Chamakh shocker & Wenger confirms that three out of four will have been signed young…

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Marouane Chamakh has been dropped by his country for the African Cup of Nations.

It’s obvious he’s been dropped because he’s crap not been playing regular football for us, so hopefully that will give him a jolt in the doo dahs and make him realise he needs to find another club, play regular football and then of course, regain his status as the best striker for his country.

Anyway, fingers crossed he really is heading off to West Ham and maybe being in England will help any proposed deal go through. It would be funny if Big Sam turned him into a decent striker, or should I say got him back to being a decent striker because when he first joined he scored a few goals didn’t he.

In fact he was once so good that Arsene Wenger was prepared to wait a ages to get him for free sign him .

Talking about strikers joining, seems like Thierry Henry is not. Strange one that, one minute everyone tells us he’s likely to sign for a 3rd time and then, nope, he should stay in America and rest, ready for his clubs new season.

Mind you, the down side could be that Wenger relies on Chamakh to fill in for Gervinho who is going to the ACON’s.

I don’t know which one is worse these days….

Wenger want’s our squad to be mainly British. In fact he wants three-quarters of future sides will be developed in-house – with a core of British talent.

We have always produced a big number of players from within, but what we want to do is produce more local boys, which I think we are doing now.

It’s the first time since I have been here that we have many English players in the team – or I should say British, because I include Aaron Ramsey in that. They all have the correct talent and quality.

But the ideal model we want at Arsenal is to produce the core of the team from within our system, and then add exceptional talent from outside.”

Wenger believes there are many advantages to building a team mainly around home-grown players, and says the Club is firmly committed to continuing on this path.

We have always done it, first of all because it’s a guarantee of security and stability – we never want to go below a certain level. 

If you can get the right players into the squad at an early age, you can build a real team spirit. When people have grown up together, they have that fraction more togetherness when they are on the pitch than if you assemble players from all over the world.

So it makes the team attitude a bit stronger, which you can’t get from signing players from all over the world.

And to think we used to field sides without a single Brit in it!!

Wonder what is going to happen to all the overseas kids he signed at a young age, not all of them can be the player to make up the numbers…

And then where does the ‘exceptional player’ fit in?

Riddles eh……

Have a good day all……

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