Not Good Enough says Wenger & Jack's wish for Christmas…..

Morning all,

Christmas Eve is here, just when did that spring up on us all………

Third place didn’t last long did it, certainly  not after Chelsea battered Aston Villa 8-0. Somehow, and maybe with a little help from other sides, we have managed to get ourselves up the table and into the top four. Now we need to build on the last three victories, start playing with a lot more confidence and conviction and push on from here.

I’m not sure we’ll get many more gifts from others and now that we have got ourselves into the Champions League places, we need to hunt down the two Manchester sides above us, who in all honesty, are very average this season.

Thankfully, Wenger is not getting too carried away with our league position and nor should he either:

It’s good but not enough. We want more and I hope that gives us a bit more belief and confidence so that we can play much more positively.

Away from home, our record is quite good. We’ve only lost at Manchester United and Norwich since the beginning of the season.

He’s right of course, three back to back victories is good but we have a long way to go until the end of the season and the players and manager need to be doing a lot more yet to convince most fans that we our starting to improve.

Newcastle at home next Saturday will be tough test which we really have to pass as our home form is simply awful having won just fourteen points from eight games!

After that, it’s the opening of the January sales and we all love that don’t we. If Wenger just signs a defence minded midfielder and Thierry Henry it’ll be an improvement on what we have right now, not enough long-term I know, but an improvement…

In addition to those of course, we need to tie down Theo Walcott to a new contract too and Jack Wilshere is desperate for his team-mate and good friend to follow him and the other four Brits who have just signed on the dotted line:

Six brits

I think he looked at that. We’re all great friends, the British boys, we all go out together, have meals together and sit together when we’re on the road, so hopefully he can follow us and sign.

Everybody at the club wants Theo to re-sign. But that is something he has to sort out, it is up to him and the club if they can reach an agreement and I hope they do. Theo’s been great for us. We just signed five British boys so hopefully he can be the sixth and cap it off.

I’m always winding him up, saying, “C’mon Theo, sign”. It’s up to him and the club. Theo knows what he means to us and what he means to the fans.

I know Walcott is not every fans ‘cup of tea’, but I’m with Jack Wilshere:

‘C’mon Theo, sign’…

That’s it for another day, don’t forget to make sure your chimneys are nice and clean and your fire is out tonight…

Yo Ho Ho.....

Yo Ho Ho…..

Have a good one all…….

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