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Demba Ba set to sign on the 1st Jan? Merry Christmas Gooners…


Morning all.

Apparently, Canal+ have reported that Demba Ba is all set to sign for us on the 1st of January 2013.

Well I’m not sure where they get that idea from, or even if they have got it right, he’s what we need. Of course position wise, we need a ruthless goal scorer and he certainly knows where the back of the net is, but he’s got a weak knee and the way our luck is with injuries, he’d sign and then get crocked.

As we all know though, when the price is right, Wenger is in there so who knows.

But all that is for another day, today is about one thing and no-one needs me to explain what that is.


That message goes out to each and every one of you here on Highbury House and I hope that however you celebrate this occasion, you have a wonderful time with your family, friends and other loved ones.

At the same time though, let’s spare a thought for those who can’t be together today for one reason or another. Christmas can be a joyful time for many, but it can also be sad and tough for many others…..

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, have a lovely day all…

Merry Christmas everyone………

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73 comments on “Demba Ba set to sign on the 1st Jan? Merry Christmas Gooners…

  1. [...] Demba Ba set to sign on the 1st Jan? Merry Christmas Gooners… [...]

  2. Merry Christmas to one and all……………

    Eat, Drink be Merry where ever you all are..!

  3. Wath, i already took your advice…..i am very merry lol. Have a great day everyone.

  4. Morning folks..

    Merry Christmas Wath, Scott and all

    Have a wonderful day….

  5. Good for you Scott I am already on the bubbly stuff, goes great with gammon n eggs for brekkie ;-)

  6. Just having some toast and then bubbly stuff here too Wath :)

  7. u say ba has a weak knee but he hsa been injury free for 2seasons
    y d pessimism

  8. Gammon was wicked….. Least I have saved plenty for the hordes that are arriving for lunch. It was that good was tempted to scoff it all. On 2nd bottle of bubbles though scoffed the 1st one lol

  9. Pessimism or realism idris…?

  10. lovely Moet, great dinner who’s cares what the scores are haha

  11. Brekkie, bucks fizz , off to the pub for a pint and a sherry , back for din dins , log fire , a few more sherberts , Port & bed then up for no football tomorrow. Make it good one and all.

  12. idris, but you know our luck, just being a realist…..

    2nd bottle, i’m not surprised :)

  13. Morning all, let the gorging on food & alcohol commence!
    Have a cracking day HH family!!
    Rico, very touching words about those that can’t be together!!

  14. Good on you oz :)

    Don’t make it a pint of sherry Potter, you won’t see the rest otherwise ;)

  15. Happy Christmas to Rico and all at HH.
    I have just been told that Escape To Victory is actually on this afternoon. ITV4 at 2.45pm.

    I can barely wait. :)

  16. You have a cracking day too Lee, hope Dave gets some Turkey later….. ;)

  17. Spot on Lee, to absent friends and those that are no longer with us but who are forever in our thoughts…! a glass will be raised in their direction and filled on numerous times ;-)

    What can I say Rico the 1st bottle somehow evaporated :D

  18. Thank you Adam and same to you

    I’ll set my planner :)

  19. I’ll be toasting to that too guys….

  20. WATH. Seconded. We all have those that we wish could be with us at this time of year. I have been thinking about them all this morning and am sure you have too.

    Absent friends.

  21. May I third that Adam……..

  22. It wont be a pint of the fino , I don’t want to be over refreshed for dinner , can put my feet up later on with a bottle of Port.

  23. However, Alan Pardew had this to say today;
    Alan Pardew had this to say today;

    “Shola won’t be going. The national team manager knows the reasons, which I am keeping to myself”.

    Leave it up to you guys…….who knows what anymore

    off down the pub at 12pm

    Happy christmas gooners

  24. Back later, off to enjoy the carols….

  25. Morning all.
    And merry christas all, got Father Christmas duties so you have a good one and be careful out there.

  26. Merry Christmas fellow Gooners.

    Demba Ba hey. That would do me, a superb player

  27. I tink d@ Ba z wot we nid nw, he z strong pace n knw hw t score outsyd eighteen yard box, so i tink he is d right playa 4 a team lyk Arsenal. Merry xmas to u guys hv a woundaful day….


  29. Morning all. Happy christmas to everyone! Hope you’re all well, got everything you wanted and have a great day!

  30. Seasonal greeting all HHers….

    Enjoy your day and be content…. ;)

  31. Merry Christmas to all Gooners out there

    Demba Ba would be a nice start, but for me the desperate position to fill is DM. Come on Santa,

  32. Merry Christmas to all at Highbury House.

    Lets hope Wenger unveils Demba Ba on new years day!

  33. think you lot have already been drinking or taking drugs

  34. Yeah true dat according to canal+ let me hope it will be awonderful addition.please i would like to be a member of the highbury house

  35. Merry Christmas to all from up north :)

  36. Happy Christmas Rico and the rest of you x ill make an effort next year on here mate. Ill do a post for you

  37. Merry Christmas housers! Have a great day!

  38. Hi all, Merry Christmas to all those I missed earlier and welcome to those join HH for the first time…

    Have a wonderful day….

  39. Merry Christmas to all from south Europe.
    Is he our solution?

  40. Merry Christmas rocastle, you better had ;)

    And to you Lewis, tomstoned, fred, Ts, Herb, Rocky, Pat and Sp….

    Hope you are all having a wonderful day…..

  41. After pardew rules out ameobi for nigeria squad 4 the afcon 2013 due to reasons he will mention just yet….iam starting to believe Ba is definatly leaving 4….arsenal!!!

  42. merry christmas to all gunners! Ba would be a good addition.

  43. No matter what it take just get him sign is the type of player we want.ba is better than giroud.let ba sign 4 us in januarry so that he can play against swanse and munich.ba can use both let and head he know how to play premier league morethan any player apart from the premier league.pls wenger just get his sign in january.thanks

  44. Merry Christmas and afternoon all,

    I see 3 players that could be our solution this January: Ba, Adrian Lopez, Michu…
    All three are good quality strikers and would surely have good value for money spent, as anyone else linked to us, such as Villa and stuff are nonsense in my opinion.

    And then obviously an absolute necessity is a DM as I believe wenger has had it with diaby, as much as I like the guy but his body is just too fragile for PL…
    Possible replacements being Wanyama, Kapoue and Mbiwa, again I know there are others but we need to sign those who would click straight away…

  45. Merry Christmas JM..

    Welcome and Merry Christmas to those just joining HH on this special day….

  46. merry christmas fellow Gunners
    you are welcome, well i m already moving in the direction of ur advices. i m also urging everi one to stay calm and be yourself as you ve been dont allow a single day to change you, as you celebrae with ur family and friends and others. merry x’mas n a prosperous new year. wish u will sign for us ba. i cant wait.

  47. Lets not forget that in a few weeks we have tricky ties, thats the UCLand FA. You are all quite sure of how Bayern can attack and defend. New signatures would make it tricky for our opponents

  48. seasons greetings to everyone and thanks rico you do a brilliant job on here. hopfully ill be able to comment a lot more next year. thanks again.

  49. If Wenger(prof) can finally sing BA then it’ll be a very Hapi NEW YEAR to Arsenal fans all over the world but can that happen?

  50. Merry Christmas to all!

    My GF went and undermined my arsenal rebellion. She got me a bunch of Arsenal gear despite m complaining and saying I wouldnt support them commercially. turns out she ordererd them early (before my complaints) since they were coming from England. I would have been fine with the keyring, ties and scarf, but she went and got the away jersey as well! Arrrgh! Poor thing’s too good for her own sake. Anyway, a blessed day to you all.

  51. Merry Christmas Rico, and to all the regulars here. Enjoy the holidays, and i hope we all enjoy the rest of our season.

  52. Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy the rest of the day! Another year almost done, rico. :) Well-done HHers!

  53. Merry Christmas Mog, agag, Will and Nt, hope you are having a lovely day….

  54. “Ba is better than Giroud”. Really?
    in what?
    Ba maybe a good adition.And that’s all.

  55. Night all……

    Hic :)

  56. Good Evening my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    I hope you had a wonderful day full of all the peace you merit.

    My day was a nice one. It could have been better but at the moment that is not possible.

    The news is getting better Rico, W.A.T.H and Kev. Still a bit more way to go but the dark clouds are dispersing.

    And now I am off. Very knackered.

  57. prof please we need BA as our xmas gift

  58. U raised my fears and concern over Ba but the most u did was drawing our attentions to hundreds and even thousands we crossed into this year 2012 filled with life but are no more today as we match into another year. God have mercy on them.

  59. Had a very enjoyable Christmas, and I trust all Housers had likewise.

    Glad to hear that Coach…

    Demba Ba, hmm, not sure about him.
    The last centre-forward we signed from Newcastle, had to retire prematurely with a serious knee injury.
    Malcolm MacDonald.
    Who lasted barely 2 years after Arsenal paid a club record fee for him of £333,333, in 1977.

  60. Not heard anymore rumours concerning TH14 recently?!
    Could Wenger be going cold on repeating the deal from 12 months ago?
    Maybe Red Bulls are asking too much and stipulating too many clauses to make a deal worthwhile and easy to conclude?

    Anyway, have a good Boxing Day everyone.

  61. RVP also has a weak knee but now he is the top scorer at ManU. How about that?? My friend!!!

  62. Fantastic what a beautiful transfer. Nice ba is a good goal scorer we need him.

  63. Wow! Fantastic what a beautiful transfer. Nice ba is a good goal scorer we need him.

  64. Another copy and paste exercise from Wenger – Yes Arsene we know, we know

    Arsene Wenger reaffirmed his desire to bring in new players during the January transfer window, but insists he will only consider “exceptional” talent to bolster his squad.

  65. Morning Oz, yep that same old exceptional player bollox rears it’s head again….! That mean he gonna buy 3 more Gervinho’s and Squillaci’s..? He really must think we are all so gullible.

    Now apparently he only has 30million to spend as well…. So where’s the rest gone..?

    A very important January coming up… lets see if Arsene and the Board pass the test..?

    Happy Boxing day everyone..! Watch out belly here comes more food and booze………. Woooohooooo :D

  66. Morning all…

    Great to hear that devil..

    New post up

  67. Kroenke’s pocket Wath!

  68. Good morning all,

    It’s all over for another year, only turkey bones, empties and a mountain of wrapping paper left.

    What do you want him to sign ozgunner? Run of the mill, ordinary players?

    Ba? Bah humbug!

  69. W.A.T.H hello mate, i have no faith in any of them to be perfectly honest – way to keen on money in the bank to worry about whats actually needed on the pitch, been like that for years now – cheap options every time with the same old ‘world class potential’ remarks from Wenger… just plain boring

  70. JW yeah Gervinho, Scillaci, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, you know exceptional talent lol

  71. demba ba pls sign 4 arsenal

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