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Chamakh shocker & Wenger confirms that three out of four will have been signed young…

Morning all,

Marouane Chamakh has been dropped by his country for the African Cup of Nations.

It’s obvious he’s been dropped because he’s crap not been playing regular football for us, so hopefully that will give him a jolt in the doo dahs and make him realise he needs to find another club, play regular football and then of course, regain his status as the best striker for his country.

Anyway, fingers crossed he really is heading off to West Ham and maybe being in England will help any proposed deal go through. It would be funny if Big Sam turned him into a decent striker, or should I say got him back to being a decent striker because when he first joined he scored a few goals didn’t he.

In fact he was once so good that Arsene Wenger was prepared to wait a ages to get him for free sign him .

Talking about strikers joining, seems like Thierry Henry is not. Strange one that, one minute everyone tells us he’s likely to sign for a 3rd time and then, nope, he should stay in America and rest, ready for his clubs new season.

Mind you, the down side could be that Wenger relies on Chamakh to fill in for Gervinho who is going to the ACON’s.

I don’t know which one is worse these days….

Wenger want’s our squad to be mainly British. In fact he wants three-quarters of future sides will be developed in-house – with a core of British talent.

We have always produced a big number of players from within, but what we want to do is produce more local boys, which I think we are doing now.

It’s the first time since I have been here that we have many English players in the team – or I should say British, because I include Aaron Ramsey in that. They all have the correct talent and quality.

But the ideal model we want at Arsenal is to produce the core of the team from within our system, and then add exceptional talent from outside.”

Wenger believes there are many advantages to building a team mainly around home-grown players, and says the Club is firmly committed to continuing on this path.

We have always done it, first of all because it’s a guarantee of security and stability – we never want to go below a certain level. 

If you can get the right players into the squad at an early age, you can build a real team spirit. When people have grown up together, they have that fraction more togetherness when they are on the pitch than if you assemble players from all over the world.

So it makes the team attitude a bit stronger, which you can’t get from signing players from all over the world.

And to think we used to field sides without a single Brit in it!!

Wonder what is going to happen to all the overseas kids he signed at a young age, not all of them can be the player to make up the numbers…

And then where does the ‘exceptional player’ fit in?

Riddles eh……

Have a good day all……

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157 comments on “Chamakh shocker & Wenger confirms that three out of four will have been signed young…

  1. [...] Chamakh shocker & Wenger confirms that three out of four will have been signed young… [...]

  2. Arsène Wenger is confident that a number of Arsenal’s NextGen Series squad have the talent to progress to the first team.

    The Frenchman has already given senior debuts to Serge Gnabry, Thomas Eisfeld and Martin Angha this season, while Jernade Meade and Damian Martinez have also made their first competitive appearances.

    Wenger believes the NextGen experience has been beneficial for the Club’s youngsters, and expects many of them to forge a successful career.

    “We have a good group coming through at the moment and I believe in one or two years you will see them more,” Wenger told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

    “They have done well in the NextGen Series so far this season, and there are five or six players in there you can identify who will join the group in the future. That could make a very strong bunch of players who have been educated with our philosophy and can build the long-term future for the Club.

    “[The competition] is a very interesting experience. First of all the quality of the games are very good. Also they are confronted with the best young players from all over Europe, and so we can compare our players with the best from other big clubs, and they can compare themselves too.

    “It helps you see who can make it at that level. The games have some pressure on them too, which helps to work out which players have a chance to make it. That’s very important for us.

    “We have seen people like Kris Olsson, Jon Toral, Hector Bellerin this season – I don’t want to forget anybody – Martin Angha too who has already played for the first team. There are many interesting players in this group. I would say there are seven or eight who have a real chance to play for Arsenal.”

  3. How rude of me,

    Morning all……

  4. Good morning all,

    Well it looks like Demba (mind my knee) Ba is not to be an Arsenal player, at least according to The Metro, he has admitted he would like to play for boyhood idols Paris St-Germain. No doubt the prospect of much higher wages rather than any boyhood dream is colouring his thinking. Remind you of anyone? A little Dutch boy perhaps?

  5. You old cynic JW, how could you think such a thing of a footballer ;)

  6. Ba…well he would be a compromise for is,imo
    There is better around.
    Morning all.

  7. Falcao would be in the ‘exceptional’ category Scott, he’d score a few goals for us….

  8. Rico,

    Cynic? Moi?

  9. Rico,he would be an exceptional signing, no doubt lol.

  10. So would Messi, Rico, and the chances of signing either are about the same as me swimming the Channel with a Bechstein Grand Piano on my back. :D

  11. Morning Rico. January is going to be interesting. If Santos does leave we will also have a storm ready to brew at LB if or when Gibbs gets injured. Perhaps this boy from Southampton? I just don’t see us buying Falcao with Stan at the helm.

  12. Just kidding you JW ;)

    Wouldn’t he just Scott, talk about one signing to give everyone a boost eh..

    Bit like Arshavin did when he finally signed that January, just better…

  13. mornin rico,sad we dint have a game yesterday…had absolutely nothing to do with myself…on the whole british kids coming up any idea what will hapen to frimps..love the guys attitude

  14. Rico, who the hell knows what Wenger will do??
    M’Villa could be the one…….we need him, he needs a change……

  15. When are you planning to start JW ;)

    Morning Adam – I switch my views day to day on January. One day I am so sure we will sign a DM at least, then AW’s comments bring be back down to earth…

    If Santos goes, Meade will no doubt step in at least until the summer. We had no left back this time last years but it didn’t encourage the club to sign anyone….

    Totally agree re Falcao and SK….

  16. Morning musalya, hpefully we’ll play WH before Diame is back, they are so much better with him.

    Actually, I hope we play them with Diame in our side, that would be ideal…

  17. Qpr are looking at M’Vila now Scott..

  18. Since not one Gooner likes Santos, who gives a Shit if he goes??
    Just as silly as whinging about Squllaci leaving if we suddenly lost 3 CB’s.
    Or Gervinho id we lost 3 ???
    Where does he play again :)

  19. I reckon we have ‘arry covered .

  20. Its the bigger picture Scott and it’s far from ‘silly’…

  21. Well Rico, the one thing we do know is that the club will only sign exceptional players.

  22. Rico, we can’t have it both ways.
    How many of our “shit” signings have been the number 1 in their position?
    Arshavin……nope….well maybe….
    Since we spend bugger all on signings, how much cost us a squliion?
    On the flip side, whose we sell are often the best in their position, but that is not the topic at hand :)

  23. And presumably players with mental strength.

  24. As long as we sign players to keep those white collared ST holders happy lol!!

  25. Exactly Adam, that warms me through to the bone….

  26. Scott, AA apart, the other three were a waste of money and a waste of a wage which if added together would have paid a quality player….

    Why sign Squilli when we had Bartley in reserve?
    Why sign Gervinho when we had Vela
    And I’d rather have seen Afobe up front than Chamakh…

    We seem to replace average with average or worse and Wenger now spouts about exceptional players…

    Give us all a break I say….

  27. A Good post Rico.

    Chamakh is saving for his pension at our expense… ;)

    TH14 not signing for us well, well typical Arsenal. Even without PHW fit and kicking the spiteful Etonians are still at it. A small punishment for flying all the way to Russian to have dinner with AU when Big Stan is still calling the shots at Arsenal. ;)

    Someone at the club told me TH14 has been stopped from training at Colney too…

    Can someone more smarter than I am explain how a man who claims to be worth less than $3B and owes money to the likes of Lady Nina the 8th highest land owner in the whole of the US of fecking A? His wife’s fortunes are not included.

    Oh and Kev, please fly your airplanes higher next time…lol


  28. If Wenger had behaved like Ferguson did yesterday I wonder what length ban he would be looking at?

  29. But we did sign a cheap arse, useless German kid who suddenly everyone thinks is “exceptional” haha.

  30. Thanks Ts.. What are you trying to suggest re TH…?

    Or if he had made comments about the referee similar to ‘Arry did after his side went bottom of the PL Adam…

    Did you seethe article in the Daily Mail after the RvP incident, for once, they made Fergie look rather silly.

  31. Not defending AW here but Le Squid was voted into the La Liga team the season before he joined us… ;)

    The same Bartley who said he was ready to play as a regular starter but is not even good enough to be named in the 18-man squad for Swansea?

  32. I’m on about older players Scott…. Don’t get me started on all the money the club have wasted on kids..!!

  33. An Arsenal insider, someone really close to the club, told me that we would only sign exceptional players during the January transfer window.

  34. Just like Silvestre was part of the CL winning squad and PL winning squad Ts

    Old has beens, that’s all they both were when we signed them…

  35. Afobe…..2 years ago??
    Chamakh did well early,and anyone that says he has been a failure does not watch the games…..he was terrific early on, so to say he is not good enough is naive at best, and he failed only after RVP came back and he was given no game time.
    Bartley just is not good enough, and nobody knew Squllaci would fail….i never heard a Gooner complain when he signed.
    Vela…yep, we got it wrong there….he is a natural finisher.

  36. I am saying Stan is not happy with TH14 aligning with the AU so I bet the board has refused to sanction the loan deal…

    And about not training with the squad, maybe coincidence with his usual pre-christmas holiday but just informing the HH faithful what I have been informed, i.e that he just stopped training with squad…

  37. No Scott, don’t think you can say that, it’s my opinion and yes, I would rather have seen Afobe!

    Same with Bartley, I’d rather have seen him than Squilli, again, it’s my own view…

    You sure about no-one moaning when we signed Squlli….

  38. Ginge, stop talking logic lol.
    Rico, the Mirror finally showed the media can be objective.
    It was brilliant article, and was in stark contrast to anything the average journo offers up.
    Loved it.

  39. Thank you Adam, Wenger would have been fined and banned for 3 matches

    Fergie was disgraceful and could you see the referee almost apologetic and the assistant ref, physically shaking.

    What is the matter with all of them.

    And why can some teams just grow balls , Newcastle were ahead twice and best they could have got a point but they just gave up and allowed Man utd to get at them.

    We can complain about our boys as much as we like but we would have won yesterday with the way Man Utd leaked goals.

    The Newcastle players should be ashamed.

  40. Afobe 2 years ago??
    Did anyone know him??
    Some great judges rate Squllaci…..maybe there is still a spot for him somewhere as a pundit :)

  41. I thought you meant something like that Ts…

    Wonder why AW has gone from saying he’d welcome AU on the board to now a change in his public opinion…

  42. Silvestre was a comical signing. Even Werder Bremen chairman thought he was a waste of space … :D

    But if Cygan can help us win trophies then…

    Vela did not want to be in the UK guys. How can a professional player forget his passport when on his way to a CL match 2 times?

    We have a first option to buy him back next year in his clause it is reported though…

  43. Would we have scored them though Sd ;)

  44. Well it is lovely to hear Gooners defending Wenger.
    Ferguson is a scumbag who gets away with blue murder.

  45. Hi Scott, I don’t blame you at all. Not your fault you had your christmas bbq upside down… lol

  46. Fergie gets cash back when he is fine… :D

  47. Yes Scott as Setanta showed AFC TV here in the UK and with it was all the reserve games in which Afobe was part of.

    Also, fans here in the UK do go to watch the reserves/youth play….

    Ask Ak ;)

  48. I have seen 3 U-19 matches this season

  49. Not one single person i speak with suggested Gervinho would fail.
    Most would have preferred Hazard, but Gervinho still looked a good prospect.
    Fans can bag Wenger after the event, but most agree with him at the time….except when we buy shitty kids like the useless Eisfeld :)

  50. Good morning everyone! Hows the weather in London? I’m flying to Barnet tonight with my pals, in hope of getting a few tickets for the Newcastle match on saturday. I read somewhere yesterday that Wenger has confirmed that Henry won’t be coming on loan, as he needs a rest..

  51. Cheeky bastard Rico lol.
    For the 20th time we are right way up.

  52. They were not at their best ( Man Utd) i think Walcott in front would have caused problems ,
    Ferdinand was out it and the Man utd midfield was no where to be found but 15 minutes to the end , New Castle just lost their gas.

    Where was the desire, what was i saying , New Castle were ahead 3 times. Like i said earlier , they should be ashamed.

    To be honest Fergie should be investigated at least the Match of the Day pundits had some balls and critisised Fergie.

    He was basically bullying them.

  53. If only Fergie was on the ground.
    If only Williams missed the ball.
    Oh well, next time!!

  54. Ha ha ha Scott.

    Fergie Knight of the Realm enough said folks…

    A lil something an old acquittance who worked for PwC told me! We are one of the only clubs who pay their owner and board members monthly…

    Yes I am saying I have heard Stan takes a big wack every month as a member of the board same as PHW and the rest do…

    So Rico the £40M and the annual £18M loss plus the £30M increase in salary you asked about last night well……

  55. It still hurts seeing RVP in Manure colours

  56. Last summer when Ian Wright suggested that we bought Defoe, most on here said a big No. Now though some are asking why we never went for him. Why are the media not asking Mr Motivator ‘ary how he failed to get the best out of Defoe in his 4 years at the shite-lane? I guess if they asked that question they would have to give credit to the ignorant foreigner AVB.. ;)

  57. Ginge,Fergie sucks, Stan sucks more……RVP sucks them both……

  58. Ha Scott, you know I am always right, I have been learning form Wenger…

    SAD, makes a change for MOTD, they are true Fergie lovers..

    Seems that way Adk, although Ts has another theory ;)

  59. AVB will prove himself a very good manager in time.

  60. Stan is a crook …

  61. It does SD…

    Ts, I thought quite a few wanted us to sign Defoe/ He’s a Gooner at heart isn’t he?

    Anyone else see Arry on a league of their own the other night, Jack Whitehall had a great swipe at him for being the Totts manager and a closet Gooner…

  62. I know Rico, i know.

  63. Morning All,
    Hope you all had a very good Christmas.
    All this british talent and this is suposedly the way to go. For many years i have read supporters comments on british fighting spirit and the Adams Keown Bould days. but Wenger went with foreign players and not very good ones at that. Then all of a sudden the FA come knocking on Arsenals door and asks us to bring a few English players through, and now Wenger thinks this is the way to go. Now i bet a penny to a pinch of shit that we start to get good decisions from referee’s and trophies will be coming our way. Low and behold England will have quite a few new players to pick from and every body is happy. do i smell a rat.

  64. Ts, I’m sure they are all making a packet, why do you think the board are all slated so often…

    Can’t think of many at the club who truly earn their salary…

    Maybe Vic, at least the kit always looks clean and sparkly ….

  65. He sure is Rico. Same as Bent but most want an exotic 26 y.o foreigner from latin america who may fail in this country when he is asked to travel to the rugby grounds in February.. ;)

    And 82% of South Americans importshave failed in this league. That is a fact. From Asprilla to Vela. Apart from the Palacious and Valencias…

  66. Hi Steve, mine was lovely thanks, hope you had a wonderful time too…

    You are an old cynic this morning too then ;)

  67. Later guys. Night Scottt

  68. I’m not sure that’s what most here want Ts, most just want quality, regardless of where they are born… PL proved was actually one of the ‘checks’

    Mind you, if Wenger went and signed Suarez, I bet you’d be happy ;)

  69. We cannot even say Fabregas was successful in England because at the end of the day he got home sick, when the club needed him most.

    Because with him still in the team, i dont think RVP will leave or Song alll of a sudden thinking he is better than Arsenal or Walcott asking for undeserved pay rise.

  70. Morning Rico and hi Ginge,
    I often have rows with my Mrs over the reality programes on the tele the Jungle or the dancing and the talent shows anyone of them that you ring into cast a vote I tell her that the vote is fixed its only there to make money and the votes are never counted. I tell her that they know what makes good television so they will not go along with viewers. i can see the fix in all of these programes and i can see a fix in this FA aw well perhaps i am an old cynic but i’ve watched it all for a lot of years i have seen the bltent decisions and nobody is accountable do i think all this is on the level, No i bloody dont.

  71. Nobody can say any new player will succeed, whether they come from overseas or even from within the PL.
    Look at Torres…….he went to the PL and stepped up a few levels,but after going to a “better” club, he failed dismally.
    It took the manager who “made” him at Liverpool to get the best out of him at Chelski.
    This proves beyond doubt that nobody truly knows what makes a player click.

  72. Night Ginge.
    Steve, you are a cynic, but you may well be right!!

  73. Agree there SD, just a shame we lost so many of our better players, had they all stuck together we’d be looking a lot better..

    However, I am sure Cesc had a look around him on the pitch and thought ‘I need to go home now’…..

  74. I’m not convinced that I’m a celeb is fixed Sp ;)

    There you go then Scott, it’s not the players fault, it’s the manager.

    Are you suggesting we change Wenger to someone who can get more form the players, just like Rafa has with Torres

  75. Sleep well Scotty boy

  76. Just as well we are on a site where its alright to disagree Rico :)

  77. arsene will regret his not signing of players. this sat itsrlf will see newcstle givng a severe thrashing to arsenal. the way they played against manu, i doubt arsenal will be able to compete with this team on sat. besides, the past matches arsenal hv won through pnalties, n not by goals in the game

  78. I know for a fact that TH is Carlos Vela’s step father. At a meeting of the Baltimore chapter of the Opus Dei it was decided to apply the pressure to Stan Kroenke because one of their members had bought a car jack for Walmart that he later saw for $1.23 cheaper at another hardware store which had an online site in Delaware. The owner of that store had previously been sold an undercooked hot dog while on a trip to see his sick mother in Michigan, during which time he bought a ticket to watch the Michigan Morons play the Colorado Cretins, a team owned by a recluse who goes by the name of Seminal Killjoy. This man has the same initials as Stan Kroenke and is regarded in business circles as something of a nemesis to both Kroenke and the Hill-Wood family, hence PHW’s declaration that he didn’t want Kroenke’s “sort” at the club. This was a ruse that the vast majority of Arsenal fans bought into, but not me. So, the Opus Dei, realising the link between Henry and Vela made the decision that Carlos should leave the club and set up a sect of Branch Davidians masquerading as footballers to confuse Alisher Usmanov and persuade him to buy just under 30% of Arsenal Football Club at vastly inflated prices. All this money is now in the immaculately moisturised hands of Stan Kroenke’s wife as she is a Walmart heiress. Now you begin to see how that overpriced car jack started a chain of events that has bought us here. Thus, using Usmanov’s ill-gotten gains from his shady past in Russia, Walmart were able to offer that car jack at the increased price and thereby own Arsenal Football Club. With me so far? It gets better. Marouane Chamakh is quite obviously, to anyone who has eyes, a brilliant footballer. Wenger signed a pact, in blood, to take him to Arsenal on a Bosman as there was not enough money in the World to pay his true transfer fee. The understanding has always been that Chamakh should be blindingly superb up until the time that RVP recovered from injury. After that he was instructed to spend his time researching hair products, catalogue them by their grease content and pretend that he had never played football before. This was merely a ploy to increase VP’s transfer fee buy making him seem much better than he was in comparison to Chamakh who had “taken one for the team”. Not that he wasn’t well compensated for it. SK, the architect of this evil told Chamakh in a meeting in 2010 that he would personally supply the oddly-coiffed Morroccan with a syrup to match his own and that he would receive a syrup-maintenance pack (SMP) for life.
    Once you begin to put the pieces together, so much makes sense.
    If you wonder where I get all this from then I would say two things. Firstly is is really a matter of joining the dots and secondly, have you ever wondered how Julian Assange keeps his hair looking so silvery, with a lustrous smoothness and sheen that is both envious and repellant at the same time? I can reveal that is down to a shady character named Harold Pancake.
    During Chamakh’s product assessments he was introduced to Pancake in a Shisha bar called Bitch on the Euston Road. Pancake, realising that here was a real story, smuggled Chamakh, disguised as a skateboard, into the Equadorian Embassy for a face to face meeting with Assange himself. While they both worked out on the exercise machines, pasty-faced Julian caught the whiff of a scandal immediately and released a half million documents directly to me on the matter. As an ex-member of MI-1 and having been trained in counter-espionage by Leslie Grantham himself I thought that HH was the ideal vehicle for this exposé.

  79. Rico, you are a spin doctor lol.

  80. As you say Scott, can’t have it both ways….

    Adam, I must read that again….

  81. That’s all pretty powerful stuff Adam…

    Poor Vela….

  82. Real life is hard to come to terms with sometimes Rico. Personally, I feel most sorry for Leslie Grantham.

  83. I felt more sorry Anita Dobson Adam…

  84. Happy holidays gunnersphere

  85. seedick – I wouldn’t mind if we win by penalties this weekend. At least a win is a win.

  86. Hi emma, no surprise there eh re Fergie, untouchable he is…

  87. Turkish winger emma?

    We were linked to him about 4 years ago…

  88. A proper left winger….

    Surely not……

  89. rico – FA – Fergie Association
    He is an ‘exceptional player’ if the news is true. Very skillful and can play across the front three. Watched him on several occasions when Athletico Madrid plays

  90. who is Arda Turan ?

  91. Turan , another 5 foot nothing player in the Arshavin mould, just the midfield powerhouse we are looking for. Good player but ????????

  92. At least he is better than that kido from crystal palace ‘zaha’. I still believe we will get a DM.

  93. Agree there emma, re Fergie of course. Don’t know enough about Turan to comment. Let’s see if we get him first though…

    Would be nice to have a proper winger on the left…

    Micd you, hope that doesn’t mean Gerv will be given the striker role when he returns…..

    I see us getting Zaha, especially after Wenger comments about brits, but not until the summer….

  94. Good morning everyone!
    A couple of things:
    a) WBA second goal was a clear fault. Does english newspapers say anything about this? and about the hand ball in WBA area after the1.2?
    b) Totts and chelsea ar the most interesting teams in the League…
    Why we not be interesting in Jones (nº 9) from stoke?

  95. Good day all, well I’m still on same to me a striker signing has to be either Adrian Lopez or Michu, DM – Kapoue, Wanyama, Mbiwa. If theo goes then we need to promote one of the youngsters maybe Eisfeld or Gnabry,signing Zaha will only block someone else’ progress…

    Adam you conspiracy theory is truly amusing…especially the chamakh part… =)

  96. This ain’t gonna happen. Arsene may want rid of Chamakh, Asharvin, Djorou and several others but reality is at £60k + wages they are on no chance. Chamakh maybe worth a couple of million but we would have to pay off large chunk of his wage to leave. So he’ll be happy to sit on bench and coin it in..

  97. rico – I guess we will have to wait and see. It could just be another rumour flying around. Hoping that AW brings in at least 2 additions to the squad, DM, Winger and Striker

  98. Which WBA game JM?

    Welcome Gav, I wish the club would just cut them all loose and accept the loss.

    Tlail, DM is my preference, first and foremost…

  99. I strongly suspect its just a rumour emma but yes, we’ll have to wait and see and hope…

  100. Off for the afternoon and evening. Might be back on later but if not, enjoy the rest of the days folks…


  101. Team News
    Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Newcastle game:

    on the latest updates…
    We should not have any new injuries from our last game. Giroud and Rosicky should be available again. They were sick at Wigan

    on Abou Diaby and Andre Santos…
    They should be coming back into training with the squad next week.

    on the injury situation with only Fabianski out…
    It is unusual, especially at this period of the season. It is down to the continuing good work we are doing behind the scenes at the Club. We hope that it continues because it is important to go into January with a full squad and we will be losing Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations.

    Abou Diaby back in time, just like a new signing for January. I bet you AW wont sign a DM

  102. We dont need to buy a DM , i think Wenger should try experimenting but he is not like that is he?

    I strongly believe we should convert Djorou to a DM and see how he plays. He is a defender that is not playing and he can control the ball well.If he is to protect the back 4 and distribute to the CMs then i think Djourou can do the job.

    This has been on my mind for a while and hoping Wenger will try it but he hasn’t the Benitez tried Luiz in DM and they scored 8 goals against Aston V.

  103. Emma- Arda Turan a very good passer of the ball but a Sissoko or Capoue for me. Forget about Fellani if any of those beast arrive.

    Adam your 12:17 post must have been taken from Mackey’s Encyclopedia of freemason… lol

  104. Evening all…

  105. TS. It was. I am a Mason, as you know.

  106. Afternoon all……… The Diaby situation is most worrying… he amazingly is due to start training the week the transfer window opens…. How opportune..! Please please please Arsene bite the bullet, write the bloke off and BUY a proper defensive midfielder. Enough is enough.

    Adam ru Walter in disguise ;-)

  107. ha ha ha. Good for you nothing against that at all. Just get rid of Stan for us when you are praying to Jahbulon… lol

  108. Hi Wath. Walter?

  109. TS. We will meet on the square under the all-seeing eye.

  110. Mitty :D

    Adam Adam of the Black hand gang…………… I’m part of the black hand gang too Adam 14th Dan….! ;-)

  111. Djourou in the arsenal midfield? why not just put a jersey and a fake moustache on a retarded camel and ask him to play dm? I’m sure the wages would be cheaper for the same result.

  112. lol piss funny Will………………. :D

  113. Sorry Wath. A bit slow today…all that fine claret.

  114. Arda Turan is a solid player but not the genius we need. I see him as a second coning of Yossi.

  115. Hi Wath long time! Did you have a good christmas?

  116. Saving mine for New Year Adam, was on the GG over Xmas with a few very nice bottles of Sav Blanc n Chard with some Calva for afters to wash the dinner down..!

  117. I did thanx Ts, I trust you did as well mate…!

  118. :grin: just let me know which lodge RedNose was initiated to… I checked the records for St. George Logde and found only Walter Smith…

  119. Yes I did Wath. And to cap it we did not play yesterday so no WHU shocker for us… lol

  120. rico, yesterday match QPR 1 -WBA 2
    Djourou is not a DM. He is normal/good defender. Adam Thouran it’s intersting but even at AM he didn’t play a lot.
    Jones (nº 9 stoke) and Michou are interesting players and different. Jones wins everything playing by air and his everywhere;Michou is most a latin player with football in his head, sharp and a gola scorer For me, it’s a(big) risk in this time, buy players outside football League, specially when they came for others Leagues.
    A DM? Unfortunatelly not Fripong but maybe because he was covered when we need him

  121. Kenwyne Jones is a powerful striker but I wouldn’t say he would be ideal for us. He shows occasional flashes of brilliance but he has never been a consistent stand out player. neither for stoke nor sunderland.

  122. as for Michu, I dont think that one half season of good goal poaching would justify a move for him in our situation.

  123. A horrible weasel but the prem lge striker that would best suit us is prob Suarez…! Can’t stand the bloke but I reckon for us he’d score a hat full…!

  124. Bent for me. A different poacher to anything we have ever had under AW…

  125. Bent is too old. Was a good move two years ago. Suarez ok, but I think he is very expensive… or a deal agree with Liverpoll, Suarez versus Chamack

  126. Suarez the weasel. I wouldn’t mind at all. But he has never be prolific so…

  127. He never been so prolific as he not been in a team that would supply the ammo like we would. I reckon Suarez in an Arsenal shirt would score bucket loads… JM yes he would cost lots of money BUT it’s not like we don’t have it…!

  128. Wenger is more insightful than that, he will not go for Michu under a good half season.The guy might still freeze come Next season or next year.

  129. good point Wath I guess if you factor his record at Ajax…

    Our board are a bunch of flea-sing zombies who are robbing us in the open… a 20M plus a walcott may even do the trick but he is on £120k a week so…

  130. If we give him a decent signing on fee it makes up for an extra 20/30k a week…. it’s how we got DB10…. Get shot of the deadwood and we all know we loosen up 200K a week plus…! Not rocket science is it…!

  131. Talking of signing on fees, rumour has it that his agents fees are proving difficult to negotiate. I think he wants £5M and Arsenal are not prepared to meet the 95k plus a further agents fee…

  132. Walcott’s agent I meant…

  133. I have heard from several reliable people Ts that Walcott isn’t the problem his agent is the problem BUT why don’t Theo say Oi… accept the deal I’m happy if you don’t like what your getting for basically doing very little then I’ll replace you… I want to stay get the deal sorted…!

  134. Strange that isn’t? agents or handlers and their power over certain assets…

  135. Amazing the players accept their crap and that they then take a % of their weekly wages as well….! For what exactly…? as u say, very strange.

  136. But I thought Rico was Walcott’s agent? Lady Rico sort the deal out… lol

  137. maybe the agent has photos of TH14 doing a Wonney in his white socks and a liverpool f.c boxers…

  138. Wooney even…

  139. Interesting post Rico, but whatever happened to Wenger’s assertion, that he wasn’t interested in a players passport but his quality?!!!
    Every change in his views seems to be connected somewhere along the line with economising and/or the avoidance of spending money…

    Not bad values in themselves, but this is football and in general the success a club has is usuall linked to how much it spends…

    Dare I say ‘speculate to accumulate’….

  140. A-level Economics me think… not that I know much about that subject. Then again they say Economics is a guessing game that makes sense until it is proven to be baseless.

    If AW does not make even a signing this January even I would ran out of excuses for him…

    Hi Kev, I posted the video of you low flying earlier this morning… lol

  141. Adam, just read your 12.27, and my admit that I am in awe….

    Leslie Gratham, did he not kill a taxi driver in Germany when he was in the army?

    I don’t like him…….

  142. Low flying Ginge, that cannot be me, I do not enjoy height’s amigo…

    I quite enjoy diving though…

  143. Hiya Kev. How goes it my friend?

  144. Hello Adam, I have had a wonderfully relaxing festive holiday.
    Putting work to the bottom of my agenda, until next week.
    Newcastle game this weekend, so I’ll text you before the game.
    I’d love to see your VW…

    Ginge… ;-)

  145. How has it been for you Adam, rested and reinvigorated for the New Year I trust mio amigo?

  146. Not bad Kev. Are you going to the Newcastle event?

  147. Yes Adam, I shall be there, at Highbury Fields…

  148. Arsenal scarf in my left hand, turkey sandwiches in my right…

  149. good allez.
    I wiil have no sandwich but I’ll be in front of my tv set.
    I think we will play versus West Ham between chelsea and M.city on a middle week. I am right?

  150. New Post is up

  151. These is an article by Myles Palmer that tactically Wenger has been found out and beaten by the likes of Bradford/Swansea.etc .Yet he refuses to change tack. RVP was also reported to have advised him to get a Euro coach.
    Whether these stories are 100% true,I believe there s some truth .Tactically Wenger plays in an attacking style but he di not stiffen the defence.He wants to be like Brazil who were notorius for their poor defence.
    I say if he can’t get the gunners up to the cl slot,he shd go other wise more time will be wasted. If not ,it will a repeat of all his flaws which could set the gunners even further.Chamake and Squllachi are good examples of what I mean.

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