parallel, and it should not be, as he suggested, one or the other.

    He shouldn’t have to beg a player who, lets face it, has flattered to deceive ion a huge scale in his time at the club, to sign an extension.

    And panic buys bought in Andre Santos last time. I do not want a repeat of that debacle.

  164. SD London says:

    I think Podolski should be the canditate to play upfront, he is more experince and gives the defence something to think about.

    But then Wenger has to play Giroud somehow and the big lump cant play anywhere else.

  165. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Oh, and lets not forget the prolific goalscoring colossus that is Park

  166. ozgunner10 says:

    jesus this agreeing stuff is giving me the sh*ts but again Adam you are spot on mate – I had this discussion with many a Wenger fan and you’re dead right – RVP was an incredible break for Wenger, last season was very fortunate, even though we still did our best with him to mess things up. I don’t understand how so many including Wenger never saw this and obviously the recruitment of one season wonder Giroud was not what was required. Here we are supposedly a top 4 club with one unproven striker in the whole club, oh and the wanna be Walcott of course. Its a disgrace and woeful management. The Villa stories are leaked to appease fans, there is no truth to them at all. It makes no sense the numbers they are talking.

  167. Lee says:

    Oz you cynic…. :lol:

  168. Adam says:

    Oz. We are all Wenger fans for what he has done for our club but that was then. His shtick lately about us all expecting him to buy Messi was an insult and his claim that we are a socialist club is errant nonsense. We are just below the waist in the quicksand analogy and still sinking. No drive, no ambition, just sound bites. Look at our performances and tell me we are on the up.

  169. SD London says:

    Wenger saying that his priority is to sign Walcott is just a way if distracting fans from the fact that we expect them to sign new players.

    The Arsenal sect must be the most stubborn set of people i have ever witnessed.
    Wenger is not going to buy anybody that will add anything and he will honestly believe the present group can do something this season.

    It is crazy , how they are running the club like this way.

    At best they will sign the West Brom guy or the Birmingham player.

    All those saying we dont need Henry , you all better reconsider because he might be the best thing transfer wise that could happen to Arsenal this January.

  170. JW says:


    Yes I see things that are wrong with our club and I point them out when I see fit, but not ad nauseam as seems to be the case on this and other web-sites.

    The terms and conditions of the Walcott offer are and have been widely trailed in the press and that is what I am going on, whether or not those reports are accurate we will just have to wait and see.


    You are missing my point, quote “Until the Walcott situation is resolved Wenger cannot prioritise his targets”. No doubt even as we speak somebody at Arsenal is in discussions with various players and their agents trying to broker deals.

    As to Wenger having to beg a player to sign, I repeat the final paragraph of my 9.57, “One thing his club cannot be seen to do is lose another of it’s established stars, Arsenal fans, and the press, are constantly bemoaning the loss of the Spaniard, the Dutchman, a pair of Frenchmen and a Cameroon, add an English international to the list and we would be doooomed, Mr. Manwaring, doooomed”.

  171. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Of copurse he can prioritise! We need another Striker. Theo alone isn’t the answer. We need a DM, BADLY. Theo certainly isn’t the answer there. And we need a keeper. Last time I checked, Theo wasn’t the answer there either.

    So at least get those sorted out while working on Walcott.

    The world shouldn’t revolve around Theo. And we are missing out because of it.

    And I for one am glad Song left.

  172. SD London says:

    JW are you an Arsenal staff or what?

    Why should signing Walcott distract a club from signing another player or scouting or making a decision on whether to buy or not.

    Walcott is still under contract and all they need to agree on are terms of extension how does that affect Wenger’s decision or time to decide whether to buy a new DM or LB or RB or even a striker this January window?

    We all know for a fact that Wenger would have already made up his mind if he is buying new or not.

    Come on JW

  173. allezkev says:

    Rocky, there’s nothing better I like to see, than someone enjoying their grub.
    I will definately fight you for that last lamb chop… ;-)
    Pity our team didn’t show the urgency that Adam & Lee show when confronted with a sheek kebab…
    For me, it’s chicken tikka that sets the juices flowing…

  174. devilgunner says:

    Rocky………..The world shouldn’t revolve around Theo. And we are missing out because of it.

    At the moment it does. Like the world revolved around TH14 post 2005, like it did around Ade, like it did around Cesc and now Theo.

    I would put it past AW who might want Theo to sign a contract, have another good season from him and then sell him summer 2014

  175. Lee says:

    Spin spin…

  176. JW says:


    I wont dignify your first question with an answer.

    I have mentioned the word “priority” once or twice and I have never said anything to the effect that Walcott’s situation is preventing Wenger, or the club, scouting another player.

    We know nothing “for a fact”

  177. Lee says:

    Agree Devil, unless walnut signs an extension AW’s hands are tied. Surely we have people that can multi-task at the club?

  178. Adam says:

    JW. Just because you don’t see fit to point those things out doesn’t mean that others can’t. I told you a while ago that the atmosphere at the Emirates is awful and that the crowd who actually pay money to watch the games do not have faith in him any more. This isn’t a biased o
    Inion. this is a fact. I said this in response to your frankly absurd statement that a loud minority of fans are not happy with the position we find ourselves in. Not true. The crowd have enormous affection for Wenger but they see that we are not truly competitive these days and are being overtaken by Spurs and Everton. We don’t want to see this happen and so we are frustrated. We have an enormous budget but spend it largely on rubbish players. Chamakh, Gervinho, Squillaci, Bendtner, Park, Djourou, Santos, Fabianski and the rest. What have any of these players done for Arsenal? How much are their wages, even on loan? Is this good management? Is this the way forward for a dynamic club that wants to win trophies? We aren’t where we are because of bad luck, injuries or refereeing decisions. We have an enormous wage bill but it is badly distributed as far as I can see.
    As for you quoting what you have read in the papers about Walcott’s deal and putting it forward as fact? You’re having a laugh. The reason Walcott seems so important is that he has become emblematic of Arsenal losing their best players. He should have been asked to sign a new contract 18 months ago or sold then perhaps Wenger could have moved on and even bought a winger as we haven’t had one at the club for some years and we have a big pitch. This might have made us less predictable to play against. But, as we see, Wenger prefers Ramsay wide. Good management?
    RVP bailed Wenger out big-time last year but he wouldn’t sign a new contract because he could see what was happening at Arsenal, the same as so many top players before him.
    But, as you say, I haven’t managed.

  179. allezkev says:

    I know it’s frustrating, but tbh with the exception of a few transfers, nobody has really splashed copious amounts in this Window.
    Some on here wanted Demba Ba, others wanted Holtby, but there is no evidence that Arsenal bid for either player.

    My expectations are as low as SYG’s latest tunnel.
    Wenger will not make one quality signing, but might bring in a cheapie or two.

    I no longer listen to Wenger or anyone at the club.
    I have no faith of trust in them anymore.

  180. devilgunner says:

    That is Wengerstyle. He bigs up a player, then sells him for a good amount. He bigged up Song whom he bought for 1 million and then sold him for 16million.

    And the money keeps rolling in………..this is what SK and the board want….

  181. Adam says:

    DG. You are probably right but the hats from which golden rabbits can be pulled are rare these days.

  182. devilgunner says:

    whoa Rocky………..this is for you. Better than the gym for sure.

  183. Adam says:

    Kev. You and me both. It is very painful isn’t it?

  184. tsGH says:

    Hi again,

    A very busy morning for me…

    So we need a striker and even the queen who is allegedly an Arsenal supporter knows that but the question is who is available?

    Ba to the chavs should tell the footballing world something major is going on… In European football, there are only 3/4 strikers who are older than 23 y.o who can enhance any CL team BUT do fans realistically expect the board to spend £50M on a single player?

    Yes, I know some are already saying who said we should spend £50M on a player? The fact is if you buy a player for over £25M and give him over £80k p/w over 4 years you have spent £50M on that player and there is no guarantee the player will settle. Shevchenko anyone?

    I read every day that Llorente is available but is he better than OG12?

    Again why are fans and blogs asking why we do not buy Falcao or Cavani when both the chavs and $hitty have failed in December with major bids?

    What makes fans think Ba would have chosen us over the chavs if we had bid?

    The worrying thing is that the media has managed to convince the public that AW said fans expect him to sign Messi… Really, was that the context of that statement? When I read that statement instead of feeling angry at AW I felt really patronised and insulted by the writer’s attempt at persuading some really sensitive punters..

    You are welcome JW..

  185. allezkev says:

    I think Adam, that it has gone too far for Wenger.
    It seems beyond his abilities to halt the decline…
    And when he goes if the Board bugger up his successor, then the slide could quickly evolve into an avalanche.
    Arsenal are haemorrhaging season ticket holders. And the expensive ones.
    We might struggle to get them back…

    I could even sense a change in attitude among the away fans…
    There is a growing discontent and frustration…

    As I’ve said before, indifference is the biggest threat.
    They will be in serious trouble when we simply don’t care anymore..
    And I am growing quite indifferent to how they perform myself tbh…
    I tried to get out of going to Swansea, but couldn’t find anyone interested in my ticket.
    And I’m not really that bothered if I don’t go to another game this season, to be frank.
    I more often come on here to have a chat with my mates and less about wanting to talk about Arsenal, which I am finding increasingly tedious…

  186. DutchGooner10 says:

    Afternoon Goonerdom worshippers and spring life butchers,

    Rocky – I recently caught an interview with a Dutch diabetic scientist. Bottom line: type 1 is curable, tested on one person who hasn’t injected insulin for several years since. I’m hopeful for you. If you’re interested I could find his name and article which was published in a world medical magazine.

    Rico marvelous post to address where this lacklustre virus spreading through our club comes from. As Potter sliced the situation: we will have nudged 8 games when the window shuts.

  187. Lee says:

    Still reeling that Diaby has cost us £23.8m….beggar’s belief!

  188. tsGH says:

    AW should have done this and he should have done done….

    Will a tenant of your house do something to the house without an approval from the owner?

    There are mismanagement of resources however, are we worse of than any of the so called ambitious clubs? In fact the footballing world think we do it the best with the Bavarians…

  189. DutchGooner10 says:

    Speaking of tattoos ………

    If you’re wondering how wags hook Chav players: They tell the likes of Terry they have an inked seashell on their right thigh, if you lay your ear on it you’re able to smell the sea. :P

  190. SD London says:

    JW my first question was sarcasm but I just want you to know that Wenger’s excuse of a statement is not fooling anybody.

    Arsenal is a big club and sure well organized so if they really want to buy anybody , Walcott’s situation should not distract from what should be accomplished in January , they have 4 months to give Walcott another contract.

    So no excuse there for Wenger.

    Clubs are broke all over the place (even Chelsea decided to buy a £7.5mill striker and not Falcao) but Arsenal is not broke, a quality signing will make a huge difference.

    The team is not that bad , they just need a little lift but Wenger likes experimenting and waiting for his seeds to germinate.
    While others are buying trees that are already 2 meters tall in a put ready to beautify their garden straight away.

  191. Adam says:

    TS. But is it not a fact that Wenger has more power than any other manager alongside Ferguson? He said that he decides who gets paid what and who he does or doesn’t buy.
    Your point re Falcao etc is well made though.
    When discussing why our club finds itself in the current predicament none of us does anything other than speculate. The truth lies in the performances and how much the team learn as they, hopefully, move forward, towards some trophies.

  192. devilgunner says:

    Allezkev……….I more often come on here to have a chat with my mates and less about wanting to talk about Arsenal, which I am finding increasingly tedious…

    Kev…I feel that myself too. we repeat ourselves ad nauseam so much that it kind of makes me want to vomit. Here I find you all as my mates. Our round table if you want. Or an esteemed company of dwarves. At the moment that is how I feel.

  193. Long Suffering Gooner says:

    I wouldnt mind Pep but if Wenger has to go then Laudrup for me would be my preferred choice. He seems like the most realistic option and he is doing wonders with Swansea, something Wenger continues to fail to do with better resources and a larger budget.

  194. Lee says:

    We are a big club it’s about time we acted like one and not a feeder club!

  195. Adam says:

    Devil. Yep. I know just what you mean and agree. You must summon the spirit of the Knights Templar.
    What did you think of my proposed Maltese holiday destination?

  196. DutchGooner10 says:

    Rocky for you – don’t know your personal circumstances but it might be worth asking specialists.


  197. Lee says:

    Goedemiddag DG

  198. Lee says:

    U bedriegt me Arsene.

  199. Lee says:

    Waar brengt u me heen Arsene?

  200. rico says:

    Afternoon fine folk, have we sold anyone??

  201. Adam says:


  202. Adam says:

    Hi Rico. It’s been lively-ish.

  203. DutchGooner10 says:


    Disregard Flacao/Cavani rumours – take one with substance. Why would we target Villa after a full drawn and belief draining summer saga surrounding a loan for Affelay? Barfa is only interested in one directional relationships. Monotheistic Catalans.

  204. emma says:

    Good day everyone,

    Have we signed a DM yet?

  205. rico says:

    Hi Adam, I’m just going to have a read back… Need to go and shut the feathered ones up first…

    Theo is about to sign on then….

  206. Adam says:

    Yes Rico. Everything is looking fantastic.

  207. DutchGooner10 says:

    Lee says (translation)

    Wenger where are you taking us? You’re playing our nuts like ying-yang stress balls.

  208. Adam says:

    Emma. It’s tomorrow for the DM.

  209. rico says:

    LSG – I’d rather wait and see where/how Swansea finish the season….

  210. Adam says:

    DG. That sounds quite pleasant actually. :)

  211. rico says:

    Hi DG, thanks re you 3.33…

  212. Adam says:

    Is Denise Van Outen Dutch?

  213. SD London says:

    What back four will Wenger use against Man city because that is where we have problems and Mancini is smart enough to explore that?

    I hope Wenger realizes this and let Bould get the back four focused and ready.

    I think we can equally match them in the middle (Silva not really playing well) and Podolski and Walcott can equally cause damage.

  214. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Hi Dutch

    Sorry mate, been at the gym since my last post earlier

    Thanks for that info. I’m seeing the specialist on the 28th so I’ll ask them what they think. I do remember them talking about something like this last year when I was on a week-long course but it was widely dis-credited. It wasn’t this exact thing, so you never know.

    They also said that they were trialing donor Pancreas’, which didn’t have great results. It can actually do you more harm apparently, when coupled with the drugs you have to take with it. Which is where I found out that Goerge Best actually died from the medication he had to take with the donor liver rather that him being pissed all the time (but lets face it… that can’t have helped!)

  215. DutchGooner10 says:

    Adam re quite pleasant

    Not so sure – your being asked to pay for ‘happy ending’ but all you get are scrambled eggs. Shaken not stirred.

  216. rico says:

    Glad to hear that Adam….

    Summer Emma, Diaby is fit again….

  217. rico says:

    No Adam, but she has 4 doors….

  218. emma says:

    rico – Diaby? I give up then ;)
    adam – I am just waiting for us to get to 31st before ranting. We might as well run arteta into the ground within 2 weeks to quickly get AW to bring in a signing

  219. tsGH says:

    If and when AW goes I would only want Rijkaard or Diego Simone. I would not mind Laudrup but he holds a grudge against AW and possibly Arsenal because of pink boots…

  220. rico says:

    Ha ha Emma….

  221. tsGH says:

    Lmfao…Monotheistic DG? Are they not direct descendants of Perez the alleged first person to have a kabbalah string put on their wrist? lol

  222. tsGH says:

    same here Emma re 31 st….

    Rico will get here post then… ;) The title will be the ‘the last disciple’ …

  223. rico says:

    This is the reason I would be hesitant about Laudrup

    2000–2002 Denmark (assistant manager)
    2002–2006 Brøndby
    2007–2008 Getafe
    2008–2009 Spartak Moscow
    2010–2011 Mallorca
    2012– Swansea City

    Either he has ants in his pants or……

  224. emma says:

    James Mccarthy of wigan being linked to us for the DM
    position. Jeez…….
    Dont know how good he is but did played very well against us at the DW stadium a couple of weeks ago

  225. tsGH says:

    Very true Rico… I am loving your new approach now of delving behind the euphoria….

    He failed at S Moscow and was good at Getafe initially but I think he is more a Big Sam than a Pep. My reason is that he is very good at suring things up but then does not know how to leave a footprint

  226. DutchGooner10 says:


    Your welcome mate. They talked extensively about this not being new research but rather promising data that have been added. Most notably the pancreas being responsive to stimulation, only for micro resistance destroying enzymes producing its building blocks.

    George could’ve given Amy Winehouse some rehab lyrics, didn’t he. ;)

    Rico where is your PETA barricade personality? They’ve been chopping up carcasses with chainsaws. LOL

  227. emma says:

    tsGH – The title will be ‘ The straw that broke the camel’s back’ ;)

  228. tsGH says:

    Rocky As someone who is from part of the world where most are genetically engineered that way, I have known people cure diabetes with royale jelly. Royal Jelly is rich in such compounds including Vitamin B3 and Vitamin H and it effectively decreases hypoglycemia, metabolic and hyperglycemia…

    But again it is very genetic so results vary…

  229. rico says:

    But Wigan Emma, they are struggling aren’t they? If he was that good, they wouldn’t be would they ….

    I’d rather Diame than him….

    Ts, 5.06, no idea what you mean by my new approach.. I’m just me

  230. Adam says:

    Friend of mine who is Hammers ST holder reckons he is very good Rico and he did score a blinder against us. Is he injured though?

  231. tsGH says:

    Mccarthy will fit the bill… He is a hard worker. He does not have to be good in my book just a hard donkey doing a job like Fletcher or Gattuso…

    Imo every DM AW gets is going to disappoint fans because players like Makelele are not made any more… you either have Busquet/Arteta/Obi/Pirlo/Carrick or Frimps/tiote/Mccarthy. The Sissoko’s and Capoue’s of this world are very few.

    And the idea of DM the fans want do not exist. De Jong could not dribble or pass but was good at kicking…

    Cheikhou Kouyate of Anderlet is a wild card but I doubt AW will go for him again after choosing to be loyal to the Belgians for 1 more season. I never rated Bilgia…

  232. frednerk says:

    Anyone know of any exceptional players going cheap;:

    Please call this no:ASAP Head office 0207 619 5003

  233. Adam says:

    Fred. I just rang that number and Arsene answered. :)
    Is he on the switchboard now too?

  234. rockyrocastle07 says:

    TS – Royal jelly doesn’t cure Diabetes, but it certainly helps in lower insulin resistance to Type 2 diabetics. Type 1’s there is no “Cure” for at present. But we live in hope!

  235. Wavy says:

    Adam 4.24
    Denise van Outen was born Denise Outen from Basi.ldon Essex etc etc (Wikipedia)
    Not bad for 39!

    Definitely better looking and more lithe than AW androbably some of our overpaid stars. Fitter than Diaby!

    I wonder how her defensive midfield play is – I think she may be quite tasty in the tackle etc etc and any other smut you can think of.
    Ah the power of the double eentendre!

  236. tsGH says:

    Most Arsenal fans want AW to recreate the 2003 squad but then slate him for not changing…

    Anytime I hear a fan suggest a DM no never actually name a DM but a big player playing the way Song did for us in his last 2 seasons…

    So what do Arsenal fans want? A deep lying player who is big or a big mobile and reliable Diaby?

    Ps. PV was never a DM midfielder…

  237. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Laters boys and girls. I’m off for the night

  238. rico says:

    He was Adam but due back any time, not sure whether he is set to be involved in Acon’s though. I’ll check…

  239. rico says:

    See you rocky, safe journey and have a lovely evening…

    Senegal Diame plays for, don’t think they have qualified…

  240. tsGH says:

    cheers Rocky… thanks for the clarification.

  241. tsGH says:

    Senegal out of the AFCON…

  242. rico says:

    fred/Adam – I just called that number and I got the Samaritans…

  243. Wavy says:

    On the Laudrup love in, the jury is OUT at least until the end of this season. Similarly with the dippers boss, Rogers. You have to look a little further back to the reign of Martinez – he started it they merely inherited the style whether they, Rogers and Lauudrup have enhanced Swansea, as Isay, remains to be seen.
    But I reckon Martinez is the real innovator not the other two, they are just copyists.
    Pep, not a cats hope in hell!

  244. Adam says:

    Wavy. :)

  245. DutchGooner10 says:

    Cheers Rocky – you silencer of lambs. :P

  246. rico says:

    Ts – Not being rude but we all know Paddy wasn’t an out and out DM, he was a box to box player with so much pace he could pop up anywhere. He could tackle in one move and then break away like he was a sprinter….

    But he’ll always be called a DM because he was so bloody good at protecting our defence….

    But, Song was so clumsy when he tackled, all he did was give away free kicks which threatened our goal. No wonder we conceded so many….

  247. Adam says:

    What Rico said.

  248. rico says:

    Agree there Wavy regarding Laudrup…

  249. frednerk says:

    think I’ll give them a call….I need help..NOW

  250. SD London says:

    Nice one Frednerk

  251. SD London says:

    I honestly don’t know what tsGH represent or wants.

  252. rico says:

    Don’t blame me Adam ;)

    fred – the line is engaged…..

  253. emma says:

    Just watched james mccarthy first half performance against us. He is good. A kind of Box-Box midfielder breaking up play and initiating the attack. He really did held wigans midfield against us. He can also slot in as a CB. At least he’s got a PL experience which is a +.

  254. devilgunner says:

    Good Evening my Esteemed Fellow Hobbits.

    Have we signed the Tea Lady yet?

    Or the dustbin man?

    PV was only a box to box midfielder. But as was said he was so damn good that he protected that defence.

    But there is one thing that is missing from this lot. AW is right when he says that this is his best squad ever………technically speaking maybe yes maybe no depending on how you see it. However all over the squad that team of 2004 had speed written in it. SPEED with capital letters. Speed in defence, speed in midfield and speed in attack. Hell even Lehman had speed (of reaching doing something before thinking about it)

  255. DutchGooner10 says:

    SD London

    A bit late to ask TSGH what he wishes for Christmas. Are you Wenga in disguise? ;)

  256. emma says:

    Sahin on his way back to Dortmund, we dodged a bullet there ;)

  257. rico says:

    Emma – you need to get out more ;)

    devil – you have a point there, we certainly are very very slow sometimes, especially when TW isn’t playing…

  258. rico says:

    I’m off to eat. Back shortly…

  259. SD London says:

    No Dutch,
    I wish i was Wenger because i wouldn’t have sold RVP, i would have sold 7 players in the summer to pay his salary and still buy Podolski then i would have bought the now QPR goal keeper at all cost to give our No1 competition .

    I would have sold Song but buy another DM so he can sit up.

    Yes i will get Carzola in the middle and i will not sell Fabregas without asking for another Barcelona player as part exchange.

    Wouldn’t have sold Toure for the happiness of Gallas because Toure was a true Arsenal fan , a fighter that you can call upon anytime.

    Yes i would have sold Clichy but not ask Gibbs to fill up for him would have paid the £14mill for Everton’s Baines then Gibbs can learn.

    And yes i would have sold Nasri if he wanted to go but not to the Manc City again because i have pride and i wouldnt want to look like i was building a rival’s team for them.

    By the way i would have told the board that if they dont give RVP close to what he wanted that i will not extend my Contract (I believe if they had offered him 150 000 he would have stayed).

    Lastly i would have played Henry and Gallas in that Carling cup final against Chelsea. What was he thinking leaving them out of the team using the kids against Chelsea.

    I would have done many things differently.

    But then i am not Wenger , I am SD London.

    Bye for now

  260. frednerk says:

    Not 100% on this but ………………
    I hear……….wenger’s PA,Lily the Legs say’s he lets her go at 5pm on the dot every night.

    So that he can take over the abusive calls register.

  261. Adam says:

    Devil. Are you there?

  262. DutchGooner10 says:

    SD London

    Shame Highbury House hasn’t got a kudos counter on comments. Wouldv’e hit that like button as if a pinball machine.

    Well done. Got me smiling. And good points to carry a sense of direction.

  263. emma says:

    rico – ;)

  264. Adam says:

    Fred :)

  265. tsGH says:

    So PV is the reason why we were good then….?

    He was just one reason as was DB10, Silvinho, Cole etc….

    Some of the analogies are flawed to be frank. PV was bought as a reserve and so were the so called ex-players fans are so nostalgic about…

    Anyway I am AW in disguise so no more arguments… I have been found out! ;)

    SD all I want is fans to stop wasting their money on the team if they are dissatisfied..

    All I know is that if I went to a restaurant and the food served was not good I would not go back especially if the waiter, the chef and the owner tell me I am daft for thinking the food is not good.

    So if fans don’t want the service and are still counting the number of years without trophies then do not go and pay to line their pockets…

  266. Joaquim Moreira says:

    have we sign a player yet?

  267. DutchGooner10 says:

    For repetitive reasons Arsenal are in the washing machine theory – everything that’s centralized as an issue is being centrifuged to the side.

  268. DutchGooner10 says:


    So you wanted a Michelin Star voucher for Christmas?

    Kiddin, but I’m not concerned about our history. However you reconstruct it, those were the days.

  269. devilgunner says:

    Yes I am here Adam ant!!!! ;)

  270. rico says:

    I like that comment SD….

  271. devilgunner says:

    SD London……….super like for your comment

  272. adam says:

    Devil. What about that hotel on Malta I was looking at? Recommendable for a week?

  273. tsGH says:

    I am easy to please DG… any of the female kardashian will do if you are offering vouchers…

    Even the diabolic performance of Arsenal and AW pleases me…

  274. rico says:

    Malta is a place I always wanted to see, only one beach full of sand I read….

  275. devilgunner says:

    I cannot help you that much my friend since I am not that much in maltese hotels.

    tbh I know more about Italian hotels than Maltese ones.

    Regarding Museums, historical places and cultural events I can guide you since Maltese history was, is and will remain a favourite.

  276. Adam says:

    It’s easier to get to Malta than to chat to Devil Rico.
    TS. You cannot be serious about the ghastly Kardasians?

  277. Adam says:

    Devil. Stay in Valetta or outside?

  278. tsGH says:

    Adam… it was a free offer mate… :D

  279. Lee says:

    SD, now that’s what we’re talking about! Take a bow son take a bow!!
    Sandy Lane full Adam?

  280. rico says:

    I’m not so sure Adam…. ;)

  281. devilgunner says:

    I am outside the capital city mate. I used to live near the old city of Malta near the countryside, now I live near the sea.

    One sandy beach Rico? Travel all around the Mediterrenean I can assure you that you will never find any beach which is better or more beautiful than the ones found here. We are littered with them.

    While Italy has beautiful scenery regarding mountains and valleys plus culture and cuisine its beaches are crap.

    Come to Malta and you have it all bar the mountains.

  282. devilgunner says:

    to add a bit more……..I look forward to the day when I go back to living near the old city once more.

  283. Lee says:

    Have you seen citeh have returned a third of their ticket allocation for Sunday? They’re blogs are rife saying Arsenal are taking the piss at £60 a ticket……..

  284. rico says:

    Just been reading that Lee, maybe they have a point?

  285. Lee says:

    I’m sure I saw a documentary about great white sharks breeding in the sea around Malta…..

  286. rico says:

    WE should be playing tonight Arsene!!

  287. Lee says:

    Err hello Arsenal board wake up and smell the coffee!

  288. devilgunner says:

    Nahki Wells has given Bradford the lead. I like that lad.

  289. Lee says:

    We would of cocked it up,Rico. I hate being so down on this current mob….you wouldn’t think this was the team that play eyed citeh off their own pitch or spanked the dippers in their back yard!!

  290. Lee says:

    Play eyed = played btw.

  291. tsGH says:

    SD’s without wanting to burst your bubble, lets say you would do other things differently as you have listed. Then again it did not work so there is room for comments such as yours.

    With all due respect though, your comment was severely devalued by this comment:
    ‘Lastly i would have played Henry and Gallas in that Carling cup final against Chelsea. What was he thinking leaving them out of the team using the kids against Chelsea.’

    First and foremost the carling cup final was in 2008 not 2007. Come on mate, Henry was not even at Arsenal in Feb 2008, he had left the previous summer so how where you as a manager smarter than AW going to select and field TH14 when he was injured at Barcelona…

    I know most are not happy currently but lets keep to the facts first… cheers ;)

    And another point which I have stated before. How many finals did TH14 play in in his career and how many goals did he score…. I will let you answer that mate… I rest my case!

    And a match report is below for you to refer to. Another disappointing day where we outplayed the chavs but lost by 2 attacks and 2 goals.


  292. Adam says:

    Lee. Just looking for a quiet week away with Mrs Adam and don’t want to make a mistake like when we went to Cyprus.

  293. rico says:

    Said the same not long ago Lee, this crop of players could and should have beaten City, what on earth has happened since then….

    It has to be something filtering down from the top….

  294. rico says:

    Ts, anyone can make a simple mistake….

  295. devilgunner says:

    At least Diaby had his finest hour in an Arsenal shirt during that game tsGH. He kicked JT. I yelled as if we had scored.

    Here you are….see Diaby kicking racism out of football.

  296. Lee says:

    Something is fundamentally wrong……

  297. devilgunner says:

    I am off now my Esteemed fellow Hobbits.

    The bed is calling and the pillow needs to thrive on dreams while the sheets need to cuddle every nook and cranny my body has.

    Nice day today with you all.

    Good night mates and lass.

  298. Adam says:

    Devil. What is the local specialty food-wise?

  299. Lee says:

    Devil, what do you know of Biglia as a player? Another pipe dream?

  300. devilgunner says:

    local specialities…..Rabbit in sauce, grilled fish, maltese cheese cakes, maltese cheese, vegetable soup, and lots of others.

  301. devilgunner says:

    questions on a postcard mates now!!! ;)

    I am off to rest my weary body.

  302. Adam says:

    Thanks Devil. Have a good sleep mate.

  303. Lee says:

    Night Devil.

  304. rico says:

    It has been for a while Lee…

    Night devil, rest well and hope all is well with all :)

  305. rico says:

    I’m off too guys, catch up tomorrow…

    Sleep well, night all….

  306. Lee says:

    I’m done too gang, buenos noches!

  307. rico says:

    Night Lee…

  308. rico says:

    Oh, and Adam, Cg, Emma, devil and anyone else who is reading :P

  309. tsGH says:

    Fair enough! :o

    But comments such as this is what compels journalist to ask Gibbs and JW why they are staying or renewing their contracts at Arsenal whilst it is ok for Baines and Jagielka to be at Everton who have a higher net spent than us but are deemed to be high achievers than we are…

    If fans what to believe we sell players becomes of AW fair enough but the Arsenal I have followed since the 1980’s has always been a low spenders and a selling club. As I have said repeatedly and also backed by AU, the board rely on AW to generate money for the club and to pay debts.

    I am not a ST holder anymore but if I was, the moment I heard AW say he was begging PSG to buy RVP so that he did not stay in the country I would give up my ticket. Additionally, the moment the head of communications tried to defend his gaffe by stating that he did not think the journo’s were going to report his comment I would know we have a bunch of imbeciles running this club and would be thinking we are lucky to have AW to be steadying the sinking ship.

    Why do we have board members getting paid but rely on AW to do player negotiations too instead of training the squad.

    Any ways. Good night all. stay safe and God Bless…

  310. allezkev says:

    Interesting comments concerning Patrick Vieira…

    I have seen many midfield combinations, from the late 1960’s to the hotch-potch we currantly have…

    But the best, the duo that, imo, stand head and shoulders above the rest, are Vieira and Emmanuel Petit.

    I loved those guys as a pair, raw power, superb technique, great in defence, great in attack, great in the air, could pass beautifully, they had everything.
    Along with Dennis Bergkamp and Charlie George as my first picks in any all-time Arsenal greatest XI that I have witnessed.
    The present lot couldn’t get near them…

    There endeth my sermon….

  311. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Literally hundreds of bushfires are raging aroind Oz a present, hindreds of families have lost their homes.
    Boo bloody hoo…our ST holders are upset!!
    Perspective….plenty have it, plenty do not.
    It is just football.

  312. potter says:

    And a match report is below for you to refer to. Another disappointing day where we outplayed the chavs but lost by 2 attacks and 2 goals.

    It was also the day that Webb sent off the wrong player and later made up a story when Wenger took him to the F.A.. This made the bed in which we now lie getting very little from the ref or his employer Riley.

  313. Will XL says:

    So city away supporters sent back almost half of the away tickets. lol.

    Too pricey.

    Cmon arsenal. wtf are doing.

  314. Scott from Oz says:

    I am sick of hearing about ticket prices.
    As Ginge said a few days back, nobody holds a gun to their heads to cough up the cash to buy them.
    Of course anyone that does put their money where their mouth is should be respected, but because a person is able to buy and use a ST both financially and geographically does not mean they are any more or less a Gooner than others who can not.
    We keep hearing there are plenty who do not use them, leaving empty seats at most games………please explain how that is supporting the team?
    The club already has the cash, so not going by choice merely shows a lack of support.
    It is cutting your nose of to spite your face.
    The away fans are the those i admire.
    The time and effort in travelling is worth ten times the support of someone writing out a cheque then not using the thing anyway.
    Money can’t buy love, not even for Arsenal, though some think it is the be all and end all!!

  315. Scott from Oz says:

    Will, that post was not aimed at you.
    I was writing that after reading back through the days comments, and the regular opinions from “those who actually pay to watch games” make me sick as it is a slap in the face to all other Gooners.

  316. Scott from Oz says:

    Bradford are up 3-1!!!!

  317. allezkev says:

    So, Barcalona insist that David Villa is not for sale and Arsenal should forgey about him…

    I kinda recall Arsenal saying the same, but it didn’t stop Barca tapping up Fabregas incessantly.

    So how about it?
    Gazides should publicly speak of Arsenal’s interest in Villa, stating that he would suit Arsenal perfectly and that he has Arsenal DNA.
    Mikel Arteta should speak of how he would love Villa, his countryman in this Arsenal team. How the Arsenal fans would love him and what a great city London is.
    Santi Cazorla should publicly state how he would love his International team mate alongside him at Arsenal.
    Arsene Wenger should publicly bemoan that Barca are holding Villa prisoner, and preventing him from becoming an EPL superstar.
    Theo, Jack, Poldi, AOC, Thierry Henry, let them all join in and give those Catalan wankers a taste of their own tapping up propaganda medicine…

    It won’t happen though. Arsenal are just a soft touch.

  318. Scott from Oz says:

    Kev, they won’t do it, agreed, but it would show some balls if we did.
    I have always been an advocate fof the way we do things, but it seems we are nearly alone in the football world, so wtf……go for it.

  319. Scott from Oz says:

    If Villa is for sale we will ot get him though.
    If we did, Barca get nothing out of it.
    They need cash, and owe us so no money wold exchange hands.
    They’ll sell him to someone who must pay.
    Grubby prick of a club.

  320. DutchGooner10 says:


    My thoughts exactly. I would remove Barfa from our Rolodex. F*ck off permanently and pay what you owe us before the 2013 winter transfer window shuts. Talk to the finger cuz the face ain’t talking. Enough of you c*nts.

    Mornings Scott – go Bradford.

  321. DutchGooner10 says:

    Indeed Scott. We’re isolated and don’t make enough noise to be reckoned as a force.

  322. allezkev says:

    Morning Scott, evening Dutch.
    Yes guys, I know that Arsenal wouldn’t have the balls to do it.
    But wouldn’t it be great to unsettle one of their players?!!!
    Sweet irony…

  323. DutchGooner10 says:

    Btw hot from Dutch press

    Maarten Stekelenburg, Holland international and Roma FC goalie, is looking for a move. Might interest Wenger to exchange Vito for this experienced stalwart to challenge Cheszer.

  324. vida says:

    Got some in-side news
    -Guardiola has also informed Arsenal to contact him if he’ll be able to manage the club, and ideally when this season’s over.
    -Arsenal haven’t contacted Guardiola back.
    -Guardiola wants to manage in the Premier League and wants to manage Arsenal.
    -PSG are lining up Arsene Wenger to replace Carlo Ancelotti at the end of this season

    PSG are determined to get Wenger and I think the time for him to move on has come.If Arsenal wait till his contract is over the potential options might be limited.

  325. allezkev says:

    Barca have no respect for Arsenal, because they see us as weak.
    They would never treat ManUre/SAF the same, as they know how MU/SAF would react.
    Arsenal are treated as a soft touch because of the weaklings who run the club…
    It’s the Arsenal culture being lead from the top.

  326. DutchGooner10 says:


    Forget unsettling just pull the plug on all relationships. Make it public knowledge that Barfa is our cashbitch cuz of their debt. See how that image rolls in world football.

  327. Scott from Oz says:

    Kev, i don’t believe Barca respect anyone.
    Them and Real live in their own little bubbles and seeem to see everyone else as mere bystanders.
    Wenger to PSG…..the time may well be right.
    Still, i just do not see Pep coming if our current transfer policy remains.

  328. DutchGooner10 says:


    The board have spoken with Arsene offering the Dein board seat to make way for Pep or another manager on their shortlist. (posted by Rico yesterday)

  329. Scott from Oz says:

    Our club carries itself woth class, but every now and again you just have to say “fuck you”, and this is the case with Barca.

  330. DutchGooner10 says:

    I’m off for a kip.

    Night Kev. Have a good day Scott.

  331. DutchGooner10 says:

    Night Vida.

  332. Scott from Oz says:

    See ya Dg…

  333. Lee says:

    Morning all, of course the views of the season ticket holders are relevant. I for one rented mine out in disgust with what has been going at the Emirates. Like the views of the hardcore fans that go to the away matches views are even more relevant!
    The decline in the quality of the team is getting to many supporters.

  334. Adam says:

    I am up early today too Lee

  335. Lee says:

    Shit the bed?

  336. Adam says:

    Lee :)

  337. Adam says:

    Nothing so exotic. Just finishing an article to be sent to CES in Las Vegas.

  338. Scott from Oz says:

    Lee, i never suggested their opinions weren’t relevant mate.
    Just that they are no more relevant than any other loyal fans,in my opinion.
    Morning all.

  339. Lee says:

    I must of got the wrong end of the stick to your “Boo bloody hoo our ST holders are upset” and “those that pay to watch games” make you sick as it’s a slap in the face to all other Gooners.

  340. Lee says:

    As a season ticket holder I’m massively upset…but ho hum hey?

  341. rico says:

    Morning all….

    What a load of rubbish in the news….

  342. rico says:

    Personally speaking, I think the voice of fans who go to the games tell us an awful lot about what is going on.

  343. Scott from Oz says:

    No Lee,
    By the constant carrying on about them is what i aimed at.
    Name me one Gooner who is ecstatic with the way things are going.
    Tell me why the opinion of a ST holder carries more weight than anyone else.
    I am sure some ST holders would be backing Wenger…..we see the banners in the crowd.
    Are they right or wrong?
    See what i am saying?
    The ST is irrelevant because it is not as if they are 100% unanimous in their beliefs, just as the rest of us have differing views.

  344. Scott from Oz says:

    Also Lee, that actual quote you have used totally out of context, as it was stating that people losing their homes and possibly their lives makes anything to do with football and how upset people are about ticket prices pretty unimportant.
    Some may disagree though.

  345. Scott from Oz says:

    Hi Rico,
    Again, i am not suggesting we should ignore those at the ground.
    Do you think your say is less important because you do not have a ST??

  346. rico says:

    Hi Scott

    But that’s not what is being said is it?

    I think the point which is trying to be put across is those who go to matches hear/see a lot more than we do watching on the television.

    Crikey, you couldn’t even see Ramsey kick himself on yours ;)

  347. Scott from Oz says:

    I sacked my maid awaiting your arrival.
    What am i to do lol

  348. Scott from Oz says:

    My tv works fine though….must be my eyes :)

  349. rico says:

    Hire a new one…. I take it you have seen it again….

  350. Scott from Oz says:

    I have seen it and would still bet ten years salary their was contact.
    Not intentional, but it was there.
    Not even a penalty, imo.

  351. rico says:

    Rubbish, get to specsavers…. ;)

    New post is just going up….

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