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Just give Theo Walcott what he wants, before someone else does……..

Morning Gooners.

A 7-3 victory but there’s still cause for concern.

Would we have still turned on the style at the end had Newcastle been a team without so many injuries, or one who had more strength on the bench or indeed one who had not played just a few days before?

Sounds like us on another day doesn’t it?

We’ll never know now but as long as Arsene Wenger looks at the defensive frailties on display yesterday and takes them to the training ground to resolve, then ok. If he and Bould were watching the space gifted to Newcastle in the midfield and rectifies this by signing a DM in January, then ok  but if these two problems on the pitch continue, other sides will tear us apart.

Those gaping errors gifted Newcastle their three goals.


We could only play against what/who we were up against and getting seven goals in the fashion we did in the end was a joy to behold..

All too often recently, the team have given us reason to moan,  moan and moan and as already said, they did it again yesterday at times but the difference was, they gave us a lot more to cheer about. The way we scored goals and finished the game off in so much style was simply stunning.

We scored seven goals and not one was a fluke…….

The first goal came after good work from Podolski on the left in our own area, he played a super ball down the left hand side into space, space  which Walcott was running in to. Theo then picked the ball up, ran on into the penalty area and curled his shot past Krul and inside the far post…

All done in front of the man he wants to emulate, Thierry Henry. Well that wasn’t a bad start!

Our second:

Sagna had pushed up and from just outside the penalty area, he played the ball to Podolski who was central and just outside the box. Podolski pushed the ball out left to Gibbs who crossed into the penalty area. Podolski totally goofed the return ball which then went onto Theo who had his back towards goal. A little turn, a little control followed by a placed shot into the roof of the net resulted in his second of the match!

Theo’s third was made of stuff which only pundits would brag about if scored by the Mancs or Chelsea… It really was stunning.

The last few days the world of football has had cause to question players attitudes, managers attitudes and cheats who try and earn penalties. (Bale tried again yesterday and got booked).

Walcott showed the better side of the game to grab his third and as Keegan said, ‘it was a combination of strictly come dancing and holiday on ice’. He did go on to say it was very good.

We had a free kick down the left, he played a quick one-two with Jack and with a defender left and right of him he drove through the middle, a sneaky tackle from behind floored him but he rode it well with a knee slide, got straight back onto his feet passed two more Newcastle players and chipped the ball passed Krul into the back of the net!!

Cant finish, isn’t a striker??

He also turned provider for Giroud with a wonderful cross at great pace from the right. The big Frenchman got himself into the right place, the Englishman supplied the right in-swinging ball..


As was the strike from Oxlade-Chamberlain, a super struck shot into the corner of the net and to be honest, he’d not had the best of games but a goal will keep his confidence high.

Then of course there was the goal which Jack created from nothing really. Our loyal number ten burst through the final centre of the pitch after a ball played to him by Podolski. As he went into the penalty area, it looked like he’d lost his chance to cross but just before the ball looked likely to go out after pressure from a Newcastle defender, Jack whipped in a left footed cross right in front of the keeper. Coloccinii tried to clear it but his header hit the top of the bar and rebounded to Podolski who was there to head the rebound home…..

Giroud scored another for his second, another great finish and annoyingly for him, the woodwork stood between him and and his hat-trick..

We missed a few, we could, maybe even should have scored eleven but is anyone going to complain about that?

I didn’t think so.

What a way for the boys to end 2012 at The Emirates….

Much will be made of Theo’s celebration after the game and the way he thanked all the fans with the match ball in hand but ever since our young Englishman has been with the club, he’s always shown great appreciation for the fans, so yesterday was probably no different. If his contract renewal is being stalled just because he wants an extra £5,000 a week, surely it’s time for the club to give in and agree.

Sure as heck some other club will, especially after yesterday….

Now it’s over to the January transfer window….

Have a good day all…..

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285 comments on “Just give Theo Walcott what he wants, before someone else does……..

  1. Morning Rico – not sure we should be calling anyone a cheat after the Cazorla incident hahah It’s down to bucks with Theo probably, we are now a selling club incapable of holding the best anymore, so if someone comes at him with serious bucks, we’ve pissed about so long again can’t really feel sorry for the three musketeers can we?

  2. [...] Just give Theo Walcott what he wants, before someone else does…….. [...]

  3. Morning Oz and all…

    Haha Oz, I wouldn’t dream of calling anyone a cheat, well maybe Suarez, Bale, Barca, Madrid……..

    Fingers crosses it’s money and the club give in….

  4. 7-3 not 7-5 mate :) .. And playing on top was what he supposedly wanted right. So he has got it. Next he wants to be captin, followed bey being responsible for team selection and later a place on the board.

  5. Personally i think he needs a couple of seasons at CF and then move on. Bit early yet is my opinion and one game against an exhausted Newcastle does not TH make lol Having said that he took his chances well and even TH would have been proud of the first goal

  6. I watched the game a second time and must say the defence was a nightmare throughout, we have City, Chelsea and Liverpool on the horizon. Rather worrying

  7. 7-3 was the score!

  8. What was I thinking Lettrs…

    Oz, I think a DM would solve much of our defensive problems

  9. I know Pistol! I am human, I made an error :roll:

  10. not sure about that Rico, it would help yes but the space that is always there when Kos and Verm play together and the way we simply shut off from the tracking duties is very worrying. Again the zonal marking should be binned, its rubbish and could have cost us easily two more yesterday as Ba simply out jumped the defence due to the fact he had a run up. How long are we going to watch this happen?

  11. But if the ball doesn’t get through to the defence, then defending will be a lot easier.

    We have no order in our midfield, one which imho is full of attack minded players.

    Get some discipline in there and I truly believe we’d improve so so much…

  12. Morning Rico. For the last 20 minutes of the first half it looked as if we didn’t have a midfield at all. Terrible shape, especially without the ball and ridiculously exposed in the wide areas. Great win but not being able to stay solid during critical periods of the game will continue to be a cause for concern for me.

  13. Good morning lads, great victory last night. I’m still buzzed considering its my birthday. What a game by Theo!! Turning out to be quite the destroyer, isn’t he? I do have a concern about him though. Actually more of an observation. Theo (despite his first goal) looked rather dead up front on his own, that is until Giroud was brought on. Theo on his own only has two weapons, and that is his pace and finishing. His relies too much on these and that showed. He can’t hold up play and that really made us suffer in the first half. Our attacking third was non existent, unless someone successfully threaded a through ball to Theo behind their defenders. This had a chain reaction because in turn cazorla couldn’t get in to the game and hard an invisible first half. Remember that most teams will defend deep and Theo will not be afforded that luxury. Which brings me to my point. When giroud was brought on, he really changed the game. His hold up play breathed life into cazorla’s game, gave Theo the freedom to roam and gave us a new dimension in attack in terms of aerial balls. Look how that turned out. My point is this, Theo and Giroud complement each other majestically and for them to be at their efficient best, they need each other. They form a deadly partnership and as such must form our strike pair as opposed to playing either alone up front. Giroud was brought on, he and Theo scored twice each. Not a coincidence.

  14. Agree Adam and when you consider the talent they had missing

  15. Morning Adam.

    I noticed and with my head in my hands I dreaded what was going to happen….

    I couldn’t agree more about it being a concern. Too many attack minded players and not enough organisation. Same in the defence so often…

    But, 7 wonderful goals by us :)

  16. I’m all for 442 marcus with Theo and Giroud and should we get Ba, we’d have three good attacking options and of course, TW can always play the odd game out wide if needed..

  17. Morning all…

    I can see Rico is still buzzing…

    I think it is a very good performance from the lads yesterday. We should not let their alleged injury take the gloss away from the win.

    My reason is that even though ‘Espinning’ said they were missing 9 players, in actual fact only Anita, Cabaye and Ben Arfa would have played yesterday if they were available. Yes they are very good players but they have been available and they are still having a bad season compared to last time round.

    Of the players I think they miss the most I would say it was Jonas Gutierrez and Cabaye who may have stopped us scoring 7.

    You all know what I am saying concerning Cabaye’s rumour but I guess there is no proof so we never know…

    On the other hand is it not interesting that AW made a point about TH14 only arrived for training on Friday, following my saying that some of the players think TH had been barred from Colney due to his association with AU or maybe he was on his holiday? ….. ;) I guess I have to stop being a rat spilling rumours like Colin Gordon wanting £5m when I am told by someone who knows a few of our young English players… ;)

  18. Morning Ts, I’d rather focus on the gaping holes in our midfield and the fact that Gibbs and Sagna were all over the place at times. And why did Kos not stop that cross from becoming another Newcastle goal….

    Hopefully, Wenger is watching that game again and putting a plan together on how to stop it happening again….

  19. I am going to say something that most will disagree but maybe coach will back me if he comes on…

    I do not think if we get a DM and play him as an anchor it is going to make any change to our game at all. I think Arteta does a very very good job of it and stats show he intercepted more balls than Tiote yesterday. I think the issue as I have been saying since August is the same reason Song was slated by most traditional football fans. But the fact is mobile DM are played further up field to win the ball back quicly in the opponents half. De Rossi is used the same and so is the most expensive DM Martinez.

    When you look back and comapre the midfield of Cesc, Song and JW10 where we had Song winning balls upfield and JW10 sitting we use to have up to 70% possesion on average most games…

    Yesterday when I said SC19 was at fault for our first half performance Esp thought I was having a ‘laugh’ but the goal JW10 set up for Poldi is a clear example of SC19 failings in that position. If Messi and Iniesta track back and play a tactical defensive game then I expect Santa to do the same. Mata, Oscar and Silva do that when they play in that position

  20. theo’s the best .he set up most of giroud’s goals anyway. so giroud is needed, but should not start. …..why change a wining side…tw could never b dead. he’s got pace and soul and will b better than tt.if arsenal do what they are supposed to do.

  21. Fair enough…

    Have you seen the news on the russian air crash?

  22. Santi should sit out the next game so that he can learn from rosicky…. Who said theo dosen’t have a football brain

  23. welcome oldon…

    Ts, I was being ironic.

    I agree on players tracking back though but then that’s what I mean about not having an organised midfield. Not tracking back to help when needed was always my biggest gripe with Arshavin.

    I’m not knocking Arteta either, I think he does a good job but he’s too lightweight and easily gets brushed off the ball.

    We need a ‘Diaby like’ player, but one who is better, stronger and reliable…. One with pace and strength….

  24. Not me joywed ;)

  25. Good morning all,

    I watched the first half on the stream and then gave up, I followed the rest on Sky News and Teletext. It was only when I watched MotD last night that realised what a strange game it had been.

    Once again we saw a defender, Wilshire, turn his back on the ball at a free-kick and concede a huge deflection as well as a goal. Just not good enough, if a player is defending a free-kick in that situation he MUST face the ball, if it means taking one in the face, so be it.

    Gibbs was horribly at fault for two of Newcastle’s goals. He was nowhere in sight and the back post was left wide open. We need a left-back who knows how to defend, the best one in the country at the moment is Leighton Baines who could be available.

    I’m happy with the result and if I had been a paying customer I would have been delighted by the entertainment. 7 – 3…Pheeew.

  26. I agree Joywed… An AM with a free role as SC19 says he has been given should be playing in the hole. Its very simple really. He seems to hide in the no.8 (inside right) position when he faces a tough tackling DM. welcome to the premier league where a player who over the last 3 years in La Liga has been considerd the best AM outside the top 2 teams…

  27. Hi JW, not sure why one of our shorter players is asked to position himself right in the firing line. Surely a taller player would have been better suited.

    Mind you, we haven’t got many ;)

    But yes, not the ideal thing to be doing….

  28. Oldon, i wish you could watch that game again. Before Giroud came on, Walcott was isolated up front. He couldn’t hold up play so every time the ball reached him and he wasn’t in a position where he could have a crack at goal, possession was lost. This happened every time except for his goal and the chance where he shot weakly with his left foot. 2ndly for all his attributes, Theo can never be as good as Thierry. No one can. Henry’s ball control, dribbling, physicality, influence on a game and just sheer class is beyond Theo. Not to say he can not be world class. All i’m saying is arsenal will get the best out of him if he plays with Giroud up front.

  29. Top teams do not play the type of football some of our fans expect us to play anymore… Some fans must as well get Roy Hodgson to manage Arsenal. Myself and modern loving football lovers don’t… ;)

    Why is it that manure have not had a defensive midfielder since Roy Keane but are still winning and we are waiting for a Makele? Is Carrick better than Arteta as a DM?

    At manure Fletcher, Rooney, Valencia and Park now QPR all worked hard to win the ball back but at Arsenal fans expect 38 clean sheets but then say its only 4-5 players who have to defend. Even Oscar a recent import from Brazil works hard off the ball…

    Even the scums play Dembele the most creative player as the sitting midfielder and then Sandro plays up field chasing the ball.

    Some will say its AW’s fault (possibly) but on the other hand SC19 did well against the scum, Schalke04 (2nd leg) and Reading tactically but goes missing too may times against should I say it African DM and the Sidwells of this world. Examples, Obi, Tettey, Tiote to name and a Spanish AM should know that!

  30. Morning all,

    What a game?!

    Same old defensive frailties and in all honesty a better team would have been out of sight by halftime. Second half we were much better, purely because we showed some more intent. Newcastle tired significantly at the end, and the week off seemed do to us a favour.

    Attacking wise the second half was as good as I have seen from us all season, more of that please lads. Theo was immense, if it is a case of a few quid then give the man what he wants, sadly it looks as though he’s off ski, will be another bitter pill to swallow! Ba again proved what a great signing he would be, Ba, Theo and a top DM signed in this transfer window and we would be a very serious team.

    Go on Arsene, give us a chance.

  31. tsGH- their alleged injury? i assume your saying that with tongue in cheek?

  32. Good morning Rico,

    I believe the idea is that by being in the direct firing line the defender may cause the player taking the free-kick to aim either side of him. A taller player who ducked out would make no difference. Players must face up to the shot.

  33. Like Tiote, real monster

  34. Agree JW, school yard from Jack that

  35. Marcus you have a valid point but I think in 2 matches time teams will work Theo out so we need buy a BA or Keisling type of player to help OG12 out…

    My reason is as you said.To nullify Theo it is very simple really, teams will in future not have a high back line. It is the same reason why Gerv scored against high defensive lines but struggles against Norwich and other tactical teams…

    Theo will only work out if we have a Diame/Diaby type in midfield who will make strong runs into opposition half. Even TR07 may help but not with our 3 amigos in midfield…

  36. Ts – and Manure are conceding goals for fun, more than us in fact. Maybe they too lack a DM…

  37. Good post Rico, and one that brings things back into perspective with regards poor defending and midfield not tracking back.
    On Newcastle’s 2nd and 3rd goals, the defending was non existent and almost school boyish in its naivity, Sagna could have done more to prevent the cross and Gibbs lost his man at the far post, he watched him ghost in to score. But again on the plus side we scored 7! And yes the Geordies did tire on 80 minutes, but all 7 goals were well worked and executed.
    i do agree with Marcus on his observation with regards what Giroud brings to Theo’s game, and what a player to have on your bench to
    add something else when plan A isn’t working.
    I reckon Wenger needs 3 players, a DM, another goalkeeper to offer competition to Czesny, and maybe a punt on Demba Ba, as long as he can remain fit.

  38. Morning Lewis.

    What did you make of the lack of celebration by Ba, some suggest he’s heading our way….

    JW, a taller player would have chested it ;) But I’m agreeing with you, players shouldn’t be baking out….

  39. Paying Walcott what he wants makes financial sense. Ba will cost £7 million in transfer fees plus another £2 million to his agents, he will want a wage of around £90,000 a week. With his chronic knee injury a long term contract is a very big risk, if he did break down he would represent a total loss.

    Walcott is already ours, a wage of around £90,000 a week over a five year contract would be much cheaper and at 28 years old he would still have a good value in the transfer market.

    Pay him what he wants Arsene!

  40. Ts – you are assuming that Theo won’t learn and improve and that just a simple tactic by other sides will stop him…

    How many games has he played centrally now, 3 is it??

    He’s 23 years old, an age which Kevin Keegan said he started to learn his game properly, why could TW not do the same…

    I wouldn’t write off his ability just yet!

  41. Hi Oz…
    Not really. :D Like I said not all the alleged 9 players injured would have played anyway bar 3 ie Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Jonas.
    We can also say we were missing Diaby, Santos and the BFG….
    I will say this for the last time though ;) I have been told Cabaye does not want to play for NUFC because the club told Cabaye to stay until January so that they can have Anita settle and also get a replacement. But Mike Ashley has decided to renegade on the gentleman’s agreement I think… He is probably doing a Cesc on NUFC….

    No proof but an Estate agent told me Cabaye almost signed a tenancy agreement in August…

    Rico you have a valid point but I will add that it is to do with Purple face not having hard workers in the team such as Park and Fletcher playing often enough. Cleverley, Kagawa, and Young do not work hard as Nani use to… And Scholes and the wife stealer are a year older too. That is why I think it is important we buy a decent DM before Fergie realises that he should be spending his resources on a midfielder instead of Lewandowski. And TV4 is moving to one of the Manchester teams next summer any way so…

  42. Thanks Marinello..

    I’d rather we won 4-0 yesterday than allow them their goals. Agree that Sagna did little to stop one of their goals but Kos was equally to blame imho. He should have hoofed that into row z but didn’t and then Gibbs was nowhere to be seen…

    School boy indeed….

  43. ‘I will say this for the last time though I have been told Cabaye does not want to play for NUFC because the club told Cabaye to stay until January so that they can have Anita settle and also get a replacement. But Mike Ashley has decided to renegade on the gentleman’s agreement I think… He is probably doing a Cesc on NUFC….’

    Thank goodness that’s the last time too! ;)

  44. we seem to get stuck on these strange ideas curves e.g. I keep hearing about Ba’s chronic knee, you do realise he’s played the second most minutes of any forward in the league right?

  45. I don’t give a toot about the Mancs anyway…

    All I know is what I see and that isn’t all as good as some like to think….

  46. The Daily Mail today reckon we are favs to sign Luke Shaw….

  47. You got me wrong there…

    Maybe I should have said if he does not add to his game quickly then…

    But as you said he has played 3 games and against Wigan when they sat deeper in the first half what happened?…. ;)
    I also added that if we have a box to box midfielder who is willing to get in the box as Diame is doing for WHU or PV did for us and Diaby did when he was fit it would not be a problem. I did not say it was all up to Theo. The fact as I have said since August and G. Neville said recently on MNF (before the Reading match) none of our midfielders break into the penalty box. That is what I expect AW to sort out come January other wise he is going to lose a long term support in me. (supporter since 1989)

  48. TSgh, interesting fact about TV moving to one of the Manchester Clubs. This season he has certainly not been at the races at times.
    Maybe RVP has turned his head with a few phone calls, and with Ferdinand and Vidic knocking on, he could move….

  49. Lovely sunny morning, off for a walk along the Bure Valley, might stop off for a pint afterwards.

    Have a nice day HHers. 7 – 3, 7 – 3, 7 – 3…..7 – 3, 7 – 3, 7 – 3.

  50. Is that an Arsenal supporter since 89 Ts?

    Perhaps if Wenger had not relied on Diaby for so long, or allowed Song to play without discipline for so long, or sold off our better players, many fans wouldn’t have stopped supporting the manager now.

  51. So another emotional captain appointment then….

    Hope Jack doesn’t takeover ;)

    Have a good walk JW, its throwing it down with rain here…

  52. Bye JW.

    My reason is that Polly works mostly in Salfords and recently Real Hustle is shot in Glasgow if I am not wrong…

    Why the Verminator will go with ‘Ricky Eastenders’ ex I do not know. lol

  53. It’ll never last Ts ;)

  54. It’s not about the money! Wacott will change clubseither in jan or july because he feels his chances at Arsenal have been limited by the manager. Wenger would not pick him at the beginning of the season because a, he wouldn’t resign; b, he told Wenger to shove it; c, he wanted to win things and d, because RvP told him to leave, for a better place!
    I have a feeling that he will leave and haul up at Chelsea (with Demba Ba)

  55. AW supporter since he brought George Weah from Liberia and made him a World and European Best player…

    The man has been unearth diamonds in the rough since Nancy ….

    I will only stop supporting Arsenal when you become the coach Rico… :D ;)It will be back to the GG era with 4-4-2 and one tall striker plus one short partner upfront. You are not the tactical advisor for the national team? :D

  56. That’s not an impossibility Wavy, think you have covered it all ;)

    Not sure I ever suggested little and large up front Ts…

    As for the GG era, i don’t even drink the stuff….

    442 – you all try and make it technical by calling for a 4411 or some other bunch of numbers which add up to ten… :)

  57. Pulling your legs…

    Wavy Theo was very very poor during the far east tour and Gerv was very good until Diaby limped off…

  58. Everyone was poor out in the far east Ts….

  59. 4411 is the exotic version like having chinese instead of Indian take away… lol.

    The posh version is 4-1-4-1… but that is only practised by viewers of Downton..

  60. True …Aneke and Eisfield doing the rescuing act…

  61. Evening all.

  62. back again Scott…

    Doing you shift at the ASIS… ?

  63. G’day Ginge.
    I have a question for everyone.
    Can anyone explain why we want Demba Ba?
    Everyone suggests our defence was woeful today in allowing 3 goals in, yet plenty want to see the guy who scored two of those goals at our club based on how many goals he scores!!
    Think about it.
    Ba is a bloody good goal scorer, and we want him because he can find the net, yet when he finds the net against us it is all down to bad defending!!

  64. Didn’t they just Ts, they looked like the mature players….

  65. Hi Scott – I know you are kidding there ;)

  66. But you get my point Rico….that’s the main thing lol

  67. Rico. Looks like Theo is Chelsea bound apparently.

  68. And regarding transfers, in my opinion this is what should happen. First things first, get rid of squillaci, djourou, chamakh, arshavin, santos and sadly diaby. With that done, we should sign a LB (seen we’ve been linked with baines today), a CB (yanga mbiwa/hummels), a DM (wanyama/tiote/m’vila/capoue), a winger (turan/willian/zaha) and a striker. Now regarding a striker, I feel that this Giroud-Theo partnership is going to produce goals galore so in essence we’d be looking for a 3rd striker with different qualities from the two to give us more dimensions of attack. I’d go for soldado/Benzema/Ba(maybe) but my best choice would be benzema and here’s why; like I said I believe the giroud theo partnership will (if already hasn’t began) banging in the goals for fun so we should be looking for a 3rd alternative. Benzema is a mix between kun and torres where he has good height, fantastic footwork skills, can hold his own physically and can play our way. Right now, his form is bad so you’d imagine that in real’s chase for a new striker, he’d be the casualty. This bodes well for us because if we were to get him in January, he wouldn’t cost too much, wouldn’t mind playing behind the two while he fights for his form back and ultimately a place in the team. He can combine with either walcott or giroud or even play up front alone. He would be an absolute steal because at his best, benzema is one of the worlds best. And to top it all off, wenger has been an admirer of his for years.

  69. we sold the finest scorer in the league, Ba is quick, durable (despite claims on here to the contrary) and he’s the second best scorer in the league and has a release clause of 7m, so no mate i don’t your point, we should be all over this one.

  70. No Scott – made no sense whatsoever… ;)

    To replace Sturridge Adam?? :(

  71. I like Ba only because he already plays in the epl…

    Personally I would go for Bent. He will be willing to siton the bench if needed and he is gooner and clinical finisher ;)

    Conversely, the medically team will be out of work in a few days when Diaby and Santos return to training so they have asked AW to recruit an exceptional case for them to work on…lol

  72. Who knows Rico.

  73. Most will agree with you on your positions marcus, but we all have our own choice of who we’d like to see in…

  74. I too would rather a PL ready made striker…

    I’m gutted Adam :(

  75. Don’t be Rico. We have Gervinho.

  76. Where did I put my blunt knife…..

    I hope the Ivory Coats do exceptionally well in the ACON’s Adam, the longer he is away the better….

  77. Anyone see Cameron Jerome’s goal yesterday?

  78. I see the cycle continuing at Arsenal for some time Rico. The bigger picture looks set in stone to me. Until there is significant investment in this team and the ambition to move the club into a more competitive position.

  79. Marcus,

    Benzema never scores in big games. We have had too many players who go missing during big games TH14 was one. Most will disagree but even Jacquet dropped TH14 for the final for Trezeguet . He never scored a goal in a final in his career. We need a Drogba like player i.e TW14… A player who will play rubbish for 87 minutes but still score a winning goal.

    And OG12 is the only Arsenal player to score against Spain. A big match player in my books.
    Hummels I like but is he better than Kos? I would say no. He is another TV/Kos. Arsenal fans what 4 first choice CB but which team on the planet has that? Djourou is a very good 4th choice but fans call him a deadwood.The idea is to rotate to keep all the defenders fresh so that when injuries happen CB are not rusty… .Something AW unfortunately is very poor at doing. Maybe because he is scared of Rico, Lee, Esp and Adam… lol :grin:

  80. Hi Scott, with regards your brain teaser questioning the need for Ba, I reckon that your young lad could put one or two past the current defensive line up, let alone Ba….

  81. Sadly I think you are right Adam.

    What a difference a couple of ‘proper’ signings would make, and made by this time next week….

  82. Adam are you talking about the short term 12-14M offer being rumoured?

    I think Theo as much as I think is a hype even though he is a scorer of great goals will be very foolish to allow his agent to take him to the chavs…

    The chavs only want him because Falcao wants to make A. Madrid qualify for the CL and win a trophy possibly this season before he moves next season. Imho I think he knows he can not make it in this league…

  83. Benzema still £25M on £120k p/w on a 10% Spainish tax will require nearly £180k p/w to join us unless the 70% tax is really enforced but I suspect it will be 50% or 40% anyway that is why Ronaldo has stopped crying for now and is evaluating the tax situation to see if a return to Alderley Edge Cheshire is better than Salamanca in sunny Spain…

    Kev has 4 properties in Salamanca so…

  84. According to goal.com AW has dismissed the TH14 loan again…


  85. Rico you are right, we all have our opinions..tsGH you are very wrong. Hummels is nothing like tv5/kos. He is a faster, younger and better version of mertesaker. I chose hummels because if you’ve ever noticed the best defensive partnerships has one cb whose strength is sweeping, good on the ball, aggressive and often can push forward (kos, verm, vidic) and a partner who is usually tall (good in the air), strong and an excellent reader of the game who remains as the last man (mertesacker, rio). Discounting Djourou, currently we have mertesacker, kos and verm. kos and verm are too similar and that is why despite the fact that individually they are both fantastic players, their combination does not work. That is why per has been a mainstay in the side this year. Purchasing hummels would gives us two of each type and rotation can be done without compromising performances. you could play per-verm, per-kos, hummels-verm or hummels-kos and get consistent solidity at the back.

  86. And i disagree with the notion that benzema is not a big game player. At real madrid yes, but remember how he dismantled man utd in the champions league when he was at lyon. In fact he was lyon’s hope back then. At real you have the world’s 2nd best player (cr7) surrounded by world champions (alonso, ramos) the brazilian national team left back (marcelo) etc etc..you can see how in that company, shining would be a problem.

  87. Have heard only good things about Hummels marcus…

    I’m not hugely convinced by any of our central defenders. All of them have something lacking…

  88. Everton 1-0 up against Chelsea….

  89. we have the access to big bucks and someone who has the competitive spirit to make us great, trouble is the three musketeers don’t want him upsetting their party tricks Adam

  90. Exactly Oz, stubborn idiots, they obviously don’t care about what goes on on the pitch do they….

  91. Marcus you have a point on Hummels but saying a partnership between hummels-verm or hummels-kos kind of defeats the pointy you are trying to make imho…

    Unless of course you live in Germany by your name then I would say you watch more BVB than I do but the Hummels I watch and the one Matthaus slams as overrated is very attack minded. At BVB its Subotić who is the disciplined defender. I watched TSG 1899 Hoffenheim – Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Dortmund – Hannover 9 and Bremen matches 2 weeks ago and Hummels though he set up a goal was at fault for doing a TV4 on several occasions. If it was not for Kehl they would have lost against Bremen…

  92. On Benzema I think you made the point without admitting to what I was saying… RedNose did not go for him because he is not a big match player. Yes at Lyon he was younger but in the last 3 years well… The open goal miss against City?….

    Even the French think Remy is a better option for crucial matches. Its like comparing Trezeguet with Henry really. Henry is a world class and an all time great but Trezeguet is a scorer of great goals something Henry will and was never. The same reason Drogba scored 13 goals in 7 finals and Henry scored none or was not selected…

    He is repeating the same feat at Red Bull whilst he scores a lot of goals during playoffs he goes missing DB7 …

    Just an opinion neutrals always say about both players….

  93. Afternoon all Nice one Rico Your boy did Good. You must have a grin i know.
    Is Theo worth an extra 5 grand a week he was this week. Messi gets a lot more than Theo and many clubs would give him as much as he wants for him to join them but Messi is happy where he is at the moment. Theo on the other hand is not content the money means more to him at the moment but he is very young. Theo knows that if he signs he will not always be playing in his favoured position as shown Yesterday where he was moved as soon as Giroud came on Give credit where its due Giroud scored 2 goals in quite a short time but taking nothing away from Theo he still came back with a poachers goal. He did fight his way through and got his just deserts but unlike messi will he do it next time he wears the shirt. Is Theo a hundred thou a week player. If you answer yes pay him the money,but don’t forget the players behind him Jack Aaron Ox Virm Kos Merts Sags Jenks Gibbo Coqu Arto Santi or arn’t they worth it.

  94. Actaually what we need is an English Central Defender. It is an unpublished fact but no team in Europe wins anything without a citizen of that country playing in central defends…

    Shawcross anyone ? since Jagielka will not come to us…

    What about Ashley Williams an arsenal fan I heard and he kicked Judas in the head not bad at all…

  95. Hi all,
    I don’t see Wenger buying an out and out CB. Will need to be someone versatile across the back.
    I also don’t see Wenger buying a DM, if he buys it’ll be box to box and built like Song/Diaby.
    I agree with a previous post, Wilshere is doing Santi’s role and that leaves the gaps in the middle.
    Lastly, not many teams will offer space like our forwards had yesterday and Theo will struggle to score.

  96. Hi Steve, How you doing?

    a draw between the chavs and the blues will do us some good…

  97. Rico – i don’t think its that they don’t care, its just they care more about their pay rises and money in the bank, that is certainly true. Money in the bank will of curse produce a better share price so i understand the motives because everyone will get a huge kickback when the american sells and he will. Hopefully, we’ll see one more year of the failed Wenger master plan to be a world force and i think then the Russian will get his turn

  98. As I say football has changed and all coaches are following AW. Lampard is now a holding midfielder whilst the defensive Ramires is used to win the ball further up field…

    Yes I know Luiz is also holding…

  99. Watching it now Ginge, your right that would suit me to

  100. agree with that comment ts

  101. I may have missed this if anybody brought this up……

    But I thought it a bit odd walnut doing a lap of honour after the match.

  102. 1.0 Everton after 35 mins end to end stuff

  103. not that coaches are following Wenger, in fact he is often found wanting by coaches simply nullifying his tactics but i agree with your English CB comment

  104. Hi Sp, and thanks..

    I’d say in todays crazy wage structure, TW is worth a pay rise, but £100K a week, maybe…

  105. 1.1 lamps

  106. fred – he’s always one of the last to pitch after a game, he’s one of few seen clapping the fans, especially on away days…

    Yesterday was little different, other than he’d scored three goals and had the match ball. And of course, the cameras were focused on him at all times….

  107. Fat Frank 1-1

  108. Hope your right rico

  109. Oz I think as Parlour said AW is too intelligent but lacking in common sense…

    He is the one who started playing right footers on the LHS etc. He is the one that mentioned he would use Luiz as a CM if he had him to Rafa in the summer way before Rafa joined the chavs…

    He is the one that suggested that Toure should be used as a box to box to Pep when Pep did his coaching training at Colney according to Pep.

    He is the same one that last summer told the world how to nullify 4-2-3-1 formation…. common sense?

  110. TW has said he won’t be leaving in Jan fred so I hope he’s truthing…

  111. Even Red face said after manure beat us 3-1 (Gibbs slipping 2 times)in the champions league 4 years ago that he based his tactics on AW flooding the midfield but his flaw is he is French… I am no racist but being a grad of RMA learning about military tactics he has those traits of having a soft underbelly…

    On playing left footers on the RHS I have to give credit to the greatest manager ever Cruyff too..

  112. Perhaps he wants everyones recognition that he’s smarter than the average manager.

  113. Ba to Chavs…

  114. Who Brad, Fergie? ;)

    Says who re Ba Ts?

  115. Breaking: Skysports reporting that Demba Ba will meet with Chelsea representative today to discuss a possible move

  116. Sky sports – Demba Ba to meet with Chelsea tonight to discuss move in January.

    Told you so!

    Now wait for the same news. From Walcott!

  117. Benitez monitors arsene scouts and jumps on it. Not just Benitez but chelsea has being doing it for years hazard, mata etc

  118. Most manager knows Aw is the best… apart from some Arsenal fans.

    His shortcomings are also due to his being too much of a romantic. For instance Cesc should not have played against Barca 2 years ago at Nou camp but he put the players wants before tactics. Something RedNose will never do…

    Note that he gives lectures to follow managers on tactics almost every summer and the best manager ever thinks AW is better than Pep. So when people talk about plan B and Pep well Pep has no plan B apart from giving Messi more of the green slimey liquid mutants have… lol

  119. Lol Rico, no he’s the god father of the prem. Fergie doesn’t need recognition if the authority is already on his books.

  120. Theo Walcott was emense yesterday i was impressed when a forward ball saw him sprinting forward and at pace his off the ball running was great too he wanted it yesterday, maybe a point to prove and he is doing the biz I would have sold him long ago but he looks like he is coming good do i feel a mug no i was in favour of Wenger staying and he has kept Theo :)

  121. Thank Goodness that Demba Ba is going to Chelsea. You never know when that knee will pop-up

  122. Hi Emma,

    RM president Perez publicly stated that he would save money by having no scouts all he has to do know who AW is going to sign and bid more and tell the player RM or raining Arsenal. lol. I added the last bit… :D

    ‘arry just reads John Crosses rumours on potential AW signings and goes for it…

  123. Ah, it’s on SS’s re Ba and the Chavs…..

  124. Emma there was a lil discussion earlier on Hummels. I thought he was very similar to Kos or even TV4 because he was a ball playing CB but Marcus thought I was wrong? Any input…

  125. Wavy, has someone told you TW is off to Chelsea then??
    :lol: Brad..

  126. Yes we never have a chance… re Ba

    our poxy 90k p/w offer or a £130k p/w offer. Even Victor Moses earns more than Santi…

    And what most fans fail to admit or recognise is that most chairmans wait for a deal to be agreed between us and a club for a player and then they out bid or match it. Examples are Smalling, Mata, Ngiang, Hazrd and SC19 with Malaga last year…

    Even the chavs tried to undermine us last summer with a 20M bid for OG12 but he only wanted to play for a team he claims he supports and AW of course… ;)

  127. ts – i think Luiz at CM is a weak point for Chelsea, his distribution is very ordinary as we are seeing again today. Simplest of passes seem beyond him often

  128. You know that when wenger shows interest in any player that negotiations are over and we can’t afford them

  129. Rico dont worry TW is not going to the chavs…

    It was rumoured as a short term solution until Falcao joined in the summer but Ba is the fool to fall for that… imho.

    Malouda is on 95k a week and is not even registered and we complain about our 55k deadbeats….

  130. Never say never Ts, none of know for sure, we are only guessing and hoping….

  131. we have rather an extensive list of these 55+ per week deadbeats thought mate and there no Abro at Arsenal to cover them – Stan makes money he doesn’t put in to any of his clubs

  132. Hummels is a very good player. He is a cross b/w kos/TV4. I think we are ok with the CB we have. We need a DM

  133. Oz, agree re Luiz rubbish today. Everton are the far better side too aren’t they?

  134. Oz all true DM unless they are from Germany or Holland can not pass a ball.Maybe Spanish now but they are all like Arteta which most here think is not suitable for that role.

    That is why most modern managers do not want them amongst the top 10 European teams. Most would rather convert a big player tgo play there than buy an out and out DM.

    The same reason Cruyff converted Pep from winger to a DM 20 years ago…

    Even the greatest DM ever imho and a few- Keoman had very suspect passes…

    Makelele is a typical example and Davids with AC at 21 was very poor passer of the ball. Gattuso was loaned to Rangers because he was shite…

    If you want a DM you have to put up with stray passes imho…

  135. they are yes Rico, always a tough one but Chelsea might nick this, they have the individual skills to produce that moment of magic

  136. The difference is though Ts, those £95k deadwoods that the Chavs have, don’t stop the club from signing further players they need.

    We however, are always 2/3 players short and are claiming to be broke..

    Shocking way to run a business… and that’s what it seems to be these days….

  137. I think Wenger is up to something but needs to kept a tight secret until the deal is finalized before the oligarch and oil dollars gazump our targets

  138. I totally agree Rico…

    But only 3 or 4 teams in the world can choose to have a player on their books and not register them…. ;)

    Is it a good thing personally no because a few oilers have messed up the game. Even RM and Barca can not afford to do that…

    And as I said which the media will not say we have met our oversees quota for the 25 man squad so unless we buy a British 19 y.o we have no room for any other player..

  139. you said it Oz 2-1

  140. They just did oz ;)

  141. unless we sell …i should say or do not register Le Squid or Shitemak…

  142. This is the world we live in now a 34 y.o wanting a 2 year deal at nearly 10 million a year… and the hard up fans do not mind because it gives us a quick fix… junkies we all are now ;)

  143. But that’s what always pees me off Ts. We claim to be the best run club, we won’t overspend, we won’t pay silly ages, blah blah blah yet we have so so many very average players earning £50k a week.

    Arsene Wenger likes to be seen as being perfect, and still many fans think he is holier that thou but they choose to ignore what he gets wrong….

  144. There are a few more I wouldn’t register….

  145. You mean me Rico? lol

  146. I think Luiz will be sent off before the end…

  147. Not just you Ts ;)

    I hope the cap you got was red ;)

  148. There is a UEFA law similar to unfair dismissal…

    I agree it is sometimes cheaper to pay players off fully if you consider, insurance and N.I contributions etc…

    Do footballers pay N.I tax?

  149. Pay them off I say or just reduce their sale on fee so a new club can pay them an attractive wage…

  150. We did with AA23 and Le Squid but we know the story so I shall not repeat If true.

    Even the chavs could not legally get rid of Malouda with all the money. Thanks to the power players have now,. Roman is still chancing Mutu for 12M and he can’t do f all sbout it unless he sends his KGB ehmm or FSB pals to chance the Romanian Mafia pin-up… ;~)

  151. 50M for that rubbish?…

  152. Not being funny Ts, but I couldn’t care less about their rubbish, I’m just naffed off with excuses about why we cant afford certain players but pay so many so much.

    Who is the fool who gave them the pay rise/wage offer in the first place?

    Chavs have won….

  153. 4th still possible

  154. 4th still possible hahah what is it December? dear oh dear

  155. TW14 no I know nothing! I justhave a gut feeling – intuition perhaps. But sadly i am more often right than wrong. All based on v little evidence! (Should have been a journo for The Star!)
    Justhpw he was with Ba yesterday and farewell waving? AND Wenger saying ” we hope we can do it” . He used exactly the same expression when talking about RvP after their May meeting he has thesame language when he’s not being up front! So…………TW14 to the chavs.
    I really hope I’m wrong cos unlike many I like Walcott. I thinkhe has a huge amount to offer football. I just don’t thinkhe will be at Arsenal after the summer. He’s a Wenger boy and he will see out his contract then go on a free, unless the Board intervene and sell him in Jan.

  156. Wavy but some will blame AW for allowing TW14 to go…

    The same manager they say has too much power at the club but has to do everything include negotiate the price of player sale when we have a CEO and a CFO…

  157. I hope you are wrong to Wavy….

  158. to allow yet another player to be in this position says it all about the abilities of this lot – their sales lines aren’t working but still think Walcott is not at the level to move on yet

  159. Newcastle have agreed a deal to sign Mathieu Debuchy

  160. the average playerswho we pay to much weren’t meant to be average. They only become overpaid when they don’t live up to expectations. however, when they exceed expectations, the real problem arises… they now become underpaid, and unsettled. And we’re all familiar with what happens then.

    If stop complaining about Arsenals “over payment”… it’s anon issue to me and far less than what other top clubs do.

  161. i think that’s behind the five brits have just signed new contracts, not so much because they deserve them just if they are to be sold then we get a salary for them….

  162. But I don’t care about them Will…..

  163. I love the way Wenger sends a dummy to Liverpool FC and they fell for it. Spent load of cash(£12m) to land Sahin on loan. The fella can’t even make the bench

  164. Cesar starts again for Qpr, poor old Green ;)

  165. emma – i think Wenger really wanted Sahin, thankfully Jose did us a favour and priced him out….

    Thank goodness eh….

  166. Rico where did the Debuchy news come from..? Very disappointed. I think he is the best or 2nd best RB in Europe after Sagna /Alves depending on attack or defending wants…

    Caesar is another deal AW was outbid on…

    Offering a goalie a long deal so that he can stay in the country…

    Good point Emma re Sahin. Another is Miralles of Everton where people were slating AW for not completing the deal after 3 good games…

  167. The issue, rico, is that the problem is unavoidable, for one, and secondly, in terms of the consequences for the club, is by far the lesser of two evils.

    Players who we seek to sign must be offered attractive wages. We all know that. If Chamakh never lost form nobody would complain about his wages. You pay them whatever it takes to get them here then hope for the best.

  168. It’s everywhere Ts, even SS’s have confirmed it…

    Even I’d heard of him and that he’s meant to be good…. ;)

    Outbid on Cesar, he was free ;)

  169. Is Miralles not injured?

    Will, but Chamakh did lose form and very quickly so that kind of falls flat..

  170. outbid on personal terms…

    Aw said he wanted to get Debuchy last summer but he is not a no.2 and CJ25 deserved a chance….

  171. Dippers 1-0 up, Suarez again….

    One man team or what ;)

  172. He is but another one who is injured so would not have helped us when needed…

  173. Oh yes, by claiming he wanted to go on and work for the club after his footballing days were over – what poppycock!

  174. True Will…UEFAcelona paid 16M for Hleb on 110k p/w and ended up paying his salary for 3 years without him kicking a ball for them… That is 36M spent on a single player over 4 years…

  175. 2-0 to Suarez ;)

  176. yes rico, but what I’m saying is that you can’t know if that’s going to happen before you sign the player. And it’s not about Chamakh, it’s the same for every player we have ever bought that has underperformed. We pay them what we must to get them in.

    It’s the risk that every club has to live with.

  177. I see you love posh popcorn…

  178. You can’t say that about the dippers… They have an England captain… lol

  179. For me it’s a lot down to signing kids and hoping they will go on and be quality players. We hang onto a few far too long.

    AW needs to be a bit more ruthless, how many do we have on loan who should have gone a long time ago.

    Only AA, Santos and Chamakh isn’t it who were signed experienced players that we should sell on. I’d add Gervinho but I know plenty think he’ll come good ;)

  180. Posh popcorn Ts? You lost me..

    Haha re the dippers, he’s over the hill now though….

  181. Of course Yao will come good like TW and Nastry before him. He will be good next season and then hold us to ransom…

  182. poppycock… I guess you meant something else

  183. But Rico, Chamakh was fantastic when he first came. :)

  184. My jury is out on Gerv Ts – I had hoped this season would be better but he’s gone backwards….

  185. 3-0 – poor old Arry….

    He was Adam, well, he was good but annoyingly, once RvP came back, his game went to pot… Literally :)

  186. I can see double figures at Anfield…..

  187. I have always said these potential buys crap should have ended 2 years ago when we started to have money coming in but…

    Then again SC19 though is almost world class could turn into AA23.

    Rico, what makes it difficult for us to drop or sell players is not the club but where we are situated i.e London. If we were in Sunderland most’deadwoods’ will be quick to leave but who wants to leave London when you can get money and do f all…

    Oh no Blinky blink has bitten off more than he can chew. Didn’t some say a few weeks that even QPR had abetter squad than ours?

  188. I think he drank too much Cava in Las Vegas Rico. ;)

  189. He was good until Diaby good injured because he is basically a TW with composure. Teams found him out by playing deeper and he got no support from SC19 and out of form Poldi…

    And that is why Diaby has to come back brand new or we definitely need a box to box beast…

  190. Shitemak is not liked by Moroccans at all.. I have been to Morocco a few times and they say he is a fake snob..

  191. I see him as the new Eddie McGoldrick, but more butch.

  192. Rico and cava, be careful Adam!

  193. I thought you were always pro potential Ts??

    Especially after your comment the other day ….

  194. How’s your brother doing Adam?

  195. What are you suggesting about up north Ts ;)

    Adam :lol: re the Cava, evil stuff…..

  196. Ah Lee. A dangerous combination apparently. :) How are things? I met a soaking wet Kev before the game yesterday.

  197. Gervinho and Composure just do not go together….

    Don’t you start on me Lee ;) How are you?

  198. Lee. So, so. Thanks for asking mate.

  199. Just wondering whether to indulge in the very same tomorrow, I may even sit up and see the new year in.

    Then again, maybe not….

  200. Rico. Lidl are doing a great offer on Cava at the moment, but you need to buy 2 bottles. :)

  201. I’m good Rico, lunch with family followed by….and wait for it……..
    “Bed knobs and broomsticks” on tv, you can see that I rule the house with an iron fist?!?! :lol:

  202. Funny enough Adam, that is where I shall be getting them so that offer will be spot on….

  203. Adam, ABBA penned a song about Rico…..”Cava queen!”

  204. Is that the film with Denise Van Outen Lee?

  205. QPR could have made do with Chamakh and Squilly for now. Better than those mugs hughes bought

  206. I think she was dating Gary Glitter at the time, Adam!

  207. That’s how it should be Lee, at least you weren’t sulking about the non showing of escape to Victory…

    Well, until someone realised it was actually on in the afternoon ;)

    Did Dave have turkey? Fido did :)

  208. If Dave could get any closer to the log burner, he’d be in it!!!

  209. Escape To Victory?
    Now you’re talking Rico. :)
    Lee :)

  210. :lol: :lol: re Abba Lee…

  211. Anyone who’s anyone has their own copy of Escape to victory!
    Dave had goose for Christmas.

  212. Spooky Lee, same here with Fido, then every now and again, she’d move to a cooler place….

    emma – Arry is welcome to them. Hughes should never be allowed funds again….

  213. :lol: Adam, I was referring to you…

    Poor Dave, in fact poor goose ;)

    I had a copy but it escaped…….

  214. Sly would be good competition to Szczesny….

  215. Theo’s gonna sign on the dotted line for us……

  216. Rico. I know. Michael Caine as the only British officer in a German prisoner of war camp who tips the scales at 17 stone, yet still runs the midfield by telling Pele and Ardiles where to play.

  217. He sure needs some…

    The Reina rumours have all gone quiet…

  218. You reckon Lee?

    I know you knew Adam ;)

    I didn’t know that about Caine, but then not a lot of people did… ;)

  219. Pele’s positional sense was never his strong point though…..

  220. Its quite funny really, Qpr have a few players who Arry sold off when manager of Pompey or Totts. Poor old thing thought he’d seen the back of them….

  221. Rico. You’re in one of those moods aren’t you? :)
    I bet you are enjoying ‘Arry twitching away. :)
    I am.

  222. Ardiles was Manuel’s stunt double in Fawlty Towers…..

  223. Lee. You’re right. Michael Caine just pointed his stomach, which was hanging over his shorts, to where he wanted Pele to be, knowing that he could pick him out with an inch perfect pass. Uncanny really.

  224. Talking of Arry…

    I was watching A League of their own earlier, bits from the year and Arry was on there.

    He told a great story from when he was at West Ham and his team were in a friendly against Bristol and Lee Chapman (i think it was) was up front.

    A fan, who had WH tatts all over and the full kit on, sat by the dug out was in his ear all first half about how rubbish Chapman was.

    In the second half Arry had used all his subs and again this same fan was telling him that he was better that the idiot up front.

    Enough was enough, he asked the fan what size boots he wore, went and got a pair and told him to get onto the pitch which he did with feet at ‘ten to two’……

    James Crden asked if he was any good. He was brilliant and scored a couple of goals said Arry

  225. By the way there’s something that Emma has said that i have been suspecting all along. I think arsene wenger is going to bring in a big name(s) but needs it to be kept under wraps. He is behaving the same way he did when he bought cazorla, only difference is because the press were monitoring malaga due to their surprising success AND financial troubles they got wind of the story so he had to admit interest but now somehow his cards are even closer to his chest.

  226. This ref in the QPR game is a plank.

  227. I am and I am Adam :P

  228. I wonder how much ‘Arry charged him for the privilege?

  229. I won’t ask who Basil’s double was Lee :P

  230. nice read anyone has a solution for Arsenal on january

  231. That’s being kind Adam…. Qpr are worse under Arry I’m sure…

  232. Rico you’d be surprised. I’m actually Kenyan and don’t watch bundesliga at all. I’ve only watched hummels (and co.) in the champions league.

  233. Off now to concoct and construct a meal for Mrs Adam. It’s been fun. :)

  234. marcus, think that could be wishful thinking… But, he did mention his targets were a secret when he said he will be busy in January…

    First time for everything I guess….

  235. And about benzema, is him not being a big game player really a reason to turn him down. I mean you have compared him with henry so let me ask you this: knowing what he ended up becoming for us yet still not being a big game player, would you have been opposed to his signing in 1999?

  236. Think that was Ts who suggested you watched a lot of the german league marcus…

    Plenty JM :)

    See you Adam, have a lovely evening….

  237. Same re Benzema marcus, i’d love us to sign him but just dont think we’d meet his probable wage demands…

  238. You know when i say big i don’t mean radamel falcao big. I mean im expecting a 15-20M signing who will make an immediate impact.

  239. Oh QPR…

    Hughes at Fulham, I need a club that meets my expectations… lol

    ‘arry windows down at Sandbanks… I will take the job and sort QPR out, I did it at TottenRam (even though they were 15th on the table with 2 games in hand)…

    A week into the job, the players are worse than I thought they were.. motivation ehh?

  240. yeah his wages could be a sticking point..And by the way, what are your thoughts on leighton baines? I think he would make a fantastic signing. I watched him play against chelsea and my word can the lad produce beckham-esque crosses. He would make giroud the top scorer just with his service from the left..

  241. marcus – that’s how most of us think although Falcao would be most welcome ;)

  242. Baines in a flash imho – really really good solid player who didn’t deserve to be on the losing side today…

    Did you see the cut down his back thanks to Cahill’s studs?

  243. Rednapp was atonish of Bosigwa wages penalized for 2 weeks. He said, in Totts there aren’t any player who won so much money ! (?)

  244. They are just mostly poor players though Ts, you can’t make a diamond from an old stone…

    This Qpr side deserve to be in the Championship…

    Tarrabat or whatever his name is will surely be looking to leave, as would Green and Cesar if they have any sense….

  245. He did JM, and he’s been dropped now…

  246. Hi Marcus…

    apologies for thinking you were German.Unfortunately I am a sad man who watches BVB, Schalke 04 and Leverkusen because I like 2 or 3 very good players in the league especially Schurlle

    I also watch a lot of Ligue 1 when I can but I started to watch OG12 and M’vila 2.5 years ago when a french colleague mentioned them so I know about those leagues. I am not asking for a bow Rico… ;)

    That is the reason why I do not rate M’Vila and even though he has been injured for weeks the clueless media are still claiming he is available. Like Emma I think Sisssoko/Capoue is miles better

    I have stopped watching La liga because Barca are the most boring team and they are completely different unless they are playing in the champions league..

  247. Great walk, nice pint.

    Final word….for today,

    Buy Baines and Butland, pay Walcott what he wants, with a better defence we will outscore the opposition every time. No need for a midfield enforcer, they are just red card magnets in the Premiership.

    ‘evening all.

  248. Ts – do you do anything else other than watch football…. ;)

    Hi JW, is Butland not a bit too young?

  249. rico, what can we do more then watch football?

  250. Ts, no worries..by the way when i put m’vila there i wasn’t very sure because i haven’t really watched him play..though reports i get are that he’s quite the catch…i have always suspected he’s crap. would you shed some light on his strengths and weaknesses?

  251. :grin: now you sound like my northern mother-in-law….

    Not really Rico. I watch Jeremy Kyle all day and then watch footie in the evening…

    I try to run at leat 2 times a week but my knee is a mess so… and then I use to do a bit of krav maga

    Hi JW, the way your fitness is going I bet you can pass the P company PRAC selection easily … :D

  252. :lol: JM – more around the home…

    Kyle is not on all day… well, so I am told…

  253. Off for an hour now…. ;)

  254. Honestly, my views will be a lil anti because I do not like the way he plays. M’Vila was a younger Thuram 2 years ago but now I would say he is a cross between Denilson passing and Sandro’s tackling but he has not got the legs.

    When he came unto the scene he had lost of games where he played like Frimps did against Villareal, Udinese and Swansea last year. The moment Desaily said he was a cross between PV and Makelele he went down hill. He would not be able to play in this league based on his performances before his injury this season even though he scored 2 or 3 goals…

    The fact is if he was good as he is made to be,France would not have banned for 2 years by France who are lacking tournament success imho…

    And 2 similar injuries in 6 months at 22 y.o may be his end I think especially with his attitude no one will give him a chance.

  255. lots of games… 2nd paragraph

  256. And AW discovered Thuram too… His list is endless

    Marcus Emma may be able to offer an unbiased view on Yann…

  257. later guys I am going to do my bit around the house… ;)

  258. So, Nani is discarded; Ba idem…
    mostly of us must refresh the proposals

  259. Did you hear about the near miss in Belfast? The police officer who had a bomb strapped to the bottom of his car but it fel off before the bomb went off… lucky escape

  260. Is that what Ba and Walcott were laughing about yesterday then? Chelsea bound?!

  261. ramsey signed the ball yesterday ‘sing you mug’ on Theos ball according to twitter

  262. He’d be an idiot to go to the chavs.

  263. Strengths: Robust in the challenge, M’Vila is happy to put himself about and fears no-one when it comes to making a tackle. He boasts a fantastic work-rate but is by no means just about lumbering physicality; he possesses superb vision and can be instrumental in building-up attacks from the back.

    Weaknesses: M’Vila struggles when taking on players of genuine pace and, though it is not an integral part of the role he plays, his eye for goal is pretty poor.

    Career high: Winning his first full international cap in August 2010, less than a year after making his debut in professional football.

    Career low: Missing out on France’s squad for the 2010 World Cup despite being heavily tipped to make the cut after being selected in the final-23. Though not being involved in Les Bleus’ shambolic campaign in South Africa has hardly adversely affected M’Vila.

    Style: Tough-tackling, committed, hard working, a similar player to Claude Makelele.

    Quotes: “Yann has really shaken up the hierarchy here. For a youngster, he has an unusual level of maturity in his game.” Rennes manager Frederic Antonetti shortly after M’Vila’s debut in 2009.

  264. So, Debuchy (Lille) Newcastle, Schneider (inter) – Liverpool ?

  265. Many footballers are idiots Lewis…


  266. Hi Rico. Nice dinner?

  267. Hi Adam, yes thanks, you?

  268. A baked rice and vegetable dish for us this evening with chilli, lots of garlic and smothered in Parmesan. Pretty good.

  269. Very nice, we had spinach pasta twirls with a smokey sauce, quorn style bacon and mushrooms…

    In other words, a veggie carbonara :)

  270. All washed down with a bottle of Cava? :)
    Sounds good though. What about a desert?

  271. Niall Hickman Daily Express northern reporter seems to think wenger wants Ba.
    I know some people on the blog don’t like paper talk so try not to read this bit..

  272. No Cava today, airport run early in the morning. Ice cream on a stick for pud :)

    1st Jan I start the healthy eating/drinking plan again – can’t cope with all the naughty stuff hanging around….

  273. fred – I love all the paper talk and rumours, I really do but I just learned not to believe any of it…

  274. Apparently, Big Sam has been told he can have Chamakh for
    £1.5 Million…..

  275. Well, have a lovely evening. I am off to put the bins out and then to watch a movie. Probably Escape To Victory on Bluray. :) Night.

  276. You too Adam….. Night

  277. I’m off too folks as an early start. Off to watch the last ever Wild at Heart then off to bed…

    Night all, catch up late morning tomorrow…..

  278. Wenger to make ‘big signings’ during January???

    Hmm, nice thought, but there’s more chance of Mick joining the Moonies, methinks…

    Rico insists on Cava, fact…..

    Dave insists on Kennomeat, fact…..

    Adam, well, he just insists…..

    COYG….. ;-)

  279. Morning all…

    Zaha all done then….

  280. morning all…

    The Zaha who has lost form since October? I said if Gerv is frustrating this player will kill us…

    Tom Ince is better imho and he is a big game player

  281. Ts, maybe it’s since he knew he was leaving ;)

    New post up….

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