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Praying for a set-back as Diaby gets fit to see us through the Transfer Window…..

Morning all,

By some miracle, Abou Diaby is set to return to training next week, the very same week that the transfer window opens and if I wasn’t such a cynic, I’d say that his return has been delayed to coincide with the January ‘going’s on’.

Well, I’m not one to wish an injury on many any of our players but unless Diaby is ready to get fit for sale, then I hope he suffers a setback which then forces Wenger to sign a fit and reliable defensive/holding midfielder.

As good as some make think Diaby is, he’s not reliable and it’s time to stop thinking he ever will be.

For too long now the club have waited for players to either return to injury or find some form. Some players just never manage it and Diaby is one of those. Many will blame Dan Smith, others Paul Robinson and of course, they would be right in many respects but there is no room for sentiment in sport. Not if you want to be a winner!

Eduardo had the leave the Premier League for the sake of his future, Diaby needs to follow suit.

Another one coming back to training next week is Andre Santos and he’s another one who should find another club, sharpish!

That will leave lonely old Fabianski on the injury list which Arsene Wenger believes is very unusual for this time of year:

It is unusual, especially at this period of the season. It is down to the continuing good work we are doing behind the scenes at the Club. We hope that it continues because it is important to go into January with a full squad and we will be losing Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations.

Pff, more like it’s important to go into the New Year with a full squad so he doesn’t have to dip into the transfer market…..

Anyway, Giroud and Rosicky are both recovered and back for tomorrow so there’s some good news for us all….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….


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176 comments on “Praying for a set-back as Diaby gets fit to see us through the Transfer Window…..

  1. Good morning all,

    Stop Press. Breaking News. Arsenal mid-field maestro Abou Diaby pulled a hamstring this morning while attempting to stand on one leg while putting a sock on the other one. The prolific Frenchman is expected to be out of the game for an unspecified period, Speaking this morning, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said ” it is a blow, just as Abou was returning to full fitness, he suffered a tragic setback”, ” the medical staff expect him to be fit by the time the next Summer Olympics come round”. “We are targeting a return around January 2016″.

  2. Morning all..

    Morning Rico,

    Courtesy of Ladyarse. Former PSG president, Charles Villeneuve on AW: ”….. Is it that Wenger nearly came [to PSG] when I was president of PSG? No.He analysed the situation and he was not convinced that the priority of US investment money was football.
    He was right. That was my mistake.”

    A ‘tropical snake’ that is AW or a good hearted man so in love with AFC that despite him knowing that American owners are not good for football he plays along with the scum board members to save a club that has become his project and love-child from falling from grace?

  3. ha ha ha JW. good morning…

  4. Morning all…

    Wish that was true JW…. I know that sounds cruel but I’m sick and tired of us relying on the sick and tired…

  5. Good morning tsGH,

    Although at the moment the morning is anything but good, it’s p*****g down here in Norfolk. Still, it’s good to be alive!

  6. Rico,

    You and me both!

  7. Goodmorning all gunnersphere

    Lol ‘Praying for a set-back as Diaby gets fit to see us through the Transfer Window’ ;)

  8. Morning Ts

    I see £16 million would get us David Villa. Crazy money for an old has been….

  9. Sadly I agree. We really need to replace the crocks and the clearly not wanted

  10. It’s wrong I know emma, but…..

    I know JW, and most fans I think ;)

  11. Plus his wages Rico.

  12. Kroenke must be sat rubbing his hands together hearing that, just hope he keeps them above the table!

  13. Sometimes I can understand why a few on here feel letdown by AW and the club, when it is being reported that manure are negotiating a deal for Lewandowski, whilst we are waiting on 17-year old Akpom. :D

  14. Oh so now the snake is saying he still wants Henry…

  15. Leighton Baines is available at around £15 million, now that’s a signing that would make sense.

  16. Fergie’s attack on Pardew in his presser today made me ;)

  17. Crazy money JW…

    I don’t believe anything that man says anyway emma, why did he bother even answering…

  18. Why are you calling AW a snake Ts?

  19. Crazy to rely on injury prone Gibbs and fatty Santos Rico.

  20. Gone for a while.

  21. Baines would be a great signing, sadly I think he’s either Chelsea or Manure bound….

  22. rico – Me too. Don’t trust Wenger’s Pokerface. I won’t be surprise if we see Ba on arsenal’s jersey come january

  23. ha ha ha Rico. You know why?

    Emma what do you think of Pierre Aubemyang of St. Ettienne. Very fast striker a cheaper Suarez if you like. 3rd highest goalscorer in France.

    Don’t shoot me down Rico I know you are not a fan of ligue 1 players… ;)

  24. When he was asked on David villa he said ‘Any interest we have in any players has to be kept secret at the moment. I cannot come out with any names’. So I doubt if we are in for him knowing Wenger’s pokerface

  25. Later JW.

    Was a bid not made by Baines 2 years ago when the media were reporting that we had been for Jagielka?

  26. Wont hear me disagreeing there JW, you have a good day…

  27. David Vila will not last in this league. At £16M too thats a bit too much.

    I reckon AW is onto someone in France. Gilles was in the stands at St Ettienebefore the break I heard…

  28. Nor would I emma but equally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see no additions…

  29. CAn anyone confirm that both Flappy and Don Vito’s contracts end next summer?

  30. Ts, Wenger wants Brits so forget your French ;)

  31. AA23’s new son should be a British subject/citizen by now so do we think a part exchange with CSKA for Keisuke Honda may happen. I really love that player. He ticks all the boxes. A japanese poster boy for Stan to glee over on his way to the bank, a sweet left foot and the industriousness of a Japanese player.

  32. tsGH – Good player but we’ve got a similar player who has lost confidence on himself ‘GERVINHO’ No guarantee he will not turn out to be a ‘GERVINHO2′ if he is signed

  33. They do… Thank goodness!

  34. ha ha ha no English DM available unless you want Cattermole? Will MaCarthy want to move to London if Martinez will sanction the deal?

  35. Rico-Hmm unless they have renewed their contracts on the down low ;)

    Good point Emma. Maybe, if we are to follow the trends then if you want to buy from France then they should only be RB/LB or CM no wingers or strikers from Ligue 1. Hazard has gone Gervais-ish on chelsea. £35M plus £150kp/w, that will buy you 3 Yao Gervinho’s…

  36. DM should be a priority: Sissoko/Capoue. Looking at the way things are unfolding I see TW moved into attack so we definitely need a winger/striker as well

  37. I still reckon Diame could be the one IF he signs a player of that kind..

  38. tsGH – Never thought about it. For Defenders and DM,[France], attacking mifielders/strikers[spain/germany]

  39. Definitely a DM as you say. If AW is looking for he new Manu Petite as JV said then I wouldn’t mind Odil Ahmedov of FC Anzhi. Your other crush Isco may want to link up with Santa in London but the Spanish AW (Pellegrini) will not want to be robbed again. I wonder what has happened to their friendship. I bet Manuel told AW about Malaga’s plight over a glass of wine and never thought in a million years AW will shoot him in his back.. ;)

  40. Hope Diaby is back with the new pair of legs gifted to him by Santa ;)

  41. Rico- I have you noticed that Diame is playing as a 2nd striker at WHU the same way Fellani is used at Everton. He was very average at DM if that is what we want him to play? Emma may corrected me if I am wrong.

    Emma- no central defenders from france (Pascal Cygan, Le Squid,Laurent Robert Blanc) Le Kos is an exception :o

  42. Surely under the tag of exceptional players being quoted regarding us,only D.Villa stands out..well in my opinion anyway

  43. If we are to go French again it needs to be “”Top , Top , Qwalitee “” no more he was good last year and can improve , The lesson of the past few years teaches us anything , it’s that you have to pay now if you want to succeed.

    And J.W. The river levels are getting high , thinking of building an ark.

  44. tsGH – that’s why I didn’t mention Diame in my previous post. He was average as a DM in Wigan but a good box to box but not as good as Sissoko/Capoue

  45. No Ts, haven’t watch WH since he got injured and before then not often. My thought is based only on price…

    Not overly fussed on the French players any more, unless they are exceptional.

    It’s been a long time since Petit, Vieira, Pires and Henry….

    Off now for a while, back later…

    Have a good day guys….

  46. Just thinking about this. Kos could be a good DM but we cant start experimenting now. Seen him play twice in that position for his national team in friendlies

  47. Just looking back on AW’s quotes on Bionic Diaby, I think he will be our new signing in the DM as you said. Shame really when you consider that last week AW said Abu Doha was in no man’s land. He said they were waiting for him but no news but then he springs news on us that he starts training next week. :o

    How can a stomach strain take so long to heal? I bet AW was trying to save Santos from the backlash..

  48. I did tell you about 2 months ago that we have been sending a top scout to france every week and midweek to look at a player..before you ask I don’t know who it is….

  49. who is it fred ;)


  50. Rico I can tell you the scout off this site if you want to know.

  51. Morning Rico. Bitter experience has taught us not to expect too much in any transfer window, yet we live in hope. We are like kids who yearn for a puppy or kitten at Christmas and end up with some of those disgusting, cheap chocolate coins covered in gold foil or perhaps a Cadbury’s selection box with too many coffee creams. Still, the Diaby news is encouraging isn’t it? :)

  52. Fred – I hope its Sissoko/capoue ;)

  53. Would love to hear that fred, can you email me please

  54. Arsène Wenger has not pressed ahead with a loan move for Thierry Henry but he has not ruled it out completely.

    Arsenal’s record goalscorer enjoyed a second successful stint with the Club at the beginning of this year, scoring twice in seven appearances while on loan from New York Red Bulls.

    Henry has been back in north London in recent weeks but reports suggest that Wenger will not pursue another short-term deal for the 35-year-old.

    “I’ve not lost interest in him,” explained Wenger. “He’s still coming today [Friday] to practise with us.

    “[Our relationship is] very close but, at the moment, I think he has had a second spell at the Club that was very successful. You have to be cautious that it’s not one time too many.

    “[I have] not completely ruled it out but I haven’t spoken about it with him at all.”

    Wenger has been linked with a number of players ahead of the January transfer window, but he says there is no guarantee of quick signings.

    “If possible, yes [we will do our business early],” he said. “But we don’t decide that. The pace of the transfer deal is not only decided by us.”

  55. Morning Adam, just caught you…

    Diaby news is encouraging, just badly timed….

    Really must go now….

  56. Kos for DM I second that wholeheartedly.

    Its strange how during the summer Euro Road show, AW suggested to Benitez on TV that if he had Luiz he would use him as a DM and then Rafa has gone and done that.

  57. Wenger has refused to tell the media what problem Diaby has,only last week when asked:
    I don’t what to talk about him.
    Now from nowhere his ready to train with the first team…………..
    yer you quested it………………Dec/31st

  58. On strikers, Lukaku rejected a move to us 2 seasons ago. Would you prefer him over Ba since he is doing very well at WBA\/

  59. Exactly Fred. That was what struck me a moment ago. A corny snake the great AW is… ;)

  60. tsGH – If he did reject a move to us 2 seasons ago then he is not welcome.

  61. tsGH
    His amazing,,Mr Wenger

  62. Some here know what I thinking of Santi so I would not copy and paste another time :o but I am really looking forward to TR07 starting instead of him after Santi’s poor showing against Wigan…

  63. look for the budgets buys lane that’s Wenger at the head of the one person queues lol

  64. It seems to me that Ferguson has been pushing and pushing the edge of acceptable behaviour for some time and has now become bigger than the game. The FA are clearly scared of him and his petulance appears to have gained him and his team a clear advantage with the FA and certainly with the referees and their boss, Mike Riley. How he has got off Scott-free from his latest antics has left everybody in no doubt as to where this season is headed.

  65. its a shame Adam because he is so clearly superior than anyone in England if not the world, he’s rebuild the Legend that is Man Utd over and over and still has the fire of a 21 year old – amazing man and one of a kind no doubt. Really doesn’t need the shows of petulance as you say

  66. Sorry rico I meant this news

  67. Morning all and agent Adam!
    @YoungGunsBlog: Told Arsenal have been offered cut price deal for Yann M’Vila. Rennes willing to sell as cheap. My story: http://t.co/7J32fsoc

  68. Beat me to it Emma! Great minds and all that…. ;)

  69. Managers like the fans get over heated, all part of the game and passion – its why its the worlds biggest game :-)

  70. One simple question? will England suspend JW or Tom Cleverley for 2-3 years if they did what M’Villa is rumoured to have done?

    Remember he was demoted to the u-21 level before his suspension because he lost the promise he had when he arrived on the scene…

  71. Agreed they all get worked up , but only one appears not to be sanctioned.

  72. afternoon Lee, scouting in pound savers for AW? lol

  73. 3rd party agent offering a cut-price deal? i have heard it all now… lol

  74. Good to see Wenger squashing the Ba rumours at least we don’t have to read anymore about this one

  75. Hi there Oz where is your country man Scott?

  76. Lets just get M’Villa and be done with this whole DM problem for once. Then bring in Cesc for a wee loan! ;)

  77. Hey mate (tsGH) dunno mate – he’s three hours in front of me so maybe in bed?

  78. Although I think M’Villa is already a too highly profiled player for Wenger to manage.

  79. good point eastside

  80. Chamakhand Le squid still training with the team. Shouldn’t they be looking for another club?

  81. M’Vila would need to consider his own career future I would have thought. Being a pratt on a continuing basis is not smart. There are too many examples to quote.

  82. tsGH – they been looking for ages, trouble is no one wants them or others we’re trying to get rid of

  83. Me,in bed…never lol.
    Evening all.

  84. I’d like ask Dutch gooner about Feynoord DM – Jordie Clasie

  85. JM-Jordie Clasie is good. He won the silver award but I dont think he is better than Daley Blind or FC Twente’s Wout Brama or Leroy or Denny Landzaat. Just my opinion. DG10 will clarify I guess when he comes around

  86. Landzaart is too old I guess…

  87. AW looks like he had a bad christmas.lol. Maybe the late night mass on christmas eve. :o

  88. i think we missed a trick on Anita of NUFC. I like Fer Leroy but I am not sure if he is defensive enough or he is being asked to play as a defensive CM.

    Funny story about Leroy


  89. i think he’s missed way more than one trick mate , especially over the last 4-5 years

  90. hello Scotty me old sunbeam – you still awake then?

  91. I do not see wengers comments on Ba as ruling out a move forhim. what he did say was that Is not respectful to speak about potential transfers from a club you are about to play, so no, there is no Interest there. he also went on to say that all transfer interest must be kept secret. So I wouldnt be surprised either.

    As for Diaby, our prayers are different. I just pray he stays fit and plays out the season… as unlikely as it might be.

  92. Tsgh, Jordy Clasie looks a proper DM. he’s quick and strong. Loves to tackle and can spray the passes around the pitch. plus he looks comfortable on the ball.

  93. agree somewhat Will – could be another RVP and Cesc will not leave Arsenal line – can’t work out Diaby, he must be doing something wrong or have some kind of inherited weakness somewhere

  94. M’Vila it is then it seems ;)

    Afternoon folks…..

  95. Hi Rico. Wet in Royal Berkshire?

  96. Hi Adam, very and it’s quite chilly. Been out with Fido and got wet and cold :(

  97. Cold in Colchester….

  98. Falcao as well…..

  99. Hi Lee – we can only dream of Falcao…

  100. I’ll have you know that Adam is on a covert mission to get Falcao to sign for us…..I can’t say anymore, so don’t ask, or I’ll have to kill you! ;)

  101. if falcao signed for Arsenal i’d change my name to Arsene hahah

  102. Off to the Five Bells for a late lunch, catch you lot later.. C

  103. Thanks tsGH. I think Jordy Clasie it’s not very expensive and probably next year will be somewhere in the League. But isn’t he a solution? Capoue is mor expensive (?) and a rebeld player. Haven’t we good relations with Feynoord ?
    Falcao? It was nice when he was in Porto. Now, its value has grown.

  104. Lee. Don’t blow my cover. You know the repercussions. :)

  105. :lol: Lee…

    Enjoy your de-lunch :)

    If we sign Falcao Oz, you’d never see another post on HH :lol:

  106. I am not sure on our dealing with Feyenord at the moment. Especially if they got their 10% deal on RVP after his sale…

    We may have to get Tony Adams to intervene if we want him but personally any one else apart from M. Sissoko or Capoue or Odil Ahmedov will be an anti-climax for me. Even Swanseas Britton will add something to us being British and all.Even the championship have people like Liam Bridcutt who could do a decent job for us and they work hard like Flamini…

    Remember we have Nico, Frimps, and Aneke in CM so mediocre players like M’Vila, Bilgia (bad knees) who are have beens will not do anything for us. Most fans will be calling such players deadwoods in 2 years time anyway imho.

  107. ha ha has Rico re 4:23; I will still be here by myself slating you all for thinking Falcao is special when all he is doing is playing footie not foot-rugby in Spain…

    A serious gamble for a 26 y.o Latin American at that price friends but I guess I like the basement buys like Cruyff and AW… ;)

  108. And talking of Arsenal deadwoods I will get rid of Boro Primorac and Grimandi too. Useless I would say. Gilles recommendations have been either obvious or very poor in line with Peps recruitments. He recommended Debunchy, OG12 and Hazard to us and missed out on Cabaye and the likes.

    People talk about missing DD but I think we miss Comolli the most as a scout imo…

  109. I’m quite glad all this ‘Fergie stuff’ has finally come out….

  110. And I think Cavani is better than Falcao. Just saying…

    And mark my words Stefan Kiesling of Leverkusen is the future of proper strikers. I just hope Liverpool and their links to Sami Hyppia do not get him first…

  111. What fergie stuff Rico?

  112. Ts – if we signed Falcao, you’d be sat at home alone alright, frightened to pop your head outside your front door for suggesting what you just have…

    And you want us to sign French snow flakes ;) :)

  113. But these are people who Wenger trusts Ts, surely you are not suggesting Arsene is wrong to keep the faith in such men?

  114. :grin: French snow flakes? I prefer Crème au caramel. lol.

    I am not the only sadist on here. I am profiling most of your posters.. :D

    Falcao is reported to have rejected the two oilers and the Oligarch so we stand no chance with our 100k p/w offer.


  115. Exactly. But you can not trick me here Rico with your legal cunning.. lol :o

    Especially Boro. I think he is one reason why things are not changed early enough during games since he is the one sitting in the stands who should be seeing things a housewife can see on t.v…

  116. never going to happen so don’t worry about it Rico haha

  117. The only French player I’d like is Capoue but that is solely based on him reported to be a beast, a hard nut….

    If we are going to sign players then surely we need proved ones, ones who are already in the PL, one’s who we know can cope with what the English game dishes out..

    No more, ‘give them a season’ stuff….

    We haven’t got time to give them time…

  118. Wenger offered 20 quid down and 100 quid a week, next to follow will be “we tried to sign him” :-)

  119. I know Oz, just why I said earlier it is stuff for us to dream about ;)

  120. Not trying to Ts, but you defend AW each and every day, but then you suggest that the coaching staff/scouts are rubbish and are to blame for some things being wrong…

    Well, you and I know who chose and stands by all of them….

  121. aarrhh Rico – we hit the same piano keys it seems, trouble is i been saying that for 6 years now and we so talent stripped it would take serious money to get anywhere the top 2/3 in my opinion – and by serious i don’t mean banking 40m and spending 38 :-)

  122. Oz – or ‘we just came up short, but we tried’ ;)

  123. No one answered my question at 12:37. All I am thinking is if M’Vila is as good as the metro and the Sun tell gullible readers he is then why was he suspended for such length of time from the national team? Even the mid table team suspended him because they do not need him.Remember Nastry did something similar and only received a 3 game ban… again just saying because I do not believe a player going to the night club deserves such length of ban. Rememeber I broke the news here before it was reported in the UK.

    And at 22 y.o he has developed the Arsenal syndrome ie bad knee and ankle… ;) ;) if Diaby is not enough a primadona injury prone player is not what we need.

  124. Not quite so sure there Oz. ;)

    I truly believe we have a crop of really good players but we are not getting the best out of them.

    In my own mere humble opinion, if we signed a


    We’d be sorted…..

    £100 million max me thinks…..

  125. M’Vila = trouble maker for France, that’s why he was suspended.

  126. ‘Remember I broke the news here before it was reported in the UK.’

    Take a bow Ts ;)

  127. thats not how it works though Rico, to bring these players through properly they have to have talent around them, know how. Who in the current Arsenal team actually know “how to win regardless”? No one and that includes Wenger now – his praise of them means little now days but even if they are quality, they will need a lot of help along the way and our team is seriously missing leaders and role models

  128. oh, and you missed left back cover as well lol

  129. and one final thought, Wenger has again backed himself into a corner, if he buys the striker we need Theo is down the road

  130. ha ha ha. I knew I could not dig myself out of the trap I walked into. I may need Scott to assist me here. :D

    I will always defend Aw like his ‘I didn’t see it line’ :d I slate AW on some of his tactics too but what I defend him on his people believing heMy reason for saying Boro and Giles need to go are based on AW saying that NUFC are knowledgeable about the french league because his Aaron Ramsey mk1 ie Gilles did not spot a player is beyond me. I knew of Cabaye watching Gerv and Hazard but we missed out on a direct replacement on Flamini as in Cabaye.

    Saying that there is no guarantee that any of those players can handle the big stage playing for Arsenal. Examples include Diego Forlan struggling at Shitty but world class in Spain.

  131. Rico he was suspended because he went to a night club the night before an U-21 match. Nasri and Evra were more troublesome at the Euros but just received 3 match bans. Just putting things in context..

    ”Yann M’Vila was suspended from the France national squad until 2014.

    The 22-year-old was disciplined along with Under 21 internationals Wissam Ben Yedder, Antoine Griezman, Chris Mavinga and M’baye Niang after they visited a nightclub in between the crucial Euro 2013 qualifying matches against Norway in October.

    While the other players have been handed bans lasting until December 31, 2013, Stade Rennais midfielder M’Vila, who has 22 caps, has been issued a more severe sanction, preventing him from representing his country at any level until Monday, June 30, 2014, leaving his potential participation in the World Cup in serious jeopardy.”

  132. Very good point there Oz, we sure need winners to let other feed off, i missed that ;)

    But, my defender wish is for him to be versatile enough to play left back… Sakho is rumoured to be quite good at both ;)

  133. Tbh Oz, we need a striker regardless of what happens to TW…

  134. Oz a goalie is a must especially with Flappy and Vito’s contract ending. I can’t think AW will want to rely on Martinez and James shea.

  135. Ts – when is your birthday?

    I’ll get you a shovel for you digging….

    Maybe with Spear & Jackson removed and ‘Scott from oz’ in it’s place…

  136. And he got arrested Ts….

    Anyway, he and Giroud don’t get on so little chance :)

  137. And the Arsenal syndrome victim…


    ”And Saint-Sernin hit out at the France Football Federation punishments, telling the Europe 1 radio station: “They have deprived him of the next World Cup and, equally, deprived the France team of Yann M’Vila, who I know and who is a big player.”

    “It is excessive, very harsh and disproportionate.”

    Sernin is only complaining because he could have gotten £13M from the spuds 2 months earlier but his greed …

    So when the media are reporting things on transfers especially when they quote a 3rd party agent I laugh at it…

  138. Mbiwa is your answer Rico.

    November your cheek.:D

  139. Who gives a toot, he doesn’t play for us ;)

  140. You may not but when the media is reporting that we are interested in an injured player to save our season then…

  141. mvila is a repeat offender… andthere is adequate replacemen in the France squad, hence the extended suspension.

    Re converting defendersto dm: None of our defenders are good enough with the ball to convert into a holding mid. They may be good at breaking up play but they’ll do just as much harm by losing it in bad positions.

    As we have seen this season, Arsenal struggle when all our mids do not get involved in attacking. We need a workhorse who is still able to play a role going forward. I haven’t watched Capoue, but I have watched Yann for France. Surprisingly, my concern with him is in his defensive commitment more than in his willingness to join the attack… But that’s just based on limited views.

  142. Rico – Striker = agreed
    ts – Goalie = agreed

  143. I think not Ts, he’s right back isn’t he??

    We need left back…

  144. But I don’t believe what is in the media Ts ;)

    Off to get dinner, back after….

  145. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa I meant not QPR’s

  146. 1.40am – me beds calling, night all

  147. Personally, I think Le Coq should continue coming in off the bench… Give him games to prove himself. He did well last weekend. My concern with him is his passing. I remember the crazy reading cup match when his passing was attrocious. That’s the last opportunity ive had to see him play extended minutes.

  148. I don’t mind keeping Le Coq if he does not run his mouth off.

    Interesting on his passing I thought the reason why most preferred him to Frimps was his passing? Personally, I think his positioning is very bad for a defensive midfielder or CM imho. In my time watching football and international class DM like Keoman, Hassler, Pep and Deshamp what I look for in a new DM he does not have.

    Some may disagree but what he does not he should not do because Arteta or even M’Vila do not do is move beyond the ball when he makes a pass. If you notice he always moves into an attacking position before his intended recipient receives the ball. Against Fulham when he moved into the DM position after we went 2-0 up we got caught off for it.

    And even against Reading in the CoC I thought Frimps was better than he was just that Frimps was lacking stamina and match fitness…

  149. I don’t know if that its a constant issue with Coq, but I just know that he misplaced countless simple passed in the coc match against reading.

  150. Nighty Oz…

    Evening folks….

  151. Very nice thanks Ts….

  152. Happy New Year to All.
    TSG – I agree Mbiwa from Montpellier would be a lovely signing. He was brilliant against us in the CL. He has a superb engine.
    We should get Pato for 12 million, if he would accept our wage structure. Is he injury prone? Not sure, but has fantastic talent and knows where the net is.

  153. Is that the same Mbiwa who said he’d rather join AC than us a117?

  154. Rico – I think its the same player who said manu were his dream club.

  155. ah, I thought it was Milan – last summer but they didn’t want him ;)

  156. We certainly need a physical presence in the middle, and it would be kamikaze of AW to rely on Diaby. It could cost us 4th place.

  157. It would A117, but didn’t we say the same about signing a left and right back this time last year?

    He signed neither……

  158. That’s me gone for another day folks…

    Til tomorrow all,

    Night, and have a good one :)

  159. Ginge,you had an easy out mate…….Wenger makes mistakes, no question, just as he actually gets plenty of things right but this what the antis NEVER admit to.
    Done, sorted :)
    Oz, you are a trouble making bastard lol!!
    I did tell you guys i invited him to check out HH NOT just because he is a Wenger disciple, but because he actually offers logic and reason when debating a point, even though he is always wrong :)

  160. Ah, the January Window, Arsene Wenger, Arsenal and incoming transfers.
    Unlikely bedfellows…

    My heart tells me at least two top signings…
    A striker and a defensive-midfielder…

    My head tells me no signings of any consequence in January!
    Heads I win….

  161. Arsene is drinking in the Last Chance saloon, but sadly he is too set in his ways to realise.

    Three more transfer windows, are probably left, for AW to waste, and i’m as sure as sure can be that he’ll almost certainly waste the next one…
    18 months left for Arsene to bow out on a high by winning a trophy or two. Unfortunately his reign will probably end on a wimper…

  162. You have to smile when Arsene says he will “be busy” in January….
    That comment means fcuk all….

    Maybe Arsene is going to ‘be busy’ fitting a new kitchen.
    Or redecorating his lounge?
    Maybe he is going to ‘be busy’ watching videos or visiting his future new club PSG???
    His options are endless. As is the endless tranfer bullshit from Arsenal. Or the endless indifference from Kroneke.

  163. Kev, who knows what he will do lol??

  164. He might be busy Kev but it won’t be football related!

    New Post up

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