Should we trust Jack Wilshere? Time to players to stand up and be counted………

Morning all,

We’ve heard from George Graham, Ray Parlour, Stewart Robson, Gary Neville and even Jeff Stelling has had a few words to say on the ‘should he stay or go’ debate….

But forget all of those, what about the current players, what do they think? Surely they are some of the most important people to ask, especially as many fans believe that Arsene Wenger has ‘lost the dressing room’.

Obviously I don’t know what they all think but Jack Wilshere, our future captain, has nothing but support for our manager:

Every year we’ve been in the Champions League and there’s no other manager who has done that. He’s built a legacy at this club, he changed everything. He brought the Total Football to Arsenal.

For me, there’s no question he’s the right man. When you have a few bad results I don’t think you can start blaming the manager. The players have to look at themselves. The manager puts a team on the pitch and, if the players can’t do it, it’s not the manager’s fault.

None of us can deny that we have a lot of quality in our squad, we international players in abundance but they just can’t seem to all get it right and work as a unit on the same day. Look at our most recent defeat, we created the chances, plenty of them but on the day and as he does so many times, Gervinho couldn’t finish any of his. Cazorla had numerous shots on goal, all but one went high or wide, shocking from a Spanish International.

They are not the only two though, just two that sit fresh in my mind after the great disappointment against Bradford. Giroud’s finishing hasn’t been as good as it should although he works hard for the team. Jack in the first half at Bradford couldn’t find his own players with a pass and this is something many of the guys are doing each match-day.

We are failing because the simple game is failing. Get our precision passing back, (stop hanging onto the ball too long Gervinho) and maybe our game will come back.

It’s also a time for some of our older, more experienced players to stand up and be counted, as said earlier, we have plenty of internationals, time for them to start showing why they are. 

Wilshere continued:

There are leaders in the team and, maybe now, we need to step up and show we really are leaders.

We have to know our season’s not over. I think we can still realistically win everything we’re in. I know we’re a long way behind in the Premier League but football changes quickly. We know in the Champions League anything can happen.

Other than staying free from injury, Jack Wilshere wants the club to finally win a trophy:

It’s something we have to change, it’s there and it just adds to the pressure. Maybe there’s a mental block that we need to get over and, once we get our first one, it will all start to happen. It’s too long for a club like Arsenal. We should be winning things. We’ve got good players. We used to in the past and there’s no reason we can’t in the future.

Jack is about to sign a new five-year contract. He’s one of the best young, if not the best English players in today’s game and he could go  to any club he wanted but he wants to stay exactly where he is. Ok, I know some will say a contract means nothing, of course he’d want to stay because he’s an Arsenal fan as well as a footballer but that doesn’t always mean much, especially in today’s money driven game.

It could just be that he’s been told the truth about what the future holds for the club and whatever that might be, he believes in it.

He is right, we do have the quality in the squad, now we need to start showing a bit of character and we need that character tonight.

If we can do that and with a couple of important additions next month, this group of players could turn our season around, then we might ‘all’ trust Jack Wilshere…..

That’s it for another day.

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