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Sky Sports comes up trumps at Christmas….

Happy Boxing Day one and all…

I know the real meaning of the day but sometimes, I wonder if it’s more about our heads feeling like they have been battered left and right, almost like having gone 5 rounds with David Haye….

Two bottles of the fizzy stuff is possibly not the best thing to do, especially after not touching anything alcoholic for months.

Ouch, my head hurts!

No football today for us though, today is about those above and around us dropping points hopefully!

Back to yesterday and Sky Sports showed a programme to give us Gooners something to smile about.

Makes a change doesn’t it?



They covered the sports events of 1998 – a double winning season for us and the same year in which Dennis Bergkamp won PFA player of the season. Tony Adams, one of the best defenders we have seen at the club, finished off a 4-0 victory over Everton in a fashion that Gervinho can only dream of, and with it, he confirmed the first Premier League title under Arsene Wenger was ours.

What a season!

We had pace in abundance, we had a true winger in Overmars, a proper young striker in Anelka and an untouchable midfield duo in Vieira and Petit. They weren’t the only stand outs, we had many. From the great Dennis Bergkamp to the Pele of Romford in Ray Parlour and many in between….

After securing the league title, we faceed Newcastle in the FA Cup Final and we had a real chance for another double.

‘They know it and they want it’ said Richard Keys

And we won it…….

Heck, we even beat Manchester United 3-0 in the Community Shield prior to the following season kicking off and we beat them by the same scoreline at home in the league just a weeks later….

They were good times and it’s those yesteryear’s under Arsene Wenger which make today’s goings on so sad….

Once we were feared by most, now we are feared by few…..

Boy how I long for those days to return and I don’t even mean the trophies. I mean being able to watch a team full of players who don’t want to lose, a team who look like they can score at any time rather than concede! A team full of players who know how to entertain, know how to support each other and play like they want to win….

Oh those days…..

Not a bad replacement....

Not a bad replacement….

The following year we sold Anelka and many were furious, both with his brother for pushing the move away and the club for letting him go – but we signed Thierry Henry to take his place…..

All wasn’t quite so bad after all was it……

Have a good day all, Ibuprofen with Marmite on toast is good for hangovers ;)

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86 comments on “Sky Sports comes up trumps at Christmas….

  1. [...] Sky Sports comes up trumps at Christmas…. [...]

  2. Morning all…

    Happy Boxing Day, have a lovely day….

    I’m off out for the day so catch up later….

  3. Good morning all,

    Great memories indeed, sadly we can’t live in the past.

    Now is the time for our present squad to stand up and be counted, it’s time for them to make their own history.

    Enjoy the shopping Rico. :D

  4. 1997/8….arguably Arsenal’s greatest ever team in that season. The foreign players arrived and quickly learned from the “old guard” what it means to be an Arsenal player. Study all of Arsenal’s successful teams throughout history, and each one is loaded with talented, physically and mentally strong players. Fabregas and Van Persie of course were very much in that mould. Today we look to Jack Wilshire,our real leader and inspiration to carry the burden of our future on his young shoulders. Only if these qualities are transmitted by Jack to many of his colleagues, does the current squad have any chance of being successful. Happy New Year to all.

  5. Morning all. “Only exceptional players” eh? Personally, I can’t wait.

  6. OK Mr. Wenger at least now we know you will not spend any money in Jan since it has been reported that the £70m has now shrunk to £30m. Seems like someone is smiling at their Christmas bonuses. however having said that why don’t you do us this favour please please please!! have a mega clearance sale in January. Fabiansky(£5m), Squillachi(£2.5m), Djourou(£6m), Santos(£3m), Diaby(£6m), Rosicky(£6m), Arshavin(£4m), Coquelin(£5m), Yennaris(£3m), Walcott(£10m), Gervinho(£6m), Chamack(£3.5), Park(£2.5m), Denilson(£5m), Bendtner(£4m), Frimpong(£5m). that would gives us about £76m. with all these negative players gone sign a quality CDM and left back to cover Gibbs in Jan spend about £25m.
    Call up youth players like: Eisfield,Mayachi,Meade,Ansah,Akpom,Afobe,Gnarby,Campbell,
    Watt,Eastmond,Bellerin,Miquel. Give youth opportunity to learn from first team players. Then make some good signings in the summer you should have about £80m at your disposal.

  7. Merry Xmas everyone and don’t get boxed today.

    I doubt if we are in for Demba ba. The way the guy has being sprouting his guts to the media, he should know AW doesn’t take kindly with that. AW talking about signing only exceptional talent, now he is making me to doubt if we will have signings in Winter transfer apart from the kid from crystal palace. We definitely need to strengthen our DM probably with Sissoko/Capoue. It feels so odd we are not playing today. Why were the fulham and QPR games not called off or are these teams not in London anymore? Well Wenger knows best.

  8. @emma….. Yes they are in London but Arsenal is based in North London…. I hope u understand now?

  9. In his defence Emma , Wenger said he would have preferred to play today. There are many reasons to beat him up but that particular stick needs to be aimed elsewhere.

  10. “Only exceptional players”
    Not like wenger telling everyone what type of players he wants…is it

    Smell something can’t you…Bullsh-t

  11. Hi Emma,

    QPR capacity 18,000, Fulham capacity 25,000, Arsenal capacity 60,000. The club have a duty of care to it’s fans as well as to the away contingent. A huge proportion of that 60,000 rely on rhe Tube to get to the ground and home afterwards.

    If you are looking for someone to blame for the postponement, don’t pick on Wenger, try the trade union leaders who called for the underground strike.

  12. C’mon on Fred, would you want him to sign ordinary players? Give the guy a break!

  13. Sign ordinary players? Chamakh, Gervinho, Santos, Squillaci, to name but four. Isn’t that just what he has done? Or are these exceptional players? Signing ordinary players while selling exceptional players is the reason we are where we are.

  14. JW
    Don’t get me on that list..I only type with hand

  15. JW
    Don’t get me on that list..I only type with one hand..
    see what I mean

  16. So why are you complaining that he will only “sign exceptional players”? Don’t you think he may have learnt a lesson, or maybe the financial constraints forced him into buying “ordinary” players.

  17. He has been reciting the “exceptional players” schtick for years now.

  18. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has ruled out another loan move for Thierry Henry.

    The 34-year-old Gunners legend had been widely expected to re-join Arsenal on-loan during the January transfer window, but despite admitting he was considering it two weeks ago, Wenger has now poured cold water over the idea.

    ‘I do not think it would be good for him [Thierry Henry] to play with us again,’ said Wenger.

    ‘He should relax and prepare for the next MLS season.’

    The news appears to be a sudden u-turn, given that Wenger was known to have been very keen to bring Henry back to north London as cover during the African Cup of Nations.

    But given the Frenchman’s reported desire to pursue a permanent striker signing, coupled with the news that Marouane Chamakh will not be going to the tournament, Henry seems to no longer be needed.

    Henry, who is currently on holiday following the end of the MLS off season, has been granted permission to use Arsenal’s London Colney base to build up his fitness, but given that a loan move is now firmly off the cards, it is unlikely he will take up that offer.

  19. Hello everybody!
    I’m watching Norwich-chelsea on tv,
    The sun shinning here :-)

  20. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now lets see some good results today.

  21. Afternoon all…

    Fine post again Rico. And a special seasonal greeting to the one and only lady Rico who with her splendid site and regular HHers get me through my day at the office. ;)

    Even a boxing day the negativity is still being spilled by some… jeez.

  22. oh Everton gone 2-1 up

  23. Frimps bad to his usual best i.e terrorising in the centre of the park. He received a yellow card so was subbed after the first half. Very intense match…

  24. munchini bringing a defender on to play as a striker when he has strikers on the bench… Petrol money. ha ha ha…

  25. Hello, all!! Another good post, rico!! :) :) You should drink more and more often. :D

    Hiya, Ginge! Howdy? Don’t let the negativity spoil the hols for you. All that is just white noise to me. ;)

  26. So TH14 attends a dinner meeting with Usmanov in Russia when AW, Arsenal players and the media were reporting that TH14 is going to have a 2nd loan term with Arsenal. Even his bosses at Red Bull confirmed discussions were in adviced stage….

    AU even comes out to say TH14 deserves to be working for the Arsenal in the near future.

    Fast forward to today and it is being reported that AW has said that a loan deal for TH14 will not be good for both parties…

    WoW, some ask if I believe in conspiracy but something must definitely be going on at the club so yes I do believe…

  27. Hi agag… I am always positive.

    I have seen enough not to let football make me unhappy.

    How are the sales in L.A?

    Things not going well for brinky blink but with a £3.5m a year salary even I would not mind…

  28. I’m in NY, ginge. Very cold… :( Eeeek. Just one pair of shoes so far. :D And you?

  29. I bought a pair of boots for the mrs today. I got a camera for myself that all..

  30. An Alexander Wang boots from Harvey Nichols…

  31. Exceptional players, been trying to think when we last signed one of those after AW hinted we might…..

    Evening folks…

  32. evening rico – trouble is Wenger idea of exceptional and world class is very different from the normal person – everyone he signs is going to either make a huge impact on the league, is world class potential and already world class – sad really

  33. Hi Oz, it sure is, he thinks Gervinho is exceptional, or Chamakh maybe ;)

  34. i shall remember him for one outstanding comment, i don’t know if you remember it but he said “In Almunia and Fabrinski, i have two world class goalkeepers, why would i buy? hahahah smile every time i think of it – said it all for me

  35. since then he have brought so much dross and wasted so much money its not funny – but hey we get the top four cup every year!! They haven’t been all bad but some really shabby purchases in there the last few years

  36. not good scores today.
    Totts had bougth Schneider from Inter milan?

  37. are you sure?

  38. Frightening really Oz, neither will ever be world class will they….

    Almunia is doing well at Watford though ;)

    Hi JM – I read that too, for £12 million….

  39. funny – agents are talking Germany on the streets – huge coup for them if true

  40. more points for Utd today from the RVP boot – whats that now 5 winners from him now? – 15 points earned off his winners already – dear oh dear

  41. you lost me there about Germany…

  42. agents are saying Germany is the likely location so i heard

  43. Hi Rico.How fantastic the view from an armchair on the Grassy Knoll must look.

  44. Evening all…

    I see Rico and Oz are still unhappy? lol.

    Rico you mention world class signings? What about SC19 and Poldi now?

    Were Overmars and Anelka world class when we bought them?

    Even the iceman was considered a failure with nearly 1 goal in 5 before he joined us so cheer up folks…. its a season of good will….

  45. Good idea to sell him eh Oz…

    Hi Adam, my armchair isn’t on grass though ;)

  46. Yes Rico, but you are naturally quite negative. And you believe that men landed on the Moon. :) Elvis told me they didn’t.

  47. Wenger didn’t hint at exceptional players in the summer Ts, he says it most years in December, that’s my gripe.

    Then he signs no-one…

    Cheer up, I’m very cheerful thanks, just not when it comes to what we witness on the pitch….

  48. And there was me thinking that you realised I was simply a realist Adam….

    Did you see Elvis in the chip shop? :P

  49. I did Rico. He sold me Rock and chips and told me it was Lobster. :)

  50. my gripe is the same – so tired of the same old rhetoric from Wenger – if he can’t get the profits and the subsequent pay rises for the boys he’ll do nothing, we all know it well enough by now, how much more proof do we need? I love em both, but world class Caz and Pod? I don’t think so

  51. What a rotter Adam, bit tough on the gnashers then ….

    Totts 1-0 up against the run of play…

  52. I’d rather he said nothing Oz, why feed us all the same old lines which we all know is poppycock.

    By doing so he must think we are all idiots. Well, most of us….

  53. Yes Rico. It didn’t taste quite the same, but I concentrated on the mental strength.

  54. He did actually at the press conference he was asked about Carzola…

    enjoy the whinge and whilst you are at it note that the £70m transfer kitty is now at £30m allegedly….


  55. 2-0 Totts….

    Shocking defending from Villa. Did we really only draw against this Villa side and fail to score…

    Pff, how I will never know….

  56. I think so Rico, but I believe Gervinho, i he played, gave a performance of great comic value. And he only cost £10 million. Think of how bad Victor Moses must be at a paltry £7 million.

  57. good bet for relegation i’d say

  58. I’d already see that Ts, quite worrying isn’t it, wonder where that £40M went….

    Night Ts…

  59. And Moses admitted he’s a Gooner too Adam, I know who’d I’d rather ….

    Oz, I reckon so too, hopefully instead of Reading

  60. wasn’t he on record earlier saying our financial restrictions were over? Not they that ever actually existed anywhere near the levels many offered excuse for. Every year they put out the financials and every year they argue against them hahah

  61. thanks for the chat people but its 3am and my pillow is calling my name!! Night, have a good one

  62. Night Oz….

    Wonder where the money from the land sale went too…. The mind boggles!

  63. I too am off, going to enjoy whatever rubbish is being shown on the television, again :)

    Night all, ’til tomorrow.

    Have a lovely evening…..

  64. Into Stan’s ranch I would have thought Rico.
    Night Oz.

  65. Night Rico.
    Escape to Victory on the planner? We could do with Michael Caine in our midfield. Even at 17 stone.

  66. I suspect so too Adam.

    ETV is on our planner, all ready for a rainy day ;)

    Night Adam….

  67. Funny,nobody said Gervinho WASN’T exceptional when he was signed.
    It would be lovely if all people bagging Wengers signings did so without the benefit of hindsight…..go on, tell us a player is shit BEFORE he starts playing for us, just for once.
    Funny how many thought getting Chamkah was a coup when plenty of massive clubs wanted him.
    Even funnier is exactly how many of you bagged the shit out of Wenger for buying some no name German kid that cost stuff all and now are asking why he isn’t involved in first time football.
    Hindsight,conveniently forgetting your own comments……..just typical.
    Now for the……”oh, but he gets 7 million to get it right” comments.
    How boring, how dull and how tedious, as nobody gets it right all the time, and every other manager of a big side have got things more horribly wrong and at a greater cost than Wenger ever has.

  68. Just watching MotD. Can anyone imagine Arsene Wenger haranging officials like Ferguson does, whilst not getting a touch-line ban from the FA…???!!!
    The football authorities in England, truely are spineless jellyfish…. In the face of the Ogre of Old Toilet….

    Adam, I know that chipshop. I often see Lord Lucan in there buying a sausage in batter.

  69. Tbh, I get sick and tired of people from Arsenal, bragging about how much money the club has to spend, be it Wenger, Gazides, Hill-Wood or whoever….

    I believe that it is the height of stupidity for anyone at the club to discuss the funds or amounts available…

    It’s ok for us to speculate, but those in the club, should ‘zip it’….

    Why alert selling clubs to the amounts we have to spend?!!!

    How does that make any sense?

  70. No TH14 should mean Arsenal are going to sign a striker.

    Whoever ‘that striker’ will be is anyone’s guess?

  71. Anthony Knockaert, Leicester City, French, Winger, 21, rated at £5million, out on Police bail after altercation, hmm ticks all the boxes!

  72. Moving on some of those surplus to requirements, such as Arshavin and Squillaci, could be possible this January.

    As far as signings for Arsenal are concerned, i’m expecting very little…
    Walcott signing would be good, but i’m not optimistic.

  73. Hows business Kev??
    Fergie is a true prick, that is for certain.

  74. I think the board love telling us how much we have to spend, as it takes the focus away from them and places it squarely on Wenger, the fall guy.

  75. Hi Scott. No business today (yesterday).
    I’ve got my feet up for a few days.

    Are you back at work already?

    I think you are correct about the Board Scott. But that only goes to show how useless they all are.
    These are supposed to be top business people, yet they tell tales like complete morons.
    Trying desperately to deflect attention away from their own inadequate performance, at the helm…

  76. i don’t think they’re inadequate at all – the three muskatees are all earning heaps, all secure in their jobs, why are they inadequate? I love this ‘its Wenger v’s the board crap’, like he’d be there if that was the case – oh yeah thats right he’s there cause he loves Arsenal hahahaha

  77. Oz,we know other clubs have offered him more money to leave, so i can’t accept he only stays for the money…..That argument defies logic.
    He could have gone to Real for more cash and had a ready made, successful side with an endless budget.
    Blame the board Kev, Blame the board :)

  78. Scott, don’t you worry mate, I shall always blame the Board.

    There has been a habitual lack of ambition, in terms of finance being provided for team building, for the vast majority of seasons since the end of the War.
    This is clear to anyone with even an average knowledge of club history.
    This can probably be traced back to the huge debts that the club incurred from building the East Stand at Highbury in 1936 and the 39-45 War.
    The Directors invested heavily in team building during the 1930’s, and the club won 5 championships.
    I’m sure that you can see the link?!

  79. The issue i have with the board truly is leaving Wenger hanging out do dry.
    If they had the balls to come out and say we need a profit from Wenger each season, so really can not compete for 3,5,10 years…whatever the case….then at least we would move on.
    As it stands, their little flirtations with what Wenger “has to spend” simply raises expectations for a few weeks then people blame Wenger for not spending it.
    The 70 million has suddenly diminished to 30, yet people will still ask in a months time why Wenger didn’t spend 70.
    Frustrating does not adequately describe the situation of a Gooner!!

  80. Kev…sorry,forgot to answer.
    I am on holidays for a few weeks, but will be doing the odd day at work here and there when required.
    I guess you will work through the busy season??

  81. Scott, the club hierarchy, will always indulge in smoke and mirrors re; finance and transfer budget. Their priority is selling season tickets, not being honest to the punters…

  82. Scott, I am resting until January…

    If Lee and Adam can laze about, then why not moi…?

  83. Tbh Scott, I never believe anyone from the club, when they talk about ‘war chests’ or nonsense about how much or how little we have to spend.
    Dishonesty seems to be club policy on such matters.
    I just wish they’d all just shut up…
    You don’t get ManUre going public on such matters, so why do those in charge at Arsenal feel the need to do so…
    Of course ManUre actually win trophies ‘still’, so that may explain the difference in club policy and behaviour between Salford and Holloway?

  84. Ok Digger, off for some kip, see ya lata.

  85. Morning all, it’s not a case of “bagging” gervinho et al or stating that AW earns £7m p.a….what really fucks me off is the same old spiel linking us with world class players to sell STs in the summer and the January bollocks of “exceptional players!” If we hadn’t held on to so many shit players on lumpy contracts we could have signed several “exceptional players” which may of even kept RvP, Cesc and Nasri at the club! Signing any player is a gamble BUT if you can see they’re shit don’t let your ego get in the way bin them,don’t continually play them! How the waiter was our no1 for so long is ridiculous (apart from the Barca game) As AK said earlier I expect nothing in January….sad but true!!!

  86. Morning All…

    Its a bit of all of it for me Lee….

    New post is up…

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