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Clause in Emirates deal will put the pressure on & another 3 points scraped….

It took a soft penalty decision awarded to us and a couple turned down for Wigan to get all three points but right now, do we honestly care?

Walcott didn’t dive, he just stumbled over after being gently caught from behind and as for the Wigan claims for handball, well blame the ref for that. Just as we have to when decisions like that go against us!

In fact, Jonathan Moss was dreadful yesterday. He booked Jack Wilshere for after making a wonderful, well-timed and accurate tackle in which he clearly won the ball but allowed Wigan players to commit fouls as and when they chose.

We weren’t at our best yesterday, not by a long way and Wigan contributed to that by closing us down quickly. The pitch didn’t help either but that was the same for both sides and it didn’t stop Wigan getting forward and creating chances. They were allowed too much time and space all too often and had they been able to cross and finish better, the result would have been very different, but they couldn’t and it wasn’t and that’s that!

We had the first chance, Arteta  broke away with the ball and found Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. His shot was pushed past the post by Wigan goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi. Kone had Wigan’s first chance but his soft shot was straight at Szczesny. He really should have done better.

The same player had another chance soon after. He was played through by Di Santo and as Per Mertesacker struggled to match him for pace, the player took his shot, but fired wide.

Wigan continued to get forward at every chance with Stam and Beausejour but couldn’t make any attack count, mostly because of their lack of  composure in the penalty area or the inability to find a team-mate when it mattered.

After the break, Walcott  had a couple of good chances after Oxlaide-Chamberlain set him up, but both chances were denied.

Walcott was forced out wide after an over hit cross. He played a one two with Santi Cazorla as he pressed into the penalty area. As he did so, he was caught by Beausejour from behind. Not a bad tackle, just a clumsy one and the referee pointed to the spot.

Arteta stepped up and made no mistake. 1-0

Wigan again threatened through Kone which Szczesny saved, he also denied another chance, this one from Figueroa. David Jones fired a chance just wide from distance  and then there was a moment of controversy when  a shot was fired in and the ball clearly hit Kieran Gibbs arms.

Wigan continued to try and get the equaliser but we held on to take all three points.

So what did that game tell us?

Walcott isn’t strong enough to play up front on his own?

The defence were all over the place at times and gifted Wigan far too much space and time down both flanks?

Our midfield is in desperate need of an organiser? We need a brute who will the battles both on the ground and in the air and protect the back four.

The positive side to yesterday is that we kept a clean sheet and went home with three points.

I just hope Wenger doesn’t think that three victories on the trot make things alright because it’s not…

Twenty three and maybe we will all start believing it is…..

Just a quick mention about The Emirates deal.

Emirates senior vice-president Boutros Boutros has confirmed that  the Dubai-based airline, are planning to impose results-based precautions as part of any new deal.

There are certain clauses, from 2015, that we pay them a percentage less if they don’t perform. 

The Champions League is part of the new contract. It’s just to keep them on their toes.

It’s fair to us and fair to them.

By 2015, I’d like to think that we are finishing in the top two, not just the top four! But, that little clause could be enough to make Stan dip a bit deeper into his pocket.
That’s if he’s still around at Arsenal by then…..


Have a good day all…….

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204 comments on “Clause in Emirates deal will put the pressure on & another 3 points scraped….

  1. [...] Emirates clause will put the pressure on & another 3 points scraped…. [...]

  2. Morning Rico and everyone. Mrs Adam thanks you for your birthday congratulations.
    As you know Rico, I have big, make that enormous, concerns, about this Arsenal team and where it is going. To be undone so often by a single ball over the top or through the defence should be sending alarm bells ringing. Without discussing any players individually or the lack of tactical awareness that is laid bare week in week out, I just don’t think the team is very good. Fortunately for us, most of the other teams aren’t very good either which is why we somehow find ourselves so far up the table. But good or not, it is where we are at the moment. I don’t know anybody who is relishing watching this Arsenal team play these days though I feel sure that someone will pop up to tell me they are and that I am being disloyal. I feel we could concede at any moment from the most banal of situations. Something, sometime, somewhere along the line is going to have to change. Only my opinion though.

  3. Morning Adam and all,

    I do hope you are spoiling Mrs Adam?

  4. I am Rico. I just let her make me some toast. :)

  5. I share your views and concerns as you know Adam. Each time Wigan broke I thought they would score. many other sides would have done.

    I don’t believe we have a group of bad players, some though are just about good enough to be squad players but in the main, our best starting eleven are good, just lack organisation.

    I think we have the players, they just can’t play as a team.

    Sp said yesterday that he thought we played better without Jack, thinking about it, maybe he’s right, not because of Jack of course but playing him and Santi together doesn’t always work.

  6. Like I said, you are all heart Adam….

  7. Before the sponsorship deals expired, I had the feeling that sponsors want to be associated with winners. If Arsenal were not winning anything or fail to qualify for the cl,the sponsors could take their deals elsewhere.
    Now Wenger knows he has to deliver the mininmum of cl qualification.I believe he had for too long put fancy soccer ahead of winning and that;s why the gunners suffered.
    Hopefully he will change tack and win ugly if necessary,otherwise he will have to go.

  8. Thank you Rico. I try.. :)

  9. Welcome JG,

    The CL has been his 1st priority aim for years is seems, certainly ever since we moved to The Ems.

    Maybe a hint of that clause coming in has always been around but they were prepared to give us time – that would explain why qualification has been so important.

  10. another tough game to sit through, the Wigan boss was unlucky in fairness he tactically had hold of Wenger and but for the penalty it was more points dropped. We’re miles off the pace in truth as we’ll see in coming weeks. Thought our keeper and the OX did well and could have strangled Wenger for pulling our only outlet from the pressure, off the pitch and throwing on Ramsey. I seriously thought that would give them a share of points and in truth should have a number of times.

  11. Morning all. Good post Rico, Now i have calmed down i believe your post is very acurate, we wasn’t at our best and Wigan the same, I never thought the penalty was a penalty but afer watching it several times Theo did get touched so i would say we were fortunate, I agree that Wigan were unlucky not to get at least one of the handball situations as had it been against us i wouldn’t have been happy. The referee was as poor as both sides they probably deserved one another but at this level not good enough. 3 points and third position feels like we have robbed someone but points mean prizes but will our luck hold out.

  12. Hi Oz – it wasn’t the most pleasing on the eye was it…

    Ox was really good, especially in the second half, I wouldn’t have taken him off either, in fact Jack was worrying me after he picked up his yellow.

    Why Ramsey comes on and plays on the right I will never know, my only thought it was to try and stop them getting by Sagna, which they had a few times. But if that was the reason, why not just bring on Jenks?

    He can defend a lot better than Ramsey, and he could have got forward and supported TW, with enough pace in his legs to get back with ease….

  13. Can a yellow card be rescinded? Can Jamie Redknapp be removed from commenting on Arsenal games? No Redknapp should ever be allowed on TV with an opinion on our team, especially wearing such tight trousers while sporting designer stubble. I see the ghastly Redknapp senior is busy trying to deflect attention from himself by blaming players wages for their position at QPR. Redknapps and their idol, money, are old bedfellows methinks. Could QPR be latest in a long line of clubs that Twichy has accompanied to the lower divisions, only for him to rise Phoenix-like from the rubble clutching a wad of readies with a host of excuses? Things to ponder on this quiet day.

  14. Morning Sp, I think I forgot to include the TV penalty shout, either on another day could have been given..

    Ref was shocking, still can’t believe he booked Jack.

    Like emma or agag said yesterday, it’s much better than losing having played wonderful football.

    Had it been a one off none of us would be moaning but this style of play has been going on for a while now and it’s worrying….

  15. I’m not sure about yellow cards Adam…

    I’d love to see Redknapp snr heading off to the lower league, I really detest him and the thought of seeing his ugly mug hanging out his newest 4×4 in January revolts me…

    As for Jamie, M&S love him….

  16. I am in the minority here it seems but I believe it was a penalty on Theo. you can’t tackle from behind in the box and I don’t think that either of the handballs would justify a penalty. The rules apparently state that their has to be intention and I saw none of that. What about the fouls that were made on Jack by that crop haired thug who loved leaving his foot in at every opportunity. However Wigan got this reputation as a footballing team I don’t know because every time I have seen them they do like to put it it about. Di Santo is a spiteful sod. I wouldn’t cut them any slack from yesterday. We were crap but they were crappier. Personally I didn’t get the Ramsay substitution at all. Surely he is far better wide left? :) left out altogether some might say and Iinclude myself in that collective. Wenger giving him a new contract says so much about so much.

  17. Morning Rico, You just reminded me of the Arteta run forward when the ball was passed to an empty space and Arteta looked reluctant to go forward, but because the pass was so bad he had to force himself to go forward, that man has been defending to long.

  18. I have to disagree on the Gibbs one, you can’t put your arms in front of your chest for protection imho.

    Ramsey, well I’m saying nowt ;)

  19. I don’t think he is a defender at all Sp, I know Ts keeps saying that that is where he used to play, but his best days were at Everton and he played a creative role.

    We have got away with him playing there in certain games, but in others, our midfield frailty has been exposed…

    We need a proper defence minded midfielder, and a darn good one. Not some cheap and cheerful unheard of….

  20. you’re right rico, we shouldn’t have skipped on buying a proper DM so typical of Wenger. He’s wasted at DM for two reasons, one he’s not physical enough to make the required statement and two he is far more dangerous further up the pitch with his composure.

  21. Couldn’t agree more Rico, I know this may sound strange but i miss Song, not many liked him but his dogged meanderings forward at least went forward. Not the greatest player but i liked his spirit.

  22. Agree 100% with you on Ramsey Adam.

  23. Surely Rico, if you do put you hands in front of your chest it is a natural movement of retraction and not designed to interfere with the flight of the ball. A handball penalty surely requires a deliberate move of the arm toward the ball with the intention of changing its trajectory. If the ball hasn’t hit Giibbs arm/ hand it would have hit him in the chest. All those penalties that are given when someone blasts the ball at at defender who is a couple of yards away, sliding in to block with his arms by his side, seem harsh to me.
    I completely agree with the DM. If you have Santi and Jack floating around with little regard for defensive shape then you surely need a class player to keep the backdoor locked and offer a line of defence in front of the back four?

  24. ball to hand not hand to ball?

  25. Exactly Oz, he’s slim and too lightweight and easily gets shoved off the ball. I’m hoping that AW has finally accepted that Diaby isn’t going to be fit enough for long enough to be relied on and he signs one in Jan…

    But as said before Sp, for each pass or forward move he got right, he got many wrong. Not sure we miss the player but we sure as heck mucked up by not replacing him.

    By I know why people are missing Song, and that says a lot really about how vulnerable our midfield is.

  26. Oz. yes, I think so.

  27. Fair point Adam… I’m not convinced though ;)

  28. to me as good a player as Arteta is, he’s probably my favourite player BTW, it is that Physical presence thats missing when teams bear down on us – dunno about you but i am getting to the stage where every time anyone attacks us i got heart in mouth now days expecting to concede

  29. I was never Song’s biggest fan so wasn’t sorry to see him go. Not replacing him lies squarely at Arsene’s door and to rely on Diaby really was rolling the dice.

  30. I know you’re not Rico. I did try though. :)

  31. Adam

    Stop moaning and start massaging Mrs A. feet, in between fetching her favored spoilers. :P :P

    I’m not commenting on yesterday. Humbugggggggggg.

    On the contract extensions midweek. All youngsters that inked have in some form entered their international career. Arsenal might be legally obliged by contract clause to renegotiate.

  32. Same here Oz and how Wigan didn’t, I don’t know….

    Totally agree re Song and Diaby Adam..

  33. Morning Dg, wonder if there is anything relating to ‘being dropped from being captain’ :lol:

    Adam, don’t you always ;)

  34. DG. If you think this is me moaning then you ain’t seen nothing yet :) Yesterday was 3 points but I see the bigger picture from the stands every time we have a home match. When was the last time you read a post from someone who actually attends the games which was positive. The Emirates is grim at the moment, believe me. But, we live in hope, rather than anticipation.
    Still, I shall take your advice and in the festive spirit of Christmas, let Mrs Adam massage my feet. :) and of course I shall eat the dark chocolate delicacies that my friend bought for her.

  35. Good morning all,

    What’s so bad about an away win ooop nooorth? All of you would have given your right arm for one a couple of seasons ago.

    A cold wet Saturday in Wigan and one nil to The Arsenal! Luvvly Jubbly!!

    Redknap junior comes in for a bit of stick but in all fairness to him, his comments about defenders not taking the “hit” in the box. is spot on.

    Last week Na€ri was ridiculed for ducking out of the way of the ball at a free kick, that was no worse than both Gibbs and Vermaelen’s actions yesterday. In those situations the players should have the guts to face the ball and take it if the ball hits them, it’s their job!

  36. I got lucky Adam, we looked class at times against Reading ;)

  37. Morning Rico,

    With Ramsey it’s probably the number of caps he mustered over a certain period. Be glad he got stripped it could have cost Arsenal 5K per week extra. ;)

    Morning All Gooners.

  38. Morning JW.

    It’s not the 3 points, of course that’s great and as you say, a few seasons back we’d have possibly lost.

    But, the bigger picture is we are playing badly and have been for a long while.

    That’s why performances like yesterday will be heavily criticised

  39. Ha ha Dg, I forgot that bit about him wearing the armband…

  40. Off out for the day. I take your point against Reading Rico. Honest.

  41. Adam

    You know we’re in the same camp. Just pulling your leg mate. But I don’t approve you looting the missus for her aphrodisiacs. :)

  42. Evening all.
    I asked the question elsewhere……when was the last time we put in a top performance in wet conditions??
    Nobody can remember.
    Not, this is not an excuse, merely a question.
    Still, we got the 3 points,there is no doubt at all it was a genuine penalty, the referee was the only performance worse than ours.
    Did they drag him from his pint ten minutes before kick off??

  43. Ramsey again guys………seriously, it is getting boring.

  44. See you Adam. Have a splendid Sunday.

  45. What’s so wrong with playing badly and winning? I’ll take that any day rather than playing brilliantly and losing.

    Listening to some on here we are rubbish…yet we are third in the league. Can’t be that bad then.

  46. Well said JW.
    No, we are not at the levels of The Invincibles…..not even close.
    We are what we are…….

  47. You both have a lovely day Adam…

  48. Scott,

    It’s not Ramsey per se, rather than what purpose does Ramsey play. He is not a right winger, yet he has been played there quite often. He is not a defensive mid-fielder, yet he is often brought on, as a sub, to play there. He is not a defender, yet he is often asked to play in defence, late on in games.

    “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind.

  49. Away at West ham wasn’t too bad Scott….

  50. JW,it is getting to the point where win, lose or draw, it becomes all about Ramsey.
    Rico, not too bad isn’t great though….just saying we seem to lose plenty in the wet.
    Again, it is not an excuse, just something we need to work on, imo.

  51. Hi everyone.
    Nothing left to say about yesterday but we leapfrogged the spuds! That’ll help the turkey go down.
    Have a great Christmas one and all.

  52. Hi Bg, you have a fab Christmas too….

  53. I was being ironic really Scott, coming away from the Hammers with a 3-1 victory and playing better than yesterday is certainly better.

    We were shocking yesterday at times.

    Of course I am happy with the 3 points by I am greatly concerned with the way we are playing….

    But hey, it’s Christmas, the season of goodwill so I will say no more and just be happy that we are 3rd for a few hours, we sit above the Totts for the time being….

    Bah humbug ;)

  54. Happy Christmas BG,

    Is that the turkey on the Spud’s badge you’re talking about? :-)

  55. Rico, my point remains that the two Manchester sides stand out, we are where we are and will stay around 3rd or 4th.
    I have said all season that the other clubs are nowhere near as strong as people think.
    To contend for top honours, we must improve dramatically, but how many even on here a few weeks ago were suggesting we’d finish 10th??
    Again i ask is the PL totally over rated??

  56. Breaking News:

    Humtelaar officially signed his Schalke extension this morning. He didn’t feel comfortable switching colours. Wonder why he didn’t fancy the 3rd club in the Premier League.

  57. But that isn’t good enough Scott, ok we can’t compete with Citeh’s money, but we should sure as heck be beating Utd….

    Re finishing 10th – the season isn’t over yet, let’s see where we are in May.

  58. Oh well, most didn’t want him anyway Dg ;)

    Guess it was all about his agents getting him a better offer from Schalke….

  59. JW / Scott

    We scrapped something from the bottom of the pot. Hooray. Better pinch Lady Luck in her bottom and wink seductively. It might go beyond blind dates for the foreseeable future.

  60. But i and a few others were sying exactly that not long ago….see where we are in May :)
    We all know it isn’t good enough, but discussing it won’t change that.
    Accept what we are atm….not much else we can do.

  61. Dutch,
    What of Citeh scoring in the 93rd minute to win against the cellar dwellers??
    How bad must they be if they can only get one past them?
    Spuds…….great side that one.
    Everton….WBA….not travelling too well.

  62. Off to bed now…have a great day all!!

  63. I always maintain we should wait and see where we finish.

    The way we are playing is there to be discussed Scott, we can’t just sit back and say ‘hoorah, 3 points and up to 3rd’ and forget it.

  64. In fact I’d add to my last – ignoring what has been going on is the reason we are where we are right now….

  65. Rico,

    You accept that we can’t compete with City’s money yet you expect us to beat United, City can’t beat United!

    We have the fourth best goals against record in the league and the third best goal difference. It shows that our defence is improving and our attack is not as bad as some make out. The team is improving as the newer players are settling in.

    The call for even more new players in the January transfer window is rising to a crescendo but too many additions will only add to the disruption and break up the hard won cohesion of a team gradually moving out of transition.

    Patience people, accept a few ugly wins, it’s only just half time, we’re nicely positioned, there’s everything to play for in the second half.

    That’s my cliche quota for the year. :D

  66. Ignoring something and accepting what we can’t change is two different things though.

  67. Scott

    Others performing below par doesn’t require Arsenal to match those levels. We aren’t licensed EPL cuz we can equal atrocities.

    We are part of the bunch filling the fixture list that could frustrate title contenders.

  68. Nite Scott.

  69. JW –

    yes I do – I think we are level with fergies lot with money, he just seems to get the right players to suit his squad. And he seems to have a way of getting them to win, even though they are very average this season.

    We do need new players, that is clear to see by the gaping holes in midfield and with Santos on his way back to turkey it seems we need a defender who can also cover at left back…

  70. Scott, I think if the club hadn’t ignored the problems over the last 3/4 years, we wouldn’t be where we are.

    And on the pitch, if we didn’t ignore where we are going wrong and do something about it in training, we’d be better than we are…

    And if you believe that isn’t happening then the players really must be to blame…

    Sleep well..

  71. Hi Adk, I doubt AW wanted him anyway ;)

    Exactly Dg, that should inspire us more and we should be capable of taking advantage of other results…

  72. Things to be doing today so off for a few hours.

    Back later….

  73. ArsenalDK

    Be glad, his dressing room personality stinks. Been proven over many times. At Schalke he may roar his gob as undisputed quality. Besides it was his last pensionado contract. No resale value, his legs are declining.

  74. Happy Birthday Mrs Adam…

  75. Maurinho benches Cassillas loosing to Malaga 3-2. He’s definitely looking for quarrel to fuel department. If the title doesn’t land in his lap he’s out for psycho war. Special One? Pffff……please.

  76. On Humtelaar….

    Last season Bundes Liga top-scorer with 29 goals. Halfway through this season stuck at 5. No reason to upset negotiations with Theo over him.

  77. Afternoon Kev,

    Quite diplomatic you. :)

  78. Afternoon all. Thanks Kev
    Swansea making an ordinary Man Utd team look ordinary. 1-1.

  79. When was the last time a sponsor came out demanding results or cash shipments are halted?

    Not hating, just asking for trivia.

  80. DG. Perhaps the eyes of the sponsors can see what is happening at Arsenal.

  81. Ray Wilkins is a grotesque little man.

  82. Adam

    At the very least it’s acknowledging as well as awkward to be retreating after you signed one of the major sponsor deals in world football.

    So far for popping Champagne corks.

  83. True DG. But big sponsors want their companies to be associated with success, ambition and growth. Are Arsenal living up to those values at the moment?

  84. Afternoon Dutch…

    Are you on the Rastafarian Old Holborn today? :-D
    Pass it around bruv.

    Afternoon Gooners
    Afternoon Rico.
    Adam, no Huntelaar leaves me strangely unmoved.
    Gotta feeling his agent engineered the whole Huntelaar to Arsenal saga…
    Or made more of it than was actually the fact…

  85. Me too Kev.
    Are you grafting today? I am in and out it seems.

  86. I tried slipping it in softly, with my comments on Humtelaar. But how many Gooners realize Theo’s contract situation has consequences attracting a prolific striker come January??

    Don’t expect him signing anytime soon. If at all, since spearhead maverick rumours are riffing.

  87. I suppose we’re in for Demba Ba to Arsenal, exclusives, for the next few weeks now that Huntelaar is out of the frame.

    All diversion’s of course, as AW & Red Hooter fight ut out over Zaha.
    Shaw to the Chavs would be a sickener. It would also mean the end of Shaw’s career, as is the case with all young players who go to that mental institute.

  88. Yes Adam, working the stations today.
    Slow but steady. A bit like me… ;-)

  89. A good January’s business, would see Arsenal re-signing TH14, Shaw, Zaha and Hughes from Derby.
    I’d also take Villa on loan, as long as Barca paid a percentage of his wages…

  90. I’d also take that Sunzu, as a replacement for Diaby.

  91. Hmmmmmmmmmm ………. wait for it …………… Pffffffffffffffff………. here ya go Kev pass after you’re done. ;)


    Fly Emirates has little more brand equity in my book than Visit Cyprus.com. More like an chamber of commerce campaign luring visitors to consider their travel destination. Not which bird you choose.

    Besides being plastered around the planet isn’t exactly committing either. They don’t depend on us to raise awareness.

  92. Boo!! Hi, AK. :) Stop working, go on your hols. ;)

    Hiya, Dutch. Howdy? Adam, I trust you spoiled Mrs Adam to within an inch of her life. :)

    rico, let’s go on scraping all those three points one game at a time. :) :)

  93. Hi Agag. I did and still am. :)

  94. Afternoon folks,

    Nice post Rico.

    ‘ I think we are level with fergies lot with money, ….’ , I would have to agree but you know I would Rico. ;)

    Even with a drop in revenue the manures posted a £320M revenue.Net profit rose 79.2% to £23.3m, but this was boosted by a £28m tax credit.

    We on the other hand posted overall turnover was £243 million. Note that that revenue included the housing sales. In fact we would have made a loss if we had not sold players…

    I know most of you are not fans of AW but a team that has spent less than Aston Villa over the last 15 years with the same manager in charge deserves respect in my book.

    Even when he has stated publicly this week that in the past he has had to spend within his budget (which has been reported by very reliable sources to be in the region of £15M) some fans still slate him….

    So I would ask again, without AW where would we have been?…

  95. Cheers Dutch… Any rumours coming out of the home of Total Football?

    Agag, more work now, more dough for the January sales. ;-)

  96. Summer sales Cavani says he is not moving, Lewandowski is not either, and Klaas has re-signed with Schalke. Clever man he knows his station I will say. ;)

    Emma’s Capoue is available if we can tip PSG to him. Suárez Mata of A. Madrid is awesome but a spanish defensive player may give Rico and Adam sleeping night so maybe not.

    Ba really? With the ghost hanging around Colney ready to pull any players muscle or ligament if he is genetically weak I would not go there….

    A Lopez is looking good so a nice alternative for me….

  97. ….sleepless night I meant..

  98. Ts. The answer to that last question is that we don’t know.
    I also think that your proposition that most of us are not fans of Wenger might suit your point, but is not true. I would say that most of us are fans of his. Some of us are just perplexed at the decline of our club.

  99. Hi Dutch, I want to visit Cyprus.
    We are in third position, but don’t miss Chelsea has 2 games in their pocket.
    Swansea it’s an interesting team… and we will be there in the FA round.
    I never beleive Huntelar can come in even Ba. First, depends what will happen with Chamack; second, depends of the wages; third, Llorente, Villa are very expensive and they didn’t play usually this season. Adrian (A.Madrid) he is completely integrate in AM team; fouth, without Gervinho and Chamack (?) we need a forward, a really one, not a adaption like TW.So, for me Falcao ;-)

  100. tsGH,

    Down he toilet!!

  101. … suit my point?…

    All I know is that in the last 9 years Arsenals revenue annual revenue has gone up by over £120M whilst manure’s has not even after winning everything.

    I do not care about the money the club makes, however, all I know is that no other club has been able to have increase in revenue and club value to that effect. Yes maybe moving from a 35k to a 60k stadium has done it but….

    Some people say AW is not tactical because he has no plan b but then suggest a coach who has no plan b but has even worst transfer record that AW when all his purchases are over £17M.

  102. Jm,

    Cyprus is wonderful, but don’t go in August, it’s too hot, unless you are up in the Troodos Mountains, they are beautiful at any time of year.

  103. @JM Huntelaar has re-signed with SC04.

    And to add to your point we have only one room for a none british player and I assume King Henry is taking that spot so unless we can shift players not involved then we are stuck between a rock and a hard place… imho

  104. Hi JW. How are you this miserable day?

  105. As you should, Adam. :) :P Kev, haven’t had much luck with the sales. :( :( Hiya, JW and JM. How you holding up, Ginge? Hope the cold is manageable there. :)

  106. I went to Cyprus once. I wouldn’t go back. There are much nicer islands throughout the Med.

  107. Joaquim

    Visit Cyprus? Fly Emirates!! ;)

    Kev no news ….. other than Humtelaar.

    Hiya Agag,

    Going out for a bit of card flashing. Need to buy festive food and drinks. Does it ever end dragging home supplies to our caves. :)

  108. Hi Agag,

    no shopping for me yet. I am taking the mrs out for the sales shopping on Wednesday. She has agreed to it but I know it will get thrown in my face later. :D

  109. Adam,

    So long as you avoid the southern coastal strip Cyprus is fine, just get inland a bit or visit the western end or get up in the mountains.

    Hi tsGH, I’m fine, what do you mean “miserable day”? The sun has just set on Norfolk, I’m still basking in the joy of three points and Christmas is coming. :-)

    Hi Agag, are you shopped out yet?

  110. JW. I went to Protaras, Fig Tree Bay, on advice from people who told me they knew what they were talking about.

  111. Its very wet and dark here in my part of Surrey.

    I was very please with the team yesterday and the 3 pts. I think if we can add a physical presence to our midfield we could push the top 2 teams…

    And just to clarify, my saying I am happy with Arteta’s role does not mean we should not buy a true DM. The same way most Arsenal fans think SC19 is a true no.10 I think he does a poor job of it.

  112. we are 4th now…

  113. I believe that Benfica are very popular in Cyprus…

  114. My Christmas carol for Wenger.

  115. I never knew that Kev. Fascinating.

  116. JM,

    Only until Villa score a couple, have faith :-)

  117. Kev,

    Is that the football team or as a holiday destination? :-)

  118. Adam,

    I enjoyed a couple of great holidays in Cyprus but I prefer Cephalonia.

  119. JW. I prefer the Isle Of Dogs.

  120. In fact Benfica are popular everywhere

  121. yes, Benfica control the referees everywhere

  122. Back to 4th then ;)

    Anyone seen what happened to that Dutchman, Fergie is calling for the Swansea player to be suspended….

    Afternoon folks….

  123. Sturridge has had a medical at Liverpool today, Rodgers isn’t hanging around this transfer window….

  124. JM….. Do I detect a air of bitterness in your 4.25…? ;-)

  125. Just watched the Gibbs handball again, definitely hands to ball imho :)

  126. Rednose says Van pursey could have been killed…

    I bet he is thinking if VP is out for 5 weeks, manures season will be over. Where are the pundits remakes on one-man team?

  127. Thank goodness for ‘never say never’ :lol:

  128. I saw it Rico. Van Persie went down and the Swansea player blasted the ball at his head from very close range. Fergie is citing it as attempted murder. It was almost as bad as Van Horseface punching Freddie full in the ribs out of pure spite some years ago. I seem to recall that went completely unpunished as did the ruthless targeting of Reyes by Man Utd players, allowed without censure by a passive and complicit Mike Reilly.
    Today’s incident was a bit naughty but RVP leapt up and got involved. If it was us then our player would have been sent off.

  129. Kev I would put Juve, manure and Benfica in a super champions league team and see who comes on top. i.e who pulls the refs strings hard enough. lol

  130. Hand to ball Rico? So we should have drawn or even lost?

  131. Adam, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Isle of Wight.
    I have been there many times and Ryde has quite a nightlife…
    The El Morrocco teas rooms are memorable…

    I also hear that the Isle of Grain is quite breathtaking at this time of year…

  132. The Nuclear Power station on the Isle of Grain, is quite a tourist attraction…

  133. tsGH… R. Madrid of course!
    Benfica is out of the CL :-)

  134. ha ha ha, JM. I meant in a single league together over 20 matches to see how the referees favour those teams. I would even add Ajax and Barcelona too.

  135. Ah, not so nice then Adam but yes, you are right about had it been one of ours…

    Re the handball, yes….

    Did you and Mrs Adam had a lovely day out?

  136. I believe you. We got lucky then Rico.

  137. chelsea 4-0
    was penalty, rico?

  138. How are you Ak, I keep missing you these days :(

  139. Hi JM, what Theo’s or either of the Wigan appeals?

    Yes on all for me….

  140. Martin Tyler had to get a dig in about Arsenal flying to Norwich… All because Chelsea are travelling by coach… fools!

  141. both…
    So we were lucky yesterday

  142. I think so Jm….

  143. How I dream that the days of lucky arsenal will once again be ringing in my ears.

  144. Can’t watch no more of the chav’s running riot

  145. Smoked cod’s roe on toast and wing of skate in caper butter…..Orford this afternoon Adam, it was truly wonderful!
    Happy buffday to Mrs A!!!

  146. I’d rather we didn’t rely on luck fred ;)

  147. Sir Alex Ferguson says Robin van Persie is “lucky to be alive” after being hit in the head by a ball struck by Ashley Williams

    What a an f…ing christmas present that would have been

  148. Rico..I know what you mean but just a little bit then.

  149. Lee. You have me quivering with envy. You are truly a man of rare taste.
    Many thanks for Mrs A.

  150. Followed by treacle tart and cream. Sorry Adam had finish the picture!! ;)

  151. Fergie reckons Judas is quite the golden goose. For me he’s on toast this Christmas. :P

    Evening All.

  152. Treacle tart and cream, that’s got me tuned in Lee ;)

    fred, i think you are the only one with the courage to post that ;)

  153. Sounds great Lee. Did you have that fantastic apple juice too? I wish I could get that locally.

  154. Google says treacle tart and cream is Harry Potter’s favorite. Hocus Pocus *poof* hmmmmm nice.

  155. Is a bit strong rico

  156. Totts wants Belhanda (Montpelier) in January

  157. Arsenal will lose some of their £30million a year sponsorship from main backers Emirates if the club fail to qualify for the Champions League in the future.

    Now the club’s big backers, who have negotiated an extension on their contract to cover the five seasons from 2014-15, have disclosed they are taking precautions in case the club’s Champions League revenue and exposure suddenly dry up.

    Emirates senior vice-president Boutros Boutros confirmed that the Dubai-based airline, which puts its name to both the stadium and Arsenal’s shirts, are planning to impose results-based precautions as part of any new deal.

    ‘There are certain clauses, from 2015, that we pay them a percentage less if they don’t perform,’ said Boutros.
    ‘The Champions League is part of the new contract. It’s just to keep them on their toes.
    ‘It’s fair to us and fair to them.’

  158. If that’s how you feel fred ;)

    Hope they don’t get him JM…

  159. I’m always here Rico…

    Ferguson talks crap, but he bloody fights his corner and his club back him 100% and lean on the FA & EPL at every opportunity.

    Does our club???

  160. me too but they want João Moutinho. Potto don’t sell him on Janauray

  161. Off for dinner….

  162. Do Arsenal actually any influence at the FA or the EPL…???

    Not since Dein was sacked.

    If the Press wrote about ManUre, the way that they write about Wenger and Arsenal, they would be banned from Old Toilet. No question.
    Same with the BBC. Lineker takes the piss outta Wenger, and we do nothing.

    What do Arsenal do when we’re being ridiculed?
    Fcuk all… It’s pathetic.

  163. Kev

    Spot on. But our Ivan represents the FA EPL commission as head honcho. So no chance in hell for public scrutiny from our board.

  164. My hatred for Ferguson knows no boundaries, he may be a great manager, but he is scum as a person. Always has been, always will. Just a horrible person.

    RVP could have been killed… are you fucking serious? What sort of statement is that to make? He has a football kicked off him whilst laying on the ground. He didn’t dodge a gunshot.
    That kind of statement is over dramatic, and just disgusting.

    How about when Roy Keane intentionally broke a mans leg to end his career?? Or Cantona jumping into a crowd to kick a man in the head…

    I just hate him. Vile human being

  165. The club should complain about Martin Tylers comments.
    What do we have a Press Office for…???
    Another bunch of amatuers at the club, to go with the Commercial Dept and thzt knobhead Fox.

  166. Charlie, we are a club with dignity, better than those savages in manchester.
    We don’t throw toys out of the pram when a couple of “journalists” poke fun at us. We as a club rise above it, something that sets us apart from the others.

  167. Yes Dutch, you are correct, I forgot about Ivan’s involvement….

    Strange how we’re getting some favourable refereeing decisions now?!

    Coincidence Dutch???

    No, nooo, surely not?!!!

  168. ESP

    Beckham wearing a trendy black eye after Rudolf the Rednose controversially kicked a boot in his face.

  169. I can see your point Paul, and it’s laudable to have standards.
    But sometimes Arsenal are just a tad too much like a doormat

  170. Kev

    That’s what we indiscriminately guard here on HH. Wisdom of the crowd. :)

  171. Dutch I had completely forgot about that, would love someone to ask him would it have made a difference if it had been a boot instead of a ball.

    Ferguson gets away with a lot, the one man who can openly criticize the referring standards consistently and get away without as much as a fine, yet anytime Wenger even hints at a poor performance of the officials the guys gets a fine and a ban too.

    Charlie, its annoying at times, but our club must hold itself to a higher standard than the others now more than ever. Its a price we have to paid, but everyone knows Arsenal are a club with genuine class. Same can not be said for most of the clubs in the PL, especially Man United.

  172. Paul

    I wish some journo had the balls and the brain to remember at the post-match presser. Can’t stand the twat either. What an egg on his face that could’ve been. :P

  173. Fergie – nasty man…

    Hello folks..

  174. Hello again Rico, happy forking done I’m sure.

  175. Hi Dg, yes thank you, my favourite time of day :)

  176. Cruijf hails Wenger record VS Van Gaal ‘Robin has improved at ManU’.

    People should know both comments context. These echelon personas been rolling on the streets pulling each other’s hair for decades. Hope you sniff the stink above the flowers.

  177. Cripes, Chelsea won 8-0. I guess their fans will love Rafa now…

  178. Rico

    Goal difference for 4th or 3rd in their favour by a landslide. Nicking a few draws won’t do come May.

  179. Denilson unsure over future – Sky Sports

    Why? Chop the knot permanently will you, Ivan or Dick Law.

  180. RvP was bound to improve, he’s playing….. he would have improved with us had he not always been missing…

    Dg – we aren’t scoring enough, that’s for sure and on nights like reading, conceding 2 don’t do us any favours….

  181. Spooky – just been reading that same story, can’t believe he’s still only 24 years old. Cut him loose I say and let him stay where he is….

  182. Shame I liked Denilson in his early years, his prime will be beyond mid-twenty imho. Best for both parties nonetheless.

    Spooky…… hahaha. I was thinking the same about RIP.

  183. Rico shall we call it a day together??

  184. I think that is a very good idea Dg :)

  185. Double spooky then Dg… :)

    Night to you, have a fab evening…

    Same to the rest, Night all…..

  186. Well that’s it from us then. Night peeps. Lata folks.

  187. And it’s goodnight from him :P

  188. And goodnight from the lady of the house. :P

  189. Morning all.
    I turned on for the last 25 minutes or so of the Utd game, just missing the kick to RVP’s head, but right at the moment he offered up a piss poor excuse of a headbutt…..what did Fergie say about that?
    I was also in time to see RVP attempt a tackle, and i use that term loosely, which was a yellow, and in time to see Scholes make 3 “challenges” worth of a yellow, and Giggs one.
    Now i am not being one eyed here……watch the game and they were clearly worthy of a card,yet not one given and sometimes not even a freekick.
    Anyone that can keep a straight face and say this mob are not treated favourably deserves a medal.
    Scholes a legend…he is a fucking dirty cretin!!!
    Any headbutting on the football field should be directed at him.
    Roy Keane (i think) once said Paul Scholes has never, ever mistimed a tackle in his life.
    Enough said!!

  190. morning Scott – fell better now? :-)

  191. feel – sorry

  192. I am good mate.
    I reckon Scholes is just a dirty pittle shit and he always has been.

  193. Little…..
    Hate typing on this bloody Ipad!!

  194. hahaha i hate typing full stop! Merry Christmas to you buddy

  195. 200th

  196. Merry Christmas Eve to all our Commonwealth cousins, from the Mother Country… :-P

  197. Now as I have to be up in 4 hours, I will wish all you Gooners, from wherever you are on the globe, a fond farewell and a goodnight from me and a goodnight from, me!

  198. cheers Charlie – sleep well mate and happy xmas to ya

  199. Morning all, new post up….

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