Praying for a set-back as Diaby gets fit to see us through the Transfer Window…..

Morning all,

By some miracle, Abou Diaby is set to return to training next week, the very same week that the transfer window opens and if I wasn’t such a cynic, I’d say that his return has been delayed to coincide with the January ‘going’s on’.

Well, I’m not one to wish an injury on many any of our players but unless Diaby is ready to get fit for sale, then I hope he suffers a setback which then forces Wenger to sign a fit and reliable defensive/holding midfielder.

As good as some make think Diaby is, he’s not reliable and it’s time to stop thinking he ever will be.

For too long now the club have waited for players to either return to injury or find some form. Some players just never manage it and Diaby is one of those. Many will blame Dan Smith, others Paul Robinson and of course, they would be right in many respects but there is no room for sentiment in sport. Not if you want to be a winner!

Eduardo had the leave the Premier League for the sake of his future, Diaby needs to follow suit.

Another one coming back to training next week is Andre Santos and he’s another one who should find another club, sharpish!

That will leave lonely old Fabianski on the injury list which Arsene Wenger believes is very unusual for this time of year:

It is unusual, especially at this period of the season. It is down to the continuing good work we are doing behind the scenes at the Club. We hope that it continues because it is important to go into January with a full squad and we will be losing Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations.

Pff, more like it’s important to go into the New Year with a full squad so he doesn’t have to dip into the transfer market…..

Anyway, Giroud and Rosicky are both recovered and back for tomorrow so there’s some good news for us all….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….


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