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Which Christmas Arsene? Djourou looking to leave as five ready to stay.

Morning all,

Seems I missed the ‘Johan Djourou want’s Napoli’ story yesterday…

According to his agent, Djourou is surplus to requirements at Arsenal and was close to moving away before this current season started, now it seems he could be gone in January with Italy his preferred destination.

Djourou has been with us a long time now and surely if he was going to ever truly ‘make it’ with us, he would have done by now. He’s 25 years old and he should be playing football. Staying at Arsenal is not good for him or the club and having been the loyal servant he has, the club should now do the decent thing. That of course is to sell him. But don’t try and price another club out of the market, let him go for a sensible price and one that will ensure another club can pay him a good salary.

The same can be said for all our ‘deadwood’. Take Arshavin out of the equation, most we need to move on were signed either very cheaply or for free so the club won’t be losing much if any money when they go. What that will do of course, is save on the ridiculous wages they have been earning just for training and watching the others play.

I feel sorry for Djourou. Not because I feel is should be playing more often, mind you sometimes our defence have been so poor maybe he’d do no worse, but more because he has stayed loyal, he’s never knocked his manager or team-mates in the press and when he had a chance to play in the Champions League, Squillaci was selected ahead of him. Even when he did play last season, he was mainly shoved out at right back where he struggled and of course, what came next was criticism but he’s not a right back, and never will be.

In fact he’d a defensive midfielder really and maybe Wenger has missed a trick not playing him there instead of Coquelin when things have got pretty desperate. In my opinion, neither are good enough to be at the heart of our midfield but maybe Djourou could have given us a bit more stability.

Not as much as signing Capoue or similar would though!

Talking of signing, reports are rife that Jack Wilshere has agreed, and will soon sign a new £20 million, five-year contract. The 20-year-old England midfielder will be among five British players to agree new Arsenal contracts. Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Carl Jenkinson and Aaron Ramsey being the others.

Maybe even Theo Walcott will join in as the BBC report that talks are set to begin again and go into the New year.

Wenger’s update on the team news ahead of tomorrows game:

It’s difficult because some players are still not practising so I can still not tell you exactly who will be available on Monday. Koscielny should come into the training group today, with Walcott we don’t know but Giroud is back.

On Abou Diaby’s injury…

Slow progress. I cannot give you any fixed date because we are a bit in no man’s land on that front. He is working. We are waiting for him to come back but he is not ready.

On him playing over Christmas…

Over Christmas? Certainly not.

Which Christmas Arsene, he hasn’t played over one yet has he??

That’s it for another day, have a good one…..

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197 comments on “Which Christmas Arsene? Djourou looking to leave as five ready to stay.

  1. Mornng all.
    I will repost this,as it is definitely worth a read.


    A totally unbiased opinion.
    This guy shows Arsenal FC more respect than some of our so called legends!
    Nice post Rico,and i always love to hear decent ment acknowledged who,for whatever reason,have not made not made it Arsenal but remained loyal servants.

  2. Morning all…

    I have just read that article Scott, it’s really well written and makes a lot of sense to me…

    But the Neville would want Wenger to stay, they are no longer threatening his old side ;)

  3. The other thing about Neville, he’s not an Arsenal fan, he doesn’t pay for his season ticket or beverage at the ground, he doesn’t have Arsenal in his blood etc etc….

    Being impartial makes it easier…. surely

  4. [...] Which Christmas Arsene? Djourou looking to leave as five ready to stay. [...]

  5. Thanks Scott – I really like Djourou for the person he comes across as being. Ok he’s not the best footballer in the world but that’s not his fault, at least he tries usually…

    But the club keeping him for so long is selfish imho, if he played each week he’d soon improve….

  6. Quiet morning so I’m off for an hour…

  7. That’s just the point Rico, emotion clouds judgements and leads to irrational comments and behaviour. Hence, all of this anti Wenger rhetoric. Objective and level headed assessment of our situation, based on both footballing and business perspectives, would never lead to the conclusion that Wenger should be sacked at the present time.

  8. Very good article from neville scott,but its like rico says the stick wengers getting is from arsenal fans and some ex-players.

    lets be fair most of us have let wenger get on with it over the last few years,but its glaringly obvious what we need,and for some reason he refuses to go the extra yard.
    we know for a fact he pulled out of deals for a goal-keeper,striker,midfielder and a centre-half and put his faith in the back-up boys,which to be honest would just about get in a pub team.

  9. It often takes a fresh set of eyes to see things how they really are though.
    Being in the media,surely he’d also have better inside info than we everyday fans.
    To take it one step further,the guys speaks with no emotional ties to Arsenal,so can be detatched and impartial when speaking of them.

  10. Fred,i do not believe Wenger can come up with any excuses not to spend in January.

  11. Good morning all,

    So jack the Lad will PROBABLY sign a new five year, £80,000 per week deal in the next few weeks. Could he be waiting to see who we sign in January?

    I never liked either of the Nevilles and liked Gary less than his neanderthal brother, but gradually have come to respect him a little since his rebirth as a pundit. What he says in his article makes some sense and should be required reading for the Wenger haters among our own fans.


    Do we know “for a fact” that Wenger pulled out of deals for those players or are you basing your comment on tabloid speculation?

  12. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico, a good post on a no news day.
    Djourou has all that you would think, that a good centre-half would need.
    As a teenager in the youths, he was highly rated by Steve Bould. So maybe the defensive coaching he got from Wenger, wasn’t what he needed or required to develop fully.
    Italian clubs seem keen on him. Strange, when you consider how much store they put on defending correctly?
    Maybe Italian coaches can see something in him that Wenger cannot???
    Maybe Italian coaches can improve him in a way that Wenger cannot???

  13. With you there fred..

    Scott – it’s easy to say an article is good when we agree with all the contents…

    And that is not me having a dig at you ;)

    I agree, he has no excuse in Jan, but I do understand why some fans suggest that any money would be better spent by a new manager..

    However, it would seem that that is not in the plans of the board so if Wenger does spend, it has to be on players who will really change this current squad and there are plenty out there to be had, but they will cost…..

    Brr – it’s bloomin cold out….

  14. Kev,he less physical aspect of Italian soccer maybe??
    Fred,i am with JW…i will go astep further and say we didn’t pull out of them….assuming we are talking about the same players,of course.

  15. My original comment on yesterdays post said it was a good article beause it was backed up with logic though, Rico.
    Plenty of people offer up statements saying Wenger should go or stay with no basis at all….we call them the media lol!!

  16. Thanks Charlie, chilly in the city?

    I honestly don’t think he’s a bad defender, playing time will tell if he make it bigger than he is right now. He’s at a good age too..

    He was key to our defence a couple of seasons ago, we didn’t lose a match with him at the back. Then he got injured….

    Never been the same since…

  17. It seems to happen that way…..plenty of our players cop an injury and do not come back.
    Is it simply the physical after effects of the injury,or something else??

  18. Digger, I agree totally with you, regarding Wenger and spending this summer.
    That’s not to say that he’ll sign the quality or quantity of player, that we need to shake up the dressing room?!
    Psychologically the whole club needs a lift.
    The kind we got when Dennis Bergkamp signed.
    That’s the quality of player i’m talking about.
    Not Nani or Sturridge or Sterling ffs.

  19. I have always liked Djourou as a guy – as a footballer he is yet another example of a player who just isn’t good enough to move the club forward and we’ve had heaps of these over the last 5-6 years – Many hailed as the new Messiah’s very few producing anything consistently. Many now sit on the deadwood pile and in fairness there should be more on that pile. In the right club i think Djourou will do ok, just not at the top end of the game but he’s not on his own lets face it.

  20. Some have been calling for the signature of Demba ba, a snippet in the Sunday Telegraph tells us that ” It is well known that Ba would never pass a medical as he has a chronic knee problem”. He is demanding a wage of around £70,000 a week and his agents, note agents not agent, want fees of up to £2 million on top of his £7 million buy out price.

    Apparently Old ‘Arry is on his trail, in my opinion he can have him, our medical team is over stretched as it is.

  21. I wonder if they come back too soon Scott, and just why Frimps and Jack took ages this time, as did Sagna and Gibbs….

    Just my guess…

  22. Busy Rico, but not as mental as Friday.
    Saw 100’s of Santa’s yesterday, on roller skates.
    Could have sworn that I saw Wath and Mick…

    That’s true Digger, Italian football is based more on technique than physique…
    Djourou was never developed enough to cope in England.
    Lots of injuries didn’t help.

  23. Int he same paper, Jason Burt reports that Alisher Usmanov is stirring and there are hints that David Dein is in regular contact with both the Uzbek billionaire and Arsene Wenger.

    Usmanov has made it clear that he is entirely behind Wenger and does not wnat him replaced.

  24. Morning all,
    Nice one Rico JD may have been loyal but had he also been outstanding he may have been a legend in Supporters eyes, but the reality is he should have been offloaded a long long time ago. I also feel the same way towards Diaby and a few more. Football today is not about Loyalty its about talent and who can afford it, Players like Wilshere and Oxlaid Chamberlain who look like they may be superstars are worth a punt on, we offer extended contracts to them as we know that if we dont they will be on there way. Because a player has his Bedroom decorated in Arsenal memrability in my opinion does not prove he is loyal it proves that he is young and has a high regard at present for Arsenal but when offers come in that will make you richer than you have ever been ha a way of straightening your view for the future. As for say somebody like Gary Nevil a very good hard working loyal player you might say but also a man with vast experience he has had a very succesful career he is also a man that understands football, you don’t have to be that intelegent to be a football pundit but you do have to understand the highs and lows, Nevil is one of not many that apreciates players managers and histories. He knows games that his sides should not have won but did on feferees decisions he understands that not everything in modern football is above board, but he does understand that certain managers have made a differance in the sport he loves, he knows that had Wenger had a bit more fairness from officials he would be haild a lot higher up the ladder than he is. He also understands that the media are turning Arsenal supporters against him. But one thing Gary Nevil knows is that if football was on the level he wouldn’t have won half the things he did.

  25. Wenger has made is it clear he wants the board left as is a number of times

  26. want not wnat. :-)

  27. Demba Ba, we do not need him, not with his bum knee.

    Huntelaar to Inter it seems?

  28. Falcao would do that Kev :P

  29. morning all…

    A fine morning down my patch. Good post Rico. I disagree on a minor point though about Djourou being good a DM. As far as I can remember in the youth days he arrived as a DM but he was always behind Sidwell and Muamba etc in terms of playing ability so because of his physique he was moved to CB. I also remember whilst at Birmingham on loan he was said to lack mobility or stamina in his first few weeks by Steve Bruce.The former bit is just my opinion and observation on his passing range and decision making on the pitch.

    Good question there at 10:34 JW.

    On goalie,JC wanted a 3 year deal I presume so that he could stay in the UK after his career…

    On DM position-M’Villa I know for a fact never wanted to join us in the first place because he thought Desaily or PV will give him the opportunity to join $hitty or Chavs. ( I know this because I know someone who Giles knows very well). An offer was made 2 years ago and Reims even accepted it just before the 8-2 lose but he told AW he wanted to stay one more season out of loyalty to his club.
    Last summer, when a bid was made for him just before the Euro’s he told Giles he was not interested to talk until after the Euro’ because he thought he would be able to attract better offers from more ‘glamorous’ clubs.

    We are also now hearing JV turned us down. It is also publicly acknowledged that Cheikhou Kouyaté decided to play for R.S.C. Anderlecht in the CL qualifier and decided to stay there for a few months out of loyalty. Something most of our players have lacked.

    Striker- llorente at over £25M please itha year to go?How many have seen him play and he is slower than OG12. Mirrales of Everton had 3 good matches and is fading and he is not a striker anyway but a right sided striker as in a 4-3-3 set-up. OG12 we know according to Louis Nicollin that the chavs bid over Euros 25M for him but he told Montpellier that he only wanted to join AW so we paid a cheaper fee based on his get-out clause.

    Lopez was not going to move yet after being with Ath. Madrid for just over a year. Lewandowski we know even RedNose could not get him with a £35M bid so….

  30. Oz,

    I think Wenger has demonstrated his loyalty to Arsenal Football Club by not criticising the board and calling for changes which he knows are not going to happen. A sensible and pragmatic stance.

  31. :lol: Kev – did you spot Ebenezer

    JW, one of those was me, but I promise not to suggest Ba any more :)

  32. Ts – I don’t care that you disagree, he was originally a DM and that was my point :lol:

  33. People always ask me where I get some of my comments from, but doubters should bear in mind that I said on the friday before the WHU game on this site that one of our players was not going to join the national team over the international break! Where I got that information from is no one’s business but we all know what I said came to pass on the 60th minute when that player though walking signalled he could not continue…

    And the fact that the player had booked a holiday with friends… loyalty ehh…

    I am just saying this because of Scoots comment at 10:44.. ;)

  34. Thanks Sp, and Ts re the post..

    I still can’t believe that Squilli started in Greece ahead of JD

  35. That’s the problem Rico, Chamakh and Gervinho were originally strikers now they are a waste of a squad number.

  36. Frimps played 83 minutes in yesterdays lose to Bolton. Again no yellow card but strangely enough Dench is being asked to play in an advanced role instead of as a true anchor…

  37. Haha Ts, I am glad you do.

    You are referring to TW aren’t you?

  38. Totally agree there JW, add a few more too…

    Ts, people are always going to ask where you get your info from, there are so many people who profess to know someone ‘inside the club’ but they are all too often talking garbage and guess work…

    Anyone can do all that…..

    Not suggesting for one minute you fall into that category of course…

  39. Any report on how Dench played Ginge??

  40. No name mentioning Rico. I have already been asked about some comments I have made here by someone so…

    TW came on as a sub and scored and finished the match…

  41. You only have to sit back and see how the “predictions” go before judging the person offering it up i guess.
    Some useless info…..cracked a half century at cricket yesterday…74 in fact.
    Life in the old boy yet :)

  42. Rico the player has a twin brother…

  43. Careful Scott, Ponting’s retired could be a place in the Aussie test team. How do you fancy a Baggy Green? :D

  44. Scott the injuries have taken its toll on him stamina wise I am afraid..

    I don’t know about yesterday but he he is not making those tackles anymore. He has only received 1 yellow card thus far…

    He has completely lost what made Riquelme consider him the strongest DM he has ever played against. Maybe he has believed the general view that he only kicks people and do nothing else but if I ever met him I would say to him that Davids made a career doing just that as did N. De Jong…

  45. Scott & JW

    Moriallis everton striker has said he turned us down in the summer fact or fiction or is he liar,
    Cesar the QPR keeper has said he turned us down in the summer fact or fiction or is he liar,
    leave up to you guys to believe it or not.

  46. “we know for a fact he pulled out of deals for a goal-keeper,striker,midfielder and a centre-half”
    Fred,one minute Wenger pulled out of deals,and now the players did.
    What should we believe???

  47. JW…too old and nowhere near good enough for that shit lol.
    18 seasons out of the game….still nice to no it’s there,in a small way at least lol.
    Ginge,some players best asset is aggression…agreed there.

  48. You can’t have it both ways Fred.

  49. Too nice a morning to waste, off for a while.

  50. Point is scott,
    if wenger thinks we need a striker as back up and the player says up yours mate why not get someone else then……..because we all know don’t we.

  51. Well played Scott..

    Have a good day JW, I too have to get out into the garden…

    I will think on that one Ts, a twin bro eh ;)

    Back in a couple of hours…

  52. Agree guys.

    £7m and £140k p/w for Sahin at Liverpool.and people question AW’s judgement. Liverppol could have bought a 4 shitemak for that fee…lol

  53. Well if that is the point,say so.
    Don’t make up facts…..

  54. Anyway…off to bed guys…have a great day all.

  55. Night Scott I hope you enjoyed your Mrs’s b’day wkend.

  56. Don’t make up facts…..

    what you on about

  57. Rico think of the Bee Gees as a clue… ;)

  58. The Gibbs lad,Ginge??
    Fred,originally you said Wenger pulled out of deals…fact.
    Then you said players pulled out of deals with us…fact.
    Since one ipmust be wrong,then it is made up….fact :).
    Had to come back on tell ou all Corinthians are one up v Chelsk lol.

  59. Ginge….my wfe had a great time which ended up ny buying her a new car today…totally a last minute decision!!
    Mate is sales manager a a big dealer,so we got a cracking good deal.
    Gooooone now…..Night all.

  60. On the military dictator Col AW who based on what some people say about him you would think he took over AFC after a coup d’etat…,
    Wilson said: “The claims of Arsene being a dictator really upset me.
    “To say Wenger appoints ‘yes men’ is an insult to all the people who have worked under him – myself included. I always stood up to Arsene.”

  61. Totts 1-0
    off-side? Probably yes

  62. Afternoon, from frosty to torrential rain, what bizarre weather…..

  63. George Graham thinks Wenger is still the right man for the job, fancy that….

  64. Hi Rico. Didn’t he say that Arsenal would never win the PL again too?

  65. A change of tune after the G. Neville telling out…

  66. shame the spuds have won. My next day neighbour is joyful I can hear…

  67. Hello Adam, he did, quite strange that he has changed his mind….

  68. I doubt it Ts…

  69. just a wild guess rico…

    What do you and adam think the reason is if there is a reason behind it…

  70. No idea Ts.. seems quite strange though after his alleged comments yesterday…

  71. Phil C – sorry I only just seen your comment in moderation, hopefully you will pop back again…

  72. ARSENAL are thinking over a move for Parma’s Ghanaian midfielder Afriyie Acquah.

    The 20-year-old has been likened to a young Michael Essien.

    Capped twice by the Black Stars, he is on a season-long loan from Parma’s Serie A rivals Palermo.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger now plans to have £8million-rated Acquah monitored at next month’s African Nations Cup.

  73. If I have to look at that comment from my programmed point of view ;) and analyse the words used I would say it is very strange as you said particularly the bit about unearth new PV and TH’s. He did not have to add that at all.My reason is that last week on talkshite he was interviewed 2x and in all cases he stated that Arsenal needed to make big marquee signings.

    Everyone knows that even I do, based on TV4 reaction after the VP exit. However, this last comment makes me thing he knows something about cash that is not being made public to the commoners like us or myself… :-D

  74. We all know he used to sign unheard of’s or players who were struggling at their club and changed their careers big time…

    But as so many have said, those days are long gone…

    I can’t remember the last player he signed and improved….

  75. Schalke manager was sent off

  76. Very elequent comment by Phil C. rico you always get the best on your site…

    I was on LG early and comments such as ‘Pep has his little black book ready to sign super stars for us’ just made me spill my soup… :grin:

    Being a Gh by origin I would say Acquah though very good is no Capoue or Tettey of Norwich…

  77. Nastry in 2008 but then it took mover 2 years to get 3 good months out of him. The biggest worry for me is that Liam Brady and AW have not realised that since the JW10 loan all loanees have gone 2 years backwards…

    Apart from Aneke and Eastmond all the loanees who were nearly there have truly fallen through the crack imho.

  78. I’m not convinced AW will even consider signing a defence minded midfielder, be bloody well should though….

  79. Dortmond 3-1 up JM…

  80. I wouldn’t say Nasri improved with us, he just did what he did in France once he got used to England, even then he could only manage half a season…

  81. Oh dear JM….

  82. On my last post last week I said that AW has no more excuses. I think Scott has said the same and we are the few AW neutrals or lunatics still left on your great site. lol. We do not need flare players per se especially in midfield. We need a Diame or Capoue in midfield that is why I was not worried about losing out on Dembele.

    If we back an experienced pro with Frimps and the like we will see vast change in our style of play imo.

    A striker is a must Rico.

  83. One of the most expensive transfers in Javi Martinez is finally settling into the Bavarian team. £35M is what he is rumoured to have gone for. I did not rate him before but him next to Gustavo and Scweinsteiger looks very balanced.

  84. a striker.. why not Michu?

  85. I like him JM. He is no cavani though… A. Lopez will add something to us. Do you know about Stefan Kiessling? a proper striker! Better than Lewandoski imo.

  86. Why is the Bild reporting that Bayern are interested in Capoue. Don’t they have enough DM unless Gustavo is moving as reported in Daily mail.

  87. I read it again Ts as it surprised me, I apologise, I read it wrong…

  88. I used the lunatic word as used by wright…

  89. I’m sorry alright, I’m not getting on my hands and knees ;)

  90. No problem ;) I am not a disrespectful person at all…

  91. A plea to Monsieur Wenger….If Theo is not fit, please do not put bloody Ramsey on the right wing. Play the Ox there instead. If Giroud is not fit, please do not play Gervinho or Chamakh as a central striker, play Podolski there instead. One more thing Arsene, don’t p**s about with the back five, stick to Szczesny, Sagna, Meretesacker, Vermaelen and Gibbs.

    Arsene, I’ll leave the rest to you. :-)

    Reste tranquil mon brave!

  92. JM do you rate Moutinho?

  93. Hi Rico. I just got in from a thorough car cleaning thing and right on cue the heavens have opened. Still, my waxy protection looks good. As for George’s apparent turnaround, I put it down to either poor journalism or expediency. As a poor journalist myself, I recognise the signs. Perhaps he wants a job when Usmanov takes over. :)

  94. I’ll second that JW…

  95. Hi Adam,

    KA’s look nice when waxed….

    I got caught in the downpour too, had just put the fork, rake and spade away in the shed though thankfully. But getting the washing in off the line was a close one….

    GG is out of luck, if we are to believe the fine journalists, Usmanov would keep AW… Is there anything other than a poor journalist?? ;)

  96. I believe I have the shiniest Ka in town Rico. :)
    As far as poor journalists go, I say you are harsh and have overlooked The Bleacher Report which is, as you well know, a font of truths and deep thinking and also the place where I get my in-depth knowledge of all things Arsenal from. It was from them that I got today’s stunning news about Stan Kroenke.

  97. Moutinho is a very good player
    I prefer kiessling then Lewardosky.
    Michou maybe not very expensive and he knows the Premier league..

  98. thanks JM. I haven’t seen enough of Moutinho to have an opinion really. The way Kiessling takes his goals remind me of Van Bastern or Rodi Voller. I am surprised he is better than Schurle though they play in different positions..

  99. :lol: Adam – what SK news?

    Just going to eat…

  100. Matt ‘fixer’ Le Tissier what drunk ex-pro do best talking half truths.

    ‘When he has played there he has looked a million dollars, but he’s a stubborn man is Mr. Wenger, and when he has made up his mind he doesn’t often change it.’

    When has Theo ever played as a striker either for club or country? Jeez any thing to feed the gullible…

  101. Rico. The story will shock you. :)

  102. JM do you know if Fernandinho holds a Portugese or a Ukrainian passport?

  103. Fernandinho is brazilian.

  104. I’d take Nasri back, overall he is a quality player.

  105. I known just thought he might have been Eduador or Deco…

  106. I was just wondering why no big club this side of Euro had taken interest yet? Normally it is to do with work permit issues mainly in france or UK…

    I think he is better than Javi Martinezso I would have thought Bayern would have gone for him instead…

    Maybe Akhmetov does not need the money only cash-shy Stan….

  107. Can tell it’s Christmas, ET is on….


  108. Le Tiss was never a drunk was he?

    Come on Adam, spill…..

  109. And they go on about Arsenal players and foreigners diving..

    Maybe not just an old habit before Aw arrived…

    ….All managers occasionally have favourites, but in the case of Matt Le Tissier, it seemed that he could simply do no wrong in the eyes of manager Alan Ball. No matter how far he pushed the boat out.

    During a day off on a pre-season trip to Northern Ireland, a selection of Southampton players are sitting in reception, ready to tee off for a round of gold before Alan Ball arrives, suggesting that they go for a few gentlemanly mid-afternoon drinks. Unsurprisingly, the ‘few drinks’ turn into a seven-hour session and by the time they returned for their evening meal, in Le Tissier’s own words, ‘Bally’ was “all over the place,” and ends up going straight to bed.

    Seizing the moment, Le Tissier – along with several other teammates including Iain Dowie and Jim Magilton – head straight into a nearby nightclub, where the DJ introduces the players over the microphone. Little did they know, however, the nightclub actually backed onto Alan Ball’s bedroom wall. Recovered from the day’s earlier session, Bally is awake and hears the names of his players bellowed out next door…..


  110. What have you against Le Tiss?

  111. But that’s how it was back then Ts…

    I reckon Le Tiss was a decent guy, stayed loyal to his home club and was a bloomin good footballer…

  112. Le Tiss… I take it you do not watch a lot of sky sports on saturday. ie soccer Saturday

    Le Tissier (no player wants to stay at Arsenal… ), Merson ( AW gave me injections…), Phil Thompson ( Be patient with Liverpool but who wants to play for Arsenal, Carole is worldclass …., Brendon Rodgers philosohy is good but AW game goes no where.)

  113. What about Football legend Matthew Le Tissier admits his part in attempted £10,000 betting scam

  114. I do Ts, nearly every Saturday and I think he is quite fair. Again, he is asked an opinion about what goes on and he answers. Ok, he may not be right but its opinion….

  115. Ok Rico. If you insist. Apparently Stan Kroenke wears a syrup made from pure virgin Alpaca hair. Shocking I know, but there it is. :)

  116. He who without sin let him cast the first stone…

    I have no problem against anyone who does a genuine job but to tell lies on T.V and pass them of as facts… please!

    Enough of negativity… some like him I personally do not have anything against him but have no respect for his likes.

  117. Wow, that’s a shocker Adam….

  118. I don’t think he ever lies….

  119. I know Rico. But next week, when Usmanov buys the club and installs Guardiola as head coach before giving him £200 million to spend, it will all seem like a bad dream.

  120. Fair enough Rico…

    if this is not a lie then…

    ‘There was obviously a lot of expectation on him as a young boy but I always envisaged him playing as a centre-forward and thought it would only be a matter of time before he did.
    ‘It doesn’t seem to have panned out that way and Arsene Wenger obviously doesn’t think he can play in that position because he would have given him a go before now.’
    He added:
    ‘When he has played there he has looked a million dollars, but he’s a stubborn man is Mr. Wenger, and when he has made up his mind he doesn’t often change it.’

  121. I’d be happy if the first bit came true, but not the second Adam…..

  122. I know Rico. You, unlike me are not a fan of Pep. Anyway I mustn’t miss Strictly so I’ll catch you later.

  123. Adam’s Ka is a thing of beauty. I have been fortunate to see it.
    Sports hub-caps, one of those extra-long aerials, Starsky & Hutch paint job, air-conditioning, an 8 track stereo system, fluffy dice, a nodding dog on the rear window shelf, an ‘I’ve Got a Tiger in my Tank’ sticker on the boot, alongside a ‘Don’t Follow Me, Follow Arsenal’ sticker, and an AA badge kn the front…..

  124. I’ve also seen Lee in his chariot…

    He’s always moaning, you know “What did the Roman’s ever do for us”…

  125. That’s pretty much the truth though isn’t it…

    He is stubborn, that’s for sure….

  126. Rico, Falcao would be brilliant, but Benzema would do me.

  127. I’m watching Adam, you will get to see Lisa again :)

    Hi Charlie….

    Ford Ka with Arshavin in the window eh ;)

  128. He’d do me too – or Torres…

  129. La Liga has to be the market for Wenger next month and in the summer.


  130. I’d rather a couple of PL players myself….

    Go steady Kev…

  131. Wenger really needs a big,big signing in January.
    Anything less will not appease the fans.
    A top DM and world class striker,me thinks.
    Well,that’s what i thinke we need,not necessarily what we will get .
    Morning all.

  132. With you there Scott….

  133. Gotta say I’m a huge Le Tiss fan, loved the way he played football. And after football the man is entitled to his opinion as much as the next.

  134. Morning Rico/Paul.
    Yes,we are all entitled to an opinion,for sure.
    Why some pundits are actually paid to give theirs is another question :)

  135. Hi Scott it feels like you have never been away…

    jeez you are not an ASIS employee are you? lol

  136. Good evening all
    scott, rico – with you there too…
    Capoue and Sissoko were immense yesterday. I am now getting confused on which of the DM we should go for. Good to see that Tolouse played 9 v 11 against Marseille after 2 of their players were red carded in the 1st half. Assessing both players under such condition, both did very well. But will AW get any of them.

  137. Well that was emotional SCD….

  138. Esp, they don’t come as loyal as him these days either….

  139. For a striker we need someone that is very technical, fast, skillful and have a knack for goals. I don’t know who that could be but i wouldn’t like it to be hunter, llorente or a lopez
    If theo is going in Jan, then we need to replace him. So we need 2/3 players

  140. Hi Scott/Emma…

    I have a sneaky feeling if we get a DM, it will be the guy from Celtic, Wanyama

  141. I reckon if TW goes, Chamberlain will just slot in …. Hopefully I will be wrong though….

  142. How the heck did Linekar get to present this years SPOTY??

  143. rico – If he goes we still need a back up for the Ox. But i would have loved for Eisfeld to be promoted to the 1st team. He can play both central and RW

  144. Evening Scott/Rico, hope things are well.

    tsGH, you shouldn’t get worked up about what people in the media say ever, it is a shame that a lot of people do buy into what ever is said, be that fact that you’re clever enough to see though it is what you should be thankful for. If a pundit was nothing but honest it would be hard for him to stay in his job, honest is dull, sensationalism sells. But its not the medias fault, the supply what we demand. If people just stopped buying tripe newspapers and tuning into tripe sport shows we would see a change, but you can trust me, that will never happen.

    And as far as Le Tiss goes, it might be just me as I hold him in such high regard, but I find him an agreeable pundit. Neville also.

  145. Madrid 2-2 Espanyol.
    Doubt if Mou will survive this

  146. Hi there Emma, I did not catch the Toulouse vs OM match as I watched B. Lekerkusen instead. Did they keep with the same midfield set-up they have used recently? i.e Étienne slightly advanced that Moussa?On new players what do you think about Kiessling of Leverkusen if you have seen him?

    Rico… could you delete my post at 7:36pm please too much info about myself… ;)

  147. emma – for sure, but history sadly suggests we won’t get what we need. Gnabry will probably be the back up….

    However, I live in hope that one day that way of Arsenal life will change…

  148. All good thanks Esp, hope it is with you too?

  149. All done Ts…

  150. Esp. I respect Matt or I should say I did. However, when a man who showed loyalty to the Saints sits on Tv and adds fuel to fire by asking why any player should stay at a club such as Arsenal with no ambition I think it is a bit off. Just my opinion.

    Similarly when someone like ‘arrry tells the media and the listening public that he gave Theo a debut as a striker, then you must be asking what the heck is going on with this world? In fact from the video I posted at 5:34pm you can see TW was a winger.

    Infact it was AW who first publicly stated that he would convert the boy to a striker in future. TW went to the WC as a backup ro DB7 as a 17 y.o so when did he ever become a striker that AW changed to a winger?

  151. Cheers Rico. I guess as my Mrs says I spend too much time on here… lol

  152. Diame will be our centre-midfield signing.
    He ticks all the boxes and he’s relatively cheap.

  153. Kev has seen my chariot but he forgot to mention the sticker in the rear window that says “Keep Back – Give My Child A Chance”.
    Rico. I am distraught that Lisa is out.
    Pep in soon then?

  154. HH is like Hotel California Ts…. ;)

    He’s just about to sign a new deal isn’t he Kev but yes, he sure ticks all the Wenger boxes….

  155. God there’s some miserable hits out and about in London tonight.

    Christmas spirit?!!!

    Bah humbug….


  156. I would say that Ramsay can comfortably fit in on the right or the left Rico. So, we won’t miss Walcott at all.

  157. She had to go Adam, however emotional it was, she had to go………

    No Pep, not yet, he’s not at the end of his years break….

  158. Hits!!!!! Gits… Hi Adam.
    See ya tomorrow. Bye

  159. She had me in tears as she bade goodbye Rico. I got very emotional.

  160. ha ha ha Rico I hope its not the Anton Lavey Hotel california…

  161. ‘Til tomorrow Kev.

  162. Christmas Past Kev ;)

    Ah yes, the Welsh wizard Adam, he’d about to sign a new contract which is simply marvellous….

  163. Night Kev, go steady up there….

  164. Seriously Adam, I did too. Credit to her for what she achieved….

  165. I believe it Rico. My bottom lip is still quivering.

  166. tsGH – The role was reversed. Capoue played as a DM while Sissoko played in the advance role. They had 2 players sent off in the 1st half and had to dig in but lost eventually by a lone goal. Never watched Leverkusen so far this season so have no idea of kiessling

  167. Off for the evening. Tomorrow is The HH Curry Club night before Christmas. Night all……

  168. I believe you Adam… ;)

    Anyone else watching SPOTY??

  169. Night Adam….

    Wish I was joining you all…. :(

  170. Paul,great comment at 7.45….well said.
    I have not bought a newspaper for years.
    Why buy something that tells you what you already know,what you do not need to know or…and this is the main….absolute lies???
    Articles are merely somebodies opinion,and i have my own.
    I get better and more logical opinions on HH than i could get anywhere else,so i save my time!!

  171. I’m off for the day now..

    Have a good night all, and a good day for you Scott….

    ‘Til tomorrow, match day…


  172. Fergie has stated he is NOT bringing any new players to his club in January.
    We may be stuck with Theo :)

  173. Demba Ba is saying all the right things.
    Can we ask Gooners worldwide to PROMISE that if we do get him and he breaks down nobody will blame Wenger??
    We all know he is a crock.
    Is there any chance Downing would be decent at Arsenal?
    He is definitely leaving Liverpool.

  174. Jack is staying.
    He is quoted as saying that in 3 or 4 years we can challenge for everything.
    What does he know??
    Maybe the same thing that those who keep stating when a few things fall into place we could be world dominant know……well,i say that and i hope i am right.
    Anyway….great words of confidence andyes,personally,i can wait 3 to 4 years…can you??

  175. Morning all..

    Don’t believe a word Fergie says Scott he learned from Wenger ;)

    Aren’t Chelsea front runners for TW..

  176. Howdy Rico…..
    Chelski….well,since Di Matteo was told he would lose his job if he didn’t play Torres,then i can’t see Rafa going against Romans wishes and playing Theo up front.
    If Theo does go there,it can only be for the cash.
    My mind changes on whether he is staying or going every day….seriously.
    We will find out soon enough.
    Reading first,Theo later :)

  177. Morning all,

    Yes i can scott. Even the mighty British empire had its day. The USA has had its day.Fergie and manure will do too and I hope its worse than Liverpool’s fall….

  178. The mighty Arseal will rule world football…..Let us all go along for the ride,hey Ginge??

  179. Off topic…..is the Chelski loss to Corinthians further evidence that the qality of the PL is overstated?

  180. Then again,at least an English side made the final….scrap that tought!!

  181. Morning Rico. Shame you can’t come tonight for a curry. Mind you, that place is a carnivore’s paradise.
    Looks like we’re wrapping up the test series against India. :)
    No mean feet over there.

  182. Time will tell I guess Scott.

    He says he’s happy, well show it and sign da thing….

  183. Theo,for all the banter,i like him and truly hope he will stay.

  184. No, its a sign of Chelsea being rubbish :)

  185. Lol on Chelski….

  186. cricket going well…yeppeee…

    Scott the PL is overrated. We play with thugs like Shawcross whilst other leagues have skillful footballers…

    I am glad Lucky Bentez did not add to his portfolio of trophies won by being at the right place at the right time…

  187. Morning Adam, I am sure I would have found something on the menu….

    Boring test this last one, the wicket is shocking but a truly wonderful result. I’d like to see England declare now and see if they can get a win ;)

  188. Thugs like Fellaini you mean…

  189. Don’t you like cricket Ts??

    Shawcross got ‘nutted’ by Fellani on Saturday, and most suspect he’ll be sold by Everton now in Jan…

  190. I’d like to do worse to Shawcross myself.

  191. Forcing his way out Lee?

  192. More like nutting his way out Rico. :)

  193. Ha ha Adam…

    Going to pop the new post up now, see you there….

  194. Morning Adam, we should buy Fellaini he’d do us! Apparently he nutted, kicked and punched shawcross…not enough in my book for that piece of shit!!

  195. Fellaini should get a statue at The Emirates!!

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