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Usmanov talks about Arsenal, Left back ‘heavily tipped’ to join us & Champions League Draw today…

According to the local newspaper in Southampton, Luke Shaw is “heavily tipped” to leave the club in January and his expected destination is Arsenal. This story has been rumbling since the summer and it wouldn’t surprise me if this turn out to be true.

Having just tied down five British players to long-term contracts, Wenger seems keen to add Luke Shaw to this list. Rumour is we have had scouts watching him but then again, so have Chelsea but surely a player of his age would rather join a club which doesn’t swap its manager every five minutes and play under a manager who would give play him and not just pay him?

I doubt Kieran Gibbs would mind a bit of healthy competition and our current left-back does struggle with his fitness but the bigger bonus would be that should this rumour become true it will surely spell the end of Santos…

The Famous Five?

The Famous Five?

In case anyone was asleep all day yesterday, the above five have signed new long-term contracts with the club. One of course caused a few ripples and that was Aaron Ramsey. Some suggest he should go, some just think ‘give him a chance’ after his long injury lay off, some say he’s our hardest worker and if he could convert the chances he gets in front of goal he’d be so much better.

Regardless of what we all think, he’s here to stay or at least if he does go, it won’t be for free. The Welshman has been talking about himself and his return from injury:

At the beginning, I was really excited to have an opportunity to have a full season and to be involved in everything, I played 44 times and that was quite a shock to the system at the time, having been out for so long. I haven’t had a full season before in my professional career so it was a shock and definitely took its toll towards the end. Hopefully this one will be different and the form towards the end of the season will be better. I’ll be more used to dealing with that.

Next year I want to progress as a player and turn into the player that I know I am capable of turning into. I know I still have a few things to learn. My aim  is hopefully to show what I’m capable of doing on a more regular basis, and to get more goals as well. Last season I had quite a few opportunities, and looking back, I could easily have got into double figures with the amount of chances that I had. That’s something I need to improve on. I need to be a bit more composed in those final situations.

The contract signings will ensure that none of five will be leaving for free in the near future and having moaned so much about our players being allowed to run down their contracts, this has to be a good move by the club.

It’s the Champions League draw today and we could draw:

Paris Saint-Germain


Borussia Dortmund


Bayern Munich


Surely we won’t get Barcelona again?

I wouldn’t bet against it but I quite fancy us to draw Malaga.

Finally, Alisher Usmanov has spoken in an interview about Arsenal and what he would do should he ever have a say. The Daily Mail have covered the story with quotes so click HERE to read more.

That’s it for another day, only five more sleeps…….

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125 comments on “Usmanov talks about Arsenal, Left back ‘heavily tipped’ to join us & Champions League Draw today…

  1. [...] Usmanov talks about Arsenal, Left back ‘heavily tipped’ to join us & Champions League Draw … [...]

  2. Good morning everyone. This is a bit off topic, but it made me smile :)

  3. Morning all,

    Long time no see Adk, hope all is good..

  4. No chance Luke will leave in January. I’d forget about that one. If you give us £20m in the summer then maybe we’ll consider it, but this boy is Englands future left back, he’s class.

  5. Good morning all. Alisher Usmanov, come on down. See ya Syrup.

  6. Morning all

    happy that we are finally tying players down on long term contracts and for Ramsey as much as he frustrates me there is a lot more to come from him, its not his fault he is being played as a right winger……something he don’t have pace for.

  7. Morning TT & Adam, here here re Usmanov….

  8. Hi Chris, I take it you are a Saints fan?

    I hope you manage to keep hold of him if he’s that good, but somehow I doubt you will. And that’s not me being rude, Arsenal are no different when it comes to money talking…

  9. Morning all,

    Just about time for usmanov to make his move?!

    Agree with TT’s comments on Rambo, the engine on him is immense, I feel he just needs a bit more time, more sub appearances to build confidence and desire. No more right wing appearances, honestly wtf is Arsene upto with that? If he works hard on every aspect of his game he can make the grade imho.

  10. I reckon we’ll get Bayern in the CL.

  11. Good morning all,

    Same old, same old, if Kroenke wont sell, Usmanov can’t buy. Simples!

  12. Morning bondex & Lewis..

    Lack of squad depth re Ramsey on the right, add that to a dreadfully off form Gervinho and there’s the answer..

    But, with OC now fit and finding better form on the right and TW playing central, there will be no need to play him there.

  13. Morning JW, it’s going to happen, you got to accept it :lol:

  14. Lets hope so Rico, he has been slaughtered for performances, not just out on the right but it can’t help him find any rhythm with his play going from winger to CM, 2 completely different positions.

    Malaga are the obvious choice out of that bunch, sure Santi would enjoy that. I can see us getting Dortmund.

  15. kunle nigeria, mr usmanov may God grant you wish so you bring back our glory,pride and champion.

  16. Why don’t Arsenal produce their own players instead of circling round SFC like a pack of wolves stalking their prey? It’s getting ridiculous and since SFC are now one of the richest clubs in the world, we will not be selling any player. Luke plays in a prem side week in week out. Why oh why would he swap that for a place in the reserves at Arsenal?? You people make me laugh.

  17. Right, left and central, he’s having a mixed season Lewis, I guess at least he knows he’s got to step up his game, now its time to show he can..

    I’m not convinced but hopefully I’ll be proved wrong….

  18. Good on the contracts front. At least none. ,of the boys will be leaving in the foreseeable future! Note, neither will Wenger! His boys, his team!
    Of Ramsey, I think Wenger sees him in the same way as he views Diaby. He feels he has to give him a chance to become the footballer he always promised to be -until, like Diaby, he had his leg smashed to splinters! Now Wenger thinks it his is his duty to stand by him, for as long as possible.
    As for the other 4 signers, good business, especially JW. However, in theory Cesc is or rather would be at Arsenal, his contract wasn’t due for renewal until 2014 ! It all means not a lot! But for now, they are all ours!
    TW14 however, I believe has already gone. Chelsea? Manure? L’pool? New year we will all know the score!

  19. Rico,

    My personal opinion is that we would be no better off under Usmanov’s ownership than under that of Kroenke. Maybe he would stir the commercial dept. up a bit, but it’s too late to do anything about the stadium naming rights and the main shirt sponsor. Maybe he would pay off the loans taken out for the stadium re-build, but I believe there are severe penalties for early repayment, I’m sure he could afford to pay the penalties, but would he be willing to do so?

    One thing is for sure, if Usmanov does buy the club there is no chance that Wenger will get the elbow, so the AKB’s will be happy.

  20. I reckon Ramsey should go on loan to mid table team where he’ll get first team action on a regular basis in his favored position. Maybe Liverpool ?? ( sorry I couldn’t resist)

  21. Be really surprised if you’d get Luke soo soon. You probably will eventually… or a bigger side will eventually… but won’t be in January. The story will continue every transfer window until he goes… and that’ll be a fair few windows till then

  22. No chance it’ll happen this transfer window. Luke will eventually leave for sure… to a big side, possibly you or more likely a challenger for the league but that’ll be a few transfers windows ahead. This story will run and run until he leaves…

  23. Wavy,

    Yes it is good news that the five have signed up for the long term, but what I want to see is the signatures of Walcott and Sagna on new contracts.

  24. Wavy, I’m not sure re Wenger, I think he could easily walk away at the end of the season if things finish badly…

    I was teasing you JW, you are right of course, if SK won’t sell then we are stuck…

    I may have mentioned this before but I hope it all falls into place and we end up with a stadium called The Red & White stadium and Usmanov and his family in the years to come takes our club forward in every department…

  25. Haha breezy. He would be better than what pool have thought tbh.

  26. :lol: Breezy re Liverpool….

    You and me both re TW and Sagna JW, its all well and good having younger players but we need to tie down the experience too. I really hope both sign on real soon….

  27. Welcome Saints fans – blame the press for the story, in fact your local press started this one…

  28. Morning all…

    Good post Rico

    still going on about Ramsey? ;)

    AU comment:
    ‘The cycle of big money might change tomorrow in football. Everything has a limit, and this cycle of development (rising wages and transfer fees) may come down.’

    Enough said there …. ,even for a month purported to be worth $18Billion

  29. Got to go off again for a couple of hours, back later….

  30. Thanks Ts, catch you later

  31. Oh and the same Ox who could not even beat his first man a few weeks ago when he was discussing a contract?But the moment he agrees a new one he puts in one of his best performances since his cameo against manure. Cynical I know… ;)

  32. Rico,

    I can take the teasing :-) Don’t forget, Wenger has never broken a contract, he has said many times that he would honour his commitment, his contract runs until the end of next season, so unless Kroenke sacks him, and I can’t see that happening, he’ll be hear for a while yet.

  33. Who said that about OC Ts??

    Didn’t AW say he would see where things are at the end of the season JW, agree re SK not sacking him…

  34. Got to dash or I’ll be late ;)

  35. Bayern then…… ho hum!

  36. Bayern. I knew it. Off to buy lottery ticket.

  37. Goodmorning gunnerpshere

    That’s the price you pay for not winning your group. It should have being Galatasaray. Well maybe we have to do it the hard way ;)

  38. The dry run last night we got Bayern and manure got Madrid….it’s a conspiracy! D.A.W!

  39. With you all the way JW.
    Wenger has never broken a contract – ever, and he won’t now. He will still be here next year and perhaps he too will be asked to renew his contract! The little tease will prevaricate for all his worth and then re-sign for another 3 year stint! The length of the players’ contracts that have just been signed. “Project England”

  40. On the Ox I don’t mean you personally its just a comment from an observant based on his performance until last Monday.

    I just think footballers no matter how nice they are let money cloud their judgement. And possibly just not being fully happy may cause someone not to perform to the best of their ability…

  41. That home leg first?

  42. So who is going to own up in 3 years time when these so called players do not meet the club and fans expectations. would we then call them deadwoods and blame AW for signing 20 y.o to big long term contracts?

    We never learn as a club imho!Was Denilson not very good for us at 19 y.o even R.Madrid wanted him then? Didn’t the ‘best player’ in the world literary dragged Birmingham to the PL with his goals and performance by himself? Was he not one time touted as the next Laudrup or the best player to emerge from Denmark since michael 7 years ago?

  43. Bayern twitter feeds reads ‘seeyasoonPoldi!’ ;)

  44. Bayern look like CL contenders to me………

  45. When have SFC become one of the worlds riches clubs? Have I missed that?!

  46. Breezy 10.16;
    Come on down, the price is right…

    Well predicted. That’s the Champions League done and dusted for another year.
    Draw at home, lose away, but we still have the FA Cup…

    Morning Gooners.
    Moaning Lee, and Mick.
    Morning Rico. The Famous Five. What a great picture.

  47. Charlie George. U forgot the fourth place trophy … Duh!!!

  48. Because Markus Liebherr was worth 4 BILLION Euros thats why!
    Luke wont be joining you how about this one Walcott coming back to Southampton?
    As long as he hasnt signed could happen we have the money now……

  49. Personally I think we would be better off under Usmanov. Just a feeling.

  50. The CL “dry run” last night was exactly as it panned out today…. Adam,Rock & AK “dry” being the operative word!

  51. The Gunners boss has claimed that he will enter the market for “exceptional” talent but has admitted that he is more concerned with developing the players that he already has.

    “If we can add one or two exceptional players, we will do it,” London24 quotes Wenger as saying. “What we do not want to do is add players just because people put us under pressure to buy players.

    “That is where we have to be strong enough. If we find a player who will give us something special, we will do it but that in January will not be easy.

    “We have money, and why should I not spend it if it is to find the right players? I believe as well the first and most important thing is to keep confidence in the players we have. If we are consistent, we can come back.”

  52. That’s us signing no one then….. bah humbug!

  53. CNBC’s anchor, Geoff Cutmore (GC): Moving onto Arsenal. You have 30 percent stake but not on the board – do you need to be more aggressive? Why don’t you sell or force the pace and get yourself on the board?

    Alisher Usmanov (AU): Well for me as a human being, as a man, this is a difficult painful question. When we bought the Arsenal shares this was not just an investment. Although economically Arsenal is still very attractive, we invested in one of the best clubs, one of the best organised clubs. A club that a good strategy, stadium, good manager, one of the best teams. That’s why we invested. But as to the second part of your question, well I have to say that it is indeed very hard to understand and it rankles me that the current board doesn’t want a person who is a 30% investor to be on that board. We just don’t understand that strategy. Even though I have to tell you I don’t want to be a member of the board as it is now. It is strange; it’s a very strange situation that they do not want the biggest investor on the board. But as I said I am not asking for it. So I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm to help the team we would be ready to buy more shares, buy control, buy all shares. That is to say we are ready to do all that we can to help the company in order to consider any form of cooperation or ownership with the team.

    GC: Any chance of that happening next year?

    AU: I don’t think. It is very unpredictable. I don’t know.

    GC: Arsene Wenger does not want you on the board but you support Wenger?

    AU: First of all I do not hear about Arsene Wenger directly against me on the board and I am surprised if it likes this. Always I tell Mr Wenger is one of the best coaches in the world and football manager. But I openly will tell he had many, many difficulties. Of course today less, but before during the last five years he doesn’t have enough support to provide his conceptions of his game in Arsenal from the board. With source for transfers, for keeping players etcetera. That’s my view.

    GC: He’s lets some great players go. It’s a tragedy when you let someone of Robin van Persie skill walk out of the door – were those the right decisions?

    AU: This decision Mr Wenger also have mistake. If I’m and his players, I stay for a few years. But he explained that they want to go and win a trophy.

    GC: What about other players that Arsenal could have signed, like Hazard, who went to Chelsea? Again that’s another mistake isn’t it?

    AU: I never interfere in activity for which I am not responsible. This question is for Wenger.

    GC: Imagine that you have the controlling stake and you are able to help finance the club in a more full some way? What would Arsenal be like if you ran it?

    AU: In this case I need to demonstrate I’m asleep because it is my dream! In my dreams! I never ever give instructions to chief executive of my plans. I only ask you need my help or not. Second if I have big stake in Arsenal, of course I have my opinion about what our team must do. For example in commercial side I think there are also many questions about effectivity of today commercial management of Arsenal. But we will see, we will wait. Maybe when I wake up someday I have this Arsenal club!

    GC: Would you compete against the Manchester clubs to outbid them for players? Would you buy Messi for 100 pounds million?

    AU: For Messi! Any club would play any money for Messi! Now particularly today. But you cannot pay enormous price, nor unrealistic price. You need to give this to the hand of professional people like Wenger or his successors.

    GC: But would be prepared to use some of your… ..18 billion?

    AU: The trend of this business, like we speak about super cycle, now cycle of big money, tomorrow maybe the destination changes in football.
    GC: So you think transfer fees are going to go down?

    AU: Everything has a limit and afterwards it comes down. Everything has a cycle for development and trend.

  54. I’m okay rico, I am here every day, to read the posts and the comments, but I haven’t been commenting my self. So we drew Munich? Almost as hard a draw as Barcelona. They have a frightening team.. Heres hoping, but I think they will knock us out…

  55. @eastsidepaul

    When we got taken over by a Swiss Billionaire, the late Markus Liebherr.

    We’re not in a position where we need to sell to bring in money, and certainly in a better position to keep hold of these players as we’re now in the Premiership and happy to give the youngsters first team opportuities.

    We’ve basically said that he won’t get a pay increase until he’s 18 and can sign a long term deal. That’s suddenly gone to ‘Arsenal are expected to sign him in January’. However he’s been subject to Arsenal rumours for about the last 3 years.

    He won’t be going anywhere IMO.

  56. Arsène Wenger faced the media on Thursday ahead of the Premier League clash with Wigan Athletic.

    Here’s a round-up of some of the manager’s quotes. For the main headlines, visit our Digest page:

    on the January transfer window…
    What is important is this team develops in the way we want to play. I have seen some interesting aspects on Monday night at Reading. Let’s see how far this team can go. If we can add one or two exceptional players, we will do it. What we do not want to do is add players just because people put us under pressure to buy players. That is where we have to be strong enough. If we find a player who will give us something special, we will do it – but that in January will not be easy.

    on having money to spend…
    We have money, and why should I not spend it if it is to find the right players? I believe as well the first and most important thing is to keep confidence in the players we have. If we are consistent, we can come back.

    on his long-term plans…
    I cannot give them [players] that insurance because that decision does not depend on me. The insurance I give them is the Club has faith in them and at the moment I decide the technical policy of the Club, and I believe it is important that the Club has these players for a longer period.

    Honestly, I don’t know more than you about the result. I believe it’s very open. There’s no real dominating team in the league at the moment. You see that when you look at the results of the teams. There’s no team above anybody else.

  57. Lee :- I think this sums it up rather well

    http://redlondon.net/2012/12/19/picture … rsal-draw/

    Is anything straight in this world.?


  59. I see that we have a lot of Saints fans marching in today.

    Welcome, and may I take this belated opportunity for thanking you all, for Stevie Williams, Don Roper and of course the great Ted Drake…
    Always enjoy a trip down to Hampshire and always love signing your players…
    Nevermind, you can all laugh at us when Theo buggers off.

  60. Afternoon Goonerdom worshippers,

    Potter / Lee / Breezy

    What a f*cking ponzi scheme, heh? Dry run my ass. They just tested if it worked according to their pre-cooked preferences.

  61. Regretfully I blame Ginge and his constant referral to the Bavarian lodge of Free Masons.

  62. I blame T’s for everything DG, While he doing his secret squirrel bits n bobs maybe the codes got scrambled out of the Kings Cross secret hidden loo and we ended up with bloody Bayern and not Malaga… What is going on… really…??

    Oh and afternoon all…!

  63. Yeah “dry run my arse!”……….

  64. After Monday night don’t particularly what to know about your bottom Lee………..!

  65. Hello again all…

    Nice easy fixture in the CL then…..

  66. Wenger at it again then with his stupid pre transfer window comments..

    Does the last five months not prove to him that this squad is NOT good enough and what’s all this ‘we can come back’..?

    How about being prepared not to get there in the first place….

  67. Rico. AW’s comments are like Groundhog Day. You can almost set your watch by them! Not sure we’ve had the ‘super, super class’ player one for a while. Trouble is we fall for it year on year. I have already made my decision not to renew next year. Will be the first time in 35 years that I haven’t had a season ticket but I can’t justify contributing to the likes of Geronimo any longer.

  68. What’re UEFA thinking? Football fans are staunch believers of Disney Magic? Illusionists don’t rehearse their tricks?

    Why not do dry runs with fictitious club names? At least that would’ve saved us pretentious independence.

  69. I never mind facing the bigger teams. I think it brings out the best in us. I’m looking forward to welcoming munchen to London.

  70. Agree BJ, pre transfer windows and ST sales….

  71. Groundhog-Arsenal…

  72. Wenger: ‘Sorry for Bradford, but what matters is our next game’.

    Surely he didn’t mean, if we win I reserve the right to ignore external critics and upheaval.

  73. AW’s tedious mantra like spiel…zzzzzzzzzz!

  74. Off into the rain for 20 mins, back in a bit

  75. Bayern Munich! What a tasty fixture, that’s what the Champion’s League is all about. Watching your team play the best in Europe! Can’t wait for this one, never mind the also rans, give us a test, give us the best.

    At least when we go through to the next round, the press wont be able to say “well it was only Bayern Munich”.

    Alll the Spuddies out there would just love to be in our position.

    I bet Old Rednose is s*****g his pants at the thought of Real Madrid.

  76. Off out now, back later if the roads aren’t flooded.

  77. Dutch press report:

    Huntelaar will extend his contract with Schalke come January. Finding compromise in wage demands going from 6 to 7 mln per year. His agent has held talks with club honchos reaching verbal agreement, only minor issues to be ironed such as the length of the contract.

    Main reason is regular pitch time securing his international career and plane seat for Brazil.

  78. On Toby Alderweireld, Ajax defender. No official statement. But due to an quality deprived league the title run in Holland is between 5 clubs, all looking to secure CL football next season. So I doubt he’ll be released in January.

  79. Shit,if Chelski can beat Bayern then surely we can.
    Don’t run scared of them.
    At our best,we will do them over.
    Just home from my work Xmas party which was a cruise around Sydney Harbour……not a prettier sight to be seen.
    Evening all!!

  80. Ribery vs Sagna is an interesting proposition. Gibbs and Poldi defending the left against Robben and Lahm is kinda scary. I think we can get a draw in Germany however. First leg will be massive.

  81. Afternoon again,

    W.A.T.H and DG, i would take the blame for most things apart from the signing of Stepanovs and AW’s 75 minute substitution. You can even blame me for essex gals liking white shoes… :grin:

  82. Will XL / Scott

    I predict Munich will look for control in London to finish it in Bavaria. For us qualifying will heavily depend on our home game soley.

  83. 75th minute…

  84. Hi there Big Will, are you looking forward to celebrating tammuz Island style? ;)

    No bad weather has been forecast so that should be good news

  85. Did anybody see the interview with Usmanov they just showed on SSN. Doesn’t look like he goes hungry.

  86. He def ain’t signed up for weighless Adam………..!

  87. I never assumed AU earned his living tap dancing.

  88. Santos would give him a run for the buffet….

  89. I want Arsenal to give me a reason to celebrate. St. Nick, are u hearing me out there?

  90. What’s he done now???
    Ginge that is…
    And yes, I too blame him, for whatever it was… :-|

    I also blame Lee, for the dryness around HH lately…

  91. Straight roads, education and viaducts too…

  92. Lewis Holtby still hasn’t signed for Schalke.
    Maybe he was the target all along?

    Wonder if the players are quite pleased that the West Ham game is off?
    Christmas Day at home with the family for a change…

  93. He’s not the Messiah.
    He’s a very naughty boy…

  94. Blimey Riley, I just got soaked, Fido got covered in mud and had to have a bath…

    Was it worth it? You bet :)

  95. since goonie is not around I suggest we blame him instead!he can’t defend himself. :d

  96. Holtby has not played a full match for so long he will make santos look like Cafu or Thuram, fitnest-wise.

  97. Charlie, Goughie thinks Aw will be pleased the game is off. He has the gospel when it comes to poor old arsenal so I guess we have to take his work for it..

  98. What’s this about Holtby, is he joining us??

  99. Dum dee dum :)

  100. I’m heading off to watch the soaps, finally we find out who Kat has been up to no good with….

    Night all….

  101. Nite nite madam. Dirty laundry peeper. ;)

    BREAKING NEWS: The Qatar National Bank has signed a major contract with PSG and will now become a key partner for the club. Annual fee reported to be 150mln.

    That’s FFP loophole for ya. Still our board pretends to hold the cards. Fly Emirates? Please…….

  102. Just got in, but I still don’t know what happened to Kat..???

    How on earth am I gonna be able to sleep tonight, worrying about Kat… :roll:

  103. If only Mick was around, I know that he would know about Kat… :-(

  104. remarkably laid-back the Russian – so much money invested and the three muskatees clearly don’t want him upsetting their neat little garden as he said “strange” Although its clear why – He’s woul dask some serious competitiveness questions, questions that aren’t important to the current mob obviously

  105. Morning all,

    Kev, she has been having a bit on the side with the ‘Ugly Branning’

    oz, in the words of Adam, Come on down Mr Usmanov……

  106. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2250984/Adrian-Durham-Arsenals-Santi-Cazorla-touch-David-Silva-Juan-Mata–Lionel-Messi-bottler.html

    Durham really is a plank! Does he honestly believe that there is one single Arsenal fan that thinks beating Reading 5-2 makes everything alright.

    Idiot, all it means is we earned 3 points and conceded two sloppy goals in the process.

  107. Morning Rico. My advice is to not read anything that comes from that revoltingly cretinous lump of excrement. Just have a look at the picture that he has chosen to represent him. It is the insecure and ginger face of the inadequate imbecile and I very much doubt he wrote those words. That knuckle-scraping thicko is better off licking pavements than trying to operate a keyboard.
    I am a huge fan of his.

  108. I have always though that the imaginatively-named Goal.com should really be known as Lies.com, but their news this morning that Chamakh is in talks to take his greased head and astonishing hairstyle to West Ham caused me to rejoice with Christmas spirit.

  109. Morning Rico and Adam..

    You know the world is screwed when A. Durham is given an airbrush in the Daily Fail. I stopped reading the article the moment he stated that he always rated Theo Walcott. The man has no shame at all. This is a man who like Robson use to blame Englands bad performances on Theo.

    Jeez I must as well change my moniker now as his the ginger hater has been airbrushed into a blond adonis…

  110. Morning Adam – I was intrigued so had a read, it did make me laugh though, nearly as much as the photo of the bufoon….

  111. At heart, we are all big fans of his and in another reality, should I ever come to power, I have had special plans drawn up exclusively for him.

  112. :) Adam..

    Morning Ts – at least I can say that I always rated Theo :)

  113. Maybe you would consider adding a few more to those ‘plans’

  114. You always did Rico. And I am trying to find out the reason for that.

    Hmmm, he was born in Berkshire, Rico lives in Berkshire, Rico is one of the very few who love theo and rate him, outside of AW.

    Is Rico Theo’s mom or relative? Ha ha ha ha….

  115. Wenger: Walcott Owes Me & The Club

  116. Good morning all,

    I’ve just read the Durham article, what a waste of newsprint. By the way is that a large zit beside his nose?

  117. You missed out ‘we went to the same school’ Ts ;)

    But sadly you are wrong, it was for none of those reasons….

  118. Morning JW, that is his head….

  119. New Post up….

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