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Zaha signed? Turan and one from Man City could follow but No Ba……

Morning all…

It seem’s Ba is off to Chelsea IF we believe “sky sources” ….

Twitter was all a buzz last night with ex palace player Tom Soares wishing Wilfried Zaha all the best at Arsenal. Make of that what you will but of course only time will tell to all the gossip and the “in the know” comments.

Another story getting lots of mileage is the Arda Turan rumours but is he any different to what we have?

Is he better than Ox or indeed Zaha if he signs?

My point would be, is he actually what we want?

I think it’s still clear to most that we need a big physical player in midfield and Arsene has said the same on numerous occasions since Diaby has been injured.

A great many if’s and but’s at this time of the year, but plenty to discuss at a time when there are players that we fans want in and of course many that we want out. No doubt we’ll disagree over who we need and who we want as we all have our favourites but that’s what makes it all fun..

Tomorrow sees the opening of the transfer window so the next month will show us exactly where our club is heading I would expect.

One interesting  story which I failed to mention yesterday relates to reports that we are about to try and entice Brian Marwood away from Manchester City.  Or as I feel is more appropriate, try to encourage him to return to the club which he will never forget.

He may have only been with us for a couple of seasons but in that time he made an impact.

Marwood was signed for £800,000 in March 1988. Seen as a replacement for injury prone Martin Hayes, his impact was nearly immediate; his crosses supplied Smudger with goals throughout the 1988-89 season, in which Arsenal won the First Division title for the first time since 1971. Smith himself credits Marwood as being the most prolific supplier of assists while he was at Arsenal.

Marwood soon established himself as the club’s first choice left winger but sadly, injury forced him to miss the last five matches of the season, which included our title-winning match against Liverpool at Anfield. He still took away a league winners medal with 31 appearances that season.

Injury again restricted Marwood’s chances in the 1989-90 season, and he only managed nineteen matches that season and his days were numbered after Swedish international winger Anders Limpar joined in the summer of 1990.

He was sold to Sheffield United for £350,000 in September 1990; in all he played 60 matches for Arsenal, scoring 17 goals.

Right now he’s the ‘football administrator’ at Manchester City but according to a few newspapers yesterday, Arsenal want to get him on board.

From The Sunday People:

Arsenal chiefs will launch an audacious move to bring in Brian Marwood from Manchester City to help Arsene Wenger end his trophy drought,

The board are convinced the former Gunners winger can be the man to work alongside Wenger to attract the world’s top players to north London and take the club back to the big time.

Wenger is ­desperate for a link man with the Arsenal board over transfer strategy, a role that’s been vacant since the ­departure nearly six years ago of vice-chairman David Dein.

Interesting I’d say…..

If it’s all true……

That’s it for today, have a good one…..

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353 comments on “Zaha signed? Turan and one from Man City could follow but No Ba……

  1. That’s me done for the day/year guys and gals…

    Happy New Year to you all and thank you, thank you so very very much for making HH what it is today….

    Night all….

  2. No Ba…………….. plenty Bar though………………….!

    Morning all…! Evening to those fella’s on the downside of the world as well can’t ignore them..! Scott will be mangled by now telling anyone who will listen how great his uncle Arsene is…!

  3. Morning Wath and all…

    Ba must be mad going to Chelsea, it’ll never last ;)

  4. Scott mangled, didn’t know he watched Neighbours ;)

  5. Will he pass the medical is the question………………… He’s obviously not going for the money eh……….. lol

    Scott has Neighbours…. You sure Rico…!?!?!? :D

  6. Ba could be on, talks with Chelsea were not good according to ‘Sky Sports’….

  7. Why would we pay the 7million release amount plus another 5 that his agent wants “apparently” and then pay him silly money with a known dodgy knee…?

    Plus Arsene going on about Giroud and saying he is just like Ba and will get there shortly…!

  8. Good morning all,

    Brian Marwood hmm? Where will he play Rico? On the wing or as the midfield enforcer? :D

    One player looking for a return to the Premiership is Xabi Alonso, oh I know he used to play for the bin-dippers, but he could be just what we need in midfield.

    Shay Given could be a ‘keeper option, Villa need to unload a few players, I seem to remember quite a few Arsenal supporters were advocating signing him a season or two back.

  9. :lol: Wath, No idea….

  10. Morning all…. Ba-humbug! How’s the GG stockpile bearing up WATH?

  11. If Ba is really going to Chelski, then it is our BIG loss. He is a type of a finished who would have fitted perfectly in our line up.

    Past few days there was an article that he (Ba) has agreed personal terms with us, but now that is rumour.

    Secondly, we still have a chance to get M’vila on the cheap. If and only if Wenger can stop dreaming about a whole season fit Diaby, it won’t happen. It’s just a wish,just like that one of Arda.

  12. I’ve slaughtered it Lee………… gotta pop out in a bit and top up for tonight and the rest of the week. How’s you fella, family all good and did you have a good Crimbo..?

    Alonso in a hearbeat JW, def short term cover for a season or two but would give us a hell of a lot of experience and top quality player.

  13. We need someone up front as a back up Wath, especially if TW is sold before the window shuts…

    Giroud was very good on Saturday, just hope he continues to improve…

  14. Right wing JW, replacement for TW, we all asked for experience ;)

    Villa are in a pickle, Bent will be up for sale I suspect, together with any other high earners…

  15. Yeah all ok mate…had the wife’s family over en-masse so kept me pretty occupied, which was good.

  16. Thanks for the twitter tip Lee….

    Arry is after M’Vila and Diame Bsix and seems Ba isn’t off to Chelsea after all. Well not just yet…

  17. My question is at what risk do we pay 30 million plus for Ba knowing he does have a dodgy knee….! The fee contract and agent fee’s would take it to that much and for me doesn’t make sense. Surely better value knocking about.

    As for Zaha T’s reckons he’s another Gervgoldrick…. Well he’s 9yrs younger so lots of time to learn and get better not for the older version I am afraid.

  18. I got a feeling M’Vila is coming our way….don’t know why. No worries C.Q re the twitter tip…

  19. Glad all good Lee………….. Least keeps you away from the pub mate :D

  20. You said that about M’Vila in the summer Lee ;)

  21. good morning UK folks – Happy New Year to you all

  22. Lee, you know full well if Arsene sniffs a bargain with M’Vila then he’ll buy him…!

  23. Happy New year to yo too Oz, we are not there yet though ;)

  24. Yes, a big physical presence is required in midfield, but ‘Fellani’ is the man for that role in my eyes. Make a £15 million plus bid to Moyes for him and test their resolve ? Fellani would be excellent for Arsenal … he is strong, skillful, a good finisher and has the expereince of the EPL.
    Forget Turan or anyone else in that role – make Fellani the main priority there.
    After this, I would ensure that I bid for Mbwia from Montpeiler – he is just what we need for the back line, along with Shaw.

    Shame we missed out on Huntelaar, but I would vie with Chelski for Ba or get Llorienta/Lopez in …

  25. With respect JW where do you your onfo from.

  26. What time is it there Oz…?

  27. You know that…I’ve been wetter on the outside this Christmas than on the inside, not good!

  28. Rico i should be well asleep by the time your new year kicks in, so thought i’d get in early – all these early am games are killing me hahah

  29. De Wenger is de boomer for de player n de league. Him no win de cup wiv dis men of player. I’m need de bomber Ablondo am de end for I’m bro. Nag blue for de Cup of de nashun.

  30. WATH – we’re 8 in front mate

  31. Morning Rico and all.

  32. LB I don’t reckon 15mil would get you Fellaini in a month of sundays, Everton know he worth far more than that and if they are gonna sell him they would want an auction which means we blow out as usual.

    I like Mbiwa from Montpelier he ticks a lot of boxes…!

  33. So your just getting tanked Oz….. :D All the best mate and have a great one…!

  34. Trouble is we need players to hit the ground running and they don’t tend to do that coming from abroad, although i know there are the exceptions

  35. I am tinking de Adam Geeza has been on the juice already this mornin…………!

  36. Fellaini would be a brilliant signing BUT we’d have to pay £20m+ for him and we know how AW loves spending big bucks!
    Happy New Year to our Antipodean Gooners!!

  37. Morning all,
    I don’t feel another forward is our priority. Another winger, like Zaha, to cover Theo’s transition, a big boy in midfield and a left back. I’d prefer Baines but the Saints lad looks quite good. So long as he’s not injury prone like Gibbs.
    Reports yesterday were saying Rennes want shot of M’Vila. He’s a naughty boy but at this point he must know he needs to reel his neck in and we might just get the benefit.

  38. same to you mate, cheers! :-) *hic*

  39. Oops sorry Wath. I forgot to switch of my translating software this morning. How are you mate?

  40. LB – Mbwia has said he dreams of ~Manure…

  41. Wass da word Adamski from de hood?

  42. Zaha is potential and nothing more, leave him alone and spend the money on proven class i say, god knows we need it

  43. Rico, players dream of many teams and who ever puts the dosh on the table is where they end up…! He’d be a versatile good player for us, big lump quick and tough…!
    We know we won’t be getting Fellaini thats for sure…! The young left back… Is that what we need right now though..? another youngster..? I agree with Bendysgone… M’Vila must know he is the last gasp saloon… If we got the M’Vila from 2 seasons ago the bloke is top top notch….! A contract with plenty clauses etc etc may make his sort himself out..!?!?

  44. Bg, I watched a bit of Southampton’s game against Stoke, Shaw was not having a good time …..

    Not sure if that was out of character or the norm, I know many Saints fans believe he is going to be world class…

  45. Agree Lee Fellaini would be a huge statement but Wenger doesn’t make huge statements only little 12m or so ones hahaha

  46. Am fine Adam, how’s you mate…..?

    Oz, Zaha worth getting now to bed in knowing Theo moving more to playing through the middle..? Not like we don’t have the dosh to spend on 2 potentials… As long as we buy 3 proven is my argument with the potential buys..!

  47. I dream of Jessica Alba…

  48. “he is going to be world class” – OMG its the Wenger virus again hahaah

  49. Typical of you that is…………. gotta drag the tone of the conversation down…!

  50. Morning WATH, Rico, Lee, JW and all…

    Rico still on a high from saturday… I can tell from the posts… :D

    BA at 27/28 needs the AW springboard to launch him across channel to PSG before 30 for a fat paycheck me think… ;)

    Why are the billionaires trying to shop in the cheap basement market of AW?

    The chavs have lost something or should I say Roman/Marina is getting could feet because Cavani, Falcao, Lewandowski do not want to go to the bridge so Maria must have only James Rodriguez left for the big star strikers with over £36M release clause fee…

    LLorente is still available can they not tempt Bilbao with the 25M and leave the Ba’s of this world to us…

    The funny thing is Roman did not even want Lukaku but because a bid had been accepted by us the went with a higher bid and offer him more money and the young kid had no chance at all…

  51. In the summer he ‘dreamed of a move to AC Milan’ Wath…

    I’d love him to sign but he’d be first choice for me…. Sakho is another I’d be happy to see join…

  52. so 5 buys mate? You have started drinking very early in the day obviously hahaah only kidding but you know that won’t happen – we’ll buy 2 if we are lucky and hear 2900 targets got away

  53. Fellaini’s been playing as a link forward in the hole when I’ve seen him this season…I do like him……. but just can’t see wenger doing it.

    Lets all hope he buys a lump of meat who can pass a ball.

  54. I’m with Oz on this I think we need proven players right now, Zaha would be a luxury signing imho. I’m not going to mention the “deadwood” but we could/should be buying players in Fellaini price bracket!

  55. fair point fred although he is proven to be able to play the DM role rather well but its day dream stuff, he’s a United or similar purchase

  56. :lol: Oz, it’s travelled right the way down the south of England

    Not at all Ts, just know a glass of Cava is coming my way in a few hours ;)

  57. Fred,

    From reading the papers, like everybody else. What I don’t read I make up, like everybody else. :-)

    Check out this morning’s Telegraph.

  58. Fellaini would make a huge statement, right age, right position, PL proved and he’s even known to stick a head butt on the opposition when needed

    Sign him up Arsene…

  59. in our current state and with the off loading of wages closer 2 x 25m real deal players would not hurt anything other than Wenger’s yearly profit margins, (god forbid he might even have to forgo another pay rise) but we should be at least having a go at improving on this stagnant position year after year – we fighting now with the likes of Everton, Spuds and Liverpool – all have closed the gap

  60. All those saying M’vila, if AW signed a 22 who has been injured for over 2.5 months that would be stupid right?

    Believe me Yann M’Vila has torn his right knee external ligament so if M’Vila went him gone and a 3rd PARTY AGENT is reported to have offered him to us for £8M and so fans are saying AW is stupid not to go for him then who is the gullible. Sports journo’s are clueless apart from finding ways to say Arsenal are in crisis…

    Newspaper sales have dropped since we won 4 consecutive EPL games for the first time in 2012….

  61. So Bale the knuckle dragging jug-eared cheat was booked for the third time for diving this season….not a lot in the media about that, eh?
    MOTD seemed more obsessed with AW and his faulty zip on Saturday….

  62. JW, you suggesting we are making things up, how could you suggest such a thing ;) ;)

  63. who is the buffoon on sky sports news right now?

  64. Spot on Lee, sell the crap get in what we can save huge amounts on salaries and we can buy a couple of 25million players if need be…! Stil say we can buy 2 potentials IF we buy proven as well.

    5 players now means we don’t need so much in the summer Oz, stranger things have happened and yes mate i can see pink elephants flying around outside :D

  65. Hey Rico,

    Hows new year eve coming? Haven’t been a frequent visitor, but seems its as good as always.

    Btw, if Devil is around ask him what Theo is going to do..He’s great at reading body language and understanding psyche.

    Piers Morgan said he talked to Theo and he thinks, he is gonna stay.

    Rambo signed Theo’s match ball and wrote ”sign up you mug”.

  66. watching him struggle with that made me laugh as well haha bit like watching him struggle with his plan b he still doesn’t have hheee

  67. SS’s showed the faulty zip all day yesterday too Lee, it was quite funny the first time but….

  68. Fred,

    ….and the Mirror

  69. ‘Arry’s jowls twitching yesterday were better viewing……..

  70. Back lata you lot need to go buy some GG before AGAG buys it all over the internet…!

    Oz happy New Year mate if I am not around and you too Scott…!

    I want 5 new signings by the time I am back plus Theo signed up…!

    Sort it out please Kev….!

  71. If Victor Moses is earning more than SC19 what makes we think we can get Felliani?

    Its no defence or AW or a conspiracy but Benitez and chavs have always waited for us to make a bid for a player and then go for the player….. one reason why Mata went to Chelsea when a deal had been agreed?

    Lots of managers do that. Even redNose did that with Smalling and Phil Jones recently… He tried with Ox, Ramsey and Theo but they all wanted to come to us.

    How do I know that? RedNose said it on Man U TV….

  72. Hi S2S, I read that about Ramsey, really funny…

  73. WATH – same to you buddy, stay safe mate

  74. Rico,

    You do me an injustice,

    I know full well that you are a paragon of truthfulness, you would no more make up a story or headline just to grab a few more clicks, than Old ‘Arry would open a bank account in his dog’s name or Bale would dive. :D

  75. JW
    I hear lots of rumours believe me mate..some first hand nigh on
    but mostly….come to nothing…
    It’s like the old saying if ……Jockey tells you to back a certain horse don’t tell your mates.

  76. Take care WATH, have a good un! Camden will be rocking!!! ;)

  77. I am not sure Fergie needs Wengers advice on buying players mate and Ramsey, Ox or Theo probably wouldn’t get a game there anyway would they? Ramsey certainly wouldn’t

  78. Hi Lee. Jessica Alba eh? Interesting. Big lips though.
    I say yes to Fellaini myself and no to Gervinho, Chamakh and Stan Kroenke. Yes to Salma Hayek and no to Carol Vorderman. The lists go on.

  79. JW..Thats spooky..there the two papers I buy

  80. Lee- Tony Hernandez says the performance yesterday was pure shite… lol

    I laugh at ‘arry but I still think he is better than Redface… At least ‘arry brought us/England J. Cole, Carrick, Rio, Lampard,Di Canio and the likes what has McPurple produced since the Butt and Neville brothers nothing…

  81. Dermott Gallagher says Bale took a dive and was rightly booked….

  82. See you later Wath, have a good day….

  83. now see, i thought there was clear contact rico, where Bale went wrong is trying to make it look like his legs were taken away – the guy clearly had his arm around him no?

  84. :lol: JW

    Depends how much Fellaini is on at Everton Ts

    Adam, you are very harsh on Carol Vordeman….

  85. Just a little bit of arm Oz, but you are right, he naffed up by making out his legs had been caught… What a cheat, wouldn’t catch any of our players doing that…..

  86. @Oz I am just stating the facts. You might not like AW but it is what it is….It is well document Cardiff had a deal agreed between Arsenal and United… Strangely enough Ramsey only joined us because fergie wanted to play him on the RHS…. but AW promised him a CM role…

    And the same with Powell, Fergie said he heard AW had sent scouts to see him at Crewe so he decided to just close the deal early…

    Even Kagawa is one of those where Fergie personally went to Germany to close the deal before the window had opened..

    And Ronaldo too… Fergie offered £500k more. His mom even thought AW was a gentle and her son should have signed with us.

  87. Oz no way:

    Ramsey > Cleverly, Thheo/ Ox will get a game not both at the same time.

  88. me not like Arsene Wenger!!!!!!! How could you say that and being New Years Eve and all

  89. Rico. I have a thing about big women squeezing themselves into dresses that are two sizes too small or skin tight jeans in an effort to be named Rear Of The Year. I know it appeals to Lee but my Bigwomanaphobia refuses to let me enjoy such things. :)
    It gives me bad dreams where I am a sales assistant in an oversize lingerie department.

  90. Adam hahahah

  91. TS. Did you say that AW was a gentile?

  92. @Tsgh

    That Ronaldo one is very well known. Arsene even once jokingly said that he should have seduced Ronaldo’s mum more..lol..

    And Fergie is a cheater and still scared of AW. He knows if he can really put together a team then he can still beat him to some trophies, so you know..

    And now even Zaha is the same, I guess.

  93. Wenger is on record and saying he could have signed all the greats – like many of his statements my answer is – put your money where your mouth is son instead of under the bed and in your wallet – like his wild ass comment of “oh i have been offered 10 times my salary by other clubs” like anyone believes that rubbish – silly chap

  94. On Nick Powell, Gradi says after informing a Manchester United scout that Arsenal chief Rowley was coming to see Nick, Fergie went all the way to Torquay to scout Powell and knew straight away he is a real talent.

    “Alex Ferguson went to watch Nick play at Torquay I think it was and then he came to watch him at Gresty Road when he didn’t play quite so well,” said Gradi.

    “Anyway he rang me the next day to say do you want to do a deal?’ I said ‘of course, we want to do a deal’.

  95. Fergie scared of Wenger? is it Dec 31st or April 1st? :-)

  96. tsGH..Wenger picked ramsey and family up in a private plane and took them to london colony..I think

  97. I thought Ramsey said he joined us purely because of the way Wenger dealt with the transfer??
    :) Adam, but I thought CV had lost weight and all her clothes were now too big….

  98. I thought you wrote genital then Adam….

  99. Evenng all.
    The new year is just under 2 hours away here.
    Wath, for the record…..Neighbours is only filmed nowadays for its massive English audience, as nobody here watches it.
    Similar to the brewing of fosters Lager :)
    Nopoint worrying about whether or not Theo will stay, or who may be coming in.
    We shall know soon enough, and thank god for that lol.

  100. Oz, 10.57… Spot on….

  101. But it all makes good fun guessing Scott and that’s what most love doing.

    We’ll probably end up having signed no-one :P

  102. I heard that the Ramsay family were flown to Monaco where Wenger was staying and over a lunch of lava bread, the deal was done and Ramsay insisted he wanted to be played on the left. The rest is history.
    Rico :) Carol is resolutely and genetically a solid size 16. And that is two sizes smaller than my fifth wife.

  103. Oz, you love running out that “10 times the salary” line from Wenger.
    Heaven help you if you ever offer up a throwaway line :)

  104. Thirteen hours to the opening of the January transfer window.

    Now is the time to stop the speculation and wishful thinking. If it happens..it happens. I shall be concentrating on arsenal.com, if it’s not on there, then it’s bulls**t.

  105. Rico, i agree it is fun discussing it, just not worry or stress about it.
    Let Arsene do that lol

  106. Rico. You can be very risqué you know. :)

  107. Ha ha ha Adam you got me there…

    Just bad spelling for gentle mate… :D

    Thanks s2s. Any time I defend AW some think I have blinkers on so… ;)

    I have good news for all… Rowley was spotted in A’dam Arena in December.

    The issue is that Arsenal are so predictable that Fergie is going to sign one of Kevin Strootman, Christian Eriksen, Viktor Fischer or Dries Mertens asap. Personally I would prefer Daley Blind the best DM in Holland me think.. DG please agree. lol

    It is well known in football that when Rowley goes to see a player then that player is on the final check before AW or Arsenal try to make a bid. The issue is all the big clubs know that and that is why ex-RM president Florentino Perez said he just bids for players AW is looking at…

  108. JW. I would say that Arsenal.com hosts its fair share of bullshit myself. Have you never read The Managers View?

  109. Happy new year to you all, may I wish you what you wish yourselves.

  110. Don’t get Adam started on his fifth wife…..a cruel mistress!!

  111. TS. Couldn’t Rowley goes in disguise so nobody would know? :)

  112. Lee. You are right. She cracked my pelvis.

  113. I thought it was wholemeal?

    You have shocked me re CV, that was no reason for divorce though Adam, surely?

  114. Rico can I recommend a tipple for you? A Sloegasm, sloe gin and cava…..

  115. It was that night in the skintight basque that finished me off Rico.

  116. Lee. That’s Denise Van Outen’s favourite apparently.

  117. Has to be be dry Adam, as you well know!

  118. Disguise… I would leave that to you Adam to inform the Arsenal hierarchy…

    I think Adam fancies one of the KKK girls on TV. Its a shame you lost out to Kanye West. :D If only you have chatted her up in disguise you would have had a chance… ;)

  119. How was your vin rouge on 25th Adam?

  120. Ts, I think I start with a distinct disadvantage where KK is concerned. And I have to admit that, since my injury, I find her a little broad in the beam.

  121. But Ramsey has signed a long-term deal at Arsenal after they flew him to Switzerland for face-to-face talks with boss Arsene Wenger at Euro 2008.

    “He was a big factor in my decision to join Arsenal,” said Ramsey. “I’m so happy to have signed for Arsenal

  122. Lee. It was very fineindeed. It was well ready for drinking. In fact a year ago it would probably have been a little better. Mrs Adam fulfilled my prediction perfectly as she had a glass and a half with dinner and then, in a warm house, went sparko in the armchair for an hour. Did you have a nice bottle?

  123. ha ha ha… broad in the beam…

  124. Both wrong mate

  125. Who is stressing though Scott, not sure any of us are…. yet ;)

    Me Adam, surely not….

    A big one too by the sounds of it Lee….

    JW – same to you, hope yours is a very healthy one….

  126. Lee. Your 11.16. I would positively insist on it. :)

  127. Puligny-Montrachet Adam….twas spiffing!

  128. I don’t like Gin Lee :(

    What’s it like if you leave the gin out?

  129. Off out, apparently we need shopping. See you all later.

  130. It doesn’t taste of Gin at all…

  131. I will ask no more Adam about ‘that night’ ;)

  132. stress *hic* what stress hheee – Happy New Year Scotty you Wenger love child you

  133. See you Adam, don’t forget the Cava….

    Ah, that’s better but i’d be in lala land after one glass….

  134. and i want to know why the hell did fergie not beat us to bendtner, squillaci, park and chamakh signings hey? What about Denilson and AA or how about Gervinho? Just saying seeing he pinches all our good signings an all

  135. Fred at 11:21, what is your point there? I said AW promised him he would play at his preferred CM position… How AW did that is not relevant in this discussion is it?

    The same as with M’Vila yesterday I said he was good 2 years ago but was not good anymore but then you tried to counterargue by posting a transcript from an i/v posted 2 years ago before the 2010 WC…

    Anyway its meant to be a bit of fun but when people try to argue about players most have not seen player more than 2 times then…

    None of us have an input into decisions at made at Colney…

    At least Marcus was honest to say he had not seen Hummels play often after all…

  136. :lol: Oz, but AA was a good signing at the time…

    Is it midnight where you are yet?

  137. nahh unles my watch has stopped hhee

  138. He beat us to Bebe after he said he never saw him play but someone from the EPL (AW possibly) was looking at him so he went to buy him asap..

    And he wanted Bendtner at 16 it was Michael Laudrup who adviced Bendtner Snr that AW is better for his development…

    Oz fergies flop buys are well documented. The only difference is manure are rich and still the biggest club so they can take the hit…

    And Veron 25 was a flop so its not the price tag. Signings are like a relationship you win some you lose some…

  139. Rico, Shaw is young and therefore prone to bad days and odd mistakes. That’s why Baines is my preferred choice.

  140. Unless anyone was a fly on the wall, do any of us really know what AW told Ramsey??

  141. What time is it Oz?

    Bg, I’d rather Baines but rather annoyingly, i think another club will get him if he leaves everton….

  142. Does anyone know how good Liam trotter of Millwall is like? Rowley went to see him too. A 6 feet 2 CM and mixed race for Rico to fancy too…

  143. i am 8 hours in front of you Rico

  144. Scot is 11 hours in front i think

  145. Good morning
    Zaha will be for replace TW or AA? I believe in the second. AA, again outside the bench this weekend, have the deadline in Arsenal.
    Nani stays in MU; Ba chelsea?; Coentrao (RM) Chelsea or Totts ? but why we not try this one for left back if Santos leaves?
    For me, the rigth man for midfield is Fernandinho (Schakatr) or someone with the some presenc and caracterits on the pitch (or himself :-) ). Alonso is in deadline career. How many games have he play this year? RM congratulate us with that move…
    BeBe (MU) on loan to Rio Ave (Portuguese tam of the 1st league)

  146. How true is this site. Truthfully I can’t see any big players wanting to come to arsenal and not win anything. They will want to go to Chelsea. United. City. Tottenham. Think wenger will just buy young players for the future.

  147. we should be buying a left back whether Santos leaves or not another signing well wide of what was required given Gibbs injury tendencies

  148. We all know arsen when it comes to sign players. And this time not be different from the past. Let’s keep our fingers cross.

  149. Thanks Oz..

    No idea re Trotter Ts..

  150. Afternoon my Gooner family,

    For all the obscenity football is about these days, my granddad passed away this morning. So who comes or goes is a relative question in my book.

    Love you all. Wish every Houser a cracking New Year’s Eve. Bubblies sparkling, kisses flying.

    To our Oz peeps, Happy 2013. May it be prosperous and bloody marvelous.

  151. Dutch sorry to hear your sad news my thoughts are with you and your family. Peace be with you all….

  152. Afternoon DG,

    I too am really sad to hear your news, my thoughts are with you and your family – take great care….

  153. Afternoon Gooners….
    Afternoon Rico…
    Almost Happy New Year in Sydney, another 25minutes to go.

  154. Dutch, me old china, so sorry to hear that mate…

    God bless you and your family….

  155. Atfernoon Ak, how you doing….

  156. Tnx Lee

    The gentle old was at an age where you don’t by green bananas. An unfortunate trip in the bathroom sealed his fate. He went peacefully in his sleep.

    Still, I’ll be popping a bottle tonight on his behalf.

  157. DG,

    I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. I am sure he meant a lot to you.

    Men of your grandfather’s generation had to deal with hardships that you and I can never truly understand. I don’t know you but I am certain your strength of character and sense of pride will help you through this sad time….

    May his memory be eternal.

  158. Hi and afternoon Mr Kev,

    You bad bad pilot….

  159. DG. I echo all the above. Really sorry to hear that sad news.

  160. Tnx Rico / Kev

    When you reach the fragile years the transfer window never closes.

  161. Afternoon Kev, you on the sauce tonight mate?

  162. JM- we both love Fernandinho but to be honest with you you and I know we shop in pound saver and a player of his type is Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco price tag…

    And Akhmetov will not sell because he does not need the money…

  163. If you believe Goal.com then AW has made a formal bid for A. Lopez.

    If we can get him we will get the most mobile front 3 in Poldi (if on fire), TW14 (Rico get him to sign) and Lopez if he does not mind Footie Rugby…

  164. They are notorious for fibbing Ts…

  165. DG, Sory to hear about your Grandad mate, may he rest in peace and may you toast all the fond memories you have of him later….!

    anthony taylor 12.05… Players would rather go to the swamp than come to us…? Really…. News to me that one…! City and chavs for more money mancs cos they win stuff… No one goes to the scum over us unless they maybe support them..? Otherwise chalk and cheese.

  166. :D Honestly though it will be another layer on a rusty car if it is true…

    A player who has started only 6 or so matches in 17 is not worth 10M in my book if you think Sissoko or Capoue will be 14M max before the oilers jump on him…

  167. My teen nephew away break dancing in Brazil says a bid has been made for Neymar… lol. Elephants flying….

  168. A bid from Barca he means Ts… come on mate get with it…!

  169. Sorry to read about yuor grandfather DG.
    An happy new year for all tose gunners in NZ and Australia

  170. Old news but it seems like Roman tried to nick our Chief scout too….

    Roman Abramovich means business. His personal involvement in the recruitment of Fernando Torres and David Luiz was evidence of a renewed commitment to Chelsea on the part of its Russian owner
    From the outside the investment of £75 million in two players as the club was announcing £70.9 million losses in their annual accounts appeared a breathtaking contradiction to the club’s previous pronouncements about trying to break even. It seemed a careless defiance of Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules, which begin to come in to effect from next season.
    There is method to all this, though. Chelsea are rebooting.
    In Torres and Luiz they have made a short-term investment to ensure they remain competitive on the pitch while the club undergoes radical reform behind the scenes.
    Frank Arnesen, the technical director, is leaving at the end of the season and Chelsea are looking at fresh ways of attracting the best in the world to Cobham. Initially, the club had considered replacing Arnesen with another technical director and, taking into account Abramovich’s admiration for Barcelona, club officials met the Catalan club’s former technical director Txiki Begiristain, before deciding to change the system.

    They have switched targets from Barcelona to Arsenal and are ready to offer chief scout Steve Rowley a substantial financial package to run their scouting network and identify the best emerging talent.

    Abramovich wants a new guru and Rowley, with his incredible track record at Arsenal fits the bill.
    Rowley, though, would not be direct replacement for Arnesen, as his responsibilities would be limited to finding talent. Arnesen’s other responsibilities as technical director are expected to be divided up, with Neil Bath looking after the academy and Mike Forde, the highly-rated performance director, taking on more responsibility.
    Arnesen staked his reputation on getting academy players into the first team and, at the end of last season, five of those young recruits were expected to be elevated to first team-consideration.

  171. Ginge / WATH / Adam

    Thank you kindly for your condolences and words of comfort. I’m not sad though. Reason for sharing this info is to celebrate life.

    We may not know each other face-to-face, but we share more than a midweek loss at Bradford. We’re united as our opinions may differ.

  172. Happy new year from the eastern side of Australia guys.

  173. Yes WATH… too much festive fizz. :D

    Barca B team we are… but then AW seems to have this obsession about Neymar I can’t quite get. Do you remember the video with AW and IG watching Neymar in the rain last summer….


  174. Tnx Joaquim.

  175. Agreed DG, celebrate the life and the memories mate not the passing…..! I’ll raise a glass with you as well…!

    Cheers Scott, just a word to the wise mate.. Neighbours is soooooooo shit it’s only now made purely for Rico but don’t tell her I told you that..!

  176. Dutch, very sorry to hear of your loss.

  177. Happy new year Scott may you have all the best wishes for 2013 most importantly good health…

    I have asked my old colleagues now based at Kingston ACT Canberra, Australia to find an Aussie Scott who loves footie… lol

  178. Wath, it has always been shit lol.

  179. Ginge, Canberra is around 4 hours south of me, and i don’t get down there too often……all Canberra has is porn, Fireworks and Politicians :)
    Are they Gooners?

  180. Tnx Scott

    Happy New Year and best wishes for the family.

  181. Also Ts when asked if money was no object who he would buy Wenger replied Neymar…!

  182. HNY to you too Scott…

  183. Thanks guys.
    2012 has been a great year, though the Arsenal only get pass mark….just!!
    Life is good, but there is always room for improvement, so come on Arsene!!

  184. 3 of them. 1 is a gooner but the others are posh rugby lovers. lol

    They are with your ASIS now….

  185. Tell the Gooner if he/she is ever in Sydney when a game is yell out and i will take them to the best place to watch a game.
    Not quite The Emirates but what can you do :)

  186. Did you see ‘arry saying QPR lost because Liverpool team cost over £200M?… lol

  187. hi all. Sorry to hear about your loss DG. I lost my Dad in June and that still hurts. We spend so much time on the insignificant things of the world and take the really important things for granted, only to have it smacked back into perspective by these events. I wish you strength to deal with it and go on as u must.

  188. True WATH i.e 1:26…

    Its funny how Gaspar Edu says he would always advice any Brazilian to choose Arsenal over any other EPL team but failed to sell Ganso to us last summer… or is it due to the 3 party ownership cack…

  189. The 3rd party ownership is why we stayed well clear of Teves and Mascerano Ts….! I’d say it’s why Ganso didn’t and won’t happen.

  190. I wouldn’t have any issues if wenger splashed some cash on fellaini. 20m is a fair figure, but fair doesnt win bidding wars when Chelski a Shitty are involved. Id like to see a move for Bender if possible.

    Im not too excited about the Adrian move. Something about an out of form foreigner doesnt sit well with me.

  191. Will, good call with Bender and there are a few in that German league who would no doubt make us a better unit and their prices are not ludicrous..!

  192. interesting… if you consider TW14 may leave because of agents fees but why would we pay nearly £10M to a players ‘owner’ in addition to the asking price…

    When they say agents are now the equivalent of a protection racket enforced by the mafiosos… its not very far off I guess ;)

  193. Sky Sports are showing the ‘best bits of 2012′ and include Bradfords victory over us.

    Funny how they don’t show them beating the other PL sides in the previous rounds pffff …

  194. We spoke about this the other day Ts, makes me wonder why players need agents who nick 10% of their wages just to represent them once every 4 years for a contract and to get the odd endorsement… Are players really so thick..? or just so much money they can’t be bothered with such “stuff” so they delegate..!

  195. Will I hope you mean Lars not Sven because the Bavarians don’t sell…

    I like Lars and I think Rudi Voller is doing a job and a half for Frankfurt…

  196. Lars is a top players Ts…

  197. Happy New Year Oz……………! Spot on if my watch is right..!

  198. most footballers can only text or twitter. Legal documents are not their forte… lol

    Interesting Rico… but we expect that because like the rag top headlines Arsenal in crisis sells more than chavs attempt to sign Falcao…

  199. Shit I can’t count….. you still got 2 hours……….. ok ok I’m gonna go drink some more lol

  200. very good indeed but on the skinny side…

    most fans expect beast but I like his way of playing… He reminds me of Rijkaard…
    Sorry my bad the bender twins play for Sami Hyppia and BVB not Voller and Munich…

  201. according to one of the newspapers:

    “To play in a new country would be flattering,” he said. “I’ve had offers before from abroad and I have to admit that one of them was very interesting. But the timing was not right for me. When you are at a club like Dortmund you just don’t move to any club and there are only four clubs in Europe I would consider.”

    United were warned by Leverkusen chief executive ­Wolfgang Holzhauser that Bender was “unsellable” when he began ­tracking the midfielder last year.

    But United’s central midfield ­options are limited, with Paul ­Scholes now aged 38 and Ryan Giggs set to celebrate his 39th birthday later this month.

  202. Was the club Arsenal? I think so…

    Lets we never find out about potential signings…

  203. :lol: Wath….

  204. Off to the shops for me, back in a while…

    Happy New Year to all for whom the midnight bells toll whilst I am gone… :)

  205. Tnx Big Will

    I carry my grief in dignity, best way to honour humanity is praising those who lived before us.

  206. Adam has definitely missed out on KK. KW annouced she is pregnant.. lol

  207. happy birth day to our lil JW10… happy 21st don’t get drank because we have Saints tomorrow..

  208. What’s Stephen Nzonzi up to these days. I used to be a fan. I heard he’s over at stoke Butchering oppenents as is customary.

  209. Blackpool want £6 million for a player they bought from Liverpool for £250,000 18 months ago. pure class… the dippers are desperate…

  210. He received a red card on saturday…

  211. 50 minutes to new years, half pissed and sitting here with you lot, gawd how bad does it get hahahahah

  212. tS… so I see. When in Stoke….

  213. Only 40mins now Oz but never mind mate I’m here drinking with you :D it could be worse it could be Rico and on half a shandy she would of been pissed hours ago…!

  214. I wonder where that lot in Sydney nicked all those fireworks from…!

  215. hahaha sad really ain’t it

  216. poor old taxpayers no doubt – they do turn on a great show hey?

  217. Nothing sad mate long as your enjoying yourself…!

  218. It’s pretty impressive mate and the good thing is 99x out of a 100 you can rely on the weather, London has great fireworks if the rain don’t put em all out..!

  219. hey fellas. have we signed barton yet?

  220. That’s it……………… it’s bound to snow now Stan has arrived…..!

  221. No Barton BUT We’ve re-signed Manninger, Flamini, Hleb and Henry though Stan does that get your heart racing

  222. hhahahaah hey wathy my man, how re ya? i missed you fella. any new year’s resolution?

  223. WATH, i ll take flamster and hleb, this maninger dude i have no clue who he is but he does sound like a real bastard down the middle. i ll take him too if only just to kick the shit out of van prick!

  224. Hellllooooooooooo my Esteemed Friendly Hobbits.

    This is for you all………..

    Good to be back.

  225. Manninger down the middle.

    He plays in goal dunderhead!!!!

  226. oh blow it off your ass you meat face. like i care who maningfuck is! he’s no messi is he?

  227. Manninfuck???????

    Quote of 2012 from Goonie.

  228. hey what happened to my comment!!!! WATHHHHHHHHHH

  229. hey that’s 2013 to scotty boy and alanbstard. whatever happened to that git! i miss his foul humor. hey scott where is alan?

  230. Afternoon all.

  231. Happy New Year Gonner Buddies!! Shit my head hurts

  232. Hey Goonie,

    What have you done to Cloranda (spelling). The italian lass you tried to seduce you Adonis…

  233. ok…. gooner buddies – i was close

  234. Happy New Year Oz… All the best mate………..

    Maninger down the middle… another classic from Stan…. he was in the middle all right Stan… middle of the goal…. learn your Arsenal history you doughnut…!

  235. Never touched your comment Stan what did you do to it…? You twit :D

  236. WATH thanks mate – i will be well asleep when you celebrate yours – Stan = hahaha plonker

  237. Hmmmmmmm.

    Reading the comments and the above article and NN now, and having time to think I think that the Wengeresque signings would be Zaha, Shaw and Knockaert from Leicester. Two wingers and a defender who can play on both flanks. And it makes sense, especially if Theo moves centrally while Chamack and Arshavin leave.

    But I still want a very defensive minded midfielder so that Arteta can be moved further upfield to rotate Wilshere and Cazorla.

  238. opps thought you meant Stan the owner there hahah now on second reading my first error of 2013 oh well

  239. I’m celebrating all the New Years from lunchtime mate, I have a double on every hour lol….! I keep GG in business…!

  240. hey ginge, clor who? don’t remember her. hey WATH, i wasn’t born in the 30s you creep maninger sounds like a 1970’s american soap opera star.

  241. Dev, Zaha, Shaw Mbiwa and Capoue would do me mate… rather mega optimistic I know but hey it’s New Year so I can but dream.

    Oh and Manninger through the middle lol

  242. Stan, get a dvd and look him up… helped us win the double in 98 you big plum….! blonde thick adonis he calls himself…. that would be you… yes you….! lol

  243. Happy New Year, my loves! :)

  244. Stan the doughnut????? Phwoooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

  245. what are you talking about geek face??? seasman helped us win the double in 98. i ve got the poster in me dads room. dont try and mess with my head WATH.

  246. Hands of Juve’s number 2…

    Hi Dev how’s it going…

    We still have Ryo with Wigan so not sure why we need another young winger? Someone should know something about Liam Trotter of Millwall…

  247. Charlie Austin anyone? very good alternative….

  248. Happy new year to the aussies.

    And a happy new year to you Agag.

    Adam……….how are you mate?

  249. Hi Agag and DG. I am not bad thanks though I won’t be sorry to see the end of 2012. Midnight is symbolic but I wish for a happier 2013 for all.

  250. charlie austin, huh isn’t that a dallas cowboys player???

  251. thanks Devil, you too mate

  252. hey adam, where in hell have you been? i missed ya big guy. how’s the missus? am back home in arherm now. wanna pay me a visit? i ll show you some fun, goonster style!

  253. Goonie, Alex Manninger was instrumental with us winning the double… In fact, linked rumours at the time said AW was told by the old guards to play Seaman otherwise they would make a big deal…

    Serge, Eisfield, Akpom can all play on the wings too..

    We need a LB, definitely a DM otherwise I will divorce AW

  254. leaked rumours…

  255. How the heck is Wigan in over £50M debt?

  256. Sott and Oz in the video…

    Happy new year to you both and your families. Hopefully we can all have a HH celebration in Rico’s country mansion soon when we win a trophy.

  257. no fans, no success, no one likes them and no one cares lol

  258. sounds good to me mate, a meet in the motherland works for me – Happy New Year to you too

  259. Stanley you bum, I hope you’re behaving yourself…

  260. Agag, my shopping buddy…
    January is good for two things…

    The January Window, and…..

    The January Sales, so I hope you’ve saved a bit for the sales me dear.. ;-)

  261. are you having like a divorce party type of thing ts or will you just tell him quietly your through with him? :-)

  262. Adam, are you in or out tonight???

  263. Hey Wath, are up Camden High st tonight?

  264. I am a bunny boiler type Oz … lol

    I will take him and IG to Pontrilas, Herefordshire with only his cheque book and sleeping bag.. I am certain they will be a changed men…

  265. Hiya Goonster. Are you home for good or on holiday?
    Hey Kev. I might pop round to a friend’s for a while. I will go on foot though which means that Mrs Adam won’t come with me as her trotter is still a bit sore.
    I understand you are to be found in the land of Dulwich.

  266. Dutch, my condolences, I hope you are bearing up well. :(

    AK, of course, I have budgeted for that. :P Shopping is going well. I’m sure you did, too. Adam, I liked my 2012; it will take some beatin; but that I guess is what 2013 is for. :D :D

    Hiya, Ginger!! Well done on the AW boots for the missus. :D I like!!

  267. Hi Adam, working mate…
    Busy night…

  268. Hi agag,

    For a second I was thinking AW- Arsene but then it clicked… lol

  269. Just read your comment Dutch.

    May he rest in peace.

    Condolences to you and your family.

    Just remember this…………

    When you feel down, when you feel sad, remember how your grandfather used to communicate with you. Just look at your face in the mirror and remember that many of your thoughts and actions have been shaped by him. So remember that in many ways…He Lives in You.

  270. Sorry to hear of your loss mate condolences to you and the family

  271. No Camden for me Grandad to many ruff sorts…………..

    A little get together at home nice and simple and lots of food n drinks although the drink maybe gone by the time they get her I have been thirsty today.

    Happy New Year AGAG…..! Hope it’s a great one for you.

    Stanley and his lack of historical knowledge… we really need to sort that out…!

  272. Regarding Zaha I am a bit convinced that he will sign for us. His friend has tweeted it and maybe let the cat out of the bag. And if Theo moves central then Zaha is the obvious player since he is Youny, English and has a good sell on value. Plus not high wages.

    Meanwhile the Arsh would be out of the door…….!!!!!!

  273. Looking forward now to tonight and we get to slay the Saints – Wonder if there will be much rotation? Rosicky and Mert might be 2 changes -Gervinho maybe

  274. If he buy him we should not assume he can step up to this level immediately – if he does cool but its a huge step and to be perfectly honest he’s not that good yet and i think will take some time to get with the EPL project – only my opinion but quality is needed now for the fight at hand not ‘maybe’s again’

  275. Hey ya, Dev. ) How are you celebrating? The missus would not have been pleased with “Arsene Wenger” boots, Ginger. Haha.

    How are you, WATH? You’ve gone out and bought all the GG, I have to settle for something else. ;)

    HNY, ozgunner!! Have a great one.

  276. Hey Agag. Where are you at the moment. Back home or globe trotting?

  277. Back in NY; was in DC for a few days, Adam. How are your NY celebrations? :)

  278. Evening Campers, Hi-de-hi :)

  279. Quiet Agag. Subdued and reserved. And are you going to .make it to London this year? The HH Curry Club are offering Honorary Membership if you do.

  280. Hi Rico. In for the evening?

  281. Evening Adam, I sure is ;)

    How about you and Mrs Adam?

  282. .’Fraid so Rico. I may stroll round to visit a friend but I might just stay home.

  283. She would not have been at all agag… especially as she is a Geordie and supports Newcastle United… Its her favourite item now after another Horseguard Buckle Equestrian style Boot she has had since October….

  284. Happy New Year, rico!! I hope you’ve been enjoying! :) :) And nearly 4 million hits for the house. :) :)

    Mine will be quiet, too Adam. ;) I’m getting old, I can tell. :D I am definitely trying for London. I must save up, I know!! Would be ffun to see you guys!

  285. Stay home Adam, with a couple of bottles of Cava ;)

  286. Bless you agag, thank you – and I wish you a very happy 2013 too….

  287. Well, have fun Agag. Our offer stands as it does for Rico if we can ever persuade her up to town. We live in hope.
    I am off for the evening, but I would like to wish all at HH a very happy New Year and a healthy and happy 2013. You all take good care.

  288. well 2am and off to bed – water first. To all my friends living up there in the Northern Hemisphere, have a brilliant night and fabulous start to 2013 -

  289. Many thanks Oz and God Bless….

  290. Hi Agag. No I am not celebrating for the night. It will be a quiet one. I have been emotionally, mentally and physically drained for the past four weeks now. And tbh tonight I will be celebrating a long night’s sleep for the first time in the last four weeks hopefully. So its a night in with the missus and the little prince.

  291. One day Adam, I promise…

    Happy New Year Year to you too and Mrs Adam, have a wonderful evening :)

  292. Nighty Oz, have a good sleep….

  293. Hey devil, great news, thank you for letting me know :)

  294. Thanks Rico. Hopefully the next few nights will be long ones in the bed. FAST ASLEEP.

  295. howdy fellas, have we signed robbie savage yet? hey AK, how’s tricks? looking for a job home are ya? hahahaahah, i miss my HH family. adam am not back home for good yet buddy. gotta head back first week of february. don’t have the balls to tell mama…..she thinks am back for good. poor old annette. she ll might die of grief. God help me.

  296. Enjoy your mum while you can Goonie. Its when you loose her that you realise what a void she will leave behind in your life mate.

  297. Just popped in to wish everyone a happy new year . Enjoy tonight to those over here and to those that have already done it “”Paracetamol sandwiches “” for breakfast.

  298. goonie you old toad, good to hear you are back home, have a fab evening…

    I’m off for dinner… Back in a bit

    devil.. they’ll be fine, i hope..

  299. tsGH 11.34
    Been out mate just read your bit.
    I thought I was agreeing with you regarding M’vile 2009 article
    and you are right not seeing him in the flesh ..have you

    On Fellaini (playing in hole)thats where his playing at the moment and in my opinion thats his best postition.
    Sorry you think I’am your case mate..just a differrent opinion if that ok with you.

  300. tsGH 11.34
    Been out mate just read your bit.
    I thought I was agreeing with you regarding M’vile 2009 article
    and you are right not seeing him in the flesh ..have you

    On Fellaini (playing in hole)thats where his playing at the moment and in my opinion thats his best postition.
    Sorry you think I’am on your case mate..just a differrent opinion if that ok with you.

  301. Happy New Year to all

    Off to china town then the fireworks

  302. Have a fab evening fred, HNY to you too :)

  303. Good night my Esteemed Fellow Hobbits.

    Time to go in for me. I am knackered and I still have to drag myself to bed. Hopefully it will be a long restful night now.

    TC all of you. Do not drink and drive. Stay safe. Life with you all on HH is much better than an extra drink.

    Happy New Year to you all dear Friends. Hope that from tomorrow you will all achieve and have what you wish for. Cu tomorrow.

    For you all dear fellow hobbits…………..

  304. Nighty devil, rest well and here;s to 2013, HNY to you and all yours….

  305. Same to you Rico.

    cu tomorrow Lady.

  306. Thanks devil….

  307. Enjoy folks, i’m off for a few drinkies….

  308. Night all..
    Happy new year to all he faithful HHers…

    God Bless all…

    And Rico more of the same next year… ;)

    Hey Fred, apologies too for getting the wrong end of the stick…

  309. How many of you are still up?
    Evening all.

  310. Still here Scott

  311. 8 o’clock for you?

    Happy new year too. Hear is hoping for a superb 2013 for the Arsenal…

  312. I’m still here too :)

    Thanks Ts..

  313. Rico you animal…still up and going strong?
    Well done.
    Thanks Ginge.
    8.39 am here.
    I am sure 2013 will be a better one for Arsenal….we are on the rise, but ever so slowly :)

  314. Happy new year all. I will be too drunk to type in a few hours. Enjoy and be safe.

  315. Good one Will. Have an Island rum for us… COYGsss 2013

  316. :lol: Scott – you know me too well ;)

  317. It has to be Scott. Up until the Reading win our win record was about 48% in 2012…

    And up until 4 weeks ago when Rafa arrived at Chelsea Shitemak had scored the same number of goals as Torres who had played more games… A short change for £50M and £150k p/w… :D

  318. Guys, it’s new year, just enjoy it without the footie crap :)

  319. You too Will, be safe….

  320. Onwards and upwards i say.
    I know some people think my optimism is just a show, or that i am completely delusional, but believe me, life is ten times better when you can see the bright side of it, and i make no apologies for being happy.
    Life is great, family is great, their health is a blessing and Arsenal is the cherry on top for me!!
    I wouldn’t knock back the odd trophy, mind you :)

  321. Footie cack Rico… you love it. :D

    Scott For me, I am positive because I am jealous of footballers and the money they make…. Conversely, I would not want what they want so I am pleased and content with the blessing my creator has given me…

  322. Scott – you’ll be whistling as you wrote that then ;)

    Crap Ts, i wrote crap ;) And we have been all to often….

  323. I saw Jack Reacher tonight a solid movie…. Have you seen it?

  324. Off to watch Bridget Jones Diary for the 100th time so

    Night all……

  325. Ginge, agreed.
    I do not need a $100,000 car when a $35,000 car will do more than adequately.
    I don’t need a mansion when our 3 bedder is more than enough.
    I live a simple life, and just need food on the table, a roof over our heads, good health and Arsenal….had to throw that in lol.
    I had a pretty ordinary spell a few years back through nothing bad bad luck, but even then realised there are are millions or even billions worse off.
    What does 100k a week get that you 50k can’t?
    If you are not happy and content with 50k, then you never will be.
    Footballers…spoilt brats.

  326. I’m always whistling, Rico lol.

  327. Scott when you consider that an average EPL player earns in a week what 70% of all UK citizens or 87% of the world population earn in a year, I can not for the life of me understand why hard-up fans want an ‘idol’ to earn £200k a week. It will take a nurse 10 years to earn that amount…

    Through work and my background I have had the privilege to go to parts of the world where people are happier living on less than £1 a day than what we in the so called civilised word turn our noses up to…

    Don’t get me wrong I treat myself and my family to a few designers stuff for working hard so I have to kick myself to thank the Almighty too…

  328. Ginge, life is what you make of it.
    Instead of worrying about what others have got,i just make the most of what i have.

  329. Funny….my brothers wife left him in the last week…merry Xmas bitch!!
    These two have always had money…seem to just fall into it…..and have always been happy.
    They have had the best of everything.
    Well, my brothers business has turned sour thanks to a massive international company who screw people over on a daily basis, things have turned bad financially, and suddenly she doesn’t want to be married any more.
    My wife and i have had some very tought times but turned the corner big time this year, and appreciate everything even more because of those tough times.

  330. You know when I said I was jealous of footballers I was joking.. ;)

    Read this interesting article… it explains in some ways why some people need all the money in the world.


  331. Sorry to hear about your brother’s plight…

    So far as he has good health he will get back on his feet…

  332. I knew you were joking mate.
    They have not a moments peace….not for me.

  333. Interesting read, and shows how easy it is to mislead seemingly intelligent people.

  334. If that report on Neymar is correct, Barca can rake up 10 million for a future player, yet still owe us for Cesc?
    Is something wrong there??

  335. I think 40 million if Neymar is sold to someone else…

    And the fans of the 2 big Spanish teams are always asking for £40M signings whilst their pensions are being nicked by EU and the 13 families….

  336. Lots of cults and fraternities preach that bullshit… passport to heaven they say but tell the gullible public there is no God…

  337. Real and Barca have a hell of a lot to answer for.
    It magnifies the great way Arsenal is run, in my humble opinion.

  338. it surely is..

    later scott…

  339. Highbury House – Top of NewsNow at midnight :)

    Back of the net…..

    Night all…

  340. Happy new year guys.

  341. Happy New Year to all on HH.

  342. TsGH. True, 2013 sure enough. Hope it’s healthy and good for you.

  343. happy new year all.

  344. Come On You Gunners

  345. So on our 3000 player linking, the 2 so far is bids for Zaha and Lopez.

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